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Film Review: Which Receivers Could Green Bay Target on Day Two of the Draft?

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Film Review: Which Receivers Could Green Bay Target on Day Two of the Draft?

This week on the Friday Film Room, Marques Eversoll (@marqueseversoll) states that Green Bay will take a wide receiver on the second day of the draft, either in round two or three. He mentions a few names that could be options, including: Courtland Sutton, Anthony Miller, James Washington and DJ Chark. Today I’m going to take a look at a few of the options on day two of the draft and how they could potentially help Green Bay this upcoming season.

Let’s start with a breakdown of who fits Green Bay’s thresholds. Justis Mosqueda (@jumosq) did an incredible rundown last year for CheeseheadTV on Green Bay’s tendencies at each position. My understanding is that he’s going to be writing that series again this year; keep your eyes peeled for that! You can also take a look at last years’ article here:

In the meantime, Justis was generous enough to share with me the top receivers who meet Green Bay’s thresholds at wide receiver for the upcoming draft:

Meet all thresholds: Calvin Ridley, D.J. Moore, Courtland Sutton, DaeSean Hamilton, Deon Cain, Michael Gallop

On pace to meet thresholds (not enough data yet): DJ Chark, Equanimeous St. Brown

Not meeting thresholds: Antonio Callaway, Christian Kirk, James Washington, Dante Pettis, Keke Coutee

I’m not going to do full scouting reports today and how each and every player fits into the Packers’ system; if you are looking for that definitely take a look at the CheeseheadTV draft guide where Andrew Garda (@andrew_garda) does a phenomenal breakdown of each receiver and how they’d fit with the Packers’ offense. That said, I do want to take a look at the majority of these wide receivers who could go on day 2 and give you some film and break them down.

D.J. Moore

I know, I know, D.J. Moore probably isn’t going to be there when Green Bay picks at 45; but every year a player slips for unknown reasons; maybe miraculously that player is Moore this season. If Moore is there at pick 45 there is a lot to like. He matches a 4.42-40 yard dash with great ball skills and the ability to high point the football with ease. He’s not super tall at 6 feet even but he’s not slight either. An explosive player like Moore on the outside is exactly what Green Bay’s offense is missing. Either Moore or Chark would easily be the missing piece to the Packers’ offensive puzzle. They have the alpha WR in Adams, the slot guy in Cobb, the huge possession receiver in Graham, now get that speed guy to take the top off of defenses, Moore fits the bill.

D.J. Chark

I’m going to follow up Moore with Chark because the same things written above about Moore are true about Chark. They are both exactly what Green Bay’s offense needs. At almost 6’3” 200 pounds, Chark amazed with a 4.34-40 yard dash and has a phenomenal athletic profile. Both Moore and Chark came from systems with poor quarterback play that affected their overall results. I was amazed how far along Chark was as a wide receiver. Usually these 4.3 speed guys are kind of one trick ponies and rely way too much on their exceptional speed. Chark isn’t a fully polished receiver by any means but he combines his explosive athletic ability with good body control and the ability to track the ball. He’s a bit of a body catcher but he can improve that over time. Chark is the real deal.

Antonio Callaway

I’m not going to spend a ton of time on Callaway due to the off field concerns and him not meeting Green Bay’s thresholds. He’s a bit on the slight side and his numerous off-the-field issues are likely going to take him off of Green Bay’s board, at least for day two. He has the ability to separate as you’ll see below but he’s inconsistent and probably isn’t worth the headaches.

Anthony Miller

Anthony Miller is simply my favorite receiver in this draft and one of my favorite receivers that I’ve ever graded. Miller looks so natural playing receiver and is ultra-competitive in everything that he does. He shows up in big games and honestly I saw him perform well at some point in every facet of the game. I fully understand he doesn’t have the greatest size and he’ll probably struggle a bit with more physical corners. All things considered, Miller is a playmaker and a tough-as-hell football player. He’s one of those guys you simply want on your football team. He may not meet Green Bay’s thresholds and he’s probably better in the slot than outside, but trust me, you want Miller on your team.

For more on Miller, you'd be remiss to not take a look at Zach Kruse's (@zachkruse2) breakdown here:

Also, I usually break these down for you, but seriously take a look at Miller in these two games against U-Conn & UCLA, it's absolutely worth your time:

Courtland Sutton

Generally, I’d always advise Green Bay to stay away from players like Courtland Sutton, especially while Aaron Rodgers is around playing quarterback. Sutton is one of those players who are open even when they’re covered. He doesn’t routinely get great separation from defensive backs and he’s not a great route runner. Those types of players don’t really fit with Rodgers or the Packers’ offense. Rodgers doesn’t generally throw to covered receivers, he wants safe throws to reliable receivers who are going to be exactly where he expects them to be; just ask Jeff Janis. The reason I feel differently about Sutton is because he shows flashes of that ability. He ran a ridiculous 6.57 - 3-cone which shows even at that size he’s going to be able to get in and out of his breaks quickly. If he can put together a route tree and hone his craft, he could be a top 15 receiver in this league. He has a ton of value in round two.

DaeSean Hamilton

Of all the receivers in this draft, Hamilton and Gallup are probably the two that look the most like prototypical Packers’ receivers. Hamilton is best in the slot and lacks ideal explosiveness to be a dangerous playmaker in the NFL. He’s going to be a consistent route runner and has the contested catch ability that Green Bay generally loves in their receivers. He reminds me of a cross between Randall Cobb & James Jones. I don’t think he ever evolves into a top two receiver in this league, but he could be a really solid number three receiver for the foreseeable future and in round three that’s really solid value.

Michael Gallup

As I mentioned above with Hamilton, Gallup looks like a Packers wide receiver. He didn’t look great against Alabama with the exception of the play I posted below. I won’t reinvent the wheel too much here as CheeseheadTV’s own Ross Uglem (@rossuglem) created a fantastic thread on Gallup, check it out:

Christian Kirk

Kirk didn’t meet the thresholds and he wasn’t a player that I was overly enamored with. He’s on the shorter side and didn’t really have the explosive ability athletically that you would have liked to see. For the most part everything that he does is “ok.” Kirk has some suddenness at the line of scrimmage and he shows up as well in the return game. At the end of the day, Kirk would need to operate mostly out of the slot and to me he wouldn’t warrant a day two pick.

Deon Cain

What I like most about Deon Cain is that he shows up on film when you’re not specifically watching him. I’ve watched a lot of Clemson games while scouting other players over the past few years and Cain continued to show up time after time. What I’m not a fan of is Cain’s hands and his inability to stay even keeled throughout a game. At a glance Cain doesn’t seem to me like the Packers’ type of receiver. Yes he fits the size/speed/athleticism thresholds but I’m less concerned about that. He needs to be more reliable at the NFL level than he was in college. I certainly wouldn’t mind him in round three but I expect Green Bay goes in a different direction.

James Washington

Washington, besides not meeting the thresholds, was simply not the player I was hoping for when I put the tape on of him. He’s a straight line runner without much fluidity in his hips and while he is a decent route runner, he doesn’t have an advanced route tree. He’s a good deep ball receiver but he’s not going to be able to separate at the NFL level like he did in college. His 4.5 – 40 time will ultimately hold him back. I wouldn’t expect to see him in Green & Gold in 2018.

Dante Pettis

The highlights of Dante Pettis were better than the film. His punt return ability is fantastic and he moves very well both with and without the ball in his hands. I was really impressed by Pettis’ ability in the red zone as well. His change of direction ability makes him a nightmare for corners because he can get to any spot he wants so quickly. His size is an issue as is his play strength. Because he can be precise with his routes he could fit in Green Bay but Green Bay would have to go off their grid a bit in order to select him, especially on day two.

Equanimeous St. Brown

St. Brown, if available, would be a perfect player to use pick one in the fourth round on. There’s a very good chance he’s gone before then but to me Brown is a developmental player not suited for a top 100 pick. He has all the desirable traits, however, and he fits the Packers’ profile. He would be better served sitting for the majority of the year and learning the nuances of the NFL. I think he will struggle if expected to produce too early in his career. There are certainly routes he can be used on and he’s a really dangerous player underneath and can explode when the ball’s in his hands, but given the time to develop he can become much more than that and really be a fixture as a number two receiver down the line.

So what players ultimately fit the best in Green Bay? If you’re looking for players who could open up the offense and make an impact on day one, then D.J. Moore and D.J. Chark are those players for me. Both can be the explosive playmaker on the outside that Green Bay has been desperately lacking. If you’re looking for prototypical Packers receivers, look no further than DaeSean Hamilton or Michael Gallup.

If you told me today that Green Bay selected a receiver on day two of the draft, I’d put fairly decent money that the player they drafted would be one of Chark, Moore, Gallup or Hamilton. If I’m the one drafting for Green Bay, give me any of Moore, Chark, Sutton or Miller in round two or Gallup in round three.

Make sure to order the CheeseheadTV Draft Guide:

Listen to previous Friday Film Room sessions here:

Make sure to tune in Friday’s at 9:50am on WDUZ:


Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and appears weekly on 107.5 The Fan in Green Bay to breakdown film. This past season he was an analyst on Green Bay Nation on WFRV TV in Green Bay. Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder; follow him on Twitter at @sconniesports.

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Bert's picture

I haven't seen these guys play much but don't sleep on Cedric Wilson. He's gonna be a pretty good WR for somebody. AR would greatly appreciate his smarts, toughness and ability to catch throws in traffic. I see Wilson as good value in RDs 3-4.

DetroitSUCKS's picture

Draft speed if possible with Teez Tabor in mind and mediocre Nevin Lawson

stockholder's picture

I'll take Chark. @45 and even go up after him. Terrific at the senior Bowl! @ 75 Brown to reunite with Kizer. Get both these guys. Cain is a gamble. And I think DJ Moore is like Desmond Howard. It's height for me.

EdsLaces's picture

I'll take Gallop ftw please.

Colin_C's picture

Andrew, it gives me joy to find another Packer fan as enamored with Miller as I am. I see a lot of AB in his game...

Actually, I pretty much agree 100% with your analyst on all these guys from what film I've seen on them. Great write up!

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

Couldn't agree more. Not a fan that he'll turn 24 this season, but he's a hell of player & competitor. I think he'd be a good addition along with Chark or Gallup.

With that im mind, this draft is so deep, we could conceivably find a big time player in each round at WR. Others not mentioned like Daurice Fountain, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Dylan Cantrell, & Auden Tate in rounds 4 and later

John Kirk's picture

Fun piece. Nice work, Andy. A lot of Packers bloggers and tweeters are in love with Miller, like you, CC. I love him, too. I would love to see a total revamp of our WR corps with the addition of Sutton and Miller. I completely disagree with Andy that Davante is an alpha receiver...he's a beta needing an alpha type on the other side to produce. I know you can say he produced without one with Hundley but that is not accurate if you go in depth. Nelson was still on the field and perception plays a role. Plus, a defense totally disrespecting the pass to load up on the run isn't exactly a good gauge of a WR's prowess.

Sutton is my dog. Had he come out after JR season he was the scouts favorite. He is Terrell Owens, Alshon Jeffery and Dez rolled into one. YAC monster. Faster than DJ Moore in the 10 yard split. Smooth like Antonio Freeman was for us. Just exudes star when I watch him. Big hands. Body control. Andy mentioned the other worldly 3 cone for man half way to 6'4 220+.

One other disagreement is Rodgers has made a career out of throwing to WR's who don't separate so I don't understand one bit the idea that Sutton doesn't fit our O. He's a PERFECT fit. Fast 10 yard split. Short WCO pass YAC monster and RZ nightmare. Back shoulder maestro.

Sutton grew up idolizing Terrell Owens game. He gets the Alshon Jeffery comparison a ton along with Brandon Marshall and Dez Bryant. He's being WAYYYYY undervalued due to the route tree issue and his 4.54 40 which was better than Davante's. This guy is 6'3 and 3/8" and runs faster than Adams. Stronger and bigger than him, too. A great complement on the other side. A speedster would help to go with those two.

A quick note on Chark...he's getting crazy gaga love due to his 40 but he was only the 3rd fastest WR at the Senior Bowl. Next Gen stats showed him hitting the 3rd fastest WR speed.

One quick one from Matt Harmon...he is in love with Daesean Hamilton. He does reception perception a fun metric on WR's. He loved Taywan Taylor last year who was underused in Mariota's less than impressive 2nd year.

A draft taking Sutton and Miller in the 1st and 3rd for us would be a dream. I'd even go 1st and 2nd to get that pair of studs. We've done that with CB a couple of times... I can't see a reason why we wouldn't want to load up Aaron. Best way is to get two high picks who appear to have some special to their game. A good CB can be had in Round 3.

CJ Bauckham's picture

Personally, Adams went from a beta to an alpha in my mind when he continued to produce all year even with Brett Hundley throwing him the ball.

IIRC most of his stats put him in or near the top 10 wr's in the league, minus his total yards. Alot of people knock him for having zero thousand yard seasons, but for crying out loud he had 997 two years ago (splitting hairs there) and 885 last year. Again, with Hundley throwing the ball. I know it's easy to point the finger at Hundley, but he also deserves it.

Now I understand he's not a Julio Jones or a Megatron. If that's what you mean when you say alpha, then I will concede my point. But I think he has pretty solidly put himself into the discussion as to the top 10-15 wr's in the league, so that makes him an alpha in my book.

Can't wait for the draft! I like Sutton too. Plays man ball. It'd be fun to have him snagging darts from the goat

John Kirk's picture

We're in agreement on Courtland.

Adams had better numbers with Hundley than he did Rodgers per game average. Why? That is a critical question that has to be answered by those who think he's arrived based on play with Hundley. There's not a doubt in my mind he thrived more with Hundley over Rodgers because Hundley was terrible. Teams loaded up for the run and had a prevent defense mentality, so to speak, against our woeful QB. Do you get excited by garbage time stats? It's like all of Hundley was garbage time in the pass game. I believe it's a major error thinking Davante arrived last season. An egregious overpay took place and I believe we'll see that this and the next couple of seasons.

CJ Bauckham's picture

We shall see!

To answer your question, I think alot of Adams numbers with Hundley stem from the disappearance of Jordy down the stretch. Whereas Rodgers could get the ball to Jordy, Hundley could not.. and Adams benefitted

John Kirk's picture

How do you explain Jordy's numbers with Adams when Rodgers was there? I think Adams proponents have to dismiss a big picture view to conclude he's now a dominant NFL WR. Looking at all the variables throughout the entire season, he doesn't look all that impressive, to me, but I really try to analyze things to death.

There is no way an opposing CB took Adams as seriously with Hundley throwing it as Rodgers. NONE. It was a totally different thing for anyone and everyone involved save for maybe Adams who was gunning for a contract. He had incentive to crank it up and he did but he did it vs. opposing CB's who thought , and rightfully so, our passing game was a joke.

I've not been on the Adams bandwagon since his drafting. I feel no differently today. This is the season where we find out who he really is. He has his money. Aaron should be back to being Aaron. Let's see what he does this season. If I had to bet, I would lay it all that he doesn't come close to living up to his contract.

In these kinds of fun debates, it'd be nice to establish some parameters. What should Adams do next season numbers wise? I read this stuff about him being a top WR in the NFL. His numbers should reflect that. I'll bet he's in the 20's as to yards. As Aaron Rodgers top target,he should be able to do far better, but I doubt he will. I've rarely been as passionate about a point as I am about this one...he better get help opposite him on the outside or he's really going to struggle.

So, Organ Leroy...I won't dream of a WR in Round 1...I will simply hope for one, as Adams is no standalone star in this league even though he's paid as one.

Oh, how I wish I could know who decided Adams was worth that contract. It wasn't Ted. I'm guessing that was all Russ Ball. After an abysmal failure there it's a great thing he can't do any further damage. We're about to find out what Brian thinks of our WR position. He chased Allen Robinson and Sammy Watkins. Didn't do that because he thought Adams was a game changing player. Robinson with Bortles has been so much more than Adams has been with Rodgers. We NEED a guy like Allen Robinson to offset Adams weaknesses. It'll be fun if we do go WR in Round 1. I'll try to contain myself here...

OrganLeroy's picture

Keep dreaming because we won't be drafting a WR in the 1st round!

Chuck Farley's picture

I saw a mock of us tak8ng st brown but it wasn't in the second

4thand1's picture

I want someone who can run fast, get open, and can catch.

EdsLaces's picture

Well said lol

Turophile's picture

My guess is the Packers go corner in round two, which is the most urgent need left if they go edge rusher in round one. Whoever is still on the board at #45, one of C.Davis, J.Jackson, M.Hughes, J.Alexander, I.Oliver. Ideally, they have the ammo to move up a couple of spots, but one of the above might last to #45.

Then the Packers go WR in round three, because there are so many decent WR prospects grouped with round two ability, someone will slip to round three and be a bargain there. Again I'd like to see a move up, maybe half a dozen spots, if they get a willing trade partner.

Someone from this group should still be there at #76, D.J.Moore, D.Cain, C.Sutton, J.Washington, C.Kirk, A.Miller, M.Gallup, E. St.Brown, D.J.Chark, D.Pettis.

I'm not a real believer in Mosqueda's parameters determining which WRs the Packers are interested in, so I have included some names that don't meet his requirements (Washington, Kirk, Pettis).

stockholder's picture

Cain- past Ped. Size Moore, Miller, and Kirk. Slow Washington and sutton. Pettis, Gallop, Brown, have the best shot in 3rd. Chark will be better than Ridley. Cb - I would take a game changer (WR) over an average CB in the 2nd. Meaning Chark!

Turophile's picture

Cain's PED was cocaine, rather than a performance enhancer.
I'll grant you that Kirk is only 5'10", but he is very productive - he's a slot guy all the way - but Moore and Miller are 6'0" and 5'11", while being two of the smoothest hardest-to-cover WRs available. I think both could manage to play outside, despite not being 6'3"+.

Washington is built more like a RB and lacks the speed you'd like, but he still finds ways to get open deep, time and again, very talented (averaged 20.9 yds on 70 receptions - league best among the most active college receivers). Sutton isn't slow for a 6'3.5" guy - he isn't a burner, but he has a huge catch radius and can play better than St.Brown, who is taller and faster, but a less talented receiver.

Chark is a ball-bobbler, but he does have burning speed.

I'd like any one of Moore, Washington, Miller, Sutton, Cain in the second round. I wouldn't like to pass on Chark, Pettis or Gallup either in the third - I'm undecided on St. Brown, he does have great measurables though.

stockholder's picture

7 teams need Wrs. I see Ridley, Chark, Moore, and even Kirk gone in rd. 1 now. Agree on the rest.

OrganLeroy's picture

Get over D. J. Moore, he's going in the 1st round.

Turophile's picture

"Get over D. J. Moore, he's going in the 1st round."
There's a very good chance you are on the money there, OrganLeroy, but until the draft happens, there is always hope, even if it is probably a forlorn one.

Royalty Free GM's picture


Handsback's picture

Hamilton, Pettis and ESB were the three guys mentioned as interviewed multiple times by the Packers. Of course doesn't mean anything since they all may be gone when they pick or they have ruled them out.

PatrickGB's picture

I like Chark. There are lots of DB's in this draft and I could see us getting one later. A typical 2nd round pick for GB is a great WR in the second round. We draft an ER in the first, a WR in the second and we still have 10 more picks (and released FA's) for the rest.

Bure9620's picture

The more I watch Anthony Miller, the more I like, his red zone production was just absurd and defenses basically knew he was getting targeted. There was no one even close to him in CFB in the red zone, I would love to see what he can do with Rodgers. I am not a Pettis, Kirk or Cain fan either. Miller is definitely worth a 2nd round pick but I doubt he is there. Awesome route runner as well.

Turophile's picture

Miller and D.J.Moore are two of the smoothest, slickest runners out there, and both should be gone sometime in round 2, probably before the Packers second pick at #45..

OrganLeroy's picture

I saw a couple of Memphis games on TV last year and Miller was insane, no one could cover him.

stockholder's picture

Your going to make Ross mad. He wants Gallop. But I agree with everyone on Miller. Plays taller than he is.

LambeauPlain's picture

Zack Kruse's comparison of Miller to Greg Jennings was a good one. Like Jennings, Miller has an absolute ton of college production and runs an impeccable route tree.

Like Jennings, Miller catches the ball effortlessly.

And Miller is more elusive than Jennings and would be a a YAC machine.

holmesmd's picture

DAL just released Dez Bryant!! Please GB, get this guy on a 1-2year flier. GB is the perfect environment for Dez and he could rebirth his career. Our offense would literally UNSTOPPABLE with #88 on the roster! Heck, I might think of cutting Cobb to get it done! I love RC but Monty could play the slot and Graham will be there often. Adams & Bryant would be ridiculous. We can only wish.

OrganLeroy's picture

No thanks to Bryant! Has been!

worztik's picture

Bryant is a momma’s boi, infantile, self centered GHETTO DWELLER... but he does drive a Bentley, so at least he gives the impression of being a pimp even if he isn’t... stop the Dez Bryant talk NOW... just SMH at those who think he’d fit in with the Packers!!! Never will be... it would be the end of the beginning for Gute, Rodgers and MM... just expressing, “STRONGLY”, my opinion of that pouting loser!!!!!

John Kirk's picture

Dez and his foot injury changed him. I wouldn't touch him, either, as he's not the same guy. Oh, how I wanted him over Bulaga years ago but he's at the end. I live down here in Cowboys country and get the local channels so I hear about Dez all the time. He needed to be cut. I'd probably prefer Nelson to Dez as to those two old horses.

Watch Dallas take Courtland Sutton to replace him, if Sutton is there. I think ol' Courtland will make a late run up the boards. Niners are someone to watch for him in Round 1, also. They supposedly love him.

Flow49's picture

I’d like it for a sensible price tag. Dez may not be the world beater he once was but he’d be a solid #2 on the outside. And what a better way to stick it to the cowboys than to catch a game winning TD in the playoffs for the Packers! Kick the tires on Dez it can’t hurt.

Finwiz's picture

According to ESPN.....

Top destinations for Dez Bryant:


RobinsonDavis's picture

Can't get enough of this type of article, Andy! Thank you!! Although, I lover Miller, I simply don't know if we will get to him. If not, I still like St. Brown. At 6'4", he is fast, can still put on much more weight, and coached to run more precise routes, With a father who was a weight-lifting Mr. Universe. He has plenty of talent to offer now, and wreaks of more potential (on the strength end especially) with a higher ceiling to come.

For anybody wondering about Moore, throw on the Wisconsin tape from last year. Impressive! Also like Gallop and Chark.

Duneslick's picture

I don't think there are any edge rushers except for landry or chubb worth a first round pick at 14. If james, ward or Fitzpatrick then take them otherwise trade back in the first and pick up a 2nd. Draft oliver and then the best wr with your highest 2nd rd pick .
Saftey or OT next. Pass rushers are a poor group this year and who's to say Beigle, M Adams or Gilbert won't be just as good. Put in a press coverage secondary concept that will give the pass rushers more time to get to the QB

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