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Packers 24 Washington 42: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Packers 24 Washington 42: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers lost their fourth straight game and gave up over 40 points for the second straight week.  This team continues to deal with a rash of injuries and futile play that has them two games below .500.  This is the worst start for a Mike McCarthy-led Packers team since his first season in 2006.  That was a decade ago so on the bright side, it has taken 10 years to reach this level of futility again.  The other side of the coin remains abysmal.  At this point, the realistic goal for this team is unknown, but we can stop talking about postseason and some of the usual goals that seemed to be a given year in and year out.

On to the best and worst from this contest.

Game Balls

Adam Czech

I had the fortune of being able to visit with Adam this past week before he was moved into hospice care.  He smiled, joked and talked Packers, politics and whatever was on his mind.  His message to our readers and the team at CheeseheadTV was that he loves us all.  He knew what he was facing yet he managed to smile and savor every moment.  His wife, Julianna, has been an incredible rock and his spirit will surely live on through his two sons, Edward (3) and Reggie (6 months).  

When I first joined the team under the ALLGBP label, it was Adam who reached out and helped show me the ropes.  He didn't treat me like the novice that I was (OK, am) but instead welcomed me to the team and worked with me to keep up the good work he and the team had already begun.  That's leadership.  That's motivating.  Maybe the Packers can learn something from this example.

Adam had been writing "Surviving Sunday's" during the offseason and I know many of you looked forward to that piece every week.  It's honestly the most challenging one of them all, finding topics that aren't related to the Packers to keep our readers engaged.  I'll admit, I read every one and learned a lot.  His style of adding in the perfect amount of humor to the great content he put out is something I still envy and strive for.  Adam survived a lot, both during his life and in the past year.  He was a fighter.  He didn't lose his battle with cancer.  He won with his incredible outlook and approach to life: smile, laugh and have a beer.  Does it get any better than that?

Godspeed, my friend.  I love you and. . until we meet again! 

Ty Montgomery

Montgomery was productive when he touched the ball and has been one of the more consistent players on offense lately.  In a game where there wasn't a lot to praise, this was one of the few things I could find.

Jared Cook

Cook let an easy touchdown ball bounce off of his hands early in the game.  He cam back and scored one later on and caught a deep ball.  For a guy who has been out nearly two months and who is still new to this offense, that's a pretty good day at the office.  Much is made of how much trust Aaron Rodgers has for his receivers and it's obvious that Cook is one that has it right now.

Lame Calls

Micah Hyde

I'm done using injuries as an excuse.  Some of these players may be put in tough positions because the usual starters are out and they find themselves trying to do things that aren't their strengths.  Hyde gets a lot of credit for being a versatile and smart player.  He is both of those things, but he was flat out awful in this game.  Every time I saw his number in this game, he was trailing a big play or not making a play of his own.  I've said since day one that Hyde can't cover.  Tonight pushed that narrative another step forward. 


From general manager Ted Thompson to McCarthy to Aaron Rodgers to (insert player name), this team has a severe lack of leadership.  They just look lost and without answers both on the field and on the sideline.  Many have already written off this season as far as the usual expectations and hopes that they put on the Packers.  The looks on the players' faces are doing nothing to change that train of thought.

Can it get any worse than this?  I'd like to say yes, but there are still six games left to play and for the Packers to do the limbo and show us just how low they can go.  After the last three weeks, that's a scary thought.


I know many of you have dealt with this disease first hand or have loved ones who have.  Simply stated: Eff cancer! 


Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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Rossonero's picture

Adams story puts it all into perspective. No matter how this season ends, let's dedicate it to him.

Game balls:
Rodgers -- played well enough to win without any turnovers, eluding rushers and finding open guys. He missed a few throws, but it was one of his better games.

Jared Cook -- what a game. We've been missing him all season. He's the threat over the middle we badly need. Shows how deficient Richard Rodgers is.

Starks-- looked lively catching passes and running hard. Droppedan easy pass, but otherwise played well.

Peppers and Perry-- only guys to get sacks. Peppers tipped a pass and was involved in run stuffing a key players in the red zone.

Ball security: Much better this week.

Penalties: much improved after 12 last week.

Offensive line: considering we had a backup Center and RG in there, they only gave up 2 sacks. Rodgers had time to throw most of the time.

Lame Calls
Entire secondary-- Micah Hyde is not a cover corner. Gunter was roasted. A few times there was no safety help (perhaps due to a blitz), but otherwise it was awful. It's obvious where the Packers need to focus in the draft.

Clay Matthews-- held in check by a back up left tackle. No impact plays.

Pass rush - aside from Peppers and Perry's sacks, the lack of pressure up front did not help out the secondary at all. Carolina had a very average secondary last year, but they generated so much pressure up front that it helped out the secondary.

Don Barclay-- WHY is he still on this team? I thought he got benched, but McCarthy is too bone headed....he got injured, so Spriggs comes in and fills in nicely. He is a complete liability!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Nice post, Rossonero. Barclay is on the team because he is the only back up at center.

It is a major indictment of MM that Barclay played OG ahead of Spriggs. Is MM completely unable to evaluate his own players? Why do better players often sit on the bench while their inferiors play?

I do think it is a major stretch to write that Linsley is our back-up center. I for one think he is considerably better at OC than Tretter. Either way, Linsley will be a starting OC in the NFL for the next 10 years and should not be used as an excuse for any problems with the OL protection.

Bearmeat's picture

Game Balls: The TT/MM/AR era. They should have won at least 2 Super Bowls, but they did win one and have been consistently in the conversation.

Lame Calls: The 2016 Green Bay Packers. They are straight up an awful football team. The suck at every single facet of the game.

It is time to fire the GM and coaching staff Mark Murphy. It may be time to move on from Rodgers.

Nick Perry's picture

I'd add the demise of the Green Bay Packers as we've known them since say 2009, started on January 18th 2015 in Seattle, not THIS season. The RB situation, the lack of explosiveness from the skill positions, the lack of leadership, it's all caught up with them. One of the few leaders on the Offensive side of the ball was let go just before the start of the season for NOTHING. That 3rd or 4th rounder would have helped filled one of the growing number of holes on this team.

RCPackerFan's picture

I still don't know what happened with Sitton. That was such a weird move to make. Was it McCarthy's decision or Thompsons?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yeah the Sitton situation is really telling. Unless there is some kind of miracle the Packers are going to be drafting early. I honestly have no confidence in Thompson to make that pick.

rdent's picture

I agree, watching this season go down the sh*tter is tough enough with the only consolation being a high draft pick,my only hope is that TT won't be there to make that pick.

carusotrap's picture

Agree on the team. Disagree on moving on from AR. And I don't think MM loses his job.

My prediction is that Ted "retires." A new GM retains MM with a backroom agreement that he hires an entirely new staff. Capers is gone, obviously, and MM sits on the hottest coaching seat in football. New GM makes some significant (at least for us) moves in FA. We make the playoffs next year as the first Wild Card team. (You heard it here first.)

croatpackfan's picture

Well I will add one to Lame Calls - Goodson injury. Goodson, whatever you think about him as player, did not deserve to get that injury. It is similar to RG III injury. Terence Garvin (No. 52) from Washington fall with his complete weight on Goodson knee, twisted it. It is surely tear of almost all ligaments in his knee...
Poor guy!

croatpackfan's picture

This season is really sad season for Packers and Packers Nation... Packers play poor from the very beginning of the season and we lost Adam... Adam's season unfortunately...

RCPackerFan's picture

Very saddened to learn about Adam yesterday. My thoughts are with his family.

packerbackerjim's picture

I look forward to a GoFundMe or similar effort to help Adam's family. He was far too young.

Game Balls: the offense after the first 3 series of 3 and outs. Need to start from the get go.

Lame Calls: the whole defensive scheme. With rare exceptions, no pressure on Cousins. Eating up blockers is not getting it done. They did a depleted secondary no favors. Hung out to dry.

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls -

I have to give McCarthy a game ball. I thought he had a good offensive game plan. He didn't stick to 1 formation all day and mixed and matched his players. Unfortunately there were to many errors for them to overcome.

Jared Cook. This offense is completely different when it has a TE that can run.

Rodgers. He had very little help from his OL and Defense. He throws a freaking TD when his head is nearly ripped off. He drives them down gets a TD only to have the defense give up a bomb.

Lame Calls-
Jeff Janis. he just looks clueless out there. I think its time to move on.

Capers/Defense- How does a D Coordinator allow his team to get beat deep that much? If your CB's are continually getting burned deep, why are you sending safety blitzes?

Thompson - This team is a mess and he is largely the reason why.

4zone's picture

I would add Cobb to my game balls
Janis epitomises the ills of this team. Look totally lost on those kick offs - Lame Call there.

stockholder's picture

Cobb gets a game ball. Really showed the character of how the veterans feel about not giving up. Thought A-Rod, Perry and peppers showed Grit. I'm starting to wonder about Jones.

dobber's picture

Yeah, for all the hope I had that a change for Jones (elephant OLB) might light a spark under him to produce, he's not done much this season. Last night's personal foul at the end epitomizes his season.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't entirely agree with you, Dobber, regarding Datone. I think Jones still has issues against the run, and he can't cover a lick (so that makes him just a situational sub for most teams, but his pass rushing is still there. I posted this before, but here are pressures per snap for GB through the 1st 8 games using McGinn's stats:

1) Peppers: 1 pressure/18.36 snaps; 14 /257 snaps
2) D. Jones: 1 pressure/18.42 snaps; 12/221 snaps
3) N. Perry: 1 pressure/19.38 snaps; 19.5/378 snaps
4) Daniels: 1 pressure/19.50 snaps; 16/312 snaps
5) Matthews:1 pressure/25.47 snaps; 7.5/191 snaps

Note that it is harder to get sacks and pressures from the DL positions in a 3-4, so since Peppers and Datone both played a significant amount of snaps on the DL, and Daniels played all of his snaps at DT, that should be taken into consideration.

Tundraboy's picture

The only thing that makes me feel sick more than last night's game and the zombie state of this team is Adam. As a Father of 3 sons, one only 9,my heart bleeds for his wife, family and those two little boys. I wish them all a life of nothing but happiness and health.

MarkinMadison's picture

I hope that someone puts together a binder of all of Adam's writings. There will come a day when his sons will want to connect with him. His writings here may be a great way for them to feel that connection to their dad celebrating the normality of life.

In the realm of normal life, I was proud of the way this team kept the game within reach for 57 minutes. To be sure, I thought the game was probably lost when they got down by two scores, but the team didn't seem to give up until the fumble.

The team desperately needs an infusion of talent at key positions: CB, pass rusher, WR and RB. Peppers is done. The days of offenses keying on CM3 are nearly over. Sam Shields should not come back for his own sake, and even if he tries to return the odds of him ever playing a full season are not good. Jordy's days of being an explosive force are probably done. Lacy should not be handed big money, and will probably walk.

That is a lot of holes to fill. Too many to fill in one draft. #12 has probably 3 good years left. So are the Packers going to go for it, rebuild, or just try to get back to "good"?

dobber's picture

"That is a lot of holes to fill. Too many to fill in one draft. #12 has probably 3 good years left. So are the Packers going to go for it, rebuild, or just try to get back to "good"?"

This is the tough one...there has to be a plan for what the locker room is going to look like next summer based on the players who are prioritized to keep this off-season. Many of these guys that we're down on are the kind of NFL players that most teams need to have in large numbers to be successful.

Does #12 really have trade value? Only if someone is willing to pay for him, and if you deal him now, you need to be 100% certain that Hundley can be a serviceable NFL player...even if you enter more of a rebuild than a retool. If you've got crap at QB, you can't assess any of the rest of your offense. I honestly think that Lang is done in GB. Sure, he'll play some down the stretch, but playable guards aren't that hard to find, and having signed Bakhtiari, they might now know a role for Spriggs.

This is really going to be a tough draft to figure: they need help at high $$$ positions (cover CB, edge rusher, #1WR). Free agency isn't going to help those positions for this team because I don't see TT or any other potential GM who has learned at the foot of TT shelling out bucks in FA for those positions. Nick Perry is going to more expensive this off-season than his one-year deal indicates, but they might have no choice but to try to bring him back.

If there's one thing we learn on a week-to-week basis in the NFL, it's that RB is not a high-$$$ position anymore. It's more about the OL than it is about the RB. Lots of UDFAs and low-round draft picks at RB out there making it go for other teams. I think the Packers bring Lacy back on a one-year deal, Starks rides off into the sunset, and they flood training camp with RB wannabes.

Rossonero's picture

Totally agree about Lacy. We are getting a preview of life without him and it ain't pretty. Starks will be 31 in a few months. Lacy still needs to prove himself for one more full season though.

MarkinMadison's picture

"Does #12 really have trade value?"

To me this item is off the table. The Packers have been great for most of the past 20+ years because they have had great QBs. Unless you are sure you have a guy who is better already in hand you do not send off a Pro Bowl QB.

I disagree with the notion that Green Bay won't spend money on premium positions. TT spent middling money on Charles Woodson at CB and that worked out extremely well. TT spent near top money for Peppers, and that worked well until this season. With Peppers' $10M/yr. coming off the books, and likely Sam Shields' contract coming off the books at a nearly equal amount ($12M in salary in 2017 - $3M in dead cap money), there is a LOT of money there to be spent on premium players.

I don't know that any of GB's own free agents this year are "must sign" guys. With Matthews out Perry's sacks dropped to zero. Matthews is back last night (albeit limited somewhat) and Perry picks up a sack.Lacy is more problematic. When he healthy and in shape he really makes the difference. Last year he wasn't in shape and this year he's not healthy. Both deserve "prove it" deals, not big money deals.

dobber's picture

I agree: Lacy doesn't get more than a year, and with his injury background he's likely to come back to GB relatively inexpensively. I think he's a decent investment.

I'm not going to say that the Packers WON'T pay a high-end external FA at those positions, but I'm going to say that they SHOULDN'T unless he's the finishing piece to what's perceived to be a SB contender. My argument is that you get more bang for your buck in cap space if you raise the talent level of the middle of your roster as opposed to the top through FA.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think you have to have a #1 CB in today's NFL. I don't expect Shields to return, and I don't know that the Packers want to count on one of they guys they have taking a leap this off-season. To me, Rollins or Randall would have to show it before the end of the season. Otherwise, I'd be happy to see the Packers pay for a #1 CB.

dobber's picture

I see this as the #1 pick in 2017...this or an edge rusher because that early pick in round 2 could also yield one or the other, too.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

My 3rd reply to you, Dobber (I am not picking on you: take it as a compliment because you are one of the posters with whom it is worth having a dialogue).

Edge Rusher or CB - fix it through the draft = TT's way of doing things. If we have the 12th pick and 44th pick, much more likely to actually be able to do what you are suggesting. Much harder with the 26th and 62nd picks for example. We have some folks suggesting that GB has tons of cap room; I will let you pick an adjective, but here's the situation:

CAP Room 2017: $26.7M ($35.7M if Shields retires/cut) + cap increase
RFA tender amounts (2016) = $1.67M to match; $2.5M 2nd rd compensation; $3.6M for 1st round compensation (2017 will be more).

GB UFA Free agents:
OLB: Perry, Jones, Peppers - Need Perry and Jones/equivalents
OL: Lang, Tretter, Barclay - Spriggs, Murphy and Taylor?
RB: Lacy, Michael - Lacy = cheap + Draft is too good at RB
TE: Jared Cook - Jury is out but...
DB: Hyde - Could let him go w/o replacing him, resign cheap?
LS: Goode = $800K
CB: (Shields if cut/retires) - Need #1 CB either way
RFA: Elliott, Pennel, Schum - 3 low Tenders = $5M ($1.7 x 3)

OLB: Can't go into 2017 with CM3, Fackrell & Elliott only. We must have 2 more OLBs. Easy to project $4-6M AAV for Jones (Sportrac lists Jones' current market at $5M AAV) and $9M? for Perry. Call it $14M for this position status quo, but this position could use an upgrade even with these two coming back.

I'd be very tempted to sign Chandler Jones ($14M AAV) or Ingram ($12M AAV) and not re-sign Jones and/or cutting CM3 at a cap savings of $11.1M. Starters would be Perry and Chandler Jones, with Fackrell, Elliott, and draft pick backing them up. Cost would be $12M ($2M less than the status quo) or $17M with Datone re-signed. [$12-$17M]

RB: $4-$6 million one year for Lacy; Could cut Starks and save $3M and rely on the draft for depth behind Lacy. We are assuming that Lacy looks like 2013 Lacy, and that he isn't a blob since he can't run on his ankle. Maybe keep Michael? [$2-$5M]

OL: Do we need Tretter? If Taylor, Spriggs and Murphy can handle OG, and Spriggs and Murphy handle Back Up LT and RT, we'd need a back up center. At any rate, easy to project $5-7 million AAV for Tretter. [$6M]

TE: Unknown about Cook. RR can't be the starter for another year. We could look at Martellus Bennett, Jordan Cameron, Vernon Davis, etc. $3-$9 million for/to replace Cook.

CB: I assume Shields isn't coming back. We could look at expensive guys like Trumaine Johnson, Stephon Gilmore, or serviceable #2s arguably like Captain Munnerlyn, Prince Amakumara, or take a flyer on AJ Bouye, or rely on the draft. Cost is $8M to $15M, offset by the $9M cap savings from cutting Shields.

Hyde might cost $2 to $3M to re-sign, or we can rely on a rookie/Hawkins to be the dimeback. I would not re-sign him.

Needs Not Addressed Above: WR, DL, ILB. I don't see much in FA at WR. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

Anyway, I have no trouble just to re-sign our own guys spending $14M at OLB, $4M at RB, $6M for Tretter (I assume Lang is a goner), $3M+ at TE, and $5M on our RFA tenders, for a total of $32M or more of our $26.7 million cap space. Could be $5M more if Shields retires and we sign a big name CB. Even more if we address WR and/or DL. [Note that I use AAV, but the first year cap hit on these signings are almost always much less than the AAV, so even the $32M + $5M more to replace Shields should fit under the $26.7M cap space, and TT saves or rolls over any cap increase into 2018.] I also acknowledge that I don't watch other NFL teams, and I haven't looked into whether Chandler Jones, Ingram, Trumaine Johnson, Bouye, Pryor, and other FAs fit our schemes and or needs at those various positions.

Razor's picture

Clay was like the wide receivers - run into your man and then start dancing.

Hyde is slow and poor tackling.

Starks drops an easy screen pass.

Janis is lost and doesn't block.

I personally don't care for Davante Adams.

Don Barclay is the poster boy for what is wrong with this team - too many below average players.

Hate all the injuries - hope it doesn't save MM.

TT & MM - you've had your chance, it isn't working and it's not just this season. It's been downhill since the loss to KC in 2011. Weak talent & weak coaching.

I think it would be a mistake to wait until the end of the season to make changes. Retire Ted now and promote Elliot Wolf. Release MM before the end of the season.

Sad, disappointing, frustrating.

Since '61's picture

Game balls: A. Rodgers, R.Cobb, J. Cook

Lame Calls: J. Janis, D. Barclay, Gunther, Rollins, Hyde

Maybe the worst 4 defensive games I have ever seen.

Very sad to learn about Adam. He will be sorely missed. I hope that his family will find some peace from their memories of him. As many have previously posted, eff cancer.

Thanks, Since '61

Slim11's picture

This season is falling apart much like Mike Sherman's final season.

TT, MM, et al, will last through the end of this season. I suspect the offensive staff beginning with Tom Clements will be fired after this season.

There are too many holes to fill and one draft won't fix things. Several Packers played themselves off the team last night. If the GM was someone not named Thompson and the HC was not someone named McCarthy, these players wouldn't be on the team this season.

Jeff Janis (whom I liked at one point), Don Barclay, Demetri Goodson (injury), Sam Shields (concussion history), Eddie Lacy (weight related injuries and issues) should not be on the 2017 roster.

Rossonero's picture

Good point on #2. I disagree with #6. We've had a very good offensive line the past 6 years. 2009 and 2015 were the seasons where Rodgers was pummeled the most. Otherwise, they paved the way for Eddie Lacy's two thousand yard seasons and certainly gave time for Rodgers to make his throws, carve up opponents and win two MVPs.

On the draft, perhaps Ted trades down for more picks. I could see that happening.

RCPackerFan's picture

If they are in the top 5-10 and trade back to the 10-15 range they likely pick up an additional 3rd and 5th at least. Depending on the trade.

RCPackerFan's picture

Wow. completely agree with pretty much everything.

#2 and 3 - I think that is where this team has failed the most. To adjust to the rules of the league. Its ok to have young developmental types of players. But your whole team can't be made up of those players. For example. If Thompson goes out and signs Trevathan (who many wanted), what that move does is it puts him next to Ryan and allows Martinez time to develop. And when Ryan gets hurt it puts Martinez in there. The depth is better.

Capers system needs veteran players. He needs players that have been in the system for years. Him and Thompson do not mesh with what they want to do.

9- Capers has to go. He does not adapt very well. He doesn't deserve all the blame because Thompson simply hasn't given him enough players that he needs, but at the same time, his defense has the same problems every year.

12- I think McCarthy is fine, but he needs new OC, and has to find a new DC.

If it were up to me. I demote Thompson to a Mentor or Scouting role. Promote Wolf (assuming that he is fully ready).
Keep McCarthy, fire Capers, and the OC. For Offensive Coordinator consider bringing in someone from the college level. They are generally a lot more creative.

dobber's picture

"Wow. I completely agree with pretty much everything."

I know, right? It's amazing how much more reasonable COW sounds when the Packers are playing like crap. ;)

RCPackerFan's picture

I guess when the boy constantly cries wolf and there is no wolf, no one believes him. And when a wolf shows up they finally believe him.

Cow was very accurate in what he said though.

Bearmeat's picture

That's his MO. Cow is only happy when GB actually wins the Super Bowl, or when they're flat out awful and changes are absolutely needed.

jh9's picture

I agree with everything except keeping MM. MM must go.

PETER MAIZ's picture

Thanks for writing so coherently how we all feel.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I particularly agree with point 6 and the OL. Our offensive line is the worst power blocking line in the NFL (see my post a couple of days ago). It is less than average at run blocking in general and it is likely to be worse in 2017 because whoever replaces Lang won't be the run blocker he was.

Rossonero's picture

Anybody else think Quentin Rollins is looking like a bust?

MarkinMadison's picture

Too soon to give up on him I think. I'd give him another year.

dobber's picture

He's looking more and more like a guy that needs a bona fide #1 CB playing next to him. We forget how little high-level football he's actually 3 years (between college AND the NFL) total. He's not ready to be a top CB, and he's playing like it. My concern is that he'll get demoralized by getting beat on and that it will ruin him long term.

4zone's picture

Rollins is a perfect example of how TT drafts sometimes. No experience. Needs a long time to developed and/or drafted out of position.

Cow nailed itvpretty good. I have seen the OL problem for a while now. Just look at all the WI RB's that don't make it in the NFL. Its because their OL in college opens up such huge holes for them they can't help but look great. We have pass blocking specialists who can't run block. Over the past few years we have given up running it on 3rd and short, especially near the goal line.

AR is a mobile QB, he can deal with less pass blocking if he has a viable running game to protect him. Keep Bahk to protect the back side and draft some serious road graters at guard.

dobber's picture

Maybe in the long run you make that shift in OL, but for now, it's a passing league and all this is on #12's shoulders. IMO you're going to play to that strength. You need to be credible running the ball, but that's not your bread and butter.

jyros's picture

Something does stink in the state of Vincent and it ain't
the Limburger.
TT's rag tag crew of mid-draft underachievers needed to
play at the highest level of mediocrity they could muster. In the end... it wasn't enough to take on an NFL

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