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Why Beating Jerry Jones Matters

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Why Beating Jerry Jones Matters

A day after the Green Bay Packers stomped all over Jerry Jones' debacle of a pro football team, Packer fans should take extra pride in the beat down the Packers administered in front of a national television audience.

You see, Jerry Jones hates the Packers. He hates small market teams in general. He has made it his mission in life to rid the NFL of revenue sharing. He sees the entire concept as an antiquated idea from a bygone era. He and some of his fellow owners (ie Danny Snyder) see the NFL as a place where they can basically pump as much cash out of their brand as possible.

Because that's all it is to them - an investment. Oh sure, Jones and Snyder and their ilk like to play their little general manager games, with Jones presiding over the Cowboys drafts as though he were in the most expensive fantasy football league ever put together. But Jones knows that winning, while nice, is secondary. Making money is the name of the game. Jones made a big stink fifteen years ago when he went up against the NFL in regards to sponsorship deals and this year he decided he needed to be the only owner with his own merchandising deal. (A deal which may backfire on him.)

Think about the misery that team has been through since Jones took over football operations from Jimmy Johnson. Even after he supposedly "got it" and hired Bill Parcells, Jones couldn't help but do idiotic things like ram Terrell Owens down the teams throat. Why? Not because it made any football sense whatsoever, but because Owens was good for business.

That's all it is to Jones - big business. Big city business. Nothing for the quaint little hamlets like Green Bay to be bothered about.

Which is why it is so satisfying for the representatives of the little town of Green Bay to host Jones and his motley crew and kick their ass repeatedly up and down the field for all the football-loving world to see.

Just look at the respective general managers.

Ted Thompson is a football guy. He makes decisions based on what he thinks will help the Packers on the football field.

Jerry Jones can make all the football decisions he wants - but he is always thinking about matters on the periphery. Sponsorships. Marketability.  Merchandising. Anything and everything that has nothing to do with the game of football. Jones can fire all the coaches he wants - as long as he is calling the shots in the football operations he will always be the problem in Dallas.

Packer fans should take pride that their team, which is the epitome of everything Jones wants to see disappear from the NFL, beat the Holy Jesus out of his overpriced fantasy team last night.

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xxstatic's picture


Josh's picture

One of the best posts by any Packer blogger ive read all year...this is why im proud to be a packer fan...well done

Jason's picture

I second that. Amazing post and incredibly true. Aaron is right on the money. Pun intended. :)

bogmon's picture

It's why we care about this team.

Character; Community; Tradition; Commitment to Excellence.

I hope some of the fans are starting to come back around on Thompson. Aaron nails it perfectly when describing him as a 'Football Guy'...TT makes all of his decisions for the good of the team; not to keep the fan favorites around but to produce a winner.

Al Harris being let go today is an day it will be Driver.
In the end, we all rally behind a winner, not who's the most lovable team.
Thompson might be hated for his decisions but at least his intent isn't all sinister and ego driven like Jerry Jones.

Feels great to be a Packers fan today!

CSS's picture

I've never understood Jerry Jones mentality with wanting to monopolize the NFL. Ultimately (from a business perspective) he may take a larger 'piece of the pie' in terms of revenue if they were to distribute revenue based on market size and not have reveneu sharing.

But ultimately, the overall revenue the league would receive would dwindle as it's popularity diminishes due to less and less parity across the league (without revenue sharing).

He's a greedy SOB. You would think he would encourage the small markets, maximize overall revenue and perpetuate the NFL as the most popular professional sport.

Ruppert's picture

Jerry Jones has made only 2 good decisions since he bought the team 21 years ago: Hiring Jimmy Johnson and hiring Bill Parcells. And he drove both of them out. When he drove JJ out, the team went straight downhill until he hired Parcells. And now it's going straight downhill again.

And I love it.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

Can't say it any better than you did, Aaron. Now get THIS one published in the NYTimes ;)

Jack's picture

This post is definitely NYT-worthy. Great work, Aaron.

gbpf127's picture

Well said Aaron.

foundinidaho's picture

Better yet, get it published in the Dallas Morning News. ;)

Well done, Aaron. Couldn't agree with you more. Jerry Jones is everything that's wrong with football.

jeremy's picture

He's everything about what's wrong in America.

davyjones's picture

Here's another reason why beating Jerry Jones matters...

HE'S AN A$$.

Oh, you pretty much said that...sorry.

Tommyboy's picture


Jack's picture

I wrote this on a different thread, but here goes. Yes, Jerry Jones is a cut-throat businessman who is not fit to be an owner in the NFL. But that doesn't mean he is a scoundrel in his daily life. My cousin did a project for JJ at his Dallas home, and he said that Jones was not at all what he expected him to be; that he was warm, charming, and gracious to him and his crew.

That said, owners like Jones are a threat to the status quo in the NFL, and we can only hope that he and his ilk do not gain the upper hand.

Go Pack!

RockinRodgers's picture

Great stuff.

MexPack's picture

And don't forget about the 90's!

bogmon's picture

Speaking on the 90's, does anyone notice the bias against the Packers from ex-'boys like Aikman; Daryl Johnston; and Deion Sanders...

They seem to cling to that old rivalry and never quite let the Packers have the day in the sun.

...not like Collinsworth last night just shredding the Cowboys repeatedly without restraint. Loved that!

D.D. Driver's picture

Aikman is actually one of my favorite color guys.

Chad's picture

I loved the line that went something like: "The Cowboys wanted to get back to basics... they basically suck."

Packnic's picture

Hell. Yes.

Tommyboy's picture

"Which is why it is so satisfying for the representatives of the little town of Green Bay to host Jones and his motley crew and kick their ass repeatedly up and down the field for all the football-loving world to see."

I'm going to keep reading this until it is no longer satisfying....don't wait up.

Jack's picture

My sentiments exactly. Hope Jeff Blumb reads this post by Aaron.

packeraaron's picture

Feel free to email it to him ;)

JerseyPackFan's picture

Wanna see the real Jerry Jones? all you have to do is stand next to him at the bar.
Its happy to know as long as Jones controls everything regarding that team, they will never win another Super Bowl.

ZeroTolerance's picture

When I saw all the long faces on the Dallas sideline last night, it almost drove me to tears. Of glee.

Nick's picture

Whats wrong with Jerry Jones wanting to make some paper?

Nathan Zacher's picture

While you might like to pretend that "Sponsorships. Marketability. Merchandising." are less important in the Green Bay organization, I beg to differ.

The difference is obvious between the two organizations, don't get me wrong, but if the Packers do NOT have someone on their staff worried solely about the "Business" side of the game, then they should.

I get your point. Classic big market vs. small market, I just don't believe the Packers are any less interested in those three key terms. Sponsorships. Marketability. Merchandising.

Oppy's picture

The key difference here is this:

The Packers are interested in Sponsorships, Marketability and Merchandising as tools- only to ensure they can field and sustain a competitive football team.

Jerry Jones is only interested in fielding a competitive football team to ensure the Cowboys are Marketable enough to garner Sponsorships which lower his overhead and make his Merchandising more profitable.

The Packers are a not-for-profit organization. The Revenue and monies they generate beyond their operating costs are used to improve their facilities in many fashions, it's donated to charitable causes in and out of the community, and lastly, it is invested in a rainy-day fund that is kept -SOLELY- as an emergency account to help the Packers survive should hard times hit.

The difference between the two is profound.

Jack's picture

Well said.

packeraaron's picture

You actually missed my point. Of course the Packers worry about those things. Their GM doesn't, he worries about football. And the Packers, while minding their affairs within the confines of the league's system, are not calling for the death of said system.

Pretty big difference if you ask me.

Nick's picture

I hate the Cowboys just as much as anybody but Jerry Jones provides great comic relief to the NFL. He's an idiot and gives us somebody to root against.

JerseyPackFan's picture

As I see it. The Packers have one more coach to help get rid of.
Major Dad you are next.

J.Mac's picture

Jerry Jones. Is he, could he be....... SATAN?

Oppy's picture

How long has Dana Carvey been a packers fan?

D.D. Driver's picture

I'm not a big fan of Jones, but I do admire that he built his stadium with his own money, unlike Zygi Wilf who want overburdened taxpayers to finance a third major stadium project.

Jones may be a dick, but at least he isn't another billionaire beggar. That counts for something.

PackersRS's picture

Wasn't his stadium built tax free?

D.D. Driver's picture

Yeah. You know what: I was misinformed. Screw Jerry Jones, but especially screw Ziggy Wilf. The Gophers offered to go halvies with the Vikings on a new outdoor stadium, but Ziggy said "no." He wanted the taxpayers pas for a third new stadium in the Twin Cities. That is just obscene.

asshalo's picture

That was awesome.

He better have a good supply chain. Inventory costs can add up quickly.

PackersRS's picture

Without revenue sharing, we have EPL. Here in Brazil, we don't have it, and there are always 8 or so teams that are title contenders. We have 16 or so BIG clubs, and usually those teams can keep contending.

But Brazil doesn't have the market that Europe or America have. We are still a breeder market. We can't rely on marketing to build up revenue. 80% of the teams' revenue is from TV deals and player negotiations (sells).

If there isn't revenue share in the NFL, there will be a Manchester United, a Chelsea, maybe an Arsenal, and the rest will be the rest.

Wiscokid's picture

Jerry Jones IS a dick. The only good thing you can say about him is he takes your mind off Al Davis, another dick.

Revenue sharing is a good thing. It keeps the league stable and prevents the "big market" teams from dominating the sport. I wish baseball was set up like the NFL.

If the Cowboys fall apart, it is going to severely impact how much money that enormous monument to greed that he built brings in.

Dallas is a fair weather town when their teams start losing. It costs $60 just to park there and you have to walk over a mile to the stadium. In the end, nobody watches the live action on the field, they are watching the game on the jumbo-tron. You might as well stay home and watch it on TV and that's exactly what they do when the team is losing. Once the novelty wears off he's going have a hard time selling that thing out.

Don't you think that Jones would kill to have a 30 year waiting list for season tickets? Sure he hates the Packers. They are successful in ways he will never attain. With Green Bay, it's about loyalty, tradition and pride, not self promotion, self indulgence and avarice.

Oppy's picture

HAve you lived in Dallas? In Texas in general?

I have to say that I would be really, really surprised to find out that Dallas Cowboys Fans are fair-weather fans as you portray them to be. Seems like that Texas Pride they nurture in every single baby born in Texas also includes love for the Cowboys. I'm not from Texas, and have only been to remotest parts of Texas for work, but I've always been given the impression their fans in-state are as die-hard as any.

Wiscokid's picture

I've been living in Dallas for the last 30 years and that has certainly been the case. They've blacked out a number of games since I've been here. There would have been plenty more blacked out if some corporation didn't buy enough tickets at the last minute. When is the last time that a game was blacked out in Green Bay? Don't get me wrong, they do follow the Cowboys but that doesn't necessarily translate into ticket sales. Anyone who wants season tickets can have them. The stadium is (and I've been there) incredibly expensive to attend a game, beyond what a blue collar kind of fan can afford. It lends itself to corporate season ticket holders. Honestly, once the novelty wares off, they will be hard pressed to fill it up if the team starts losing for an extended period of time. Jerry Jones is under extreme pressure to put a quality product on the field and frankly, I think he's the biggest problem they have. He needs more of a disciplinarian as head coach (i.e. Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels) but Jerry wants a coach who he can control (Barry Switzer, Wade Phillips). It just doesn't work both ways at the same time.

This most definitely is NOT Green Bay.

Wiscokid's picture

Update: This morning I was listening to the Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket which is Dallas's leading sports talk show. Norm Hitzges (one of the areas top sports commentators)was discussing what the Cowboys dismal record was going to do to ticket sales and he went on to explain what it costs for a season ticket to the Jones Mahal.
Personal Seat License $150 thousand , good for 30 years with an obligation to by the actual tickets.

Season tickets for an average seat cost $6 thousand for 10 tickets which include 2 pre-season games.

Now let's say that your wife and kids want to go to the games. One wife, two kids, multiply that times four.
Year one costs $624,000.00 and you haven't paid for parking or bought you first bag of peanuts.

If your name isn't Bill Gates, you might think that's a lot of money.

Considering that they struggled to fill Texas Stadium (65,000 seats)at times and this place (80,000 seats) is substantially bigger, they should be worried about what's going to happen.

Tell me Oppy, how many tickets should I put you down for?

The saving grace is that it is a multi-purpose facility and they are not solely dependent on football ticket sales. Hey, the Jonas Brothers seam to pack them in.

thepretzelhead's picture

And the rising Raiders will eat a big part of their fan base- which won't help them any.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Pack got Wade fired ,Chilly is next.

SpiderPack's picture

Aaron, this post is almost as satisfying as Bishop's interception. Thanx4the information & cohesive insight.

D.D. Driver's picture

Why would any Packer fan want to see Childress fired? It makes no sense. I want Childress to coach the Vikings forever.

davyjones's picture

But if he's going to go, it should be at the hands of the Packers...there is just something poetic about it.

The Viking Franchise has become a laughing stock...a mere butt to league jokes. Zygi cannot and should not accept it. I hope everyone saw Bob Costas' soap opera schtick at was cheap and all too easy, but pretty hilarious nonetheless. How could a team owner with any pride at all tolerate such mockery?

I would love nothing more than to have Chilly stick around--he is too great to make fun of. But since it's inevitable, I hope it's the Pack who is his undoing.

Same goes for #4.

foundinidaho's picture


packeraaron's picture


Oppy's picture

I really do believe that Brad Childress is attempting to get himself fired by any means necessary.

I think the reality has set in that Ziggy Wilf is going to pander to his "star" QB and let him undercut his(Childress') Authority.. And that contract is starting to look really, really long to ol chilly.

MSauce's picture

I don't think Childress needs any help from Wilf to undermine his authority when it comes to Favre.

JerseyPackFan's picture

After reading all the comments today. I thought about something. Jerry Jones needs the Green Bay Packers right now. Why you say? Well since his beloved team is not going to be playing in his stadium come Febuary. What other fan base is going to fill his 100,000 plus stadium come Super Bowl time? Thats right people...the Green Bay Packers! Packer fans will go anywhere in the world to see their team play in a Super Bowl. Any other team and its another loss for Jerry Jones.

djbonney138's picture

Hadn't thought of it that way. Nice insight.

jack in jersey city's picture

it's great watching my 2 favorite teams fall apart mid-season. dallas and minnesota can both BURN!!!

Chris's picture

I thought I was going to die of laughter while watching the game and NBC is showing Jones in the skybox right after another Green Bay TD and Al Micheals said Jones may want to do a Lambeau leap himself. Im not going to lie, that was my most favorite moment of the season thus far.

dfosterf's picture

I hate to do this, because I hate Jerry Jones and his team, at least as much as everyone here, but would just like to (reluctantly) point out that Jones was advocating the elimination of Supplemental Revenue Sharing, not revenue sharing.

packeraaron's picture

In the piece I linked to, yes. But he has also said he wants the sharing of television revenue, the lifeblood of the NFL, abolished as well.

dgtalmn's picture

Wow so with my Packer Shares, making me an owner, I love the comparison of ownership! Unfortunately Jones is not going anywhere so these victories ae really nice (even though the spouse is a 'boys fan).

Without revenue sharing, there would not be enough teams to make football interesting.

c.d. angeli's picture

Now, Mr. Nagler...I love your post and concur wholeheartedly with its intent. But let's not confuse TT and Mark Murphy's roles while comparing with Jones. Yes, Thompson is a football guy and has chosen repeatedly to buckthe popular consensus in what he does. No comparison there.

But, let's not paint the Packers completely as a noble franchise dedicated to football over money. Certainly, you were at the stockholders' meeting and know the Packers are trying to squeeze every marketing dollar they can...maybe not as obtrusively as Jones, but Titletown Inc is already on paper if not already in practice.

Yes, the Packers beat the sharing drum, but that is because they stand to benefit the most from it. The investments they've already made in the Atrium and the stadium are testaments to local revenue they need to keep up with the Joneses.

packeraaron's picture

Maybe you missed it earlier, but I addressed this earlier in the comments section.

c.d. angeli's picture

Well, of course I missed it! But what would I have to talk about if I didn't echo it?

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Great piece Aaron,

For more piling on the Cowboys, see this:

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