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Packers 20 Cardinals 26: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Packers 20 Cardinals 26: Game Balls & Lame Calls

If you  missed the image on this post, take another look.  It's the perfect summary to how the Green Bay Packers allowed their 2015 season to end.  Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald willed his and his team's way past the Packers in another overtime playoff game in Arizona, with the Cardinals again walking off the field victorious.  We saw the same result after the 2009 season.  Arizona has many offensive weapons but Fitzgerald was the one guy, the ONE GUY the Packers should have had covered.  After a well-played defensive game, the Packers leaked when they could least afford to and they're heading home now.  2015 is in the books.

Many of you are probably rolling your eyes right now.  Believe me, I did the same as I watched Fitz scamper down the field, evading would-be tackler after would-be tackler.  Call me spoiled, petulant, or whatever else you want.  The ending to that game was another in a growing line of disappointments from head coach Mike McCarthy's teams.  There's no questioning the success that he's had and that the Packers have enjoyed over the decade that he's been with the team.  I wouldn't trade in a single one of the victories or the championship they won over five years ago.  The way that I'm wired, this one boils down to another lost opportunity with some very good players in key positions.  Hopefully 2016 brings about another good chance to attain the highest level of success this league offers.

On to the last installment of Game Balls & Lame Calls for 2015.

Game Balls

Jeff Janis

Janis single-handedly slowed down the Internet in this game.  A lightning rod since the day he was drafted, Janis was forced into heavy action against the Cardinals after they lost Davante Adams last week and Randall Cobb in this game.  After a season of disappointment as a receiver and hearing about Janis's lack of understanding of the offense that has kept him off the field, he went out and caught the team's only two touchdowns of the game.  The last came on a Hail Mary at the end of regulation to give the Packers a chance to tie the game and send it to overtime.  That catch also came against Patrick Peterson, one of the best cornerbacks in the league.  

In a game where the Packers were going to need other-worldly performances from guys that haven't done it all season long, Janis answered the bell.  Throw in his special teams contributions all season long and tonight may have been the proverbial fork in the road for Janis as a receiver.  This performance may single-handedly turn him into what so many have clamored and hoped for all season long.  Time will tell.  

Jared Abbrederis

Abby dropped the first ball thrown his way but settled in and caught four on the night, including a few that  helped convert first downs.  Abby is another who elevated his game after Adams and Cobb went down and he deserves mention here.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Clinton-Dix isn't known for his down field coverage, but he made a nice break on a deep ball and intercepted it before falling out of bounds.  He had another pass break up on the day as well.  Ha Ha made a nice jump from year one to year two and should continue to be a big part of this defense's success in moving forward.

Aaron Rodgers/Mason Crosby

Rodgers for throwing another Hail Mary pass that gave his receiver a chance to catch it, which he did.  Two in one season may never be equaled again.  Rodgers had his struggles this season, but the man can still throw a football like few others on this planet.  

Crosby for two field goals and a big extra point to send this game to overtime.  Crosby has been overlooked this season, at times.  Minus the end of the Detroit Lions game in Green Bay, Crosby put together another nice season for the Packers and was a big reason for their success.

Lame Calls

Sam Shields

Shields actually played a decent game but these NFL games come down to making plays.  Shields failed to bring in two would-be interceptions and that may have been enough to get the Packers a win.  It's probably unfair to list Shields here, but teams that win make the plays and the losers don't.  

Tim Masthay

One thing is for certain:  we will see some heavy competition for Masthay in training camp in 2016.  Masthay struggled all season long and averaged less than 40 yards per kick against the Cardinals.  Field position is paramount in these postseason games and Masthay did very little to help flip it or keep it in Green Bay's favor.  Little things like that don't show up on a stat sheet, but they become a factor in the end.  Another lackluster day for Timmy.


This has been an issue for as long as I can recall and it's what set up the game's final play.  Missed tackle after missed tackle on the Fitzgerald run after the catch.  Missed tackles throughout the game (again, several on Fitzgerald) allowing Arizona to keep drives alive.  Against a very good team on the road, teams simply cannot make those types of mistakes.  As I said above, it's about making plays.  The Packers missed on a few and the big one in the end that has them packing their bags for home.


Others to mention

  • Damarious Randall - great play on the interception and a great pick by Ted Thompson.  He'll be in many conversations about the defense for years to come
  • Mike Daniels - big sack and good push up front in this game.  Defense needed some of his energy and he brought it
  • Eddie Lacy - another big run in a big game.  This was a disappointing season for Lacy, but he ended the year with two solid games
  • Offensive line - after getting beat early, they settled in and kept Rodgers and the run game on their feet
  • Dom Capers - got away from the press coverage and man scheme that had been working all night and it bit this defense in the behind.  If it's working, stick with it.  May be time for a fresh face to lead this young defense to the next level
  • It's 2016!



Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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NashvilleCheesehead's picture

Wait until next year! (Somebody had to say it). GO PACK!!!!!

Wenis's picture

How about a lame call for the ungracious Cardinal fans. Two of my boys an 18 yr old and a 9yr old and my son said after the game Cardinal fans were chucking beers and picking fights with the legions of Packers fans that were leaving. It is sad to say since I live so close to the Stadium but the Cardinal org will never see another dime of my hard earned money. Most Cardinal fans are very gracious winning or losing but having never really won everything they are developing a fan base that is starting to resemble the Raiders.

Jean Mitchell's picture

My family and I were at the December 27th Cardinal/Packer game and the Cardinal fans were horrible during and after game. They were the most ungracious fans of any NFL game I've attended (well maybe Detroit was worse.....)

Normthe1's picture

I thought we played really well after the first quarter but I was screaming at my tv the whole time "WHY DO THEY RUN LACY OUT OF THE PISTOL?" Infuriating.
The other thing was the tackling. I haven't seen tackling this bad during Fitzgerald's 75 yard catch and run in OT since my brothers Down's Syndrome Association Xmas party pickup game. Worst part was, I knew something like that was going to happen. Worst run since Wilfork's kick return a few years ago.
I have to say that we did well to get to this game, not to mention even getting to OT, bring on next year...

The TKstinator's picture

I think most fans dislike unsuccessful plays.

tm_inter's picture

Tackling has been the Packers' weak point all season. Didn't the coaches teach and train all players the correct way to tackle?

I suggest the Packers hire a rugby coach to teach all Packer players the proper way to tackle - how to tackle correctly. This must be done at preseason training camp.

I was appalled that Fitzgerald was so open for his 75-yard catch. How did the Packers' defense forget that he was the Cardinals' No. 1 receiver? Wasn't Sam Shields supposed to cover him?

Nick Perry's picture

No, on that play go back and watch it again, Peppers had dropped in coverage. When Palmer broke lose he started to run forward and left Fitgerald all by himself.

Packer_Pete's picture

Yep. Playing zone coverage means covering in your zone. Peppers left his zone. He was mainly responsible for this play.

4thand10's picture

1)Who's idea is it to leave a linebacker on Larry Fitzgerald?
2) Who leaves him by himself with 30 yards of field in front of him?
3) Players or Plays...clearly both were misguided on that.

Earlier in the game I had seen Joe Thomas covering Brown and I just cringed.
Aged or not Fitz is a premier don't leave him by himself and gamble on a poor throw.
But as someone mentioned in another post, losing Hyde as a 3rd safety type could have impacted that. Hyde for the most part is pretty proficient in tackling.

Dan Stodola's picture

The play in OT was a broken play. Palmer scrambles right, the zone coverage follows him as its generally supposed to. He throws back across his body and the flow of the zone coverage to Fitz. It wasn't a matter of leaving him by himself (since no one was assigned to him) but a broken play and totally unexpected pass. The tackling could have been better, but Fitz had about 70 yds of real estate and maybe 7 defenders in a position to possibly get in position to make the tackle. Fitz cut it back which was a good move.

This is pretty much Football 101 stuff here.

dobber's picture

"1)Who's idea is it to leave a linebacker on Larry Fitzgerald?"

This happens all the time as well...offenses are always scheming to generate this kind of mis-match, usually with slot receivers and TEs. You'll see it more often than you think.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

There is nothing remotely unusual in a OLB dropping back into zone coverage. As noted, the coverage should shift towards a QB who is rolling out to his right. Palmer threw it across the grain. I remember AR throwing one of the longest 1-yard TD passes across the grain while rolling right not too long ago.

Jersey Al's picture

As the guys above said, it was Peppers job to cover that area. However, he did what was instinctual to him, go to the ball. He saw Palmer looking like he might run to the right and headed over there. Before coming to Green Bay, Peppers had never been asked to be in coverage. Not the way I would use him. Can''t fault him too much...

Nick Perry's picture

I completely agree Al, just pointing out that wasn't on Sam, nor would I put that on Peppers. Peppers did what I think just about anyone would have. Especially any player that's played DL/OLB for what 14 years?

badaxed's picture

That's what happens when you convert a DE into an outside linebacker. Mc carthy has a history of drafting Defensive ends and converting them to OLB or taking all pro DE's (kampman.... Peppers) and making then play OLB,
Now we see how that turned out..........

WKUPackFan's picture

MM doesn't draft anyone. Peppers wouldn't have come to GB if he hadn't agreed tp play OLB (where he's done well).

jyros's picture

Peppers should have stayed on the flat coverage for sure. One would think if Micah Hyde were available, he would have had that coverage.
It also would have been prudent to take a time out after Fitzgerald took it to the 4, to shore up the defensive that was obviously on it's heels.

D Ernesto's picture

Peppers is 37, how much do you think he is capable of? His best year were 5 years ago.

Wenis's picture
dobber's picture

I could listen to that over and over...

cinpackback's picture

Starks, when he had a chance, ran solid and did a good job for the Offense. Wish they had run more.

BELIEVER's picture

Starks was the better back this year. Good guy and class act. Those runs that Lacy had, Starks would have taken it to the bank.

Nick Perry's picture

I was thinking the exact same thing. Starks would have taken that to the house but the Packers scored anyways. Lacy DID give em 'The Spin Move" that picked up an extra 4 yards or so.

But it also goes back to what I commented to Taryn12 yeasterday. Keep giving Eddie that ball and he'll get the yards. You just don't know when they'll come but it's normally at a critical time.

zoellner25's picture

ANY other back in the league would've scored on lacys long run. He's slow

The TKstinator's picture

I think he's a nice complement to Lacy. Maybe his ball security issues late in the year affected his playing time.

Packer_Pete's picture

Agreed - Every time he has and had the ball I was holding me breath... He seems to keep it like a loaf of bread instead securing it...

Nick Perry's picture

Game Balls and Lame Calls Keep it Simple Version:

Game Balls to the Packers Offense. They gave up one sack, gained 135 yards on the ground, were 7 of 15 on 3rd down, AND did this all without their #1, #2, #3, and #4 Wide Receivers.

Lame Calls... Capers Zone Defense. I'll never forget watching Fitzgerald catching that ball with NO ONE near him. Just like not forgetting the pull up the Cardinals did on Rodgers facemask in 2009!

D Ernesto's picture

The genius of Dom, we can go zone and our vaunted pass rush led by a 37 year old has been, a fat ass bj raji, datone ,go missing in a game Jones, Guin without his gun will get it done. NOT!

dobber's picture

The lamest call would be management looking at the last two games--and not the full season's body of work--this off-season and not making the obvious changes or upgrades in coaching and personnel that this team needs to move forward.

Bearmeat's picture


Need an ILB and OLB. Need a TE. Need youth at OT and OG. Need a 3rd down RB. Need a P.

FrozenTundra's picture

I like that. Add one super stud DL and a new defense coordinator.

The lamest call was not going for two.

Pack12's picture

And if they don't make it I'm certain that you would have never second guessed the call.

The TKstinator's picture

Easy to say.
Hard to do.

pacman's picture

That's 2 consecutive years that the Packers leave a receiver wide open with the QB still moving at the end of the game setting up the loss. Did somebody forget to remind these guys what happened last year? Oh, I forgot. MM put that behind them. Great idea!

I'll give Shields a small pass for not having been on the field for 4 weeks. D played a good game but winners don't make those mistakes. Losers do.

Did Janis and Abredaris not play well enough to have gotten more playing time when they were still throwing to Adams and getting no where? It seems like this coaching staff can't pick the talent until it hits them in the face.

BELIEVER's picture

I've been saying this the last 8 games, why not Janis. MM just don't get it sometimes. Janis and Abby proved they should of seen more playing time time. Adams wasn't doing crap-bye bye Adams. I like Jones and yes he had a nice season. But why not Abby or Janis.

The TKstinator's picture

How were Abby and Janis looking in practice? How sure were their hands? How crisp were their routes? How were their sight adjustments? Were they reading defenses after the snap accurately enough?
You don't know the answer to any of those while MM could answer all of them. Maybe it isn't MM that "just don't get it".

BELIEVER's picture

Your right all I have to go by is the games. I seen Adams drop ball after ball yet he keeps being put out there. When MM had to put Janis and Abby in there they produced. Yes I Like MM. What I seen from two inexperienced players last night is all I have to go by. That tells me MM sometimes just don't get it.

The TKstinator's picture

We all definitely seen Janis make some plays but what nobody but the coaches seen was, did he fulfill his assignments accurately? I don't know what they were. I guess I have more faith in the guys running things to know what they are doing and make these decisions.

barutanseijin's picture

So what? 83 & 84 clearly had it in them to perform well. MM failed to see that and continued to play Adams who did practically nothing in games.

The TKstinator's picture

I am fairly certain that MM's desire to win is at least equal to that of anyone here, and his expertise as to how to pursue victory might even exceed some of ours.

Tundraboy's picture

Thank God it finally hit them in the face, with the whole country watching. Wanted to see Ripkowski too.

lou's picture

You are right about hitting them square in the face, only in the most dire circumstance did they give Janis an opportunity from scrimmage, as are those that wondered why after Adam's dropped ball after ball and got no separation he still started and played the entire game each week. Not only did Janis catch everything he showed as much toughness as he does on special teams, size/speed/toughness at WR which is seldom scene, even in the NFL a WR has one or sometimes two of those attributes (but then again they didn't have a full time WR coach - go figure that one). In the same regard in reference to replacing our punter, they seem to be taking the same "Adams approach", Masthay's "shanks" are at least once per game and at the worst possible time - the guy running the Pat's would of replaced him mid-season. All things considered I am optimistic about next season even feeling down about this year, hopefully Ted & Mike learn from this year, most of the talent to win it all is there. We talked about the play calling in our posts all year, I have just one suggestion in this area, if they don't eliminate the RB "pitch play" (not only do we never make the first down but half the time lose yards) they are lieing to use about "self scouting the team" during the bye week.

badaxed's picture

Spot on!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

We have multiple quotes stating that Abby had excellent practices ("for the last few weeks") without sniffing any playing time. Even good coaches like MM have weaknesses - it is crystal clear to me that Abby should have gotten some (not all) of Adams' snaps much earlier in the year. GB has a habit of anointing players - the coach-speak often is assignment sure or trust.

ray nichkee's picture

Larry fitzgerald is a beast, a lock for the hall of fame. At least we didnt get burned by ted ginn jr or somebody like that. I was actually excited when the defense came out aggressive in OT. The play didn't work but palmer almost got creamed. I can't believe he got away to make that throw.

BELIEVER's picture

I agree with your post. I thought it was a good call, Carson made a hell of a play. People complain and me too when we rush 3. Thats sucks. Carson made a great play.

FrozenTundra's picture

Yep. Go back during the year and every time (especially Carolina) that they used a three man rush they got creamed. Dumbass Dom.

Portland Mark's picture

I wish the Packer would have tried going for 2 to win after the Hail Mary pass. OT has not been kind to our team.

zoellner25's picture

Yes, should've gone for two. I said it as soon as they got the TD. have balls and play for the win.

FrozenTundra's picture

I said the same thing. Play big or go home. I guess they were scared of losing. Sarcasm there

Tundraboy's picture

Hate to admit but I think MMs shrivel up at the worst time.

WKUPackFan's picture

No sane NFL coach would go for 2 in that situation. That's non playoff college bowl game stuff.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree on the 2pt, but MM should have gone for the jugular minutes before that and we wouldn't be talking about a 2pt conversion to win. It's getting to the point where unless we have a 3 score lead, I'm worried that we will find a way to give up a lead, and then the game.

Tundraboy's picture

Guess some people can't handle the truth.

The TKstinator's picture

Do you WANT HIM on that wall?
Do you NEED HIM on that wall?

jbromusic's picture

you DON'T go for 2 there. you play for OT. there isn't a football coach in the NFL who would've gone for 2 there.

paxbak's picture

We are now 0-5 in our last playoff overtime games. Wow!!! You would think the football gods would give us one. That is five out if the last 13 years we have exited the season with a playoff overtime loss. Is that unbelievable? It sucks to be a Packer fan in the playoffs. We are almost guaranteed a gut punch. Yes the team played well at times and played well against the potential champ blah blah blah blah blah but it is no consolation to 0-5 in OT.

Flow49's picture

We still have, "we want the ball and we're going to score."

porupack's picture

A nod to MM. I've been tough on him all year, He gets an A- . He called a good game and had the unit pretty well prepared. The untimely penalties (especially deadball), early time outs were to his discredit.

A neutral grade for capers. He was good for the most part, but by 4thQ, the only one guy capable of beating the packers was Fitzgerald. Seeing him open in 4thQ was inexcusable and undid all of Capers' good work up to then. Capers should have made it THE point of emphasis and made sure Fitz didn't get going.
Totally agree with you Jason on Fitzgerald: THE one Guy not to leave uncovered.

D Ernesto's picture

Time to give the play calling back to the guy who started us out 6-0. Mike took over and clock management, red flag management, field management and time out management went out the window.
To compare, we get the Vikes every week, its the law here in Minny, but the thing is, Zimmer always has two or three time outs left to use late in the game for the 2 minute situations. We were lucky on that last pass by Rogers but Mike had used all the time outs arguing over petty little yardage things.
I saw take the play calling away and make him manate the dam game including the defense which went in the toilet in the second half.

zoellner25's picture

MM still can't manage a clock or challenges. Even if that were his only jobs. Doesn't matter

WKUPackFan's picture

Time to head back into Mom's root cellar there in Minnesota.

WKUPackFan's picture

double post, my error.

Tundraboy's picture

Sorry to say but it's MMs job to have them prepared ready to play and he did, but the TOs, challenges and game management at the end are on him. Yes some calls did not go our way, but when the opportunity to keep Cards on their heels was there, he went conservative. Yes one more interception would have made everything different but you can't put it all on the D. D played great but O and MM needed to seal the deal. Too many points left on the table.

croatpackfan's picture

You are really spoiled. If Mike McCarthy did not challenge that "catch" you would writing that he is chicken. I think that was pretty good challenge. I was surprised that the calkl was not overturned. If that was overturned Packers will get the ball back! He was aggressive whole game. And if he would call for 2-point conversion and if that conversion failed what would you writing today about his calls?
Last season he was to conservative, this season he was to aggressive. Can you make some choice?

Pack12's picture

Totally agree. You see fans are never wrong because they make the calls AFTER they know the results. If McCarthy goes for a 2 point conversion and they don't make it the same people advocating it would be crucifying him today.

Tundraboy's picture

Too aggressive? When?

Tundraboy's picture

Especially after last year's OT.

D Ernesto's picture

My take. I was on Janis for route running and such but lets be honest with what is really going on and its a huge problem this year and going forward for the Pack fans.
MM plays favorites. Other than the big run Lacy looked like hell. He trips over himself he is so dam out of shape. But he gets the playing time because he was t 2 pick by Ted. Starks is just a fill in.
Adams, ditto, got all the playing time and yet had an unspectacular year. Janis sat on the bench. Same reason, Adams was a 3 pick Janis undrafted.
MM has to make Ted look good. I thought all year the wrong people were playing.
Janis and Abbey could have been seasoned if given the chances. Pennel and Eliot could have made pass rush dominant but BJ fall on your face Raji had to be out there.
The O line needs help from Kuehn, maybe time to beef up the O line? Way too many injuries on that bunch year in year out.

badaxed's picture


Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Raji had a very strong game. Looks to me like MM tried many things to motivate Lacy, but losing 20 pounds can't be done overnight. I suggested long ago that this trust thing was out of hand with AR - it looks like he plays favorites as well as the coaches.

Otherwise, I agree with your comment.

WKUPackFan's picture

TT drafted Starks when no one else would touch him. Starks has been kept in GB by TT and MM for years whilest posters here and across the interweb clamored for his release. Playing favorites? I don't think so.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

"May be time for a fresh face to lead this young defense to the next level."

Not that I don't agree, but this will never happen.

Lphill's picture

I think the Packers reload in the off season and I think they go to free agency for some veteran help , I think Ted Thompson finally gets it .

Tundraboy's picture

Would like to see it, but I think after last night, they will think that we need only good health and some breaks.

badaxed's picture

Somewhere over the Rainbow.................

Mags's picture

Highly unlikely. Some things never change.

Pack12's picture

Ted Thompson and free agency is like Dracula and the sun they don't go together very well.

egbertsouse's picture

Fitzgerald vs. Shields. Big time players make big time plays. Pretenders drop sure interceptions.

Tundraboy's picture

Since 61,Where are you? . Surprised no posts from you. Hope all is well. Curious to see your thoughts on game.

Tundraboy's picture

Lame Calls

Don't think Shields should be at top of Lame list. Yes we needed him to get at least one of those interceptions, but Lame no.

Lamer was MM going away from no huddle. Play calling in last 3 minutes. Pissing away time outs. We had this game in regulation, and let it slip away.

Game Balls.

The players. Everyone but Masthay, played their hearts out. Proud of them.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yes, calling Shields lame is incorrect, imo. Calling any of the CBs lame is incorrect given the talent level of the opposing WRs and QB. Shields is a fine cover corner who is not a ball hawk. That is why he is not elite and why he doesn't get Revis money (and because he is not quite a shut down corner). Deal with it.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Well said.

badaxed's picture

Game Balls: Larry Fitzgerald
Lame calls: The packers; Choke..............again!

WKUPackFan's picture

Game Balls: The entire CHTV group. Simply the best Packers coverage available. What a year, the combo with allgbp and the departure of Brian C. handled expertly.

Lame Call: No games until August.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yes, but I do miss Jay Hodgson - haven't read one of his pieces in what seems like ages. Did I miss an announcement or did he just get busy (stuff happens, I realize)?

lebowski's picture

Just crazy that we almost went to the NFC Championship game with Jones, Abracadabra and Janis as our only receivers. Not to mention shitty tight ends. And a 280 lb. running back.

DrealynWilliams's picture


Now let that marinate....

alaskan tundra's picture

Come on guys. The Packers did not CHOKE again. They played a great game. Got beat by a great team that made several improbable plays. Nobody had us winning this game. We took them to the wire with our best recievers out. D came to play. Yes it still hurts..... bad. But Capers changed the D and the rest was history. MM doesnt always have the best clock management but hes no Andy Reid. We are very much like the French Foreign Legion of the NFL. Our great losses stand out more than our great victories. But you wouldnt have either one without the great team. I do hope that next time we have a chance to win instead of tie that we go for it. Ill take whatever happens and take it like a man if we lose.

Patrick Helms's picture

Lame calls.....
the refs = who failed to throw that flag on at least 4 plays all within 10 minutes in the second half. 1 of them would have been game changers that would have put us at least within field goal range.

Capers = for even having such a play that put Peppers on Fitzgerald. ????

ollie418's picture


Since '61's picture

Game Balls - Janis, Abbrederis, A. Rodgers, OL, DL and DBs, J. Peppers, MM

Lame calls: Capers switiching to zone and staying with it. I understand why he did it but he should switched it up to try to confuse Palmer and his receivers. Also, he should kept someone man to man with Fitzgerald on every play.
Bad tackling: Killed us on the one play in OT.

the key drive was the Cards second TD drive. If we hold them to an FG on that drive we're tied and 13 and just an FG to win it, with no OT. The biggest play was the tipped pass that ended up as a TD. If that ball is tipped anywhere else it's not caught, maybe picked and we hold them to an FG. Also the officials blew an obvious penalty on that play, but it's all part of the game. Even if we win the coin toss we may have a different outcome.

Great effort by the Packers in a very difficult situation on the road all our receivers gone, lose Hyde also. Wait 'til next year. Thanks, Since '61

sheppercheeser's picture

In the playoffs, mediocrity has no place. That being said, Shields played ok, but the dropped interceptions are the difference between winning and losing. Likewise, AR played pretty well, but when it mattered most, he failed, either over or under throwing passes- again the difference between winning in the playoffs and going home. And don't get me started on Masthay.

Razer's picture

Don't know how we can be anything other than proud of what our team did. By the end of this season we had one starting WR, who we picked up at week 1. We made it here on 'Hail Marys' and guts. To complain about this game is simply not right. To complain about a guy who missed 4 weeks because of a concussion, who covered very well is ignorant. Missing two difficult interceptions is unfortunate at best.

This team showed me more on Saturday night than in any other game this year. There was no quit and no blame for a team that was missing big pieces all year. To bitch and moan because we didn't beat a healthy and very complete Cardinals team is a LAME call.

Go Packers

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