#PackersDaily: A truly special win

Aaron chats with Packers fans worldwide the day after the team's big win down in Tampa.

Earlier this afternoon, I held my Packers chat over on our YouTube channel talking all things Green and Gold.

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September 26, 2022 at 06:13 pm

The Pack escaped with their lives. Think about this, when was the last time the packers won a game going away and didnt keep the opponent hanging around? Luck again for Matt LeFleur, the Pats QB is out and god only knows who the QB will be, so this should be an easy romp.

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September 27, 2022 at 10:48 am

I think LaFleur has made a couple of subsequent statements this week that really start to tear down the Illusion of Competence.

So our new ST coach wanted to have his guys practice in pads. Think about that! What a radical thought. Now LaFleur is worried about that and soft tissue issues. How many of Clark and Lewis (Groin) and Watkins/Watson (hamstring) were significantly involved in STs? If they were not then actually it’s a light day for them.

What this does give us an insight into one reason why our prior STs were so bad. Honestly, it strikes me as clueless that Bisaccia had to ask for this.

Then I read that LaFleur thinks the reason that we had a scoring drought was a few key missed blocks. How about the fact that you let them stack the box and short area and just ran at that and then tried to pass into it almost exclusively (look at the routes run—that’s not all Rodgers).

Matt LaFleur is gradually revealing why this team can’t get over the hump under his leadership and why we perennially repeat failings. The reality is it’s him. It’s not surprising he can’t influence Rodgers. With the levels of insight and acuity he’s now revealing, I doubt many take him seriously.

I think after this I see why we can’t adjust effectively and regularly get outthought in advance. Count me off the LaFleur bandwagon definitively. As long as he’s here with Rodgers, Rodgers will make him look good, but this is not a man who can help Rodgers win or balance his traits. It’s not a man who can tilt the field in favor of his team.

It’s exactly the kind of man who repeats the same faults, creates a Drayton, allows the rejigging of his OL in the biggest game if the year and can’t stop Pettine playing prevent despite multiple post game statements. LaFleur us a guy I doubt leads anyone but leans on everyone.

It’s hardly a surprise that he hasn’t grown as a HC and is subservient to Rodgers. It’s difficult to lead when one misses the woods for the trees so obviously. The signs have been there, in retrospect. The veil was never going to hold out forever, even with a affable personality to distract. LaFleur is nothing more than a bluffer.

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