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Packers Mock Draft Monday 13.0: FINAL EDITION

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Packers Mock Draft Monday 13.0: FINAL EDITION

Ross will provide a semi-weekly roundup of national mock drafts relating to the Packers picks.  This simulation used Fanspeak's On The Clock Application.  I used the CBS aggregate Big Board on the difficult algorithm and user-voted team needs.  For the first time in a few weeks, Ed Oliver was gone when the Packers got on the board at 12.  In 2019 the Packers will pick six times in the first four rounds, so those are the rounds that we will focus on.

The pass rushers flew off the board.  I'm not going to move Montez Sweat down in my rankings, but it appears that half the league has him completely off their board.  I went with the surest thing in this draft in TJ Hockenson at #12.  I followed that up with Winovich at 30 to round out the pass rushing group and my top safety in this class in Juan Thornhill.  David Long is too good a value to pass up at 75, so the trenches are addressed with the two fourth round picks.  Hill is an athletic marvel.  


Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, Head to Head Mock for -- Chris Lindstrom, Noah Fant, Parris Campbell, Gerald Willis -- this thing is just awful.  Lindstrom is a huge reach at a position that is no longer a need.  He can't play tackle in the NFL.  The Packers have Turner, Taylor, Madison, McCray and Siragusa at that spot. Truly a ridiculous way to use the 12th pick.  Fant is fine, though he doesn't really fit what Shanahan does on offense, and that appears to be what LaFleur will do.  Campbell is overrated and Willis is a run defense guy, of which they have enough.  No thank you.  The national guys whiff again.

Albert Breer, MMQB -- Fant and Hollywood Brown -- This I don't love but at the same time I wouldn't freak out, either.  These guys are both incredibly athletic and would truly inject the offense with talent.  Is it the most prudent use of this much draft capital? Probably not.  Is it better than taking a a guard or a running back?  Yes.

Bleacher Report Staff Mock -- Devin Bush and Kaleb McGary -- This I'm mostly fine with as well.  McGary is prototypical size for a right tackle, and as the athleticism to succeed.  He'd likely get a redshirt year and pitch in when Bulaga goes down.  Bush is an off-ball linebacker, which I don't like at #12, but he's a good enough blitzer and cover guy that he affects the passing game in a positive way.  "B" effort.

Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz, USA Today -- Fant and Dalton Risner -- NOW we're talking.  The most important part of this draft is to secure good players.  Fant and Risner will both be that.  Risner can immediately compete for a guard spot against Taylor and compete at right tackle now and in the future.  Excellent effort.

Steven Ruiz, For the Win -- Bush and Fant -- A+.  If the draft goes like this you just have to be happy.  The middle of the field is solidified on both sides of the ball at positions that weren't addressed in free agency.  Are these premier positions? No.  Really good players?  Yes.

Dan Kadar, Mocking the Draft -- Hockenson and Lindstrom -- again, not a fan of the Lindstrom pick.  I don't think that you can take an offensive lineman that can't play tackle.  It just shouldn't happen. Hockenson is a perfect fit for the offense.

Chad Reuter, -- Jonah Williams, Fant, Jonathan Abram, Trysten Hill, Garnder Minshew and Michael Deiter -- this is not a good look.  Jonah is a fine pick.  He's a very good player.  Fant is fine as well, though as I said, there are fit issues.  I don't like Abram very much as a player, and definitely not at 44.  Hill is fine, but doubling up with Deiter is foolish and Minshew is a bad QB. They don't need more bad QBs.

Justis Mosqueda, Cheesehead TV -- Brian Burns and Jerry Tillery - A+++++++++++

Drafttek -- Andre Dillard, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, JJAW, Jachai Polite, Justice Hill and Kahale Warring -- this is the kind of draft that I would have a hard time endorsing, but is very much something that has to be considered a possibility.  I would hate the Dillard pick without a trade down.  He's my #4 offensive lineman.  For the Packers to take my #4 offensive lineman with the 12th overall pick when they basically don't have a starting spot available would be very difficult to stomach.  Fortunately, though I can talk myself into basically every other selection.

Packers Prospect Vid of the Week (no highlights)



Ross Uglem is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @RossUglem 

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jimtalkbox's picture


would be PERFECT.

Hawg Hanner's picture

God forbid we take any players from Michigan. They all failed

Doug Niemczynski's picture


Doug Niemczynski's picture

Andy Isabella would be nice slot WR addition.

stockholder's picture

He would in the 4th. I think Harry might be their hope.

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

You are so very very right Mr Nski

KeepErMovin's picture

Isabella is not a slot WR though. He rarely played the slot in college and he struggled with it at the Senior Bowl.

Chemical X's picture

I like Burns/Tillery combo. I'm not as high on Burns as you, but I think he could play some inside in addition to edge, so they could use him like they've been using Clay. Tillery would be a great pick if he's available at 30.

stockholder's picture

A !

Titletown tremor's picture

I think we definitely need to take advantage of the depth in this draft at defensive line. We have a lack of depth and with likely losing Daniels next year, I see it as a bigger need than most. I would live for us to use #30 for dexter lawrence or simmons. Tillery has some personality issues that override his talent. I don’t see the packers drafting him

stockholder's picture

True , Very True.//// Right now more then likely. Wilkins and Oliver are picked.//// Simmons is going before 30. Leaving Lawrence as the next DL. He should go before 20. Trouble is his pad level. Very obvious in his film. Still he has talent. Strong. Could be Raji. Then Clark moves outside. Tillery has size. They hope the light goes on.

freddisch's picture

Simmons is the real deal

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Andy Isabella Led All Receivers At The Senior Bowl Because Of Course He Did

7 Catches 74 yards and a TD

optimisticfan's picture

Good solid reasonable picks but I hope they take best defender available at 12 or move back to 15 and then take BPA

Most interesting thing I am waiting to see is how many trades they make. I think it will 2 but could be 3. The trades are going to change everything (obviously)

Such as:
move back to 15
move up to 21 from 30 (if high value player there)
or instead stay at 30 and move up from 4th round to 3rd round

Can’t wait

Old School's picture

Well stated, Optimisticfan. I have put this out there numerous times and usually get a half-dozen down votes for suggesting what you just said.

Right now, as is, we have 6 picks in the first 3 1/2 rounds.....about 115 guys. Our poor record got us #12, #44, and #76, but it was Gutekunst's maneuvering that got us the other two, including #30.

No matter how many times I run it, we can always get 6 good players before the Bears get 2 or the Vikings get 4. We absolutely need two starters yet, one at safety and one at ILB. But the other 4 can be guys who will improve the depth and hopefully become the starter by their second year.

Obviously an OT, because Bulaga and Bakhtiari have nobody behind them other than Spriggs. Another RB because we want Jones to not be all beat up by the end of the season AND we want to run the ball more. A backup QB that could maybe help us win a game or two if necessary, although I'm well aware many people think that's a foolish extravagance.

On defense, obviously any guy who can cover and tackle or pressure and tackle. You can never have too many monsters on the defensive line.

I wouldn't mind trading around if I could still get guys I wanted. If we could pick up some extra picks, maybe for next year even, I'm fine with that as long as I'm getting six good players out of the Top 115.

Everything else is gravy.

Alberta Packer's picture

I don't think Packers will follow the popular thinking at #12 - by selecting Andre Dillard - best pass blocker in draft. Like Winovich and Thornhill at 30 & 44 or vice versa.

Freezn's picture

I agree good offensive lineman, Winovich is our next Clay Mathews and a very good safety.

stockholder's picture

I cannot do any of these guys. Dillard does not have the physical strength for a Lefleur run game. Winovich is not Mathews. Thornhill will is 24 when the season starts. Don't like this agreement.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Winovich isn't as strong as Clay or as fast in the short shuttle. He's not Clay Mathews

Doug Niemczynski's picture

only 3 more days

albert999's picture


Old School's picture

Trade down, take Lock and get an extra Day Two pick.

Trade down from #30, get a top Safety and an extra Day Two pick.

Take Mack Wilson at ILB with our 2nd round pick.

Take an OT with one of our extra Day Two picks, (Yodny Cajuste) take an RB with one of our extra Day Two picks,(Singletary) and use our 3rd round pick for the BPA remaining....probably a corner.(Julian Love)

Demon's picture

Taking the slow boat from China roster building strategy eh Old School? Hasnt worked so well for us in the past.

Old School's picture

Yeah, Demon, we've really sucked over the last 10 years, haven't we.? I mean, a GM who sucked, a coach who sucked, and so many bad draft picks that sucked. I guess that explains why we've gone 0-160 over the last ten years.

Oh...wait a minute. You mean we won a Super Bowl? And went to the Championship game 3 times in that period? And went to the playoffs 8 straight years? How on Earth did that happen? Please, enlighten me, O Wise One.

leche's picture

Well the primary issue with this is, best case scenario you'd burn Lock's entire rookie contract sitting behind Rodgers and would get only the fifth year option out of him as a starter before having to pay him... The only way this doesn't happen is if Rodgers gets hurt and has to hang it up earlier, But if that happens you can address the QB situation with another high draft pick acquired via a bad football team led by a bad backup quarterback.

There's just zero upside to using a first round pick on a QB... That would be a complete and total waste

Old School's picture

THAT was a BEST CASE scenario? I guess we don't think alike on this.

My best case scenario is more along the lines that Rodgers plays really well and he is well protected by both solid blocking and play calling (i.e. run more and throw more quickly). Our offense scores points, we move the ball, and life is good.

But somewhere south of Best Case is the village of Reality. Reality is that people get older and they get injured and we don't have anybody that we can win a game with if Rodgers gets hurt. So we need to fix that.

It is the most important position on the field. It's the most important backup on the gameday roster. We shouldn't have the mentality of "Oh, we'll try some 5th rounder if we have to".

Rodgers sat for three years, and improved. He was a lot, lot better his third year against Dallas than he was initially, when he wasn't that good.. But he was worth the wait.

Now, if Rodgers plays pretty much all of the next 48 games, and he mostly plays well, then Lock will be kind of in the same situation as Rodgers was after three years. Except Rodgers played behind the IronMan and Lock would be playing behind a guy with a history of broken collarbones, concussions, and now leg injuries.

Lock, by the way, might be much more affordable than a vet backup. New England pays a vet backup $3 million/year. Plus Lock might improve over the next three years, whereas the vets probably won't.

Who are the top available FA QBs? Brock Osweiler tops the list. Yes, that Brock Osweiler.


leche's picture

Our current backup is a 2nd round pick from just 2 years ago... By your own argument we should at least give him his third year because that's when Rodgers really showed improvement, no?

Samson's picture

"There's just zero upside to using a first round pick on a QB... That would be a complete and total waste."

You couldn't be any more correct. Very few rookie QBs can be counted on as a year 1 BU. -- An experienced veteran who has actually played a few NFL games is a better choice. --- Besides, the QB class will be much better next season than now if GB were inclined to use a high pick.

Gute's focus is on season 2019. -- He may draft a QB but it won't be until round 5 or later.

Remember this: --- Some fans still think TT has something to do with the Pack. -- He doesn't.

Donster's picture

I agree Samson. Gute will won't draft a QB early. Maybe in the 5th or later. The 12 and 30th picks, unless trade(s) are made, will be for players who can play right away. Not sit on the bench for 3-4 years. The team needs starters NOW. Not later. And Gute can do that in the first 3 rounds.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

It was well documented that Dom Capers always had a bad history of bringing defenses to the rise the first 3 years and then falling off dramatically. We won the Super Bowl and he should have been gone 2 years later.

Old School's picture

I had to ponder this for a while, but I want to point out that there is a considerable upside to using a first round pick on a QB.

I paid my insurance bill this morning. House, cars, health, etc. It adds up to a pretty decent pile. Over the course of a year, I could have spent that money on a nice boat, or RV. I could have built an addition on to the house. Bought a LOT of Pabst. Lots of things.

But yet, I make those payments every month. Where's the upside to that?

Because if there's an accident, or I get sick, or hurt, …..all the bills get paid. Car gets fixed, house gets fixed, people get's taken care of. I'm protected, my family is protected.

That's the upside. Get some insurance in there against Aaron Rodgers not being able to play all the time. Then, you're protected against a worst-case scenario......An injured Rodgers and nobody behind him who can win a game.

leche's picture

Well we already have a backup... A guy who was drafted in the 2nd round just 2 years ago. I have no idea why you'd expect Lock to be proven better than Kizer enough to throw a first round pick at a backup QB whose contract will run out by the time Rodgers time in Green Bay is done. That's just poor management. You can find true backup QBs later in the draft. You spend first rounders on guys you plan on succeeding your current guy, and Rodgers contract + rookie contract rules make that basically impossible this year.

EdsLaces's picture

I really Juanna dislike this draft, but I don't. Thornhill Savage Adderly or bust !

ShooterMcGee's picture

If they stay at 12 I think its a possibility they take 1 of the big Dlineman out of Clemson either C. Wilkens or D. Lawrence. Only so many big men move like they do. I have yet to see them mocked to us, much like Jaire Alexander last year. Ideally Oliver would be the pick but he may get scooped up earlier. After that we have 2 spots at which we need starters, ILB and Safety. I would like to see those addressed in the 1st 4 rounds with wr Hakeem Butler thrown in for good measure.

Swisch's picture

Thanks to Ross and the other Cheesehead TV writers for a fun and informative class these past months at Draft U.
As a draft newbie, I think you have to make a splash psychologically at #12 -- for players and fans -- with an exciting player, at a high profile position, at a position of need, who can contribute significantly this season -- e.g. Hock, Burns, Bush.
Also psychologically, if we take defense at #12, then offense at #30 -- and vice-versa.
Psychology is so important; we need as much positive energy going into this season as possible.
Although I think offensive line is priority #1, I don't like taking one at #12 unless he's a kind of Superman like Joe Thomas. Even at #30 it would be difficult to go OL -- but after that I'd get at least one blocker in our top six, and two or three altogether.
So, as best I can tell as an raw amateur, I like Ross going TE, Edge and Safety to start the draft. Maybe two of the next three should be OL.
Then look for some fun picks as sleepers with lots of speed and shiftiness and other upsides.

Dragon5's picture

Good intentions, but exciting, hot air fluff, usually built up by the matter the position--we just need players that EXECUTE, period.

Tundraboy's picture

Swisch, I think you're onto something here.

brenner's picture

12 -T.J. Hockenson - TE
30 - Chase Winovich - EDGE
44 - Nasir Adderley - S
75 - Andy Isabella - WR
114 - Daylon Mack - DL
118 - Trayveon Williams - RB
150 - Bobby Evans - OT
185 - Mike Weber - RB
194 - Zach Gentry - TE
226 - T.J. Edwards - LB

here's what I came up with from for 7 rounds

albert999's picture

I think we need OL sooner than pick 118 but i like it up until then

RCPackerFan's picture

here is my latest.

12 - Brian Burns, EDGE Florida State
30 - Nasir Adderley, S Delaware
44 - A.J. Brown, WR Mississippi
75 - David Edwards, OT Wisconsin
114 - Josh Oliver, TE San Jose State
118 - Devin Singletary, RB FAU
150 - T.J. Edwards, LB Wisconsin
185 - Alec Ingold, RB Wisconsin
194 - Jimmy Moreland, CB James Madison
226 - Paul Adams, OT Missouri

Got a little UW crazy, but I feel like all 3 could fit in GB. Ingold I just have a sense that he will be a Packer. I dont' know why, just have that feeling. TJ Edwards kind of reminds me of Desmond Bishop who was a 6th round pick. I have seen 5-7th round for Edwards.

Others to keep an eye on are Andrew Van Ginkel and Ryan Connelly. Van Ginkel is an Edge guy who I think his best football is ahead of him. Connelly might be another to watch in the 6th/7th.

albert999's picture

I think this is a great mock my friend
hope it happens

RCPackerFan's picture

Honestly doing the draft simulator is a lot of fun. Every time you do it it changes a bit. So putting yourself in the GM's shoes, makes it fun.

dobber's picture

Ingold is a hometown kid who might very well go undrafted. Blue-collar, does a little bit of everything. I could see him drafted late as a tip-of-the-hat to the home fans.

RCPackerFan's picture

I have seen that he may go in the 5th round. Sounds like a decent amount of teams are interested in him.

What I like about Ingold is he is a great FB. He can catch, run and block and is a really good special teams player. He kind of reminds me of a younger Kuhn.

I don't know if LaFleur will want to use a FB much, but I could see him liking Ingold.

dobber's picture

He catches the ball well and could be an H-Back/move TE, too. Lots of roles he could fill, but with the decline of the FB in today's NFL I think ST will be his ticket onto a roster in 2019.

jannes bjornson's picture

Ingold is a pick at 6 to 7. Ask Belichick if he likes Fullbacks. They shredded KC and kept a very good Rams team in check with the running game.

Rak47's picture

I like this one much better than brenner's, however I also would much rather have Savage at safety over Adderley. I'm not sold on Adderley and I think most Packer fans are enamored with his name.

stockholder's picture

Dexter Lawrence NT, Polite LB, Wilson LB, Savage S, Rollins LB,

Rak47's picture

I like all these guys as well stockholder.

Demon's picture

Of all the players eligible for the NFL draft. I dont think it is asking too much to find 2 guys with our #12 and #30 picks to come in and start on a team that won 6 games last year.
Pick 12 take the best defensive player available. Oliver if hes available.
Pick 30 whomever the best player available is. I dont care what position but he has to be ready to step in and play.

albert999's picture

you are correct sir

dobber's picture

Josh Allen might be my favorite player in this draft, but Oliver is a close second. Would love to see him slip to #12.

albert999's picture


stockholder's picture

Simmons. We got to get Simmons.

Dragon5's picture

Careful what you wish for...unless you're Adrian Peterson, ACLs usually a 2 year recovery to get explosive twitch back. We see eye to eye on 11 life path Wilkins but I'd think thrice on an injury prone 7 life path like Simmons.

dobber's picture

Healthy his entire college career until this point, and most ACL injuries are typically more of a speed bump than an ongoing problem. In this case, his was 'routine'.…

His off-field issues are a bigger flag for teams, but he's been a boy scout since his run-in early in his college career. I think he's going to be a star.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Agreed SH!

Schonejl's picture

Don’t take a TE in the first.
Don’t take Winovich in the first.

Get Risner and DL In First
Safety in the 2nd
Isabella in the 3rd
LB and RB in the 4th
Take another Ssafety in the 5th
Take Tony Pollard some place

optimisticfan's picture

I like the way you think but most mocks seem to have EDGE and OT as positions that are coming off the board early. So it would be a home run to get Oliver then Risner but very unlikely those 2 fall to our present spots. Trading around might get you better value if the Packers instead of going for BPA are bent on OT and DL in the first round.

Such as trade to get:
15) Best OT available (Williams, Risner)
(Receive 47th pick from Wash for our 12 and 75th)

21) Tillery or Simmons
(give up 30 and ? 47th or if Seattle would accept two 4th rounders and a 7th instead that would be great and then we would be left with 44 and 47)

44) FS. (Thornhill, Savage)

if gave away the 47th pick then try to move back up to 3rd round from 4th if player in 3rd they value high or wait till 4th for a RB and (BPA of LB, EDGE, safety prospect)

Since we need to prioritize these positions (S, OT, IDL, EDGE, LB)...BPA (with some minor wiggle room affords a much easier path than above. The top 4 premium OT are going to be difficult for the packers to acquire unless they reach a little.

Being realistic with how many EDGE rushers could fly off in the top ten, you could end up with some other targeted spots like above but would love to have one of the top players fall to 12

optimisticfan's picture

Also forgot to mention TE in 3rd may be the player to move back up for. They need a dual blocking/receiving TE. Lewis’s age worries me the most. If they have to get a TE that takes 2-3 yrs to come to full production they may be able to sign Graham at a cheaper rate for another year. I think with the new scheme Graham’s production and value will surprise some the next 2 years (if they can get him a little cheaper going forward since he’ll want to stay on a team with Aaron Rodgers leading them to the Super Bowl in 2-3 years ;)

albert999's picture

i like Isabella and Pollard

Dzehren's picture

Interesting Ross is reporting many teams have taken Montez Sweat off there board. Sweat could be a target around pick 30.....

dobber's picture

Read something similar on PFR this morning.

Sounds like teams just not knowing what to do with him, and not wanting to take what's viewed as a potential risk (even though he's cleared).

Dzehren's picture

Thanks Dobber. Sweat is a potential game changer with his size, speed and length.

Demon's picture

The guys with major question mark no way. Sweat, Simmons not before round 3.

jannes bjornson's picture

We're not using the simulation as Ross did. I like this draft as Winovich has moved to second round value and # 30 is really a high second. Hopefully Thornhill is there at #44. He is the best Free safety in the group. He will turn 24 this year. Like some Red shirts that played throught heir Senior year he is 23. That is a strength not a liability. He can start, Day One.
You have to clear your brain and remember watching Iowa games last fall to catalyze the fact that Hockenson stood out. Hill is my only question mark as he was demoted from the starting lineup this past season. I had DeMarcus Christmas mocked to the #118 as he is a quck twitch run stopper and can refine his pass rush with Montgomery coaching him. Ross, was Christmas still on the board?

dobber's picture

From the "well, duh" department, Packers decide to use the 5th year option on Kenny Clark:

Old School's picture

Clark is a really,really good player and I'm glad he's on our team. I hope we can work out a new deal before he hits FA. We might lose Daniels and/or Lowry after this season so it'd be nice to have our most solid piece locked up.

ottscay's picture

Today's run on Mock Draft Machine I got:

12 - Burns
30 - Risner
44 - Irv Smith Jr
75 - Juan Thornhill
114 - Traveon Williams
118 Trysten Hill

I could live with that (not sure Thornhill at 75 is realistic, but I'll take it).

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Much respect to the authors here who do an awesome job. Especially on the draft guide that gets better every season.

But, I've had my fill of mock drafts. I can't wait to see this thing play out.

Pack12's picture

Here is my 7 round Packer mock draft using CBS Aggregate Big Board, User Voted team needs and Difficult mode.


BigCheese2's picture

I think Bush at 12 is way too early for him. If anything trade back up in the first round around 23-26 to snag Bush.
Don't think Taylor falls to 30 either but that would be lovely.

I really like Miles Sanders from PSU, he's a stud.

EddieLeeIvory's picture


dobber's picture

I think, for what these mock drafts represent, this would be a big win.

BigCheese2's picture

Here's what I came up with from Doubled my first two selections on IDL and second two on Safety.

Would have loved to select AJ Brown/Marquise Brown at 44 instead of Adderley if either Darnell/Thornhill is still available at 75.

12. Ed Oliver - IDL - Houston
30. Jeffrey Simmons - IDL - Miss. St.
44. Nasir Adderley - S - Del.
75. Darnell Savage - S - Maryland
114. Kaleb McGary - OT - UW
118. Oshane Ximines - EDGE - ODU
150. Terry Godwin - WR - Georgia
185. Terrill Hanks - LB - New Mexico State
194. Benny Snell - RB - Kentucky
226. Donnell Greene - OT - Minnesota

Hate not being able to trade in this mock, but Oliver at 12 and Simmons at 30 = awesome first round (IMO).

stockholder's picture

I wish!

BigCheese2's picture

As much as I like the way this fell... I also sadly and highly doubt it. I did a couple. On all others, I trade back from 12 if the opportunity presents itself.

Tabin's picture

12 Wilkins DT Clemson
30 Simmons DT Mississippi State
44 Fant TE Iowa
75 Arcega-Whiteside WR Stanford
114 Nate Davis G Charlotte
118 Sharping OT Northern Illinois
150 Singletary RB FAU

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Even without a Safety this draft would be out of this world, particularly those first three picks! Not likely but would be extraordinary!

Tabin's picture

I know is very unlikely but the mock draft turn out that way. Simmons to me is the second best DT of the draft. JJ Arcega is a great WR I hope we landed.

Old School's picture

This is the best mock I've seen other than the ones that get us a QB. Oliver and Simmons would be awesome, and the two safety picks double our chances of having somebody decent next to Amos.

I've seen Ximenes as an early 4th round edge prospect and I think that'd be a good pick.

I love Snell, but if he's there at 194 I'd be beyond amazed.

jannes bjornson's picture

Mock Three. Final version Staying conservative:

12. Ferrell EDGE Clemson
30. Little OT Ol Miss
44. Thornhill S Virginia
75. Tre Lamar ILB Clemson
114. Oliver TE San Jose State
118. Christmas DT Florida State
150. Benny Snell RB Kentucky
185. Gary jennings WR/PR W. Virginia
194.M Jackson CB Miami
226. Alec Ingold FB Badgers

jannes bjornson's picture

Correction, brain freeze. Bryant EDGE Clemson with the #75
Not sold on Gilbert and Donnerson.

jannes bjornson's picture

The more I blog myself to death the more confused you get. I'm going back to Takitaki @ #75 from mock 2.0 as a ILB to play as a three down guy.
Then I'm content to be wrong on every spot come Thursday.

leche's picture

Well someone is no doubt going to end up being wrong, but I just can't get behind a draft that doesn't do more to address ILB. I've said it several times but Burks just didn't do enough at all last year to feel confident of him sliding into the second starting role opposite Martinez. I know you don't want to draft for need and I know you don't want to over-prioritize a lower priority position, but surely we need something to help give us more options there

jannes bjornson's picture

What did Martinez do his rookie year? See what Gutekunst does this week.
Burks has the speed to stay with the TEs and RBs.

Old School's picture

Yeah, but Burks has a hard time fighting off 320 lb guards on run plays. Just like everybody. We need another good defender there in the middle of the defense because it's a rough game and they're right in the middle of it. Martinez had a pretty decent rookie training camp, preseason, and rookie year . He did miss 3 games during the season, but hasn't missed one since. 45 out of 48. That's pretty good.

And he's been one of the most productive tacklers in the league over that period, and I think making a tackle is making a "play". Without that "play" it would have been a TD.

Obviously Clark is the priority for an extension, but we've got guys like Martinez and Lowry to think about, too.

Samson's picture

Really all mocked out. -- Ready for the real deal.
Quick question to anyone.
How would you feel going into this draft if TT/MM were still running the show?
In my mind -- it would be the same 'ol, same' ol. -- It's so refreshing to have a new approach without the emphasis being on late round developmental projects (TT's specialty).

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

So with you Samson. It is a whole new world now that the past regime is gone. Light the candle!!!

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

So with you Samson. It is a whole new world now that the past regime is gone. Light the candle!!!

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Is it Thursday yet?

JLab3's picture

Our first three picks have got to generate three starters. Bush fills a need, McGary can learn the game and fill in if/when Bulaga is injured. Grab the best fit at safety in Round 2 and you've got a draft. I like the Iowa tight end twins but we've got too many other holes. Warring, the TE from San Diego State could be a steal in the fourth.

jannes bjornson's picture

Is McGary an outside run zone guy?

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Going to be as much fun watching who the Pack drafts as it will be to figure out their draft strategy.

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Trade down with Houston and up with Seattle, then pick:

#21 Gary/Simmons
#23 Fant
#44 Thornhill

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Trade down with Houston and up with Seattle, then pick:

#21 Gary/Simmons [worth the risk at #21, not at #12];
#23 Fant;
#44 Thornhill;
#55 Little;
#75 Butler.

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Hockenson is a great pick at #12, if he is still available. I like Chase Winovich at #30. He's a passionate player with a nose for the football. Juan Thornhill is a hard hitting very athletic, safety. All 3 of these players can step in and start from day one. Excellent choices for the Packers to select.

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1 OT Juwann Taylor
1. Trade up with Seattle take DT Jeffrey Simmons
2. S Darnell Savage
No 3rd, traded to Seattle
4. TE Kahale Warring
4. RB Tayveon Williams
5. ILB Mahlani Tavai

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I don't think it's going to be TE at #12. OL/DL/OLB will be the position of the pick. Those positions are much more valuable than TE, and there should be a good player available.

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What research is Kiper doing on the Packers. If Gute takes those two guys Green Bay will stone him.

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Gardner Minshew. Lead the nation in passing. 42 Wonderlick. 10 1/8 hands. The heir apparent to Aaron Rodgers. Do the right thing.

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