Reverse Q&A w/ CHTV Readers

Maggie flipped the script and posted questions for fans to answer this time. Enjoy a reverse offseason Q&A. 

Because it’s the offseason, I thought we could tackle a reverse Q&A. I posted 10 questions on Twitter and asked you all to email me your responses. There were way too many answers to include everything, but the responses below give a broad look at the opinions of CHTV readers. Feel free to add your own answers in the comments! 

1. What do you consider to be the team’s biggest position of need and why?

@Kyra Reppe - The biggest position of need is defensive line. Kenny Clark needs help. Dean Lowry and Montravius Adams are fine rotational DE’s, but this team needs a run stuffer to pair with Kenny Clark and the Smith Bros. 

@OskarWitaK - WR, scoring is trending up defense down. It takes 30 points per game to win a Super Bowl. Our offense as of now isn’t a 30 ppg offense. A great WR is more important than a great TE, especially if gutey thinks that highly of Jace.

@Jhop_4 - Right Tackle. We’ve seen what this team looks like without Rodgers, right?

@Sandro_46 - D-Line. We need to give Kenny Clark more help especially in the run game if we can’t stop the run . There’s no need to throw towards our talented DBs as we saw in the NFCCG.

@HartzheimTyler - Biggest position of need is MILB. Lack of speed at MILB has been this team’s Achilles heel for 8+ years. The need to contain TEs and RBs coming out of the backfield is crucial in today’s NFL.

2. You’re the GM, what’s your ideal three-round mock draft?

@Kyra Reppe - My ideal 3 round mock is Justin Jefferson (WR), Raekwon Davis/Neville Gallimore (DL), Ezra Cleveland/Matt Peart (OT).

@SanjayxMurthy -  Josh Jones OT, Jordyn Brooks LB, and Gabriel Davis WR.

@HartzheimTyler - Kenneth Murray (ILB), Brandon Aiyuk (WR), Josh Jones (OT). 

@AugieSalick - Want to end round 2 with a MLB and WR. Round 3, I’d take another LB, WR, or any OL/DL. Whatever value is available. 

Henry -  First Pick: Kenneth Murray. Second Pick: Best receiver available so either Jefferson (won’t fall to us but I can dream), Mims, Reagor, or Aiyuk. Third Pick: Best OT available so Ben Bartch, Matthew Peart, or Ezra Cleveland. 

3. What 2020 opponent are you most excited for? Least excited for?

@amoe85 - Most excited for Vikings, because sad Vikings Twitter is ::chef's kiss:: Least excited to go back to SF... again…

@OskarWitaK - 2020 Niners revenge season can’t wait till we play them. I hate watching us play the Lions. First team to 20 always wins. Gross.

@AugieSalick - Most excited for Vikings, because beating them is my reason to live. Least excited for the 49ers because I’ve seen that play out twice now and it doesn’t end pretty.

@SanjayxMurthy - I'm excited for Titans, big game for LaFleur and who knows, may see Tom Brady under center.

4. Who’s your dream free agent signing? Give me salary numbers and let me know how you’ll clear cap space.

@NikxxMisan - I would love FA signings such as WR Amari Cooper or DL Chris Jones, but both are unlikely to become free agents, not even speaking of being in consideration for the Pack. I think RT Jack Conklin would be an amazing FA signing if Bulaga doesn’t want to stay in Green Bay. Being a four-year veteran with 25 at his strange AND hitting is open market is rare and I would love the Packers to bring him into the organization. Spotrac projects his market value to be $14million. I would love to bring him in for $12 million/year. It’s unlikely but I would love it. Since the new CBA is about to become accepted (urgh) and Graham not returning as Rapoport reported, I don’t think we have to free cap for this signing. 

@OskarWitaK - Corey Littleton. Time’s up at ILB. 12 million. Release Lane Taylor. Release Jimmy Graham. Re-sign Veldheer, have to let bulaga walk. Extend Kenny Clark, Aaron Jones. I love Bulaga but the fact he hasn’t missed more games the last 2 years is a minor miracle. Future RT has to be taken round 2-3 though. And it has to hit. 

@Kyra Reppe - Corey Littleton can tackle RBs and shed blocks, something that Blake Martinez struggles with. I would sign Littleton to a 4 year 47 million contract that is 13 against the 2020 cap. Releasing Jimmy Graham and trading/releasing Lane Taylor will open up the cap. 

@AugieSalick - Bryan Bulaga. Iowa.  

Even - Would love Hooper for 10-12 million a year, freed by cutting Jimmy Graham (yay) and Lane Taylor.

5. If you could assign any current Packer a new position, who would it be and what would they play?

@Sandro_46 - Kenny Clark to fullback. He’s got some solid speed for his weight let’s go. Goal line dive all the time just to annoy Twitter.

@Jhop_4 - I would love Jaire in the slot. Packers have struggled in the middle of the field for seemingly the entire decade. He would help. Plus he’s a force in the run game. 

@Kyra Reppe - Darnell Savage a slot WR. He is speedy, agile and aggressive…exactly what the packers need on offense.

Henry - Rashan Gary to interior defensive line. I would still want him to play edge but if putting him at DT in passing situations gets him on the field I would do it. Gary and Z Smith could also switch and have Z rush from inside and Gary play on the edge. I think Gary would benefit tremendously from just more playing time.

@AugieSalick - Maybe Tyler Ervin at WR?  Hard to justify taking Aaron Jones off the field for Ervin, so using him as a WR on gadget plays seems fun.

6. Who’s an underrated Packer in team history that more fans should know and appreciate?

@amoe85 - Elijah Pitts. 13th round draft pick, third string HB, gets his chance in 1966 and ends up with 2 TDs in the first Super Bowl. Also went to 4 more SBs as an assistant coach with the Bills in the 90s. 

@AugieSalick -  Samkon Gado?  Did you know he was a doctor!?!

@IAmSeanFranken - You know the answer here haha. Lynn Dickey. I feel he’s unknown to the younger Packer fans. He led a high powered offense and threw a beautiful deep ball. If it wasn’t for injuries & lack of a defense, he would’ve led the Packers to multiple playoff appearances. 

@RVGBP1265 - Nick Collins, he altered the trajectory of this franchise. 

@OskarWitaK - We don’t win the Super Bowl without JAMES STARKS! I’ve often said this. I bought a mini buffalo u football helmet to commemorate him, I was 13.

@Kyra Reppe - Ahman Green. He averaged 4.5 yards per carry in the 90s/early 2000s. That is impressive.

@SanjayxMurthy - William Henderson: if he had a name like Kuhnnnnn they would have been screaming it in Lambeau.

@Jhop_4 - Recency bias but Sam Shields. Guy made the sealing INT in the NFCCG and was playing at a VERY high level when the concussions hit. He was becoming a lockdown CB and was clearly missed for a few years.

Henry - Donald Driver. Great Packer, amazing WR, better guy. 

7. Looking ahead to 2021 free agency, who’s the most important Packer to re-sign and why?

@Kyra Reppe - The only answer here is Kenny Clark. If you say Aaron Jones, it better be because you never want to use a 1st or 2nd round draft pick on a RB. Kenny Clark is one of the best (if not the best) NT in the league. Those are hard to find. RBs can be a dime a dozen. Aaron Jones was a 5th round pick. 

Henry - If we don’t extend Clark this year then it’s Clark, at times he was our whole run defense and he’s only 24. If we extend him then probably Bakhtiari because he is the best LT in the game.

@NikxxMisan - I love Kenny Clark, but give me David Bakhtiari here. There is nothing more important than having the best LT in the league protecting an aging QB. Nothing but love for #Agent69. 

@RVGBP1265 - Good ol’ 69. 

8. If you could build a new division for the Packers, which three teams would you put Green Bay with?

@OskarWitaK - A new division? Holee. One that has the Jets, Bills, and the Dolphins in it. Man if that was a division we would win at least 5 Super Bowls or something jeez. 

@Sandro_46 - I like, or say hate, the current division but I’m going with some of my most hated other teams here: Cowboys, imagine beating them twice or even three times a year! Seahawks, I don’t have a reason they suck and I love beating them, besides the fact that it’s a tough place to play in. Jets, because they’re a mess and it’s easy/cheaper to fly in from Germany for a road game from time to time!

Henry - Chicago (even though I hate the Bears I love the rivalry), Dallas (love beating the Cowboys), and Tampa Bay (throwback).

@Jhop_4 - If it has to be different...Bears, Vikings, and Seahawks. Three most hated teams, in order.

Even - Bears (would miss historic rivalry if not there). Jaguars, because they frequently play home games in London, a short plane ride away for most European Packers. Jets for the wins and for Behnke to annually anger longsuffering Jets fans in their own stadium. 

@NikxxMisan - I think I wouldn’t change anything at all. Bears and Vikings are such great rivalries. Ignoring the fact that McCarthy is coaching there now I would think about switching the Lions with the Cowboys. Beating “Americas Team” twice a year sounds amazing.

9. What’s the best Wisconsin beer?

@Sandro_46 - That’s the toughest question lol there are too many! Spotted Cow would be too easy I think (I love it though). Gotta admit I had some of the best beers of my life during my 2 trips to Green Bay/Wisconsin. Going with Johnny Blood Red @ Titletown Brewery Downtown Green Bay. I love a good red ale and you don’t find them very often and it’s not a common beer style over here in Germany.

@IAmSeanFranken - As a beer guy this is tough to narrow down. So many great WI beers. I like hoppier beers. Right now if I had to pick I’d go Hop Debacle from O’so. 

@RVGBP1265 - Badger State Brewing - Cran-Delusion. 

@AugieSalick - Sprecher’s Abbey Tripel

 @SanjayxMurthy - BRWSKI

 There were also roughly 4,000 votes for Spotted Cow, so I have to include all of those here as well. 

10. If B.J. Raji and a bear wrestled, who would win?

@amoe85 - America

@OskarWitaK - Raji has successfully defeated the bears already this is a trick question.

@Sandro_46 - B.J. Raji and it's not even close, he beat the Bears on the field every year so give me a reason why he would lose to a bear off the field.

@Jhop_4 - Raji would shake his hips like Shakira when he seals the victory.

Even - B.J. Raji could ragdoll any bear (Chicago, Yogi, grizzly or otherwise). 

@NikxxMisan - Raji would push the bear into his Quarterbear for the Stripsack.

@AugieSalick - The bear, but only if Jeff Janis is riding on top of it.

@RVGBP1265 - Bears. Beets. B.J. Raji.


Maggie Loney is a writer for Cheesehead TV and podcaster for the Pack-A-Day Podcast and Pack's What She Said. Find her on Twitter at @MaggieJLoney.

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stockholder's picture

March 06, 2020 at 08:06 am

1.DL 2. 3=BPA 3. LV Raiders > KC Chiefs 4. Littleton - 10 mil. 5. Lazard TE 6. Bubba Franks 7. Clark-he was the DL 8. Sea.. Dal. NE. 9. The one that doesn't get you pulled over. 10. Neither

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Turophile's picture

March 06, 2020 at 02:17 pm

Great idea. Here's my take.
1) I agree with @Kyra Rappe that DL is a huge position of need. someone better is needed alongside Clark, whether it is a solid vet like D.J.Reader or a draft pick like R.Blacklock (round 1) or M.Davidson (round 2).

2) Three round mock: 1) DL Ross Blacklock, 2) WR Brandon Aiyuk, 3) lots of possibilities - ILB Malik Harrison (probably gone), Akeem Davis-Gaither if Harrison gone. I'd even be interested in S Dugger or Chinn, as S/ILB hybrid.

3) Best opponent, SF. I want to see if the Packers have addressed the weakness that caused them to lose so badly to them in 2019

4) Gains and losses. The main losses are Graham, Taylor and T.Williams (and Rodgers has already been renegotiated to free some more money). The Packers can afford just one good FA. I'd love to see ILB Littleton with the Packers, or DL D.J.Reader. Both help fix the faults that caused the losses to SF in 2019.

5) I don't see much on the current Packers squad for position change, so i'm cheating. I'd draft WR Chase Claypool 6'4", 230 (in round 3 or 4) and convert him to TE as he has sub 4.5 speed. I'd also be looking at big safeties Chinn and Dugger (both round 2 picks) for candidates as S/ILB hybrids

6) Chad Clifton. Never said much, always did his job, overcame an appalling shattered pelvis injury (I'm looking at you Warren Sapp), left quietly - I thought he was great and formed half the excellent Clifton/Tauscher combo.

7) Key 2021 contract ? Kenny Clark's will have already been done during 2020, so David Bakhtiari, of course. Anyone else think DB looks like Jason Momoa ?

8) I want the most hated teams as opponents to crank up the emotions. Therefore, Vikes, Cowboys, Seahawks. New England was another target but they play in the AFC and I had to only pick 3 'enemies'.

9) I live in England which has thousands of local real-ale brews. They have been ahead of the USA for ages, but recently the States have been advancing in this area. Any beer that is really chilled fails (for me) because if you let it warm up to room temperature, it tastes disgusting. I realise this may be controversial.

10) Raji wins against a bear if he begins at the top of a steep hill (with the bear at the bottom) and starts rolling.

3 points
imnion's picture

March 06, 2020 at 08:20 am

#6. Under rated Packer:

I can think of a few. Fred Carr, Tim Harris, Mark Tauscher, Ahman Green, Mark Lee, Sam Shields come to mind...

1 points
Turophile's picture

March 06, 2020 at 11:54 am

Tim Harris, "The enraged octopus"............Haven't thought about him in a long time.

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Bearmeat's picture

March 06, 2020 at 08:38 am

The answers to that last question were literal LOLs.

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lowcsp's picture

March 06, 2020 at 08:59 am

Here's my fantasy draft trade down with Indianapolis for their 34th pick an there 4th rounder an use that to get josh rosen at #34 take zack baun with next second round ot bartch or wr claypool 3rd wr lynn bowden or tyler johnson

-1 points
dobber's picture

March 06, 2020 at 09:05 am

Underrated Packer: Johnnie Gray. Forced to play his career on bad 70s teams. Damn good safety.

Same vein: Ezra Johnson. 6th all time in sacks which doesn't include his first 5 seasons when sacks were not an official stat. Estimated to have had seasons of 20 and 14 sacks...and, of course, the hot dog.

5 points
Spock's picture

March 06, 2020 at 09:12 am

Fun piece, Maggie. I moved to Tucson from Wisconsin 15 years ago and when I finally made it back a few years ago I just HAD to try a Spotted Cow beer. To say I was disappointed would be a vast understatement. I don't understand the love for that one. I enjoyed several of the Sprecher varities I tried. So, count me in the minority on Spotted Cow. I'd rather have some other micro-brew anytime. Just my taste buds, lol.

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Hematite's picture

March 06, 2020 at 10:32 am

Best Wisconsin beer: Totally Naked (seasonal).

1 points
MaggieLoney's picture

March 06, 2020 at 12:06 pm

I absolutely love Totally Naked! It's almost always in my fridge during the summer. Staghorn is also one of my fav Wisconsin oktoberfests.

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johngalt's picture

March 06, 2020 at 11:17 am

Jaire in the slot? Dude couldn’t catch a cold. Was hit in the hands multiple times the last 2 yrs-can’t bring em in.

-1 points
Fredrik87's picture

March 06, 2020 at 11:37 am

I'm guessing he means move him from outside CB to slot CB.
Regardless I wouldn't like the move as he wasn't very good in the slot last year.

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Fredrik87's picture

March 06, 2020 at 11:35 am

1: DL, I would say WR but the DL was so bad in the NFC championship game I can't pick anything else.

2: Trade down with Seattle and then again with Vegas.
At Pick : 62 : Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor/ or if unavailable Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU
Pick : 64 : Netane Muti, OG, Fresno St
Pick : 81 : Jordan Elliott, DL, Missouri
Pick : 91 : Cameron Dantzler, CB, Miss St
Pick : 94 : Lucas Niang, OT, TCU.

3: The Colts game, I live in Indiana so losing to Indianapolis would be terrible and winning equally great.

4: If it's just a single signing then my guy is DJ Reader hugely underrated DL who can affect the pass and is
and is great at stopping the run at a cost of 10 mill per season. Cut Graham and Taylor.

If it's ideal scenario though bring back Bulaga $9 million, sign Kwiatkoski $6 million or David Mayo $3
Million and Tramon 1 year $5 million, IF after that we still had enough cap space then sign Reader as well.

5: Last year I'd have said move Fackrell to ILB, but I don't see any position changes I'd like to see this year.

6: Bobby Dillon, played safety from 1952-1959 never had a season without a int and in all but one had 4+.
He ended his career with 52 interceptions, made 4 pro bowls, 4 all-pros, and just got into the HOF.
He did all this with only ONE EYE, his other was made of glass.

7: Bahktiari, I love Kenny but with the pass rusher in our division letting Bahk leave could speed up Rodgers
retirement by 2 or more years easy.

8: Bears, Vikings, Patriots(I put them in here so they'd actually have to play in a tough division and not get a
bye week in the playoffs every year).

The last two questions are obviously jokes and I have no answers for them.

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TXCHEESE's picture

March 06, 2020 at 07:39 pm

#6 - Dickey is a really good choice,but I think most Packers fans appreciate him. This one may draw sever hate, but I always appreciated Jarret Bush. Guy was a fantastic STer, despite his lack of athleticism, and he made a huge play and held his own in the super bowl after Wood went down.

#7 - “Oh” 69! “Oh 69!

Haven’t been to Wisconsin in many years, but pour me a good cold IPA, and I’ll be happy....and pretty tooted in about 3 beers.

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