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Packers: 26 Cowboys: 21

By Category

Packers: 26 Cowboys: 21

Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, Mike Daniels

Morgan Burnett, Tramon Willianms, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Jerry Jones



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Proudly Served at Lambeau Field

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denniseckersley's picture

i feel like you get a little too cute with the ugly category sometimes; Did Jerry Jones really do anything to deserve the Ugly yesterday? In previous years I would agree with you because it would just be an overall comment on the state of his franchise... but he put together a damn good team this year (even if he may have had people holding him back from himself). I guess he was whining a lot after the game but I didn't think it was especially egregious.

PackerAaron's picture

He's Jerry Jones. If it was up to him, the Packers wouldn't even exist. Yes, he will always be in the Ugly.

Read this from back in the day to get a better understanding where I'm coming from on this:

Pack88's picture

Aaron: I agree about JJ he is an arrogant POS but to watch Rubberface and that fat aZZ scumbag Chris Christie choke when Steratore CORRECTLY ruled it a non catch was great but to watch a real QB grind 4 minutes off the clock with precision passing and the big dog running was priceless!!

denniseckersley's picture

Well when you put it like that......

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Anyone that brings in Chris Christie for positive mojo belongs in the ugly category.

egbertsouse's picture

They only made Jones an "ugly" because there is no "douchey" category

rjwh23's picture

Agree, he certainly deserves credit for assembling an excellent team and might be included in the list of executive of the year candidates, considering many of the "experts" were predicting another 8-8 season. "Cute" might have been for Jerry to take the other Jones boy (Brad) back to Dallas with him.'s picture

Speaking of Brad Jones. I would love to see him included in the "Ugly" category. Absolutely one of his worst games to date, and that's saying a lot.

jyros's picture

Agreed. He (Brad Jones) has played soft and dumb for the last few seasons.
A band-aid that's got no stick!

ChicagoPackerFan12's picture

Brad Jones is the Ugly Ugly Ugly. The guy can't play but for some reason is still out there.

He costs you getting off the field and Touchdowns all the time! He can't play in Seattle period. The only time he should be on the field next week is ST.

Go Pack Go!

saltandpeppers's picture

I'll say it again: Brad Jones made a nice open field tackle on Beasley to set up 4th down at the end. Huge play in the game. If he lets Beasley get even a yard more, Cowboys probably just run it down our throats on 4th down instead of throwing it up to Dez.

Paul Griese's picture

I noticed that stop, it was a big play for 59.

Flow49's picture

It was an arm tackle tho, Jones was very lucky it was Beasley and not someone who could run through his attempt. That being said it was a clutch play there from jones.

oregonpacker's picture

Got the Jones part right but it should read Brad instead of Jerry...
Great win; now on to Seattle and another win for the ages....

RCPackerFan's picture

I would remove Clinton-Dix and insert Brad Jones in the Bad.

He gave Dallas life on their first TD drive. If he doesn't hold the RB, and tackles him as he catches it (like most LB's do), they have 4th down. Instead he holds the RB, gets called for it and gives Dallas life which they move down the field and tie up the game.
Stupid penalty's from Jones are killing the Packers on defense.

Evan's picture

I'm still not 100% clear on why that was a penalty. Correct me if I am wrong, but it was within 5 years - it might have even been in the backfield, as I believe it was a screen attempt - and it occurred before the pass was thrown. That's legal, yeah?

I dislike Jones as much as the next guy, but I don't know if that call was totally fair (ditto for the holding on the kick/punt return).'s picture

Contact is legal behind the line, but holding is not. He clearly held him. Just a stupid play. No excuse at all for doing that. Ever.'s picture

Contact is legal behind the line, but holding is not. He clearly held him. Just a stupid play. No excuse at all for doing that. Ever.

Paul Griese's picture

The defender is allowed to use his hands to overcome a block in the backfiled. Remember Reggie White's hump move? It was Brad Jones, so its an automatic penalty. But I questioned if it was legit due to the location.

4thand1's picture

Watch the play. Jones clearly grabbed him because he knew Murry was going out for a pass. The Penalty was a lot less than what Murry would have gained on the play. It really wasn't a bad penalty. Levy for the Lions did the exact same thing on Dallas's last scoring drive.

RCPackerFan's picture

'The Penalty was a lot less than what Murry would have gained on the play'

Maybe? I guess we won't know for sure. Maybe another LB or CB or S comes up and makes a play on him before he gets to the first down line?

My point is here, is if we have a better LB, he doesn't hold him he just follows him and tackles him after he catches it. Jones gets into position, all he has to do is not hold him.
Its time to get Jones off the field. We can't afford him making these back breaking penalty's on 3rd down.

RCPackerFan's picture

yeah, if you watch the play again you will see that Jones actually held him. If he just made contact with the RB that would have been fine. But he actually wrapped him up and held him. So that was penalty.

That being said that holding penalty on Jones, it looked like to me that Mathews was being held almost the exact same way on the 3rd down play right before the Dez Bryant, catch/no catch play. He blitzed up the middle and it looked like to me he was being held by the RB.

joe packer's picture

I'm going to add all the complaints on the internet about the catch, including one (USA Today?!) that claimed the Cowboys would have won the game. They still had to score - and they most surely would have - but the pack was rolling and had time to get into Crosby range.

Also, rules aside, the ball was NOT secured. It hit the ground. It was a reasonable consideration, even with a loose interpretation of the rule.

And, it wasn't close to the mis-read that was the call reversal against detroit. Yet this has a LOT of press and is overshadowing the otherworldly efforts by QB1.

D.D. Driver's picture

The Cowboys would have had to score the TD *AND* convert a 2-pointer to go up by three. If they don't go for 2 and convert, the Packers win on a FG. If they do go for 2 and convert the Packers can still tie with a FG and win with a TD. Considering the Pack ended up in "automatic" FG territory by trying to kill the clock, it was almost a gimme that the Packer would have won.

Duke Divine's picture

Brad Jones, again punched his ticket to the "Ugly" category with his penalty and losing of Witten in his zone drop! Very surprised he was left out of the Ugly and very happy Dom made him a bench warmer for the final 3 quarters!

joe packer's picture

I'd put the tweet by Detroit to the Cowboys in the good category:

Sorry @dallascowboys. We know the feeling: . #CompletingTheProcess


Bearmeat's picture

G: Julius Peppers, 2nd Half ARod, Mike Daniels
B: HHCD's tackling, Tramon, Jordy's drop (and general ineffectiveness)
U: Brad effen Jones.

DraftHobbyist's picture

No Brad Jones in the Bad or Ugly means no respect.

The GrEEn kNiGhT's picture

We won with Rodgers off for an entire half. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't he 9 for 17 at one point of the game in the first half? He had a nearly flawless first half. X Factors for Seattle will be Lacy and Adams and some more Randal Cobb out of the backfield. If Rodgers can go into Seattle and win. Even the haters can't deny his greatness!

Lphill's picture

ugly - Packer fans who sit like zombies at Lambeau field during the game, way too many.

Lphill's picture

Dont know if I am allowed to post this but I found autographed Aaron Rodgers footballs for 99.00 on S*ARS online, they are still available and authentic .[ hint the star = e,] proceeds go to a cancer charity.

The GrEEn kNiGhT's picture

Why are you hating on Daniels. He's a beast and one of our most consistent lineman.

angiepacker's picture

For my Dad's 60th birthday, I'm trying to get him to Lambeau Field in September to see his first ever Packer's game. He's been a lifelong fan, and any donation would be greatly appreciated. Go Packers!

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