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Packers vs. Falcons - 2017 Game Predictions from

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Packers vs. Falcons - 2017 Game Predictions from


 GAME PREDICTIONS - 2017 Week 2 

Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Name Record   Pick Prediction
Andrew 1-0 Atlanta Falcons 24-14
You can't really judge the Packers based on last week, especially on defense. The Seahawks, for whatever reason, can't score on the road. The Falcons absolutely can score anywhere. I'm worried about the revamped secondary, and I think we're all worried about the offensive line's injury issues. At the end of the day, I think the Packers are close, but those two factors gang up for a loss.
Andy 1-0 Green Bay Packers 26-24
Green Bay will have a much better plan of attack for Julio Jones this time around and will get a small measure of revenge by opening Atlanta's new stadium with a Green Bay win.
Chris P 1-0 Green Bay Packers 34-31
For some reason, I have a feeling the Packers are finally going to avoid a slow start. I don't think the defense looks as good, but is effective enough to let Aaron Rodgers win a close game late.
Chris W 1-0 Green Bay Packers 31-20
This Packers team is vastly different than the one that was tossed around the field in the NFC title game. The defensive front picks up where it left off last week, the secondary snags a couple interceptions, and the offense starts to roll. 
Cory 1-0 Green Bay Packers 30-24
This game will be a carbon copy of the previous two games with the Falcons: fast-paced and plenty of scoring. I like Green Bay because its Nitro defense should slow the Falcons down.
David 1-0 Green Bay Packers 33-30
Green Bay’s ability to protect Aaron Rodgers will be paramount, which means the Packers can't lose another front-line starter to injury Sunday night. Ty Montgomery could be a central figure, in pass pro, receiving out of the backfield and as a runner. Defensively, Green Bay must get off the field; in last year’s NFC Championship, the heavily-injured Packers were at their worst on third down. It speaks volumes to Green Bay’s depth and health that Ladarius Gunter, tasked in January with defending Julio Jones, isn’t even on the team. 
Elisha 1-0 Atlanta Falcons 29-27
Though Dom Capers' defense looked impressive against the Seahawks, it's fair to wonder how much credit they deserve and how much blame should be placed on Seattle's offensive line (ranked 32nd in the league in 2016 by Pro Football Focus). We won't have to wait long, as the Packers travel to Atlanta to take on the 2016 highest-scoring offense and sixth best offense line. If the Packers get off to another slow start offensively, they will find themselves in a hole too steep to climb out of.
Jason 1-0 Atlanta Falcons 27-21
This is my score prediction with both Bryan Bulaga and David Bakhtiari in.  If both are out, forget the final score.  I just want Aaron Rodgers to survive.  A quick pass offense can neutralize the pass rush, but I don't see it working all night.  The Falcons opening their new stadium in prime time and wanting to make a statement that they're back after a terrible Super Bowl loss gives them the edge
Jersey Al 1-0 Atlanta Falcons 26-20
The deciding factor for me in this game was the unusual circumstance of the Falcons playing their first real game in their new stadium. With it also being a game under the lights, the electric atmosphere and crowd noise will make it difficult for the Packers to come out on top. The Packers had the same situation last year with the Vikings and suffered a disappointing loss at US Bank Stadium.
Michelle 1-0 Green Bay Packers 20-17
Packers-Falcons has the potential to be a shootout, but with each of these front sevens looking dominant through one week of play, it's more likely that we'll be privy to a defensive standoff. For the Packers, Nick Perry from the outside and Mike Daniels from the interior will try to make Matt Ryan's life miserable. But Aaron Rodgers will be under siege from Atlanta's Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley behind subs on the offensive line. 
Ross 1-0 Atlanta Falcons 33-30
I'd really like to believe that the Packers are going to win this game.  Green Bay has two very winnable games coming up after this dance with the Falcons and they're only 1 pt. Underdogs. I can't believe it, though, until I see it after losing twice in Atlanta last year.   
Zach 1-0 Green Bay Packers 27-21
My gut is telling me to pick against the Packers. Sunday night, new stadium, defending NFC champs... But, I'm not going to. The Packers' air attack will surpass the Falcons' and the defense will step up at the right moments for a 27-21 win.



"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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Lphill's picture

Packers vs Seahawks? I pick the Packers

Jersey Al's picture

haha! I do that at least once a year!

GBPDAN1's picture

I too am curious to see how improved the D backs are? We will find out Sunday night. If Bak and Bulaga both start and are relatively healthy, the Pack wins 33- 30.

If the O line is ailing and Rodgers is harassed all night, Atlanta 30 , Pack 23

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Our tackles don't look healthy, and McCarthy won't use Aaron Jones on fast turf like he should.

Falcons, 34-17.

Bearmeat's picture

I don't think they'll lose by 17 if the OTs play. But I do think they'll lose a close one.

ATL 28
GB 27

Since '61's picture

The Packers need to stabilize the game and keep the score close for the first quarter. For our defense success on first down will be critical. If we are consistently in a 2nd and short and 3rd short down and distance we're in for a long evening.

Take the crowd out of the game, keep it close initially and then get aggressive with both quick and medium range passes. Force the Falcons defense to cover Bennett down the middle and open up the boundary for Adams and Jordy. Don't let up. If we can win the field position game that much the better.

If we can force Ryan to move around we may create a turnover or two. Maybe a big Special teams play helps as well.

I like the Pack 31-23. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

As I've said Numerous times before on this post, & have been correct in most cases, GB +3 is almost an Automatic Loss. I've also said except against a team like the Pats or Seattle, when the $$$$ is the other way. Many of you probably read my Post the day before the Seattle game last year, when I picked a GB Win, & wouldn't be surprised by a Blow Out.

I honestly don't know if Atlanta, in the minds of Most Betters is Strong Enough to replace AR. I'm hoping that's the case in this game, but I don't think so.

I'm a Packer Fan, so I can't bet against them. I play every game the same, with my Head, not my Heart, regardless who's playing. I win 70% of the time going against where I think, repeat, "Think" the Money is.

As I've said here before: If you ever see a NY Marathon, & you see hundreds of runners all going in the same direction, & 1 lonely runner going the opposite way, That Will Be Me. Wayne Root taught me that. Las Vegas knows who Wayne Root is??

In this game the 1st half number is Atl -1 or GB+1. I'm guessing the money would go on Atlanta -1. I want to bet this game just to see if I'm right here. This will tell me where GB is at down the road. I may be wrong. If I am SO BE IT. I've been wrong before. I put 2 Bucks on GB +1 at the Half at Green Valley Ranch. I've been pretty lucky there. I hit a Grand there last week, and am up a Nickel this week. I hope GB can Win It All!! Go Pack!!

Since '61's picture

LVT - Not being a player (i.e., bettor) myself I find your follow the money analysis to be a fascinating approach to looking at the games.
I enjoy your posts and I hope that you continue to post this side of looking at NFL games.
Thanks, Since '61

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Thanks Since 61, Well, as I'm sure you've heard, "The House Seldom Loses"
It's really the Wayne Root approach to betting, along with other things as well, like "Trends" that occur year after year in the NFL. Wayne Root is one of the Biggest Handicappers in the country, based here in Las Vegas. He writes a column in the Sunday paper. He doesn't offer free picks anymore. Buying his book "Betting On Sports To Win" was the Best $5 I've ever spent.

I try to go against the money, but like with this game it's really a difficult guess. GB is loved all across the country. That's the problem. Favre dealt with it his entire career, & now AR is dealing with it.

I don't know how it works, I just know it does. For some reason Las Vegas doesn't lose. I know I've had a Great Deal of Success going against the money. Of coarse I'm not always right, but I seem to be right, more than I'm wrong. Coincidence?? I don't think so, but who knows??

I'm out on a limb on this one, but that's why they call it gambling. One thing I can tell you for sure. Las Vegas DOES NOT try to even out the betting on both sides. I am convinced of that. They don't build these Hotels on the Juice. Somehow they are able to come out with a line to get the Majority of Betters to Bet The Wrong Way. That's what I look at. Unfortunately, you don't know if it's the 1st Half, the 2ond Half, the Over, the Under, the Moneyline, or a Host of Parlays. It comes down to a Guess. The object is to Guess Right, more than you Guess Wrong.

Here & there I post the Betting Angle & what I'm thinking, because I have to believe there are at least some on this post who are betting Parlays at work, like I use to do, & Hopefully like you, look forward to reading how I see the Betting Angle. Hope I've helped a few along the way. I don't intend to do it every week. Like most others, I'm interested what all of you think on the games. In the final analysis, everyone has a system, & this one is mine. Thanks for your post. I appreciate it. Go Pack!!

Johnblood27's picture

What he just said!

dobber's picture

Last week, I picked Seattle to beat the Packers 27-13. Packers won.

Atlanta, 27-13.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

dobber, If you don't mind, can you pick Atlanta to be a head at the Half.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

I think it's ahead

Jason Perone's picture

Dobber's reverse psychology is as famous as the prediction post itself. Was spot on during the table run. May it do the trick this time around!

dobber's picture

If only it held up during the playoffs...

Bearmeat's picture

It did! Until it didn't.

I was disappointed, but not surprised, they lost in the NFC CG. The 16 Packers ran out of juice and had gone as far as they could go. Dallas was a helluva game though.

This years team is better I think.

Since '61's picture

Bearmeat and Dobber - your point about the Packers running out of juice is excellent. The NFCCG was the 16th consecutive game the Packers played after their ridiculous bye in week 4 of last season.

The league should adjust the schedule so that all bye fall between weeks 6-9. Of course that would impact their TV deal with the networks and the league is not likely to agree to anything that would lower revenue even if it would support player health.

Also, I agree that this season's team is better.
Thanks, Since '61

chugwater's picture

That's why getting the bye is so important. Rest your players, one less game you have to win.

I'm confident we get the bye if we go 3-1 against SEA, DAL, ATL, and PIT.

Samson's picture

The OL is hurting.
MM is a liability against good teams on the road.
Atlanta has more talent.
New stadium with a very loud crowd.

Atlanta 30 GB 16.

Pauly's picture

Win the coin toss, take the ball and either score or pin Falcons deep and get the ball back to score. Quiet the crowd.
Falcon's brand new OC's play calling is conservative and tentative so far.
Packers 34 - Falcons 27/28
Packers 4 TDs 2 FGs
Falcons 3 TDs 2 FGs or 4 TDs
Will be one of Packer's toughest games this season.

Lphill's picture

I don't know how to pick this game , I of course will take the Packers but I also feel if the Packers lose in a close well played game being as its Atlanta's home opener in their new stadium that is not a terrible thing and I would hope if they play again in the post season it will be in Green Bay and the odds would favor the Packers .

GatorJason's picture

The Falcons are the single biggest reason for the Packers transformation for the 2017 season. The Falcons not only beat Green Bay twice last year, they gave the Packer's braintrust the blue print to restructure the team.

On Defense, the Packers were dominated by the Falcons’ size, speed and quickness on a fast surface. The nitro package is the most obvious response but you’ll continue to see a more penetrating front to include C. Odom, M. Adams and V. Biegel when healthy. On the backend, they got longer/faster with House, J. Jones and King while adding safety Burnett at LB and Slot Corner Randall/Rollins to handle extra receivers. These changes are all geared to counter quick attacking offenses like Atlanta’s but also proved to be effective against a more pedestrian run-first offense like Seattle's.

On Offense, they added two TEs who can both catch and block. This frees up our big three receivers who are healthy this time around and improves the run / play-action pass. Last week we saw the blue print against the Seahawks where the Packers methodically went downfield and wore out Seattle’s defense by game’s end. The Packers will pick their opportunities for big plays but controlled, 7-10 minute drives devastate opponent defenses and puts pressure on opponents’ offenses to similarly control the ball or risk having their defense fall apart in the fourth quarter (like the Falcons experienced last year in SB LI).

If the Packers can avoid turnovers against the swarming Falcon defense, I see a lot of disappointed Atlanta Falcon fans walking away from their first regular season game at the $1.5B Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Packers 34 Falcons 27

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

You can't try to figure Las Vegas out, but for what it's worth, this really shouldn't be that big a deal for GB.

GB is currently on top @ 4-1 to Win the NFC, a Tic ahead of Seattle & Dallas @ 5-1. Atlanta is currently 8-1

GB is currently 2ond on the board @ 7-1 to Win the SB Atlanta is 16-1

Go Figure!!

Bearmeat's picture

I guess, but doesn't Vegas just set odds right at the point where they'll get action on both sides (so the house can't lose). I think that may be a reflection of Green Bay being a popular team as much as it is Green Bay being the best in the NFC.

For proof: Dallas has been in the top 5 to win the NFC for like 20 years I beileve. They've sucked for most of that time.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Bearmeat, That pretty much proves my point. Look at the Betting Sheet on Tuesday. I'd be willing to say that the lines are Wrong on 70% of the games. They are paying somebody a lot of money to be Wrong on that many games, Don't You Think??

Tarynfor12's picture

Long term expected outcomes, Division, Conference and SB have much less to do with weekly match ups than many apply into their thinking.
Of course GB is favored to win the Division but as is proven yearly, the path is never as easy as the odds make it.
I bet the Dodgers to get 100 wins and it was a lock for me until Sept with a meltdown and now I'll likely just squeeze 100 where it was looking like 118.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tarynfor12, Hope you get it. What was the Future on that?

Johnblood27's picture

I have a dime on GBP win NFC at 6-1 and 10-1 for SB at south point.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Johnblood27, You must have got that early. They are 4-1 & 7-1 at Station. I made the mistake of waiting. I thought they would start slow & go up. I still think that might happen. I haven't bet them yet. Shows what I know.

Are you from Vegas? What's your take on tonights game, 1st & 2ond Half?

4thand1's picture

When the schedule came out, I was worried the Pack could be 0-2 after the first two games. The defense won the 1st game, I think the offense has a good chance to steal game 2. AR is mobile and no one is better at throwing on the run. Also AR seems to play great in domes. People are worried about big game atmosphere, hell we have the SB and league MVP. This is a game AR wins by being AR. He will be the best player on the field tonight.

flackcatcher's picture

As usual it comes down to the offensive and defensive lines. If our starters play, odds are we win. But this is still a feeling out period for both teams, neither quite knows what they have yet. If the refs let them play, this should be a good game. No prediction on score, it is still to early in the season to know the packers offense.

Rob_S's picture

Pack by 6
Put your house on it !

Johnblood27's picture

I will put Davon House on it.

snowdog's picture

That's bad .. HaHa

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Hope this guy isn't living on the street. The upcoming game with Cinn is currently -9. The Moneyline on GB is -425 - -435. Who in their right mind would bet that, except the Wise Guy's. For those of you who don't know, that means if you want GB, you need to bet $425 -$435 to win a $100.

The Moneyline on the Pats this week is -$1000 - $1200.

I'm not going to pick every week. I really don't have a clue on GB this week. The Moneyline tells me they win the game, but whether they cover the -9 is another story. As a rule I would give the 9 points & take GB, but this is GB. 9 points leaves a lot of room for a lot of B.S. Nothing would surprise me here.

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