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Report: "Raiders Will Make a Run at Cobb"

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Report: "Raiders Will Make a Run at Cobb"

The Oakland Raiders, who already signed one former Green Bay Packers wide receiver last season, will perhaps go after another this offseason.

That's according to Bill Williamson of

Former Packers wideout James Jones signed with the Raiders last offseason, reuniting with former Packers executive Reggie McKenzie.

The Packers acquired Cobb in 2011 when McKenzie was still with the organization.

Under McKenzie, the Raiders have signed several other former Packers players, including safety Charles Woodson, defensive lineman C.J. Wilson, and most recently, kicker Giorgio Tavecchio.

Cobb is scheduled to become a free agent on March 10. A recent report indicated he's looking for a deal averaging $9 million per year, although there was no indication of the number of years or the amount to be guaranteed.

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Allan Murphy's picture

Ha ha ha not happen Cobb Packer for life .............

HankScorpio's picture

After signing Tavecchio, do they have the cap room for Cobb?

tm_inter's picture

Cobb is too smart to turn down the chance to continue catching passes from Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are also willing to pay Cobb good money. And Cobb knows that if he wants to be a Hall of Fame wide receiver he has better chance with Rodgers than with David Carr. Also in 4 years time when he's up for another contract, Cobb will have better results to earn another lucrative contract if he's still with the Packers.

ben's picture

GOOD, make room for the best picks in last year's draft.......Jeff Janis & Jared Abbrederis.

Jordy, Jeff, Jared, & Jarrett. (all under-rated)

Draft another J late, trade Adams to the browns

Suh or Ngata is money best spent. (all ted has to do is get over himself and let a draftpick of his walk)

Cobb is clearly more versatile and better than Greg Jennings. He is surely much much better than James Jones. But Ted invested 3 draftpicks at WR last year, and absolutely killed it on 2 of them. Fix the annual let-down of a weak & porous defensive line, the achilles heal of the Green Bay Packer the last 5 years. Once and for all

Aaron Rodgers and a GREAT defense will win championshipS

NewNikeShoes's picture

"Cobb is clearly more versatile and better than Greg Jennings. He is surely much much better than James Jones"
That's more than enough reason to keep him.
"trade Adams to the browns"
What the hell? Why? He single-handedly beat the cowboys with his highlight plays.
"Suh or Ngata is money best spent."
I'm pretty sure TT does not want a 31 year old DT or a thug to get signed. He wants youth.
Do you seriously want to do the Denver and sign a bunch of FAs, be good now, and get screwed later?
And, what do you have against good black GB receivers? Seriously.
And J&J haven't played much at all, so you cannot say they are great draft picks until they produce.

The TKstinator's picture

A stranglehold on "receivers with names beginning with J" is within GB's grasp...if only TT could be so visionary.

The TKstinator's picture

On an equally important and related note, a few years ago, the Packers had:
AJ Hawk
BJ Raji
CJ Wilson
DJ Smith

I urged TT to acquire
EJ Henderson

And drive an
FJ Cruiser

THEN, and only then, would we have known true alphabet bliss.

BradHTX's picture

Don't forget they also had BJ Coleman on the roster at that time. Now if on,y JJ Watt had fallen to us...

The TKstinator's picture

Like the old saying goes, "Two BJ's are better than one"

MarkinMadison's picture

OK, I have ZERO faith that Abby will play a complete season in the NFL, ever. Jeff Janis hasn't done anything yet, and maybe he never will. BUT, I'm not so sure I disagree with you.

Packer_Pete's picture

same here. Abbrederis will not play a full season in the NFL. Janis may or may not do anything next season either, but he certainly is far from being a starting WR in the NFL...

4thand1's picture

We should all pray you NEVER become the Packers GM. certifiable.

4thand1's picture

We should all pray you NEVER become the Packers GM. certifiable.

Packer_Pete's picture

yet we should all hope and pray that he will become the Vikings GM in the near future. He probably will, we just need to spread the word that this highly talented Packers executive is suddenly available. He'll be in Minnesota and signed in no time :)

Packer_Pete's picture

no matter what we fans think, this is a business and about money. Cobb wants to be paid like a no 1 WR even though he is not. He is a real good player but not a WR1 in the NFL, but if some team is willing to pay him as a no 1 then he will play for them. All of us would. No matter whether one wants to play with #12 or not. Let's not be naive. It would be a big loss for the team, but I have myself resigned to the fact that it will either be Cobb or Bulaga. Not both.

MarkinMadison's picture

Hard to say how much cheddar he wants, but as someone pointed out above, he's very young, and his next contract will be worth a lot more if he has a decent QB throwing to him for the next 3-4 years.

Packer_Pete's picture

while that sounds good, if he can get a lot of cash right now, why wait? who knows what would happen within the next 3 - 4 yrs? A severe injury could derail everything, or maybe he'd become the best WR in the NFL... But I think it would be naive to assume that he wouldn't take an offer of 9+ million per year for the next 3 or 4 years, even if it was the Raiders... And I just can't Ted see giving him 9+. Maybe 7-8. But I may be wrong. Just don't expect to see both Cobb and Bulaga in green and gold next season. I still assume it will be only 1. Personally I'd chose Cobb over Bulaga since he is very versatile and a great offensive weapon, whereas a RT can be found in FA or the draft easier that a player of Cobb's class, but I have no idea what Ted will do...

Tundraboy's picture

Absolutely, That has to be the plan. Phase one, so they can concentrate on fixing the D once and for all. Three things I want to hear are Cobb signed, Bulaga Signed and Hawk cut

Evan's picture

Recent reports say he's looking for $9 mil a year, which would be 100% reasonable for both sides.

Both he and Bulaga will be back. The Packers have plenty of cap room, neither will command an outrageous contract, and, above all else, TT doesn't let his young stars go.

HankScorpio's picture

Tell Tom Brady the NFL is a business where every single player takes the maximum they can squeeze out a team. Heck, tell that to Jordy Nelson.

Not every NFL player is driven by the 'respect' demonstrated by the ranking of their contract relative to other players. Some will look at their bank accounts and figure there is no way to spend all that money in their lifetime anyways, so another zero or two is less important than the environment in which they earn money beyond the comprehension of most people.

Evan's picture

Yea....a tick less than Jordy and a tick more than Victor Cruz. Perfect.

Allan Murphy's picture

Pay the men so we can move on too a super bowl 50 !!!

Imma Fubared's picture

Very interesting!

guenaj15's picture

Well Hawk just got released... so that opens up some money. I am a little sad to see him go. I always liked the guy, just wish he was better at football.

Packer_Pete's picture

He'll wear purple soon :) But I agree, classy guy, I heard great things off the field and he had very good community involvement, so I wish him nothing but the best.

The TKstinator's picture

I expect GB will make a very fair offer. (As widely reported: around $9 mil a year.) I think Cobb will sign with GB.

However, if Oakland (or any team) offers "crazy money", well then,...I wouldn't expect TT to enter a bidding war.

In summary, I do not EXPECT any team to offer "crazy money", but if they do, adios, 18.

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