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Packers 17 Seahawks 9: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Packers 17 Seahawks 9: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers are 1-0 and that's all we need to know to start out this week the right way!

What appeared to be an early interception for a touchdown for Seattle was called back after a block-in-the-back call.  It looked like a questionable call but when you consider that it's been nearly five years and the officials still owe the Packers one against Seattle, you think nothing of it and move on.  Here's a box of tissues, Seattle! 

So Green Bay emerges with the win, which should figure in the playoff seeding later this season.  Here are the game's best and worst.

Game Balls

Mike Daniels

After the day Daniels turned in, does anyone else really qualify for a game ball?  Daniels was everywhere the play was on Sunday.  He's become the heartbeat and vocal leader of this defense and his play backed it up.  Daniels saw extensive action on third down, which was a factor in Seattle's converting only three third downs all day.  

Daniels added 1.5 sacks and had four hits on Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.  But his biggest play of the day was the strip of Wilson that set up phenomenal field position for the Packers.  They punched it in one play later.

If setting a tone for the Packers defense this season was Daniels' goal, he single-handedly accomplished it in this game.

Ty Montgomery

Montgomery had just 54 yards rushing but this game was about quality over quantity for #88.  He had 19 carries, which is a healthy load for a Packers tail back.  Montgomery added four catches as well.  When the Packers have the ball for over 40 minutes, the run totals are going to be high.

Montgomery scored the Packers' first touchdown of the season in the third quarter with a hard run that took a few Seattle defenders with him into the end zone.  He appeared to tweak his ankle towards the end of the game, but he was able to return and help ice it for the win.

Montgomery's dynamic ability has been hyped plenty coming into this season and against one of the better defenses in the league, he was the factor that the Packers needed.

Randall Cobb

Cobb has become nearly a forgotten man to many.  Written off as a sure cast off after the 2017 season, he was arguably the most important player on the offense save for the Rodgers today.  Cobb's had a game high nine catches on 13 targets and a game high with 85 yards on the day.  

Cobb was the little machine that could for the Packers and kept several drives alive with his shiftiness after the catch.  Could have done without the taunting penalty but this is the Seahawks and the Packers had to defend their house.  No harm done.

Lame Calls

Jahri Evans

Evans wasn't atrocious in this game, but someone has to get the lame call.  Evans had two holding penalties, which are drive-killers.  Hopefully he settles in and becomes the steady presence he was brought in to be until the Packers find their right guard of the future.

Trevor Davis

In keeping with the theme of guys who probably don't really deserve to get a lame call, I'm giving one to Davis for one reason: fielding a punt with a defender barreling down on him and arriving at the same time as the ball.  Davis held on and averted a disastrous turnover but after having some ball security issues in the past, Davis has to show that he's aware and trying to protect the rock.


Others to mention:

  • Martellus Bennett didn't get a game ball for sticking up for Rodgers because while it was a nice move on his part, it did cost the Packers yardage.  It end up being a moot point and maybe what Bennett did was more important than the 15 yards it cost.  But late in a game when his team still needs to put the game away, that could have ended up being a bigger mistake
  • Nick Perry with 1.5 sacks was a nice complement to Daniels.  Need more days like today from 53
  • Damarious Randall had a few struggles, namely not contesting a deep ball late in the game after he returned from injury.  This defense needs Randall this season and his toughness keeps him out of the "lame call" column this week
  • Kyler Fackrell with a heads-up fumble recovery on the Daniels strip.  Right place, right time.  Sometimes it's just good to be lucky
  • Clay Matthews had two tackles but was very quiet again in a big game.  Hoping he just needs to come on as the season moves along
  • Kyle Murphy struggled early on but appeared to settle down.  Until Bryan Bulaga can return, Murphy appears to be the man at right tackle
  • Morgan Burnett turned in a nice day including a nice pass break up.  An important veteran presence on the back end
  • The Packers win a third-straight against the Seahawks and equally played the role of the bully.  Time to put the Packers in the same conversation as Seattle in terms of toughness and take them out of the conversation for being "soft"
  • Next week's game at Atlanta will be something to monitor this week as the storms currently hitting Florida and the southeasters U.S. move through.  Prayers that all are safe and for minimal damage to property



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NashvilleCheesehead's picture

Game ball -- Dom Capers (did I just say that????). Showed what he can do with strong personnel. For all the grief we've all given him, he had them ready for this game!

The TKstinator's picture

Give him Deion Sanders and Lawrence Taylor and watch him instantly turn into a genius!

HankScorpio's picture

Lame Call to Mike McCarthy for calling time outs on defense just before the half. That strategy has bit the Packers in the behind more than once. It did again.

Game ball to the Packer 4 minute offense. They drained the last 6 minutes off the clock on offense while up one score. The defense had a whale of a game but I was very happy to see them not be called on to protect the one score lead. It was a very uneven day from the Packer offense overall but they performed when it counted.

RCPackerFan's picture

I knew the McCarthy timeouts was going to get some people pissed off. Honestly though I can't blame him for the defense giving up the big plays late. They should not have allowed them to move the ball that far down the field.

That being said, I wouldn't have called the timeouts. They only had 2 timeouts left and only like 40 seconds left. Not worth it IMO.

Spud Rapids's picture

I'm not the least bit concerned with the timeouts... hindsight is 20/20 but the way the D was playing the Packers stand a chance to get the ball back and #12 can make magic happen. A lot of commentators on here speak out of both sides of their mouth... they want McCarthy to put the pedal to metal on offense when they are leading in games but an agressive strategy like calling the timeouts is chided. I'm pretty sure they just are armchair judging outcomes rather than trying to understand the reason and strategy behind his calls.

RCPackerFan's picture

'A lot of commentators on here speak out of both sides of their mouth'

NO WAY... lol. sorry I couldn't resist...

It didn't bother me that he used the timeouts, I just knew it would bother others. I just wouldn't have done it.

That being said like you said the Defense was playing great, and he has the best QB in the league. Remember the play to set up the game winning TD against Dallas. With Rodgers he only needs 1 play...

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

With 3 time outs maybe. But with only 2 it's still going to take a fumble or stupid play call by Seattle to stop the clock to even get the ball back. It wasn't smart at the time, it's not smart in hindsight and it could have been the difference in the game. It wasn't aggressive, it was stupid. And regardless of the outcome of the game, it didn't work

dobber's picture

They were in line to force a punt? They've got an explosive returner. A lousy punt and a fair catch gives ARod a play or two. A good return gives ARod a play and/or a FG attempt. What about a block?

Come on, folks, it seems like everyone else in the league does this...trying to steal a score at the end of a half before getting the ball back to start the second half.

croatpackfan's picture

Haters hates. Whatever Mike McCarthy do, some of fans will find objection on his calls. When he is conservative they are whining about that, when he is aggressive they are whining about that... There is no win situation!

dcharlesc's picture

Emphatically agree. At first I liked the decision until I used a little thing called math and realized that he was calling timeouts to maybe, but probably unlikely, force Seattle to punt with 3 seconds left in the half. No chance that is worth the risk.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Calling the timeouts was simply stupid. It isn't hindsight at all, it is math.

Seattle got the ball with 55 seconds left. After the two timeouts, there were 43 seconds left. The NFL has a 40 second play clock. So, we could have forced a punt with 3 seconds left. Definitely not worth it. Instead, we gave up 3 points. If we had had 3 timeouts, that would be different, but we didn't. Sean Payton did something similar, except it cost them 7 points.

Rossonero's picture

Aside from Mike Daniels...

Game Balls
I thought Mike McCarthy, for the most part, called a good game. We were not predictable. There were some times where we got away from the run, but overall, I liked it.

Kyle Murphy -- nice job filling in for Bulaga. Lets hope Spriggs can do the same if he's needed someday.

Nick Perry -- always nice to see instant dividends from a big off-season signing. He was causing havoc from the get go.

Lame Calls
Stupid penalties and wasted timeouts. The Packers burned two timeouts almost back-to-back in the 1st quarter: one due to a slow substitution and another for the play call coming in too late. That needs to be cleaned up.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree on Murphy. His first NFL start comes against Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Sheldon Richardson, Jarran Reed, and those fine LBs. Just like I assigned some difficulty adjustment to Daniels vs Glowinski, one should assign some adjustment to Murphy. I'd say he turned in a very creditable performance all things considered.

RCPackerFan's picture

Completely agree!

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree with you on McCarthy's game plan.

My only complaint was not getting Montgomery the ball in space more. It took until late in the game when they finally got Montgomery the ball in space. Which some of that maybe on Rodgers too, but Montgomery is special. He isn't a typical RB. He can be used in special ways that a lot of other RB's can't be. They have to take advantage of that.
I hope this isn't going to be like when they had Mathews playing the ILB position in 2015. Where they take away his special skill set vs creating a special role for him.
This was only one game so I am not going to overreact to much. I just want to see them use him more in the passing game with the ball in space more often.

Handsback's picture

RC, I agree with you in that MM should have tried to do it more often in the first half. That Dline of Seattle is terrific and not many teams are going to be able to run against them. Thomas alone makes that backend of the Seahawks defense special. So to me using Monty more in space seemed to be a solution that wasn't tried very often until the 2nd half.
Loved that game, was going to record it but didn't happen. (Maybe Bambi was recorded instead!)

RCPackerFan's picture

For me, its just that Montgomery has a very particular set of skills. (in my Liam Neeson - Taken voice).
He creates a mismatch and to me they should take advantage of that with some plays designed to get him the ball in space. Maybe they are saving some of those too. But it seemed to take way to long to get him the ball out in space.
Maybe some of that was Rodgers simply not checking down to him too..

I am looking forward to seeing this offense when they aren't going against the top defense in the league, also when they get more in sync.

Spud Rapids's picture

"Stupid penalties and wasted timeouts"

Remember it's week 1

dobber's picture they're in mid-season form?

Rossonero's picture

Haha true.

Tarynfor12's picture

One should expect dividends from Perry going up against a 1st NFL game player. Let's see what we get against veteran players....until his foot, ankle, hand etc bite us lest we forget his disappearing act at crucial times. : )

dobber's picture

He's already 1.5 sacks up on Fackrell... ;)

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Maybe Daniels can whack the whole QB over by Fackrell and he can get a sack.

dobber's picture

I'm all in favor of some Matt Ryan pinball...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I'd give Burnett a game ball. He looked like the glue to the secondary to me. Seattle has two big time receivers in Baldwin and Graham. Burnett did a nice job on Graham, who finished with 3 receptions for 8 yards, good for just a 2.7 yd. average, and provided nice run support as well. Baldwin had a decent game, 63 yards (extrapolates to 1,008 yard season after all).

Bearmeat's Phantom Downvoter's picture

No GBU anymore?? That was always my favorite at CHTV after a big win.

Eh, well.

Game Balls: Daniels, Monty, Perry, Cobb.
Lame Calls: MM end of the 1st half. 1st half OL protection (albeit against the best front 7 in football.)

AND....The Seattle Sheepdogs. How you like that EL, Petey?? :D :D :D

GBPDAN1's picture

The D was incredible and barring injuries, should only get better as the season progresses. Getting the new FA additions acclimated , Adams and Biegel back from injury, and the development of the rookies by mid season, will add quality and depth.

Would like to see more big plays out of Mathews, though.

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls:

Daniels, Perry, Cobb

Kenny Clark- to go with Daniels Clark helped created a wall that shut down the Seahawks running attack.

Jake Ryan- He played in the backfield a lot and also brought a physical presence at ILB.

Run Defense- Clark and Ryan along with Daniels IMO stood out above everyone else, but the run defense was really, really good. Take away the 30 yard run by Carson, and they held the Seahawks RB's to 23 yards rushing on 14 carries. (1.6 ypc). Even including that 30 yard run they held them to 53 yards on 15 carries. (3.5 ypc).

Lame Calls-
I don't feel anyone really deserves a lame call to be honest. So Knit Picking I would say Burnett gets a Lame Call. He seemed to be over aggressive a few times. I don't know if he was supposed to be the spy or blitzing but got caught to far up and out of position on a couple of Wilson's long runs.

First half OL. Rodgers got sacked 4 times the first half. The 2nd half the OL settled down and protected better. But they struggled the first half.

Probably the worst thing from the game was listening to Buck and Aikman.
I am honestly a fan of those guys. I like listening to them most times. They really don't usually bother me at all especially comparing to other announcers. Yesterday though, the constant whining about the officials became nauseating. They kept going on about the punch that wasn't shown on tv. Was there a punch? I don't know. The camera's didn't show it. But that doesn't mean there wasn't one. Also the complaining about Jimmy Graham not getting a PI call in the endzone, and bringing in Blandino to go over whether there should have been a penalty on that or not was just stupid. Yet when Adams tried coming back for the ball and the DB ran right through him before the ball got there, there was no mention of that. No big conspiracy theory happening. Didn't even mention it. Ohh and that would have given them the ball inside the redzone...
I am happy I don't have to listen to those guys next weekend!

MarkinMadison's picture

Agreed. Also, on the blocking in the back penalty, here is the deal folks. If you commit a physical penalty against a star quarterback it is going to get called. Period. No big mystery. Aikman would have gotten that call in the day too.

HankScorpio's picture

Exactly. Fans don't have to like that ticky-tack calls will be made to protect QBs. But it certainly is a fact of life in the NFL.

RCPackerFan's picture

I always love it to when they do slow motion to determine a penalty was or wasn't committed. Do it live and full speed and it looks completely different.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Adams gets tackled before the ball gets there and Beavis and Butt head talk about how great Earl Thomas is and how much better he makes Seattle's defense. Not a mention of maybe Seattle got away with one.
Regarding the punch incident, maybe punch was the wrong word from the referee because he couldn't think of a proper way to say buried his forearm into his fucking throat. Something way more dangerous than a punch in a football game where the only thing you are likely to hurt is your hand on someone's helmet

Qoojo's picture

The CB prevented him from coming back to the ball. I think they only briefly mentioned it then immediately moved the calls missed on the packers lol

RCPackerFan's picture

That was what bothered me the most. They were highlighting the Graham play and even went to Blandino about it. Also and the Rodgers block in the back and the lack of video footage of the Lane punch.

Yet on the play Adams tried coming back for the ball and the DB tackles him there was no call and they just talked about how good Thomas was.

The thing for me with the Lane punch/lack of... The video stops while he was on top of him. Could he have punched him after the video cut off? Possibly?

dobber's picture

It almost looked orchestrated: the DB jumped into Adams but kinda spun and put his hands out like he was playing the ball...but there was no way he was playing the ball. Takes out Adams and gives Thomas a decent chance to sweep through for a pick.

It looked like faceguarding to me, but clearly the refs didn't see it that way.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Faceguarding is perfectly legal in the NFL, though, correct? Adams was trying to slow down or stop, but he wasn't trying to come back to the ball. As to Adams, the ball was un-catchable.

Looks like incidental contact to me. Suggesting that this was PI is an extreme stretch imo.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I didn't see a punch, but I saw him pinning a guy to the ground by the throat with his elbow. That's probably worse.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

That's exactly what I thought while Buck and Aikman were lamenting the lack of a "punch." If the ref said "choked" they'd probably have said "He didn't have his hands around his throat; there was no choke."

GVPacker's picture

Game Ball= Ron Zook He remembered to take his meds during a game break. Don't forget that pill!

Spud Rapids's picture

I saw that... it was hilarious

MarkinMadison's picture

I'll throw a little love at the punter. Nice first live NFL game. The thing that he brings to the table that we haven't seen in forever is hang time. And he should just keep getting better.

RCPackerFan's picture

One of the most dangerous returners in the league was a non factor. Also, he must have some really different spin on his punts. Lockett didn't field the ball cleanly every time and misjudged the punts a few times.

flackcatcher's picture

Hawkins was very effective down field as the seahawks double Janis. Out side of one kick off return, ST was very good today.

dobber's picture

Yah beat me to this one.

Don't bother reading my post below... ;)

GVPacker's picture

As one of the better NFC teams the Packers will be on national TV for most of the season so we can expect no reprieve from Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.That SUCKS! At least we can find some comfort in the fact that Joe Buck will be covering the MLB playoffs so lets hope all of the divisional rounds and league championship's and The World Series go Seven Games, extra innings too!

dobber's picture

Maybe not game ball worthy, but Justin Vogel was decent and didn't seem to be swallowed up by the moment...and for a rookie in a hard-fought, physical game, that means something.

HankScorpio's picture

The first half was about field position. Seattle had it in their favor a lot. Vogel's performance helped prevent them from capitalizing on it. I agree that it wasn't game ball worthy. But definitely worth a mention (or two :D)

RCPackerFan's picture

Agree with both you guys.

We know if we had Masthay what the result would have been. Vogel did a really good job.

LayingTheLawe's picture

I thought he was better than ok. A 44 yard average and only one punt that was returned at all. And one bomb that got the Packers out of the hole punting from inside their own 10.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Not one mention of Quentin Rollins? Kid played great in defending Graham and made some great tackles in run support. The middle wasn't open as is usual with Caper's D and Rollins was part of the fix.

MarkinMadison's picture

Anyone else notice that there was no fear of throwing in Sherman's direction? And the Seahawks tried to trade him with no success this off-season? The Legion of Boom may be a bust.

HankScorpio's picture

What's the NFL shelf life on a DB unit with not much personnel turnover? Chancellor, Sherman and Thomas are all in their 7th & 8th years, most of that time as the heart of the Seattle defense. It's tough to keep things at an elite level for that long without injecting new blood. Sure there has been a revolving door at 2nd and 3rd CB. But those 3 have always been the guys that define the LoB.

That front 4 will cover up a lot of warts in the back end. But I do believe if the protection is there, the Seattle DBs can be had. Rodgers had over 300 yards passing yesterday so obviously there were holes in the coverage.

Finwiz's picture

I'll tell you what - Earl Thomas is one hell of a safety, the guy was all over the field and man is that guy quick. He blew up countless big plays for the Packers. That defense is going to cause plenty of teams fits this year with that secondary, so I wouldn't underestimate them. You want to see what an impact safety looks like - watch this guy. Clinton-Dix should be watching game film of Thomas, he might learn something, because right now if Thomas is a 10, Clinton-Dix is about a 7.5.
Not in the same league - YET.

dobber's picture

They were a shadow of their normal selves without Thomas last year, and they struggled without Chancellor the year before. I agree: the safeties make the back end of that defense. Maybe they finally realized that and decided they were buried under a bad contract to an underfast DB in Sherman.

I'll say this, though: I thought that Griffin kid looked pretty good. He's someone I really wanted to see in know, after the Packers picked a pass-rusher early... ;)

MarkinMadison's picture

"an underfast Sherman"

That's the thing with Sherman. He's big and physical, but has always had marginal speed. He's 29 now. If he's lost a step then he is vulnerable.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Dobber, I thought Griffen looked like a rookie with tremendous potential. He was not so good against us, but he figures to get much better. He had two holding penalties and gave up 6 first downs on 9 targets. AR overthrew what should have been the 7th completion. Still, he had 2 pass break ups and didn't give up any long completions, IIRC.

GVPacker's picture

I agree Dobber I thought Vogel did a commendable job. Jon Ryan was also very effective in the first half. He seems to be at his best when playing against his old team!

Finwiz's picture

Lame calls:
We got a gift on the play in the end zone when Graham was physically assaulted by 2 DB's in what was CLEARLY interference. Ball should have been 1st down at the 1 yard line. A total homer call.

So that makes up for the win that was taken away from us on the FAIL MARY play. The football God's have spoken.

TJ Watt, 2 sacks and an INT in his FIRST pro game. I'd say he had a better game than Kevin King who didn't have any solo tackles, no INT's, and I'm not sure on assists. TT blew it once again. Maybe he would have got an edge rusher that could get a sack, and not take a bad angle to the QB and completely whiff on a sure sack. One can only hope he retires soon.

Game ball Mike Daniels and Nick Perry. Best games on defense.

Qoojo's picture

I saw TJ Watt hit the QB late too. I swear Steelers teach the cheap shots.

dobber's picture


dobber's picture

I dunno about making up for the Fail Mary game. Seattle has one of the clutchiest, grabbiest groups of DBs out there. Very physical. That play wouldn't have been interference because I think they would have ultimately ruled the ball uncatchable--you know, after about a 5-minute zebra huddle--but Brice had a handful of the back of Graham's jersey, which could have been defensive holding, but I don't think the ref could see it.

What comes around goes around. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Finwiz's picture

I watched the replay closely - first of all the ball was catch-able because Graham has about a 7' 5" reach, 2nd of all, yes the back defender had a grip on the jersey holding him down, and the front defender had his back to the QB and face guarded him and ran into him before the ball arrived.
Clear INTF - the Packers got a gift. But the refs blew that horse collar call as well. He tackled him/stopped him by the shoulder pads - the definition of horse-collar which is illegal.

RCPackerFan's picture

"Lame calls:
We got a gift on the play in the end zone when Graham was physically assaulted by 2 DB's in what was CLEARLY interference. Ball should have been 1st down at the 1 yard line. A total homer call."

If you want to call it a make up non call it would be for the one that they didn't call PI when the CB ran through Adams as he was coming back for the ball. That would have been in the redzone had the call been properly called.

Both non calls equal themselves out.

Finwiz's picture

They had him bracketed with double coverage, if it's the play I'm thinking of, and the guy that hit Adams was playing the ball. Defender has a right to play the ball, and that's what he was doing. No INTF on that one after I watched it back. Just a great play by the defense. That secondary is amazing as a group.

RCPackerFan's picture

The one I'm talking about the defender never looked back for the ball. He put his hands up but never looked back for the ball. Adams went to come back for the ball and was hit before the ball got there. Thomas made a diving play on the ball. (I believe there was an offsides penalty on the play)

There was clear pass interference on that play that wasn't called.

Finwiz's picture

Oh yeah, now I remember.....I thought that would have been INTF too, but on the replay he just brought his had up at the right time and deflected the ball - WITHOUT looking, but I didn't see him make any significant contact with the receiver. I wanted to see contact, but didn't see any. Lucky play - yes - INTF, I'd have to say no.

croatpackfan's picture

He blow out Adams by his body! Are you sure you want to talk about several offensive holdings on Perry, Clark, Daniels? That was more than obvious calls. Do you want to talk about horse collar on Ty (saving TD penalty), but flag was picked up under pressure of Carrol? Do you want to talk about crown of the helmet hit in Aaron back while he was on the ground (to remind you - Bennett was penalized for personal foul on that!)?

I will only admit you that officiating was pretty pathetic...

Finwiz's picture

Maybe I'm not remembering the play then.

The penalty on Bennett was totally justified and well worth the 15 yards in my book. That piece of sheet KJ Wright cheap shots people all the time and he speared Rodgers in the back, so I was glad to see Bennett retaliate. Some penalties are forgivable - that was one of them. I hate that guy.

RCPackerFan's picture

If you follow Nagler on Twitter check out his timeline. He has it on there.

The DB launches into Adams as he is coming back for the ball and then turns. Easy PI.

Finwiz's picture

OK - yeah I just watched it on Naglers feed - that IS the play I'm referring to. They will NEVER call that because they had the receiver bracketed with two defenders and they were BOTH playing the ball with their heads turned. As long as their heads are turned toward the QB, they both have the same right to make a play on the ball as the receiver. Contact at that point is incidental. If they would have been running with backs to the QB and then run into Adams, then it's INTF. Not so here. Just two defenders looking to make a play on the ball. Adams had no chance with that coverage, and frankly the ball should not have been thrown into double coverage like that, although the safety came over late. With their safety's and the recovery speed they have, 12 under-estimated the ability for the secondary coverage to get over there. Great play by the D - sorry.

dobber's picture

I would have to see that play again, but from my perspective the CB makes only a token attempt to look for that ball. It almost looked choreographed.

Finwiz's picture

Go watch it on Aaron's feed. It was no token attempt to make a play. Both the defenders, particularly the safety coming over from middle of the field were playing the ball all the way and the refs saw that. Heh, I will jump ALL over a bad call by the refs, any day of the week and twice on Sunday, particularly when it goes against GB, but this was just great coverage by the D. And Adams just laid back in his route and didn't even fight for the ball. 17 was too passive on that play.

Qoojo's picture

I would give Perry a game ball too.

As for lame,

Play calls were slow and late too much of the time with Rodgers only have 5 secs or less.

Josh Jones on ST. The guy was running down out of control, and always provided a lane for returns.

The Wtf? was he thinking award to MM for using his only 2 timeouts with 43 seconds left in the half. In other words, his use of timeouts allowed Seattle to use safe runs to get out of the hole, and still have their timeouts.


Any time Davis fields a punt is a nervous time for me.

Some really stupid mental penalties like Cobb's penalty for unsportsmanlike. Then Adams should have been flagged too, unless something preceded Lane's ejection.

I know many seahag fans are complaining about the lack of an end zone PI, but that's how it was called. They didn't call the more blatant one when one seahag CB took out the WR coming back to the ball and the safety almost caught the ball jumping in front, which would have put the packers in scoring position.

Since '61's picture

Game Balls to Daniels, Monty, Cobb and A. Rodgers.
Daniels took over the game on defense, Monty ran hard, Cobb made the offense go and I think that Rodgers made most of the play calls yesterday at the LOS.

Lame calls to Davon House. I realize that it is only the first game but I didn't think that House played very well.
Hopefully he will be ready for next week against Atlanta.

Thanks, Since '61

Spock's picture

'61, I agree with all this, especially House. He had a very poor first game. I will cut him some slack because of the lack of reps during the preseason but he didn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence in me with that performance.

marpag1's picture

House? Really? Wow. Tough graders, I guess.

I'd have to go back and watch the tape again, but I think I remember that House got beat by Lockett on a deep pass that was badly overthrown and incomplete. I think I remember he got a five yard holding penalty, too.

On the other hand, I do remember that he played 100% of the defensive snaps. He had three tackles, including a damn nice TFL during a WR screen on Seattle's second play. What I DON'T remember that he allowed a single reception all game. Maybe I'm missing something...

OK, he wasn't Deion in his prime. Seems kinda rough getting a lame call for that.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

On the endzone non-interference call, the ball looked pretty uncatchable to me. Even with Graham's height, I can't imagine any way he could have reached it. It was just too high.

That said, there were also multiple non-interference calls the other way. Adams took a blow to the face with no call, and I noted a couple obvious holds with no call. Btw, on the play where Daniels caused the fumble, he was held--no call.

I don't mind the announcers complaining about no-calls (although they went way over the top with it), but they were so ridiculously one-sided. They even wanted an interference call on a Packer DB for a play where the pass sailed at least 10 yards overhead--insane.

Buck and Aikman make me sick.

mrtundra's picture

I watch the televised game and listen to Wayne Larivee and Larry McCarren on the radio for their coverage of the game. The 7 second delay is annoying, but from what I've read here, it was worth it not having to listen to Buck and Aikman, at all. As far as plays go, I think the best defensive play came when the trio of Packer defenders kept Graham and the ball out of the end zone. Beautiful!

4thand1's picture

I attribute it to good coaching. The refs let them play and it could be totally different with the next officiating crew. Everyone knows the seahags get away with murder on the back end and have for years. So if they want to whine F-em.

croatpackfan's picture

I think we had to either trade Randall Cobb or cut him. He is not worth the monmey he is receiving...

Also, cut Spriggs and Murphy and find some vet help at tackles...

Thank you!

Spock's picture

Croat, It is traditional on some Packer sites to add a tilde symbol " ~ " after a sarcastic comment. Hopefully, no one takes your comment seriously but new viewers might not get that. :)

croatpackfan's picture

Dear Spock, life is a great teacher and I'm always open to learn something new. I red those 2 -3 sentences so many times from lot of cheeseheadtv members that I learned what I wrote...
When I was writing that I think otherwise, I got a lot of down votes. So I concluded that I am wrong and those experts are correct...
But, I know some of them will admit mistakes, others will wait for next opportunity to yell "cut Cobb/trade Cobb" or similar...
So, yes I was sarcastic in one way, but not in other. I was indecisive which side to pick!

4zone's picture

Perry game ball. Had his hands all over the QB. And just because you have lame calls in the title doesn't mean you have to give them out.

In this case, lame call 'prevent D' right before the half. Why take your foot off their throat?

PackEyedOptimist's picture

Hey now, pressing on the throat will get you a penalty for "punching..." ;-)

jasonperone's picture

True re: Lame Calls, but Evans did hold twice which is bordering on a bad time keeping up. Do what you have to to protect the QB so hold vs. getting Rodgers' head taken off, but it's still a hold. It should be an extreme rarity to see an entire section of this post empty.

Malland56's picture

Lame Calls: Clay Mathews again. The guy was in on a couple plays but again he just gets tossed around when he comes from the outside. I watch him every play. There is no double team on him and hasn't been for 3+ years now.

He doesn't intimidate no one.

jfajas's picture

It's not a surprise anymore... I thought he was terrible...

dobber's picture

I'm not sure we were watching the same game...

dcharlesc's picture

Ha Ha. The play on the receiver at the 2 yard line was ridiculous, but what we don't see unless you watch the all 22 is the number of times he forces Wilson away from his first read which results in him holding the ball for an extra second and allows our pressure to get home. He is entering into (very) elite safety territory.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Oh, I'd say he's already there.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

I give the Game Ball to TROY AIKMAN, who actually admitted on the air that he Lost his OVER BET. I hope you all realize now that even the Announcers are Betting the Games.

Can't give enough Credit to our Defensive Line in this one. Great Job!! Shows what can be done, when you stop the opposing QB.

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