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Packers land explosive first-round WR In latest Mel Kiper mock draft

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Packers land explosive first-round WR In latest Mel Kiper mock draft

-- With the NFL Draft over two months away, the Green Bay Packers still have heaps of time to decide how they can make a splash on opening night with their two first-round picks.

Adding Oklahoma wide receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown at No. 12 overall should do it.

Mel Kiper Jr.'s latest mock draft dropped on Monday, projecting the Packers to land one of the best receivers in this class and someone who would instantly upgrade the Packers' offense and give quarterback Aaron Rodgers the deep threat he's been lacking the last few seasons.

"I mentioned D.K.Metcalf as the best "big" receiver in this draft, and the 5-oot-10, 160-pound Brown is the class' best "small" wideout," Kiper explained. "He can fly, but he is also a good route-runner."

The Packers invested three selections into the wide receiver position in last year's draft, selecting J'Mon Moore in the fourth round, Marquez Valdes-Scantling in the fifth and Equanimeous St. Brown in the sixth. While Moore struggled to ever get off the ground, the latter duo was playing significant snaps down the stretch of the regular season.

Kiper notes that edge rusher is another avenue to watch for the Packers at No. 12. His first mock in mid-January saw the Packers taking Clemson edge rusher Clelin Ferrell at this spot.

Brown could be available towards the end of the first round, and if he isn't, this year's class is loaded on receiving talent that could benefit the Packers. Whether that comes in the first, second or even third rounds, they could opt for other positions of need with their first pick.

At No. 30, Kiper has the Packers selecting Michigan linebacker Devin Bush. An instant upgrade to the heart of the Packers' defense and someone who could easily be plugged in alongside Blake Martinez.

With Jake Ryan set to be a free agent this spring as well as returning from a torn ACL suffered in training camp last August, it's unlikely the Packers will have a true match as his replacement. If the Packers pass up on LSU's Devin White at No. 12, Bush is a solid consolation prize.

"Bush is a bit undersized (5-11, 235), but he's a terrific sideline-to-sideline linebacker," Kiper wrote. "I gave the Packers a receiver with their first pick, but they could also be in the market for an outside linebacker, especially with Clay Matthews a free agent."

The Packers will have four selections in the top-75 picks of the draft, offering multiple opportunities to upgrade their roster. The beauty of their current sitting in the draft is that they truly can't go wrong with their selections -- their positions of need identify with some of the draft's deepest positions.

As usual, it just comes down to picking the right player. and that doesn't resonate with anyone more than general manager Brian Gutekunst. He'll enter his second draft -- a crucial one -- that falls in the midst of a slight "rebuild" in Green Bay under a new coaching staff, including Matt LaFleur, who replaced Mike McCarthy last month.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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stockholder's picture

No! It's time for Defense, and the OL. Polite or [email protected] Please.

Since '61's picture

I have been posting for a while that if the Packers can add a game break wide receiver they should do it. This could be the time to grab such a WR and have him under control for the next 4 seasons.

Paired with Adams this type of WR could make the Packers offense deadly. It's long overdue for the Packers to re-stock their skill players on offense. After Rodgers and Adams we don't have any offensive players that the opposing DC needs to plan for. Thanks, Since '61

stockholder's picture

Adams, nelson, Cobb, Jones, were not #1 picks. The Wrs don't stay elite. (BeckHam? ) Their judged on their 40 time and Combine. Rebuilding you take a Sharpe or Lofton. Arron Rodgers must be given Time. Don't be afraid after Spriggs.

NitschkeFan's picture

While I don't disagree that the team needs some help with a slot WR, use the #12 pick in the draft for this guy with so many other holes to fill in this roster?

I think the argument could be made that:

No quality OLB on the entire roster.
No quality Safety on the entire roster.
No quality Offensive Guard on the entire roster.
No quality TE on the entire roster.

Please, don't use the 12th pick of the entire draft on a WR.

(of course after free agency we all hope there is help with some of those issues before the draft comes).

PeteK's picture

Who's going to block. TE takes care of blocking and offensive production.

Old School's picture

The Packers haven't had a TE who could block since Bubba Franks unless you want to count Crabtree. And they've still managed pretty good offenses in those years.

LaFleur has a long history of using double TE sets. IF you're going to play double TE sets, you need some TEs. Right now, we have two under contract. This could be signaling a TE early in the draft.

PeteK's picture

Kiper must have been taking too many hits from the bong.

KeepErMovin's picture

Kiper be trollin for comments and clicks. Glad I don't pay for ESPN+. lol

KeepErMovin's picture

Burn it with fire!

While I really like Hollywood Brown, 12 is way too high. And then to pair that pick with an undersized off ball LB is just icing on the cake. Edge, TE, Safety, and OL are the biggest needs and should be addressed in rounds 1-4.

Can we get that octopus that predicted the world cup to do Kiper's next Mock? It cant do any worse.

KeepErMovin's picture

Double posted. ignore... lol

bodei1newbie1's picture

no leave it like it is i think it's better to upgrade the o-line and the defense instead of just getting a wideout in the first round they need more .They can alway pickup a wideout in the later rounds

Old School's picture

I think that LaFleur's history strongly suggests that we're going to see more double TE formations, meaning fewer 3 WR formations, meaning fewer snaps for the WRs.

I also think we absolutely, positively, have to improve on our #32 ranking in rushing attempts, particularly when we're pretty good at it when we try.

At one WR, we have Adams backed up by Kumerow and Moore, At the other WR, we can go with MVS, backed up by Brown.

Consequently, I think we get more bang for our buck, offensively, if we improve our line (we could get two starting quality offensive linemen for about $10 million in free agency) and draft a TE, because if we're gonna go double TE we're going to need TEs.

We also should spend some FA money on safeties (like Collins AND Boston), but that's another rant.

Two offensive linemen in FA for around $10 million, draft a starting caliber OT in the Top 65, draft a TE. That's a lot of strengthening going on.

NitschkeFan's picture

Old School, I agree with your priorities. But isn't your estimate of $10 million for TWO starting caliber offensive lineman wishful thinking? I know you are not talking about getting one of the top paid lineman but for example some Guard's current pay, 8th 9th and 10th best paid:

David DeCastro, Steelers~$10 million
Kyle Long, Bears ~ $10 million
Joel Bitonio, Browns ~$10 million

So there are 7 other guards who made more than those guys.

I would love for your estimate of 2 for 10 to be true but what quality of player would we be expecting for $5 million each?

stockholder's picture

TT wouldn't pay 10 mil to Lang. And Gute won't pay 10 mil. either. Gute stated he liked the OL. So I looking at back-up bargains.

Samson's picture

"(we could get two starting quality offensive linemen for about $10 million in free agency)"

For both? --- In your dreams.

Old School's picture

OK, I will direct you to for this.

Quinton Spain started most of the games for Tennessee last year. He's 27 and his last deal paid about $2 million for one year. Why not offer him $15 million over 3 years?

Tennessee also has another guard, Pamphile, who has been a durable starter in this league.

There are others. Guys in the NFL who have proven they can survive a season. $5 million/year.

On defense, to get the quality you want, you're going to be looking at one of the $10 million men like Williams or Thomas or Mathieu

But for $5 million, you might be able to get Jimmie Ward or Tre Boston. I think we can get 4 guys for around $30 million/year who are better than my current starters at both guards and both safety spots? Yes, I do.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If we discussing this in the context of our $30M+ cap space, then the number that matters is what these free agents cost in terms of first year cap hit. Using just a normal contract structure, GB could sign two OGs without any real problem.

Handsback's picture

Wow, I want whatever Kiper is smoking! I serious doubt that Brown goes in the first round, forget about #12 to the Packers. I know I could be wrong, however I've seen Brown play too many times this year and last...he's really good, but not that good!

Bert's picture

If Brown is a legit Top 12 talent and would fit into MLFs offense then I won't have a problem at all with him at #12. We need an impact guy. If it's a WR so be it.

Bert's picture

Oooops. Just read where Brown underwent Lisfranc surgery recently. Maybe pass if he has a foot injury to deal with. We need a healthy guy who can contribute at #12.

stockholder's picture

He isn't. He's a reach. 5'10"? 2nd rd. The packers want/like big Wrs. Were not looking for Wrs. And if Gute takes Brown. I'll burn my stock.

Bert's picture

Oh ok. Happy to see we have NFL scouts posting on CHTV.

jannes bjornson's picture

See if Tate will come on board. Two experienced playmakers and the MVS Equan second year jump or hitting the wall uncertainty is resolved. Need a fix not another project. Edge, OT, TE , S and a power running back will help the cause.

Old School's picture

I agree that the Packers have clearly signaled that they like big WRs, and that we'll run more double TE sets as well. I think a goal on offense is to run more and pass to the WRs less. I'm not seeing any compelling reason at all to pursue WRs in free agency or the draft. IF there's a UDFA you want to bring to camp to look at, then by all means go for it.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


Know where you are coming from but IMHO the Pack need a small twitchy slot receiver. 12 is too high unless absolute superstar caliber. Such as a Kyler Murray if they see him as a legitimate QB starter and a slot receiver for interim.

Slot to me likely in 2nd or 3rd.

TheBigCheeze's picture

Kumerow would make an excellent slot receiver.....draft an EDGE at #12

Samson's picture

Kumerow has to make the 53 man roster in 2019. -- I doubt he will.

Skip greenBayless's picture

100% agree. Kumerow is the perfect slot receiver. He's officially ready to be a top producer starting this season and lasting for at least another 4 years. Cobb is officially free to leave with the late emergence of Kumerow last season. For the people like Samson that actually believe Kumerow doesn't have a shot at a roster spot this season just remember who his no. 1 fan is?


GLM's picture

Hockenson at #12 makes much more sense than Brown, if the team wants to go with a pick for the passing game.

stockholder's picture

The packers had James Lofton, John Jefferson (traded #1) and Coffman. Lynn Dickey and this trio formed a potent Offense. Jefferson played 3 years for the Pack. The packers never won a super-bowl until Brett Favre came here. And Wolf got Reggie White and friends. Hoekenson should not be drafted in the #12 spot. The packers don't need a TE in the first round. They need a Reggie White. But history shows Wr was what they wanted more. It was a recipe to losing. The packers drafted Raji and CM3 before 2010. And they better do it again.

jannes bjornson's picture

Edge or an OT with the #12. Polite or Sweat should still be there, maybe Ferrell. Polite is explosive off the edge. Some mocks have Ferrell in the top five some have him falling to the Pack. They cannot count on Spriggs to show as a backup. That ship has sailed and Bulaga is in his final year. I hope the Fans remember how the Line performed with Bhaktiari out for a game or two and/or Bulaga. Get down and dirty. Restock the O line.

Samson's picture

Would love to have another top WR playing opposite Adams but not in Rd. 1 (use free agency instead). -- The OL & the "D" need the attention even more.

We've already seen (in the past) how a top-flight offense only gets you into the playoffs only to be bumped out before the SB because of an inferior "D". -- That's all on TT/MM. -- I have much more confidence that Gute/MLF are more capable in creating a complete elite NFL team.

Minniman's picture

If the fall of the draft went that way then so be it (or trade down), but on principle draft to the strength of the draft.

I posted the other day that the team at The Draft Network are calling that if the coming CFB season bodes well for a number of WR's (they continue to progress at their current rate and don't get injured) then the 2020 draft's WR class could be special.

This would also give the current crop of WR's that second season to see if they emerge or plateau.

All things considered though, if Adams gets a season ending injury then the Packers are in a precarious position (without some fresh legs at TE and slot WR).

mrtundra's picture

I think it's time I faced the facts. None of the people I want to have drafted for the positions I feel GB needs, will ever wear the Green and Gold. How can Kiper draft a WR for us when OL, Pass Rusher, TE and Safety are legitimate, pressing concerns for the Packers? Is he just out of touch or is he a genius with clairvoyant skills? What am I missing?

Lare's picture

Anybody know Kiper's success percentage with his draft predictions?

Minniman's picture

What a great point!

....... although in reality no mock should be taken serious (if ever) until after the first waves of FA take place....... they only really serve as personal "brand" awareness for draftees

Minniman's picture

"What am I missing?"

...... Nothing.

We're all officially filling in time until game 1 of next season...... but it's warmer than ice-fishing!

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

So very true!

AgrippaLII's picture

Now you know why Kiper is no longer a GM !

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

He never was....was he? I dont believe he ever has been a GM.

PatrickGB's picture

“Hollywood” Brown? I would prefer a “Rockwood” Brown. I agree that a slot receiver would be nice but not at #12.

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