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Should Packers Re-Sign Micah Hyde?

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Should Packers Re-Sign Micah Hyde?

The Green Bay Packers have some decisions to make with their players whose contracts have expired.  Defensive back Micah Hyde is among those and the argument as to whether he should be brought back has had equal weight on both sides among analysts and fans.  Some cite his football smarts and the little things Hyde does that makes him an important piece of the Packers offense.  Others are tired of his liability in coverage and lack of speed and think the Packers can do better.

In looking at this past season, Hyde had three interceptions, all of which came in December or later.  He had one in the postseason against the Dallas Cowboys on what may have been Hyde's best play in a Packers uniform.  He undercut a screen pass that stunk of great preparation and recognition of the play.  He had nine passes defended, including a crucial stop late in the game against the Chicago Bears to keep the Bears from scoring a late touchdown that likely would have resulted in a loss for the Packers.

In addition to his defensive back duties, Hyde filled in on punt return for much of the past four seasons and did a serviceable job.  He wasn't flashy and didn't put up big numbers, but he took care of the football and didn't put it on the ground.  When you listen to Hyde, he sounds like a polished player who understands some of the intangible things it takes to succeed in the NFL: film study, work ethic, etc.  That alone makes him an attractive option for the Packers to consider keeping beyond this season as the Packers like players who buy into the team concept and take that "while collar" approach.  But is Hyde "blue collar" enough to be what the Packers need for the next few seasons?

Last year, the Packers allowed cornerback Casey Hayward to leave in free agency after seeing the blossoming potential of rookies Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins.  Cornerback appeared to be one of the team's positions of depth.  Suddenly, Sam Shields goes down in week one and is done.  The landscape at the position changed in an instant.  It wasn't something the Packers could have foreseen when they made their decision with Hayward, but will they remember that scenario when deciding whether to let Hyde walk away?

As far as his physical ability and skill set, the Packers can certainly find a replacement.  That's not where Hyde is most valuable.  But is his knowledge of the defense and chemistry with the team enough to trump a younger, faster and potentially better player?  That's going to be one of the more intriguing questions the Packers will have to answer in the next few months.

-- Jason is a freelance writer and has been on staff since 2012.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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The TKstinator's picture

Market price?

Hematite's picture

He makes plays and is not afraid to tackle unlike most our defensive backs.
Pay the man!

Savage57's picture

I like Hyde for his versatility, but his tackling prowess is like Hawk's: They occur 10 yards downfield after the play, and the damage, have been done.

MITM's picture

Thanks for clearing that up for the people who rip Aj Hawk because they are repeating what someone else said about him. All we got for the 5th pick that year was our franchises all time leading tackler. What a waste of a pick he was. It never gets old.

Nick Perry's picture

"Last year, the Packers allowed cornerback Casey Hayward to leave in free agency after seeing the blossoming potential of rookies Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins. Cornerback appeared to be one of the team's positions of depth".

What happened to the saying "You can never have enough good CB's"?

I get the whole plan blew up the minute Shields was injured but considering he'd been injured the 4 seasons prior to 2016, had 4 concussions, it was foolish to move forward with CB's who were either very young and/or unproven. Combine that with the ILB position starting a rookie and 2nd year guy it's a recipe for disaster. Things like the middle of the field could be wide open with that combination. Oh wait, that's been the case for 6 years. The Packers constantly bank on players making the 2nd year jump. We've saw what happens when the jump doesn't come and injuries happen at more than the CB position enough already

I like Hyde, I always have. He's a "Football Player". He may not be the fastest or best but he knows the defense and since Capers seems to be returning, the Packers need players that know the defense.

RCPackerFan's picture

Everyone wants to bring up the non resigning of Hayward.
I loved Hayward as a rookie. His 2nd year he was injured and after that he was simply JAG. He didn't show the next 2 years that he was worth resigning. Especially after really promising rookie years by Randall and Rollins.
Its easy and convenient to go back and say they should have resigned him after all the injuries that occurred this last year.

Yeah, Hayward played great in San Diego this year. But how much of that was he got into the right scheme? Would he have been as good in Green Bay as he was in San Diego?
Which again leads me to ask, does Capers use his players in ways they should be used in? Does he adjust his scheme to his players or tries to fit the players into his scheme?

cuervo's picture

Agree 100%...he never showed diddly here after year one. Let's see if this year was a fluke or if he continues to improve.

All of these questions of who they should/will sign will be interesting. GB will be loaded with available cash, especially with Peppers and Shields off the books. If Teddy was smart he'd use that cash as the impetuous to sign 1 or two upper tier free agents to replace those two players. they'll still have plenty of money left to sign the existing free agents they want.

That's the best we can hope for, unfortunately I don't see that happening with Ted at the helm...let's hope we're all wrong.

RCPackerFan's picture

I think we should create a page on here where everyone can list who they think the Packers should resign and why. Then a year from now go and revisit it to remind us what we all said.

yeah, it will be interesting for sure.
I am curious to see if any of the rumors are true about the Packers being more active in free agency... To be honest, they don't need to go wild, but if they could at least bring in a veteran CB, it would go a long ways to helping.

Yeah, I won't be going to Vegas and putting a dime on Thompson signing any free agents.

dobber's picture

"Everyone wants to bring up the non resigning of Hayward."

I agree: the Hayward issue has been diddled to death here. We need to let it go.

Nick Perry's picture

Randalls slide actually started last season, not this season, the injuries this year only made it more difficult. It should have been pretty clear to the Packers there was a chance Randall would continue to struggle, not make a jump based on what he did in 2015 and how he got worse as the season progressed, not better. The Packers went into the season with Shields who had 4 concussions before the season started, the 4th costing him 5 games last year. They had Randall, Rollins, Hyde, Goodson, and a bunch of UDFA who didn't have a clue about Capers defense. Nothing in that group strikes fear in any OC, QB. or WR in the NFL. I mean even Sam Shields had been toasted more than once and we paid him $12 million. I just think for the money and the experience Hayward brought to the group was worth the money.

We just have a difference of opinion on Hayward because I thought he was better than any of the Packers CB's except Shields even before the year he had in SD.

RCPackerFan's picture

I liked Hayward. I don't remember exactly what I said at the time, but I think I said that I hope allowing Hayward to leave doesn't come back to haunt them. It did...
The money he signed for wasn't outrageous. That being said I don't blame them for letting him go at the time though.
He wasn't anywhere the player he was in San Diego this year. He ranked 8th among CB's according to PFF.

I really do question how much of his improved play was due to a scheme change.

For the record, I'm not getting on you about talking about Hayward or anything. I just have seen it brought up a lot lately.

marpag1's picture

Agree. Sometimes players improve, and there is no way to predict it. When it happens, a lot of fans simply assume that the GM must have missed something in his evaluation. But in reality it sometimes happens that a player performs poorly, and then for one reason or another the "light comes on."

Here is the classic example...


Uh.... maybe it's because Brady kinda sucked when he was in college?

RCPackerFan's picture

While I like Hyde, I haven't always been a huge fan because of his limitations. He isn't a pure CB, not a pure Safety. He is a tweener.

Which to be honest, there isn't anything wrong with that, and he brings value. The question with resigning Hyde is for how much?

If the price is right I resign him. But if he gets a lot of money, I wouldn't.

croatpackfan's picture

I agree with RC & TK. I say sign him, but if the price should be aroung Casey Hayward, let him go...
I would like if Packers can keep him.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It's a good year to be an FA at CB and OLB. I think Hyde could get some offers he wouldn't get in most years. This may turn out to be a harder decision than just they want to keep him or not. Even if TT does decide to sign so guys the pickings at CB and OLB are going to be slim.

carusotrap's picture

Someone on the team has to be the wily, old vet. It can't be all rookies and UDFA, or you never get ahead of the learning curve. (Although, Ted the Inert will certainly try.)

Ted needs to manage the team in the context of what is happening in 2017. If that means Hyde gets paid, then pay him.

Donster's picture

Re-sign him if possible. But can't overpay the man either. He is a utility type player. Not great at all positions in the secondary, but can fill in where needed reasonably well. Knows the system. Unselfish. Can help the youngsters coming in this year, since it looks like Capers will be back. He is sound on punt returns. I doubt that a team will offer him enough money for him to leave. A team needs guys like Hyde.

dobber's picture

I think this sums this thread up perfectly.

daveh's picture

When we talk about who we should resign, be careful were stepping on TT, EGO, and he'll do the opposite, out of's going to be a long off season, maybe even longer season.GO PACK.

dobber's picture

...because TT spends so much time lurking on these blogs.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Played poorly until final quarter of season. Terribly slow in coverage--a veritable sieve for toght ends. Plus, we also have much more talented guys coming up at his position, along with far greater needs elsewhere.

For my money, this wouldn't even be close. Let him walk.

NMPF's picture

Hyde is a natural safety and a pretty solid FOOTBALL player. Returns punts, can cover in a pinch, fairly solid playing near the line of scrimmage. You need a couple of "swiss army knife" types especially with the injury problems this team seems to be cursed with.

mnklitzke's picture

What other options do we have? Hope TT can bring in an undrafted free agent to fill his place? I have no faith in TT in defense drafting, and he isn't going to sign a free agent.

Packer_Pete's picture

He's a football player. Re-sign the man.

Since '61's picture

I would try to keep Hyde depending on his price. He has experience and he makes plays. He's not great but he is solid. Given our revolving door of rookies, UDFAs, and injuries, I like having 1 or 2 experienced players who can step in and play. As we've already discussed we should sign an experienced FA CB as well. Thanks, Since '61

MarkinMadison's picture

There is a lack of speed in the defensive secondary that is glaring since Shields went down. For how Hyde is used he is not really part of the problem, but he also isn't part of the solution. I don't think you can pay him more than 3-4M a year.

stockholder's picture

Hyde was a 2013, R 5 draft pick. His avg. for tackling is around 50 a year. He cannot stay with any fast WR. Maybe TE's. He is a scheme player only. If Capers goes it won't matter. If you want faster in the secondary Hyde should never be used. But we kept Jarrod Bush. If capers comes back, TT will sign him. Look at Bush's contract, and I bet it will be same. I just don't see him going anywhere.

al bundy's picture

No we need more guys from the mighty indiana state, morgan college and any other small team where we have cheap payroll ops randall rollins gunter. No I want smith rhodes munderlyn.

Bearmeat's picture

TT needs to resign Hyde unless the cost gets out of control - which it won't. Not with the good amount of highly sought after prospects on the perimeter available in this year's draft.

The next thing that TT needs to do is sign a FA CB. A veteran. And an OLB. A veteran. Someone in addition to Nick Perry.

Let Pep and Sam walk. Tell CM3 to take a pay cut. And draft another highly regarded CB and OLB too.

ironman3169's picture

If only that were to occur in the real world.

Dzehren's picture

Hello man- are u a packer fan? What do I think bro? U want another UDFA to fill in? Come on man

Ferrari Driver's picture

Limited physically with a lack of speed, but he gets the most out of his ability and shows up for work.

No problems on or off the field and is versatile by doing a decent job of being able to field punts, play Safety, and fill in at Corner BAck.

Should be an inexpesive but somewhat valuable player to sign.

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