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Packers vs. Vikings - 2017 Game Predictions from

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Packers vs. Vikings - 2017 Game Predictions from


 GAME PREDICTIONS - 2017 Week 6 

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Name Record   Pick Prediction
Andrew 5-0 Green Bay Packers 27-21
I suspect this might be a close one, even though Case Keenum—who will likely be under center for the Vikings—isn't a great NFL quarterback. Its the Vikings defense which will keep this close, as they should be able to get past the offensive line and pressure Rodgers. The good thing for Green Bay is that it is Rodgers, because pressuring him isn't going to stop him. I think it will take a little time, but the Packers offense will put points on the board and should win this game.
Andy 3-2 Green Bay Packers 27-13
Green Bay will build on its success from a week ago and take care of business against a banged up Vikings' offense.
Chris P 4-1 Green Bay Packers 20-13
As great as the win over Dallas was, this division game against the Vikings is more important. A 5-1 start would be huge, as would winning at Minnesota. With Bradford and Diggs out, the Vikings offense won't be as explosive and Aaron Rodgers will make enough plays to win a true NFC North battle. 
Chris W 4-1 Green Bay Packers 27-17
This will be the stiffest test Green Bay’s offense has faced yet this season. There are holes in the Vikings’ secondary to be exploited, however, and I think the Packers will get just enough run production to keep Minnesota honest. Look for the defense to disrupt Case Keenum and keep the Viking offense at bay.
Cory 4-1 Green Bay Packers 20-17
David Bakhtiari has to assume his regular post at left tackle or else Everson Griffen will have a field day. Aaron Jones will put the Packers on his back in the fourth quarter and grind out a win.
David 4-1 Green Bay Packers 27-20
With quarterback Sam Bradford and wide receiver Stefan Diggs ruled out for Sunday’s game, the 3-2 Vikings will need a good game from backup Case Keenum. Normally, Minnesota’s top-flight defense would be enough to carry them—but the Packers make heavy use of their tight ends and a recommitment to the run game in order to protect Aaron Rodgers. In light of Minnesota’s wounded, and the Packers being mostly on the mend, the margin for error is wider for Green Bay.  
Elisha 4-1 Green Bay Packers 24-20
The Vikings offense didn't look great against the Bears, and the Packers are getting healthier. 
Jason 5-0 Green Bay Packers 24-20
Case Keenum starting at quarterback actually helps Minnesota in this matchup and the Vikings defense will have a solid plan for Aaron Rodgers. The Packers, however, don’t seem to be as phased by the obvious pitfalls his year and grind out another tough one on the road. 
Jersey Al 5-0 Green Bay Packers 27-16
Stefan Diggs being out makes this game easier for the Packers defense to get off the field on third downs. If the Packers have an actual running game with Jones/Montgomery, Rodgers will have much success against this tough Vikings defense.
Michelle 4-1 Green Bay Packers 24-17
This could be a very different game if the Vikings had Dalvin Cook or Stefon Diggs, but the Packers still need to worry about other weapons like Adam Thielen and Kyle Rudolph. However, ultimately, it just doesn’t seem likely that Minnesota’s offense can outscore Green Bay’s, even if the Vikings defense reins the Packers in somewhat. 
Ross 5-0 Green Bay Packers 24-13
Green Bay lost in Minnesota for the first time since 2012 last year.  Green Bay and Rodgers played as poorly as they could and still had a chance to win at the end. This is still ultimately Case Keenum against Aaron Rodgers.
Zach 4-1 Green Bay Packers 31-20
I expect Case Keemun to have a big day, especially against a defense sans Kevin King and Morgan Burnett. But Aaron Rodgers isn’t the guy you want to trade blows with offensively. Packers win by double digits.



"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

The Heading here says Cowboys!! Thought we played them last week. In Regards to the Minn game Sunday, I'm going to give you some information.

Most of you know I don't like 1 to 3 pt betting lines + or - for the GB Game. Most of those lose as you have seen. Last week I picked Gb +2 1/2 & they won. I sort of feel the same way about this game. Normally I would say this is an Automatic Loss for GB. I'm not sure yet which way this game will go. GB should win this game, BUT!!,
And this is a Big BUT!! There are a couple of reasons GB could lose this game.

#1 It's Minnesota, GB will have to beat both the Viqueens & the Refs in this game.

#2 This is GB's 2ond Road Game in a Row. That is almost Never Good, Why I don't know, but as a rule it's not.

There is something here that I can only guess at what it means. None of you know what this means, but I do. I just don't know which way. I've been in the Sports Book 3 times this week. The GB game started at GB -3 1/2 & has gone to GB-3. Doesn't bode well for GB as a rule, HOWEVER!! And this is a Big However. All the Station Casino's here in Vegas have the GB game Circled on the board. What does that mean??

I know what it means, but when I made my Parlay Bet last night, I thought I'd ask the guy behind the counter. He gave me the Generic Answer. They are limiting the amount of money they want to take in on this game. WHY?? They don't want the Risk on this one. It's one of 2 ways.

Las Vegas, The Sports Books, & The Wise Guy's know who is going to win this game. They are Afraid of a lot of Late Money coming in, & are afraid of losing. or they don't know who's going to win this game, which in my opinion is something they're not use to.

In any event, they are Minimizing their Risk on this game. I can't believe they are worried about late money on Minnesota?, but they've fooled me before. They are Concerned. That means Big Dollars. If I had to guess, I'd say they are worried about Big Money coming in late on GB. Something is up? I don't know what is going on here, but I'm Not Playing the Game, & I don't want to make a Prediction. I would say GB should win here.

4thand1's picture

Tom, sounds like you should have flipped a coin.

jasonperone's picture

Title has been updated, do not adjust your television sets!

Lphill's picture

If the Packers were able to take care of the cowboys in Dallas with Dak and Elliot then they should be able to handle Case and whoever is their running back , the Vikings defense did not look that good against the Bears with Trubisky . I say Packers 30 Vikings 21

cheesycowboy's picture

Can you enlighten me here LVT?
Are you saying the outcome of NFL games are predetermined through Las Vegas and legal gambling?

Tarynfor12's picture

No.....the are simply protecting themselves on this game with limits on wagering.

baldski's picture

Station Casino cannot layoff their book if it gets one sided? WTF? Go down to the strip and see if the game is circled in the books down there.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

cheesycowboy, NOTHING is ever Predetermined . It's like Taryn said, "They are protecting themselves by limiting the wagering on this game. These people know what they are doing. They obviously are concerned with the wagering on this game. Why?? I wish I knew? They see a Risk here that they don't want. The fact is though, that the Betters are wrong most of the time. That's how these places stay in business. The House Usually Wins.

Pack88's picture

Not really a gambler and definitely not a fantasy football guy so I hope my view of the game is unvarnished other than the green and gold tint that is impossible to dispel!

I suspect The Packer D versus the Viking O is where the storyline will be drawn. Bradford, Diggs and Guard Nick Easton are out so this will be a hobbled unit. However don't forget they will still have Kyle Rudolph and Adam Thielen who are proven pass catchers while GB will be down its top corner and safety. Two other guys who are interesting are Michael Floyd and Laquan Treadwell both big bodies who could have success against shorter corners. Jerique Mckinnon seemed to run really well against the Bears and I am hoping he does not repeat that performance against GB. Should this Viking unit be limited to the 17 it produced against the Bears I would feel more confident tha GB will win this game but I am uneasy as to which Damarious Randall shows up! Should good Damarious arrive then the job of shutting down Thielen is a lot easier and more attention can be focused on Rudolph but if the guy who played in GB in Dec is there it might be trouble.

On the offensive side of the ball I expect GB to have a tough slog of it especially if D-Bak doesn't play. Should 69 play I feel this might be the debut of the Packer offense that we know is hiding somewhere, with short precise passes and crisp running and no hits on Rodgers. Should 65 have to play tackle again the chipping game will be in full force and you have to hop 80 can still get positive production with that limitation. I do think Nelson will get one deep ball over Newman and that is probably the decider in this one! Pray for no GB turnovers GB 24 Minn 17

Since '61's picture

The Packers defense should be able to hold the Vikings offense to under 20 points. The only weapons they have are Rudolph and Theilan. Neither are game breakers.

On offense the Packers have enough weapons to move the ball against the Vikings defense especially if Aaron Jones keeps them off balance in the run game. Bak and Monty may be back for this game as well. Regardless the Vikings still need to deal with Jordy, Cobb, Adams, Bennett, Kendricks, Allison and of course Aaron Rodgers.
The Vikings defense is good but the Packers offense will be too much for them to handle and the Vikings defense will spend too much time on the field and be worn down by the second half.
I like the Pack 27 - 16. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

porupack's picture

I expect AJones to have a more modest game <60 yards on the ground. I don't think montgomery will have much success either on the ground. But if both have big receiving stats, then GB will have a win; b/c MM will have neutralized the Minn pass rush. Otherwise, turnovers make the difference....and the likelihood of more sacks on rodgers increases the chance for fumble/INTs (GB has been lucky so far given the high number of sacks this season).
So far the trends would support Minn generating more turnovers than GB.
Minn receivers are talented enough, and as many teams do, have breakout games against the packers D. Keenum will have great game distributing the ball

I think Minn shuts down GB run game, and MM doesn't adjust quick enough, and offense is off to another slow start. Minn wins on some turnover differential.

Oh.....and 3 more packer players join next week injury report unfortunately, as can be expected from recent trends. Sorry for the pessimism, but Minn is talented and juiced for the win, and we'll marvel on what an aggressive D looks like... though in a goofy color that can't muster better than purple-eater, er something.

dobber's picture

I just don't expect MM to try to run very much today. It seems counter-intuitive: you'd want to come out and establish the run game to make play-action more effective and to keep those outside rushers at bay. But my bet is that MM comes out and dials up the three-step drop and short passing game early.

4thand1's picture

All but one of the so called experts at ESPN picked the Packers. These are the same experts who all picked the Panthers to win on Thurs night. That's reassuring, Pack is favored by 3 over/under is 45.

Archie's picture

2nd consecutive game on the road for Pack and secondary missing 2 best players. MN at home in do or die game. I expect low scoring close game. Take the under and the points.

dobber's picture

Earlier in the year, I predicted Cinci would beat the Packers 27-13. Packers won.
I predicted Chicago would beat the Packers 27-13. Packers won.
I predicted Dallas would beat the Packers 27-13. Packers won.

Minnesota 27, Packers 13.

A Pickled Packer's picture

good call, keep it up.

dobber's picture

<<sad trombone>>

Tundraboy's picture

I got nothing. Just hope that we rise to the occasion. What better statement than with a solid win and give notice to the rest of the NFC that we're ready now! No season ending run necessary to get to the playoffs this year. Especially with all the injuries thus far. Go Pack Go

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