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Packers Stock Report: Rookie Runner Leads the Way

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Packers Stock Report: Rookie Runner Leads the Way

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers delivered yet another dagger straight through the heart of Texas on Sunday, coming from behind to drop the Cowboys in the last minute-plus of regulation. Here’s a look at the risers and fallers as Green Bay heads to Minnesota.


Aaron Jones: If Sunday is any indication, the Packers may not need—or want—to rush Ty Montgomery back from his rib injury. Jones, the fifth-round draft pick from UTEP, rushed for 125 yards on 19 carries, with a touchdown to boot. Green Bay was hoping for at least one of their three running back draftees to step up and stand out, and Jones’s performance against Dallas was by far the most impressive one we’ve seen in the running game so far this season. The rookie ran with decisiveness and a swivel the Packers haven’t seen in some time.

Blake Martinez: With another 12 tackles on Sunday, Martinez continues to stake his claim as the most improved player on the Green Bay defense. Even after being called for a phantom personal foul in the first quarter, Martinez was all over the field, making plays all around the line of scrimmage.

Davante Adams: It’s been written and re-written, but I’m going to do it one more time: the performance Adams put forth 10 days after being carted off the field was nothing short of spectacular. His two touchdowns bookended the Packers’ scoring for the day, with the second being the deciding factor in the game. Since struggling through the 2015 season, Adams has become a reliable weapon for Aaron Rodgers, and it’s clear the Green Bay offense is better when he’s on the field.


Quinten Rollins: His positioning and technique on the goal line touchdown to Cole Beasley were completely baffling, and he didn’t look all that good throughout the rest of his time on the field either. If Damarious Randall hadn’t bounced back like he did on Sunday, there would be potential for full-blown panic in the Packers’ secondary this week, with Kevin King leaving the game due to injury as well. The coaching staff has been getting creative anyway, but Rollins is just struggling to find his footing within the group.

Lane Taylor: Perhaps there should be a qualifier here—Taylor’s stock as a tackle is falling. Not surprising, I know, but after an admirable performance against Chicago, you might have expected a fairly steady performance on Sunday. To his credit, Taylor battled but just looked overmatched. The Packers have to be praying David Bakhtiari finally returns against a Vikings front that is fast and physical.

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Razer's picture

I like what Aaron Jones has shown us these last couple of games. I'll temper my enthusiasm because of the porous Dallas defense. Still, you gotta love his vision and burst. Between him and Montgomery, we have a nice punch combination. I would like to see what Devante Mays brings to the backfield.

Quinten Rollins seems to be regressing. His play against Cole Beasley is typical of his lack of technique and understanding of the position. Very disappointing.

Damarious Randall had an INT dropped into his lap and now seems to be out of the doghouse. BUT - his lack of maturity is a total liability on this team. Between him and Rollins, we couldn't have done worse with our first two picks of 2015.

dobber's picture

"Between him and Rollins, we couldn't have done worse with our first two picks of 2015."

Sure we could. We could've had #12 get hit by a bus while hand delivering the picks to the podium.

croatpackfan's picture

"Damarious Randall had an INT dropped into his lap and now seems to be out of the doghouse."

Randall played very well last Sunday. Might be the best CB of the day!

If you do not believe, re watch the game...

Razer's picture

Randall's play is up and down - something that we can't count on. His attitude however is consistently bad. Blaming teammates for missed coverages, getting stupid penalties and not accepting responsibility for his actions. These types of behavior are immature and shows an ego that puts him before the team. Sorry, by year three, a first round pick needs to show more and act like a man.

I have no problem with Rollins. He's just a basketball player trying to learn the game of football - can't blame him for playing accordingly.

Mojo's picture

The reason Randall, in his third year in the system struggles with scheme and technique is fairly simple. He's just dumb.

4thand1's picture

like Bostic, Mojo?

Somedumbname's picture

Hey, I resemble that remark.

dschwalm's picture

I couldn't have said it better myself, Razer.

dobber's picture

Apparently the mantle of "Team that Sucks up Packer Castoffs" has moved about 800 miles east...

4thand1's picture

just proves that lolions still suck too.

dobber's picture

Carolina certainly came into their house and made them look pretty bad for about 50 minutes on Sunday.

I said that I thought the Lions might actually be credible last week. I reserve judgement on that.

The question now is: just how good are the Panthers, and how important is that week 15 game in Charlotte starting to look, now?

dschwalm's picture

From what I saw, both those teams looked like the 'real deal'

billybobton's picture

randall bounced back...again watch the game watch two easy TDs where randall was no where near coverage and was bailed out by bad QB play

Ryan, Brady, any decent QB makes those plays are GB is hosed again, it is not that tough to actually watch what happens

croatpackfan's picture

Apply your own suggestion and watch again. I will point out one play were you can see how good he played. It was pass, free play (defensive offside) for Prescott and he threw ball down the field for at least 40 yards. Randall was with WR, breaking the well thrown pass.

On the last long throw, at the end of the game, Randall had under and, I think ha-Ha over responsibility. Ball was thrown over the head, so it was not Randall's mistake...

Finwiz's picture

Damn - hell is freezing over, I agree with croat.
Good post.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Ha! I agree with BOTH posts, but feel the need to point out that in that type of coverage, at that time of the game, the DBs are usually instructed to NOT allow anybody to run past them (or get behind them) regardless of "normal" (using that term loosely in this case) responsibilities.

dschwalm's picture

In fact, that was one of the cardinal sins as a coach. They warmed the pine if they had been torched by letting opposing WR get behind them

billybobton's picture

in fact this is one of the huge FAIL plays Randall, he was beaten so badly even Troy A noticed and called him out

pathetic effort but bailed out just like he was bailed out with 11 seconds to go, watch again

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Not really surprising Lane Taylor struggled after a team got to look at tape of him at tackle. He just does not have Tackle feet, cause he's not a Tackle. If anything I think his stock is flat. Linsley is who I am concerned about.

dobber's picture

We weren't the only ones surprised to see him at LT against the Bears, and it paid off. The Doughboys? Not so much...

Siwi87's picture

Back off Taylor boys.....He has done a hell of a job getting our elite left tackle back to 100%.. ...I mean I would like to know what you guys expect??? Flawless play out of position?

MITM's picture

Blake Martinez so far this year looks alot like the guy who wears the same number and was missing in action for the Cowboys sunday..

TXCHEESE's picture

This just in....Aaron Jones shows up at the Packers' facility this morning weighing 245, and carrying a bag of donuts :-). That dude is such a natural runner. When we get Ty back and if we can keep them both healthy (along with our tackles), this offense is going to be hell on wheels. I also, was pleased with how well Randle battled Sunday.

Point Packer's picture

Falling: HHCD. Good god what is wrong with that guy. He looks slow and lost and is consistently out of position. Not sure if folks noticed, but if Prescott delivers a strike to Beasley on that heave with 11 seconds left, good chance he's in the end zone. Seriously, rewatch it. Luckily the pass was nowhere close. If it's on target, GB may have well lost.

MarkinMadison's picture

Well, he's got that fifth year option locked in, so I guess he thinks he can mail it in?

dschwalm's picture

Ya, PP, he always seems to be about half a second too late but makes the tackle, so his tackle stats are high.

Archie's picture

I'll tell you what's wrong with HHCD, he's another TT first round draft pick bust. Been an awful lot of them in the last decade.

Finwiz's picture

With all the things we have to complain about with this team, now its the "what if" he caught a pass that he didn't? All their DB's were back in a deep zone, Beasley wasn't going to score just because he caught a pass in the middle of the zone. I'll call you on your complaint, and raise with this....if Beasley would have caught that pass, it's likely the clock runs out without a 2nd play.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Dallas still had a timeout left when the game ended.

billybobton's picture

it is futile to present facts to people who won't watch
he did not see a time out on the screen so it did not exist, he did not see pre snap where Randall went so he didn't go there, he did not watch Randall pout, and through his arms up after the overthrow so it did not happen, he didn't see Randall calling out his teammates so it didn't happen

RobinsonDavis's picture

Falling: Trevor Davis - Who needs a punt returner when the other team rarely punts? ....That comment alone should give us a TD from Trevor over the next couple of weeks!

Siwi87's picture

One of two situations
A. The players cannot comprehend the scheme of D.C.
B. Or the scheme is just to damn difficult to comprehend
Anyone notice Brice out of position and not knowing who he was lining up on (Beasley) on third and 6 before the fourth down play? Is he confused? Absolutely unacceptable!
On the play before the Prescott TD Jake Ryan is turned around communicating with the safety behind when the ball is snapped and the play is coming right at him....What is that? Talk to me men

Siwi87's picture

Already well stated
HaHa-Needs to improve quickly....stop thinking your have never won anything in the NFL...Become the player you think you are!

Denver's picture

Count me as one that was wayyyyyy down on Adams a couple of years ago. Now?...couldn't be happier with how he is playing. And, to play that well after what happened the previous game??? Freakin' amazing....
Now if Randall could only prove me way wrong.........

Turophile's picture

It's not uncommon for receivers to blossom in year three. There is so much more asked of them, compared to what they needed to know in college.

MMs scheme expects receivers to know and play X,Y and Z positions, and be a blocker sometimes. Rodgers expects them to adjust their routes in the same way he would adjust, not to mention coming back toward the QB if he is under pressure. They have to cope with Rodgers fastballs into a super-tight window, keep their concentration and still be catching the ball, often with a defender flailing around to try and disrupt them.

Once they have all that down, then they reap the benefit of having a HOF QB throwing to them, helping to make them look good.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Adams is having another solid year so far. His production extrapolates to 74 receptions, 912 yards and 12.8 TDs. Sounds like he is worth good #2 WR or low #1 money, probably $10M to $11M AAV.

Cobb with 218 yards in just 198 snaps is the most productive per snap (1.10 yds/snap). Davante with 301 snaps is second at .946 followed closely by Nelson (250 snaps) at .92 per snap. Nelson is averaging just 46 yards per game, his lowest in many years, but I think part of that is due to the absence of our starting tackles so far. It seems to me that Nelson runs routes that take a little longer to develop than Adams.

I didn't buy all22, so I am not sure which (if any) of our receivers is commanding double teams.

stockholder's picture

Sorry I do not Agree. He's average. You don't over-pay average. Adams still has much to prove. He's streaky. HIS STATS ARE SPREAD OUT. And How are the cbs of Dallas All- Pro? Double teamed that's funny. Low #1 money does not just run down the sidelines, and catches within 10 yards of A-rod. Let this play out. Example, If you had a choice: Would you take Jennings or Adams? Jennings was better. PAY CONSISTENCY.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I wrote All-22, not All Pro. I don't know if a safety is shading towards Nelson or Adams since I didn't buy the All-22 video service.

$10M strikes me as a lot sometimes, too, Stockholder. Here is where I am coming from: In 2014 (when Cobb got $10M AAV), the cap was $133M and a WR making $8M AAV = 6.015% of the cap. In 2017, a player earning 6.015% of this year's cap makes $10.04M. It seems likely that the cap will increase, perhaps to $177M, though with the rating decline, maybe not. 6.015% of $177M would be $10.64M.

So, I am looking at what good #2 type WRs got over the last few years, calculating those numbers as a percentage of the cap when those deals were signed, and then calculating what Adams should get using the current cap. If you think Adams is less than a good #2 type, by all means scale down. If Adams is only as good as Golden Tate ($6.2 AAV in 2014 of a $133M cap = 4.66% of the cap), that translates to $7.8M in 2017, and if the cap is $177M in 2018, then it translates to $8.25M. Personally, if TT offers Adams just $8.25M AAV, I think we'll be waving bye to him.

Since '61's picture

It may be a little early to speculate on how much Adams should be offered. His 2 TD receptions were both difficult plays to make. The first he is running full speed with arms stretched out and the pass right over his head. The second he is turning as he leaps to snag a perfect bullet from Rodgers. While both passes were perfectly thrown they are still difficult receptions to make cleanly.

Look at Adams 2 TD receptions versus Jordy's TD. There is only a handful of NFL receivers who can make both receptions that Adams made in the same game. If Adams continues to play as well as he has through the first 5 games I think he will be looking at $10 M AAV.

Speaking of Aaron Rodgers shouldn't he be in the rising stock category. I know the question is how much higher can he go but at the same time I didn't think stocks have a ceiling and neither does Rodgers. He is on an MVP track so far this season. Thanks, Since '61

dobber's picture

Yay, DATA!!!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks for your replies. It seems possible that Adams could get an extension in the next month or two, so I am going on record as to what I'd be comfortable with right now. You're right, Since '61, that Adams' performance over the rest of the season could significantly affect his value (either way), as could an injury. I just saw Sportrac's market value evaluation for Davante: $10.51M AAV. Here is the link:

Since '61's picture

Reynoldo - thanks for the sportrac info. If Davante is already at $ 10.5M and he has a pro bowl type season he could end up in the $12 M range or even more depending on some of these crazy owners. Time will tell. Thanks, Since '61

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