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Packers Question of the Day: Takeaways From the Loss

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Packers Question of the Day: Takeaways From the Loss

Yeah, that was a brutal one. Kind of less than ideal Bart Starr had to witness that defeat on Sunday first-hand.

The Packers fell to the Saints, 26-17 in the first start for quarterback Brett Hundley.

What were your takeaways from the loss?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Duke Divine's picture

The defense can't get off the field. They're terrible! 3rd and 17 converted. 3 and 12 converted. 3rd and 11 converted. If not for a couple bad throws by Brees this would have been a blow out. Mashed Potato Mike and Hudley were gross in the passing game but this defense is the reason the PAck aren't going anywhere with or without Rodgers. Two weeks in a row coming out of halftime to give up a 85 yard drive to Case freakin Keenum and no resistance on a short field for Brees. How can you have 10 players on the field and guys confused every play? It's week 7 and they look as they are under prepared for their first ever pro game? Dix is a JAG and I'd rather see Marwin Evans at this point, at least he goes all out and does't pull back when breakin on a ball or ball carrier...

HankScorpio's picture

"3rd and 17 converted."

On a WR screen, no less. The Saints did a decent job of getting their OL out there to block but that is just stomach-turning defense.

croatpackfan's picture

Well, that D made 2 TO, in the row, at the beginning of the game...

After that they were on the field for 63% of the game time... Offense 55 snaps, D 76 snaps... Wow!

And all that against elite offense and elite QB...

NMPF's picture

As inept as the O was, this D is pitiful, 500 yds & 37 minutes time of possession. #12 would have been hard pressed to lead this team to a win. A large amount of the pundits are putting this on HC and QB. IMO this is on the D. Same ole story same ole song and dance.

HankScorpio's picture

ToP is a two-way stat. The Saints can't run up their number if the Packers are running up theirs. The offense deserves as much blame as the defense for the Saints holding a big ToP advantage.

After the two first half picks on the heels of the Saints moving the ball some, the Packers offense needed to move the chains some to give the defense a break. They did not.

And it really showed from half to half. In the first half, the Saints scored on 1 of 5 drives. Sure it was way too many yards allowed but not many points. Not great defense but effective enough. In the second half, it was 4 of 4 drives prior to kneel-down time and that obviously is not good enough at all.

With #12 on the field, the Packers offense moves the ball in the first half, and the Packer defense is not so worn down in the second half. Maybe they stop 2 of 4 drives. Maybe just 1 of 4.

Yesterday was a total team loss. Both sides of the ball had their moments but neither side had nearly enough of them. For good measure, the Saints coaching staff de-pantsed the Packers staff in halftime adjustments.

Mojo's picture

Just a wee bit of contention on the Packers 1st half D. The defense may have given up one score on 5 drives, but at least two of the non-scoring drives were long and deep into GB territory.

A really bad decision on Brees' part thwarted a scoring opportunity when Randall got the INT. A nice play by House doused the other.

The Packers inability to get off the field with 3 and outs had as much to do with their fatigue problems as anything else.

HankScorpio's picture

That's true. The picks were deep in Packer territory after the Saints possessed the ball for some time to get there. All the more reason it was vital for the offense to move the chains a time or two to give the defense a rest.

I'm not arguing that the Packer defense does not deserve any blame for the ToP margin. They forced only 2 punts all day, both in the first half. That's not good defense.

I'm just arguing that by definition, ToP is as much a measure of the Packer offense vs Saint defense as the other way around. It would be one thing if the Packer offense was quick striking multiple TDs on big plays but that was clearly not the case. It was way too many 3 and outs by the offense and way too few by the defense. If either one of them changed, the ToP stat is fundamentally altered. It is a perfectly obvious point that distributes blame instead of concentrating it. As my eyes told me was the case as I watched that train wreck in slow motion.

Finwiz's picture


Finwiz's picture


Since '61's picture

My takeaways from the game are that the Packers on offense were more concerned with protecting Hundley's confidence instead of playing to win the game.
Given how Hundley was obviously held back, especially during the first half from opening up the offense, I must question how much confidence does MM actually have in Hundley. Or is there a reason we haven't seen why he was held back. We should have opened up the offense after each of the 2 picks by the defense in the first half and put NO on their heels. Two terrible 3rd down calls on both of those possessions, not to mention no execution.

Early in the week MM stated categorically that he was going with Hundely. It didn't look like he was going with him yesterday, it looked like he was holding him back, why?

Next takeaway is our defense reverted back to their "get off the field after a score defense". All things considered (injuries and playing against Brees) I though they held up well in the first half. The second half they went back to awful again and we have seen enough of that since 2011.

Jamaal Williams ruined our chance to get some momentum in the second half with his stupid holding penalty on the KO return by Trevor Davis that would have given the offense good field position at the 40+ yard line.

Final takeaway, this was a winnable game that was given away with a timid offensive game plan, stupid penalties, and poor defensive play in the second half. The team played like they knew they were going to lose especially in the second half and there was no reason for it. Both the coaching staff and the players need to step up big time after the bye. Otherwise start over in 2018 with Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, Davate Adams, Kenny Clark, Mike Daniels, Blake Martinez, Josh Jones and Ha Ha and chuck everyone else.

On a more positive note it was great to see Bart Starr again, just a little more than 2 months away from the 50th anniversary of his game winning drive and QB sneak in the Ice Bowl. We had a real team then. Thanks, Since '61

Duke Divine's picture

WHy is Ha Ha on this list?? He's garbage

pooch's picture

Yes he is,most highly over rated pro bowler ever

pooch's picture

Yes he is,most highly over rated pro bowler ever

Since '61's picture

I put Ha Ha on the list because he has played well in the past and I expect that he should have some upside left. I admit that he has not been good so far this season and I don't know why. Maybe he's playing with an injury or his role has changed or what but I figure that Burnett will not be back after this season and we'll need at least one safety with experience going forward. Thanks, Since '61

Duke Divine's picture

He looks just as lost and confused as the rest of the secondary and he's a damn vet!... He only plays well when the running plays are strung out to him by the line and LBs or when a QB makes a terrible overthrow. Dix can't break on a ball and make a play nor can he tackle in the open field, I won't even bring up his zone coverage lapses... Garbage

Tarynfor12's picture

The problem is most actually believe what McCarthy says about a player, what he is going to allow a player to do and most detrimental is many belive that McCarthy believes what he's saying. When instance after instance, game after game he proves otherwise.
After 3 preseasons, and one where Rodgers didn't play or nearly practice with Hundley getting full benefits of that, does McCarthy still go into a game, knowing Hundley is the starter for the duration, not open the playbook which Hundley should know, unless like Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny needing 6 years to pass the test, can he not be prepared to use it when he is as acclaimed by McCarthy and thought to be by so many, though likely kool-aid induced.
Many want roll outs, but that will only induce him to run and not develop the pocket presence needed to win as running QBS get cheers but win you nothing long term.

dobber's picture

I just don't believe that anyone still believes anything MM says in a press conference.

stockholder's picture

Don't agree on Adams. TT just gave Perry a big contract. Can't take that chance with Adams. The thing that was noticed , was the separation of the Wrs. Adams has the Air Time, yet no one jumped for the ball. With the Te's TT just signed. There's no reason to throw short to Adams. He's just not as good as people think. Look for a rebuild here and soon.

Houndog's picture

I might have to ask as well why HaHa is on your list, but with him being one of Albino Ted's boys expect him to be here for the long haul.
On the other hand I might also agree that it's time for a housecleaning, and you should start with Mark Murphy, the guy that's content to field an average team year after year without any repercussions.
Murphy's too busy as a politician and developer thinking about the checkbook rather than the product that keeps it overflowing, this is supposed to be about football!
Next, get rid of Dom (Deluise) Capers, and if McPuffy doesn't like it he can go too! What I saw on Sunday vs the Saints was pathetic, no heart, no organization, and little to no effort. It was like they had lost before they took the field, and maybe they had. Hundley, while not displaying the deer-in-the-headlights look certainly played like one, tentative, no inkling of accuracy. Put that with poor play calling, and poor coaching and you get what we got, a loss much worse than the score would indicate.
As much as I dislike Albino Ted for his refusal to surround two consecutive HOF quarterbacks with the talent and coaching to win Superbowls I will continue to consider Murphy an equal problem. Where is Bob Harlan when you really need him?

Razer's picture

I started by writing a sarcastic comment then backspaced the whole thing out. The disappointment of the loss and the predictability of the failures is sad. This team has chronic weaknesses that have been with us for a long time and they don't appear to be changing. When Aaron Rodgers is throw bullets into tight windows, we don't tend to question the lack of progress on some of these fronts. Brett Hundley takes off those rose colored glasses.

The old cries of predictable offense, rebuilding defense, confused secondary are all front and center again. The loss isn't all that surprising but the progress on some of these chronic issues is very troubling.

Point Packer's picture

Seasons over. Why go 7-9 and miss the playoffs when you can go 4-12 and get a better draft pick?

fastmoving's picture

7-9 is just one win away from 8-8 season, what could be not fare away from wining the north.
besides that what difference would it make to pick 10 spots earlier, especially with the success TT had with all his drafts........??
At least the success you givin him credit for.

Point Packer's picture

Oh, and yes Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is awful. I'm talking bottom of the barrel in the NFL for a starting safety. Hopefully he's hurt, because if not, all those prognosticators will look real dumb for crowning him the second coming of Leroy Butler. Funny thing is that I've always that he was overrated and never understood what metric the authors were using to caste him in such a bright light. He's actually a liability on the scale of MD Jennings. Only difference between the two is that Ha Ha occasionally is standing in the right spot. No doubt in my mind he would go for the pick over just batting the damn ball down...

RCPackerFan's picture

Takeaways -

Aaron Jones = Stud. He is really, really good. His vision, and ability make something out of nothing, and make more out of something. Also we finally got to see his home run speed.

Martinez = tackling machine. He just tackles everything.

Clark = Stud. This could possibly be Thompson's best draft pick since Mathews. He is like a wall in the middle of the DL.

McCarthy / Capers - Failed us in this game IMO.

The passing game was terrible which partly is on Hundley but a lot on McCarthy. There was nothing to really get Hundley into a rhythm.

Capers fails to adjust to what is happening in the game. He is to slow to react.

The turning point in this game IMO was in the 4th Quarter. The defense gave up a FG to take the 19-17 lead. The next drive, McCarthy calls 2 toss plays to the short side of the field. Essentially gets no yards between the 2 plays, then run a play in which none of the WR's routes go 10 yards. Terrible play calling on 2 of those 3 plays.

Razer's picture

...The turning point in this game IMO was in the 4th Quarter. The defense gave up a FG to take the 19-17 lead. The next drive, McCarthy calls 2 toss plays to the short side of the field. Essentially gets no yards between the 2 plays, then run a play in which none of the WR's routes go 10 yards...

This observation is the essence of our offense yesterday. The 3 and out on this particular series made my stomach turn. The offense and Hundley showed very little and with play calling like this it is no surprise. Total fail.

RCPackerFan's picture

yeah, it was brutal. Just a really bad series. If they get a FG in that drive or even a few first downs, perhaps the defense doesn't collapse in the next. The defense was out there a long time.

stockholder's picture

Let's put some of the blame on the WRs. Nelson and Adams only 3 catches. What's with that? The problem is these guys only have faith in A-Rod Yet!

RCPackerFan's picture

I can't say about the WR's. TV copies you can't see everything. I saw that on one scramble to the left Hundley had Cobb open in the end zone for a TD.

Since '61's picture

RC - you are correct that the turning point was in the 4th quarter but the turning point occurred on the KO return immediately before the 2 toss plays to the short side of the field. Trevor Davis had made a good KO return out to the 40+ yard line but it was nullified by the holding penalty called on Jamaal Williams during the return which put the Packers offense on its own 10 yard line.

Now, god only knows why those 2 toss plays to the short side were called.
I would have called one to the wide side and given Jones a chance to run with the additional space. After that a quick pass to either Bennett or Kendricks and see where we are with the 3rd down play or maybe we would have made a first down by then, we'll never know. I understand that MM did not want a turnover deep in his own end but at least give Jones some running room with a chance to run in space rather than hem him into the short side!??!!

I don't know what happened during halftime but the Packers had nothing on offense or defense for the second half. Thanks, Since '61

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I agree with that as well... That was about 30 yards in field position. I actually forgot about that play.
That penalty I thought was a BS call, but knew it was going to happen. One the previous return Williams got in the way of what could have been a big return also.

I was ok with the first one. It didn't bother me as much. But the 2nd... So stupid.
The way Jones was running up the middle why not give him the ball up the middle. Not a toss to the short side.

I agree. I have no idea what happened. Way to many mental mistakes too.

jfajas's picture

Fact: our D is atrocious
Any perceived improvements where clearly due to 12 and the offense as a all (reducing their time of play)
Fact: Hundley looks completely lost.
I agree that MM was ultra-conservative in the gameplan, but given his completion ratio... he looks scared, confused and very innacurate... 4 interceptions in 1.5 games...
Fact: I now know what Cleveland fans have been feeling for the past 30 years...

croatpackfan's picture

Make some math... If offense scored only 10 points from TO the final result would be, what? 27-26 for Packers!

That bad was Packers D.

And offense was marvelous...

Finwiz's picture

Coulda, woulda, shoulda....but they didn't doufus. Offense was not great.
Guess you watched the wrong game.
You sound like LIndy Infante circa 1991 making excuses about what could have happened but didn't.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

I can't for the life of me, understand how you put that offence and marvelous in the same sentence. Please tell me you forgot the sarcastic font , or on Jones game, cause if not I ask what game you were watching?

croatpackfan's picture

Everybody spits on D. D that gave only 26 points to excellent Saints offense.
On average Saints scores 28.2 points per game (before game at Lambeau 29/game).

There is some displeasent with how offense were playing, but main reason by many are Packers D.

Yes, I was cynical...

egbertsouse's picture

This game was pretty much as I expected. I’ve been watching Hundley play adequate games in the preseason against the other team’s rookies and scrubs and thinking, “This guy can’t play against anybody’s first team.” I guess he proved me right.
Defense is still awful. Somebody needs to be held accountable for that, but nobody will, I know. As long as profits come rolling in, the BOD is happy.

Without AR this team is below average, a result of the organization relying on him to cover mistakes and bail out every season.

flackcatcher's picture

Overall I'm disappointed in our coaching staff on both sides of the ball. I wonder if the injuries have taken more out of coaching staff than we fans realize. I saw a coaching staff get outcoached on it's home field yesterday. To call that rare is a vast understatement. I think MM DC may need the bye week as much, if not more than the players.

Point Packer's picture

Further, Hey Mike - when you have less points than the other team, you're tendency to play not to lose is a tremendous liability and seems to defy logic. Case in point, that second to last drive. Throw the damned ball.

Qoojo's picture

I didn't see any flashes from Hundley. The kind that make you think he will be impressive one day. That really doesn't mean anything or say that he is a failure.

Also, MM was forced to play Jones in Dallas, then he went back to equal time with an injured Monty. Then finally, seemed to get on board with Jones in week 6. So if Monty doesn't get hurt and the run is still abysmal, is Jones riding the bench still? Probably.

HankScorpio's picture

I thought Hundley looked pretty good on the 2nd TD drive. It was his only good series of the game.

Duke Divine's picture

Guaranteed he would still be on the bench had not Monty and Williams been hurt. Look at the Williams situation. We all saw that Jones was twice the instinctive runner as Williams. Rodgers mentioned him by name constantly and he made so many plays this preseason while Williams made practically zero plays in-the preseason. Yet due to draft status Williams and Monty would have remained ahead of Jones on the depth chart had they not been injured. The eye test is constantly out weighed by draft status in Green Bay... We can all see it on the outside, Rodgers saw it, Mike refused to see it...

stockholder's picture

Gets the Wrs hurt!. Adams is chicken little. Cobb gets banged up and sits out. Nelson is losing his speed. Allison can't run away from anyone. Davis doesn't know how to run a route. Janis is a gunner. The biggest truth is the offense has not been the same since Finley retired.

Oppy's picture

There was an amazing flash that no one is talking about.

Hundley's throw to Cobb (which Cobb couldn't hold on to) when Brett was flushed out of the pocket to the left, and he threw a bomb right on the money across the field to the right hash for Cobb while on the run.

That ball looked awfully Rodgers-esque. Not Hundley's fault Cobb couldn't come down with it. It was an impressive throw.

Had Jordy not quit on his route before the whistle blew to complain to a ref about not throwing a flag for PI, Jordy could have turned it up field and given Hundley an even bigger gain than what he got. Not very professional, Jordy. I guess it worked out, he got his head out of his ass at the last second and made a catch of a well placed ball from Hundley; but those lost seconds could have been a difference maker.

There were flashes from hundley is all I'm saying. The kid DOES have an arm. He needs seasoning and needs the slack to make plays, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Point Packer's picture

How's the Jarad Cook vs Bennett situation looking now?

And this comment is just stupid.

Oppy's picture

Hey, GFY.

Finwiz's picture

So what, Hundley has an arm. So did JP Losman and Ryan Leaf.
The problem is, Hundley is very inaccurate and can't find receivers in stride or on the side-lines like 12 can. This is the reason McCarthy attempted to limit his mistakes by going with a very conservative game plan.
Then in the end, McCarthy had no choice but to let Hundley go, and air it out.
You saw the results, a ball that was badly thrown into double coverage and an easy INT. The kids not ready for prime time.
I won't believe they're going to win another game until I see it.
He showed nothing in preseason this year or last year, and so far in 2 games this year it's been more of the same.

Bure9620's picture

Game week convo

Hundley: Whats the plan coach? short passes, get the ball out of my hand quick and let the WRs to to work?

MM: quick passes? No actually we are just going to use your legs

Hundley: my legs eh?

MM: Yes your legs, just run around back there for bit as I will not be scheming anyone open. Just run around and then take off when no one is open and don't worry they won't be.

Hundley: Okay so go downfield?

MM: No, the WR will be running downfield but don't throw to them as you will be picked off they are just a decoy

Hundley: a decoy eh?

MM: yes a decoy we will strictly be using your legs

Curry Rambeau's picture


bassman's picture

I have to wonder why Jones hasn't been in there 85% of the running plays? Been saying it for the last few weeks that he has more vision and hits the hole while there still is a hole. Montgomery would make a nice fit as a pass catching tight end. He is no running back and it's a shame McCarthy can't see it or won't change it.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

My takeaway:

Even after "3 years with Hundley" McCarthy is woofully under prepared to actaully play him.

let that sink in...

After 3 years, McCarthy has no meaningful playbook or strategy for him, and apperently neither does VanPelt.

This is a severe indictment of McCarthy's skills as a coach. 3 years is an entire College career!

Packatron's picture

I don't know about all that.

This was Hundley's first real game action EVER with only 1 week to prepare. Plus it was wet and rainy. I know it sounds like excuses, but let's take everything into account here.

However, I do think we will know a lot more about McCarthy, Van Pelt, Hundley and even Edgar Bennett as OC after this season is over.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Against Minny Hundley came into a team that was shell shocked and posted a 39.6 QB rating. The next week after a full week of practice, a game plan for him, with a great running game and against a much worse defense he posted a 39.9 QB rating.

Your right, we have no option but to wait and see. But the above is pretty damn terrible. If Hundley's numbers had improved even maginally or McCarthy had shown a Game Plan that just needed some tweaks I would STFU.

HankScorpio's picture

Boy, I sure hope you're right that Hundley just needs some more time. it's going to be a long year, if you're not.

idgafkurt's picture

Death, taxes and the Packers giving up 3rd and long conversions.

nostradanus's picture guys really said it all.

3rd and 17 when everyone watching on TV new a screen was coming, really?? Pathetic

Confusion in the Secondary, really?? This has been going on for years. Pathetic

Poor clock management, Really??

Confusion on Defensive substitutions, Really??

87 yards passing, Really??

Shameful, just shameful, I sure hope with the bye week Big Mike has some time to really self evaluate the Coaching staff, poor play calling etc..oh wait, apparently that is what they did in the offseason.
This team is circling the drain boys, too bad.

al bundy's picture

Hey two interceptions and we got three and out. That is offense failure. Thi crap that MM worked with Hundley is bs. Hundley has been on the team three years now and should know the playbook and what the hell is going on. He is not the new kid on the block and they should stop treating like that.

CAG123's picture

The Packers need a fresh defensive mind Capers defense seems to gimmicky for this defense full of youngsters. Look at what Chicago did too Carolina a team that was on the rise and playing great yet they smothered and destroyed them scoring the 2 TD needed to win the game and keeping the offense out of the end zone. Look at what the worst defense did to the Atlanta Falcons last night a team that destroyed the Packers the Patriots made it look easy a virtual shut out until a garbage time TD. Do you guys realize that the Packers gave them their only definitive win? This Falcons team is a dropped pass (Chicago) and 1 inch short (Detroit) from being 1-5. We simply aren’t getting the best out of our players with this defense I mean why get 2 press corners in King and House and then ask them to play zone? That’s the same thing House dealt with in Jacksonville. Also no more Randall trade/cut talks for the moment he’s the only guy on the back end making plays 3 straight weeks with a interception.

Mojo's picture

My takeaway is we need to teach ARod how to throw left handed.

And if he could cover someone over the middle that would be helpful too.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

I Hate to burst anyone's Balloon, but like it or not, this season is OVER, FINISHED, DONE. Accept it!! AR according to Adam Sheptor, or what ever the Hell his name is? AR had a Serious & Complete Break of his Right Collar Bone. Do you really want him back this year?? Face it. Right now for those of you that can Remember, we are now back in the year 1968, & hopefully we can get AR to bring us back to 2018. Forget about anything this year. It's Not Going To Happen!!

Here's what I suggest, & keep in mind I'm still in shock over losing AR, & already have had Plenty of Champagne.

I want every GB Packer fan to Force the Brain Trust of the Packers, to BEG yes "BEG" Brett Favre to come out of Retirement. We won't Win, but we'll enjoy the losses a Hell of a lot more, with Brett back in Uniform. He's smart enough not to get hurt.

I know I'd like to see him in Uniform again, Win or Lose. We may as well make the Best out of the rest if this season. I think a lot of GB Fans would like to see Brett again. I know I would. What's the difference who we lose with. I can think of No Better way to enjoy the rest of this season. It's not all Champagne Talking.

Razer's picture

How much champagne have you had? Too funny.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Razer, What do you suggest??

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Jonathan Spader, What di you Suggest??

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Sorry, "Do"

Curry Rambeau's picture

But they retired his number 4 jersey!

al bundy's picture

Sadly even if Rogers comes back, the rest of the team sucks. They need a shit load of players. Next year ain't looking to good either. This is a cluster f.

Duneslick's picture

Packer Greg says its time to look forward to the 2018 draft. I predict 2 more wins Cleveland and either the ravens or the bears. That puts us 6-10 and in the first 10 picks of 2018

al bundy's picture

Ya and Ted trades those picks for abraft of late rounders. Ain't like he wants to spend any money. Rogers and farve made Ted look good.

ollie418's picture

Takeaway; Capers blows!

al bundy's picture

You may be correct. The problem is Capers bad or does he have lousy players he is trying to make it work. I do not understand his d backs playing off all the time and letting easy passes. If that is his defense it aint working

croatpackfan's picture

I think there is still chance for Packers... I do not think Packers can repeat that bad game (it can be only better or worse, that bad will surely not be!)....

al bundy's picture

Take aways from various analyst on sports show on the Packers today:

1. Rogers loss has exposed this team for what it is, a team of so so players. Very few playmakers and are their any at the pro bowl level?
2. One analysist scorched Hundley. He has been on this team three years. Not the new kid on the block and if he is not ready you blame the coaching for that. He should be dam ready by now.
3. Management has done a poor job acquiring talent or lack of. They put all their eggs in the Rogers basket thinking, we dont need great pass defense, or run stoppers or pass rushers, we have Rogers who puts points on the board.
Last of their comments. Jags now have a great defense and offensive stars and can win with an average QB. That is the difference, the packers cant.
Bottom line this is not a very good team.

Tommy Phillips's picture

I don't like blaming Hundley when it is his first game, but come on, not even 100 yards passing. If he's had 3 years in the system, he should at least be a competent quarterback. I hate seeing all the "In Hundley We Trust" stuff when this guy posted a QB rating under 40. My prediction is that we see Callahan before this debacle is up. Not sure if we're going to get lucky and see 3 or so wins down the stretch, or just flat out go 4-12 and serve up the Browns' only win.

mrj007's picture

It's happening! Packers coaching staff is being exposed for everything Rodgers play covered up. When Rodgers was in a slump, Packers were 8 and 8 (over two sessions). Now that he is gone, there is no hiding how bad it really is. This might explain the so called rift between QB1 and McCarthy because Rodgers knew his value in covering for a poor job. Wonder what John Gruden would do next year with a future HOF QB and a top 5 pick? That's my takeaway...

Icebowler's picture

Joint statement from Murphy and Thompson: R*E*L*A*X, We're going to RUN*THE*TABLE.!

Fordham Ram's picture

I suspect McCarthy didn't open up the playbook because in Hundley interceptions were looming. His arm is suspect and this game proved it. Therefore, forget Hundley and devise a game plan around the only player who has made a difference this season, the other Aaron, Aaron Jones. Give him the ball, spell him with Devante Mays, or Ty and use Hundley for short passes, roll outs, turn him into Bobby Douglas out there and forget throwing the ball downfield. Where not that team anymore. Block well, Jahri is a good run blocker, spell the D and maybe we give ourselves a chance. We have to change our stripes. We're a running team now. Think of Aaron Jones as John Brockington in the snow. It's our only hope.

jfajas's picture

"his arm is suspect..": from what I've seen so far that's a very big understatement...
And I have to agree with you about the gameplan, but to play oldshool football, you need a good D, not going to happen with Capers.
I never jumped on the bandwagon of "fire Capers" because I still don't understand enough about D to know if it's a personnel problem/lack of talent (I suspect it is...) or a scheme thing... but after watching the patriots D shut down the Falcons...

Oppy's picture

For a bunch of fans who fancy themselves "the most knowledgeable" and "the best" fans in the league, I can't believe how quickly some of you freak the eff out when the going gets tough.

It's like a bunch of goddamned chicken littles the second the Packers don't have an easy, successful go of it. Not an iota of effin intestinal fortitude.

croatpackfan's picture

I'm with you. I still believe in Packers...

But I can not understand why Packers fans wants to get rid of TT, MM and DC. All 3 would get the new job instanteniously. Some franchises are just waiting for that...

And than they will whining again that Packers organization made mistake to let them go...

They do not understand. It isn't everything in winning - if you think so, you are prepare to cheat (like Patriots!). It is about enjoying the process and enjoying the game. As much you enjoy in playing the game, you'll be successful, without cheating...

We hear that people is tired of half of Packers organization. I do not understand why they call themselves still Packers fans.

Only if they are spoiled up to the bottom of their beings.

The only cure is MInnesota and Saints game. And more similar further games until they become humble again...

dobber's picture

"But I can not understand why Packers fans wants to get rid of TT, MM and DC. All 3 would get the new job instanteniously."

The grass is always greener. I don't know that DC gets a job instantaneously (I suspect he hangs it up when he's done in GB), but the other two would.

4thand10's picture

The defense has plenty of talent, Capers must go. Yes, defenses win championships. Look at all the crap QBs who have been to SuperBowls because of defense. So many draft picks going to our defense and Zero improvement. Even in 2010...big Ben put up 450 yards. Capers sucks. Look at Chicago, they moved to a 3-4 this year or last year and they already run it better than our Packers do. Yes our 3rd and short lack of conversions on offense was terrible, and the game plan sucked but I have not seen this team field an adequate defense in a long time.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

4thand 10, I agree with you 100%. 3 yr's ago I said they would throw another $50 Million at CM3, before cutting him. That's exactly what they are doing. Nick Barnette was a much Tougher Linebacker than AJ USELESS Hawk, & yet they chose to pay him Millions. There are many here who think Shields & Williams belong in the HOF. They were nothing more than below average CB's. Shield had Great Speed, I'll give him that, but neither one could catch a ball or tackle, & both were Too Small.

I still think MM is a Good Coach, but I give him a D- for his Game Call last Sunday. Capers & TT should have been gone at least 3 yr's ago. Yeah, we had a lot of both Offensive & Defensive injuries, but the Drafting has been Horrendous, especially at CB. The only excuse I can give is, because of AR, we've drafted too low. As far as other teams hiring Capers & TT, they can have them tomorrow. I've seen enough. Somebody in GB does not know Defensive Talent.

Al Harris, God Bless Him, I love Him, but Plexico Burris made a Fool out of him in that NFC Championship game. Other than Woodson, who we paid $10 Million to get, I haven't seen a Good CB since McKenzie, & him they wouldn't pay $3million.

Forget about the Defense, Forget about the Offense. Just hope we get AR back Healthy. I'm not completely sure that's going to happen. Let's hope we do, or GB is Done. Some of you don't realize this, but you could go 20 yr's or longer like last Sunday. When you pay Mathews $14.5 a year, & Perry $10 Million something is wrong. Somebody has to take the fall for that. It seems like a Good Ole Boy's Club to me. TT the Head "Guy" was told by me 3 years ago that we cannot Draft our way into our Next SB. That's still the case. I hope it's not too late. I don't have 20 years to wait for another one.

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So you're certain the drafting is bad, with below average talent, and it isn't the fact the players are being asked to execute a defense they don't understand, and are thinking too much? Couldn't it be players being put in positions to fail? That = bad coaching.

I think the talent is fine, and this is all a combination of complex coaching scheme, poor coaching communication, and game time execution. I see players that have given up trying to execute on some levels, probably due to frustration. I don't see any improvement, and I see relatively the same level of defense we saw last year.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Finwiz, I agree with your Poor Coaching 100%, & you may very well be right on players being put into positions they don't understand but I think that's a stretch. I basically agree with you on the coaching, but disagree with you a the Talent. Who have we drafted, & I'm speaking CB's, that you would consider Game Changing Talent?? Obviously, every player drafted has talent. We may have even taken the Best Available, but there were No Charles Woodson's in there. That's above average talent. I agree with you on just about everything else. Other than Woodson, I don't think you could put every CB we've had in the last 5 years together, & come up with a Good One. Just my opinion, but that's how I see it, & that's just the CB's. Pretty Much, the whole Damn Defence is Good For S#@t. It's not all Bad Coaching, some of it has to be considered talent. We do agree for the most part on the Coaching, & certainly Capers & the "Head Guy" You know the Coach's & Players better than I do. I think MM is a Good Head Coach who has had the benefit of 2 Great Qb's. His game calling last week Sucked!! Maybe he's still in Shock.

HankScorpio's picture

"Who have we drafted, & I'm speaking CB's, that you would consider Game Changing Talent?? Obviously, every player drafted has talent. We may have even taken the Best Available, but there were No Charles Woodson's in there"

Game changing CB talent is usually off the draft board within a dozen or so picks. Woodson was a top 5 choice. There are 32 teams looking for that kind of player each and every year. They don't last long.

It is a pretty weak argument to say that TT can't draft an All-World CB picking late in the draft each year so he must suck at drafting defense. The fact is that Packers have had effective CB play for the vast majority of his tenure. They haven't had any stars but they have generally had competent play from the position.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

HankScorpio, Are you kidding?? Surely you Jest!! "Competent play from the position". It's been a Joke!!

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

P.S. Obviously you're a Fan of the "Head Guy". I am Not!!

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I believe the Packers blew a chance at the playoffs by not going after Tony Romo, the stiffness of the staff goes all the way to the top. Brett Hundley is not the answer and the receivers know it . I know the organization got allot invested in Hundley but he's not even close, Wake up McCarthy & Thompson

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This is ridiculous and anyone clamoring for any of the retired QBs has to wake up and smell the Ben Gay: Romo is aging, he's not in football shape (and likely not training at all anymore), he's fragile as a china doll, he doesn't know the offense, and he has no chemistry with any of the skill players. AND...he's said that he'd ONLY come back for the Doughboys. Why? Because at least there he wouldn't have to learn a new offense or the players around him. Look at Jay Cutler. He'd checked out just enough that he's a joke even compared to his old joke self. What do you think Romo would be?

The Romo stuff is just howling at the moon...

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