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Packers OLBs Nick Perry, Mike Neal Open Training Camp on PUP List

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Packers OLBs Nick Perry, Mike Neal Open Training Camp on PUP List

Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Perry by Kirby Lee—USA TODAY Sports.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Perry by Kirby Lee—USA TODAY Sports.

Green Bay Packers outside linebackers Nick Perry and Mike Neal have opened training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, according to the league's transaction wire.

The wire does not specify the specific nature of each injury.

Perry—the team's first round draft choice in 2012—played through a broken bone in his heel last season but did not take part in any of the team's offseason practices.

It's unclear if what's ailing Perry is related to his foot.

Neal, on the other hand, did take part in the team's offseason program, so his injury is a mystery for the time being. He did sustain a knee injury in the team's final game last season, the playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

In previous seasons, Neal missed time due to shoulder, knee and abdomen injuries. He began last season on the PUP list as well, but came off shortly thereafter.

Players on the PUP list are allowed to return to practice as soon as they pass a physical.

If both players remain on the PUP list until the start of the regular season, the team can replace them on the 53-man roster, but they would have to remain out for at least the first six weeks.

Meanwhile, both defensive lineman Letroy Guion and Jerel Worthy were placed on the Non-Football Injury List while wide receiver Jeff Janis was placed on the Non-Football Illness List.

All three players with non-football issues took part in the team's offseason program, so it would appear whatever happened to them occurred between the time they left minicamp in June and reported for training camp on Friday.

All five players with newly declared injuries count against the 90-man roster.

Last season, the Packers had eight players either declared non-football injury or on the PUP list at the opening of training camp.

Head coach Mike McCarthy's next press conference will take place after the team's first practice on Saturday, which will be the next opportunity for him to discuss the injuries.

Linebacker Clay Matthews, who missed most of the team's offseason program as he recovered from a broken thumb, did not appear on the transaction wire, presumably passing his physical. The same goes for tight end Andrew Quarless.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor at Cheesehead TV and its "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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L's picture

I so want the Chicago Bears to hire you as their GM.

Idiot Fan's picture

That M.D. Jennings signing just might be the bump that puts them over the edge...

Bearmeat's picture

Cow - I know you won't change. But how can you live with yourself? Seriously. It's got to be an awful existence! EVERY DAY you come here and take a steaming dump on other fans front porch. Your predictions and assumptions have been proven wrong time and time again - and yet you still persist on being the ultimate toolshed.

Just. Stop. For the Love of God!

BradHTX's picture


Cow, Cow, Cow... You have so much to contribute when you offer actual analysis. But you insist on constantly destroying whatever credibility you have with ridiculous pronouncements unsupported by facts. Seriously, Chicago's offensive roster is "much more talented" than the Packers'? Let's just break it down and examine that by position groups, shall we?

Statistically, both were middle-of-the-pack in run blocking last season. But these are both high-powered passing attacks in a passing league. GB's OL ranked #3 in pass blocking last season. CHI's rebuilding OL ranked #29.
Advantage: PACKERS

Forte vs. Lacy, I'd call a push. Both are excellent backs. Forte has years of consistent production, but also wear on the treads. Forte is probably a more accomplished pass catcher, Lacy a better power back. But let's look at the backups. Ka'Deem Carey is a rookie, while Starks has proven himself worthy of consideration as the best #2 in the league and is certainly in the top 5, while Harris has proven capable as well and Kuhn is more than just a folk hero with a chant-worthy name.
Advantage: PACKERS

Nelson/Cobb vs Marshall/Jeffery... Pick your poison: they're both great tandems, possibly the top two in the NFL. Let's go to the backups; Boykin/Adams vs Morgan/Wilson. Each has a promising rookie and a journeyman. I'd call Boykin an ascending player, but one whose potential is largely due to his QB, while Morgan has had a undistinguished career with three different teams. Tempting to call it for the Packers, but...
Advantage: PUSH

Before Finley's injury, I'd have called this a push. Bennett gets the nod over Quarless/Bostick. Add the potential of Rodgers and Lyerla vs. journeymen Miller and... hey look, Matthew Mulligan! ...and things look better for the Packers, but in fairness...
Advantage: BEARS

And finally, the most important position in the game:

Who do you want as your backup, the weak-armed but competent Flynn (or possibly Tolzien if he makes the jump) or Jordan Palmer and Jimmy Clausen? That is an important question when your starting QB has never made it through a season unscathed (I believe? Haven't confirmed that one.). But really, let's get to the coup de grace. Cutler or Rodgers? Do I really need to dignify that with an answer?

I make that a total of Packers 3, Bears 1, with one push.

If you're going to make pronouncements, back them up with facts. Otherwise, just sit down and shut up, Cow.

BradHTX's picture

Again, pronouncements without supporting facts. Let's drill down.

Forte vs. Lacy… Over the past six seasons, Forte has averaged 1111 yards and 5.8 TDs rushing, 486 yards and 2 TDs receiving. Last year in 15 games, Lacy had 1295 yards and 11 TDs rushing and 254 yards and 1 TD receiving. You can say Forte is a more complete back, but Lacy also has room to improve as he is only going into his second year, while at year 7 Forte is what he is and any improvement would only be due to change in the system or players around him. He might be slightly better this year in his second year in Trestman's system (and I hope he is as I own him on my FF team!). He's a great back for sure, but I still maintain they're a push, and Starks is a far superior backup. Considering both Forte and Lacy will be spelled occasionally, that's not insignificant. I maintain this is a push for CHI at best.

Receivers' averages…

Marshall: 89/1131/7 13.1YPC
Jeffery: 57/894/8 15.7YPC

Nelson: 50/765/6 14.6YPC
Cobb: 45/587/4 13.6YPC

Definitely an advantage for Marshall, no question, though his stats are also boosted by the years in DEN and MIA when he was the only legit threat. Again with the backups, and 3WR sets being the rule now, that's not insignificant. And bear in mind that WR are more dependent on the play of the QB than any other position. Nelson and Cobb may not be physically as talented, but their QB is better.

Regarding the QBs, Cutler's arm may equal Rodgers', but the brain isn't even in the same galaxy. To quote Woodson, "Jay will throw us the ball." And again to the backups, bear in mind you defended your 6-10 prediction for last season based on the lack of a credible backup to Rodgers.

HankScorpio's picture

"QB - No, I 'm not going to argue Cutler over Rodgers... BUT... I don't think it's a stretch to say that Jay is every bit as talented as Aaron. With some good coaching and a QB friendly system, I'm not sure the gap between the two players won't be a bit narrower than people might think. (Packers)"


That's a funny joke, Cow. Who said you don't have a sense of humor?

Imma Fubared's picture

I'm so on that train. Hey in fairness here, I clearly remember prior to the draft analyst saying that the take on Worthy is he had a habit of getting lost in games. Often you never knew he was in the game. Thus, I for one expected nothing from this guy, hoped for the best but expected nothing and that's what we got.

Perry was rated at best a late one by some and also a third round pick. He played well on a team with a super defense that made him look better than he was apparently.

Datone is the third of my 3 bustkateers as I call them. Fir a one pick he can't be a part time fill in guy. Hey he either steps it up or get rid of the bum.

jrarick's picture

Wouldn't cut now, but not wait much longer.

HankScorpio's picture

It's not hindsight to suggest that re-signing Mike Neal this past offseason was a mistake for a team looking to cut down on their injury list.

The TKstinator's picture

Yeah I can see the frustraish, but, the guy made it through the whole season, so, how ya supposed to predict?

johnnyd17's picture

yeah, injuries only happen to soft football players...and not much to other NFL squads...

PackerAaron's picture

"Sends a message."

Yeah. A dumb one.

Razor's picture

Neal and Perry got punched out by their ladies and were dragged out of an elevator by their hair. My have happened in the Lambeau atrium but video is inconclusive.

Razor's picture

Worthy lost his directions to Lambeau field and was last seen driving around in DePere.

Imma Fubared's picture

Was he laughing with his pay check in his lap?

Razor's picture

Janis was sent looking for Worthy as a rookie hazing prank.

Big Moe's picture

Now that there is funny.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Perry is disappointing but not surprising. Neal is both disappointing and surprising. I was thinking GB is OK at OLB before this news. The trainer's no good commenters need to remember that the injuries to Guion and Worthy occurred off-season. We will have to wait for MM to clarify and elaborate on these injuries.

Vrog's picture

Which he won't

Bearmeat's picture

If Perry doesn't log at least 12 games this year - with at least 4 of those being monster pass rush games, he's gone.

Neal is going to have more slack.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Justin Harrell has taught them well.

Imma Fubared's picture

Perry and Datone both came into camps with a lot of weight and were seriously out of shape so the injury thing does not surprise me one bit. Take the NFL lightly and it will spit you out.
Personally if the pack cut Perry, and Worthy both, the team would not miss one beat.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Where did you see that Perry and Datone came in overweight? I read an APC article which, IIRC, listed Datone at 285 or so, the same weight as last year. I don't recall anything being noted about Perry.

zeke's picture

He didn't see it anywhere, and pulled it out of his ass like all of his comments.

4thand1's picture

He must have a huge ass, because he pulls a lot of bullshit out of it.

Point Packer's picture

"QB - No, I 'm not going to argue Cutler over Rodgers... BUT... I don't think it's a stretch to say that Jay is every bit as talented as Aaron. With some good coaching and a QB friendly system, I'm not sure the gap between the two players won't be a bit narrower than people might think. (Packers)"

Cow - You are the blood in my stool. Go away.

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