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Packers Shut Out Bills 22-0 in Second Win of the Season

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Packers Shut Out Bills 22-0 in Second Win of the Season

The Green Bay Packers (2-1-1, 1-0-1 NFC North) shut out the Buffalo Bills (1-3, 0-0 AFC East) 22-0 at Lambeau Field Sunday afternoon to earn their second win of the season in week four of NFL play. Heading into the game, many were unsure what to expect from Buffalo after they just upset Minnesota 27-6 at home last week, but the Packers’ were able to put on a strong performance defensively to keep the Bills from ever making it on to the scoreboard.

In a game where Green Bay’s offense struggled at times, the defense finally seemed to find a consistent sense of rhythm throughout the afternoon.  They were time and time again breaking through the Bill’s offensive line to put pressure on rookie quarterback Josh Allen and came up with 7 total sacks on the day, as well as 2 interceptions.

According to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, it was the first game since October 31st, 2010 that the Packers recorded a shut-out win.

What we learned: Aaron Rodgers is definitely more mobile.

Since his week one left knee injury against Chicago, the question each week has been the same: Just how good is Aaron Rodgers actually feeling?

In Sunday’s win over the Bills, the Packers’ offense struggled at times. Lots of dropped balls that should have easily been catches and some sloppily run routes, but the piece that stuck out the most was Rodgers’ mobility.

“Yeah adrenaline kicked in and I felt fine,” Rodgers said in the post-game press conference. “Not a whole lot different, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow.”

Even if he did not feel that much different, he certainly looked it. Rodgers finished the day with an average performance for him going 22/40 for 298 yards, with 1 TD, 1 fumble, and throwing his first interception in a 150 throws off a tipped pass, but he rushed for a total of 31 yards, 15 yards being his longest of the day. Last week, we often saw Rodgers skipping when he ran even just a couple of yards and he was often slow to get up when hit. When Rodgers ran today he looked more like himself, even spinning around a Bill’s defender on one play to get out of the pocket and got up with no issue any time he was rattled a bit. 

What went right: The Defense 

The Packers’ defense looked like they started to find their groove Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field. With 7 total sacks on the day, as well as 2 interceptions, there was a number of guys that stood out.

Rookie Jaire Alexander got his first career interception after being close multiple times the first few weeks. He came up big and picked off quarterback Josh Allen on the goal line to prevent the Bills from scoring in the closing seconds of the first half. 

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix joined in on the interception party as well and picked off Josh Allen after a monster hit on wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, who entered the concussion protocol after the massive collision. Clinton-Dix read the play perfectly and made an excellent grab for what was his third pick in three games so far this season.

“I mean a shutout is huge, it’s what you’re looking for. I mean first shutout since 2010 so very proud of our defensive," coach Mike McCarthy said at the post game press conference. "They were consistent all four quarters and as a team we really needed to start fast today and we accomplished that.”

The big boys were not afraid to get their hands dirty in Sunday’s game either. With 7 sacks on the day, all sorts of different guys were getting their hands on Josh Allen throughout the afternoon. Linebacker Kyler Fackrell led the way with 3 sacks, but Blake Martinez, Reggie Gilbert, Jermaine Whitehead, and yes even Clay Matthews all came up with big (and legal in the eyes of the NFL) sacks on Allen.     

What went wrong: Too many dropped passes

It’s simple. When you have arguably the best quarterback in the league, you have to catch the ball.  Too many times Sunday the Packers’ receivers found themselves in great positions, only to drop what would have been a huge play on the drive.

Rodgers expressed his frustration with himself and his offense after the game at the post-game press conference:

“We were championship defense level and non-playoff team level on offense. That was not great by any
 stretch of imagination.We need to find ways to get out playmakers in position to get more opportunities.”

A 22-0 win is certainly something that the Packers will take, but anyone watching that game knows it should have and could have been a lot more than 22.

Offensive Player of the Game: Aaron Jones

When running back Aaron Jones gets the ball, he brings a spark to the Green Bay offense that they so badly need. The second year running back out of University of Texas at El Paso appeared in his second game of the season for Green Bay Sunday and once again, made his mark. As the third running back in the rotation behind Montgomery and Williams, Jones eventually took the lead role in the first half after a drive where all eyes were on him. His first carry of the day was for 30 yards and he finished the day with 11 carries for 65 yards and a touchdown.

In the fourth quarter, Jones appeared to get up slow after a play, and did not return. However, him not retruning just appeared precautionary.

Defensive Player of the Game: Kyler Fackrell  

My goodness did linebacker Kyler Fackrell have a game Sunday.  It was like every time you looked, he was sacking the quarterback.The entire Packers defense stuck out, but Fackrell just consistently seemed to find the breaks in the Bill’s offensive line. With 3 sacks on the day he was most definitely the stand out player on the defensive side of the ball for the Packers. In addition to his 3 sacks, he finished the day with 4 tackles, all of which were solo. 


Up next, the Packers travel to face NFC North rival, the Detroit Lions next Sunday October 7th. Kickoff is set for 1 PM EST.


Sarah Kelliher is a contributor for CheeseheadTV. She can be found via Twitter @sarahkelliher4


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GBPDAN1's picture

It's hard to say anything negative about a 22-0 victory, but, the 2nd half offense was frustrating.

Hope Allison is ok. Would like to see him and Cobb play against the Lions. Our D played well for the most part, today. Watching them next week- on the road against a seasoned QB- will be more telling. I hope they carry today's improvement with them against the lions.

Bear? Trubisky 6 TDs? I hope this was a fluke!

dobber's picture

"It's hard to say anything negative about a 22-0 victory,"

Go read the other threads! ;)

The TKstinator's picture

I think catching the ball is important no matter how good or not good the QB is.

Royalty Free GM's picture

I knew Gute is a coward, but the whole organisation?

PEOPLE are not happy...

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Bizarre. Not sure how that is cowardly, and BTW Gute has nothing to do with planning on field events. But, it sure looks rediculous.

The TKstinator's picture

"Rediculous" indeed.
(I see what you did there!)

Royalty Free GM's picture

Oh you Hillary voters :)
You keep finding all my posts :D

Royalty Free GM's picture

Hillary fanatics, keep doing stupid stunts like this and the whole country will be...


jhlisic's picture

Rodgers looks ordinary so far this season, outside of 1 great quarter against Chicago. For every accurate throw he makes, he seems to be making a poor throw. Not seeing the field well either (LB in the passing lane of the tipped INT, multiple blitzes)
Hopefully he gets out of this funk.
The defense I think will continue to improve and should become real solid as the season progresses.

Rak47's picture

Seems to me that when AR is getting the ball out of his hands quick and letting his receivers make plays he's doing exceptionally well. I believe the telecast analysts even illustrated how he was getting the ball out in under 2 seconds on several big plays in the first half. Once the second half started he reverted back to holding the ball and looking exclusively for receivers downfield and that's where he's getting into trouble trying to force downfield action instead of truly improvising during the flow of the game. .

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yep, it's the same Packers issue rearing it's ugly head again. Thankfully it can at a time it did not hurt them. IDK if it's mostly Rodgers or McCarthy's play calling that is responsible for it. But, it did seam to me like they tried to go back to what worked int he 4th quarter and some bad luck stopped them from scoring more.

Rak47's picture

Next week will confirm or deny what many have said and feel in regards to McCarthy's disregard for the run game. The Lions are dead last in the NFL in run defense and second overall in pass defense. Will McCarthy and AR play to Detroit strength and pass 50 times, or will they take advantage of a team giving up 157 yards per game on the ground and run the ball 35-40 times? I guess we'll all find out come next Sunday.

dobber's picture

The question is: are they second in pass defense because teams don't need to throw?

PackfanNY's picture

I don't disagree with all of what you said. However, to be fair the man is playing with an injured knee with a huge brace clearly visible. He rallied his team from a 20-3 deficit in Game 1 and has faced the Vikings and Redskins (in the rain). All these teams have good pass rushers. I think he might deserve a little slack. No?

jhlisic's picture

He was awesome on that final quarter because he was forced to do damage from the pocket. His quick release coupled with nifty foot work from guys like Adams and Cobb causes trouble for opposing defenses. This is how he should play the remainder of his career. The longer you hold the ball, the more likely you become of getting crushed. Distribute the ball to playmakers, and remain healthy.
Against the Vikings the defense held their own for 3 quarters by holding them to 7 points. Had the offense capitalized with TDs, there wouldn't have been a comeback.

stockholder's picture

A-Rod was good. The Quick release is made for a shorter game. He had an out that screamed MVP. What a throw and catch for a first down. MM has to use the shorter passes. The OL calls for it! A-Rods age. This is the west coast offense still.

Rak47's picture

I would also add he was off for 8 months then threw like 5 passes in preseason, then got hurt in game one and hasn't practiced all year. I'm not sure why people expect him to come out each game after having not practiced each week for 4 weeks straight and put up 100plus QBR every week, it's not realistic. Now that he is beginning to practice and the team is forming an identity I expect he'll play much better.

Coldworld's picture

Bad leg may impact his accuracy as may lack of practice. I also think it is taking a while to get used to new targets after not playing much in the preseason. That said, he has also had some really good defenses so far.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I thought he looked like he was on happy juice. Some really inaccurate short passes, and some wild ones as well. Practicing during the week should help a lot.

Lphill's picture

Not good in the red zone poor play calling from MM , dropped passes good thing the Bills offense was bad .

Nick Perry's picture

They were 2 of 3 in the Red Zone which is better than the 30th ranking they came into the game with but your right, McCarthy's play calling seems to be getting worse.

The TKstinator's picture

Again with the play calling.
How about execution?

Nick Perry's picture

I'll give you that, the execution was bad as well. But I'd hope you see as well the play calling isn't top notch neither. Perhaps it's getting harder to execute the play when the defense still knows what's coming.

Question...McCarthy said he spent the off-season redoing the playbook. Have you seen anything different? Maybe trying to take advantage of two TE over 6'6" in the Red-Zone for example.

Coldworld's picture

Dropped catches have relatively little to do with the choice of play and undermine even the best of QBs and playcallers.

cheesycowboy's picture

Yes and I wonder how Joe Philbin fits into offensive funk.

GVPacker's picture

Maybe A Rods mechanics are effected by his injury and a lack of a full week of practice has something to due with his current funk!

The TKstinator's picture

You talkin bout PRACTICE?

Nick Perry's picture

I just saw something that shocked the hell out of me. Go look at Rodgers stats on We know Rodgers is off but through 4 games his 1st down percentage is the lowest in the NFL with the exception of Josh Allen, Tyrod Taylor, and Nick Foles at 28.2%.....YIKES!!!

Hopefully he does start practicing because it has to be effecting him with numbers like that...That's UGLY for $143 million....Hmmmm I wonder what Ridley would have looked like in Green and Gold. Not complaining bout Alexander one bit but I still wonder.

jhlisic's picture

Rodgers is a middle of the road QB this season. His rankings in his statistics are a reflection of where he is at the moment. He has 7 TDs in 4 games. When relatively inexperienced QBs like Mahomes, Trubisky etc. are throwing 6 TDs in a game, it tells you everything. Hopefully he gets his shit together.

Skip greenBayless's picture

It's also called getting older. Rodgers mind is sharp. Probably the smartest qb in the game. It's his physical limitations with injuries that are hurting him and that's normal when you play 14 years. I think we have to accept the fact that he might not put up those 50 td plus numbers any longer. He also doesn't have Jennings, Driver, Jones, Jordy and Finley. He has Adams and a cast of young guys. Not even close to what he had when he was in his prime. John Elway finally won a super bowl when he was in his mid 30's and it was when he had a great defense and a great running game with T.D.. I think the Packers with the hiring of Pettine are trying to do the same realizing Rodger's can't do it all by himself any longer. We are clearly on the right track with this shutout victory.

Royalty Free GM's picture

But can Rodgers catch the ball?
We blew the BIG opportunity with Ridley. He was handed to us and we said: No thanks, we don’t want to be elite, successful Superbowl team.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Ridley: 19 targets and 6 TDS! We could use some of that... Gute didn’t have the guts, he was a coward...

Last year at this time... Nelson had 5 TDs at this point.
Gute kicked him out...

Our coward, incompetent GM suck big time. Terrible management, terrible results. And you are blaming Rodgers. Way to go. Open your f***ing eyes.

The TKstinator's picture

Your post is like Billy Madison's speech during his exam: everyone here is now dumber for having been exposed to it.

Nick Perry's picture

EACH one of those QB's plays for what most consider innovative and creative play-callers / head coaches. I haven't head McCarthy called innovative or creative in years.

Pauly's picture

It’s time for McCarthy to hire an offensive coordinator and let him do his job

Lare's picture

One good thing is we don't have to see them play in those butt-ugly throwback uniforms any more this season.

Another marketing ploy that makes the NFL look silly.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I like them once a season. It's a nice change up.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

People dislike me for liking the throwbacks? Hahhahaha!

flackcatcher's picture

I like them too. My wife now thinks I'm color blind too......

Rebecca's picture

I think they’re cute, especially on a running back like Jones who runs so low they usually tackle him after 6+ yards.

The TKstinator's picture

My administration would like to lend its total support to runs of 6 or more yards, (unless, of course, said gain occurs on 4th and 26.)

Spock's picture

Well, as usual, the Packers game was not shown to the Tucson market. I enjoyed listening to Wayne and Larry on Sirius, so for once I'm not as irritated by not being able to see the game live. Personally, I think the NFL dude who came up with those throwback uniforms for games and the color rush (or whatever the heck it's called) uniforms should be used as a live tackling dummy for CM3 dressed in a ref's uniform. Justice -that's all I want.

splitpea1's picture

I'm not sure how much you can take away from this game. The Bills are not a quality opponent and their rookie QB was starting his second game. We'll face a much better QB next time. But good for Mr. Fackrell. And the running backs made some nice plays, too. I like that the ball was distributed evenly because it keeps everybody fresh. My only gripe is with some of the play selections near the end of the game. Just run the clock out and go home.

Kb999's picture

A Win is a Win. That said, it wasn't pretty. Glad the D showed up.

Nick Perry's picture

I think Rodgers was REALLY missing Cobb today because he's such a security blanket for him. Like jhlisic said above "Rodgers looks very ordinary this year" and he's right.

I would really like to see more MVS incorporated into this offense more.

Was thinking as I was watching Jones today and then not watching him... If Aaron Jones was playing on the Saints he'd be Kamara 2.0. Mike McCarthy doesn't know what the hell to do with a RB like Jones. SO frustrating.

The Defense didn't start to give up HUGE chunks of yardage in the 4th quarter like they have years past. HOW refreshing was that! Nice job to the Defense and Mike Pettine! Hopefully the offense catches up soon.

Hematite's picture

Your comment regarding Aaron Jones and McCarthy is spot on!!!

Tundraboy's picture

Spot on NP. Drops prevented a larger score, but biggest difference was we went away from what worked in the first half.

I like Williams a lot,and I see the strategy in how we use him at certain points in the game, but it's obvious that Jones is the number one back.

stockholder's picture

The buffalo defense was used up by the 4th qtr. A-Rod had more Time. And the Offense did excellent within the sticks.

JohnnyLogan's picture

The play calling was bad, the execution generally poor but the main takeaway on offense should be why Jones isn't a featured back? He seems as good as Dalvin Cook, over they short careers he has a higher per carry average, and yet it's as if he's a 3rd stringer. Very frustrating. He should be utilized in the way Karara is, runs, screens medium long passes over the middle. McCarthy will wait another year before the light goes on for him. Frustrating.

The TKstinator's picture

They should just tear out all those running plays that are designed to gain nothing.
Same with the pass plays where rushers are allowed to come free.
Any play that calls for a dropped pass is asinine. Same with the holding calls. Why on earth would that dummy McCarthy instruct his o-linemen to hold on one play and then get beaten on the next?
Vince is not smiling as he watches this.
Where the heck is the “seal here and a seal here, and run this play in the alley”??

JohnnyLogan's picture

Not so clever. The complaints are the staleness of the offense. Every team drops passes, has holding calls... but watch some of the more powerful offenses like the Rams and Saints and NE, the motion, the receivers running free. The reason our receivers drop so many is there's generally someone right on top of him. You have a running back that last year and this year averages over 6 yards a carry and you start a guy who averages just over 3. .But keep thinking McCarthy is an offensive genius and keep that snark going.

The TKstinator's picture

Never said he was a genius. When execution is lacking, the knee jerk reaction is to complain about play calling. Just gets old.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Read Rodgers comments after the game. He complained about the "plan" not with drops or holds. Knee jerk from Rodgers?

The TKstinator's picture

Yeah, I heard that too. Would love for him to elaborate but you know he’s not going to.

Demon's picture

Ok kudos to McDoughnut for calling a great game! Are you happy now TK? It always the players right?

Truth is MM is the headcoach equivelent of Capers. The game has passed him by. We have an electric halfback in Jones, only to have him be 3rd string? You're shitting me right?

The quicker this baffoon is rode out of town on a rail the better.

The TKstinator's picture

We aren’t privy to what really goes into all of it and it’s overly simplistic and tiresome to constantly call for “Fire everybody” and complain about “play calling”.

jhlisic's picture

TKstinator makes a good point.
I actually think its time to look at the guy under centre. He's a phenomenal player no doubt, but he deserves to shoulder some of the blame for the offensive struggles. This sandlot "let plays develop" bullshit looks great for YouTube highlight reels, but won't translate to another SB win. Rodgers needs to be reigned in and start playing within the confines of the system. Utilise the strengths of guys like Adams and Cobb (both exceptional route runners) by getting the ball to them quickly. The ball should be on them as they come out of their breaks. And it's any wonder we have holding calls on the offensive line. Which other line in the league is expected to block for as long as Green Bay's?

packergal's picture



But you realize the heresy of your comments about the Packers "sandlot strategy" on offense.

Soon... as a result of that comment about the "guy under center", YOU will be excommunicated by the Packers Faithful.

Demon's picture

And whos job is it to reign him in? Once again a failure of the HC

Oppy's picture

I can't say you're wrong, Tornado, but keep in mind Holmgren couldn't reel in Favre- something that, ironically, Mike McCarthy actually DID accomplish, and more importantly- hypothetically, what is any coach going to do with an Aaron Rodgers who decides to do his own thing when you have Kizer on the bench and Boyle on PS? You can't bench the guy, it's almost an automatic loss.

Demon's picture

I think itt was more Rhodes and Sherman that couldnt coach Favre. I actually remember Holmgren saying he almost benched Favre in favor of Brunell.

Sherman I believe was in awe of Favre. I remember him asking after a dreadful Favre performance " what can you say to a Hall of Famer?"

If AR is passing up an open receiver that would have gained a 1st down so he could hold the ball and play szndlot football, thats an easy fix. Take away his ability to change plays at the LOS or fine him for conduct detrimental to the team.

I know in the politicall correct nambi pambi world we live in you cant hurt anyones feelings.

crabby's picture

Baffoon love it!!!!!

The TKstinator's picture

One step closer to grunts and clicks.

Coldworld's picture

Jones got banged up in the 4th quarter and was removed as a precaution—I hope. Before that he was the dominant back in the second half. Look at the stats, after his 30 yard run when he first came in not a lot of difference from the others.

Why treat him like a pounder? He isn’t one. Let others (Williams) wear down the D. Use Jones in bursts and protect him when the game is over. We will need him through the New Year.

Nick Perry's picture

WOW...Congrats to Jordy Nelson. He's balling out for the 2nd time in 2 weeks.

Ball shouldn't have low-balled him so bad.

EdsLaces's picture

Hes no MVS ....buuuut. haha kidding .

Lphill's picture

So much for Earl Thomas , carted off today.

I bleed green more's picture

My Gut felt better after last week's game.

Touchdown Fan's picture

I am encouraged that Rodgers is upset about the offense. IMO they play better, the faster they play. Too often the play clock is run all of the way down. They’ll be fine.

Coldworld's picture

The wake up call is deserved. Execution was poor today again.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I can't rec this enough. Our OL must get the least advantage of any OL since all too often we snap the ball at the last possible second.

Lphill's picture

Anyone else realize that Kevin king has become the new Nick Perry?

The TKstinator's picture

If King is the new Perry, then who is the new King??

dobber's picture

It's good to be the King...

Bure9620's picture

Curl/flat, curl/flat, curl/flat, Tons of it. I hope Philbin sticks his nose in soon. This was pretty weird play calling today. This concept also requires precision routes from WRs, experienced Wrs and you saw what happened when Scantling messed up the curl.

Oppy's picture

Yeah, that's a young WR not understanding he has to attack the ball at this level. To be fair, we see veteran WRs make the same mistake across the league. I can only assume MVS learned a lesson he won't forget the next time. You gotta go get that ball, you can't wait for it to come to you.. because the DB's at this level ain't waiting.

I will say that the first half game plan was moving the ball a whole lot better that whatever they were doing in the second half. I can't remember the last time the offense actually looked BALANCED like that. Seemed like someone got impatient and decided to try to push everything down the field. Anyone's guess who made the shift.'s picture

I say let Rodgers call his own plays for the first 1/2 in Detroit. Like QBs back in the day
Let's how he does

Royalty Free GM's picture

It’s not enough. Let him decide which players are on the field. Now MM puts shitty combos and Rodgers has to deal with those.
But the work should have already been done off season... not now. Our offensive plays lack any imagination. That’s on MM. He is a dumb. A monkey would do a less harm to this team than MM.

12guage's picture

Me thinks that jordy is missed more than we know. ..he and rodgers had a special connection with one another. Seems every season Cobb is hurt and missing time. I also feel like McCarthy doesn't always use his best players I.e. the running backs or the tight ends. ..along with not calling the right plays for these players to be successfull. Maybe time for philbin to be named interim coach and Mccarthy sent packing if things don't get any better in packerland. ..sorry to say. Could be what needs to happen if we are to save the season

croatpackfan's picture

Just few remarks...

1. I can not believe that so many people here wants Packers to overload Aaron Jones, so he will be worn out when it will be of the utmost importance to have him! Good attitude, people, very good...

2. Complaining about play calling - there is 3 points I would like to point out. On every play call chosen by Mike McCarthy, we do not know if that play call is executed by Aaron Rodgers. Because Aaron Rodgers has all rights to change every play call.
Second point, I, also, can not believe that Packers fans wants Mike McCarthy (and Packers) to open their playbook and play lot of different looks, to confuse opponents and easy wins every game. That would be very "strategic"! So, if Packers will play in post season, lets gave enough film on all our offensive scheme so they can prepare for it. I would like to remind you on 2011 season when Packers were 15:1 and was dismantled by Giants in divisional round at home. Why do you think that happened?
Also, you have to understand (or not!) that there is only limited number of offensive plays Packers can have installed completely, because there is limited number of snaps in TC, preseason, regular season practices and games... So you can not have 1000 plays installed on your team!

3. It is logical that Aaron Rodgers is not in top form. Packers (MM and Aaron Rodgers) made huge mistake for not allowed Aaron to play more snaps in the preseason, because installation of the plays will be better if Aaron was brought to the game speed as others on offense is. That, plus injury has huge impact on throws which are not on the right place in the time (overthrown balls, balls thrown behind the receiver or to much in front of them).

4. Just for your information, Ha-Ha has same number of interception as Earl Thomas (both safety) and Xavien Howard and Donte Jackson (both CB) and leads stats column on! We should trade him for sure. We can not allow to have that good players on out roster. How we will than spit on Packers and their players and be disgusted with incompetence of those who runs Packers...

5. While I'm happy with Kyle Fackrell, I would like to see more from him in future to come on his bandwagon. T. J. Watts fans, here you have adequate player on Packers roster.

Thank you!

Bure9620's picture

Agree with you on Jones, he's not a 25 carry guy. Also, Ty is just as tough a receiving matchup and Willaims is the best in pass pro, which is really important in this offense. Running Aaron Jones into the ground at this stage of the season would be foolish. One of the few things I agree about what McCarthy is doing.

Grandfathered's picture

Agreed. What no one else seems to mention is Ty had a great game when he played. A nice catch and run out of bound late in the half; and a nice catch or two early when matched up with the backer. He had a nice blitz pickup. Then the Pack stopped using him basically.

RCPackerFan's picture

What I like most about this win, was we won easily, and didn't come close to playing our best game.

Defense played really well, but the offense left a lot out on the field. The offense had to many dropped passes again.
I'm looking forward to watching this team get better each week!

Booner's picture

Poor execution and stale playbook is what Rodgers is bitching about. What has Philbin done to change the playbook up this year? Same old same old! The game is passing Peanut up!

PackfanNY's picture

LOL....Reading some of these comments you would have thought the Packers lost 22-0 yesterday.
Boy, I would hate to wake up in Buffalo this morning.

Living in New York is great during football season as I can't wait to listen to Giants and Jets fans eviscerate their teams after a loss. The radio station here will be buzzing today as two teams will be playing almost meaningless games in October. Unfortunately, Packer fans can be as tough after a win.

Since '61's picture

Due to another commitment yesterday I was unable to catch the second half of the game. However, in spite of all the complaints and insults hurled at MM, AR, Gute and the Packers on this blog I personally would be very happy if the next 12 regular season games ended exactly as this one did, 22-0 for the Packers and the 14-1-1 record that would result. Then with a #1 seed I would be happy with 3 playoff wins and an SB victory with exactly the same result, 22-0 for the Packers.

Why can't alleged fans be happy with a win and a shutout rather than all the abusive, nasty insults and complaints hurled at the Packers after they won easily? Some of you would have complained about and fired Vince Lombardi.

Maybe it's the FF players who want 100 points a game and a TD on every possession. What I do know is that it is not either the football or Packer fans. All the negativity after an easy win is just ridiculous. Just be happy that the officials didn't screw up another game. Thanks, Since '61

croatpackfan's picture

Thank you for the support and sharing same impression after the game and reading comments...

Since '61's picture

Croat - I always look forward to reading your comments. Nice job. Thanks, Since '61

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