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Packers Vs. Giants: First Impressions

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Packers Vs. Giants: First Impressions

My immediate thoughts on the Packers - Giants game without benefit of a re-watch.


Interesting - Jason Spriggs in at TE next to Bulaga on two straight running plays on first series.
Something I've wanted to see more of - three planned rollouts by Rodgers on the first series. Packers expecting a big pass rush early?
Looks like Rollins has picked up the Odell Beckham assignment. If nothing else, his speed makes him a better choice than Gunter, although Gunter has played well since Shields went out.
Seeing a good amount of Ripkowski lead blocking for Lacy. I like that so much better than Lacy as the lone back. When he has someone to follow, he's not so indecisive and no tiptoeing.
Davante Adams not being set cost the Packers 7 points. The kid makes as many mistakes as he does good plays. 
Despite missing their two starting corners, Dom Capers has not been afraid to bring a few safety blitzes and even a CB blitz.
Jeff Janis getting snaps and running go routes. No targets yet, though.
Bakhtiari called for a ridiculous holding penalty.I could show you multiple examples on every pass play that are more holding than what was called on DBAK.
Pretty interesting that with five and a half minutes left in the first half, Beckham is the only #Giants WR to have a pass thrown to him so far. As long as they're all underneath routes (which they have been) I guess that's ok.
Packers' aggressiveness with their safeties is why the tight end seam route is so open...  Giants TE drops a sure touchdown.
Packers have mastered the art of dominating halves while also keeping their opponents in the game.
If I'm the Giants, I'd be looking for a way to get Paul Perkins involved. But hey McAdoo, if you think Darkwa and Rainey are better, who am I to argue?
In MM's mind right now: How can I run 25 minutes off the clock?
My "scouting report" on Erik Flowers for the CHTV Draft Guide showed concern about bad footwork making him susceptible to speed rushers. Though he should move inside to guard. Hasn't shown me anything to change that assessment.
After laying out for that TD catch, Jordy Nelson has been awful. Multiple drops, several were drive killers, one lead to an interception. What the hell?
A fully healthy Nick Perry does indeed look worthy of a late first round pick. Or is it his free-agent-to-be status? Either way, the Packers will ride that horse this season.
Packers using Clay Matthews in the disrupter role he loves. Lining up in multiple spots, stunting and rushing from all angles. You can see some panic in the eyes of the Giants' OL.
The Packers' offensive line, meanwhile is playing like five All-Pros. Rodgers has NEVER had more time to throw in a game than this one. If not for drops and some poorly timed penalties, this game would be a laugher.
As it is, we are Packers 17-9 at the start of the fourth quarter.
And it rears it's ugly head yet AGAIN. The 2nd and 10 shotgun handoff for no gain. This time it leads to the Packers' settling for a field goal. 20-9 Packers.
Another potential drive killer - 2nd and nine and every route 20 yards downfield with no safety valve. Rodgers almost throws his 3rd interception. 
WIth five minutes left, I tweeted "So you know the script. #Giants will score a TD.#Packers will go three and out and we all have to sweat another game out..."  Thanks to Randall Cobb's 3rd and 10 catch, this movie had a different ending.
Final Thoughts:
I gave the Giants way too much credit coming into this game.
I really liked first half Mike McCarthy this game. 2nd half with a lead, he basically starts thinking about running out the clock after the kickoff.
I'm highly in favor of the Packers using Ripkowski more. 
Can the Packers please put ego aside and bring Tim Masthay back?
Packers kickoff coverage teams did not have a good night. 140yds on four kickoffs, average of 35 per return.
WIll the Packers unworldly run defense come crashing down next week against the Dallas OL and Elliot?
If only the Packers' DBs could catch a football...


"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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Spud Rapids's picture

Guess the Giants receivers didn't rip up the secondary... Love this D

Starks needs to stay behind his blocks and he was terrible as a receiver

Cobb finally played like Cobb

Agree on Jordy but give that's a rare thing to see him make those mistakes

Sitton who?

More Rip and hope Lacy is ok, he was an animal until getting hurt

Grandfathered's picture

Rodgers was at fault for the incompletions to Starks

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Which one? Starks had a drop, and at least one other that was on AR.

cpheph1's picture

One of the incomplete screen passes to Starks was a low throw But Starks was also backing up while trying to catch it IMO...I'd say that one was 50/50 blame. I still think he is an average, at best, receiver for a RB.

Right now I'd rather not see Starks on the field...his head is not in the game so he needs to sit and think about getting his $#!+ together.

cpheph1's picture

Deleted double post.

KenEllis's picture

Best front 7 since 1996. Really it is with all this depth.

Young DBs came through.

I have no idea what is going on with MM, ARod, or the WRs because the Oline and Eddie Lacy were outstanding.

Duke Divine's picture

The young DBs came through thanks to that best front 7 since 96.

RCPackerFan's picture

Loved the first drive... mixed personnel, after that... they got into the rut of using 11 personnel way to much and the offense stalled out to much.

With the weapons they have they have to get them all on the field more.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Agree @RC

I enjoyed the first few drives. Nice pace and it was balanced. I was led to believe we would at least see some more of WR4 and WR5 later on. How many snaps does Ty have at WR? Is Abby hurt? I don't want to come off as complaining (I know some will see this and think that), but I just find it weird that the formula that worked so well early was abandoned shortly after.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yup Dre... I don't get it.. I'm sorry but R Rodgers should not be used as much as he is.
Ripkowski was a beast and yet there was a big portion of the game he wasn't used.

I don't want to complain after a win, I just want to see them stick with what was working. What they did on the first 2 drives worked and they went away from it.

DrealynWilliams's picture


Lol, when Rodgers got put on his ass (I think it happened 2 or 3 times) I immediately began to think about all of the props I gave him on here for his improved blocking. Damn it.

RCPackerFan's picture

lol, Right... I honestly thought he was improved too... Last night he got his ass handed to him. No question on that.

I really wish McCarthy and the staff could recognize what is happening faster. If they are seeing Rodgers is struggling, then make changes. If all of us sitting at home can see this, they have to have someone there who can say whether a player is struggling or not.

rdent's picture

Can't block,cant run and now can't catch,got manhandled

RCPackerFan's picture

I get the substituting part... But sometimes when you substitute it makes the defense go substitute and they bring in the wrong personnel. The offenses first 3rd down conversion after going 0-7 came when they used 4 WRs and the defense matched a Safety on Cobb, they picked up the first down. I would have liked to have seen them then go into the hurry up after that play. Keep the mismatch.

Nick Perry's picture

To make matters stranger, McCarthy told Michelle coming out of halftime he planned on using more personal. Other than Lacy being on the bench it was the same personal. Ted Thompson NEEDS to go sign a RB with some speed. My GOD, Starks has been awful, Lacy is Lacy, and after that nothing. Maybe Mike is holding back on some play calls for the other 4 WR'S on this roster for upcoming games, cuz they're not using them at all right now.

The first half of Detroit was the anomaly, this IS the Packers offense. We have what 16 games of it? This is it folks.

Bearmeat's picture

If this is what it is and it's from the 2nd half, this is barely a playoff team, and it's not even in the conversation of a super bowl team. But if it's from the offense from the 1st quarter, it certainly is a legit contender. That offense moved the ball at will.

So which is it?

The 11 personnel is what is driving me nuts. They just don't have the WRs to run that package successfully. They need to be substituting regularly. Lots of packages. Jumbo. 5 WRs. 22. etc...

RCPackerFan's picture

I can't agree more with you and Nick.
They over use the 11 personnel. They should realize that their best drives of this season has come when they have mixed personnel and formations.

The 11 personnel doesn't fit their offense anymore. The hurry up is hurting this offense more then its helping. The first drive they took their time driving down the field and mixed personnel and formations. Against the Lions in the first half they did the same thing. Look at the results.
Look at the results when they run 11 personnel down after down. The proof is there. Time to start doing what is best with this team.

dobber's picture

This offense appears to be at its best with a FB on the field or with 4 WR...would be nice to have Cook back to see some 2 TE sets, but that's a couple weeks away.

Still...I'll take the win. Baby steps for the offense, but, man, ARod looks like he's got the yips.

RCPackerFan's picture

completely agree about the offense. The offense seems to do its best with Ripkowski on the field. Lacy runs better, and they tend to move the ball better.
At this point Rodgers simply should not be playing 50% + of the snaps.

I agree. I hate complaining about a win. And it is baby steps. But I felt the offense went backwards more then forward after the game. The Lions game they discovered the blue print in which they should use. They continued that blue print early in the game then went away from it, and just did next to nothing with it.

I thought Rodgers was ok. Just not sure why he was holding onto the ball so long. Looking for a big play, or WR's not getting open?

dobber's picture

It's their desire to play so much no-huddle, and when they do, they lock into 11 personnel...and that's just not where they're at their best this season (and last).

rdent's picture

I agree,that hurry up has a flat tire,if ran properly it can be effective but when they hurry to the line and then run the play clock down either changing the play or trying to get the D to jump it defeats the purpose

Tundraboy's picture

Coaching just to barely win or they are just f'ing blind! Of course Im talking about the O. Mind boggling use of personnel.

RCPackerFan's picture

I truly don't get it...

The Giants were BEAT up in the secondary. Take advantage of that. Spread them out and attack them.

cpheph1's picture

If Jordy does not have a bad game, we smoke the G-men. Players not plays.

MikeHoncho's picture

I think the biggest problem is the WR's. I think they are a below average group. They just flat out can't get open. None of them. The amount of time the O-line gave Rodgers is laughable and he still struggled to find open guys. If any other team with a decent QB had that much time to throw the ball, most likely they would be puting a 50 burger on the scoreboard.

Oppy's picture

Packers run D will have the opportunity to put the league on notice that it's for real next week. And they are going to run away with that opportunity.

Welcome back, Mike Pennel.

Bearmeat's picture

This is what I'm hoping. Can Dak win a game for the Cowboys? We're going to find out next week if the run D holds the way we think/hope it will

dobber's picture

Dallas absolutely shamed the Cinci defense yesterday. Prescott's a decent game manager, and that OL pushed the Bengals all over the place. The Packers haven't seen a back like Elliott, yet, either.

Still, remember that playoff game a couple years ago when Dallas came to Lambeau and everyone was crowing about how Murray and that OL were unstoppable, and they couldn't get anything going?

Oppy's picture

Packers have an curious and undeniable knack to either completely rise to the occasion and dominate in the face of stiff competition against all odds, or meekly wilt in the face of adversity. Very little in between for our Packers the last many years.

dobber's picture

Not sure how much play Pennel will have in him next week after 4 weeks of no-contact. But then, he's not going to play 40 snaps/game anyway. I like Clark and how he's progressing. He's had his nose in there quite a bit.

Christian Ringo? You're headed for the PS, man.

Oppy's picture

Ringo actually surprised me with some flashes of strong play in preseason and early this regular season- he had shown little otherwise. I pull for him because I like it when players have to work extra hard to make it on the 53.

That said, Ringo could be a cut to make room for Pennel. As i mentioned a little bit ago, I could stand to see a WR cut to make room for Pennel (and preserve all defensive line spots). Goodson will be an interesting call. I wouldn't be upset if the Packers declined to put him on the 53.

Tarynfor12's picture

What, no love for Fackrell? ....smh.

Oppy's picture

Fackrell had a fine game!

How about that Nick perry tho?

Bearmeat's picture

I will GLADLY admit it - I was wrong about Perry. He's been beasting, and GBs pass rush is ridiculous because of it.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Fackrell will get the love when you give Perry love.

Tarynfor12's picture

I have acknowledged him and as always hoped to be proven wrong but he still needs a solid 16 game play of success as is so far to erase the 4 years.

Let's not forget I was on Fackrell first long before the draft and said he will be the asset the linebackers needed and he's coming every week.

DrealynWilliams's picture

"Let's not forget I was on Fackrell first long before the draft..."

Yes, Taryn. You remind us every chance you get =)

The difference is, no one (at least no one I've seen) is doubting Fackrell's abilities. I don't think there's anyone here that's a bigger fan of him than you, but I absolutely enjoy rewatching his snaps.

Tarynfor12's picture

Most here didn't want him drafted and only changed when we took him in the 3rd rd.
Just saying his play is growing and no mention and yet I had to endure 4 yrs of Perry praise while offering nothing......just saying.

Big sack and forced fumble after the INT was a game saver....took the possible score and momentum away from Giants.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Aye, I totally agree with you. He is growing and he did have a huge play. I was gonna write, "the sooner we get Peppers up outta here, the better for Fackrell....", but I decided to hold off. I might be a prisoner of the moment right now. He definitely has a bright future though.

Oppy's picture

I have a feeling TJ Watt might make the NFL based on a team taking a gamble on the genetics, but there hasn't been anything he's shown that says "Guaranteed NFL material" much less "Guaranteed NFL Stud OLB".

IMO... See nothing that says he's anything more than a decent college player with potential.

dobber's picture

I wouldn't use the word "guaranteed" but he's got the makings of something really, really good. If he can stay healthy and keep progressing, he'll be a high pick.

Oppy's picture

The difference is, you saw lack of production due to injury as lack of talent, and basically told those of us who saw the talent that he was a square peg in a round hole, a failed experiment, he was not NFL LB talent.

That is all.

As far as needing a "solid 16 game play of success", if that is your criteria, then you have no reason to be strutting about Fackrell until after the season is over.

Fackrell is definitely showing a bunch of promise. I can't say he's the "asset the linebackers needed", because the front 7 play has been outstanding with Fackrell mostly on the sideline. Nick Perry has been an every down difference maker now that he's healthy, and Ryan/Martinez have surprisingly been playing extremely well. Ryan in particular is playing at a level far higher than I would have expected.

If we're talking about the asset(s) the LB's needed, it would have to be a discussion about all three of those players who are almost always on the field and making things happen down in, and down out.

cpheph1's picture

I wish I could give you more than one like.

Tundraboy's picture

Love Fackrell. Thanks.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tarynfor12, Hope you bought the hook & had 7 1/2. I had +7 1/2 on the card, & came within an eyelash of winning $600.

If NY gets that ball from Starks & ties the game at 46, it winds up 49 one way or the other.

I had Oakland -3 1/2 & Over 51 1/2. I lost that one by 1/2 pt, Oakland won by 3.

A year ago there was no question in my mind that I was the Best Handicapper on this site, barring none. I'm now passing that torch over to you. I know how you think. We see things the same way. I still think I'm pretty good, but I can't do it anymore. I'm 69 & it's too hard on me.
You know your [email protected]#T. You know what you are doing.

All you guy's that make fun of Taryn, She has more knowledge than any of you will ever know.

I would have broke even if I played the board again. Hope you CASHED!!

Oppy's picture

I somehow missed all the handicappers forums here at CHTV, so I'll take your word for it.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Well OPPY, I think you were one of the many that had GB covering this game. Once again you & most others were wrong. Taryn & I both called it for NY. Where does that leave you with your comment???

Oppy's picture

LVT, I have never in my life talked a single scrap about covering the spread, points, or anything else in the spectrum of gambling parlance, except to say that oddsmakers set the lines to woo equal betting and make their living on the juice, not the actual wagers... And that's the god's honest truth.

You are more than welcome to find that statement you think I made about GB "Covering" any game. Ever.

So, I guess that leaves me with my comment right where it sits. :)

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Oppy, My original post was to Tarynfor 12, Not To You. The couple of times I answered one of your posts, I always did it with respect. I felt your reply was a jab at me.

I hate to bust your bubble, but Vegas doesn't live on Juice. Most people would agree with you, but they are all walking around with Fish Hooks in their pockets.

You are welcome to believe anything you want. I didn't aim my original post to you. I don't think I deserved your jab. I never considered you one of the Handicappers on this site.

Duke Divine's picture

Did Mathews play the last 3 drives of defense??? Why wasn't he on the field??? In crunch time the rotation apparently called for Fackrell and Peppers over the white hot Perry and MAthews.... Got too close and it's being too cute to stick with the order of the rotation. Let the big dogs eat.

Idiot Fan's picture

I was wondering the same thing. I finally concluded that he must be hurt, and then he was in there on the PAT for the Giants. I was very confused.

Bearmeat's picture

When the secondary gets healthy, this D is going to be nasty. I was very pleased how well the front 7 played.

But I don't got how the offense can look SO GREAT for 20 minutes to start the game, then completely go into turtle (or is it 311 package) mode. The 2nd half sucked to watch until the end.

ARod is still missing more throws than he did before last year, but he's also clearly more settled than he was in 2015 too. He's not an all pro like this, but he's still a top 10 QB. Gonna need All Pro to win it all though.

Jordy had a bad game. It happens.

Hope Sam, Eddie, Randall, Damarius are ok. The Cowboys look legit.

barutanseijin's picture

65 rating for 12 tonight. That couldn't even beat out Eli's mediocre 78. Rosgers hasn't been a top 10 QB since 2014.

RCPackerFan's picture

Rodgers missed throws. But he also hit WRs hands and were simply dropped. Nelson had a brutal game. His first interception hit Nelsons hands and gets deflected. The final drive he hits Rodgers right in the hands where only Rodgers can catch it, and he doesn't. Starks drops a likely TD on a screen pass..
Rodgers wasn't perfect but he didn't have a lot of help either.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

True, AR's WRs didn't help him. But AR had two other throws that easily could have been intercepted that weren't. Not used to this from him.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm getting more and more used to this from him, which I don't like.

dobber's picture

You're starting to sound "cow-like"....

Idiot Fan's picture

Hey now, words hurt Dobber :). I still wear my #12 jersey during every game. It's just getting harder and harder with every game to say that this is just a fluky funk he's in.

RCPackerFan's picture

So in this game he had what 3 or so bad throws? Can't have those for sure.

How many passes did he have that the receivers did absolutely nothing to help him?

While Rodgers was off, I don't think he was as bad as what most are saying.

dobber's picture

Depends on what you call "bad throws". In the second half, he had 3 consecutive uncatchable balls on RB flat passes and short dump-offs that didn't get close to the receiver.

RCPackerFan's picture

yeah, that drive was his worst of the game by far. The one dump off throw to Starks wasn't his fault as the DL was falling into his legs.

I just think Rodgers wasn't as bad as what some are saying. He wasn't perfect, but he wasn't as bad either.

Tundraboy's picture

Drop by Starks was a killer, has one or two of those each season.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I thought Dobber was aiming the "cow-like" label at me, but Idiot stepped up and accepted it. Probably more applicable in my case?

jh9's picture

Watching MM call plays over the last couple of years one can see a certain pattern emerge: MM will use “creative” formations early in the game attacking the defense and exposing weaknesses. Instead of continuing that successful attack mode, MM in the 2nd half goes back to his basic offensive formations and the offense stalls letting the opponent back into the game.

We not only saw this pattern against the Giants in this last game, and against Detroit the game before but most notably against the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game in 2014 when Seattle couldn’t stop the Packers in the first half when Cobb lined up in the backfield.

MM always says he’s a big believer in self-scouting. I only hope he self-scouts himself real soon and corrects this tendency. We had one of the best offensives in the NFL not too long ago. Our defense may have many rookies and young guys playing, but our offense is mostly veterans. If our defense fails from time to time, it can be excused as going through a learning curve. Our offense can’t use that excuse.

Come on MM, TT has given you all the talent you need to win another Lombardi Trophy. It’s your job to get the most out of the talent you’ve been given.

RCPackerFan's picture

Completely agree!

This offense has weapons everywhere. They should be using all the weapons. They kept 7 WR's for a reason. Use them!

He started the game great. Mixed personnel. Used different formations. They moved the ball right down the field and scored. 2nd drive much of the same. After that they went into the 11 personnel and didn't change much. Becoming way to predictable and easy to defend.

The 11 personnel would be fine if they had the players to use it. The problem is they don't. They have the personnel to use multiple formations.

Tundraboy's picture

Excellent point, especially last statement.

RCPackerFan's picture

Initial thoughts. Good win..

defense really stepped up. With 2 starting CBs out they did really well against a very talented group of WRs. The run defense continues to be impressive. And the OLBs is probably our best position on the team. The only big time negative against the defense is not intercepting passes thag hit their hands.

The offense is still a work in progress. The first drive was perfect, they mixed and matched personnel and showed a lot. After that... meh... way to much 11 personnel again after the first drive. They were 0-7 during a stretch for 3rd downs. The 8th time they went to 4 WRs, got Cobb lined up on a safety and took advantage. McCarthy needs to mix the personnel better.

And the officials were horrible tonight. That holding penalty against Bakhtiari was absolutely ridiculous. Which also negated a 1st down. Also if they are going to call offensive pass interference on Adams, how do they not call it on Cruz who is pulling Rollins. And to start the 3rd quarter the offsides penalty I think was BS. I went back and looked at it. I didn't see the offsides.

Good game though. Felt like the Packers should have blown out the Giants, but a win is a win.

Mojo's picture

One of my pet peeves the Bakh holding call - the Dlineman gets dominated, falls down and then is rewarded. I've seen it multiple times now. One of the most unfair game changing situations especially since it usually kills a drive.

RCPackerFan's picture

If I remember right what knocked Pierre-Paul down was Taylor coming over and hammering him from the side.

I really wish those plays could be reviewed. Because that was a game changing moment. They took away a first down on 3rd down and put them in 3rd and long.

Slim11's picture

That call sucked! On the same play, or the next, Bulaga grabbed a fistful of jersey, in front of an official, and didn't draw get a holding penalty. Hochuli's crews usually are poor, but tonight was one of the worst I remember seeing.

dobber's picture

It really was that Eli last night, the "Oh, well" look on his face most of the game. The pass rush helped...they had him moving off his spot quite a bit.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I just kneeeeeeew the DBs would show up this game. I called it. It's sad that they turn this switch off and on whenever they want to.

Bearmeat's picture

You did call it. Bravo.

Although, to be fair, I do think Capers played a 2 shell with some pretty big cushions and the pass rush (and run D) came to play too. :)

DrealynWilliams's picture

True. I called more 2-Deep too, lol.

It limited the (attempted) big plays downfield, but even the shorter coverage was played much better than previous games. Their next leading receiver was their RB. I'd have to watch the game again, but I want to lean towards all of our sacks being coverage sacks.

dobber's picture

We won't see this same look against Dallas. They'll crowd the box against the Doughboys and make Prescott try to beat them over the top. With no Dez Bryant, that could be interesting.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm looking forward to that gameplan too @Dobber

ONLY because I really think the DBs play down to their opponent(s) at times.

A rookie QB with no real receiving threat, but a hell of a running game shouldn't be too difficult to stop (one would think). But I have a feeling we'll see moments of Williams/Beasley/Witten going off. If Shields isn't back for that game I'd be cautious with giving the CBs little to no help up top.

RCPackerFan's picture

Rollins didn't give up much of anything.

Gunter I think is becoming the real deal.

I really like our defense as a whole.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I like Rollins. He belongs outside as the starter, with Randall playing more slot. Gunter is developing, but he got torched at least twice and got a reprieve when Eli missed badly both time.

I don't think I agree precisely with the coverage sack thing (depends perhaps on your definition), but agree that none of the sacks came really fast. Still, the pressure came pretty fast (though not the QB hit or sack part) and moved Eli off the spot pretty consistently and pretty early, causing Eli to move off the spot and start murdering worms.

RCPackerFan's picture

I would have to go back and look at Gunter's playing again. I don't recall him getting burned 2 times.

I'm not really sure about the coverage sack part. I didn't comment about the coverage sacks.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Sorry RC, that was Drealyn on the coverage sack thing.

Since '61's picture

Nice win for the Packers. The OL dominated tonight and the Packers D did a great job in containing Eli and OBJ.
Also, OBJ was out of bounds on his TD catch. Lacy was a beast until he got hurt. Hope it is not serious. Starks is a mess, dropping passes and making terrible decisions on running plays. If Starks had caught the 1st quarter screen the Packers would have another 7 points. It looks like TT kept him one season too long. Jordy made a great TD catch but also caused a pick and had another drop or two. Pack run defense was awesome again and will get a real test next week v. Dallas. Hopefully we get Shields, Randall and Pennel back next week. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Tundraboy's picture

"Packers have mastered the art of dominating halves while also keeping their opponents in the game."


DrealynWilliams's picture

Do we have anyone here that does GIFs and film breakdown?

We have to get some GIFs of Fackrell.

Wait 'til Dom brings back the Psycho....

dobber's picture

They might not all be standing-up, but when they play two down linemen and have all those "elephant"/OLB on the field, that's what they're essentially running...

DrealynWilliams's picture

There's no confusion in that.

Mojo's picture

Tater you're right on the money with the punting game. Schum has been horrible. The field position game is going to bite them in the ass sooner or later.

I've been listening to ESPN 540 and the idiot Bill Johnson going on about how the spoiled fan base complains about the punter since it doesn't mean anything. I can guarantee you giving up field position time and again costs you points.

Bring back Masthay if you have to. He already knows Crosby's holding preferences. Time to punt Schum to the curb.

Oppy's picture

MAsthay didn't beat out the GB kid, that's the problem.

I mean, he certainly didn't beat him out if you look at net punt yardage in real-game situations. It wasn't even close. This was easily one of the biggest mistakes made in GB in quite a while.

#Masthay punted like absolute garbage when his job was on the line, but for some god-forsaken reason the packers cut loose the better performing punter a week early, then cut the worse punter a week before the season started and signed and even WORSE punter with no competition to go up against... or something like it.

dobber's picture

Yeah, but Mortell couldn't hang the ball up. He was outpunting his coverage, not in distance, but by not giving them time to catch up to the kick. That's going to kill the net in the long run.

Oppy's picture

Dobber, I know that's the standard line of thinking.. Yet, Mortell's net yardage was literally double Masthay's net yardage in real-game situations, and he was much better at pinning the ball inside the 20.

jh9's picture

TT shanked that one.

Oppy's picture

I see what you did there! lol.

Justin Morrow's picture

Agree our special teams is horrible with the exception of filed goals. Our kick coverage is so bad that we should be kicking out of the end zone every time & letting them start at the 25

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Justin wrote "we should be kicking out of the end zone every time & letting them start at the 25." This is an accurate restatement of the rules, though writing through rather than out of would have been clearer.

Oppy's picture

I thought that the first 3 games of the season our coverage units and return units have been pretty good, actually.

Punter sucks. And tonight, the coverage sucked. But other than that? Not bad.

rdent's picture

DB's played well,D got good pressure on Manning,Jordy dropped a few,R Rodgers looked p*ss poor,Starks has to go,if TT can sign anyone off practice squad or a FA it's time! Seen enough of Shum already! Overall D played well,Offense sputtered,will have to play better against Dallas next week

MarkinMadison's picture

DBs got a bit lucky that the Giants didn't complete some open plays or this game is lost and we're all looking hard at them. You can bet that opposing offensive coordinators will be plenty interested in this game tape. Sam Shields cannot return soon enough. All of that said, if they can correct some mistakes this is a young group that can continue to get better.

Hopefully Lacy bounces back quickly. The Giants had no real answer for Lacy. At all. Kudos to the offensive line as well.

The offense continues to grow. The front seven of the defense is playing extremely well. I'm more excited about this team than I have been in a few years.

dobber's picture

The pass Eli missed to Beckham running toward the boundary was an easier throw than the one to the TE running down the seam. He just didn't get enough air under that ball in trying to get it over Ryan (who was soundly beat). That TE wasn't going to make it to the endzone, though, as there was a safety (Brice?) who had an angle on him.

stockholder's picture

This game should have been a Blow out! Loved the offensive calls, and the short passes in the first half. (Go west Coast Offense. ) Really thought the packers were their own worst enemy, as the game went on. Why do we have Rodgers playing Outside as a WR? We have 6 Wrs on this team and he ends up playing Wr. Can Starks please learn how to catch again. After 2 years ,3 games and 3 quarters. Adams Finally caught a ball over the middle above his shoulders! That has to be a record. Frackwell was terrific.

Lphill's picture

Please get a punter tomorrow .

Farts_After_Wins's picture


4thand1's picture

We saw some different looks. Sloppy game from a receivers standpoint. The one thing I've noticed over AR's career is, he seems to do worse when he has more time. Am I all wet on this?

Idiot Fan's picture

They actually put up a stat on this during the game for both him and Eli. For 2.5 seconds and under they were both in the 90s for QB rating. For 2.6 seconds and higher, Eli was around 70-something and AR was at 114.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Somehow, AR finished with a rating of 65. Something seems off with your statistic. Or, he must have really sucked when he had between 2.51 and 2.59 seconds to throw. JK, you know.

Idiot Fan's picture

That was career statistics they were showing tonight. I'm not sure what they would have been for just tonight's game.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Ah, comprehension! Thanks, actually an interesting stat.

PaulRosik's picture

The rest of the NFC should be nervous. The Packers are winning games and are still playing badly. Way too many drops, penalties and mental breakdowns. Can't cover a kickoff and the punter stinks and on returns if they at least make a fair catch it seems like a win on the play.

But the lines look great on both sides of the ball. And if you got an O line and a solid front 7 you can do a lot of things around that to win games.

Mojo's picture

Good point on the line-play. Most of the time this year both units have been outstanding. It should transfer into blow-out wins, but for whatever reason that hasn't been the case.

We'll get a good indication next week on the D-line going against supposedly the NFL's best O-line and their star RB.

Mojo's picture

The o-line gives Arod 5 or more seconds without being touched and then - nothing happens. Used to be when he went back to throw 2 out of three times something good happened. Now I'm surprised when they hit on a play.

Either Arod won't pull the trigger on the quick hitters or all the receivers are inept. Kind of took a step back on the passing offense again.

Oppy's picture

Get the ball out on time, Offense looks unstoppable

Hold the ball looking for the big play, offense looks terrible.

I've said this a few times over the years.. Most teams use quick hitting, high percentage passing game to multiple targets and the running game to move the chains and keep the defense honest, looking to catch the defense flat-footed and hit three or so big plays over the top during a game.

The Packers seem to use the running game and the high percent passing game -as little as possible- to set up a big play, then they just keep on trying to hit big play after big play after big play.

There's no real dedication to the run, no real dedication to clock-control passing offense. It's just a means to try to go deep.. repeatedly.

I think A Rod & MM need to pump the brakes a little bit and take what the defense gives them. They are both all too consumed with taking what they want.. We're just getting back in the saddle, dudes. Give it some time.

dobber's picture

"Get the ball out on time, Offense looks unstoppable"

In the end, throwing the quick-hitters will force opposing DBs to jump routes...that will open the deeper stuff up.

Allan Murphy's picture

Their's work to be done the whole game Gaints started at the 50 yard line we need to clean that up and Tackeling was bad and ST play not good other wise the dropped passes didn't help much the OL played best game yet , maybe we call Tim Masthay back think ?

croatpackfan's picture

Nice win, but I'm still worry regarding Aaron Rodgers. He was so pissed of when he received hit that he was yelling on someone from the line. Very ugly yelling...
Aaron still make to many bad throws (2nd INT) and I praying God Aaron to come to his old himself...

Also, there was situation with Randall Cobb in 4th Q. I hope he escape any heavy injury, especially neck injury...

PaulRosik's picture

The player came rolling in at Rodgers feet and I think he was yelling at the player for coming in so low like that.

sheppercheeser's picture

Bring back the U-Minn kid (punter) from GB!

Tundraboy's picture

After the first drive and especially after the second TD being called back MM should have had team jump all over Giants like they did against us in 2011.

TommyG's picture

I'm writing this after being without internet access for the last few days.

I love that our line can protect for 5+ seconds.

I hate that our receivers can't get open for 5+ seconds.

The first drive was amazing to watch. Such precision in the passes; short stuff that was successful. the running game looked great. The TD was the cherry on top but the clock running for 12 minutes was awesome!

Wow the run D looks good! So good. Capers is not stale. Did you see those last moment shifts by CMIII? Did you see that collapsing edge that allowed Ha-Ha to blitz? Yes the underneath routes were wide open. In order to stuff that run cold and pressure Eli something was going to be open.

I gave the giants way too much credit coming into this game. Eli is not a good QB. He just is not. This giants team is shell of its super bowl days.

The punter has to go. Bring back the Wisconsin local. Even if he is this bad it will be cool to see. If not him than anyone else that can actually punt. I watched two other professional games that day. You know what stuck out? The height and hang time of the punters!

I'm not happy with AR. He will not get 5 seconds against dallas. He needs to take that drop and throw. Let the receivers do their part. Just get the ball to them.

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