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Packers Mock Draft Monday

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Packers Mock Draft Monday

Full disclosure: this weekend was my bachelor party. A group of friends and I were in New Orleans all weekend and I did not have a ton of time to create my own content.  I've decided to bring back an old CHTV concept that I moved over to this offseason.  Enjoy, and look for truly original content coming a week from today.

This mock uses Fanspeak's software, Inside the Pylon's Big Board, user-voted team needs (which I contribute to) and the "Difficult" setting.

Feel good, not great about the haul, here.  Landry's selection, based on my opinion of him as a player wqould pretty much make the Packers draft a success regardless of what goes on passed that point.  Courtland Sutton is my #1 receiver in this class, and his selection at the top end of round two is an excellent value.  

I wasn't thrilled securing Donte Jackson as my #1 option in this cornerback class, but was able to grab diverse corners with different body types to give the Packers three shots at success.  Jackson has a chance outside, DJ Reed is a nickel corner with some return game upside and Holton Hill is a tall outside-only corner prospect.

Andrews and Ateman were incredible values where they were selected.  In fact, making it to the end of this analysis, the way this turned out would be an excellent outcome for Gutekunst.

National Mock Roundup:

Chris Trapasso - CBS Sports - Mike McGlinchey - this would make me pretty angry.  I'd rather have Connor Williams, and I'd rather not take a tackle.

Jersey Al Bracco - DraftTek - Josh Jackson- from your typing fingers to Gute's ears, Al.

Ryan Dunleavy - - Mike Hughes and Sam Hubbard - totally fine with this.  I believe Hubbard has the elite athletic traits to outperform his collegiate production.  Hughes is the man to man technician that gives Pettine a poor man's version of Revis. 

Kiper and McShay - ESPN - (K) Marcus Davenport and MJ Stewart, (M) Josh Jackson and Brian O'Neill - both of the main guys at ESPN do stuff that I would like (Jackson and Stewart) and stuff that I would not particularly like (OT in the top 50 and Marcus Davenport at 14)

Charlie Casserly and Chad Reuter - - Mike Hughes and Denzel Ward- totally fine. CB3 and CB2.  Address pass rush later or sign Robert Ayers. 



Ross Uglem is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @RossUglem 

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dobber's picture

"Full disclosure: this weekend was my bachelor party."


Ross Uglem's picture

Thank you, sir!

Nick Perry's picture

Ross... How in the heck do you figure the #1 or #2 TE prospect on most boards to fall to the 5th round? I love the mock but no way is Andrews there in the bottom of the 5th. Hell if the Packers go Landry, Sutton, AND Andrews IN 12 picks I'd call that a successful draft.

I get it's the way the board fell but Andrews in the bottom of the 5th?

Ross Uglem's picture

I'm not sure Andrews is a surefire as you think. His stock is falling because he won't block and his lateral and explosive tests didn't go well. Right or wrong his diabetes isn't helping, either.

I used Inside the Pylon's numbers (and they're a great draft source with a bunch of incredibly smart football people working for them).

ITP has Andrews as TE10, and outside their top 185 as a prospect. That's why he was available.

Nick Perry's picture

Wow didn't know all that...Thanks Ross.

John Kirk's picture

Congratulations, Ross. Glad you found a can't miss 1st round prospect. Start working toward gold. 50 years to go.

Since '61's picture

Ross Congratulations!!! New Orleans is a great choice for a bachelors party and most other parties for that matter. Love that town.
Nice mock. Thanks, Since '61

Turophile's picture

I'll add three guys (6th, 7th round) with the athletic measurables to be interesting late in the draft.

WR Justin Watson (Penn St.) 6'3", 225, 4.39 40 time.
WR Marquez Valdez-Scantling (S.Florida) 6'5", 205, 4.37 40 time.
Edge Kendall Donnerson (S.E.Missouri St.) 6'2", 250, 4.44 40 time, 40" vert, 10'11" long jump.

4zone's picture

Using the same parameters I came up with the following draft (rds 1-5)
14 CB – Denzel Ward
#45 LB – Leighton Vander Esch
#76 TE – Mike Gesicki
#101 WR – D.J. Chark
#133 S – Natrell Jamerson
#138 OT – Orlando Brown
#172 DL – B.J. Hill
#174 EDGE – Leon Jacobs

No way it turns out that good in real life. . .

Hawg Hanner's picture

Like depth at safety.. This will probably be Ha Ha's last season. Gotta take an OT. Too many other needs than DL. Does an EDGE that far down really do anything for you?

4zone's picture

I think Vander Esch can play both inside and out and he and Clay can switch back and forth and give offenses nightmares.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I'd pretty much swoon if that was the Packers actual draft. The first four players all have the potential to be the best of their positions to come out of this draft.

sherrmann1806's picture

I would pick James over ward in that he is almost as fast and quick as ward is but weighs 26 pounds more and is stronger! However..............if we ended up with Ward instead.......i would NOT be shedding any tears lol

Ross Uglem's picture

somebody likes athletic testing and the badgers.

Handsback's picture

Congrats on your impending nuptials.
Not as happy about your selections. CBs that are size and bend limited, an OT that has issues staying low, and an edge rusher that is taken a half round too early.

Colin_C's picture

Congrats Ross! Using the same perimeters, here's what I got.


If the draft shook out this way, I would run all the way from WI to that podium in Dallas to announce the picks. I usually use First Pick Simulator for a little more realistic results (plus you can trade), but this was fun as well.

dobber's picture

I like Rasheem Green as a developmental 5-tech...

Colin_C's picture

Same, though my guess is he goes in the 2nd round. Bit rich for my taste.

dobber's picture

I think you're right.

Royalty Free GM's picture






Royalty Free GM's picture


1: R1P14

2: R2P13

3: R3P12

4: R4P1

5: R4P33

Bert's picture

I have to admit I haven't seen most of these guys play so I'll leave it up to Gute & Co. to make the right decision. Even for the guys I have seen, I'm not the least bit qualified to judge them as far as NFL potential. I remember seeing J. Worthy dominate in a game when he was in college. I thought he was a sure bet to make a splash in the NFL. I cheered when Ted drafted him. Oops. I've also learned to be wary of the "expert" scouting reports and mock drafts. Most mocks are just strictly based on need and don't really account much for true ability.

worztik's picture

I don’t know the players as you guys do but, I have a hard time with an EDGE at #14 when we have soooooooo much money tied up in CMIII and Perrywinkle!!! We have a decent front at present and I can’t see us NOT drafting a CB... just sayin’...

Ryan Graham's picture

Worztik I used to carry that same logic, and sometimes I still think that. But even by that logic you could make the argument that an EDGE right off the bat gives the team a chance to trade Perry or move on from Clay - a lot depending how hes used this year - thus eliminating of a top end expense and raising the production at a critical position in a 3-4 defense for a fraction of the price. More cushion for Rodgers contract...

worztik's picture

Thank you Ryan for that reasoning! I can certainly understand the logic behind your thinking! ;~€)

stockholder's picture

Wrong thinking! Money has been spent. Mathews is the legend. Perry is Not. Mathews stays at OLB. Nick Perry could easily go to DE. Much like Arron Kampman before the 3-4-4. This team can switch to the 4-3-4 at anytime. They may want to tinker with the 5-2-4. depending on a edge.

sherrmann1806's picture

don't forget that CM is 32 and i thing Perry is 29 and both have been injury plagued so....................the logic isn't as far fetched as it would seem!

stockholder's picture

The only reason people want an edge is because they think Mathews is done. But the truth is more edge guys are busts. 1 Trick Pony is the WARNING! How fast they forgot Datone Jones. Peppers is a perfect example of a edge player. Cb sets the packers draft. It's logical. The other logic is their about to over-pay A-Rod.

Johnblood27's picture

by having a salary cap...

here's your sign...

worztik's picture

By relying on him as the be all end all... people here are so hypnotized by his skills when he was younger, they don’t realize, or admit, that he’s getting old and injury prone due to his age!!! I’m not saying to release him by any means but, we better give Kizer some snaps because I do not feel ARod will make it through the season healthy... I hope I’m wrong!!!

Ross Uglem's picture

Datone Jones wasn't drafted as an EDGE player. He was drafted as a 5 technique. Only after he washed out as a 5 tech did they have him drop weight and try and play outside. He was supposed to be a disruptive interior force. Jones may have been a bust, but he wasn't an EDGE bust.

lou's picture

Datone may have set an NFL record the last calendar year he was property of the Packers, Lions, Vikings, and Cowboys, 4 different teams. The team tried the same thing with Mike Neal before Datone arrived with the same results, boy did he vanish quickly, at least Datone got some additional chances. the PED rumors that followed Neal must have been real. Last year was the first time in 3 years we didn't have to read the annual "Datone Jones is ready to bust out" article just before the draft.

Johnblood27's picture

is tom brady overpaid?

Ross Uglem's picture

I wouldn't worry too much about the money. By the time any real money is owed an EDGE in this class, Perry's deal will be expiring (and likely a value because of the rising cap) and Matthews deal will have been expired since the end of this season. Always keep in mind Matthews is owed $0 in 2019 by Green Bay. His money shouldn't be taken into account for a 2018 draft choice because we don't know what his money is going to look like (or if he'll be a packer) while this new player is in green bay

Lare's picture

I like some of the picks and not some of the others,

Heck, I'm just impressed that a young guy and a group of friends could do a bachelor's party in New Orleans and not have anyone sitting in jail.

Maverick91's picture

I ran the sim using the same settings, here's what I got for rounds 1-6:

- 1: Harold Landry, EDGE
- 2: Isaiah Oliver, CB
- 3: Ian Thomas, TE
- 4-1: Brandon Parker, OT
- 4-2: Dorance Armstrong, EDGE
- 5-1: Donte Jackson, CB
- 5-2: Da'Shawn Hand, DL
- 5-3: Marcell Ateman, WR
- 6-1: Tony Adams, G
- 6-2: Siren Neal, S

Landry can be the game-changer we need. Oliver would be our future opposite King and Jackson would be excellent in the slot. Dorance could be Perrys' replacement if we cut/trade him next offseason. Ian Thomas has a ton of upside. I think this would be our dream draft defensively, and Gute better sprint to the podium if things actually play out this way.

Point Packer's picture

The run-up to the NFL draft is the absolute worst time to read NFL blogs. Hands down.

Royalty Free GM's picture
OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

Congrats. I believe that is probably one of the more realistic drafts I've seen put out by any writer. Doing the mock drafts are fun, but the rankings are all in the eyes of the drafter....which is why no one really knows who is going to do what, making the draft a blast to watch.

Great draft, love all the picks, even the Sutton pick that I'm sure pained you to an extent as you didn't get an opportunity to draft Gallup ;). Only thing I would have done differently was one less CB & WR, although you got great CBs and WR with each pick and gone for more LBs, athletic ones at that. I was able to go Ward, Davenport, Malik, Chark, Armstrong, Donte, Orlando Brown, and Mark Andrews.

sonomaca's picture

There are too many holes. The best strategy is to beef up the offense and add more elite pieces to the defensive line. Stop the run, collapse the pocket, and put up 30 points a game.

Don’t want to see more edge rushers who can’t rush and corners who are too short to ride the Matterhorn.

bodei1newbie1's picture

one thing i agree with is that they do have a lots of holes to fill so let's wait and see what the new GM will do

bodei1newbie1's picture

one thing i agree with is that they do have a lots of holes to fill so let's wait and see what the new GM will do

sonomaca's picture

What I’m saying is take McGlinchy at #14, or trade back and take Connor Williams later in the first. Then, find a way to pick up Mo Hurst. Use later picks to get corners, TE’s and receivers.

sonomaca's picture

The point I’m trying to make is that the Pack cannot match the best defenses in the NFC. Stop trying. Instead, use your strategic advantages, which are #12 and the D-Line.

The worst case scenario is an OK defense and Rodgers with not enough protection and too few weapons.

sonomaca's picture

Philly, Minnesota and Jacksonville have shown that a great defensive line will take you far. The Rams are all-in in that strategy. The Pack need one more stud, which is Hurst. Limit the opposition to 24 points, which will be good enough if Rodgers has enough to do his thing.

sonomaca's picture

If Arizona wants Lamar, Pack may have ‘em over a barrell. I’m thinking that #97 pick. Then, the Pack drafts McGlinchy at #15 and packages #97 and # 101 to move up and get Hurst (or Alexander or Jackson or Landry or Ridley).

sonomaca's picture

Or, Anthony Miller, or Wynn, or Williams. Please, no Sutton and no Davenport.

Ferrari Driver's picture

I like college football and watch regularly, but I simply only recall seeing a few of the top prospects play and have watched no film.

I enjoy reading some of the posts about possible picks and the information I've read about James leads me to believe he may be special.

After the draft, I do research the Packers picks and gain a somewhat greater knowledge about their potential, but I remain surprised about the high number of disappointments in first round selections that are made by the men who are paid to stock the team.

sonomaca's picture

Very true. I think the Pack would have to trade up to get James.

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