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Packers Select Alabama LB C.J. Mosley in First Round of #MockOne Draft

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Packers Select Alabama LB C.J. Mosley in First Round of #MockOne Draft

In the first round of the #MockOne online draft, the Green Bay Packers have selected Alabama inside linebacker C.J. Mosley with the 21st overall selection.

#MockOne is an entire seven-round mock draft with all 32 NFL teams represented by microblog users. You can follow along with the draft in real time at or the hashtag on Twitter

For a third consecutive year, I am acting as general manager of the Packers, joined by a group including @MatthewJStein, @nickslegel and @carstenjh26.

Utlimately, the Packers got the No. 1 inside linebacker to come off the board.

Mosley seems to be a player born and bred to play inside linebacker, the type that instinctively knows where each run and pass is going before the rest of the defense.

Arguably able to take on offensive linemen, use his hands and shed blocks better than any other linebacker in this year's draft class, Mosley would join a position long on options but short on playmaking ability in Green Bay.

A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones are the incumbent starters, although Mosley would figure to make a strong push to join the starting lineup if selected by the Packers.

Ultimately, the decision may be made by the doctors in Green Bay, who had the opportunity to medically examine Mosley at the NFL Combine back in February. There are rumors circulating the Alabama linebacker may have health concerns that will impact his draft status, but they've gone unconfirmed.

In the interests of full disclosure, my first choice would have been Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier, who was also available, but I was out-voted by other members of our team. I was not particularly disappointed considering Mosley was my second choice.

Should the Packers be faced with a decision to pick between Mosley and Shazier in next week's actual draft, they'll be in a win-win situation.

Louisville safety Calvin Pryor was considered to be the third option behind the pair of linebackers.

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zoellner25's picture

^I think i would love this ^.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"my first choice would have been Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier"

totally agree with that.

DrealynWilliams's picture


Sportspack's picture

If this is a best available player pick, I would agree. If this is a pick just to fill a need at ILB, I feel we have more pressing needs.

JimTaylor31's picture

I'm not sure we have more pressing needs but I do agree that if we pick Mosely "just to fill a need at ILB" then it will be a mistake. I hope Ted goes for the player that he feels has the most ability and upside rather than trying to fill a need. I just think that trying to force the draft to fill needs and passing on better players will eventually lead to a mediocre roster.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'd rather have "best MLB prospect"> "best S prospect"

We won the SB with Charlie Peprah as the starter.

D. Bish & AJ Hawk > Nick Collins & Charlie Peprah

How would picking Mosley to better a weak position be a mistake??? If it's a NEED -- address it. It's not like Mosley is graded out of the first round.

jh9's picture

If C.J. Mosley is available when the Packers pick at 21, he is not only the BPA he will be filling a huge need.

Show me a great defense and I'll show you a team that has great ILBs. ILBs are the heart of a defense. Our ILB play the last few years has been mediocre at best. IMO Hawk and Jones are merely "serviceable."

I don't know of a talent evaluator who wouldn't rate Mosley as a top 15 player in terms of talent in this draft. If he falls to the Packers at 21 it's only because of his injury history. The same concern dropped Eddie Lacy last year and look what we got. From all the reports I've read, Mosley has medically checked-out and been given a clean bill of health. Picking him at 21 is both the BPA and filling a need.

Besides, even if one picked Shazier because of health concerns doesn't mean he's bulletproof. Datone Jones and JC Tretter had good medical histories when they were drafted last year and look what happened to them in pre-season.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I totally agree.

JimTaylor31's picture

Maybe. The only talent evaluator that matters is TT. If Ted picks Mosley at #21 then I'll be satisfied that he picked Mosley based on talent first and need second. If both Mosley and Beckham are available at #21 and Ted picks Beckham (or somebody else) then I'll be happy with that too. Either way I mainly want the best player who can actually come in and show something and help the team win. And not get hurt on or before Family Night would be nice.

4thand1's picture

We'll know in 6 days..................can't wait. If The Pack doesn't draft a safety at 21, a good one will there later. Anything will be an upgrade. Don't be surprised if its a TE.

Clay Zombo's picture

Im open to all possibilities at this point, sure Id be happy with Mosley, Shazier, Pryor or Ward but I would also be happy to see them draft a guy like Brandin Cooks who can be a dual threat on offense and STs or somebody like that.

For the love of God just get a good player that will actually stay healthy for once, that's all I want.

DrealynWilliams's picture

To me, Ward looks too much like a CB and if we went CB in the 1st round I'd much rather have Dennard or Fuller. The Safety (either Buccanon or T.Brooks) can be addressed in the 2nd.

Imma Fubared's picture

This time of year is fun. We all know the Packers have a lot of needs to fill. I blame that on relying of those developmental players who never developed and now there back tracking.
I still think they need a power pass rusher but hey, this teams pass defense is horrid and that's being kind.
My choice last year was an O lineman in the first two rounds to shore that line up and get Rogers protection. He is the franchise lets get him coverage to throw. We didn't do that and the result was predictable.
No I'm going with a Safety. Pryor if available. Then a Tight end, then two O linemen (center) then a receiver and or linebacker.
There is some good talent in the later rounds this year.

4thand1's picture

LMFAO. Burfict was trouble but cleaned up his act. So every GM in the NFL was wrong but only the great cowpie knew he would be a pro bowl line backer. You must be a gypsy with a crystal ball. Cobb is a threat every time he steps on the field. Nelson is a top 10 WR. Middle of the road group my ass. According to you, the Packers only have 1 player on this team. You still suck.

4thand1's picture

How convenient, you must be hoping the OROY Eddie Lacy will be a bust or get injured. Guess he doesn't count in your distorted view as a play maker. You still suck.

zeke's picture

Not to beat a dead horse, but just a gentle reminder that he posts these things in order to get a reaction. The more negative things he spews, the more people respond (and refer to him), the happier (?) he gets. He wants the attention, full stop. Ignore him and he'll eventually leave.

4thand1's picture

I know Zeke, but its like a drug and I'm bored so might as well give the turd some crap. Hate to see him get so depressed he does something desperate, so I humor the moron. We all know what the best thing to do is to ignore the poor sap. But, he still sucks.

Mojo's picture

I keep hearing Barr might fall to the bottom third of the 1st. In that case the Pack should take him and not look back. The potential there is too great to pass up.

If any of these (and I know this is a stretch) players were available when the Pack pick I would take them in this order:

1. Barr
2. Donald
3. Mosley
4. Shazier
5. Dix
6. Dennard
7. Pryor
8. Ward
9. Beckham
10. Verrett

I would probably try to trade down if the top five weren't around. If Houston doesn't take a QB at one and Cleveland doesn't at four,Houston could easily be looking for a draft partner to get their QB ahead of Cleveland at 26. Houston has the 33rd, 65th and 101st picks after their 1st. They might be interested in having the 1st and 21st. If so, it would be worth those other two Houston picks if Ted was willing to drop down twelve spots. I know the draft-value chart would favor GB by around 140, but that's only worth a late third rounder, and if Houston thinks they're getting their franchise QB, well you never know...

Mojo's picture

Oops, forgot about the possibility of Ebron. I'd slot him in at five and push everyone else back a spot. And throw Kouandjio in at twelve.

4thand1's picture

If Barr fell to 21, I'd hate to watch and see the Pack not pick him. If these teams picking ahead of GB go QB crazy, some really good players will drop down.

Aeric's picture

Cow you ignorant slut

DraftHobbyist's picture

It's a good pick depending on the medical, but I do fear the medical with Mosley and I think he will probably drop because of it. He's had many different injuries and some of them were very serious. I would've been really tempted to use Derek Carr as trade bait or even to take him, as I consider him to be the #1 QB in the draft, Mosley has the medical issues, Shazier plays really weakly on the field, and I don't believe in Pryor at all.

4thand1's picture

Stroh, take a pill. We don't want another Bernice episode. Your right on your assessment though. I've wanted Mosley all along, hope he's there.

4thand1's picture

You still suck

DrealynWilliams's picture


The TKstinator's picture

If Mosley is available at 21, I'll eat my shirt.

(I plan to wear a shirt made of bacon that day.)

4thand1's picture

I'm wearing one made out of pizza.

JimTaylor31's picture

I like Mosley but the more I read about Fuller the more I like him too. Seems like a guy who can play CB, slot and safety and play them all very well. The one knock I read on Fuller is that he plays bigger than he is physically sometimes. He may have to add another 10 lbs. or so.

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