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Preseason Game One Roundup: 2019

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Preseason Game One Roundup: 2019

It looked like real football even if it was the Packers first preseason game.  Many of you watched this game.  How do your eyes match up with this sampling of tweets by media observers?

Injuries, Usage, Formations, Personnel:

  • LB Oren Burks just came out of the medical tent with a wrap on his left shoulder.  Heilprin
  • Eq St. Brown is in the medical tent. Demovsky
  • Packers not in uniform that just walked out: Z. Smith, P. Smith, Linsley, Turner, Amos, Graham, F. Brown, J. Williams, Lewis, Roberts, Bakhtiari, Bulaga. There are more, but I forgot binoculars.  Schneidman [26 players did not suit up.]
  • Was a little surprised Ty Summers got the start over James Crawford. With Burks out, Crawford now in beside the seventh-round rookie Summers.  Wood
  • Josh Jones isn't playing tonight. That's interesting. Don't think he has an injury.  [Later] LaFleur said Josh Jones didn't play because he had a "little nagging injury."  Kruse
  • It seems as if the unofficial depth chart was true. Three receiver sets are Kumerow, Allison, and MVS. All ahead of EQ for now it would seem.  Herman
  • starting offense: QB: Kizer OL: Light, Taylor, Patrick, McCray, de Beer WR: Allison, MVS TE: Bayliss FB: Vitale RB: Carson  Wood
  • Defensive starters: DL: 96 95 90 ILB: 42 44 OLB: 51 52 S: 26 36 CB: 28 29  Demovsky  [OK, I’ll translate for the lazy: Keke, Lancaster, Adams; Burks, Summers; Fackrell, Gary; Savage, Greene; Tony Brown, Hollman.]

Quarterbacks and WRs:

  • It took Boyle all of 5 passes to lead the NFL in touchdown passes. On 8/8 nonetheless.  Herman
  • [OTOH] Joe Webb currently leads the NFL in passing yards.  Schneidman
  • That was a really nice throw while on the run and with a guy in his face from Boyle.  Nagler
  • Boyle’s two downfalls can be accuracy and throwing into coverage but my goodness does he have a live arm, moxy, confidence, and raw ability.  Herman
  • That was a really nice job by Kizer not only stepping up in the pocket but also keeping his eyes downfield. Big time play for DeShone and even a bigger catch from Shepherd. He’s at minimum a lock for the p/s.  Herman
  • Now THAT was a fantastic play by Kizer, navigating the pocket, keeping his eyes downfield, and finding Shepard late for the TD.  Nagler
  • Confident throw with a man in his face on third down from Kizer for a 1st down. Those are the flashes he shows.  Herman
  • You often hear about the many systems Kizer has had to learn, and there's something to that, but at some point, a slant is a slant. A dig is a dig. A check down is a check down. You can either hit them consistently or you can't. He can't.  Nagler
  • DeShone Kizer's first half numbers actually weren't bad: 8-of-13 for 102 yards and a TD without a turnover. But he missed some routine throws and almost got rookie WR Darrius Shepherd hurt on the touchdown with a high throw.  Demovsky
  • Be decisive. Kizer had Vitale open right away. Hesitated.  Kruse
  • Fantastic snag by Kumerow on 3rd down. Nice zip from Kizer  Nagler
  • Was just about to tweet how EQ didn't get his hands up on that third down, ball hitting him right in the chest, and then that play happens. Nice awareness from EQ, who jumped on that muff for the TD.  Wood
  • Kumerow already with 2 catches. Such a natural catcher.  Herman
  • Man I love Lazard, I just don't see how there is room for him. Thought he was super draftable his year.  Uglem
  • A little double catch but that’ll do. Hopefully that’s the breakthrough play.  (B) J’Mon just has 0 confidence. Really hope he can get it together soon but this has been a brutal start.  (C) Oh no J’Mon.  (D) Moore big in-breaking route - stumbles out of his break and misses a chance at a big gain. Now he drops a catchable pass that was obviously behind him. Just has been that kind of career for the talented 2nd year player so far.  Herman [Pieced multiple tweets together.]

Tight Ends:

  • There's Robert Tonyan. A 23-yard completion. Nice, athletic play. He's made plays all offseason.  Wood

Running Backs:

  • Dexter Williams has 62 yards on 14 carries (4.4 avg) tonight. He's looked quick through the hole. Overall, solid. He also forgot to run onto the field to cover a punt, forcing a timeout. So the rookie has a teachable moment.  Wood
  • Great job by Dexter Williams getting just enough of the defender to give Boyle time on that TD throw.  Nagler
  • Dexter Williams was thisclose to breaking that. Nice burst through a big hole.  Wood

Defensive Backs:

  • What a fricken camp by Chandon Sullivan. Made my standout list in camp multiple times, now he skies for a pick. He’s been great. Herman
  • I can’t believe how good Ka’Dar Hollman is.  Nagler
  • Really good play from Kabion Ento. Will Redmond was late coming over to help, putting Ento all alone down the left sideline. Ento got a piece of that Joe Webb pass to force incompletion. He used his size well against the sideline.  Wood


  • Fantastic play by Raven Greene to strip the ball out on that fumble. 2nd year jump for him has been impressive.  Herman
  • Really nice work by Raven Greene there to not only force the run back inside, but to also make the tackle.  Nagler
  • Another missed tackle by Natrell Jamerson.  Kruse [Editorial: yup, a couple at least.]


  • Summers coming down to earth. Missed tackle earlier. Last play he got washed out by the lineman, now he overruns the play. Lots of ups and downs for the rookie. Talent is evident.  Herman
  • Summers: "It seems like a good night, but when I know that I should’ve had probably about four more (tackles), that’s frustrating."  Wood
  • Great read and tackle by Summers. Packers have a keeper. His sideline to sideline speed in practice has been legit.  Herman
  • Ty Summers has had a really good night. That play, he'll want to forget. Had Cullen Gillaspia in the open field. Couldn't tackle him. First down.  Wood
  • Oren Burks took the bait on the PA fake.  Kruse
  • OLB Randy Ramsey is a tremendous athlete. Just showed it there. Completely unblocked, which is obviously a big deal. Still, he can move.  Wood
  • Defense had lots of opportunities to get off the field. Missed tackles by Gilbert & Summers on 3rd downs and Lancaster on the touchdown ultimately lead to the Texans getting on the board & tying the game.  Herman


  • First punt from JK Scott: 44-yard punt with a 4.44-second hang time, mirroring yardage and hang just like Scott wants. Just a 2-yard return.  Wood  [Editorial: Still looking for a tweet on the 51-yarder that seemed to have no hang time and was returned 20+ yards.  Coaches looking for consistency from Scott.]
  • Surround yourself in life with people who get as excited as Rob Demovsky and Bill Huber just did when they got the exact same punt hangtime on their stopwatches in the fourth quarter of a Week 1 preseason game.  Schneidman [Editorial: that’s fine, but I’d rather know what the hang time on that punt was!!! Arggh]
  • Teo Redding fumbles the kickoff and Texans recover at Packers’ 28-yard line. Not great for a guy outside the roster bubble.  Schneidman

Offensive/Defensive Line:

  • Brady Sheldon had a chance to tackle Damarea Crockett in the backfield. Slipped off him. Touchdown.  Wood
  • James Looney has done some nice things tonight.  Nagler
  • Kingsley Keke flashes again. Strong game for him. Needs to work on finishing but tip your cap to Webb too.  Herman
  • Kingsley Keke is a player.  Nagler
  • rookie Rashan Gary got sucked inside on that run, leaving open the perimeter. Can't do that.  Wood
  • Rashan Gary had one impressive speed rush against the Left Tackle.  Eye in the Sky
  • On third-and-14, Texans left a TE in initially to chip block Rashan Gary. They've noticed him in practice too.  Wood
  • (On Rashan Gary) Hard to say until I go back and look, but I've seen him slip twice while trying to work a stunt. Other than that, just lots of power rushes that go nowhere.  Nagler
  • de Beer with de Hold.  Nagler
  • Gerhard de Beer got bull-rushed onto the ground.  Kruse
  • Alex Light with the holding call. Both tackles have a holding penalty and we're 3:30 into the game.  Silverstein [ticky tacky call, per Nagler and Kruse]
  • That's a soft holding call on Alex Light. Looked like a pretty good block on Whitney Mercilus.  Kruse
  • Very interesting storyline that Lane Taylor is getting quite a bit of playing time here when the rest of the 1st string is out. Worth noting.  Herman
  • Can tell Yosh Nijman has a bunch of natural talent. Might be worth developing for a team without much at OT.  Kruse
  • "Yeah, that's a competition." LaFleur on Lane Taylor playing tonight. Sounds like RG is going to be an ongoing evaluation. Thinks Taylor played well tonight.  Herman


  • For those asking, Hollman, Summers, and Dexter had some nice plays but had some plays they’d like to have back too. Good starts for all 3 but still work to do.  Herman
  • Packers ran mesh and scored a touchdown on a broken play. The McCarthy era is over. We are free. FREE.  Justis Mosqueda
  • Hell of a drive for the young Packers defense. Montravius Adams pressure, Ka’Dar Hollman INT, Ty Summers all over the damn place. That’ll do.  Herman
  • Yes, that is Texans star and Wisconsin native J.J. Watt playing catch with fans in the stands.  Wood
  • Tonight’s standouts at first glance: Kingsley Keke Tim Boyle Allen Lazard James Looney Montravius Adams Raven Greene Jake Kumerow Darrius Shepherd Chandon Sullivan Randy Ramsey.  Herman
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Tarynfor12's picture

Anyone needing to watch the game, go to...


It's free and has every game on replay and you can adjust speed of replay .

Happy film study.

Nick Perry's picture

Thank you Taryn... I'm out of town on vacation and haven't had a chance to watch the game. I appreciate the heads up!

Vrog's picture


Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I chose to use Raven Greene's photo at the top of this article, and it was not even close. If this game is a good indicator of future play, it looks to me like Greene can come in and directly replace Adrian Amos should it be necessary. That means Amos could shift to FS if necessary.

Greene was where he was supposed to be, limited gains and made the tackle. He had a nice day, imo.

The hype is going to Ty Summers, and he did flash, but he also made some mistakes. Summers definitely deserves praise for his performance.

It seemed like some players did not have their motor running as it should be. Bolton, for example, had a nice rush but Webb eluded him. Bolton jogged downfield after that, and Webb ran into traffic on the right sideline near the goal. It seemed to me that Bolton should have easily gotten in on that tackle. Could just be me, but he is a bubble player, for gosh sakes.

Mannix's picture

I was one of the few who mentioned Greene in the kudos section. I go back to a great interview by Andy Herman with Tim Boyle here a few months ago. I think I am the only guy here that actually listened to it sadly. In that interview where Herman raved about Boyle as I do, he asked Boyle a question as far as who he thought would be a young 2nd year player that could take that 2nd year leap and stand out. Boyle didn't hesitate and immediately said, RAVEN GREENE. Last night I saw no. 36 all over the field and even stripped that guy of the ball and Redmon got all the accolades but it was Raven that caused that. Not only does Boyle possess great qb skills on the field, he's also shown to have great instincts like Aaron Rodgers with his selection of Raven Greene for a guy to watch out for.

Coldworld's picture

I will take where Summers is right now for a seventh rounder. He made plays that we haven’t had an ILB make in a long time. Is he polished? No, but he is ready for the roster. He also played a ridiculous number of snaps: most on the team plus near that on ST. I have not been on his bandwagon, but he made a case for it last night.

Greene looks like he has it nailed down. I agree that the credit for the fumble is all his, though Redmond was alert and in the right position to capitalize. Overall, I liked what I saw from Redmond. The comment about him being late on Ento’s break up I read as not being dumb enough to incur a penalty while being there to make the tackle if the ball was caught.

Generally Redmond was in the right place at the right time all night. We have had no FS that I could say that about for a while and no backup FS for a long time.

Was not impressed with Jamerson’s tackling or awareness. He was one of my big disappointments not named Moore. The other was Bolton.

Rebecca's picture

Good take on Summers, Greene, and Redmond. At this point in summer we should expect them to be assignment sure, but also look for that spark which separates them from the cut down players. These guys get it at this point.

Mannix's picture

How's it going Rebecca. I don't think we've ever met. My name is Mannix but you can call me Joe. Nice to see a beautiful woman in here. Looking forward to talking football with you this preseason. You a Boyleist or a Kaiser?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Coldworld, I do agree on Jamerson, and on Summers. I decided to laud Greene because Greene is probably going to play, perhaps a lot, since Pettine likes to use three safeties. [I suppose that depends on Campbell and his health - that could be a good battle if Campbell regains all his physical abilities coming off his injury.]

Improvement from a player I think might play 500-700 snaps is more important than Summers, who might or might not play much. GB is thin at ILB as well, so Summers' splash is certainly a very good thing to see. Who knows: Summers might leapfrog Burks either on merit or by default.

Nick Perry's picture

I was hoping I'd read more about Gary being a nightmare for the Texans, especially against the 2nd teamers but it will come.

For you Brian Burns fans... 2 sacks for Carolina against the Bears I believe...

I STILL like our guy better, especially for Pettines Scheme.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Don't want to say this but I thought Gary looked awkward. He seems to be strong and fast but only in a straight line. When they say an athletic freak they don't really mean athleticism they mean numbers. Great athletes aren't always the fastest or strongest they're... the best athletes. They play their particular sport best, Gary's hands were flapping and I never saw a quick move or a low dipped shoulder, as Mathews used to do, to disengage a blocker. I'm afraid I'm in the disappointed column for now. Brain Burns with two sacks?... damn

Duneslick's picture

Looked like he was fast and strong but showed no change of direction or agility.

Coldworld's picture

Gary is not a Matthews type player. A great player makes great plays, a great athlete puts up great measurables. If you didn’t see speed from Gary, I saw plenty. The Texans even had a second player chipping him at times.

He lacks refinement as an outside rusher, he comes from having his hand down. That is why they have had him at OLB primarily, to learn. It seems the Texans learnt enough of him to pay special attention in his first pre-season game. Quite a compliment. Relax.

BradHTX's picture


Also worth noting that Gary playing with Keke, Lancaster, Adams and Fackrell is probably significantly different than Gary playing with Smith, Clark, Adams and Smith. He will be much more effective as the last guy in the first string than the first guy in the second string.

arthurl's picture

Kap is still out there as backup
QB. If Kizer isn’t the answer, does anyone really think Boyle would be effective going up against a #1 defense? Packers also would be wise to find another starter at ILB. Burks is not the answer and what does the team have other than Martinez. What is contingency if he gets hurt

arthurl's picture

Kap is still out there as backup
QB. If Kizer isn’t the answer, does anyone really think Boyle would be effective going up against a #1 defense? Packers also would be wise to find another starter at ILB. Burks is not the answer and what does the team have other than Martinez. What is contingency if he gets hurt

murf7777's picture

What about the sky punt Scott had that created the turnover for a TD? I thought that was an awesome punt.

cheesehead1's picture

I didn’t see the game, but was hoping for more positive reviews on Gary. Time will tell, but it’s so early. I’m sure him and Pettine will crank it up. Glad to hear Pettine was on the sidelines, hope he stays there.

Since '61's picture

Finally watched the entire game on tape. First thing the Packers need to do is get rid of that ridiculous horn or whatever it is that makes that awful sound. Chuck it!

As for our backup QBs maybe Gute can trade Kizer and Boyle for Webb from the Texans. Webb was the best QB on the field Thursday evening. At least he looks like he can come in and win a game if we need him. Throw Josh Jones into the deal as well. Webb is a legit NFL backup QB.

I thought Gary played well, not great but solid. He held his ground on a few running plays when he was double teamed. He is lightning fast off the ball and he crushed the pocket with his pass rush a few times. He has a way to go but he looks good so far.

I would like to see Derrick Williams run behind the #1 OL. He had some nice runs. Heard a lot about Vitale but didn't see much tonight. Not much from Tra Carson either. Jenkins looked solid at Guard while he was in there. J'mon Moore needs to start catching passes. It looks like he doesn't concentrate when the ball gets to him. His catching technique is a mess.

M. Adams, Summers and Green all looked good on the defense. Overall the tackling needs to improve but it's way too early for concern.

Except for the turnovers the Texans had the better of play especially on offense, mostly due to Webb's passing and running.

Ok for the first Preseason game. Hopefully the Packers starters will look much better when they get on the field. Hopefully we stay healthy. Thanks, Since '61

Branden Burke's picture

The stats were concerning to me. The Texans had nearly double the yards and first downs while having only 20 more plays and 4 turnovers. That's a problem. They probably would have had over 500 yards of offense easily without the turnovers. That game was much closer to being a Texans blowout than a competitive game. The turnovers made it competitive.

Since '61's picture

Agree Branden. Webb’s mobility was a factor as he was able to keep plays and drives alive. Poor tackling by the Packers didn’t help.

Fortunately, it was not our starters who were playing and it’s only the first preseason game. As long as the team stays healthy we’ll be OK for the regular season. Thanks, Since ‘61

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