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Packers vs. Browns - 2017 Game Predictions from

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Packers vs. Browns - 2017 Game Predictions from


 GAME PREDICTIONS - 2017 Week 14

Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns

Name Record   Pick Prediction
Andrew 8-4 Green Bay Packers 24-10
If there ever was a layup game this season, this Cleveland Browns matchup should be it. Despite the injuries the Packers are dealing with, this should be a win. The Browns aren't awful on defense, but they should be overmatched, assuming the Packers let Brett Hundley stretch things like he did two weeks ago. The Packers have one issue on defense, and that is Josh Gordon, who looked pretty good last week. That said, DeShone Kizer is not a great quarterback, which will limit Gordon's impact.
Andy 7-5 Green Bay Packers 24-23
The easiest path to victory Sunday is to make sure DeShone Kizer and the Browns passing game doesn't get into any sort of rhythm. That starts up front with Clay Matthews, Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark. Those three in particular need to be on top of their game and make sure that Kizer never gets comfortable. If Green Bay can win up front on defense they should ultimately win the game.
Chris P 7-4 Green Bay Packers 20-10
The Packers are so close to getting Aaron Rodgers back they can taste it. But the Browns are also hungry for a win. That makes this game a tough one, especially on the road. Yet Hundley and the run game find a way. The defense takes apart a rookie QB as well. Packers 
Chris W 6-6 Green Bay Packers 23-17
With a patchwork secondary for Green Bay, it seems likely the Browns will be able to pick up a few chunk plays in the passing game. Still, it’s an offense that ranks dead last in multiple key offensive categories. The Packers will use their rookie RB tandem to sufficient effect, and stand at 7-6 with Aaron Rodgers and his white horse visible on the horizon. 
Cory 8-4 Green Bay Packers 27-13
The Packers won’t lose to the Brownies will they? No way. This Jekyll and Hyde team has  many scared but don’t be afraid of this Cleveland team. High percentage short passes win this game easily. 
David 9-3 Green Bay Packers 24-17
Josh Gordon's return to football complicates the matchup and could expose the Packers' banged-up defense. Fortunately for Green Bay, it's up to Deshone Kizer to get Gordon the ball. Green Bay's running game faces a tough Cleveland front but does enough to keep the Packers ahead. 
Elisha 8-4 Green Bay Packers 24-23
Picking the Browns here is very tempting. The Packers couldn't throw on the league's worst secondary last week and the back-end of Cleveland's defense is significantly more respectable than Tampa's and I'd be surprised if Capers finds a way to limit Josh Gordon. That being said, the drop-off from Winston to Kizer is pretty steep. I think this will be a tight game, with the Packers barely coming out on top.  
Jason 8-4 Green Bay Packers 17-10
TThe weather could make this an ugly game, or should I say uglier?  The good news is that a win doesn't have to be pretty to count.  It might be a tough game to watch but the Packers will prevail and send Packernation into a frenzy over the small odds the team still has to reach the postseason.
Jersey Al 7-5 Green Bay Packers 20-13
The Packers secondary will be just a shell of its former already-mediocre self with Kevin King on IR and Davon House likely out as well. But with Hundley's pattern of alternating good/bad games pointing towards the good, the Packers will do just enough to avoid the ultimate embarrassment of losing to an 0-12 team 
Michelle 7-5 Green Bay Packers 20-10
In a way, the playoffs came early for the Packers; every matchup from here on out is essentially an elimination game. And no one wants to remember this season as the year that the winless Cleveland Browns prevented Green Bay from contending from the playoffs. The potential return of Aaron Rodgers in Week 15 has to be the catalyst that drives this team in Week 14. The team that wants it more will win this one.
Ross 9-3 Green Bay Packers 20-10
It’s entirely possible that Green Bay is just too injured at one position (CB) to win this game. With the return of Josh Gordon to the Browns puts them in a tough spot. That said it’s such a better story if Green Bay wins. 
Zach 6-6 Green Bay Packers 20-13
The Packers didn’t fall to the winless Lions in week 17 of 2008, and they won’t fall to the winless Browns in week 14 nine years later. This team is not to be overlooked, though.



"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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4thand1's picture

Another unanimous pick for the Pack like last week. This game all depends on Hundley. The Browns o-line isn't good so the D might put up a bunch of sacks again. Maybe Hundley is a road warrior, hope so, because he sucks at home. I'm going out on a limb and say the Browns win this game. It's a short limb.

Samson's picture

The Brownies are 0-12. - Pretty hard to pick them to win this game. ------- However, the Brownies play the Ravens, Bears & Steelers in their last 3 games. -- They'll win at least 1 this season. -- This game against the Pack could be it.

If the Pack lose the TO battle, the Pack loses.-- (then AR can heal 100% before playing again in Fall 2018 with a new regime and a few more veteran players surrounding him) --(Hey, a Christmas gift for all PackFans)

dobber's picture

"The Brownies are 0-12."

This is where I get particularly worried over this week's game. Cleveland is unlikely to go 0-16. Who do they have left on their schedule? v. Baltimore, @ Chicago, @ Pittsburgh. Ugh...

Since '61's picture

The weather could be a factor in this game but the Packers should dominate the LOS against the winless Browns. Hundley has played better on the road than at home and the Packers ground game continues to evolve for the better. I like the Pack 20 - 13. Thanks, Since '61

dobber's picture

I go back-and-forth on whether bad weather helps or hurts the Packers. It will make it easier to keep Cleveland's big-play receivers in check, but it makes it harder for Hundley to try keep Cleveland's credible run D from packing the box. It comes down to which team will be better in the elements and I have a hard time picking against the better defense.

Browns 27, Packers 13

Bearmeat's picture

Before I state my predictions, I want to let everyone here know that I am feeling snarky, sarcastic and dark tonight. lol.


1. Kizer has the best game of his season, due to our atrocious CBs and OLBs. Yet DC gets a pass from MM because of injuries in the secondary

2. CLE keeps GB under 150 yards rushing

3. Hundley sucks again - throwing 2 INTs and sacking himself 3 times.

4. GB loses 13-17

5. There is no change at GM, HC or at DC in the offseason.

6. Groundhog day happens again next September: We get all excited, only to realize that our team is ARod and a bag of balls.

Bearmeat's picture

.... I told you I was in a dark place..... ;)

pacman's picture

Unfortunately, all too possible. Except 1 thing - if Hundley throws even 1 interception, he probably will not throw it downfield again and it will only be short dump off passes. I don't see too many read options as they will have a spy on him. Very old fashion grinding football.

Just an extremely dangerous team to play right now - especially with all the CB injuries. Browns smell blood and will be playing for pride and jobs as they will have the #1 pick anyway.

If Packers lose, it will say a lot about the team with what happens after. But we'll leave that alone for now.

Vrog's picture

Sadly, I agree with your 5th point.

dobber's picture

I think change is on the horizon. I don't know what it will look like.

Since '61's picture

Bearmeat - I agree with your points except for #3. Hundley has played better on the road than he has at Lambeau. Whether or not that translates into a Packer victory is another story and your points 1,2 and 4 may prove to be accurate.

Regrettably, I'm afraid points 5 and 6 are dead on especially if the Packers get to 10-6 or even 9-7. No change in management and everything depending on Rodgers again for 2018.

However , Bearmeat while I share your frustrations and I rarely disagree with your posts because they are usually good to excellent remember that as sports fans we are on a journey and we make the journey pleasant or miserable with our attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude helps to enjoy the journey even through the down periods. You of all the posters here are allowed to be "snarky" from time to time but I hope you will soon return to your spot on comments and observations. I look forward to your posts and we will get through this whenever Rodgers returns because winning makes everything better and gives us confidence in our team. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

The Line on this game opened GB -6, & is currently GB-3.
That as a rule is not good for GB. It's never 100%, but it looks like Cleveland would be the team to bet. Surprisingly Sporting News has picked GB to win this game, but not cover. They have a Pretty Good Record against the spread.

I've laid off this game. To me, this game looks like "The Blind Leading The Blind". I think Cleveland Wins Here, but a GB Push wouldn't surprise me.

For Health reasons, my wife has ask me to stop Betting. Not sure who's Health she's worried about, Hers or Mine? My streak ended last week with the Philly game. Nothing really jumped out at me this week, so I'm Hanging it up. Just playing a small No Reason Parlay.

Over 47 1/2 Oak
Minn -2 1/2
LAC -5 1/2
& When nothing else looks good, take Brady -11 1/2 although I don't like NE in Miami as a rule. We'll see how it goes.

I hope GB wins, but at the same time, I don't know if I want AR back this year. I guess he knows what's best if it comes to that.

carlos's picture

I’ll be a nervous wreck this whole game. lol

pacman's picture

With MM, the only time I'm not nervous is if the Packers are up by 3 scores with less than 3 minutes to play.

DD's picture

Seahawks???? Hello.

DD's picture

I know the Browns are not the Seahawks, just don't trust MM play not to win.

dobber's picture

Yes, but that kind of string of events may never be reproduced again against a team that puts 11 defenders on the field...oh, wait a minute...

4thand1's picture

Lots of good posts. Most of us were pumped at the start of the season, then to see it all go south instantly. Since AR got hurt I go into every game expecting a loss, it's just easier. I've been pleasantly surprised 3 times,Bears, Bucks, and the Steelers. Even though they lost to the Steelers, they didn't get embarrassed on National tv. I'm sure the Packer brass hears the negative press and usually when it gets bad enough, some changes are made. TT and MM will lose this team if Capers is still there in 2018 ,IMO. If they were smart they would sit down with Capers and convince him to retire. The press has to force MM to answer some tough questions, just look at the stats. But he'll get defensive as hell and they'll back off as usual. Maybe if they piss him off enough, the team will be forced to make the right choice, Capers before me or Ted?

dobber's picture

"If they were smart they would sit down with Capers and convince him to retire."

Convincing him to retire would go something like this: Dom, you've been a faithful member of this organization since Lazarus was raised from the dead, but we need to go in a different direction. It's going to happen next week one way or another. Ball's in your court.

4zone's picture

Load the box and bring the heat. Make Kizer feel like its D-Day. Then Run, run, run.

dobber's picture

Couldn't agree more. Packers must put this game on Kizer to win...he'll make mistakes. If they let the Browns keep the run game in play, the Packers won't win.

Tarynfor12's picture

The great run stopper and pass rusher that is { ahem } Perry is...inactive again.

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