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Packers Mock Draft Monday 3.0

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Packers Mock Draft Monday 3.0

Ross will provide a semi-weekly roundup of national mock drafts relating to the Packers picks.  He'll also utilize Fanspeak's software to do a few mock drafts of his own.  In 2019 the Packers will pick six times in the first four rounds, so those are the rounds that we will focus on.

This mock uses Brandon Norris from Kingdom Connection's board.  It uses the "difficult" algorithm based on user-voted team needs.  

I got heavy into the front seven with this class.  Allen, Edwards and Winovich have the ability to completely transform both the base defense and the 2-4-5 nickel that Pettine uses.  Edwards seamlessly slides into the Jake Ryan role on early downs and then is taken out for Oren Burks or a safety hybrid when it's time to throw.  Allen is an every down player and Winovich becomes part of a deep young EDGE group with Allen, Fackrell and Donnerson (that's if they don't sign anyone).  The offense isn't neglected at all as the Packers get the draft's best combo OL in Risner and it's best TE in Hockenson.  Arcega-Whitetside becomes the red zone threat Jimmy Graham was supposed to be at a 1/10th of the price.

Wasn't able to get a safety which means Earl Thomas, Tyrann Mathieu or Lamarcus Joyner are gonna have to get signed.


Jon Ledyard - The Draft Network - TJ Hockenson and Jachai Polite - this is certainly a popular grouping of prospects, but in the inverse that you'd normally seen them.  Ledyard's logic is sound, though.  I've been saying for a little while that when people start watching Hockenson threy'll realize that he's a top 16 pick.  It is very unlikely the Packers will just be able to scoop him up at 30.  His teammate Noah Fant, maybe.  Hock is the most complete TE prospect since OJ Howard full stop.  Polite would be a great pick at 12 but he could fall like Harold Landry, not just because of his size but becuase of some character flags from his days at UF

Dan Kadar - Mocking the Draft / SB Nation - Polite and Montez Sweat - anyone that reads me knows how I feel about pass rush and how comfortable (very) I'd be doubling up on pass rush.  Sweat is a big dude that woudl pair well with the undersized speed demon Polite. You just treat the first round like you normally would and you address one need with a good player.  You just do it twice.

Mel Kiper - ESPN (Insider) - Clelin Ferrell and Parris Campbell - shoot it into the sun. Kiper should have retired when he lost his own jimmy clausen bet to himself. 

Daniel Jeremiah - - Ferrell and Noah Fant - this is fine.  I do laugh though at Jeremiah's first sentence about Ferrel.  "Ferrell is an overachiever".  OK then I don't want him at 12th overall.  I want a super-athlete with All Pro potential.  Not a try hard guy.  

Bucky Brooks - - Polite and Josh Jacobs - any draft that ends up with Polite on the Packers, if it really happens would make me very excited.  Using a 1st round pick on a tailback would make me want to die.  I don't care that the Pats and Rams have Gurley and Michel.  The backs these teams have actually used during this run are UDFA CJ Anderson and 4th round pick James White.  It is a terrible misuse of resources and I am pretty sure Gutekunst knows that.

Ryan Wilson - CBS Sports - trade back for Deointe Thompson and then Fant - I've been pretty clear I don't love Thompson.  His earlier tape is 1st round stuff but his performance in the CFP is scary.  It does address the need at safety and moving back to 15 from 12 would have to include pick 76.  That would really give GB a lot of chances to add talent.  15, 30, 44, 75, 76 114 and 118 would be quitet the haul.  If you draft well you can add seven top 80 or 85 players in the class.  That's tempting.

Vinnie Iyer - Sporting News - Polite and Fant - doing backflips.  Changes both sides of the ball.  Can get into the trenches and the true perimeter later. 

Packers Draft Prospect Vid of the Week (No highlights):



Ross Uglem is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @RossUglem 

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Jonathan Spader's picture


The TKstinator's picture

Will the (Ad) Hock(enson Committee) be available that late?

The TKstinator's picture

Maybe someone has never heard of an “ad hoc” committee.

Jonathan Spader's picture

"The backs these teams have actually used during this run are UDFA CJ Anderson and 4th round pick James White."

What do you qualify as this run? The Rams rode Todd Gurley to the SB. The offense ran through Gurley. CJ Anderson is an afterthought. Goff made great use of his WRs and Sean McVay had a great offensive scheme.

The Patriots did a RBBC approach. White was dominant in the 1st part of the game. Sony Michel in the middle. Rex Burkhead at the end. All of the RBs allowed one another to rest and all of them contributed. Where was white in the 2nd half of that game?

MM is no longer the head coach a game changing RB isn't a bad addition. The ? should be is Jacob's a game changing RB? If the Packers invest in a RB they still need to follow up that investment in the OL.

Without wide open holes how effective would any of the NE RBs have been? We also need for Rodgers to throw short passes and actually hand the ball of to RBs to make it worth it. Tom Brady showed he was clearly willing to do that is Rodgers?

Van Noy dominated up front for NE. Do we need EDGE guys or a dominate group upfront and DBs that can cover? I used to think the first after watching NE, KC, Saints, and Rams I'm thinking the 2nd.

Ross Uglem's picture

I am with you on OL. RG specifically needs to be improved. Aaron Jones is a better prospect than Jacobs, for one.

I would classify "this run" for Anderson as when he got on the team in week 16 and it was time to secure playoff seeding and win in the playoffs he has

82 carries / 466 yards / 4 TDs
to Gurley 20 carries / 115 yards / 2 TD

and has outsnapped Gurley on a per game basis.

This at most says that Anderson is a more effective player and at least points out that whether or not Gurley is in there there's no real drop off.

All you need to know about Michel is that when the Pats needed to win the game James White and Rex Burkhead played. They literally used to have LeGarrette Blount play the Michel role and nothing changed.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I disagree on Anderson vs Gurley. Gurley is as good at catching the ball and taking off as he is at running it between the tackles. CJ Anderson had success running at Denver as well and has done a fantastic job for the Rams. I just don't think he stresses defenses the way Gurkey does personally.

Blount was only short yardage situations. 3rd & 1, goaline and did a great job in that role. Michel is capable of picking up a lot more yards quicker than Blount was at the time of his signing. Michel was a reach in round 1 I'm not saying he wasn't. The Patriots are in the SB yet again in spite of that reach.

I do not think 2019 is the year to take a RB early in the draft but there are some dynamic ones coming out in the next few years! As always really appropriate you responding to the comments Ross and the articles you put out.

Rak47's picture

I totally agree JS, the offensive line, edge rusher, and rb are the priorities imo. I mentioned I liked Bucky Brooks draft for the Packers as he went with Polite at 12 and Josh Jacobs at 32. It was before the games yesterday so he had Pack at 32. But he had Devin Bush going 30th overall, I liked the fact that he had Bush and Jacobs available at 30. If the draft fell the way his mock went it would be good for the Pack. He also didn't have Adderley going in rd 1 which would present even more options at 30. Another thing I liked was he had Kyler Murray going to Pats at 29, if Murray is around that late someone may want to sneak back into rd 1 to get him which could benefit GB. Out of the dozens of mocks I've checked out, surprisingly I like Bucky's scenario the best.

Rak47's picture

I was looking at the trade value charts and if the Packers want to move back to pick up extra picks the best value I could find ideally would be with Indianapolis. The Packers 12th pick is worth 1200pts, Indianapolis holds the 26th pick worth 700, the 59th worth 310, the 90th worth 140, and 123 worth 49 points. Those add up to 1,199 points and would give GB an extra 2nd, 3rd,and 4th round pick to move back 14 spots in rd 1. There are many other trade possibilities with other teams but trading back with the Colts would really maximize the 12 picks value. That would leave GB with 2 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, and 3 fourth rd picks. That's 9 picks in the first 4 rounds. They could really add some depth and quality with those.

Jonathan Spader's picture

The question becomes for the Colts is there a player that they want badly enough to trade with the Packers. If it's a top 12 talent player the answer is more than likely. The Colts however also have plenty of holes to fill. They also showed the NFL just how important the QB is to a team's success.

Look at them with and without Payton Manning which is how they were able to draft Luck. Look at their record with and without Andrew Luck. Look at how much they improved by actually protecting Andrew Luck. The Colts could really use a WR opposite TY Hilton and more elite pass rushing talent. Sound familiar?

Rak47's picture

Yeah I agree, I don't expect the Colts to trade their picks I was just saying that is the best case scenario for the Packers if Gute could make it happen.

Rak47's picture

I called it out on the first thread reporting the Packers interest in Luke Getsy and it's now official the Packers are bringing him back as QB coach. I knew it! And apparently Brian Angelichio is leaving after all, as LaFluer just hired Justin Outten to be the new TE's coach. He was an assistant O-line coach with the Falcons this past season. Looks like there will be more than a few first time position coaches on this staff. With it being reported Rams assistant LB coach Chris Shula is in the running for a LB coach position job in GB, and Cincinnati ST assistant Brayden Coombs also being reportedly being considered for the ST coaching coordinator job. I wonder what other coaching assistants that worked with LaFluer will get their first position coaching chance in Green and Gold.

Rak47's picture

The guy LaFluer just hired as TE's coach is named Justin Outten. He has 3 years experience working as an assistant line coach mostly, all with the Falcons and before that he was a high school coach in Texas at Spring Westfield h.s. It will be his first time as an NFL position coach and first time coaching TE's. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this point. Is this really the best he can hire?

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Yes all my fans .. I am here....It is time to draft the best TE in the 2019 NFL Draft . TJ Hockenson!

Find a way GUTE!'s picture

Hockenson would be a dream. He blocks and plays with an edge.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Dalton Kisner is a RT not a Center, correct?

He's played RT the last 3 seasons and just played Center his freshman year according to K-State website.

Hard to imagine BG using his 30th pick on a center with Corey Linsley cheap through 2020.

Ross Uglem's picture

He has played both C and RT for Kansas State, both at an All American level. Lends credence to the idea that he could start at RG for GB day one and jump out to RT if needed.

stockholder's picture

They think he can play RG. I think we should look elsewhere. The thing with Kisner, is were getting back to TTs drafting. Putting players in positions they never played before. Sure he's a logical choice. But why take him on need? Take the sure starter in rd 1. Didn't we learn with Spriggs?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"The thing with Kisner, is were getting back to TTs drafting. Putting players in positions they never played before."

That's fine in the later rounds. TBH, I don't want to draft a ZBS Guard anywhere near round 1. Especially not if they've never played Guard.

Tackle? Great a high pick is fine.

The TKstinator's picture

I’ve heard that the best collegiate linemen play tackle, especially left tackle, so it makes sense that the NFL would more often take tackles and move them inside. Left tackles are more agile than right tackles (usually) so they make better pass blockers and better suited to ZBS. However, if a guy is both agile AND a road grader, I’d think he’d get picked pretty early. When’s the last time GB had a nasty SOB on the O-line?? (You know, like that guy from Michigan State was SUPPOSED to be??)

Jonathan Spader's picture

Spriggs was drafted based off of the underwear Olympics performance he put up. Ross is putting this out there prior to the conbine based off of player talent. I don't think they are the same stockholder.

Ross Uglem's picture

yeah wouldn't want tackle converts like All pro Josh Sitton or All pro TJ lang or JC tretter or or or or . FOH

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Of course I would want one of **those** guys.

Josh, TJ and JC where all 4th round picks. I wouldn't want to draft a Tackle to convert to a ZBS Guard in Round 1.

Using midround draft picks as examples to justify a round 1 pick is the Association Fallacy.

Ross Uglem's picture

what do you think Green Bay ran with Ryan Grant, Josh and TJ? I'll give you a hint: ZBS.

Rak47's picture

I agree JJ, Ted was actually good at drafting college tackles with good feet, size and tenacity in the mid rounds and converting them to guard. Both Bhak, and Linsley are mid rd picks as well. Unless you have a guy that's a surefire tackle I don't think you take him in round one, and those guys are usually gone in the first 10-15 picks. Better to make a run on lineman in the mid rounds similar to what they've done the past couple years at CB and WR. Packers have 10 picks and could possibly trade back for more to grab 3-4 lineman in the mid draft.

Jonathan Spader's picture

PFF is what it is but I looked at their most improved player for 2018 for the Packers and it was RG Justin McCray. The Packers do need an influx of talent on OL. Big athletic men are hard to come by on both sides of the trenches. There are only so many dancing bears out there. It takes awhile typically for OL players to develop.

Only the elite or rare prospects like Quinton Nelson or Corey Linsley can come in right away and contribute well. I expect McCray to surprise Packer fans in 2019. I'm hoping to see Cole Madison compete for a spot as well. Hard to say what happens to the rest of the OL the Packers don't have a contract with from 2018.

The TKstinator's picture

Was McCray healthy at all this past year? Hard to imagine Bell kept him on the bench with his stellar play.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Is it too late to trade these 2 picks, HaHa & Damarious Randall for Khalil Mack & Amari Cooper?

Bearmeat's picture


The TKstinator's picture

It certainly is not.

Bearmeat's picture

I would do backflips if Allen and Hock fell to us at 12 and 30. I doubt either happens.

dblbogey's picture

I watched about 9 Iowa games. Hockenson is a player, great hands, great effort, great blocker. Fant is the old "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane" prospect.

Ross Uglem's picture


The TKstinator's picture

If you can REALLY do a backflip, that is hella cool.

(Not sure what that actually means, but the rockin’ teens assure me it is favorable.)

CalPacker's picture

Ryan Wilson's idea of moving back to #15, picking up #76 from the Redskins, is sound. Hopefully we can get Miami and Washington into a bidding war over Drew Lock's services...

Everybody seems so keen on Polite and Hockenson. Did you guys notice how the Patriots COMPLETELY neutralized Dee Ford and Travis Kelce yesterday? That's because a) when it really matters (i.e., in the playoffs), the QB can quick-release out of Edge pressure; and b) when it really matters (i.e., in the playoffs) a tight-end can be neutralized with dedicated coverage by quicker defensive backs.

So during the regular season, Ford and Kelce piled up meaty stats against average QBs and LBs, respectively. But first round Edge rushers and TEs are not going to beat the Patriots...

Ross Uglem's picture

right except when the Patriots lost last year's Super Bowl because of Brandon Graham and Zach Ertz. You are using what is called a "small sample size". It's bad science and it's also bad football analysis.

NitschkeFan's picture

I guess you missed Gronk's excellent blocking and game changing 3rd down catches. A TE making a difference in a Conference Championship Game.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Nitschke Van Noy also had a huge game with pressure neutralizing the Chiefs running game. Constantly applied pressure on Mahomes. Really helped NE get 14 points on the board fast.

Also the neutralizing Kelce is complete BS. Kelce still had a TD play and multiple receptions. He was minimized just like Gronk but you just can't neutralized those guys. They are monsters.

The TKstinator's picture

True, they really are monsters, but neither of them live under anybody’s bed, so don’t be afraid.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Gronk had 6 recs for 79 yards (that extrapolates to 1264 yards for a full season) and he had a 13.2 yd average. Sounds good to me. Kelce had 3 recs for 23 yards (extrapolates to 368 yards) and he had a 7.7 yd average.

NE called a play that GB shouldn't call. Gronk blocked the OLB/DE and moved him quite a distance towards the numbers. FB Develin threw a lead block against the ILB trying to fill the hole and demolished the guy. NE's RB waltzed into the end zone untouched. Were it GB, Graham at best would get in the OLB's way, Kendricks wasn't good as a lead blocker. He'd see the back of Graham's jersey where the run was designed to go and an ILB lurking at the LOS. The likely result is that the GB RB sees the back of Graham's and Kendricks' jerseys and no hole.

NitschkeFan's picture

I'm no college football expert, and it is too early to know where teams will rank guys, but I have seen a couple of early mocks and they have Josh Allen going in to top 2-5 picks. With Mel Kiper having him going at #2 and Daniel Jeremiah at has him picked at #3. So Packers getting him at #12 ? I guess that would be great if Kiper and Jeremiah are correct in their assessment of his talent.

Ross Uglem's picture

Kiper has consistently been one of, if not the worst early forecaster in the business for the last five years. Just because it says ESPN next to his name does not make him the gospel.

NitschkeFan's picture

Ross I do not disagree with your Kiper comments. i was just trying to make the point that many have Josh Allen out of our reach at pick #12. Walterfootball also has him at #3. With so much praise I would expect it to be a great (but unlikely) find for the Packers if he drops to 12.

If your mock picks came true I would think Packer fans would be doing back flips of joy!

dblbogey's picture

Kiper is mostly good at having bad hair.

Mojo's picture

Kiper or not, I haven't seen anyone placing J. Allen outside the top-ten.

Unless GB packages the 30 pick or there's disaster for Allen at the combine, GB won't get a sniff at him.

Hockenson at 44 seems pretty optimistic too.

Jonathan Spader's picture

"Unless GB packages the 30 pick or there's disaster for Allen at the combine, GB won't get a sniff at him."

After the combine that jockstrap could be pretty ripe...

Rak47's picture

Packaging the 12th & 30th picks is worth 1820 point which is enough to get to the 4th overall pick.

Nick Perry's picture

Personally Rak I'd like to see Gute stay right where he is. Taking Polite and Fant or a O-Linemen and having them BOTH under a 5 year deal or at least that option is nice. The Packers have a lot of holes and 2 firsts plus the 44th pick is a hell of a start to fill em.

Connor Pahl's picture

Has Rodgers ever completed a pass to a first round pick? At the WR, RB, or TE positions? I might be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure the answer is no. I like the idea of taking Hockenson in the first. He’s a great player. But kiss that idea goodbye. The Packers won’t do it. We’ve already seen them pass up guys like DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Hunter Henry, etc in favor of much lesser players at defensive positions of need. Sorry, it’s just not in the playbook for this organization.

Ross Uglem's picture

there is no playbook for this organization. They hired a new GM last year and he responded by taking a player in the first round that wouldn't have even been on TT's board due to height restrictions.

Connor Pahl's picture

He also responded by taking a player at the biggest defensive need. I’m generally optimistic about the Packers, but until they prove otherwise they’ve been stuck in their ways for awhile.

Connor Pahl's picture

Gute has been director of scouting and/or player personnel since 2012. Just for fun, let’s look at what those drafts ended up with.

2012 Nick Perry // Alshon Jeffery taken < 20 picks later
2013 Datone Jones // DeAndre Hopkins and Zach Ertz taken 1 (!!!) and 9 picks after
2014 HHCD when Davante Adams, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson before the end of the next round. Not to mention Dee Ford, Jason Verrett, and Demarcus Lawrence disregarded due to a blinding safety need that year.
2015 (CB need) Damarious Randall as a converted safety to CB project when Landon Collins lasts 3 picks later as a true safety. Then draft Quentin Rollins one pick before Frank Clark and 7 before Tyler Lockett. Blinding CB need
2016 Kenny Clark // Michael Thomas, Hunter Henry, Derrick Henry taken within 20 picks
2017 Kevin King after multiple reports suggested Packers went into draft knowing they were picking a CB no matter how board fell. Missed on TJ Watt, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon in early 2nd round. Then, wait for it, Packers select Josh Jones (another DB) one pick before JuJu Smith-Schustsr.
2018 (Gute as GM) Josh Jackson 4 picks before Dallas Goedert and 6 picks before Anthony Miller. After trading back and up again to select another CB in the first round.

No one has the luxury of hindsight. But if you don’t think the Packers are blinded by needs on defense, and truly give even the slightest effort to draft the best player available regardless of position, then you haven’t been watching the past decade and a half

Connor Pahl's picture

I understand that every team misses on players in every draft... But when the Packers have taken a DB with 7 out of their 10 first or second round picks, and this is all they have to show for it, don’t you think there is a clear pattern here?

All Gute has done is continue that legacy with Jaire and Josh thus far. Jaire is a heck of a player, but don’t forget that he traded back to select him and Jaire fell smack dab in the middle of two rookie All Pro players in Derwin James and Leighton Vander-Esch. Let’s not kid ourselves by saying he wasn’t drafting for need.

The TKstinator's picture

Connor, Connor, Connor, a new day is dawning in Green Bay!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

[With a nod to Leotis - by the way, Hippodamia got around]

Connor, it may be that Gute is like Cassandra from Greek Myth: Gute has been gifted with knowledge of the future, so he could easily foresee who the best players would be, but was cursed so that TT would never believe him.

There is no way to know how many of these players that TT picked had Gute's recommendation. We do know that Murphy said he went back and looked at the recommendations of the internal candidates, and Murphy picked Gute.

NitschkeFan's picture

double post

stockholder's picture

Josh Allen is a great pick. No way @12. I'll take Fant. And if TJ is there. Take them both. Forget Chase.= Biegel #2. Get Lindstrom.

Southside's picture

Kisner? Ah, no please. I want an edge rusher at 12 and a tight end at 30. And somewhere in the draft a running back that can catch passes consistently.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I'd prefer to sign Coleman in FA and use our draft capital to fill more holes.

Colin_C's picture

Agreed pretty much 100% with your thoughts Ross. Since GB seems to be attached to the same names in almost every mock I've seen, here's my own with a different twist.

12 - DT Jeffery Simmons
30 - ILB Devin Bush
44 - WR Kelvin Harmon
75 - G Dru Samia
114 - EDGE Joe Jackson
118 - S Mike Bell

If you have time, check out tape on Mike Bell, the safety from Fresno St. I was really impressed watching him play. Might be a Day 2 guy we consider.

Coach JV's picture

I like a couple of different ideas...

1. #12 = Polite / Package #30 and #44 and trade up for someone like Risner.

2. Package #12, 30, and 44 to move up for a beast like Bosa or Josh Allen, then pick up a good TE who can catch AND block in the 3rd rd.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I would LOVE to see Bosa in Green and Gold. I just have a hard time seeing the Cardinals passing on a generational talent. The great thing about the NFL is you never know what teams will do.

Coach JV's picture

True... and you know, the Cards need a lot. Maybe they'd like to stock up picks and get a number of players. But if we can't get Bosa at #1, perhaps we'd get Allen at 2 or 3.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

All I care is they pick up 2 edge rushers, 2 OL with 4 of the first 6 draft selections and I would be very happy. Particularly if they pick up a starting caliber Safety and OL in FA. Fill in with TE and RB in draft and possibly FA.

Packer Fan's picture

This mock draft makes no sense. Why draft a center when you need a guard and tackle?

Jonathan Spader's picture

"January 21, 2019 at 01:37 pm

He has played both C and RT for Kansas State, both at an All American level. Lends credence to the idea that he could start at RG for GB day one and jump out to RT if needed."

Our ?s are often already answered in the comments. Sometimes even by the writer himself. That's the best part of CHTV.

The TKstinator's picture

Because he has also played tackle?

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

Solid draft. I know you called out the Safety as not happening, but I think unless Josh Jones makes tremendous leaps or Josh Jackson moves to safety, I think we'll need to draft one within first 3 rounds and sign a FA as i doubt we get two FA safetys.

Love me some Gardner-Johnson or Adderling at those positions, but not likely they drop to round 4

The TKstinator's picture

MAYBE, and I’m just spitballing here, GB is enamored with the prospect of having both starting safeties answer to the name “Josh J”!
Think of the precious practice time it would save (and with the current CBA this IS significant): “Hey! Josh J! Come here a second!” And both of them hustle over, while at the same time, the dumbass safety coaches in MN and Chi are still wasting valuable time calling over BOTH of their safeties.
It’s a game of inches, boys.
Advantage, Green Bay.

Packer Dave's picture

This year seems like a good match between need and our draft slots to pick up a TE high for sure. That and we need to beef up our OL to deal with the Bears front 7.

Man I wish Spriggs would have panned out by now...

Skip greenBayless's picture

I really believe next season is when Spriggs blossoms. Just watch. He's going to have a Kyler Fackrell season. You heard it here first.


Bure9620's picture

If he makes the team

Rak47's picture

"I really believe next season is when Spriggs blossoms. Just watch. He's going to have a Kyler Fackrell season. You heard it here first. "
Which Kyler Fackrell season Dash? Season 1 or season 2. :-}

The TKstinator's picture

That is nuts. There is NO WAY Jason gets 10.5 sacks next year, unless he goes to work for Santa.

Since91's picture

Let’s spend some cap space
Sign Trey Flowers super bowl champ around 13 million
Sign Preston Smith who our new LB coach has trained
Draft an edge guy in the top two rounds
Hopefully the edge will be fixed

stockholder's picture

The packers are to in Love with polite. They trade down and take him. Get a Extra #2 pick. So, Polite 30 ,Bush 44, Traded pick: Adderley 76 Lindstrom 108, Bradbury 112, Sternberger TE 140, Williams RB 172 Pollard Rb/KR

Daren726's picture

Need more SEC heavy picks. OL is the biggest priority followed by edge.

D Ernie's picture

This team has so many holes to fill it cannot do it with one draft. Get some skill players at all costs. Get some decent Free agetns too. Think two drafts to get back in the game not moving back and picking up bodies again.
This team has too many bodies who cant play football

The TKstinator's picture

Absolutely untrue. They can all play football. It’s just that some of them don’t do it well enough.

MarkinMadison's picture

Risner at the end of the first round would be a wasted opportunity. Sweat ate him alive. He is not ready for top-tier competition. The guy is quick, yes, but not quick enough for Sweat and he might not even tip the scales at 300 lbs. The Packers already have one of the lightest offensive lines in then NFL, and it shows against the pass rush up the middle. I'd much prefer Cody Ford at that spot. He adds beef that the current OL is lacking, coming in at 335 lbs. He's been playing RT in college, and his feet are good enough to play T at the NFL level. Perfect guy for the Packers to slide inside at RG.

stockholder's picture

Agree on Risner. No to Ford in spot. No RT should go above late 2. J. Williams is dropping.

Ross Uglem's picture

Need to actually watch Risner in that game. He dominates.

Ross Uglem's picture

Just rewatched that game to make sure I wasn’t missing something. This is a terrible take. Risner dominated Sweat. The sack he gave up was 100% on Delton for panicking and backing up out of the arc and into sweat and sweats TFL was escorting a WR out of bounds on a failed trick play. There’s actually a Sweat specific cut up for the Kansas state game on YouTube that I suggest you watch cause this is a wild wild take.

LambeauPlain's picture

Josh Allen won’t get out of the first 5. I would be fine if Gute traded both #1s and to Gruden and moved into 4 spot to draft Allen....then get lucky to see Adderly drop into the second.

Pack could have its first small school phenom at Safety since St. Nick. And he is a distant cousin of Herb.

But I dout Gruden would let Allen get away at #4.

D Ernie's picture

I disagree totally with the idea -weve ben here done this many times, of moving down in the first to get more picks.
Chicago could have done this while rebuilding and passed on Tribliski and Roagan. A young QB and the second best ILB in football.

No for me you get a skill player preferably on defense with the 12th. I also think you get another D guy or TE or Lineman BPA with the 30th.

Look the team needs a lot and your not rebuilding in one draft. Get quality quality quality this time pass on quantity

The TKstinator's picture

Are you suggesting a large quantity of quality??

dobber's picture

A plethora of proficiency.

Southside's picture

The direction of the new Packer offense....

The Patriots drafted and developed four of their five starters and hit jackpot by trading for left tackle Trent Brown. The Saints drafted three of their starters in the first three rounds (Terron Armstead, Andrus Peat, Ryan Ramczyk), traded for an All-Pro center (Max Unger) and signed a former third-round pick (Larry Warford). The two soundly constructed units were both among the NFL’s best offensive lines in 2018.

Secondly, both offenses prioritized the run game. The Patriots ranked third in the NFL in run attempts in 2018. The Saints ranked fifth. Neither was the most efficient team in the NFL running the football in terms of yards per carry, but both teams stuck with it. Without fail.

Thirdly, both offenses prioritized getting the football to the running backs in the passing game. James White caught 87 passes in 2018. Alvin Kamara caught 81. The Patriots completed 142 passes to running backs; the Saints, 108. Again, neither White nor Kamara averaged more than 10 yards per catch. But the high-percentage throws (White caught 71 percent of targets; Kamara, 78) provided an efficient extension of the run game and created easy gains and safe throws for the quarterback.

And that's why the Packers will be looking for a running back that can catch passes out of the backfield somewhere in the draft.

The TKstinator's picture

Shades of Ivery and Ellis.
Anybody remember them?

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Was devastated by Ivery's two major knee injuries in back to back years at Soldier field. Was convinced he was going to be a major Super Star after setting the collegiate all time rushing record for one game. Still bummed about Ivory to this day.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I'm curious what others think. Depending on the baseball career issue I would very much be excited if the Pack drafted QB Kyler Murray at number 30 in first round (I want an OT or lineman here...but) to use on special teams like NO uses Hill, but also as a scat back, slot receiver, and returner along with backup QB.

Thoughts? Any like this thought or disagree? If selecting where would you pick him and how would you utilize him?

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If the Packers draft TJ Hockenson and he ends up being a bust, then you can ban me from this site snd I will never post a comment again!

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I did my own draft using Fanspeak and Brandon Norris Kingdom Connection Big Board and "difficult" algorithm. Mine is a 7 round draft. I filled needs at edge rusher as I was able to get Allen and Ferguson, as well as on the O line, safety and Tight End. Also, picked up a wide receiver and a kicker as it may be a good idea to replace Crosby with a younger less expensive kicker. Love to know your thoughts.

12: R1P12
30: R1P30
44: R2P12
75: R3P11
114: R4P12
118: R4P16
151: R5P12
187: R6P12
195: R6P20
228: R7P12

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In Hockenson the Packers would get the true all-around tight end that they haven’t had — or haven’t used properly — in all of Mike McCarthy’s tenure. He’s a punishing blocker, but also a reliable receiver who has a knack for making big plays.

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