Pack-A-Day Podcast - Episode 680 - Offseason Review: Minnesota Vikings

On today's show, Andrew and Kyle review the offseason of the Minnesota Vikings.

On today's show, Andrew and Kyle review the offseason of the Minnesota Vikings.

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Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and is an Editor for Packer Report. You can find him on WFRV's Green Bay Nation and every Friday on the Friday Film Room on WDUZ . Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder - follow him on Twitter @AndyHermanNFL!

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June 05, 2020 at 04:47 pm

I'm sick of you guys pretending that you aren't being political when you are explicitly being political. Everybody wants Blacks to be treated fairly, but here is a news flash: They already are. The issue is that you haven't taken the time to actually look at the statistics in any sort of depth. They have slightly more incidents per capita, but that's because they commit more crime per capita, which has a lot to due with poverty, anti-police mentality, etc. But you guys don't care about these facts because you just want to virtue signal.

The fact is that you were given your opinion by the media. The media told you that Floyd was strangled to death. The media told you that all these Black people are unjustly killed by cops every year. The fact is that they aren't, which is why we don't see cops regularly being put in prison for it even in states like Wisconsin where every shooting is reviewed by a independent investigator.

The ironic thing here is that you actually use a privilege Blacks have to try to push a bigger privilege. You say that we are sitting here watching them play, because the NFL is mostly Black. And guess what? The NFL is still reaching out to find MORE Black players. They aren't reaching out to find White players. Nobody cares. Why? Because diversity is an anti-White dogwhistle. We need more Black coaches, fewer White QBs, fewer White OLs, more Black owners, and now we need to push politics that benefit Blacks, too. When will enough be enough? When will we say that we need fewer Black players in favor of other races instead of having 80% of the league dominated by 13% of the population? But of course, this isn't worth talking about on your non-political show. Give me a break with your virtue signaling. All it does is draw greater racial divides.

(Btw, I didn't get into it, but of course you don't care about the facts behind Floyd's death. He was on multiple drugs, he had Covid-19, he was an extremely dangerous individual, and the officers needed to protect themselves. They had a conversation about how to keep him alive because it's common for these drugs to kill people, and he had at-risk health issues such as hypertension on top of being in a stressful situation. The autopsy showed NO strangulation or asphyxiation even though the media told you the cops strangled him to death. Floyd had a heart attack. That wasn't the fault of the cops. And now that they elevated the charge to 2nd Degree Murder, the cop is almost certainly going to be found not guilty unless they reduce the charge and even then he'll probably be found not guilty. Green Bay was already half destroyed between the looting, shots fired, bricks thrown, etc. by these politics btw. How much more are you willing to let our city be destroyed for your virtue signaling?)

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