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Packers Continue Risk-Taking Ways

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Packers Continue Risk-Taking Ways

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was recently asked about free agent running back Adrian Peterson and among the comments McCarthy made, he referred to Peterson as a "class act".  Those words surely conjured up a variety of reactions from the masses.  Was McCarthy being calculated with his comments about Peterson because there's always the off chance that the Packers become interested in his services?  Or were McCarthy's lips working faster than his brain and forming a sentence that he later regretted?

Either way, that was a risky comment to make.  Some would argue that simply talking about Peterson at all is risky.  But that doesn't seem to be too out of character for the Packers this offseason.

I'm not here to define what "risky" means by exact definition or compare their moves this offseason to what other teams have done.  It's simply an observation of the Packers compared to themselves and based on what has been said and done by the team recently.  

Signing tight end Martellus Bennett was a smart move and filled a big hole.  It also carried a good amount of risk.  Bennett is a very outspoken individual who has a history of not filtering his words when he's unhappy.  When the Chicago Bears were struggling during Bennett's time with the team, his displeasure wasn't hidden.  He fell into line last season with the New England Patriots and got himself a Super Bowl ring.  

He has already been very interactive with Packers fans on twitter and seems to understand the passion in Green Bay.  Packers general manager Ted Thompson has usually shied away from boisterous personalities that might disrupt the locker room.  Both Thompson and McCarthy have lauded Bennett for the personality he will seemingly add to the Packers.  In Bennett's case, he may end up bringing a bit more attitude to the Packers roster, something that some would say has been missing from the team in recent years.  

It was also reported recently that Green Bay had running back Joe Mixon in for a visit earlier this week.  The former Oklahoma running back was involved in a 2014 incident in which he admittedly struck a girl in retaliation for her having struck him first.  The incident, which was recorded on video that has made many rounds throughout social media, has been the focus of the discussions surrounding Mixon.  It wouldn't be the first time the Packers have taken a flyer on a player with any type of character concerns but that doesn't make the potential of Mixon to Green Bay any less risky.

These past few weeks aren't the first time the Packers have rolled the dice a bit.  Back in 2014 the Packers signed troubled tight end Colt Lyerla in hopes that he could reel in his personal issues and be productive for them.  That didn't pan out but Green Bay wasn't on the hook financially and the loss of Lyerla didn't hold back the tight end position either.  The team brought Lyerla in only after ensuring that they could walk away from the situation if it didn't work out.

While Thompson and the Packers appear to be stepping out of their comfort zone a bit this offseason, they're still being diligent to the team.  If they were to bring in Peterson or Mixon, they would surely have uncovered everything they need to in order to ensure that the move is likely to help the team and not cost a lot.  And there are still four months until training camp starts so there is time for more eye-opening moves from the Packers.

So the question is, are you OK with the potential risks that these situations present for the Packers or have they gone a bit too far outside of the box for your liking?


-- Jason is a freelance writer and has been on staff since 2012.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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Packer_Pete's picture

Domestic violence has no part in society. It disappoints me to no end that the Packers would even entertain the thought of Mixon, AP, or any other jacka$$ . And I am disappointed about what McC said. From all I know, he really is a decent human being, so I am surprised he'd even say anything at all about those douche bags. Those are no real men...

Nobody's perfect, neither are we fans nor the players, but I think it'd be better to not bring in certain individuals, even if that meant not winning... Just my 2 cents.

croatpackfan's picture

First, as I stated before, I hate when anybody impose his physical advantage to weaker (physically weaker) person. I do not care what reason would be for that attack. There is no excuse like "retaliation". You are stronger (or in the case - much stronger) and it is your responsibility to endure any try from other party...

I only take in consideration that Joe Mixon was immature and that he really did not understood what he is doing. If he matures from that time I'm ready to forgive him that incident. He paid his debt to society (as I read) and he may become very valuable part of Packers community. But, in his contract should be some insurance in case he show up in the future that he was just pretending that he understood why he was wrong...

Again, he is young guy and I think, no matter what young persons did in the past, they deserve 2nd chance to make themselves right.

This is not winning or losing issue - this is the issue to help young man or not...

jeremyjjbrown's picture

AFAIK Mixon did it once and maybe he learned his lesson. Peterson however is a different story. He was not reacting in a heated situation and making a stupid mistake, he was repeatedly beating and torturing a small child who had no way to get away from him.

I've been a Packers fan for 30 years, but if the they put that piece of shit into a Packers uniform I'm done until all of TT, MM and Oppy are gone.

vj_ostrowski's picture

I would look forward to the McGinn/Cohen piece on how GB brass are "selling their souls" for talent

rdent's picture

First of all that incident happened out side of a domestic environment but male or female,neither should be hitting anyone.

rdent's picture

If two people don't like each other they should take the high road and stay away from each other

4thand1's picture

Every player comes with some risk. Will he perform as advertised? Will he get hurt? Is he a cancer to the team? Mixon and many like him are under the microscope more than ever. If he hadn't been caught on camera, I'd say he was doomed for certain failure, he would have done something like this again. We've seen over and over a lot of athletes throwing careers away with addiction, DV, gambling you name it. He will play somewhere, he's that good. Question is who will take the chance, as usual a team will, probably in the 2nd round. He can be as good as AP and also as bad.

Razer's picture

First off - stop talking about Adrian Peterson. The Packers wouldn't pay Eddie Lacy hamburger money to run the ball. What makes anybody think that TT is going to pay millions for a 32 year old guy who hasn't finished the last two seasons? Risk aversion or just "not that crazy".

Joe Mixon on the other hand fits TT habit of giving people a second chance. The visit and interview are a perfect way to see if this guy deserves a second chance. I don't know if Mixon has irreparable character issues or not but it is worth checking out. Ted also realizes that Mixon would be a huge bargain as a mid round draft pick. Risk aversion or just due diligence.

packerbackerjim's picture

18 year olds notoriously have undeveloped brains, judgment and impulse control are sometimes woefully lacking. IF he has remorse for his actions and not the consequences I would be inclined to forgive. As for Peterson, not a chance in hell. He should be behind bars for the next 20 years. That he questioned the Vikes support for him before ands during his suspension tells you everything you need to know: he s a criminal. Leave it to Texas to show leniency for a child beater.

Nick Perry's picture

Bennett played 2 seasons under Mark Trestman and one under Fox with Cutler as his QB all 3 years. They did nothing but lose and Cutler threw 41 interceptions during Bennetts time there. So Bennett speaks his mind, he's not happy losing or with his QB throwing stupid interceptions weekly or being out of the playoff race by Thanksgiving. I'd much rather have a player with some passion, a guy who wants to win than some guy who's just there for a check and says nothing. Aaron Rodgers GLARES at his WR when they run the wrong route. Is that really THAT much different? A picture (Or Expression) in this case speaks 1000 words. At the end of the day we have a Top 6 TE in the NFL and are better offensively because of it.

Mixon is a whole other story. I'm wishy washy on Mixon and admit it. On one hand it was 2014 when it happened and hopefully he's grown as a man. On the other hand and a the fact I have a hard time accepting is he HIT a woman. Who cares if the woman hit him first, you don't put hands on a woman! Period!!

On "Mike & Mike" they were talking about Mixon and where he might be drafted. Golic doesn't think he last until the end of the 2nd. If Mixon is there at 61 do the Packers take him, especially if a CB for example is sitting there who could help the Packers? I say no. But if he's there at 93 that might be something different altogether. That would depend if Mixon shows any remorse for what he did, and TT believed him.

RCPackerFan's picture

'Mixon is a whole other story. I'm wishy washy on Mixon and admit it. On one hand it was 2014 when it happened and hopefully he's grown as a man. On the other hand and a the fact I have a hard time accepting is he HIT a woman. Who cares if the woman hit him first, you don't put hands on a woman! Period!!'

Exactly how I feel about it. I'm mixed on it. I don't condone in hitting a woman ever!!!! Not acceptable.

But then also, this did happen 3 years ago. He was 17 at the time. Its not like Ray Rice who was almost 30. Not that it is acceptable because he was 17 at the time or anything, just that like you said, hopefully he has grown as a person.

I think its smart for them to bring him in for interviews, that way they can confront him on everything.

rdent's picture

Get out of the dark ages, like I said above, I don't condone what happened but in this day and age women should also be taught to not hit anyone.

holmesmd's picture

So for the sake of argument, you were dating Rhonda Rousey. She decided to go nuclear and side kick you thru a door over some silly BS. You wouldn't defend yourself? You wouldn't even try? If you're answer is no then you are a MALE victim of DV.Lol. This gender BS about violence is antiquated and ridiculous. Anyone who can't control themselves enough to not lay hands on another person gets what they get. I'm not letting any woman or man strike me and not defend myself, period. Would I go nuclear and beat a small woman to death? Of course not! I would however meet force with appropriate counter force or at least an attempt to physically restrained the woman so I wasn't injured. You guys that think women can't hurt men haven't been around much. I've seen numerous male patients seriously injured or killed by their female partners. Once you let your chick start putting their hands on you, no telling where it stops. Get a clue folks

Hiram Abiff's picture

I agree i know of two separate incidents where the guys are deceased.thnks to their wen who couldnt controll anger and jealousy.I was taught by highyly respected WOMEN,if a woman hits and tries to hurt you.defend yourself.

fthisJack's picture

the Cowboys would snatch him in a minute if they needed a running back. they seem to love those guys that have off field problems as long as they can get them cheap.
i would love to see him in GB if they are satisfied that he may have grown up. he should understand now that any thumping of women will cost him a very lucrative career. that in itself should motivate him.....but we have seen before players that repeat self-destructive behavior.

dfarmer's picture

Packer pete is right.. but this is a young man who reacted too quickly and too violently to being struck in the face. What he did is not excusable but I have neither read or heard of any other instances of this behavior and have heard of no other character issues. He is NOT an example of a abusive person with a history of acts like this. Maybe he deserves a 2nd chance???

Nick Perry's picture

People deserve 2nd chances. I'm sure all of us were given 2nd chances in some form or another, God knows I have. But I can't make an excuse for a "Man" who hits a female. Did he react to quickly or is this just his normal reaction and the other times weren't caught on video?? The fact that he didn't hesitate and straight clocked the woman in the face is pretty disturbing. Makes me wonder if this was an isolated incident or he's done this type of thing before.

** Not saying you're making an excuse for Mixon dfarmer..Just my 2 cents.

RCPackerFan's picture

'The fact that he didn't hesitate and straight clocked the woman in the face is pretty disturbing. Makes me wonder if this was an isolated incident or he's done this type of thing before.'

I haven't heard but was he drunk or high or anything? That could have been another contributing factor in this.

Packer_Pete's picture

"But I can't make an excuse for a "Man" who hits a female. Did he react to quickly or is this just his normal reaction and the other times weren't caught on video?? The fact that he didn't hesitate and straight clocked the woman in the face is pretty disturbing."

Thanks NP, that is exactly my thinking. I am for giving people 2nd chances. But I cannot and will not ever excuse any male who puts a hand on a woman. Never ever. I have been brought up that way, and no man I know has ever done that. Whoever is doing that is not a real man. Period. And I don't want to hear any excuse of immature or drunk or whatever. One simply does not do that. So I don't want to see that jacka$$ in a Packers jersey ever. And if anybody disagrees with me, just think about it - could've been your wife, girl-friend, daughter, niece,... Think differently about it now?

Nick Perry's picture

"And if anybody disagrees with me, just think about it - could've been your wife, girl-friend, daughter, niece,... Think differently about it now?"

Hmmmm.... Now I'm not so "Wishy Washy" if you put it like that. I have female friends who have been through that sort of thing and it's not pleasant.

StvHld's picture

And if anybody disagrees with me, just think about it - could've been your wife, girl-friend, daughter, niece,... Think differently about it now?

Nice point here. I was on the fence until I thought about this. I don't think you want the circus that would also follow the drafting of Mixon.

rdent's picture

They both should have caught charges.

Nick Perry's picture

While I agree the woman shouldn't have hit him I just can't get on board in any capacity with a 220 pound man knocking out a woman. What ever charges she might have faced went right down the drain the second his FIST hit her in the head.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

"The fact that he didn't hesitate and straight clocked the woman in the face is pretty disturbing."

So, if he stops, thinks it over, then clocks her, it's disturbing.
If he doesn't hesitate, just reacts instinctively, it's disturbing.

Maybe there is some middle ground that you think isn't disturbing, but I don't see it.

Hiram Abiff's picture


The TKstinator's picture

Strong debut.

Gforcetrivers's picture

What do you expect MM to say exactly? That he is a despicable human being, that he is human crud? That you appreciate his parenting skills and you have instituted some corporal punishment into your own disciplinary repertoire. I wouldn't read to much into his comments on AD. In fact I think you can read sarcasm into that comment.

Packer_Pete's picture

don't say anything. or say that he's not a Packers player and you can't or won't comment on this. and if asked further, only comment on his football skills... there are many ways to handle this. Calling him a 'class act' is not an appropriate comment...

stockholder's picture

TTs just doing his due diligence. There are plenty of guys that can do more than Mixon. Peterson is not worth the money. And the first person that should have input is edgar Bennet. Trust a RB to notice the little things that can be coachable. He's been there. Keep TT away from the film room on this position.

Nick Perry's picture

LOL.... After taking Alex Green I might have to agree with you when it comes to RB. Then again he did STEAL Ryan Grant from the Giants years ago so he's had his moments. The trading back and still landing Lacy was classic Ted too. We just didn't know he would eat like Gilbert Brown.

UmpireMark's picture

Lacy looks like he's eaten Gilbert Brown!

Nick Perry's picture

LOL...That was a good one Mark!!

croatpackfan's picture

Every FA signing is risk. No doubt. But I really, really do not see AP to be Packers. As human being, everything is said about him. As football player, he was excellent RB, who had his flows, but I really think his time is over (as football player). I understand what Mike McCarthy said. I expected him to say that kind of statement. It means that Packers do not see AP as solution, not even for short time. You know that proverb - "Only & all the best of the dead!"

carusotrap's picture

AP is not coming to the Packers. Way too much money and baggage for what almost everyone, except the player himself, suspects may be way too little left in the tank. If he agrees to a vet minimum with millions in incentives, then maybe a conversation might take place, but nothing else.

That being said, does this whole off-season seem suspiciously "un-Ted like"? Not so much the signing bargain contracts, but just the volume of FA participation. It was clear to outside observers that GB needed a serious course change, but Ted has never been inclined to admit that. I'm starting to wonder if Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst aren't pulling the strings. Don't you find it at least notable that on Ted is listed under "football operations" while Wolf and Gutekunst are listed at the top of "player personnel." I don't know if it has always been like that, but I have a gut feeling that maybe those guys may actually be making the personnel calls these days. No, Ted's not going to sign off on Peterson for $6 mil a year, but the other signings feel "young" and more outside the box than Packers" personnel decisions have seemed for a long time.

*removes tinfoil hat*

Ferrari Driver's picture

I would hope the Packers would not sign Peterson even at no cost as he would be at best an irritant to fans and a distraction to the team.

Also, it's nice to say you like and respect each player given the privilege of wearing the uniform of the Green Bay Packers.

GB Jacker's picture

On Joe Mixon - It's a terrible thing that he did, but violence is almost always a product of your environment. One would like to think that the Green Bay community and locker room would set a better example to the kid who hopefully has learned his lesson.

NFL teams who take chances on 'character issue' players have a responsibility in helping to reform young men who have likely not had the structures in place to promote positive behaviours, understanding and respecting all humans. We should not judge any team that decides to draft Mixon, whatever round, and simply hope that he is able to learn to better his ways. Hopefully he makes the most of such good fortune and a second chance wherever he goes.

If that happens in Green Bay it will be a credit to the organisation and the kid himself.

Razer's picture

Well said GB Jacker. I had the benefit of a good home and parents who taught me life lessons. Despite this, I made mistakes, plenty of them. A man makes a serious mistake and is now condemned for life. I hate to think that a person can't learn and improve. Interviewing Joe Mixon is a good thing to do. Find out where this kid is in his development and maturity. Maybe he has learned some humility and is truly sorry for his mistakes. Maybe not, but you won't know by not talking to him.

marpag1's picture

I fully support the prevailing opinion that the NFL is far too noble and honorable to accept the judgments of the American criminal justice system, and that the NFL should take it upon its own virtuous, broad shoulders to ensure that all young men who are guilty of domestic violence should never again have gainful employment of any kind but should henceforth strive to eke out their livelihood by digging grubs and eating tree bark. I believe the NFL is virtually conscience-bound to insist upon these much more punitive measures, regardless of any weak, pathetic judgments to the contrary that have been handed down by our nation's duly constituted courts of law.

Ferrari Driver's picture

I've read about the incident involving Mixon hitting the young woman in the restaurant and I've also read about previous incidents about his reaction to a parking ticket and even a video incident way back in high school during a game.

It made me think about a previous very talented running back named Lawrence Phillips. Not a good sign.

marpag1's picture

I can't fault you for being reminded of Phillips, FD. But to be clear I think it would be grossly unfair to say that Mixon is "Lawrence Phillips all over again." (I know you didn't explicitly say that). What Mixon did is indisputably despicable, but it's not even close to Phillips.

I don't have enough time to go back and check all the facts, but Phillips had a very lengthly string of "no contest" pleas to domestic violence while at Nebraska. While at STL he was arrested 3 times in a year and a half. At some point - not sure of the exact sequence - he was convicted of multiple felonies (assault with a deadly weapon, I think) when he drove his car off of the road, onto a football field and into a group of about ten teenagers he had been arguing with. Probably one felony conviction for each kid. He was also convicted of multiple felony assault charges relating to his former girlfriend. I think he was convicted of grand theft auto as well. For all of these he was sentenced to decades in prison. While in prison, his cell mate was found strangled to death in the morning. Not too hard to know who did it. Phillips was charged with first degree murder and prosecutors were seeking the death penalty. He surely would have been convicted except for the fact that he committed suicide before the trial ever began.

While not minimizing what Mixon did, he plead to a misdemeanor, served 100 hours of community service and got counseling. It's not exactly apples with apples.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The parking ticket incident occurred on Nov 1, 2016. That is pretty recent and it occurred about 2 years after Mixon hit the girl. Maybe this guy can't learn? It isn't the end of the world stuff, but it shows anger issues.

Took awhile to find the video incident, but bleacher report has it and a video clip. This looks like nothing unusual at all.

Well, there is smoke here. I was pretty much for giving this guy a second chance, but the parking attendant thing is disappointing.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The parking ticket incident occurred on Nov 1, 2016. That is pretty recent and it occurred about 2 years after Mixon hit the girl. Maybe this guy can't learn? It isn't the end of the world stuff, but it shows anger issues.

Took awhile to find the video incident, but bleacher report has it and a video clip. This looks like nothing unusual at all.

Well, there is smoke here. I was pretty much for giving this guy a second chance, but the parking attendant thing is disappointing.

Since '61's picture

Have been a big supporter of MM from the beginning.
However, I'm a little disappointed that he and the Packers would even consider AP. MM's statement that he is a "class act" was unnecessary. He could have said no comment or "we keep our options open". In any case I don't want to see AP in a Packers uniform. As a player he's done and as a man even worse. I don't know much about Mixon other than he struck a woman a few years back. I prefer that the Packers stay away from players with off the field baggage which they are aware of. However, Mixon was a young man at the time and in this era of the NFL it is difficult to field a team without a few character flaws. He may be fine with a second chance or he may be like Guion who keeps getting in trouble, suspended and hurting the team. I'll leave it to the scouts and TT to determine if he is past his issues and can help the Packers. However, I'm sure that we can find a good RB who doesn't have any baggage. Thanks, Since '61

cheesehead1's picture

Agree with you Since '61. I wouldn't go near AP and don't think TT will. We can pick up a RB in the draft. I just want them to concentrate on the D. I'd like TJ Watt, but have been reading that he has injury issues (knees). Anyone have insight re: his injuries?

pakmann's picture

Ray Rice...and look where he is today...looking for a job, because he punched out his girlfriend in an elevator. To many bad things can happen when a bad apple is brought into a harmonious locker room. That's why Randy Moss never was allowed to wear a Packer jersey.

Finwiz's picture

All these people saying NO to AP, may I remind you he killed the Packers on a routine basis, is an explosive player when healthy, and led the NFL in rushing as recently as 2015. This is an extremely talented RB, with no wear and tear in 2016. If he's healthy, they sign him ALL DAY at anything around 4-4.5 MIL. You don't turn your back on chances at great players. He wouldn't be playing every down anyway, so limited chance at injury. I'd salivate at the chance to have this guy on my team - assuming he's healthy, which may be a big IF.

marpag1's picture

"...with no wear and tear in 2016."

As I see it, having a knee injury serious enough to keep you out of 13 straight games is about as MUCH "wear and tear" as he could possibly have had in one year.

Finwiz's picture

I hear you marpag, but it wasn't an ACL, and what I meant was, he had basically a whole year of not getting hit be defensive lineman and linebackers. He's been counted out before, tore his ACL, and came back nine months later and tore up the league. The guy is a physical freak. Would I give him 10 million? No I would not - either would MN. But at the right price you take a flyer, and see what he looks like in preseason games. They'll know soon enough if he's worth keeping around.

Matt Gonzales's picture

Last year I would have said he's not a fit since he is a one dimensional runner that doesn't fit our scheme. Now? He would fit as a situational runner - Lacy seemed to excel in 2014 when AR was under center or in the pistol. Peterson would work there or in our heavy backfield packages w 2 blocking options.

I don't think you can pay starter money for a situational runner, but if he wants to chase the ring we have better personnel to play to his strengths than we ever have, and the personnel packages are already in use (and the same packages really could be used for RPO plays where it doesn't matter as much that he doesn't pass protect).

Matt Gonzales's picture

Purposely ignoring the Peterson ethics stuff. People can change their character and nobody here truly knows the answer to that.

Since '61's picture

For me the fact that he is a child beater makes him unacceptable as a human being never mind as a member of the Green Bay Packers. Winning is not more important than our values. How and why can we value winning more than our children? Besides the fact that he is a vile criminal he's not worth $4-5 million and he's asking for $8 million any way. Last season he looked done as a player, as a man he's not worth thinking about. You may consider him to be a great player and that's fine but I consider him someone who gives Shxt at good name. Thanks, Since '61

Finwiz's picture

We can all sit in judgment about how somebody raises their children, but discipline varies between race and generation. Of course most of what was acceptable in the 60's is taboo today, but can we judge someone without knowing the circumstances, and how they were raised? By that standard, about 75% of the parents from the 50's and 60's should be in jail, because everyone slammed their kids around. Lock everyone up for that, and there won't be enough jail space. You know what they say - let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I presume you've heard that one. If I get a drunk driving ticket, or end up in jail for a weekend because of some domestic violence dispute, does that mean I should get fired from my job? Don't think so. Everyone wants to stand in judgment of pro-athletes as if their superhuman physical prowess matches all their other actions in life. These are people, and nobody is perfect.

Since '61's picture

Beating children was never acceptable even in the 50s and 60s. I was raised during the 50s and 60s. My Dad was an NYPD police officer and arrested people who did abuse their children so you have no idea what you are talking about. Child abuse was never acceptable or the norm. As for domestic violence if you are guilty you should lose your job and go to prison. As a parent and now a grandparent APs behavior is abhorrent to me. Think how you would feel if someone did that to a child of yours. None of us are perfect it is true but to try to justify APs beating of his child because he is a good football player or because he can help the Packers or any other team to win is not a value system that I want to be any part of. As for your examples of drunk driving or domestic violence if you can justify behavior that endangers other innocent people's lives then I guess you can justify APs as well. Have you even considered the fact that the beating his child received may psychologically affect the rest of that child's life. And that it may manifest itself in some later year(s) as violence against another innocent person(s)? Have you thought about police officers who risk their lives answering domestic violence and abuse calls and the impact on them and their families? I doubt it. All that is OK as long as someone can run with a football or throw a B Ball through a hoop or whatever. Sorry but that's a sad commentary about priorities if that's the case. Everyone should keep their own counsel but in my case I'm done with the Packers if AP comes to Green Bay. I'm close to being done with the NFL as it is, bringing AP to Green Bay would be the push that takes me out altogether. Thanks, Since '61

Spock's picture

I am disappointed that MM would make this comment. AP is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Before proposing to my wife I promised I would never hit her. I don't know what Mixon's background is, but many young athletes grow up in less than stellar environments. Doesn't excuse his behavior, but the fact that this happened 3 years ago makes me wonder if he has turned himself around. The due diligence of speaking with him seems reasonable. For those wondering about the Raiders move to Vegas, you just might enjoy Cliff Christl's history piece over on ( ) . Seems that Green Bay had quite the reputation of being a "party town" back during Prohibition -they had over 48 speakeasies and a booming red light district. Fascinating history and really surprised me. Christl's team history are always worth the read and this is one of his better pieces.

EdsLaces's picture

To see people argue that someone was immature enough to absolutely destroy a chick's face in public is laughable. I can't remember a time this year, last year, 5 years ago, or even when I was 10 or 15 that I thought hey maybe it's ok to knock a woman out. Just sayin...

4thand1's picture

If AP was a Packer and released, he would have been signed by the viqueens the next day, even if he was a serial killer.

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