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Packers 23 Giants 16: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Packers 23 Giants 16: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers gutted out a win over the New York Giants on Sunday night despite another game where the offense sputtered for much of the night.  The Packers were without their two starting cornerbacks and somehow were able to contain New York's passing attack until the last few minutes of the game.  The Giants scored their only touchdown of the night with just under three minutes left to pull within one score.  The Packers offense was able to pick up a big first down on a third-and-10 pass to Randall Cobb and kneel out the win.  

Let's take a look at the best and worst from the Packers in this game.

Game Balls

Randall Cobb

Cobb had his best game in possibly the last two seasons.  Nine catches for 108 yards, including the most important catch of the night.  Cobb converted a third-and-10 just before the two-minute warning and was hurt on the play.  He was hit hard from behind and appeared to have a neck issue.  We'll all be awaiting the update as the week goes on, as the Packers will obviously need Cobb moving forward.

Cobb took a lot of heat last season without Jordy Nelson and for not being able to step up in a featured role.  Cobb, in this game, did what the Packers ideally want him to do each week.  Capitalize on favorable match up's with Nelson and Davante Adams on the outside.

Micah Hyde

Hyde quietly had himself a nice evening.  He had a big pass break up and added a sack on the night as well.  The "swiss army knife" of the Packers defense, Hyde was called upon in a big role with no Sam Shields nor Damarious Randall.  Hyde doesn't have elite speed and isn't great in coverage but he's a smart player and plays well when things are in front of him.  In a game where Hyde had to step it up, he answered the call.  

Hyde is set to be a free agent after this season.

Kyler Fackrell

Fackrell had a forced fumble, sack and added in five tackles on the night in a part time role.  Fackrell has made good use of his limited snaps so far and if the Packers are going to get this type of production from the third rounder, he may prove to be another draft gem for Packers general manager Ted Thompson.  Many scouts and analysts have said that Fackrell isn't likely to become anything special at the pro level but at present clip, the Packers can live with this version of "serviceable".

Packers Offensive Line

A game ball to the entire unit because of a huge stat against a pretty good Giants pass rush:  zero.  Zero sacks of Aaron Rodgers and it truly was a group effort.  The line also got out and showed off their athleticism on a few screen plays, something this offense needs to incorporate more of.  This is another reminder of how uncertain things were when Josh Sitton was let go late in preseason and how well the line has held up so far.

Lame Calls

Jake Schum

Schum's average isn't atrocious but he does nothing to help the Packers regain or keep field position.  He rarely exceeds 40 yards and when he does, it's a line drive giving the returner plenty of room to return.  Tim Masthay certainly had his struggles last year too, but it's now fair to declare that the Packers probably should have stuck with him versus adding Schum, who was let go by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers near the end of their training camp.

Jordy Nelson

It pains me to put Jordy on this side of the list, but he would probably tell you that he belongs here after this game. Despite the nice touchdown catch, Nelson had at least two drops, very uncharacteristic for Nelson.  One of them was a tipped interception.  He made one catch on the sideline and lost the ball on a good closing tackle by the defensive back.  Fortunately it went out of bounds and the Packers didn't lose possession.  Nelson came back and made a big catch at the sideline to keep the clock moving and maintain possession for the Packers, but he simply can't have as many blunders as he did in this game.

James Starks

Starks' ball security issues surfaced again and nearly gave the Giants the ball with good field position and plenty of time to tie or take the lead late in the game.  Starks fell on the ball to maintain possession but again but he continues to struggle to produce.  He had 12 carries for 33 yards with a long of 10 yards and added three catches.  Some of his targets were bad passes by Rodgers but with Eddie Lacy out with an ankle injury, Starks needed to step up and wasn't able to do much.


Others to note:

  • Nick Perry had another sack and continues to be a big reason why the run defense has been so stout.  The Packers may need to decide sooner than later if they're going to pay Perry or watch his price rise and rise 
  • Rookie Kenny Clark had the recovery on the Fackrell fumble so good awareness there.  Mike Daniels didn't put up big numbers but he clogged the lane most of the night and did the dirty work to free up the pass rush
  • The safeties Morgan Burnett and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix continue to be the pillars for a young defensive backfield.  Burnett nearly had a highlight-reel interception to thwart a Giants drive late and Clinton-Dix blew up a run play with a stellar diagnosis
  • Aaron Rodgers wasn't great after the first drive but he did enough to keep the Packers in it.  Two interceptions at home is very uncharacteristic for Rodgers, although one of them came on the Nelson drop/tip.  Despite his overall performance, Rodgers is looking more comfortable both in the pocket and on the move.  The offensive line deserves most of that credit, but now there's no doubt that Rodgers trusts his protection
  • Special teams coverage was lousy.  Players aren't staying in their lanes on nearly every return.  If that's the case, Crosby needs to kick the ball into the fourth row on every kick off
  • Good to see Mike McCarthy stick with Lacy longer than he has with a lead in past games.  Once Lacy went out, all bets were off but the run got the call when the Packers needed to nurse a lead and drain clock
  • On to next week and the Dallas Cowboys with Zeke Elliott, who will test Green Bay's run defense.  And it's throwback weekend, which the Packers have won several years in a row.  Hopefully nothing's gotta give and the Packers get a big statement win against a Cowboys team that has established themselves as a tough out this season


Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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sheppercheeser's picture

Schum, argh! Bring back the kid from Minnesota (not Masthay)- we would have nothing to lose and all indications are that he would only get better with some NFL experience. And Starks- big disappointment. Gotta give props to Bakh and company- great job!

croatpackfan's picture

I compltely agree. Peter Mortell has a lot of upside. And he can punt 60 yards outbound if needed. I say bring the kid home!

rdent's picture

TT needs to take a good look at the punter and make a quick decision,field position has been poor

davy jones's picture

The argument for Masthay over Mortell is his familiarity with Crosby's holding style preference.

lou's picture

It's time to put the "holder factor" to bed. Crosby's competition each year including Mortel have held during the pres-season, Schum has held during the regular season and Crosby still drills them as well as anyone. The holder factor was just a lame excuse for people who wanted Masthay to stay even though he chocked in the playoffs annually and could seldom pooch punt, Masthay punched his own ticket our of Green Bay.

WinUSA's picture

Honestly, I thought the kid outkicked Mathsay during pre-season...totally shocked when the docked Mathsay and brought in Scum...oops I me Schrum....

Savage57's picture

I'd like to see James Starks start working on his running and pass catching as much as he's been working on that after-the-play ball smack thing he does when the play produces zilch or a loss.

He's gotten that down pat, but then, he's had a lot of opportunity to work on it.

When someone figures out what Abbrederis has done to MM, can an intervention be arranged? As a guy who could be the Packers version of Edelman or Beasley, I can't come up with another reason why this guy sees no snaps.

Blake Martinez tackles like a mafa. Pass coverage, not so much.

Nick Perry's picture

Game Balls:
Frackrell ... He had Manning for another sack except Manning threw it into the back of his O-Lineman a tenth of a second before. I was wondering where Matthews was on the Giants TD drive, but Frackrell was giving him a break and filled in well when called upon. MORE than well.

O-Line... The worst ranked O-Lineman was Taylor at 15th on that stat they showed last night. I was livid when the Packers cut Sitton loose, Taylor is doing pretty damn well so far.

Defense..Everybody except Burnett and his hands showed up last night. Granted Eli gave them a lot of help, but they still played well with WHO they had on the field.

Lame Calls:

Ted T..(Here me out).. My GOD Thompson, go get a RB who can at least catch the F'ing ball and has "Some" speed. If the Packers were to lose Lacy for a game or two they are screwed!!!

Mike M.. You made a point say you planned on using more of your offensive personal. Did Abby even SEE the field? Did a pass go to Monty even once? I mean he runs the ball once and we don't see him again. Sorry but I just don't understand WHY we have 7 WR's and use 3, and 2 RB's and neither catches the ball particularly well or has some speed.

I'm afraid after 15 or 16 games the Packers 1st half against the Lions was the anomaly. Like it of not, this IS the Packers offense now.

RCPackerFan's picture

I was typing mine the same time you typed yours and I said essentially the same things.

McCarthy has to do better. plain and simple. They moved the ball really well the first 2 drives. Both drives they mixed personnel really well. After that, they went into a McCarthy rut where he got painfully predictable again. They had a stretch of not converting 3rd downs. The first 3rd down they completed in a while (though they had one taken away from them on a horrible holding call), was when they went to 4 WR's.

My question was, why did they keep 7 WR's? I really would like to know why. If they aren't going to use them then why keep them?

I completely agree about Thompson. Spiller would have looked nice last night. Starks is having an awful year to this point. They honestly really need to find another RB. Starks last night dropped the screen pass where it looked like he could have walked into the end zone. He dropped that dump off late in the game where it almost went right into the LB's hands. That would have given the Giants terrific field position.
It maybe to soon, but I have to start asking if Starks is done?

Nick Perry's picture

I don't think it's to soon to start wondering at all RC. But I also have to ask what the heck is going on with Rodgers. His Passer Rating is 87.7 and even though his receivers didn't do him many favors last night on some plays, he doesn't seem to be able to throw a 5 yard pass if his life depended on it.

Would have liked to have Spiller, or McCluster. Jezz, I take the UDFA they HAD on the team (Pressley was it) at this point. I have to hope after last night even Thompson has to admit he needs help at that position...NOW!!

RCPackerFan's picture

Rodgers wasn't great by any means. I mean he had some of his Rodgers throws where only he makes. But he really wasn't helped out by his receivers at all...
Lets not forget he had a TD taken away due to a penalty. He had 1 TD dropped by Rodgers. He had another likely TD dropped by Starks. Also he had a couple of passes dropped by Nelson, one of which was intercepted.

Spiller at least can catch a pass. Starks can't even do that...

Honestly do they look to bring in another RB? Forsett is out there. Do they bring up Jackson or look for someone else?

Jean Mitchell's picture

No one mentions Crosby for a "game ball"? He definitely deserves it!

Hematite's picture

If not Masthay then Mortell.
At any rate Schum has to go, he's going to cost us down the road.
Aaron Rodgers has to play better.
I feel like we had a better backup running back in camp than Starks is, perhaps more than one.

PETER MAIZ's picture

The team played much better with nice balance. When you have both lines playing exceptionally well you know the team is going places. If they can streamline certain issues, I think they can beat the Vikings Christmas Eve.

rdent's picture

Not if the offense continues to struggle,I hope this isn't as good as it gets or this could be a disappointing season

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls:
Cobb, Lacy, OL, Front 6 on defense.

Lacy and Cobb went all beast mode last night. Both broke tackles and just attacked the defense.
The OL gave Rodgers all day to throw.
The front 6 continues to be stout in the run game and is applying enough pressure on passing downs.

Lame Calls:
Schum, Nelson, Starks, McCarthy's offense after the first 2 drives.

Seriously, why are the Packers keeping 7 WR's? I don't know what the snap counts were, but Janis played a handful of plays, Montgomery played what 2 plays? basically no Davis, No Abbrederis again. Against a secondary that was banged up, they should have used a lot of 4 and 5 WR sets to take advantage of it.
Richard Rodgers had a horrible game yet, he was trotted out there down after down. Ripkowski was playing great and the offense moved really well when he was in there. Yet, he didn't play in a big portion of the game.

They started the game great, with mixing personnel and creating different looks. Then they got into a rut and ran 11 personnel for the next 2 quarters. In which time they went on a stretch of 0-7 for converting 3rd downs. They converted their first 3rd down when they went to 4 WR's and found a mismatch.

One of the biggest problems with the offense right now is they are not finding enough ways to use all the talent they have. They are not creating enough mismatches and taking advantage of them. McCarthy and the staff needs to do a better job of recognizing where the mismatches are.

Bearmeat's picture

Yep. Couldn't have said it better myself

jh9's picture

Well said, RC. I completely agree.

Jersey Al's picture

"McCarthy and the staff needs to do a better job of recognizing where the mismatches are."

"No, I have a solid game plan and will stick to the game plan come hell or high water. It just needs to be executed correctly."

RCPackerFan's picture

Well the game plan worked in the first 2 drives... Not sure what happened to the game plan after that... Kind of seemed to forget the game plan at that point and decided to go with what doesn't work...

calabasa's picture

I asked on the chat last night if MM is still scripting the first 25 or so plays. He always came out of the gates with different personnel, uptempo execution and imaginative calls. Then settled into "normal" stuff.

This is nothing new, guys. Things were even more interesting this week, I think, because he worked more over the bye week on personnel groups.

Like many others, I wonder what the hell we're doing with 7 WR's when our #1 has such an off night and they still don't sniff the field. I guess he's using the speed guys to clear things out.

Also, why does AR look so pissed when he throws a bad ball to Davante? I don't think those two should be on the same team anymore. Every time it's incomplete to Adams AR looks like he's blaming him.

Allan Murphy's picture

We need Peter Mortell back he kicks 60 + yards 2 time of this schum guys sucks sorry .

Tundraboy's picture

"Against a secondary that was banged up, they should have used a lot of 4 and 5 WR sets to take advantage of it."

One would think. Instead they made Jenkins a star.

I just cant stand MMs approach anymore. For all the talk about his offensive genius all I see is us playing down to the level of our conpetition. A few catches that Giants should have caught is all that prevented a huge loss. Cobb, Crosby and Adams saved the day. No reason we should have not had a huge lead by end of first half. Lots of drops yes, bad holding call, but we failed to use the whole roster to put game out of reach early on. So happy with Line play and the win, but have no confidence in this team being allowed to play an all out, no holds barred style for a full game. The competition going forward is superior to the Giants.

Nerd's picture

My guy Don Jackson is gonna be the secret weapon baby! Hope Eddie's ankle is ok, but we need a change of pace guy.

-Jordy's legs are gone. Can't get deep anymore. Just a possession guy.

-RR got face planted attempting to block more than once. Also dropped a TD that was right in his hands.

-Davante acquitted himself well, although he did have one drop, iirc.

RCPackerFan's picture

They have to do something at RB. At this point I don't care who it is. Don Jackson, Brandon Burks, Justin Forsett.... I don't care. They need help at RB.

I think Nelson will be fine but it takes a while to come back from the injury he had.

Rich Rodgers was horrible. That TD drop was a tougher catch, but it hit him in the hands. Can't drop those.

I don't remember Adams drop? When did that happen?

dobber's picture

If Lacy is in any way questionable for next week, they'll have to sign/promote someone.

Nerd's picture

There was one in the end zone iirc. Then there was also the one where he pulled his hands back and let it go over his head.

RCPackerFan's picture

I don't remember the end zone one. I will have to go back and rewatch it.

The one that went over his head I don't really call that bad on his part. Rodgers threw that one way to high. So high he thought it was intended for someone else.

rdent's picture

I agree with you on Nelson,out last year with injury and it will take time to get back to playing shape and may not be 100% yet,has to be someone out there that can be better than Starks,lost all burst and continues to have fumbling issues and drops at the worst moments

Nerd's picture

Oh yeah PLEASE keep Cobb away from Pat McKenzie. Dude diagnosis every neck injury as "career ending." Get someone who studied medicine AFTER the 1950s.

Donster's picture

Schum must go. Bring Mortell back. Masthay at the very least. But TT won't do either because that would mean he made a mistake in the first place.

Should have signed Forte. He is the only offense on the Jets. He would have been the guy to spell Lacy and be the third down back. But that is what Packer fans have to put up with all these years. TT's and his Jack Benny like pocket book.

Loved the opening drive. Using multiple players, a change of from the ordinary. Then MM went right back to his old ways. WR's in the backfield is further proof you have no depth or speed there.

Glaringly missing is a good TE. Hope Cook can return soon. Though he hasn't shown a lot.

AR seemed to be forcing the ball a bit to much in the first half. I didn't see the second half. Especially trying to get the ball to Jordy.

Where is Abbredaris? Is he going to get cut to make room for Pennel or Goodson?

RCPackerFan's picture

I loved the opening drive. Couldn't have been better. Mixed players, created different looks. Great drive. After that, way to predictable.

'Where is Abbredaris? Is he going to get cut to make room for Pennel or Goodson?'

That is the question for me. Why is Abbrederis not being used? Hell where was Davis and Montgomery?
I really want to know why they have 7 WR's on the roster if they are only going to continue to use 3 on offense. And that was against a beat up secondary. At one point they were without 2 more CB's. Why not spread them out and attack the beat up secondary?

And for me its not just about the WR's. Where was Ripkowski for a big portion of the game? On 2 of their best drives they had Ripkowski on the field.

Tundraboy's picture

Sadly RC there is no hope MM will change. Ripkowski is a perfect example. We have so much talent and whenever we get a chance to see how it strengthens the team, he goes away from it.

dobber's picture

"Should have signed Forte. He is the only offense on the Jets. He would have been the guy to spell Lacy and be the third down back."

You don't sign a guy for what it would've cost to bring in Forte and then use him to "spell" anyone. You pay Forte that money to carry the mail.

Donster's picture

Make Forte the proven starter. Lacy the guy that comes in and pounds the opposition. Hell, Lacy is still overweight, can't stay in the game for long either. And he may not be around next season as he will ask for to much money, and TT won't pay it. Starks in no better than a third stringer, if on the roster at all.

dobber's picture

"Where is Abbredaris? Is he going to get cut to make room for Pennel or Goodson?"

I don't see Goodson being activated at all. I think he likely gets cut. Price or Ringo will be the odd man out with Pennel coming back.

Allan Murphy's picture

Goodson will get cut .......

4zone's picture

I'd bring Mortell back. He's now worse and has way better upside.

MM has a problem, he doesn't learn and react. He needs to go with what works, and abandon what doesn't. He never seems to get that.

WKUPackFan's picture

"TT and his Jack Benny like pocketbook".

How long has a salary cap existed in the NFL? Why do some Packers fans still fail to understand it after all these years? Sure, pay Forte, a worn out 30+ RB. Could have had Arian Foster also.

Combining that with "that would mean he made a mistake in the first place" gives you some serious analysis in that post.

Lphill's picture

I think MM plays conservative against slme teams is the reason he does not get all the receivers involved , depending on match ups , maybe next week when the cowboys are focusing on Jordy and Cobb maybe we see more Janis and Abby . Just my guess.

barutanseijin's picture

I don't think he'll change. It'll be all Jordy, Adams, Cobb & Richard Rodgers next week week, too. MM is stubborn that way.

Richard Rodgers dropped a bunch last night. Hanging on to the ball was his only virtue. If that's gone, he has no value at all.

mrtundra's picture

I was surprised we didn't see Abbrederis after Cobb got nailed. I think he plays more like Cobb than Davis does. I really thought our secondary played well considering how beat up that unit is. No Shields, no Randall and lousy defensive starting position on the field due to poor ST coverage play on punts and kick offs. Yet, they allowed only 3 FGs and 1 TD when the Giants started their drives from midfield every series.

Norm's picture

"I was surprised we didn't see Abbrederis after Cobb got nailed." You mean for the 3 victory formation plays? That was all that was left after Cobb picked up the first down and got unnecessarily drilled while lying on the ground (cheap shot that better result in a fine).

Handsback's picture

I can't complain about a win. The defense w/o their two starting CBs did great. The Giants have two good and one great WR. It would have been very bad, if the sacks hadn't rattled Eli.

The offense will not make it through the playoffs (I'm assuming the best case outcome here) if Lacy isn't running the ball. The problems I see are as follows:
1. Jordy is back, but not his quickness that he had. He doesn't scare the dbs anymore with those double moves.
2. Lacy is the key now to this offense. Starks won't keep that extra guy in the box, nor has he shown any effectiveness as a pass catcher.
3. The Pack's WRs are OK, nothing special. The offense has to keep treating them as game changers, shorten the routes and go back to the WCO. Cook can make a difference, they have to use him and others to keep the opponent's D off balance.
4. Get a punter!

mrj007's picture

I would add that ILB is a pleasant surprise. Must stop ST penalties. Wish we signed Spiller.

I don't like how Starks runs, but he dropped a bunch of screens and I was worried every time he was in the game.

Pack did ok on the national stage. Run defense impressive...

dobber's picture

"A game ball to the entire unit because of a huge stat against a pretty good Giants pass rush: zero. "

You mean that Giants pass rush that has exactly 4 sacks through 5 games? Intimidating...

Still, this is a decent, physical defense that the Packers were playing against last night. They just don't get after the passer.

jasonperone's picture

Rodgers - pressured 12 times (5/12)
Manning - pressured 17 times

5 more pressures is no small number but if you consider Green Bay's pass rush to be good, then you can't really say the Giants didn't get after Rodgers. He just has a much better ability to escape and move around. Packers did well in keeping him away from the rush. JPP and Vernon are no JAG's

pacman's picture

AR set it best - it wasn't pretty but we'll take it.

Even with RR's TD drop (great throw) and some of Jordy's drops, AR seems to have lost some accuracy. And what's with throwing the little dump pass into the ground? Rusty after the 'bye week'?

And with all day to throw, wasn't there anybody running a short crossing route? Still seems like they are looking for the long ball too much.

2 games with great starts, only to slow down after. Why are the opponents able to adjust and come back better than we can adjust and keep scoring?

dobber's picture

" Burnett nearly had a highlight-reel interception to thwart a Giants drive late "

All well and good, but the "nearly hads" have been a theme in this secondary over the last couple of weeks. Convert those into picks and these last couple games likely aren't close.

Even when the Packers D hasn't been nearly as efficient as this one in recent years, they helped the offense by scoring TOs. If this defense starts converting those opportunities into picks, this team could really make some noise. Until they do, they're going to keep giving the Detroits and NYGs of the world second chances and games are going to be tight.

Colin_C's picture

I'd give props to Adams as well. Had his best game of the season, plus no drops. If 12 had thrown a few passes better, I think Adams would have broke 100 yards.
Everyone loves athletic TE's, but we need one who can block. RR just can't. Also, I might file a missing persons report for Abby. Seriously, MM needs to work him in.
All in all, a great (though little bit lucky) defense performance, coupled with just enough offense gave us the win.

Curt's picture

MM sets a game plan and assumes that it will work - no need to show different things or adjust midway through anything. It'll work if you execute.

Donster's picture

I hate the Cowdungs, but they are going to be a measuring stick for the Pack for weeks to come. If the Pack can beat them at home by putting together 4 great quarters of offense, then the sky is the limit for this team.

NMPF's picture

Taking out the forced fumble, the avg. starting field position is the 20 yd line. This is directly an influence of the piss poor punting game. Schum must be shown the door!!!

Point Packer's picture

- Our receivers (WR, TE, RB) did a great job dropping the ball last night. Think I counted five or six straight up drops.

- That being said, #12's accuracy continues to be erratic.

- Why is Schum on this team?

- Our front seven is one of the best in football. Use the cash we freed of by dumping Sitton and please pay Nick Perry now.

- Speaking of guys who should get paid now, add JC Tretter to that list.

- I am so over the WR in the backfield experiment. If the intent is to get Montgomery/Cobb matched up against a LB in coverage, it rarely works. More often than not, we end up running the ball for 2 yards. After two years, clearly opposing teams are ready for it. Give those handoffs to Lacy for gods sake.

- I miss Jarred Cook.

- And Aaron Rodgers was right, Jeff Janis is a bonehead.

rdent's picture

I got a laugh out of the replay for Janis on his unsportsmanlike penalty,running along the Giants bench,then putting his hands up like he didn't know,perhaps the reason he doesn't get a lot of playing time on Offense is because he ain't too bright

RCPackerFan's picture

Hey may not be bright. But what is the excuse for not using Abbrederis, and Montgomery? They are to bright?

Since '61's picture

Game Balls: OL, Lacy, Cobb, Pass rush, and run defense.
Lame calls: Starks, RRodgers, Schum, officials on holding call and on OBJ TD, he was out of bounds.

Packers dominated TOP with 36+ minutes. This was huge in keeping Giants O off the field. If Starks and RRodgers catch their TD passes final score is 34-16 as I predicted on Friday.
Schum must go. We cannot allow our season to be ruined by a punter who consistently allows our opponent to have good field position. Also we need better coverage and tackling on our STs. Time to release Starks as well and find another RB who can play. Thanks, Since '61

mrj007's picture

ILB should get a game ball

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Against an opponent who could not stop the run, who consistently and reliably gave AR plenty, even loads, of time to pass, we put up 23 points. [Insert woulda, couldas here - drops, errant passes - point is we have woulda and couldas to cite every week.] I have to watch the game again, but AR has 4+ seconds and we had the same issues: 1) he can't find an open receiver; or 2) there are open WRs but he doesn't pull the trigger. I pointed out the favorable match up Cobb had in the Key Battles article. Tremendous job by the OL and the front 7.

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