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Packers Select WR Equanimeous St. Brown in 2018 NFL Draft, Round Six

Packers Select WR Equanimeous St. Brown in 2018 NFL Draft, Round Six

With their lone sixth-round selection, the Green Bay Packers have selected Notre Dame wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown at No. 207 overall.


6-4, 214 pounds, 4.48 40, 34.5-inch vertical, 20 bench reps. Didn't have full Combine workout (knee).

Career Notes: 

Equanimeous St. Brown and Packers quarterback DeShone Kizer were both teammates at Notre Dame, and the two formed a solid connection in 2016. St. Brown led the team with 58 catches for 961 yards and nine touchdowns. Once Kizer left for the NFL, St. Browns' production dipped in 2017 with Brandon Winbush at the helm. Draft Profile

Scouting Report: Nice-sized receiver with big upside. Offers the quarterback an imposing target, goes over the middle of the field and takes big hits but holds onto throws. Adjusts to errant passes, extends his hands to make receptions away from his frame and keeps plays in bounds after the catch. Uses his large frame to shield away defenders and protect the pass. Fluid, nicely tracks the ball in the air and makes downfield receptions in contorted positions. Displays good quickness. Gives effort as a blocker and gets results.

CheeseheadTV: St. Brown, if available, would be a perfect player to use pick one in the fourth round on. There’s a very good chance he’s gone before then but to me Brown is a developmental player not suited for a top 100 pick. He has all the desirable traits, however, and he fits the Packers’ profile. He would be better served sitting for the majority of the year and learning the nuances of the NFL. I think he will struggle if expected to produce too early in his career. There are certainly routes he can be used on and he’s a really dangerous player underneath and can explode when the ball’s in his hands, but given the time to develop he can become much more than that and really be a fixture as a number two receiver down the line.



Just like Ted Thompson did last year by drafting three running backs at 134, 182 and 238 overall, new Packers G.M. Brian Gutekunst ponied up in similar fashion for the wide receiver position and took three at 133, 174 and 207 overall. There's bound to be some hits there in that trio.

Between J'Mon Moore, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and St. Brown, the Packers suddenly have a plethora of size for Aaron Rodgers to throw to. Each of them, offering their own distinctive qualities to the Packers' passing games. Some may be more of a project than others, but working with Rodgers should be enough to alleviate any deficiencies and work through flaws.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Lphill's picture

Smart kid 4.0 student , nice target for Aaron .

The TKstinator's picture

I hope he’s really, really good at receiving widely.

4thand1's picture

That sounds dirty

4thand1's picture

This should be a steal.

dobber's picture

Good value where they got him. If you flip this pick and the << grrr >> punter, I would feel much better.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yeah, I wonder how he dropped this far.

holmesmd's picture

Runs like a deer. 3 big fast targets in addition to Clark, Graham, Adams, and a few others. Should be a heck of a camp at the WR position!

AgrippaLII's picture

Finally something I like about this draft. The group of WR's selected.

Turophile's picture

WR M. Clark (on the roster) 6'6"
WR Marquez Valdez-Scantling 6'4"
WR Equanimous St.Brown 6'5"

Hmm. Aiming at getting vertical separation ?

The TKstinator's picture

Key, Peele, and I are rejoicing.

Colin_C's picture

Well played sir.

dobber's picture

I wonder what Chris Berman would do with this one...

packerfan9507's picture

Go Pack

holmesmd's picture

I may have my “homer optimism goggles” on but it’s very possible that WR position 3-6/7 is completely revamped! When was the last time we could say that in GB? #12 has to be thrilled at the presence of these prospects! Let’s not forget about Clark, Yancey, and even “slow” Allison. If Cobb remains thru cuts, he better BALL OUT. I like RC but his cap hit is insane compared to production. I have a very strong impression that the speed and athleticism of the WR room has very likely improved considerably.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Me too. I'm surprised he fell this far. Will be fun to watch the competition at WR. I honestly thought he'd be gone in round 3. Go Pack GO

PAPackerbacker's picture

Agreed. Excellent choice. I thought he would have been long gone at this point. Lots of YAC in college. Hope he can do the same as a pro. Go Pack Go

stockholder's picture

I'm so happy. 1 scout says starter. Another said #1 wr. Re-united with Kizer. He'll take Adams old scheme and be awesome. He can line up right or left. Gute I could kiss you.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I guess this is very telling as to Gute's assessment of Davis, Yancey, maybe some others.

I liked St. Brown. A little surprised by the triple dip, but as long as we're doing that, there are still some talented CBs on the board.

dobber's picture

Should be a dogfight for roster spots at WR after Cobb. Frankly, any of those returnees (Allison, Davis, Yancey, Clark) could be let go and I wouldn't bat an eye.

worztik's picture

I’d give Clark another chance, Dob... but, that’s just me being ever so kind to a rich young man!!!

flackcatcher's picture

Not surprised at all. Gute is picking players for the scheme and core depth. Very Ted like when Ted was drafting back in 2008-2009. I still have my doubts when I was told this draft is deep. But the stat line of this players D1 career doesn't lie. There is something going on with this draft. Still, I want to see these players at OTA and preseason before putting down a marker on any of them. High level D1 preforming players lasting till the 6th round. Amazing....

John Kirk's picture

Let the conspiracy talk commence that he was added for when Kizer takes over as QB1. :)

Weirdest name I think we've had since Bhawoh Jue and KGB.

I dislike Notre Dame as a program and just hope he's better than the last ND WR I got excited about...Derrick Mayes.

We're going to play big ball at WR. With Clark, Moore, MVS, ESB and Graham, we must have close to if not the tallest WR/TE stable in the NFL.

You see how it works...

The D gets year after year high picks. The O gets mid to late round picks because we have 12.

worztik's picture

John, you think too much or maybe you just type too much?!?! Either way, you always start with some contrarian comment and attempt to recoup from there, but, it’s too late... the damage has been done and the smell of liquid bovine excrement wafts through my nostrils!!! Oh how stinky...

holmesmd's picture

Umm, didn’t Golden Tate go to ND? Tim Brown...? ND is a pretty solid program, even though I’m not a huge fan. ;)

John Kirk's picture

Yes, holmesmd...they did. I don't like Notre Dame. I don't care who went there. Joe Montana did, too.

Worzy...thank you. I post what I feel. I can't help you with how you feel about it.

If you think I've done damage... I find it noteworthy that our fans are fired up about drafting offensive RBs and WRs late in the draft two consecutive years. Why not do that with defense? Why does defense always have to be the priority? It doesn't.

BTW, I like 2 of these 3 WR's... and I really like Donnerson as a 7th rounder. Guy has those measurables that are off the charts. Very exciting.

LIke I said before the draft, Brian LOVES those SPARQ athletes. He sure picked quite a few in this draft.

Minniman's picture

If CHTV released a fan quote of the week it would almost exclusively be taken by worz or dobber - good or bad, they are always pithy!

Nick Perry's picture

Don't forget THE TKSTINATOR ....

The TKstinator's picture

Aw shucks, NP...:)

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Amazing to me that your post got 7 thumbs-down.
Salty fans. Disappointing. I was at the draft from rounds 2-7.... fun times.

The key obviously, will be the top 2 CB's.
The 3 WRs have no pressure to help early.
I still want to see what DeAngelo Yancey can do.

I'm tired of Trevor Davis and he's an unintelligent punt returner. Jaire Alex should take over those duties.
And all these young WRs, hopefully shove Davis to the curb. He'll grab his pink slip at the 2 yard line...

John Kirk's picture

I'm amazed it didn't get more. :)

I'm of your soon as we got Jaire the first thing I thought of was buh bye Davis. He's obsolete. He's not a WR and this guy can actually make a difference on ST's.

This WR corps is so poor. It's as poor as RB was last year. The irony in that it was viewed as "one of the best in the NFL" by our base not more than a year ago. I'm not sure it's been fixed when adding picks from the 4th round on. Last year we added guys in the 5th or later. Just not a good way to build a position group. We're going with the get lucky approach like with RB. I'm deathly curious to see how this one works out. Not a single one of these WR's is anywhere close to a sure thing much less starting NFL material right now. That's a major roll of the dice on all these guys.

fthisJack's picture

wow....overkill! how bout an OLB or RB or TE.

worztik's picture

I, too, am surprised about the TEE position!!!

worztik's picture


flackcatcher's picture

Somewhere, some college football team is running that too......

I bleed green more's picture

I think Davis could be gone, wow what a draft. I saw the punter mentioned in the talk on NFL network they were high on this kid.

sonomaca's picture

Wouldn’t want Alexander to get hurt returning punts. Keep Davis there.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I agree about not wanting Jaire hurt returning punts, which happened to Will the Thrill Blackmon years ago.

But I don't want Davis anywhere near a punt anymore, or even making the final roster. I know he had the one big PR late last year....but he also fielded about 5 punts at the 5 or inside.

dobber's picture

I don't worry so much about punts.

If any number KOs were actually returned anymore, I'd say to keep him away from them.

Mojo's picture

The Packers just drafted a long-snapper.

I declare this draft a success.

holmesmd's picture

Hahahaha. Gotta end with a ppfft! Lol

sonomaca's picture

His family was featured on Real Sports. Dad is a bit crazy, but was Mr. Universe. Married the mom because she was athletic and would produce athletic kids (true!). One brother on Stanford football team. Other one headed to USC.

All three boys speak fluent German. All smart.

Spock's picture

Das ist Gute!

4thand1's picture

AR loves basketball, maybe he's gonna start his own team.

4thand1's picture

I'm happy, this was one WR I was hoping for thinking we would get him in the 4th, but the 6th? Big sideline target and should get downfield. Also another red zone target.

Qoojo's picture

This is a very interesting article about him. Sounds like a very good pick, and he might even have a chance to contribute in his rookie season.

John Kirk's picture

This is the 3rd player I know of that has some issues off the field that may have kept other teams leery and or away altogether.

Look into this guy's dad...he loves Lavar Ball and shares some similarities with him. The Packers may have brought all kinds of crazy with picking St. Brown. That is something a lot of teams want to avoid.

This was such an issue that even our media asked Brian about the Ball family connection last night. Brian said they checked into it and felt comfortable. We'll see about that down the road.

So, if you're wondering why he dropped so far...his crazy dad just might be the reason. Can't wait to see what this guy says. It'll be better than having Greg Jennings sister back on twitter slamming Aaron Rodgers.

sonomaca's picture

Greg Jennings was an accomplished player. EQ is a 6th rd rookie. If Brown Sr. starts causing trouble, just tell Jr. that the Packers won’t tolerate that sort of interference.

BTW, the Ball kids are stars. EQ is essentially a nobody. Big difference.
If he’s too much trouble, cut him.

John Kirk's picture

McGinn reported that an NFC Scout told him that Equinameous said he wouldn't play ST's.

Oh, boy... A Lavar Ball dad and that kind of attitude?

Looking for the right personality fits, are we?

sonomaca's picture

Well, better that he tell teams he won’t play ST before they draft him. I don’t plane him. ST is a death wish.

PatrickGB's picture

Well, he turned down playing on special teams. And he speaks German at home. So somebody should tweet "Mein Freund, wenn Sie auf ein Spiel Tag Register zu erhalten, müssen Sie erlernen, und einigen speziellen Mannschaften spielen wollen." to him.

Rebecca's picture

Some guy told another guy in the Walmart parking lot that BG likes EQ because BF said he liked his athleticism, shoe size and immeasurables. MM and TT watched tape on him one time and really liked him as an outstanding steal in this draft. Mark my words, this guy’s gonna be a star!

GaryBaker's picture

McGinn reported that an NFC Scout told him that Equinameous said he wouldn't play ST's.
That is something a lot of teams want to avoid.
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GaryBaker's picture

This is a very interesting article about him.

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