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Packers were reportedly interested in trading for Kaare Vedvik

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Packers were reportedly interested in trading for Kaare Vedvik

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Now, this could be as simple as the Packers doing a bit of due dilligence on a talented young kicker due to the familiarity of Director - Football Operations, Milt Hendrickson.


It could be a legit sign that Brian Gutekunst is exploring every avenue when it comes to potentially moving on from Mason Crosby, he of the $4.85 million salary cap hit in 2019. 

For the record, if the Packers were to cut Crosby, you know he'd be a Bear in about 30 seconds. I can't live like that. Better the Devil you know...

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TheVOR's picture

For the record, if the Packers were to cut Crosby, you know he'd be a Bear in about 30 seconds. I can't live like that. Better the Devil you know. - Amen to that! And then he'd beat us twice.. I'm a Crosby fan, so I'm good with playing out the contract year.

Old School's picture

I’d hang onto Crosby, but I’d just kick fewer field goals and go for two after TDS more often. Kick less, go for it more.

Next season, I’d move on from Crosby, but not right now.

scourge's picture

I'd rather see them go for it on 4th down more often. Going for 2 won't make a big difference if you have Crosby, Ficken or if you have Scott kicking them.

Too much is made of Crosby's "struggles" last year. He had one awful game vs the Lions and he bounced back quickly. Given the conditions he kicks in, he's fine. Everyone hates that ~5 million dollar cap hit, but there aren't many kickers who are more clutch than Crosby and he's still got a strong leg.

TheBigCheeze's picture

"He had one awful game......"......wrong......he missed a FG in the first viking game at end of regulation......missed a gimme against arizona.......:missed several XPs.....

Coldworld's picture

This is an argument that seemingly cuts both ways.

If Crosby is the best available, obviously I don’t want him going to the Bears. That would simply make them better at our expense. Clearly that is your assumption.

However, if we can upgrade to a better kicker, let the Bears blow some cap while we free some. Of course this involves risk.

It is very clear that the Packers are not confident that Crosby is a long term option or necessarily one of the NFL’s best. That from professional evaluators should give those who would just let him play out the year at least pause for thought.

Crosby to the Bears could be a good or bad move, depending on where Crosby really is in terms of current capability. It is not alone an argument for keeping or moving on.

Ficken appears to be adjusting his technique. Crosby hit a horrible kick off on Thursday. Neither currently fill me with confidence. Kick offs through the end zone are increasingly important.

There is time left in camp for either to settle, but it is possible our kicker this year is elsewhere as well if neither asserts themselves. Either way, I think we will have a new kicker in 2020 if not before.

Lare's picture

A kicker counting almost $5 million on the salary cap better be good, damn good.

Ryan B Dub's picture

Crosby should be riding off in to the purple sun set when he is good and ready to be overrated, burnt up and over aged. Not sure if it’s a this year, but it’s definitely soon. His kick offs aren’t adequate anymore.

Lombardi Trophy's picture

As "they" say.... it's always better to move on a year too early than a year too late. Glad that Gute is at least thinking about life after Crossbar.

scourge's picture

Oh...that's names that some fans come up with are just beyond stupid. So are the cliche's. How about you move on from the guy at the right time instead of a year too early. That's the job of the talent elevators. The guy was 5 of 7 from 50+ last year, has hit a LOT of huge kicks for us.

If he doesn't struggle in the Lions game where he missed 5 kicks(in a season where he was 30 of 37 on FGA's) this wouldn't even be an issue. Play with him this year and draft someone in the 5th or 6th next year.

flackcatcher's picture

That's all on Ron Zook. New Long snapper and 1st year punter Scott was having real problems with placement. Crosby's timing went all to hell. And Crosby was placing his kicking foot in a different position to try to prevent dragging during his swing. What a FUBAR on special teams. But Crosby did not put the Packers into that deep hole, that was all on Rodgers going crazy Farve in the first half. This is still nothing more than a salary cap move on Gute's part. Problem is teams are not going to give up their good young kickers unless the Packers are ready to give up a pretty high draft choice. Sorry Gute, unless Ficken cleans up his technique your stuck with Mason for another year.

kevgk's picture

I hope they can trade off either Ficken or Crosby somewhere other than Chicago. Even for a conditional 7th just to get him out of the midwest. Theres a chance a cut Ficken doesn't get picked up by the Bears though, if their current kickers can put together a decent rest of camp.

PatrickGB's picture

Dang, gutie is NOT TT. When he remarked that he would always look to improve the roster, he was not spouting platitudes.

PackfanNY's picture

Jets are a team that would be looking for a kicker. Maybe Gute trades a Crosby or Ficken there.

JQ's picture

I agree with the “due diligence” comments. And Fickens has absolutely ZERO trade value...

scourge's picture

Of course not. I don't think anyone's going to trade for Crosby either. How often do you actually hear about Kicker's getting traded? It'd make more sense for the Packers to go to Crosby and try to extend him for 2-3 years to lower that cap hit. Jason Meyers signed for 4/15 and he was a pro-bowler last year for the Jets.

Either way, I don't like the idea of saving 3.6 to take a chance with a guy who hasn't really shown much. Just 3/6 in his NFL career.

stockholder's picture

If Gute wants to trade. I would try the Patriots. I'm sure they would take Mercedes Lewis back. And they could package jones. For who right? Chase Winovich.

scourge's picture

I can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic. Jones? As in Aaron Jones? As in the guy who's our starting RB and the 7th rated RB heading into this season? And the Pats who have about 18 Running backs on their roster are going to trade their 3rd round pick?

This is a trade that makes very little sense for either side. If we trade Lewis, it'd be for a 6th or 7th rounder.

hodge555's picture

I suspect he was referring to Josh Jones, our safety who wanted to leave.

stockholder's picture

Josh Jones.

Ryan B Dub's picture

If and when Crosby stays on as the Packers kicker. Who does kick off duties? Ole line drive isn’t going to cut it all year. Maybe JK “The Weapon” Scott could try kicking off? Almost anything would be better than Crosby all year trying to kick it. He seems more than fine for field goals. Don’t get me wrong.

Coldworld's picture

Scott kicked off one last year and it went out of bounds for a penalty. He has the leg but is he accurate enough?

Lphill's picture

I think if the Packers cut Crosby he would get picked up in minutes, there are a lot of bad kickers out there and teams would love a guy like him , maybe Lefluer won’t have him trying as many over 50 yarders like MM did , let’s hope the offense is more potent this year and we won’t need field goals to win games.

JHitTheB's picture

Conspiracy Theory:

What if Gutey was really just trying to make sure Chicago doesn't fill their 1 glaring need or "throwing his hat into the mix" to drive up the price for division rivals?

How about the Mack situation? Chicago ended up mortgaging their future for the guy. He also made them pay more to keep Fuller. Then he went and got Amos from them. Wasn't he supposedly in on Allen Robinson too?

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