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Packers Stock Report: Hundley, We Have a Problem

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Packers Stock Report: Hundley, We Have a Problem

The Packers fell to 5-5 after their most listless offensive performance yet against the Baltimore Ravens. As you would expect, not much went right for the Packers and the weekly trends reflect what happened on the field.

Here is this week’s stock report:


Davante Adams: He was the only bright spot for the Packers offensively, hauling in eight passes for 126 yards. Adams seems to be the only Green Bay receiver developing some kind of chemistry with Brett Hundley, and it continues to show on the stat sheet. His on-field stock isn’t the only thing rising, either—he’ll become an unrestricted free agent this offseason and his price tag is only increasing at this point.


Brett Hundley: If the fourth quarter in Chicago two weeks ago represented a step forward, Hundley’s performance against the Ravens could only be described as roughly 10 steps backwards. Granted, Baltimore’s pass defense is stout, but Hundley gave them a lot of help. It started with Jimmy Smith baiting Hundley into an end zone interception to cap Green Bay’s first—and, as it turned out, best—drive of the afternoon. From there, Hundley appeared to be in way over his head. From a distinct lack of pocket awareness, to slow reads, to inaccurate, poorly thrown balls, the third-year quarterback looked far from confident. Just months ago, speculation around Hundley centered on what the Packers could get for him in a trade. Now, it’s closer to whether his time as an NFL quarterback ends in Green Bay.

Management: After four weeks of Hundley as starting quarterback, one thing is clear: the Packers vastly overestimated his abilities as a third-year backup. I hesitate to blame Mike McCarthy specifically, if only because we can’t be 100 percent certain he, too, wouldn’t like to move in a different direction. After all, a head coach can only use the personnel his general manager provides. It seems more likely, however, that both McCarthy and Ted Thompson are guilty of thinking they had a future star sitting behind Aaron Rodgers. Thompson, as is his tradition, won’t speak publicly again until the Combine, and it’s not likely we’ll hear McCarthy do anything but continue to preach faith in Hundley. The NFL is a proud man’s league, and it’s rare for those in charge to publicly admit when they’ve made a grievous error in personnel evaluation. Understandably, it doesn’t do the team or the player in question any good when a coach openly criticizes them, but it’s irresponsible to stand at the podium each week preaching good faith when the results on the field directly contradict what you’re saying. 

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al bundy's picture

I'm stunned the NFL hasnt moved this game to day time but its the Steelers who draw big TV audiences.
This will not be a pretty game for the pack fans. They deserve better but you cant always count on your top guy to be there.
The vikes are essentially playing their third stringer who has won seven in a row. A guy who was not a draft and development prospect.
Were going to have to suffer humility but remember, Ted T went this route with a plan A (rogers) and no plan B oe C. The eggs in his basket are not there.

tincada's picture

Agree, this is going to be the game known as the Sunday nite massacre in Packer lore

Lphill's picture

Is it all on Hundley or is McCarthy exposed as a poor coach unless his QB is Favre or Rodgers.

OrganLeroy's picture

I think it's more Hundley simply struggling with vision and awareness and trusting the plays and the process, but I think it's also clear that both Ted & McCarthy overestimated Hundley's ability. Remember, Ron Wolf drafted a QB every year and Holmgren developed starters in Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck, Aaron Brooks and Ty Detmer and they all had a decent amount of success with Brunell & Hasselbeck being pro bowlers. When Ted drafts a QB or brings in a guy he's struck out miserably. Thompson is not the great drafter and talent evaluator that he gets credit for being.

Turophile's picture

The third option would look so much brighter if Taysom Hill was still with the Packers. He might have provided a spark.

20/20 hindsight I know, but it seemed pretty likely someone would claim him if he went on waivers.

Overestimating Hundley's ability is squarely on MM, imo. When you don't need a QB, they are a waste of space, when you do, they are priceless.

HankScorpio's picture

"Is it all on Hundley or is McCarthy exposed as a poor coach unless his QB is Favre or Rodgers."

McCarthy has not done well at all with the two broken collarbones of Rodgers. But that he wasn't a poor coach with Favre is rather impressive if you look at Favre's last 6 seasons objectively.

During that time, McCarthy's record coaching him was 21-11. When McCarthy wasn't coaching him, Favre's teams were 30-31. Favre threw more TDs than picks just twice in that time. Those were his only playoff seasons. 3 of those 6 seasons ended with a HC firing. MM was the only one to get away from Favre with his job intact, maybe because he was the only one smart enough to get away.

To be sure, the 2007 and 2009 seasons proved he could still play when motivated. The other 4 season strongly suggested that Mike Sherman allowed Favre to become an unmotivated diva QB with more HC scalps on the wall than playoff appearances in a sad ending to an otherwise brilliant career.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Like John Madden said if you have Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers and you're a coach you're going to go 10 and 6 easy

HankScorpio's picture

After Mike Sherman got done with Favre, the facts contradict Madden. In his last 6 years, Favre's team hit 10-6 or better at a 33% rate.

In fact, in Favre's 18 seasons as an opening day starter, his team won 10 or more 10 times, which makes it a 55.5% bet.

But I'm sure Madden's misdirection sounded good to Packer fans that romanticize Favre into guy that did not bring lots of baggage along with all his greatness.

Madden's statement in regards to Rodgers does hold up when compared against the facts. Rodgers-led teams failed to win 10 in only first year as starter and the year he broke his collarbone. That collarbone caveat is soon to be years (plural)

Doug Niemczynski's picture

All I can say at this point is screw the Packers and go Wisconsin Badgers!!!!

Duffman_44's picture

Might be partly on McCarthy, but majority on Ted Thompson when he gives his coach rookie talent. Hard to put a shine on a turd.

jfajas's picture

Hi Chris,

About the offense and Adams: he is the only WR that creates separation... jordy and cobb are overpaid and slow (and it's been documented for the last 3/4 years). That is a problem that 12 erases most of the times, MM is incapable of doing so.
Overall I think without Rodgers, we have one of the five worst rosters in the NFL.
I don´t even think we can win against cleveland this year..
What a waste of a "once in a lifetime QB". It's just sad...

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Well because we stick with Dom Capers every single year and we think the problem is the players and not Dom Capers we spend all our draft picks drafting defensive players so now our offense is going to start sucking because of Dom Capers if we would have got rid of Dom Capers and you would see that the players in the defense aren't so bad and we could have restocked our offense and we would have been looking for a tight end and have slow people and all these freaking problems you have to do things properly if you don't do them properly everything falls apart just like we had injuries on defense because they were in the field all the time because you had Brett Hundley in there.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Nelson isn't slow, and he isn't overpaid.

Since '61's picture

Hundley we have a problem!!?? No kidding, really. We're looking at 2 consecutive shut outs with the Steelers coming up. Maybe we manage an FG in garbage time which could be as early as the second quarter.

Or since Hundley's only win has come on the road maybe he is one of those players who is better away from the scrutiny of the home crowd. In either case I think we know that if we don't score on our opening drive with the scripted plays we're in for a long evening on Sunday.

Thanks, Since '61

cuervo's picture

I don't believe that for one second that MM told TT that Hundley didin't have what it takes, and TT said"tough...make due".

The General Manager most certainly accepts and demands input about positional players..especially QB from a supposed QB Guru. Does anyone here really think that if MM told Ted we needed a veteran QB etc, that TT wouldn't listen?

This debacle is the same as 2013, and the same reason we've had people like Graham Harrell, BJ Coleman, etc. sit on our roster for 2 or 3 years when there is no chance whatsoever that they will ever play in the NFL. The supposed QB Guru can't tell the difference between a potential NFL prospect and a future dishwasher.

3-9-1 record without Rodgers......Fire MM.

Razer's picture

...The supposed QB Guru can't tell the difference between a potential NFL prospect and a future dishwasher...

Too funny and sadly too true.

OrganLeroy's picture

I'm still confused as to who McCarthy has developed that makes him a QB guru, Rodgers to a small degree but it's well documented that Rodgers worked his butt off and self critiqued himself every off season and the vast majority of his improvement was because of that, not McCarthy. Who else has this QB guru turned into a star? Holmgren started with Steve Young, then Brett Favre , Hasslebeck, Brooks, Detmer. McCarthy certainly has his positives as a coach but IMO, QB guru is NOT one of them.

AK Cheese's picture

Expectations are too high for a guy with 3 starts. Amazingly fast how you flushed him down the toilet, come on man.
Needs some work, sure, who doesn't. He needs to trust the OLine and quit looking at the rushers and go through his reads and quit running around, it makes him look lost at times.
Callahan would not do any better at this point. We are going to ride this horse to either the derby or the glue factory.

PETER MAIZ's picture

Most likely the glue factory.

Somedumbname's picture

That horse had better win, or else we're taking a trip to the glue factory... and he won't get to come.
-Homer Simpson

tincada's picture

So put Joe in. At least you'll know what we got. If we're not going to test him come hell or high water why waste the locker space? We're going to lose Sunday in yet another wipe out so what do we have to lose, except the possibility of 3 yrs invested when he gets racked. ?

PETER MAIZ's picture

The Packers have made a major mistake with Hundley. And now we go against Big Ben and the Steelers that are one of the better teams right now. I would not even want to speculate on a final score. But look at what McNab is doing for the Vikes. These types of errors in judgement are part of the TT modus operandi. I can just see how the Packer defence will react when they never get off the field. I'll watch the game and see Hundley again not being able to sustain a drive and make two or three interceptions. So much for the three year preparation!

rdent's picture

Can't polish a turd.

OrganLeroy's picture

Nobody named McNab plays or coaches for the Vikings.

Bure9620's picture

Donovan McNabb Returns!!! He just beat Clemson right???? I hope he declares for the draft this year......

NMPF's picture

I have counted 23 times in the last few weeks where #7 should have stepped up in the pocket instead of retreating. You can coach a player to do what is needed. Hundley is not capable of this either due to inexperience or just does not have the talent. MM sure does have a quick hook on RB's who fumble but continues to fan the flames of this dumpster fire. HOPEFULLY drafting in the middle of the 7 rounds in the upcoming draft will boost the talent where needed.

Curry Rambeau's picture

Also, if you look back at the Lions game, Hundley reverted to his college style of play. He almost always retreated to his right and ran around until Adams or Cobb got open. With a battered offensive line and iffy blocking by the tight end or running back, Hundley will be running backward for his life. With a crappy punter and a makeshift defense how is this team going to score more than field goals?

Oppy's picture

Packers are in the top half of the league in Net punt yards (#14) and #3 in Punts resulting in a Fair Catch, so while there is room for improvement, the punting unit is functioning at an acceptable level.

Rebecca's picture

True enough. I was concerned by that 38 yard (?) line drive punt which was returned by the Ravens to about the Packers 35 yard line. Soon after Ravens got a touchdown.

dobber's picture

Turned out that punt made very little difference in the outcome of that game, no?

badaxed's picture

Hundley can't see an open man, he has no pocket awareness, he is not an NFL quarterback. Time for a change.

egbertsouse's picture

Might as well play Little Joe, the season is over anyway. The Packers can pretend they can get to the playoffs but that’s just a ruse to get people to attend the games. Even Howdy Murphy knows it’s over.

rdent's picture

Like I posted in a previous blog, no one is going to come in and save this season. Bite the bullet and look to next year.

Since '61's picture

The stadium is sold out for the next 25 -30 seasons so there is no reason to create a ruse to get people to attend games. Part of our problem is that no one is held accountable because the money keeps rolling in regardless of the on field product. This is a league wide problem by the way. The quality of play has been declining every week for the last 10 - 15 seasons but the fans keep paying and buying the jerseys etc.

But it's OK because this is allegedly the NFL and the fans don't know what they are watching so the con is easy and the beat goes on. No ruse required just perpetual mindless propaganda from the TV airheads and pundits ho tell us that every player is the greatest there has ever been and then evaluate the TD "dancing with the stars" celebrations rather than discussing the game, scubas it is.

As for the Packers football is becoming a hobby in "Titletown" (2 titles since 1967, whoopee!) regardless of the status of the on field results. Money first, perpetuate the myth via propaganda second and football an increasingly distant third.

Thanks, Since '61

Rebecca's picture

Sir. You nailed it! Always the $$$. As Vince said, "What the hell is going on around here?".

Bure9620's picture

Mark Murphy's sole goal is profitability and revenue generation. He is beholden to the financial goals of this public franchise and the board of directors. We are a public company, but Not in every sense of the word as there is no dividend provided to shareholders. (sorry shareholders your stock is ceremonial get over it!) Ask yourself, would true Packer fans want championships or a Title town theme park if given the choice??? Of course the former, however title town will generate more revenue and interest in the short term. Long term, the NFL has problems and the CTE issue alone may kill football. Therefore, The board prefers to profit from this current product while the business plan is still feasible.

Mark Murphy would rather be profitable at 10-6 with some extra revenue from a playoff game or 2 than win a Super Bowl with slightly less margin of gross profit, I believe that.

Since '61's picture

Actually Bure9620 the Packers are a nonprofit organization with privately owned stock. Yes, the stock is just a glorified thank you card but the Packers are not a public company. If they were a public company the shares could be bought and sold. The private shares (with no value) are essentially a closed block as far as the public is concerned. Thanks, Since '61

AK Cheese's picture

You may be on to something there....need butts in seats.

Handsback's picture

Like most things in life, hindsight is 20/20. If you had told me Rodgers would go down, I would have said that Hundley would have kept the Pack competitive for the remaining games and make the playoffs.
That's not the case, and frankly I'm not sure management/coaches would have thought anything differently.
So now it's pretty obvious that Hundley probably isn't the answer. You can't go 11 weeks into the season and expect to find a strong QB prospect. You have to play who you have and that's either Hundley or Callahan. I'm not a QB coach so I don't know if Hundley can get better with more experience.
What I do know is that Green Bay doesn't have to worry about losing him to other teams when his rookie contract is up.

OrganLeroy's picture

I was actually excited about Hundley's 1st start and thought we would win and continue to win going forward, but his inability to get better and the running backwards, not running when he should and overall awareness and pocket presence has me pretty convinced that he simply won't get better. Though I have to admit with 6 games to play, he might get better, but the playoffs are out of the question because of all the other issues with this years team.

jyros's picture

Huh-ndley’s just not an NFL QB. He may have all tools and bits but, he’s too slow at processing the process.

Don’t let this situation ruin your Thanksgiving tho!

nostradanus's picture

There are six games left in a season going nowhere
Time to:
*Evaluate rookies and first year players by getting them as many rep's as possible.
*FIRE CAPERS and the entire Defensive staff
*See which veterans are on board and which ones are quitting, these are the guys that need to be shown the door also.
*Decide who to re-sign Adams? Linsley? Burnett?
*A new Offensive Coordinator to bring new life into McCarthy's stale offense (even before Rodgers was injured)

There is still much to look forward to in 2018 with a shipload of draft picks (cross your fingers Ted gets lucky with his draft "dart board") and the return of Rodgers

Go Pack!

Razer's picture

I like this to-do list.

You are right about this season so the organization needs to get some value out of the remaining games. The worst thing that could happen is nothing. If the Packers accept the status quo and ride into next year without addressing these chronic weaknesses, it will be worse than a broken collarbone.

badaxed's picture

Here is hoping TT retires also.

Couch Cleats's picture

Since '61 is right. As long as the money keeps rolling in I don't think there will be any changes made. I am very curious to see what the stadium looks like at Lambeau when we play the Vikes though. I have a feeling that a lot of tickets will be sold for that game and Vikes fans will be all over them this year.

A Packer stadium with a lot of purple in it on National TV? That will not go unnoticed.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

As a fan of the NHL Maple Leafs, I see the same problem with no worries about filling the rink, the FO pushed the brand onto anything they could. I hope since 61 is wrong, but I'm seeing the same trend in GB this year. Ugh

pwpacker66's picture

We can trade with Buffalo for Nathan Peterman!!!

Rebecca's picture

Ted's working on it. LOL!

Rebecca's picture

I believe Hundley will turn it around this Sunday. But my bet is he gets hurt, maybe a concussion, and we get to see Joe Callahan receive his punishment for agreeing to ride the bench on this sad team.

Leo Smith's picture

I admit it! I bought MM's story how wonderful Hundley was going to be. I cannot believe TT let Micah Hyde get away without even making him an offer! Obviously, the game has passed Mike, Dom and Ted behind in the dust. This shareholder feels it's time to clean house!

Lphill's picture

We can blame Hundley all day but really it's McCarthy exposed as a poor coach , Ok Ted drafted Hundley but based on his college stats he seemed like a safe pick , but again the QB developer McCarthy has failed . 3 years developing and this is the product we get?

Leo Smith's picture

Matthew Clayton Flynn is American football quarterback who is currently a free agent. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

lou's picture

You have to give credit to Thompson to pick Rodgers when he fell suddenly in the draft when Favre still had several years to play at a high level but on the other hand you have to blame him for a complete lack of finding at least an NFL capable backup QB in the draft or free agency, especially in the draft (less costly to the salary cap). If he misses again in the draft the Packer fan's can say the same thing long time Bear linebacker Doug Buffone said on WSCR radio in regards to the long term failures of Bears QB's a few years back, "Jerry Angello the Bears GM couldn't spot an NFL QB at a Manning Family Reunion. We are close to that point, and it is not funny.

badaxed's picture

Even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while!

4thand1's picture


Razer's picture

I am not sure what the comment is in response to - but, I agree.

Packer Fan's picture

The defense played well enough to win. But the offense and special teams got dominated. Until Hundley starts playing better, the offense plays better, special teams play better and the defense keeps up the effort, the Pack won't win. All facets need to play better and well to win. Period.

Finwiz's picture

Not even close to accurate.

Waxonwaxoff's picture

Lynn Dickey
Clifford Lynn Dickey (born October 19, 1949) is a retired National Football League quarterback, who played for the Houston Oilers and the Green Bay Packers in the 1970s and 1980s. (His career QB rating was 70.9, but I would round up to 80.)

HankScorpio's picture

Dickey is probably as mobile today as he was when the retired.

pooch's picture

Different era,for one thing they didnt call p.i every 3-4 plays

Dzehren's picture

Dickey was a gun slinger & fun to watch. Someone like Dickey would be a welcome edition to the RodgersLess 2017 Packers at this point.

Waxonwaxoff's picture

Agree. He was fun to watch, tough as nails.

stockholder's picture

You guys are looking for gold and not silver. The silver lining was suppose to be jones. Busted! The Gold was suppose to be Bennet. Fool's Gold. Caper's Defense is like a bad copper penny. The draft pick from a losing season. titanium. You just don't know how things will go until the season is over. Lots of football left to try and compare these players to the stock market. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Qoojo's picture

I hope someone asks Hundley how he could take two sacks on 4th down and not at least try to pass the ball down field. I understand that one sack can happen, but two times. Geez.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Teams around the league are firing defensive coordinators offense of coordinators and coaches and what are the Packers doing did not doing anything not a freaking thing that tells me right there right there that we're going to do the same exact thing for keeping Dom Capers were keeping all the freaking coaches all he'll pick somebody out of the goat some assistant to the assistant special teams coach and he was the fault no we're not going to do anything if we were going to do something that he would fire the coach isn't everything right now because the season is lost but he won't clean house now

Doug Niemczynski's picture

You know everything is all jacked up when your coach tells you how great of a practice you had and Sunday comes and your team sucks and gets blown out That tells me right there something is wrong and we got to start with the GM..the president..player if operations and all the coaches they all need to freaking go.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Go Badgers!!!!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Packers are 24th in nfl power rankings hey that matches up with our 24th ranked defense and are falling offense so they should be at 24th by the end of the season easy

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

This from Bill Barnwell @ ESPN

"If the Packers had correctly evaluated Hundley to be an unplayable backup, they would have traded him in April and gone into the post-draft free-agent market for a credible fill-in passer. This also raises questions about coach Mike McCarthy, who angrily shot down any suggestion that the Packers would look to sign Colin Kaepernick by expressing his faith in Hundley and third-stringer Joe Callahan. The Packers promptly made overtures to Brian Hoyer, and McCarthy hasn’t been able to squeeze any life out of Hundley. Given the complaints about McCarthy’s stale scheme with Rodgers in the lineup and the 13.4-points-per-game average the offense has posted with Hundley under center, Packers fans might rightfully wonder whether their offense has much more to do with Rodgers’ improvisational skills than McCarthy’s work on the sideline."

I'd add: or to MM's work devising the game plan during the week.

HankScorpio's picture

MM deserves every bit of criticism he gets for allowing Hundley to be the backup QB. The game plans with Hundley have spoken loudly that he knew Hundley was not capable of playing well. He should have been pestering TT every minute of every day to get someone that was better.

But I'm not so sure that the poor performance of the offense with Hundley signals much beyond that failure of evaluation/development. I don't see how someone can scheme that guy to success.

RCPackerFan's picture

I would say TT deserves as much if not more criticism.

McCarthy is doing what a great coach does. He stands behind his players. But he can only work with what is on the roster. We have no clue if McCarthy went to Thompson and asked for ___ player. Perhaps McCarthy has went to Thompson and said we need ___ and Thompson said no. We have no clue.

I had heard there was a big fight between MM and TT this offseason. Both MM and Capers wanted to keep Peppers but was told no by TT.

I personally think MM has been a good coach. Thompson has brought in good players. But he hasn't used every revenue necessary to build the roster and give MM or Capers the best players to work with. Thompson has typically chosen to keep UDFA's on the roster vs getting veterans.

The problem with the draft and develop philosophy now is that with the CBA rule changes, they simply can't practice as much as they used to. The time the coaches have with the players isn't enough. A lot of players don't get the time to develop like they used to. Thompson hasn't adjusted to the new CBA rules.

Unfortunately for a player like Hundley, he needed more on field action to develop. He needed to be in a development league and by now he might be a better player. Without a developmental league its tough for players who haven't played in 2-3-4 years, to be thrown into the action and expected to perform well.
It sounds like Hundley has performed well in practice, just isn't translating to games. Well the game speed is so much greater then practice. He hasn't caught up to the game speed yet. Maybe never will either.

cuervo's picture

"McCarthy is doing what a great coach does. He stands behind his players. But he can only work with what is on the roster. We have no clue if McCarthy went to Thompson and asked for ___ player. Perhaps McCarthy has went to Thompson and said we need ___ and Thompson said no. We have no clue."

Sorry to disagree RC, but I have a hard time believing that if MM went to TT and said I need a veteran QB etc. because our backups suck, that TT would tell him "too bad, make due". I believe this is a clear example of MM not knowing whether his backup QB's have any talent or not. He has a long and storied history of keeping non NFL talent QB's on the roster for I said in an earlier post, MM doesn't know the difference between an NFL QB prospect and a future dishwasher.

badaxed's picture

I remember not that long ago the disgusting looks Rogers would give McCarthy on some of MM's play calls. it seemed not long after that he just ignored MM and called his own plays making MM look like a genius.
Well apparently Hundley is listening to MM and now we know what a "Great Coach" he is..............

badaxed's picture

Yes let's just sit on our hands, zip our lips, cheer the mediocre efforts of our coaches, management, and players.........and become the new "Bears"

Not me, there is no guarantee of future season wins. The NFL stands for "NOT For Long".
Either you are a player or you are not. If not.......get out of the way for someone else.

This is not a touchy feely league. Fumble, you sit on the bench, thrown multiple interceptions, sit on the bench, do not block, sit on the bench, fail to tackle, sit on the bench, keep dropping passes sit on the bench.

Failure to recognize these faults and act on them are coaches faults. failure to provide the team with people with these skills are managements faults.

This is the problem with the packers, failure to make football decisions that are basic, not rocket science.

When Mays fumbled and he was benched and all the other players commit huge mistakes and are not benched this smacks of poor coaching and poor skills players provided by management.

Time to clean house and get some management who draft Football players with skills and coaches who demand accountability.

LovedNitschke's picture

First time poster long time fan.
I don't see how the same GM could've drafted a Rogers and then other Failed QBs and then Hundley.
I read the book on him on some web site and it says exactly what he is. Doesn't step up, Rolls to the right too much, always looks to run, and throws pics???
And some think (including coaches) that this guy is going to come around?
Unfortunately I don't think so.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Welcome to the site.

billybobton's picture

recall that teddie moved night and day to trade rodgers before drafting him (A Brandt)

this is a decade of bad drafting with basically the same Rodgers bails out the bad coaching year in and year out Rodgers bails out the bad drafting as well, no GM with the record of TT outside Rodgers would have a job

listening to offers is one thing
soliciting them is another

justjoe's picture

Packer fans sure are spoiled. How many teams out there have a good back up? Do you really want to spend 5m per year on your back up?

Stuff happens.

I do agree that Capers needs to go. I don't think that MM needs to go. Even if we don't win another game this year, MM will still be a +60% winning coach. Maybe we can be thankful for that.

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