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Packers Profile: DeAngelo Yancey

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Packers Profile: DeAngelo Yancey

The Tape

  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 6’1”
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • 40-yard Dash: 4.53 seconds
  • Vertical Jump: 35.5”
  • Broad Jump: 10’ 1”
  • Bench Press: 21 reps at 225 pounds

The Roots

DeAngelo Yancey was born and raised in the Atlanta, Georgia area where he attended Benjamin E. Mays High School.  As a prep athlete, Yancey was a sprinter on the track & field team along with his participation on the football team.  On the gridiron in high school, Yancey played wide receiver, tight end, safety and he punted as well.  After his senior season, he was named Second-Team All-State in Georgia and a Class 6A All-Region wide receiver.  Because of his All-State selection, he was invited to play in Georgia’s annual East-West All-Star Game for high school seniors.

Coming out of high school, Yancey was a three-star recruit at the wide receiver position.  He gained interest from several colleges and had scholarship offers from Buffalo, Middle Tennessee, Florida International, Ole Miss, NC State and Wake Forest before he ultimately decided to take the offer from Purdue to join their athletics department.

Yancey entered his freshman year with the Boilermakers by making an impact right away with 32 receptions for 546 yards and two touchdowns.  His freshman campaign in 2013 earned him recognition on the Big Ten Conference’s All-Freshman team.  Yancey’s production fell during his sophomore year where he only hauled in 12 passes for 147 yards and three touchdowns.  His numbers would boost during his junior year where he had 48 receptions for 700 yards and five touchdowns.  During his final year as a senior, where he would be named to the Second-Team All-Big Ten team, he hauled in 49 passes for 951 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Making a catch against the Badgers

Making a catch against the Badgers

Yancey would finish his career with the Boilermakers with 39 games played, 141 receptions, 2,344 yards and 20 touchdowns for a program that struggled during his entire career there.  His career totals in receiving yards and touchdowns would land him on the school’s records list at seventh overall in each category.  Through his career as a Boilermaker, Yancey showed a knack for long yardage receiving touchdowns with eight of his scores coming from longer than 50 yards out.

Upon entering the 2017 NFL Draft, Yancey was seen as a field-stretching outside receiver not known for his slants and crossing routes.  Most draft experts projected him as a late-round selection or a priority undrafted free agent following the draft.  The fact that he had played his college career with a downright bad program that lacked solid quarterback play didn’t help Yancey’s exposure.  Leading up to the draft, Yancey had onsite visits with several teams, including the Packers.

As the 2017 NFL Draft progressed, Ted Thompson selected him 175th overall during the fifth round of the draft.

NFL Career

Yancey signed with the Packers immediately following the 2017 draft and entered training camp last summer with a group of highly talented wide receivers.  With the top end of the depth chart at the position all but set, the competition for the final spots on the roster was going to be stiff.  Each and every rep in practice and during preseason games would count toward who would make the final roster. 

As training camp progressed into the preseason, Yancey was making plays during practice.  Some plays included Aaron Rodgers making tosses to him down the field for big gains.  During the first preseason matchup against the Eagles, Yancey finished the game with three receptions for a team-leading 67 yards.  After this great start, the young receiver would be hampered with a hamstring injury that would lead to many practices sitting on the sidelines and no more receptions during the preseason.

When the time came for roster cuts to make the final 53-man roster, Thompson did what most would consider unthinkable for him and he cut Yancey along with fellow wide receiver draft pick Malachi Dupre.  Following the release and clearing waivers, Green Bay turned around and signed Yancey to the practice squad for the 2017 season.  He remained there for the entire season and was signed to a futures deal after the 2017 season, ensuring him another chance to make the team in 2018.

The Future

Training camp for DeAngelo Yancey and the entire wide receiver corps will have a much different feel entering training camp in 2018.  Davante Adams enters as the bona fide number one receiver and Randall Cobb comes in as the veteran slot receiver.  From there on down, the roster is wide open for competition with names like Geronimo Allison, Trevor Davis and Michael Clark having the only real game NFL experience.  Others on the roster now vying for spots in camp will be Yancey, Colby Pearson and Jake Kumerow.  With the draft yet to come, the team will surely look to add more talent to the team and the battle to come this summer for final spots on the roster.

Looking ahead to those battles this summer, Yancey has a leg up on some of the competition with spending a year on the team’s practice squad along with Michael Clark.  His frame and size make him an ideal candidate for an outside receiver with the team, but the young receiver needs to make many strides in showing that he can fit in on an NFL roster and contribute with his play on the field.  And to get his shot at the 53-man roster as well, Yancey may have to start contributing where he can on special teams as well. 

With a small blow-up of the position this offseason with Jordy Nelson’s release and letting Jeff Janis walk in free agency, fans will be looking forward to the training camp battle at wide receiver.  Second-year receiver DeAngelo Yancey will be one player that many will be looking for to make a jump in the conversation to make the final roster.


Ryan Brunner is an avid Packers fan hailing from Chippewa Falls, WI.  He is a firm believer that punters are NFL players too!  Follow him on Twitter @brunwardo

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Bert's picture

I kinda like Yancy actually. Just not sure what his ceiling is though. Dez Bryant anyone? Just asking what others may think about him.

Colin_C's picture

Agreed on Yancy. I see his ceiling as a good WR3. As for Dez, I wouldn't be opposed, but I can almost guarantee he's signing with an NFC east team.

DD's picture

Bert: Yancey is slow and average at best. Release him.

holmesmd's picture

He was a sprinter in high school in the Atlanta metro area. Many fast athletes in that area. He’s not slow. Not every WR runs sub 4.3’s. It’s football speed that matters anyway. Let’s see what the young man can do! You have no basis for writing him off and obviously the Packers don’t agree with your assessment.

LambeauPlain's picture

Dez? I don’t think he’s an upgrade over Jordy at all...and he would demand many millions more than it would have took to keep Jordy in GB.

I think we will have a good #3 from the group we have increased by another WR or two in the draft.

And then there are some FAs that will come free after the draft and during cutdowns.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

No chance he's in GB. If Randall's BS wasn't going to fly then there is no space in GB for Bryant. His behavior against Seattle was worse than Randalls IMO, and he hasn't had a 1000 yard season in forever.

DD's picture

Randall was spoken with and responded very well I thought. Problem is MM!!

HankScorpio's picture

I don't disagree with you about Bryant in the locker room. But I think the chance he signs in GB is above zero. The Packers have been in the conversation for WRs this year. I don't think that they would (or should) make a serious run for Bryant. But I didn't think they'd sign Graham or get into the Watkins/Robinson derby, either.

DD's picture

Dez? Good fit? No. Dallas to Green Bay. Cultural shock. Won't work. Dez needs a stage bigger then his unproductive head. As far as size, catches, speed? Jordy had him beat.

DD's picture

Upgrade of Jordy? Not even close. I would disavow the Packers if they picked up him, yet let Jordy go. Fan since 58

HankScorpio's picture

Ah,,.,'ya made it through Andre Rison. And Sterling Sharpe.

You could make it through Dez Bryant.

worztik's picture

Regarding whining, pouting, Bentley driving DIVA......
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!’ Bryant is a problem and has been... we don’t need him to ruin the locker room and then the other receivers!!!!!

Savage57's picture

I thought the piece was about DeAngelo Yancey.

Since '61's picture

I' m interested to see if Yancey can take a step this season. Could become a 3 or 4 over time.

As for Dez, it never hurts to have the conversation. He may see playing with AR as his best chance for an SB ring. Think about a DC trying to plan for Adams, Graham, Bryant and Cobb/Monty. Should be fun to watch but probably won't happen. Thanks, Since '61

Royalty Free GM's picture

Dez is not a catch.

But somebody just said:
“Calvin Ridley reminds me of my former teammate, Marvin Harrison
One pro comparison I saw was Ridley to my former teammate, Marvin Harrison. There are indeed a ton of similarities. They both had slim frames, could take the top off the defense, separate from coverage and, basically, do it all. Ridley understands coverages and knows how to find soft spots in zones. He's the most polished receiver and should come off the board first.”
Find out who.

DD's picture

The ole weed is getting to ya, huh? Fan since 58.

DD's picture

To short, to slow. Release or trade him now.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Too, not to. Two times, too. To the next thread now.....

DD's picture

Yeah, not known his slants a d crossing routes? What was he even drafted for? His field stretching speed is slow and doesn't require any special coverage. Realize him now. Another bonehead move.

Finwiz's picture

According to ESPN.....

Top destinations for Dez Bryant:


OrganLeroy's picture

That's according to ESPN, a sports site. Did they offer any proof that the Packers are actually interested?

Finwiz's picture

I'm sure they have their sources, but these days, who knows?

I got this information from my kid who's linked in to all types of sports services.

In the old days they had to get 3 confirming sources to report news stories, these days, not so much.

Could be complete BS for all I know. The only think I know for sure is, he's going to play somewhere in 2018. It's fun to speculate where that might be.

cheesehead1's picture

No Dez Bryant, IMO. We need team players, no distractions. Give our new GM a chance and I wish him well, he was hired for a reason. Go Pack.

Finwiz's picture

Now you guys know how I felt about useless House.

At least Dez might be another play maker in the offense, and a big target. I think he can still play.

I doubt it will happen, but it makes for good discussion on the blogs.

WKUPackFan's picture

Your vitriol against House is particularly interesting, especially considering that he is the type of person that you and your 1950's attitudes should support. Your personal animus against House has blinded you to the fact the he is a family man with a wife and three children. House's Twitter and Instagram accounts expressly state his Christian faith.

In other words, House is exactly the type of NFL player that neanderthals like you are always claiming do not exist. If House were to see that you believe him to be useless, he would most likely wish you the best and pray for you.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Amen, Western Kentucky!

House was our best cover guy last year. I know that's not saying much, but he played well for the first 2 months while healthy. PFF stats back that up. I can't figure out how to attach an image here to show it....

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I think all kinds of good guy football players exist. Makes we want to shit can the ones who cast a bad light on the good guys even more. I also think my neighbor is a great person. Doesn't mean I want him lining up at cornerback this season.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Thank you for your articles, Ryan. Have a question as I was unavailable for much of the Trevor Davis fiasco. Has anybody talked about how Trevor Davis may be on the "no-fly list" until resolution of his legal case? This may impact depth in two areas, obviously WR and returner. With the Davis incident along with Jordy being released and Janis leaving (as you stated), the opportunity is there for a couple of people to secure a roster spot.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I Wanted to keep Dupre. I wish we kept him and Yancey, and kicked Trevor String Bean "don't know when to field a punt" Davis & Janis out.

MITM's picture

I think Dez is somewhat misunderstood. I dont see a guy who has had off field problems for starters. 2nd of all i think that Dez is emotional on the field because more than anything in this life the guy just wants to win. I think hes a guy who demands excellence like Rodgers, they just absolutely have 2 totally different personalities projecting the same message. I think we will absolutely be in on Dez especially knowing now that we were in on Robinson, Mathews and Watkins (i believe?) i do not think Dez would be a distraction because i know having beem beaten up close and personal so fantastically by Rodgers he HAS to have all the respect in the world for him imo, unlike Tony and Dak. The other thing factoring into that is that big shiny ring Aaron has that Dez obsesses over. The man crys when they lose and not because hes being a baby its because he cares so damn much about that score at the end of the game. If we can workout a deal with him similar to Grahams where wed be off the hook after 1 year really then im all for it. Dont kill me with the thumbs down this is my opinion and im not trying to be contrary to those who disagree.

NitschkeFan's picture

I won't give you a thumbs down and of course we would all like to see the Packers add a WR threat. But for me there are too many negatives about Dez unless he is willing to come for almost nothing $.

He is a bad seed, disruptive on the field, sideline and locker room (and in his personal life too in the past). Combine that with a serious decline in his productivity and likely contract demands. I don't see it as a good way to spend our remaining cap dollars.

I'd rather use that money on some combination of J.Evans, Connor Barwin, the former KC safety Reid, etc

OrganLeroy's picture

Dez now is claiming that there's a 'Coach's guys' conspiracy on Dallas that helped lead to his release. "Garretts guys' he calls them and 'they know who they are'. That's just what we need on the Packers X files conspiracy theorist. "The Dez Files".

lou's picture

This has to be Yancety's best chance to make the 53, he is healthy and knows the system. It was puzzling based on his physical gifts that Clark beat him out for a roster spot when it was time to add from the practice squad, first glance physically he looks like Robert Ferguson. The issues with Dez are really more performance than his attitude now, he has matured some in 8 years. Like all WR's at that stage he has lost some speed but still is the guy to win the jump balls because of his strength and take no prisoners attitude which adds to the 3rd down and short and red zone offense, but that appears to be Graham's strengths as well. It appears via reports that he never refined his route running because of all the other attributes so the loss of a step is huge now. Acquine Bolden was/is that same kind of player but also a great route runner and that is why he has had do much longevity.

OrganLeroy's picture

A note to everyone on this site: DD is a troll, he's on another site and his posts are useless, don't respond to him, it's not worth the aggravation. All he does is spout nonsense!

stormin's picture

Does anyone think the Packers would maybe resign Nelson if by some chance he was cut by the Raiders ?

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