Packers Stock Report Week 2

The Packers are currently riding high after a win against their hated rival, the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Afternoon.  Their win against the Vikings has them as one of the NFL's surprise undefeated teams after week 2. With two divisional wins in a row, the Packers are starting to have high expectations for what this season could become.  Here are some of the players that caught my attention on Sunday afternoon.  

Buy, Buy, Buy:

1. Aaron Jones:

Believe it or not, Aaron Jones may have actually won the head to head matchup against Dalvin Cook.  According to The Packers Wire contributor, Jack Wepfer, Aaron Jones "gained at least four yards, gained a first down or scored a touchdown" on sixteen of his twenty-three carries.  That stat shows how efficient Aaron Jones was and how effective the running game can become as the season moves forward.

2. The Packers Defense in Crunch Time:

the last two weeks have shown that this defense can make game-changing plays, turn the ball over, and close the game out in crunch time.  A year or two ago we would be reading the headline "New players, New Playbook, New Season, Same Old Packer Defense".  Two years ago, or even last year, the Packers would have given up a game-winning touchdown or committed an untimely penalty.  This year, it's a different story, the defense steps up and forces a turnover or gets a stop.

3. Davante Adams:

Davante Adams impact was felt from the first play of the game until the final minutes of the fourth quarter.  Whenever the Packers needed a first down, Davante was there to make a play.  The first play of the game forced the Vikings defense to pay attention to the passing game which freed up the box for Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams to impose their will early in the contest.  

4. Kevin King:

In the interest of being fair, I need to give Kevin King a major shout out for his play on Sunday.  He was able to step up in crunch time and make a hell of an interception in the endzone to secure the win for the Packers.  Hopefully, King stays healthy and continues to make plays so I can continue to eat crow.  Cheers to you Kevin! Hell of a play!

Sell, Sell, Sell, (Players Trending Downward)

1. Lane Taylor:

It's pretty cut and dry at this point, Lane needs to get his act together in the next three weeks or his job as the starting left guard will be in serious jeopardy.  Pretty soon a couple of series will turn into a couple of quarters and a couple of quarters will turn into a couple of games and then before you know it, we'll have completely forgotten about Lane Taylor.  

2. The Packers Young Receivers:

We can all take solace in the fact that at least one receiver from this group has stepped up in each of the Packers first two games, but, it's time for someone to finally step up and emerge as the number 2 and 3 receivers of this position group.  Despite contributions from MVS and Geronimo Allison in each of the teams first two games, the Packers still have not been able to rely on either enough to call them a number 2 or 3 receiver.  Both MVS and Allison need to step up over the next 2-3 weeks or Brian Gutekunst may have to explore the free agent or trade market (Davante Parker, Dez Bryant lol).   



David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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packerbackerjim's picture

September 18, 2019 at 04:45 pm

Trevor Davis traded to the Raiders.

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JHitTheB's picture

September 18, 2019 at 06:39 pm

I seen that too. Can't find what GB got in return so I'm guessing a 5th or later.

EDIT: It was a 6th round pick

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4thand1's picture

September 18, 2019 at 05:10 pm

Dez ? Boy his name seems to keep coming up.

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Packers2020's picture

September 18, 2019 at 06:40 pm

My theory of needing a #2 WR continues to transpire.

Next up may be Allison and Kumerow after this year. They are UDFA after all. They have hit their ceiling. The draft is deep at WR next year. We may get some good ones in round 2 and 3. Still be able to pick an OT in round 1.

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Doug Niemczynski's picture

September 18, 2019 at 09:15 pm

MVS is the #2 !!! And, is Awesome!!!

But where is the number 3?

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fastmoving's picture

September 19, 2019 at 01:32 am

Dont know what this is all about. We have pretty good group at WR and the young ones played good when targeted. And we have only week two.
You wont find anybody who is better out there, not even for 5 times here salary. And the guy who throws may be a part of the growing pains too.
In fact WR is one of the deepest Position on the roster.

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PatrickGB's picture

September 19, 2019 at 08:48 am

What exactly IS a number two or number three WR anyway? Stats? Progression? Reps? Rodgers says he likes to throw to the open guy. So, whoever is open and can be trusted to catch the ball is the number one on any given play. Sometimes even the best receiver is covered so it’s up to someone else.

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