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Packers Question of the Day: Expectations for Hundley

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Packers Question of the Day: Expectations for Hundley

Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Hundley will be making his first career start this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints in the wake of Aaron Rodgers' injury.

What are your expectations for the former UCLA Bruin?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Anthraxx's picture

3 years Hundley is in Rodgers shadow, time has come for him to shine.
He will raise the team to the playoffs, win the division title.
We will wonder if a cold Rodgers must take his spot back for the playoffs, or leave a hot Hundley untill the 4th of february !

Tarynfor12's picture


Point Packer's picture

Beyond delusional.

Finwiz's picture

Can I have a sip of that Kool-aid. Must be full of some good drugs.

x24's picture

I think Hundley's performance is in the hands of the offensive line.

If protection does not improve, it will not matter who is playing QB

Tarynfor12's picture

Excuses already.

Bearmeat's picture


Tarynfor12's picture

Bearmeat, I knew you couldn't ignore me like you declared....weak, weak, weak!

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Hey Tarynfor12, Got my A#@ Kicked last night. Need something Sunday!! The GB game is dropping. It's down to NO - 4 1/2. I know you'd say that's Money showing up for GB. I think that's Las Vegas trying to get Cash on the Saints. What are your thoughts??

Tarynfor12's picture

Stay away.....
This isn't a week for betting the NFL. There'll be some odd stuff happening.

Browns upset Tennessee
Niner's may finally get that close win.
Giants may be blessed again down WRs.
Bears might bite the Panthers

I'm sitting out this week....maybe.
Maybe I'll play bingo.
: )

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Hey Tarynfor12, I could take a small 1/2 Pt Parlay on 4 Home Teams getting Points. I almost like the Over, Over, Under, Under. Some tough picks here. I kind of like it, but the last time I won betting the Browns was 1972. Maybe the Browns & Over, & Chicago & under? Tenn & Over?? I've had such a Bad Week, maybe I'll sit this out also. Nothing really jumps out at me. I gotta say, I like what I see with the GB Line. It's down to +4. It should be going the other way???

RCPackerFan's picture

yeah, because everyone's 8th and 9th OT should be starting caliber players.

dobber's picture

Call it an excuse if you like, but it's more a statement of fact. When your OL play is lousy it's hard to be successful unless your QB is, well, Aaron Rodgers.

4thand1's picture

The o-line injuries finally got AR hurt.

RCPackerFan's picture

I expect Hundley to surprise a lot of people.

While I am not predicting 400+ yards and 4 TD's, I think he will have a good game. But I do expect him to make some mistakes due to his inexperience.

I think the Saints will stack the box to make Hundley try and beat them. Which if they do, I think he will. The Packers still have all their weapons. And Hundley is similar to Rodgers in that he is mobile, and can extend plays if needed.

This has to be one of McCarthy's best coaching jobs though. He has to call a great game, and get Hundley into a rhythm. But also has to put Hundley into his best position to succeed.

dobber's picture

The aggregate stats point to the Saints being much better against the run than the pass, but it might be a function of teams wanting or needing to throw to keep up. I think the Packers will try to test their run D early. I suspect there will be some "challenging of manhood" in the locker room this week and they'll try to be physical early.

I'm more worried about Kamara and Ingram than I am about the Saints' receivers. Those two have been good in the run game and are very good receivers. I think that's where the Packers win or lose this week: if they let Ingram and Kamara run wild, they don't stand a chance.

The Saints are due to lay an egg...

RCPackerFan's picture

The Saints are ranked 26th in total yards per game.
They are ranked 28th in passing yards given up per game.
They are ranked 11th in rushing yards given up per game. But they are ranked 20th in average yards per rush.
They are ranked 21st in points given up per game.

I agree with what your saying. That their run defense is more based on the other teams having to pass more. I think the Packers will try to do some time management. Running the ball more. Trying to play keep away from the Saints offense.

Kamara is going to be a tough one to cover. He is like Montgomery in that he is a great receiving RB.

Nick Perry's picture

He CAN extend plays and I hope he does. Hundley tends to just sit in the pocket waiting for his receiver to uncover and he waits in one spot to long. He has to learn to move his feet and not give the defense a stationary target to beat up. It's up to Hundley to help his O-Line, not the otherway around, not with this group.

Qoojo's picture

I expect more rhythm passing routes as Hundley doesn't hold the ball as long as Rodgers, and he simply can't due to protection. Conversely, on passing downs where he will need to hold the ball a bit longer, he will hold it too long.

I really kind of side with what MM said about the rest of the team has to play better. Poor protection and no run game = loss. No HoF to carry the team any more.

I expect 10 to 21 points, and maybe 1 Int due to inexperience. Maybe they do better with some pass run options and roll outs. Hopefully, they practiced screen plays all week because their screen plays were horrible last week. Hundley needs to get out of the pocket more in my opinion because he seemed to have some vision issues last week in the pocket, but, hey who wouldn't with that OL.

Since '61's picture

I expect Hundley to play well but he does not have the accuracy or decision making ability that Aaron Rodgers brings to the position. Rodgers can successfully throw into some very tight windows which most QBs would not even try. This could result in some missed opportunities for the Packers.

For Hundley it is critical that he does not turn the ball over. Just take what the defense gives him and move the chains. If our defense can keep us in a field position game we have a chance. If we can keep Brees off the field for as long as possible we have an even better chance. However the condition of our OL will have more to say about that than even Hundley.

If Brees is allowed to get into a rhythm our defense is done. Pass rush needs to show up big time this week.
Thanks, Since '61

EdsLaces's picture

We had Eddie last time. We need a run game to lean on and we don't have one. Without that I predict ....well losing alot of games tbh.

dobber's picture

I expect that there will be times when we think "this guy can really play!" and that there will be times when we think, "What made us think this guy could play in the first place?"

RobinsonDavis's picture

Speaking of Hundley specifically, and not the scheme (which is important). I suspect a lot of attention was paid to playing to his strengths and minimizing his weaknesses...cliche, but the truth.

McCarthy is a good QB coach, He will try to build confidence in his young QB by minimizing mistakes. IMO Hundley's strengths are his size, feet, and cannon of an arm. Weaknesses are his experience, recognition of D's, and habit of EYEBALLING receivers. Thus, longer developing plays and passes over the middle may be de-emphasized. Exceptions are a blend of hooks, quick slants & outs, where a throw is either there or you get rid of the ball. Really,if provided time,Hundley can fire the ball downfield....the key is time though. So, don't be surprised if McCarthy allows him to wing some bombs.

Additionally, I feel we need to be careful of running two downs, then passing on 3rd and long and a stacked defense. If Hundley, can wing a couple of intermediate depth passes early on 1st and 2nd downs, moving the chains, this will build his and the O's confidence.

Finwiz's picture

My guess is they aren't going to be very afraid of GB's pass game, so I expect they will routinely have 5-7 players in the "box". They'll believe if they shut down the run and congest the pocket with even moderate pressure, they win the game. With our OL and a tentative young QB that's slow on processing of the defensive read, I expect big trouble to find a receiver. He might surprise us like Matt Flynn did, but I don't know. I didn't like what I saw in preseason this year.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Finwiz, You know the players better than I. It's just a guess, but I think our Biggest Problem is keeping Drew Breeze off the field. I still think if we can have a respectable short game, keep Breeze on the sideline as much as possible, I think we make a game of it. I'm saying this not having any information out of GB on our OL or our Defensive Backfield. If we're playing the 3rd & 4th string, well, You Know!!

Couch Cleats's picture

The line is my biggest concern - can they block adequately for Hundley? If they can, I think he will be just fine.

If they are going with a whole bunch of short pass plays and dump off passes I hope they try at least one flea flicker. I'm not big on the gimmick plays but if NO stacks the box and gets over aggressive on stuffing the run it would be fun to see.

I just don't want to watch a game where we give NO exactly what they're expecting from a back up QB. Run, run, run, dink, dunk, slant, blah, blah . . . .

I think MM is feeling a bit disrespected with the work he has done to bring Hundley along and I think he's going to call plays to try to shut people up. I'm expecting him to let it fly.

Packer Fan's picture

The Packers still have skill players that cause mismatches. And you can say that with Jones they have added to that mix. I imagine that the other teams will focus on stopping the run and daring Hundley to beat them with the pass. I suggest that MM starts with the dink and dunk game with misdirection plays to give Hundley time to throw in rhythm to build confidence and get the defense leaning to get sucked into a specific play. Even with Rodgers they would roll him out to give him time to throw downfield. This is Hundley's third year. He should know the whole play book.

My expectations is that Hundley will be able to play .500 ball from now on out. If he goes 4-4 for the next eight games, the Pack will be in position to get into the playoffs.

Bearmeat's picture

I think Hundley will keep this team in it - AFTER the bye. They have to get healthy on OL and in the secondary.

I expect we will get trucked this weekend. The Saints D is getting better and blitzing the QB well. This is not a good matchup for a patchwork/hurt OL and an inexperienced QB. Plus the Saints passing game is going to feast on our hurt secondary

Samson's picture

Hundley has the physical tools to play well. He does not have the experience and that will be a problem.

People have to remember that AR threw 28 TDs with 13 picks in his first year as a starter (his 4th season). ------ However, GB finished 6-10. --- Expecting anymore from Hundley (at this point), I'm afraid, is going to disappoint many.

flackcatcher's picture

To be honest, not a clue. I haven't seen enough of Hundley to know either way. As stated it depends on the current health of the offensive line, and that does not leave me with a great deal of confidence at the moment.

Bure9620's picture

21/32 213 yards, 1 TD 1 Pick, I doubt McCarthy has him much over 30 attempts. RUN the ball!

sheppercheeser's picture

I think ball protection will be the key to whether Hundley is successful or not. If the O-line fails, I'm hoping Brett will use his feet or at least throw the ball away. We can't afford turnovers. That being said, if Brett protects the ball, I think we have a chance at the end.

dobber's picture

I think you've got it right here.

If you look at the Saints, game by game, they've LOST every game that Brees has topped 270 yards passing. His stats seem to be a result of playing from behind this season. They've had a 100 yard rusher once (Detroit, last week) and no 100 yard receivers.

When they've won, they've done it more on generating TOs with their defense and not taking negative plays. They're one of the tops in the league in +/- at +6. They've been ball-hawking. And they give up virtually no sacks, INTs, and rarely run for zero or negative yardage.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but maybe the Packers need to play to stuff the run and make Brees throw the ball a lot to his WR on the slower, grass surface. The WR haven't been great for them this season.

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