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Packers Stock Report: Reader's Choice Edition

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Packers Stock Report: Reader's Choice Edition

When the dust finally settled following Green Bay’s 23-10 loss at Minnesota on Sunday, the outcome of the game seemed inconsequential in the wake of the news that Aaron Rodgers could possibly be lost for the season due to a broken collarbone. As the injuries along the offensive line and in the secondary continued to mount, the Packers just couldn’t summon the will to pull out a win without their fearless leader at the helm.

There’s no two ways about it—Sunday’s game was ugly. And while some might use the loss of a future hall-of-fame quarterback as an excuse for underperforming, Mike McCarthy is not interested in doing so. At his Monday press conference, McCarthy was animated in expressing his displeasure with how his team played, saying, “Everybody needs to clean their house up right now. I don’t like the way it looks.”

I agree. It would be impossible for me to choose just three or four players whose stock went down on Sunday, because, quite frankly, there was A LOT to dislike. For that reason, I’m going to focus on the few positives that came out of the game and invite the readers, if you feel compelled to call out the negatives specifically, to comment on what you feel is the most pertinent “stock falling” item this week.


Blake Martinez: The second-year jump keeps getting bigger and bigger for Martinez, who recorded double-digit tackles for the third time this season. He continues to be a force around the line of scrimmage, with two of those tackles resulting in losses, and nearly snagged an interception on Sunday as well. Martinez has been the model of consistency on defense through six games for Green Bay.

Kenny Clark: Another ascending sophomore on the Packers’ defense, Clark has grown in a full-blown force on the interior. His get-off and ability to shed blocks puts him in great position more often than not, and he was impressive again on Sunday, making six tackles and forcing a fumble that led to a Green Bay touchdown

Brett Hundley: I know, I know—how can his stock be rising following a three-interception performance? Hundley gets the nod here because of his demeanor and willingness to step to the plate in the face of widespread panic. He made no excuses when it came to the situation he was thrown into, and the Packers should feel a lot better now than they did when Rodgers went down in 2013.


Have fun, everyone.

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pacman's picture

Hundley made some nice back shoulder throws. But if he throws picks it's all over. He showed poise by finding Ty for the TD and holding off running. So there is some hope that with a week a practice together, the team will work together.

***Pressure on the receivers to get separation.***

Johnblood27's picture

Ty dropped his TD pass.

Davante Adams caught his.

Samson's picture

No doubt Hundley has ability. He has a live arm and quick feet. -- But, does he have enough experience to bring the Pack into the playoffs? ---- We'll find out.

My greatest fear: The decimated and oft-injured offensive line will not protect him. --- I'd hate to see a 3rd different starter at QB this season.

stockholder's picture

MM is right again. (Clean House) The packers were Flat. The Head should have been full of players; with a turd up their butts. The trenches were just plain bad. Frackwell was bad. Lowrey, just where are you? The Vikings had the game plan. Just hope they start playing like the pre season favorites we thought.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

The only place Frackrell hasn't been bad is in Tayrn's imagination.

Tarynfor12's picture

I cannot disagree but at least he isn't draining 10 million a year like somebody hand or not.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Perry? The guy with 12 sacks in 2016? The best edge defender against the run they have?

badaxed's picture

Frackrell............. Fackrell any way you say it, another one of TT's draft choice busts.

Tundraboy's picture

And a huge one at that. Don't even want to know the list of prospects he passed on for this stiff.

billybobton's picture

The D played at the level it is and the level it has been.

After AROD was hurt the low level of players left was exposed. It was not pad level, effort or communication. It was AROD not being there to put another grade level on everyone. Face reality.

There is little talent on the team without AROD covering up flaws and this is not a 2 year GM cleaning house.

4 generations of NFL player have come and gone waiting for ted to get a player on each level....still not accomplished

pacman's picture

TT settled for mediocrity every else because he thought AR would always get him to the playoffs. The least he should have done after that was give his QB a great OL too.

OTOH, nothing would have protected AR on that type of rollout but maybe he wouldn't have had to if he was able to sit in the pocket when Lang and Sitton were there. But choices have to be made and we've been screaming for a better D for years (which we don't seem to have gotten).

I'm just left sad - only so much you can do with this many injuries.

Finwiz's picture

It's more about the injuries than anything else.
And don't call it a rollout or Dobber will start splitting hairs and showing you the play like you didn't see it.
And yes, it is sad.

dobber's picture

I am a sad man... ;)

justjoe's picture

Do you even know who is on this team.

O Line: Bulaga & Bakhtiari both studs, TT can't help that they are hurt. The inside three are not bad either. But we need the o line to get healthy.

Receivers: Nelson, Cobb & Adams. All good to great!

D Line: Clark and Daniels, both studs.

O Linebacker: Perry had a pretty good year last year and if we didn't pay him, someone else would have happily done that. Matthews is having a decent year.

CB needs help, we all know this but TT has spend his first 2 picks from 2015 and last year trying to get that better. The draft is always a crap shoot. How dare TT not be perfect in the draft.

Safety. Clinton-Dix and Burnett. Both solid players.

Finwiz's picture

I get your point, and good post by the way.
You could argue that he drafts good talent, but injured talent, could you not?
Would you rather have an above average player that was always available, or a very good to excellent player that was predominantly injured?

dobber's picture

I think the argument could also be made that he drafts reasonable talent but the position coaches just aren't all that good, and that they've been able to hang around because #12 covers the inadequacies on the field that might otherwise get them canned.

BradHTX's picture

Since Justin Harrell, who has TT drafted that had known injury issues? News flash: Harrell was a stupid pick, but that was 10 years ago.

Finwiz's picture

How about I change it to "injury prone".
If they weren't injury prone in college, they sure are now.
Maybe they should switch to looking for ANY red flag that would predispose injury - ANY injury, and go from there.
That should be pretty simple to do.
"Coach, did X player have any injuries at all in practice or games that weren't disclosed in player profiles?" "Oh, he had hamstring injuries 3X in four years, OK, I'm no longer interested". Sorry.
Not that anything I say will change what they do.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Biegel and Mays come to mind for the 2017 draft class.

pacman's picture

I think they way to answer this is that many of these players have shown SOME greatness but not enough to make the team 'good' without AR. It doesn't help much if Bahk and Bulaga play great if defenders just come down the middle and if we can't get a push to pick up 4th and 1.

Every part of the team except qb has been pretty inconsistent. WR's have the best shot at claiming to be great on their own but how many times have we seen them not get separation and AR has to throw a perfect pass to get the completion. AR has been consistently good-great.

GBPDAN1's picture forgot Martinez

billybobton's picture

yet if neither was hurt at all this year prior to AROD getting hurt it would have made...literally no difference in the record

will it matter now? yes but not nearly to the extent you think because bulaga has only been high average for a short span in his entire career and average the rest of the time

there is not a single WR in gb that is great but there were when teddie got here

perfect in the draft? have you looked at his record and look at D in particular where AROD can not cover up how badly he has drafted?

how many top picks on DL and where are they now?
D JONES thousands of snaps over better lower drafted players and now (maybe a back up someone after being out for months)

sonomaca's picture

Rollins was over drafted. He had very little experience. Randall isn’t really a corner. Ted was too clever by half with that pick. The real error was letting Hayward get away.

dobber's picture

Hayward has blossomed in SD, yes, but I don't know if he's being used differently there as opposed to GB. Do they play more zone coverage? I don't know. Still, he was steady but not great in GB after his first season.

As for Rollins: he was a gamble. A guy showing ball-hawking skills in limited snaps in college. If he panned out, the Packers look really good. He's not been that player in the pros, but where he was picked was about where the draftniks were expecting him to go. As it stands, the Packers have a lot of DBs who probably belong at S.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Agreed. Plus I find it hard to blame TT for Hayward. The coaching staff tried Hayward at boundary CB but moved Randall ahead of Hayward. Then they moved him to slot but always played Hyde more. The coaching staff made it clear that Hayward would only be a part-timer in GB, despite PFF's glowing grades. I really don't think TT calls MM and Dom and tells them they must give snaps to player X. So, take the comp pick. I think almost all the blame for Hayward has to be on the coaching staff. TT's only call was whether to retain MM, who clearly is responsible for Dom being DC.

BradHTX's picture

Falling (to the turf, clutching an injured body part): Basically every position group except the WR corps.

Since '61's picture

Given how Packer players were falling left and right throughout the game I'm not sure that it is reasonable to try to identify players who played poorly in this game.

The OL became overmatched with 3 starters going out of the game. The secondary went into the game without it's two best players and lost 2 more as the game went on.

Most importantly when Rodgers went down his loss affects everything. If our Packer stock was actually worth anything (as opposed to being glorified thank you cards for our contributions to the team) it would have probably lost more than 50% of its value with Rodger's injury. So IMO, the stock of the entire team has fallen.

Just look at the line for this week's game, the Packers are 5.5 point underdogs at Lambeau. That will probably change as the money pours in on the Aints.

We'll find out if Hundley and the return of our injured players can move it back up. Thanks, Since '61

nostradanus's picture

I like Hundley and he seems to have smarts and all of the physical traits needed however; he doesn't seem to have any pocket feel or awareness (this goes back to pre-season as well) I don't believe this can be coached.
The kid is gonna get pounded back there, say your prayers for him.

croatpackfan's picture

I say Mike McCarthy said correct team diagnose at Minnesota.

And he claimed (rightfuly) that it is his responsibility and that Packers will not play like that in the future...

All bold statements from Mike McCarthy was fulfilled. I believe this one will be, too...

pacman's picture

How about nobody says anything else until after Sunday's game?

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