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Pack-A-Day Podcast - Episode 308 - Should Green Bay Bring Back Nick Perry?!

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Pack-A-Day Podcast - Episode 308 - Should Green Bay Bring Back Nick Perry?!

On today's podcast, Maggie Loney, Paul Bretl, and Nick Schmitz discuss the position battles they are most excited to watch this coming season. Plus, should Green Bay think about re-signing Nick Perry? All that and much more on today's show!

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Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and appears weekly on 107.5 The Fan in Green Bay to breakdown film. This past season he was an analyst on Green Bay Nation on WFRV TV in Green Bay. Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder; follow him on Twitter at @sconniesports.

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Doug Niemczynski's picture

Maybe, at league min or 1 million per year. But, that's a M. Pettine call.

Tarynfor12's picture

Honestly,I didn't listen to the podcast and won't because of the posted headline.

It took 7 years to get rid of this guy and to even suggest bringing him back is...moronic.

There is absolutely no justification to even consider this move.

Don't worry, some will defend this crap because they follow and agree no matter what.

Coach JV's picture

Same here... didn't even listen because the headline is moronic.

cheesehead1's picture

As Aaron Nagler would say............


Lphill's picture

Rather have Clay , would be nice to see him in a nice rotation playing less snaps keeping his legs fresh. I think he will do well on the Rams in that kind of role. , Nick Perry ? No

Since '61's picture

Nick Perry the blogger here at CHTV must be retained. Nick Perry the former GBP should remain chucked. Thanks, Since ‘62

Holecrap's picture

I agree and anything disparaging I may say about Nick Perry is refering to the ex player not our commentator. With that said, good riddance to Nick Perry.
Perry was a highly touted high school player from Michigan and he gave the U the finger and went to USC where he thought he would be on the big stage, nat champship stuff.
Truth is he played alongside some very good people who made him look better than he was. Analyst had him a late two or early three pick. They werent impressed either. But good ol Ted grabbed him in the first. What a waste. Notice his best year was his contract year and the year he really didnt have any injury issues. Funny how that happens

jeremyjjbrown's picture

If he's cheap, sure why not?

He wasn't a lazy dude or a locker room issue, he was just injured too much. He is actually a very good run defender. If he can be had for 2 million on a 1 year deal then I'm not against it.

He actually fits exactly the body type Pettine wants.

Holecrap's picture

They did bring back Perry, his name is Gary. Hew is Nick Perry 2.0 and his results will be the same I'm afraid.

bodei1newbie1's picture

nick perry i would give him a chance if matthews was still out there no

Doug Niemczynski's picture

ohhhhhhhh nooooooo

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Perry 2.0....Lol

IceBowl's picture

What?? You mean no other team has picked up N Perry??

Tarynfor12's picture

It would seem that all the other teams weren't impressed with his garbage time heroics as like many here were during his embezzlement years.

stockholder's picture

Yes. This is a business. When he was on the field, the packers were better. Was it business or personal with Perry? We saw the 10 million reasons why he was let go. The one reason why they should bring him back. DEPTH>

Tarynfor12's picture

The only DEPTH he'll supply is the DEEP hole he'll put the defense in wasting a roster spot on any level.

IceBowl's picture


I was going to ask who we would be cutting to keep Perry, but tarynfor12, sort of, beat me to it if I read her right.

Bur we have acquired 4 (at least) LB's this off season and Burks coming back. Pretty full room.

stockholder's picture

It is full. But CM3 was vocal on the depth. Perry does have experience. While Gary doesn't. I felt the Smiths would lock the Lbs down. Is putting Gary at OLB the right move? Or are they protecting his Shoulder? Even if they think Gary's peppers, or Kampman. The stunts are exposed after a few games. By signing Perry. They can move Smith and Gary to DE, ETC. And still have great depth. (While using Martinez as the lone ILB.) Most kids play the 4-3-4 in college. Making them soaking it in, is masking your fears. The fear of not playing up to ones potential.

IceBowl's picture


Confusing post, to me.

My point was we would have to cut someone to reacquire Perry. Cost/value not there.

And yes, Perry has experience, but so what? He didn't utilize it enough to earn a spot.

They can move the Smiths and Gary around as they wish. All 3 are able to play most anywhere on the D's front 7 (or 6) in a versatile system.

Burks is there and so is Simmons and I am dumb enough to believe J Jones comes to play. Time will tell.

They still have to cut about 30 players.

They only have so many slots.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't see the issue. 3-4 teams carry 5 OLBs all the time. Smith, Smith, Gary, Fackrell, and a host of unproven players. Is Perry better than Gilbert? We're not talking about giving Perry any guaranteed money.

7 DL at most, 5 OLBs, 3 ILBs (though I don't see anyone yet worthy of being the #3 ILB), 4 Safeties (again, not seeing anyone worthy of being the #4 guy), 5 CBs (King, Alexander, Tramon, Jackson and Brown) = 24. We often keep 25 or 26 on defense.

Roster space isn't a big issue. Sure, GB might pick up a safety, perhaps Ibraheim Campbell when he recovers, making Greene the #5 safety if they don't unload Josh Jones, and another CB might push for a spot or Crawford as an ST/ILBer.

There has never been a thing wrong with Perry's production on a per snap basis. I have posted them several times, as has Hank Scorpio, and they are actually excellent. It is my view that this is simply emotion getting in the way of proper evaluation. Perhaps Perry should have been a part-time player all along.

Lare's picture

Click bait.

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