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Packers Sign Davante Adams to Huge 4-year Extension

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Packers Sign Davante Adams to Huge 4-year Extension

The Green Bay Packers put their money where their touchdowns are, signing wide receiver Davante Adams to a 4-year contract extension. Adams, who leads all NFL wide receivers with 22 TDs over the last two seasons, will rake in 58 million dollars over four years. Adams will receive a signing bonus up front of $18 million, while earning $32 million over the first two years.

Adams' average annual salary of $14.5 million will make him the fourth-highest paid wide receiver, behind Antonio Brown ($17.0 million), DeAndre Hopkins ($16.2 million) and A.J. Green ($15.0 million).


Adams became the defacto #1 wide receiver for the Packers this season, leading the team in targets(117), receptions (74), yards (885) and touchdowns (10) despite missing three games with concussions. 

The concussion issue could make this deal a veritable roll of the dice in hopes he doesn't continue down the same path that Sam Shields fell victim to. 


"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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mnklitzke's picture

If the NFL would bring in the targeting rule like college he might have a fighting chance to play longer. Dude has taking two cheap shots this year..

fthisJack's picture

the cheap shot artist should sit as long as the victim....period! that will stop this stuff from happening.

Samson's picture

Big bucks. -- GB had to resign Adams or use a high 2018 draft pick on a WR. --- They need all their high draft picks for the "D".

Still need some speed in the WR corps from somewhere. -- May have to hope for a late round gem from some small college. -- Got to trust Eliot to find that player (dreaming again).

Fountaintown's picture

Time to spend draft picks on the offense for a change. All these defensive heavy drafts in the last 5 years has gotten them very little. Load up the offense, and hope for a new DC

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Yes!!!!!! This 1 freaking year lets spend all our draft picks on offense for a freaking change !!!!!!!!

Turophile's picture

No Samson, not resign Adams OR draft a WR high........resign AND draft a WR high. By high I mean the first two rounds. Someone needs to take over for Nelson, opposite Adams.

Packers have had many (some might say too many) lower pick WRs, but the packers don't need a number 4 or 5 receiver, as much as they need a number 1 or 2 outside guy (and they need to give them a year to develop).

As for needing all the high picks for the D, that really is rubbish. They have emphasised the D early in the draft for several years. Now the O is in need of some love. What the Packers require this year is a BALANCED draft, something like OLB, WR, CB, TE, in the first three rounds. The D doesn't need much more than a starting level CB and OLB to be solid (and they should get a new defensive coordinator to go with that). There are other lesser needs, like better backups in places, but all teams need that, and the Packers do start this draft with 12 picks..........that can fill a lot of holes.

fthisJack's picture

TT needs to nail the draft this year!! i think the top 3 needs on this team are an edge rusher that can create havoc for the other teams QB...that IMO is the number 1 need. also a speedy WR to take the top off the D is a must. take some pressure off Adams and keep the opposing D from loading up the box. and last but not least ,we need a quality TE that can run the seam. a big target that Rodgers can find to keep the chains moving. this position needs a complete overhaul. Kendricks and Rodgers are just guys.
whatever position they draft with their #1 has to be an immediate impact player. we haven't had that since Mathews.

4zone's picture

We still need a high pick WR. Adams is only one, we need dual threats to open this offense up. AND insure against another Shields type retirement.

Since91's picture

Good start to the offseason! Here we go!

Tarynfor12's picture

The Adams signing was a no brainer...the money is high but seems along the same lines as the Perry signing last year....a must retain due to depth and age of WR though not via crying sounds of despaeation like at OLB.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

The packers also need to get Donte moncrief. He was stellar with A.luck. He would do great with rogers

marpag1's picture

Moncrief was stellar with A. Luck?? When was this?

Andrew Luck attempted 94% of Indy's passes in 2016. Moncrief played in 9 games and averaged 34 yards per game. At that pace he would have a whopping 545 yards for a full 16 game season. In none of those 9 games did he exceed 64 yards. His per catch average of 10.2 yards was horrible for a wide receiver.

That's pretty much what his entire 4 year career looks like.... 35.4 yards per game. When was he "stellar?" 4 or 5 TDs per year. 12 yard average per catch.

At this point, if we are talking any sort of significant money, I might rather sign Sydney Moncrief. He's 60 now.

nostradanus's picture

Yep you gotta pay your young stars if your a true draft & develop team. I have a feeling with Rodgers being 34 this year the Packers are truly going all in. Im expecting BIG moves this year including a new Defensive staff! Thompson has a "shipload" of draft choices and has ammo to trade up on a few deals. I also expect a few key"free agent" signings of note as well. This is Wild Ted's last dance and he's gonna let that white hair down and get a little crazy in Title-town!
You heard it from NostraDANus the optimistic Packers mystic.

Bill Atkinson's picture

I'm not worried that he is concussion prone, anybody would have been concussed by those nasty hits he took.

Point Packer's picture

So who goes Cobb or Nelson? The WR group simply can't take up that much cash. And if one is gone, who is our #3?

Fountaintown's picture

Restructure Jordy, cut Cobb. Move Monty back to wr as the 3rd. Draft a future #1 high in the draft

Dzehren's picture

Allison, Janis, MICHAEL Clark and Trevor Davis are not ideal # 3’s. Cobb is younger than Jordy so that could play into it. Whomever restructures there contract to a team friendly deal will be kept.

CAG123's picture

Well deserved and to think they wanted to cut him after just his second season and all he’s done is catch 21 TDs for over 1800 yards the past 2 seasons catching more TDs than every receiver not named Antonio Brown. Randall and Adams are good examples of development and patience, Adams has taken over the number 1 WR role and Randall has developed into the ball hawk every secondary needs another true corner on the opposite side of King and I’m fine with the potential of this secondary with a new DC in town

The TKstinator's picture

“they wanted to cut him”: who are “they”?

The TKstinator's picture

I’m thinking you meant the fans. Good thing they (the fans) don’t get to make those calls.
I’ve watched Packer games with fans who, if they had their wish, wouldn’t have any players left on the roster by halftime.

Missed tackle? “Cut that bum!”
Dropped pass? “Cut that bum!”
Allowed a sack? “Cut that bum!”

Lost a game? “Fire everybody! Clean house!”

Oh, wait...

Since '61's picture

TK - I agree. We have posters here who would have fired Vince Lombardi after the '63 or '64 seasons when he didn't win the NFL championship.

In the interest of full disclosure I am firmly in the fire Capers cadre.

Thanks, Since '61

The TKstinator's picture

Hey 61,
I am also on board with the Capers thing. He’s had plenty of time and opportunity.
I am strictly referring to the instant, knee-jerk crowd in my blistering post above.
Once again, we find ourselves on the same page, my friend.

MarkinMadison's picture

I kind of have the same reaction to this signing that I did to Perry last year - you have to do it, this is the market rate, but I'm not thrilled. Jordy in his prime was far better than Adams is now. I certainly hope that he understands this and continues to work at his craft. He ain't all that and a bag of chips yet.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree - no choice but to overpay for Adams. It is our misfortune that Adams was probably the best WR in free agency this year, so this might well be fair market rate. Perry situation all over. Looks like I will like the structure of this contract at least.

sonomaca's picture

San Francisco was angling to pair Adams and Jimmy G. Probably would have bested Packers bid. Concussion risk was worth taking. That said, Packers need an “enforcer” to make cheap shot artists pay the price. It’s called deterrence.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

SF will have $115M to $117M in cap space for 2018. GB would have had $42M (before Adams and Linsley deals), which is about league average.

CAG123's picture

The numbers say differently, Adams has out performed Jordy Nelson in the first four years of their careers.
JN-2531 yards and 21 TDs
DA-2811 yards and 26 TDs
So yeah, one could argue that Jordy has played in better offenses than Adams and he has still put up better numbers. He earned his money plain and simple.

Nick Perry's picture

You can't really compare Nelsons and Adams first 4 years IMO. The Packers had an embarrassment of riches at the WR position when Nelson was drafted. Jennings and Jones just starting their careers, Driver still producing AND they had a TE, at least in 2009 and 2011 when J-Mike wasn't injured.

The CLOSET the Packers having that kind of riches at the WR position again was 2014, at least where the others were (Nelson & Cobb) both producing in the same year. In 2015 nelson was out, Adams was hurt. Last year was great...For Nelson and Adams, Cobb not so much but they had a TE. At least for 1 season : (

Love that TT guy!

In 2010 and 2011 THAT was how the Packers beat everybody. THAT was how the Packers won a SB. They basically had more QUALITY WR than any opposing team could cover. Throw in one of the top 3 GOAT at the QB position you have lethal.

I'm extremely happy they signed Adams but I also think this is EXACTLY the same position Thompson had left them in with Perry..They had NO choice, not really. I think this speaks VOLUMES about Thompson's future too, as in he's not going anywhere after Sunday. I suppose if Wolf was given the reins he could have done the signing behind closed doors but I highly doubt it.

The Packers still have a lot to do on the offensive side of the ball. Doug keeps talking about Moncrief, Mike Wallace will be a FA too. The Packers need one guy who can run a post route and do it with 4.4 or better speed. Mike Wallace can still fly and he can still catch the deep ball. I don't know enough about Moncrief so I'll take Dougs word for it. But THAT player is not currently on the Packers roster.

Restructure Cobb. Hew still catches EVERYTHING and if possible restructure Nelson. I don't believe Nelson is done, not with what he did at the start of the season. You can't look Cobb's or Nelsons lack of production with Hundley at QB as a sign their done IMO. The guy isn't a NFL QB.

Tundraboy's picture

"You can't look Cobb's or Nelsons lack of production with Hundley at QB as a sign their done IMO."

Me too NP.

Nick Perry's picture

Hey TB...I'd still like to see them add someone in Free Agency. We've seen time and again it take a WR 2 or 3 years before he really produces for the Packers. Nelson, Cobb, Adams, those 3 all took at least a year or two before settling in. Jennings and Jones seemed to be able to come in and produce from day one, maybe we get lucky in the draft.

Tundraboy's picture

Yup. Should have picked up a no 1 WR the year teams started jamming Jordy because he was our main option. 2012 and counting. Seattle started taking him out that year.

stockholder's picture

I 'd like to say Congratulations to Devante Adams and his agent for pulling off the biggest heist in Packers History. The timing of this suggest 2 things. TT wanted to save his job. And it sabotages any hopes of staying within the cap without dumping better players. TT again plays who's the fool. I must say that the packer brass must be just as brain dead for letting this happen. Especially with the Franchise tag available. These are outrageous figures. WE saw what mega-trons salary did to detroit. And the saddest part is it really could of went to a pass rusher. Good Luck signing A-rod. I can't wait to break down the dollars per catch next year. This contract really hurts the next GM more than anyone. How many people actually wore Adams Jersey? Just a totally insane evaluation of talent again. TT needs to be removed.

Since91's picture

Which pass rusher???

stockholder's picture

Had hopes for DeMarcus Lawrence, but should have put in ETC. after De. Several good Wrs are out there this year.

marpag1's picture

"I must say that the packer brass must be just as brain dead for letting this happen. Especially with the Franchise tag available. These are outrageous figures."

Who is it that's brain dead???

The franchise tag for wide receivers in 2017 was $15.682 million. Franchise tag salaries are fully guaranteed. That tag number will almost certainly be higher next year. Adams' new contract averages 14.687 million and locks him up for four years at that number.

So you're saying that the Packers should tag Adams and pay him $1 million dollars MORE than his new contract, and for only one year of service?


stockholder's picture

1. The executive committee. You know who that includes. Murphy! The franchise tag would have given the packers the edge in injuries.concussions, production,bonus money, etc. It would have been an insurance policy, and given the Gm time to get new Wrs . You just want to be argumentative. No one in their right mind thinks the Packers didn't over -pay Adams. And if A-rod goes down again, Adams will isolate himself. If you think a 100,000 dollars for every catch is a good deal? You aren't a TRUE stock holder.

Bearmeat's picture

Congrats to Davante. I'm very happy for him! But that's a LOT of money... This is a fair, but not great contract for GB. Ideally, you’d want 5-6 years for that amount of money.

Don't forget ARod will surely get a new deal this year, unless he wants out. Since GB could conceivably hold his rights until 2022, why would he want out? And that raised money will eat a lot of salary cap too.

So the guaranteed money to Adams is a bit of a downer if you are GB. That said, Adams is undoubtedly a top 10 WR. WELP – choice is now clear. Either Jordy or Cobb goes in the offseason. The other has to take a pay cut, along with CM3 (or be cut).

We still have to focus on OLB and CB in the draft and (ideally) Free Agency too. And let's not forget WR. With Adams as the #1, even if you assume BOTH Jordy and Randall are back, we have NO speed as an offense.

Janis and Davis are who they are - meh. Moncrief, with his speed, would not cost a ton, and provides some real upside...

Hopefully, Ted and Dom are gone before those decisions must be made.

Nick Perry's picture

I think this speaks volumes for Thompson's future in GB past Sunday BM so I don't think he's going anywhere. I agree, that's a lot of money but with the cap going up again in 2018 to around $174 to $178 Million.

A player I think could help the Packers for a season would be Mike Wallace. before you laugh just think about this. Wallace can both run and catch a deep post route really well. If the Packers would actually spend some early choices at skill positions for the offense this year they could use Wallace for a season and draft that speed/size guy in this years draft. No matter what, they have to address the WR position so a one year deal for Wallace might work out just fine. Especially with Rodgers at QB, even Rodgers might not overthrow Wallace. Anyways just a thought.

Edit...Some others with speed. Sammy Watkins will be a FA. So will Taylor Gabriel, Marquise Lee, Paul Richardson, and Jon Brown. I'm not 100% sure how fast Less is but the others can FLY and CATCH the ball. Watkins can't seem to stay healthy but if the Packers could land him on a fairly decent deal and pair him with Rodgers, Adams, and either Cobb and/or Nelson it's a damn fine start to a WR group for 2018.

Bearmeat's picture

I'd be excited about Wallace, Watkins Gabriel or Richardson for sure.

Nick Perry's picture

Wallace is 30 or 31 but he can still run a deep post and do it FAST.

Watkins could possibly come with a more incentive based contract due to injuries though I'd imagine LA will fight to keep him after giving up a draft choice.

Richardson IMO is really intriguing. He can really fly and has pretty good hands. I think with a QB like Rodgers he'd be amazing. Just saw something which was posted 21 hours ago Richardson will be asking for over $7 million a year. Cut Cobb and that's very doable. especially if they restructure Nelson and play him exclusively in the slot. I STILL hate to lose Cobb. I have a horrible feeling he'd go to New England and catch 100 passes for the next 3 or 4 years in that offense or as long as Brady is there.

Tundraboy's picture

Maybe even MM too!!!

4zone's picture

Bear, if Jordy and Cobb accept a pay cut then we'll be OK.

Now let's get Lindsley signed TT.

Since91's picture

Alshon Jeffrey earned 4 years 52 million
I don’t understand why anyone thinks this is a real bad contract???
Wait till you see Bell or Cousin’s new deals!
Or even Case Keenum

Bearmeat's picture

The issue with alshon was never talent. It was health. He put in a healthy year with a good QB. He got paid. Simple as that.

Yes, alshon is better than Davante. Taller. Faster. Stronger.

marpag1's picture

Everybody cries bloody murder about how bad Hundley sucks, how he can't throw the ball more than six yards downfield without taking a running start at it, and how Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb have lost their burst... and yet somehow they expect Adams to have 1600 yards and fifteen touchdowns or else he isn't good.

Geez, there's more to being a wide receiver (or any kind of player) than stats. Right now, Julio Freakin' Jones has three touchdowns on the year. Yeah, three. With Matt Ryan as his quarterback, he has not scored a TD in 13 out of 15 games. Cut the bum.

If people want to bitch about Packer receivers, they should bitch about Nelson and Cobb. Both of them are pulling in 10 million, and Adams is clearly - CLEARLY - better than either of them.

Nick Perry's picture

"Everybody cries bloody murder about how bad Hundley sucks, how he can't throw the ball more than six yards downfield."

Excuse me sir but I believe it's closer to TWO YARDS downfield!

marpag1's picture

Typo, I stand corrected, my good man. :)

Nick Perry's picture

LOL...Thank you my fine fellow.

Donster's picture

Jordy has said he would consider restructuring his contract.He may even decide to retire. But I think he wants one more year with a healthy AR. Jordy was leading the league in TD's before Aaron was injured. He has a lot of value still. Unless you replace him with a younger, high priced FA, you are better off keeping him at a reduced salary if possible. Cobb hasn't been the same player that he was before he signed his big contract. That is the danger of big $$ contracts. Many players, once they get the dough, don't play as hard. Cobb has value, but at a reduced salary. And he is injury prone. If he won't take a pay cut, try to trade him for a draft pick or just cut him. I am not sold on Geronimo. Nor has Trevor Davis shown anything but being a punt returner. Jeff Janis is, well, Mr. Special Teams Jeff Janis. And DeAnglo Yancey has never seen the field. So we have no idea what he can bring. If Cobb is cut, then draft or get a FA fast receiver that can stretch the field. We haven't had that since Jordy blew out his knee.

So keeping Nelson and Cobb makes some sense for one more year. We have to remember that if Rodgers stays healthy next season, he will make any receiver look better, unless they can't run routes (Janis). TE is a must fix position on offense, along with the blockers up front.

Packer_Pete's picture

Of all WRs, Cobb had the largest separation (in terms of yards) from the defender. He ranks near or even on top of the NFL in that category. Just need to throw him the ball when he is open. He is injury prone and small, but he can still play...

Nick Perry's picture

Is he really that injury prone Pete?? Since the leg injury in 2012 he's played in 16, 16, 13 and now 14 with a game to play yet this season. Last season when he was out for the last 3 weeks or so he came back and KILLED the Giants and had a nice postseason overall.

snowdog's picture

" If he won't take a pay cut, try to trade him for a draft pick or just cut him."
Like Josh Sitton ? Yes he was disgruntled , that to me is not the point .

Packer_Pete's picture

Doesn't change the fact that the Packers still need a legit #1 WR...

marpag1's picture

I'd be a LOT more inclined to say they need a legit #2.

In a league with 32 "Number 1 receivers" Adams is 17th in receptions, 22nd in yards and tied for 2nd in touchdowns... and this is with Brett Hundley as his QB. It's not Julio or ABrown, but it doesn't totally suck either.

The grim reality is that EVEN AS #2's ... Nelson has been pathetic in terms of production, and Cobb is bottom of the WR2 barrel at best. Jordy Nelson is EIGHTIETH (80) in total yards at 482 and has a miserable per catch average of 9.1. How many WR2's are that unproductive? Cobb has 600 yards (56th in the league) and a 9.8 average. Obviously Nelson and Cobb are playing with Hundley too, But Adams is easily in the top 32, and neither Nelson nor Cobb is lock for the top 64. Plus they're getting old.

I love Nelson, but he looks done to me. Sure, he can still survive on a roster - much like Donald Driver used to do in his old age - but Nelson will have to make his living on 12 yard, back shoulder out routes. If that's the case, will he be worth the money, and will he take up a roster spot that could be better used by a developing guy for the future?

Hope I'm wrong...

Nick Perry's picture

I'd like them to add that 'Speed/Size" guy like Nelson was OR a receiver like Greg Jennings was before he got greedy and weird. I don't care for Jennings but I loved the crap out of him on the field. He was fast enough and had great, great, hands. He was a legit #1 WR.

marpag1's picture

Honestly, I don't really think it makes a lot of sense to focus on #1 and #2 .... as if they were fundamentally different positions. They're both WRs. In the end, what you really need is a minimum of 2 or 3 guys who can consistently beat single coverage. Because any defense can "eliminate" a great receiver by doubling or tripling him. But obviously you cannot double or triple three receivers.

This year, I don't think I would say that Nelson or Cobb consistently beat single coverage when they had it. And if they did, it was more like "there's a little window there" instead of "holy cow, the dude is just running free."

Obviously ARod will make things look better. But I don't think GB is nearly as good at WR as I was hoping they would be at the beginning of the year. It would not surprise me at all to see a WR in the first or second round of the draft. Cuz we're GB, dammit, and GB wins with offense. And not just offense, but PASSING offense. In fact, that's pretty much how everybody has to win in the NFL these days.

Tundraboy's picture

Smart move even though we didn't have any choice in the matter. The way I look at it is that with health this could be a great deal because we'll get the best 4 years out of his career, and hopefully it is the first of many moves and changes. Keeping fingers crossed, good luck Devante.

Since '61's picture

Good signing that needed to get done. There are two types of players in the NFL. Guys who play NFL football and guys who are professional football players. D. Adams has evolved into a professional NFL football player. Those are the guys you keep. The guys who hate to lose and play like pros. The Packers have too few of the professionals. Rodgers, Adams, Daniels, Bakh, Jordy and a few others are among the keepers for the Packers. The rest are just guys playing football and not well. Thanks, Since '61

Packer Fan's picture

This is a good deal for the Pack. For the wide receivers, Adams will be the leader now. But they should keep Nelson and Cobb, but restructure if they can. They should release Janis and keep Clark and develop him. Might be two years before he is ready to win those contested balls.

The defense needs alot of work. New coordinator and perhaps some other new defensive coaches. I suggest keeping the 3-4 system but have someone who makes it simpler to help the players. And they need a pass rusher and shut down corner.

Lphill's picture

I don't think Jordy is leaving because I think Aaron has some say in that , Cobb might be the odd man out, either way if it's Cobb or Nelson they will be picked up by the Patriots ,they love giving Brady veteran receivers.Monty can return to receiver and cover the slot so it looks like Cobb to me.

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