Railbird Central Podcast: Extension Discussion

We discuss the newly-signed contract by David Bahkhtiari and speculate who might be the next Packers player to get a new deal.

Episode 711

A day after the Green Bay Packers announced a contract extension for left tackle David Bakhtiari, we ask Nathan Jahnke of ProFootballFocus.com about the deal and who might be next in line to receive a new contract. After the interview, we also get into the Packers color rush uniforms and the concussion to cornerback Sam Shields.


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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

September 15, 2016 at 07:35 pm

Overthecap is providing the following not entirely complete info on Bakh´s contract:

$16M signing bonus. Roster bonuses of $1.7M in 2017, $6.5M in 2018, $2M in 2019, and $500K in 2020 (no mention if any are guaranteed). Cap hits of $4.013M this year (up about $2.2M this year from $1.78M), and:

2017: $6.17M ($12.8M dead money)
2018: $11.2M ($9.6M dead money) ($6.5M Roster)
2019: $14.2M ($6.4M dead money)($2M roster)
2020: $14.2M ($3.2M dead money)

$48M in new money, roughly. There may be some incentives not mentioned. $500K in workout bonuses from in each yr brings it to $50M in new money. 33% guaranteed per this report due to the signing bonus, but I expect some of the base salaries and perhaps roster bonuses will be guaranteed or effectively guaranteed.

Final year has $3.2 dead money. I was pretty sure after the Sitton debacle, Bakh wouldn´t have the last year with little or no dead money - of course, $3.2M might not look so large in 2020!

Bakh is the 4th highest paid LT. Okung, Beachum, Whitworth, Joeckel, Kalil, Harris, Mills, Tobin, Marshall !!! Newhouse are LTs up for contracts in 2017. I do not see Bakh dropping down from the #4 position in 2017. Maybe in 2018.

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