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My Way too Early 2019 Packers Predictions

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My Way too Early 2019 Packers Predictions

With this being a dreadfully slow time in the offseason and me being the type of person who would never say anything inflammatory to stir the pot; I figured it was about time to give you all my game by game predictions as well as my player watchlist for the upcoming season.  

With the Packers in the midst of a roster turnover; the successes and failures of this season along with the growth or decline of certain players will go a long way in dictating future moves Brian Gutekunst and the organization will make in 2020 and beyond.

Here is my list of Packers to Watch:

Player With Most to Lose: Mike Daniels- With one year left on his contract, in his age 30 season, Daniels is playing for his career in Green Bay.  Daniels will have to prove he can still be a disruptive force in the Packers front seven by consistently getting pressure on and sacking the quarterback.  

Player With the Most to Gain: Kenny Clark- Kenny Clark has continued to improve his play every season since being drafted by the Packers in 2016 and is undoubtedly the leader of the defense.  At 23, Kenny Clark has a desirable combination of both youth and experience and is poised to cement himself as a top 3 defensive lineman in the sport.  Translation: Look for the Packers to make Kenny Clark the cornerstone of their defense by extended him for big money during training camp.  

Player With Most to Prove: Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers has to prove that he can stay healthy for an entire 16 game schedule and turn back time by performing like the all-pro quarterback he was before Anthony Barr all but ended his season in 2017 with that cheap shot.  

Rodgers earned his extension despite an injury-plagued 2017 season, but when 2018 saw another set of injuries crop up, many jumped off the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon and headed for the hills (You all know who you are).  This season is about Aaron proving the doubters wrong and returning to his all-pro form.  

The trajectory of the next decade of the Green Bay Packers franchise depends on Aaron Rodgers being able to win a few games by himself in 2019 and propel them towards one more Super Bowl run during the final 2 years of his contract.

Players on the Hot Seat: Kevin King and Josh Jones-  Time and Patience has run out on the development of Kevin King and Josh Jones. The day of reckoning has arrived and it is time for both of them to be productive players for the Packers defense in 2019.  

The Josh Jones contingent sold us on how he would be a steal in the second round because of his ability to be both a dynamic safety and also make impact plays in limited packages at linebacker.  To this point, none of this has happened and Jones has struggled at times to see the field.  It's time for Jones to put up or shut up because the sand in the hourglass is running thin on him.

The same sentiments can be said for Kevin King although the derailment in his development has been largely due to his frail and brittle body.  Despite his troubles being no fault of his own, it is time to see Kevin King on the field for 12-13 games (Like I'm not even asking for a full 16 game season, just 12-13 games as an outside corner....PLEASE!).  

He needs to have a productive season, and he needs to show he can hang with outside receivers and break up a ball downfield without injuring himself. This year is the make it or break it year for Kevin King; anything less than 10-12 games played could spell the end of the line for him after the 2020 season.  

Remember, the Packers passed up on drafting T.J Waat for the opportunity to trade down and draft Kevin King and it's time for King to show that Ted Thompson did, in fact, make the right decision by making that move.  

2019 Game by Game Predictions:

Week 1 @ Chicago: Loss

Week 2 vs Minnesota: Win

Week 3 vs Denver: Win

Week 4 vs Philadelphia: Loss

Week 5 @ Dallas: Win

Week 6 vs Detroit: Win

Week 7 vs Oakland: Win

Week 8 @ Kansas City: Loss

Week 9 @ San Diego: Loss

Week 10 vs Carolina: Win

Week 11 Bye

Week 12 @ San Fransisco: Loss

Week 13 @ New York Giants: Win

Week 14 vs Washington: Win

Week 15 vs Chicago: Loss

Week 16 @ Minnesota: Loss

Week 17 @ Detroit: Win

2019 Season Prediction: The Packers finish 9-7 and are in the hunt for a wild card birth.


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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ricky's picture

Swept by the Bears! Inconceivable!

jannes bjornson's picture

I'll put money on the opposite result. They should have swept the Bear s last season. Missed too many plays in Chicago. Trubitsky vs Rodgers?
Not buying it.

Freezn's picture

I believe our defense will have Trubitsky in a lot of trouble we will have an very fast scary defense in his face a lot we will sweep the Bears

MarkinMadison's picture

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

GBPDAN1's picture

10-6 or 11-5

We had no Dline left and our CBs were banged up when we played the bears in Chicago last year and basically had no true NFL caliber safeties playing. We still hung in the game.

Wait until Pettine unleashes this vastly improved D on opposing QBs. QBs like Trubisky won't know how to read our D and the pass rush just improved by 5 fold.

Rodgers will also be protected better this year. No more turnstiles at the guard positions and we now have adequate depth on the Oline.

Can't wait

Freezn's picture

I totally agree with you adding Savage and Gary with the Smith boys you cannot double team anyone so we will see a very scary pass rush as I believe Gary will have a lot of experts eat crow

Tommy Phillips's picture

I might put Aaron Rodgers at all four categories. He has a lot to lose; another poor campaign, and I don't even think he's in the top ten all-time anymore. He has a lot to gain; he could regain his position near the top of the league with a MVP-caliber year. And he's on the hot seat, because I expect the Packers to draft a quarterback in the near future.

jannes bjornson's picture

Maybe he should block and catch for himself while he's at it.

4thand10's picture

And that’s an off year for him, new WRs, old but new TE. Are you serious? We basically didn’t have much after Adams and Cobb was injured most of the year. Those are beyond respectable numbers for what he had for talent

Old School's picture

The Trajectory of the next decade depends on Rodgers?

No. If Aaron Rodgers career ended tomorrow the organization would adapt. The author seems to believe that Aaron Rodgers is still the QB who started the 2017 season. I don’t think he is. I would say he’s better than an average QB, but he’s not head and shoulders ahead of Goff, Wilson, Trubisky, Wentz, Ryan, Newton....

If he stays healthy and plays well we’ve got a good shot at the division. If he doesn’t, we could still be competitive with an average backup. We don’t have that.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

He's way better than Goff. Did u see the Super Bowl?

jannes bjornson's picture

He is better than all of the above named newbies.

Old School's picture

Yeah, I did. Goff was in it. Rodgers hasn't been in it for a long time, and IMO, it is more likely that Goff will be in the Super Bowl again than Rodgers.

holmesmd's picture

That is the most outrageous comment I have heard on any football site! So just to be clear, Rodgers isn’t “head and shoulders”above Trubisky?! Do you have a medical marijuana card Old School?! You can’t possibly mean this. I pray you don’t anyway. Wow!!

Old School's picture

Let's see. Trubisky threw fewer passes, had a higher QB rating, had one less TD, completed a higher percentage of passes, had a higher yards/attempt and had a net 400 yard advantage on Rodgers on the ground.

Rodgers is 20-18-1 in his last three seasons. Some of y'all are having a hard time wrapping your heads around the fact that it's not 2011 anymore. He's a good QB, but he's not one of the top 5 in the league and he's not head and shoulders better than the other QBs in our division.

Sometimes, people just don't want to see what's in front of them. I remember people talking about how Favre was still a Top 5 QB when he hadn't been in the Top 5 in any significant category for years.

Rodgers is very, very good at protecting the ball.

fthisJack's picture

you think Trubisky would have had those same numbers playing the season on 1 leg not to mention Rodgers numbers if he wasn't hurt. the first rule of comparisons is apples to apples.

Old School's picture

I'm not living in the land of "what if". Things were what they were in 2017, they were what they were in 2018, and they'll be what they are in 2019.

Fact: From an objective, statistical point of view, Rodgers is not head and shoulders above the other QBs in the division, and he's not really better than other good QBs in our conference at this point.

Look at the 2018 numbers. I'll ONLY compare him to other NFC QBs because it'll cut my work in half.

He's 6th in the conference in TDs, behind Cousins and ahead of Dak Prescott. Ryan, Wilson, Brees, Goff and Cousins all surpassed him. If you adjust it to a percentage of throws attempted, then he's 8th in the conference....that's AVERAGE, in a 16 game conference.

Passer rating? He's behind the same five guys and 1.8 points higher than Trubisky, Cam Newton, and Prescott.

Adjusted yards/attempt? Sixth, behind the same five guys of Brees, Ryan, Wilson, Goff, Cousins. Completion %? Same five guys.

So here's what I think: In 2018, all things considered, he was about the sixth best starting QB in the NFC. Of the other QBs in the division, he wasn't quite as good as Cousins, marginally (not head and shoulders) better than Trubisky, and of course, all of them are better than Stafford.

As Samson is fond of saying "quit living in the past". Right here, right now, this is the way it is. Everything else is speculation. Maybe Rodgers will be renewed and play great. Maybe Cousins will break his leg. But right now, Rodgers isn't the best QB in the division, and he isn't the best QB in the Conference, and he's only marginally better than Trubisky at this point.

I know you don't like this, but it's true.

Nick Perry's picture

Interesting... Personally I find it amazing you expected Rodgers like numbers with the YOUNG skill position players he had last year AND the opposing defenses calling out the plays the Packers offense was about to run last year in McCarthy's offense.

McCarthy's offense MUST have WR who have been in the system for at least a couple of years to understand all the adjustments they have on each play to be truly effective. MVS and EQ were both trying to learn on the fly if the CB does this then I do that. BUT if the Safety does this I have to either do this or that. BUT if the CB and the Safety do this and that then I HABVE to do that other thing. Jennings, Jones, Nelson, Driver, Adams, and any other Packers WR have all said it takes 2 to 3 years TO BE EFFECTIVE in a MM offense. The Packers had Adams and.... last season.

I don't think Gute is done adding players. It wouldn't surprise me a bit to see a veteran WR and/or RB added to the roster. With that said I think to expect a jump from either MVS or EQ is pretty realistic. If both make one all the better. But Rodgers will actually be protected this season AND have a HC and defense who will actually HELP take the pressure off Rodgers to win all by himself. But don't get it twisted...If he has to he still can..

Old School's picture

Nick, I'm amazed at the excuses people will make for Rodgers. Like no other QB in the league has inexperienced players at skill positions, or issues with the offensive line.

He's 20-18-1 over the last three years. He's not Top 5 in any significant category. His passer rating and completion percentages are average.

You, and others, think we're going to see a big Renaissance from Rodgers this year. I'd love to see it, but I'm not counting on it.

4thand1's picture

Old school, either you liked your own comment , or a troll likes you. AR will have a QB rating well above 100 and be in the MVP hunt.

Old School's picture

We'll see. He sure hasn't been the last two years.

Since '61's picture

It’s true, he hasn’t been there the last 2 seasons and he is still the best player on our roster. As I have posted many times previously and again in my post further below if our other 52 players on our roster played their positions as well as Aaron Rodgers, even with his injuries in 2018, we would be undefeated SB champs.

The Packers problem is not Rodgers, it’s that he is the only player we have that consistently plays at a high level. Let’s see if that changes in 2019 for some of our other players. Thanks, Since ‘61

Demon's picture

Good post 61!

Old School claims that the problems in GB are the fault of AR. TT and MM do not and have not had any hand in the short comings of the Packers of the last few seasons.
TT was executive of the year once. MM won a superbowl and his teams went to the playoffs 8 straight years. Ask Old School, he will sit in front of his computer looking up stats and will write a 10 paragraph post telling you all about it.
Meanwhile most of us that watched the games saw a roster that was mostly depleted of talent. Especially at the WR, TE and OL positions.
A HC that claimed to take a "scrub brush" to his offense, only to run the same plays he had for 13 years (which defensive players were calling out presnap)
A HC that thought it was a great idea to have an OT that hadnt played in over 9 months and hardly practiced in TC to block the reigning AP DPOY 1 on 1. Nearly getting his QB killed in the process.
Yeah you nailed it Old School, it must be the QB.

Samson's picture

You nailed it, Demon. --- Old Stool selectively provides stats that indirectly support his uninformed opinions. --- Everyone needs to help Old Stool move away from the dark & into the light.

Demon's picture

Take his damn computer away from him. Make him watch the games before he comes on here spewing raw sewage.

Old School's picture

Yet another post by Samson which has nothing to do with the Packers and is just a personal attack on a poster.

porupack's picture

I like OS's input much of the time, but disagree on his somewhat prematurely harsh assessments of Gute, his recent drafts and AR. But this personal attacks on OS are inappropriate.
OS provides good data, whether one agrees with his conclusions.
That is what we would like afterall, variety of opinion and folks who force us to consider different perspectives. This remains a fun site, but let us all keep perspective, as we're fans of same team.

Now, Samson, go say you're sorry to OS, and give him a hug :)

David Michalski's picture

Aaron still was ranked sixth by Pro Football Focus and had 25 tds and 2 picks with a sprained MCL and a fractured tibia plateau, not an excuse just a fact. In my opinion, Aaron needs to have an injury free season and his skill players need to make the year 2 jump. We do need to see a healthy Aaron Rodgers light it up this year; he has to prove he can get back to that elite level when healthy. I think upgrading the right guard position and adding depth on the O-line certainly will help him.

However, in 2017 he was on track to have an all-pro season before getting hurt as he came up with clutch throw after clutch throw so I just don't see the Trubisky comparison working. I think Trubisky's success was largely due to Nagy and his system giving him high percentage throws to make due to fantastic route schemes. Their dynamic rushing attack also took a lot of the pressure off of him. Then there was their amazing front seven which equates to a perfect recipe for success.

Finally, you don't just adapt seamlessly when losing Aaron Rodgers.

Old School's picture

David, thank you compiling all the reasons/excuses in one spot.

And yes, it was a disadvantage for Rodgers, especially since none of the other QBs in the league had anything they had to overcome, like an injury or less talent than they'd like to have.

Do you remember early 2016? The Packers had a losing record but put together a great stretch run and made it to the championship game. There were articles in the JSO and Press-Gazette to the effect that Rodgers wasn't an elite QB any more. He'd only completed 60% of his passes in 2015, and he'd gone 12-12 since the playoff loss in Seattle.

If you take out that one, marvelous stretch at the end of 2016, since the end of the 2014 season Aaron Rodgers is 32-30-1 since then.

A lot of people seem to think that Rodgers is still that guy, and that he's going to turn back the clock and stay healthy all year and be a top QB in the NFC. I'm not one of those guys. We're going to find out in a few months which of us is correct.

Old School's picture

I have never upvoted, or downvoted, a single comment here, ever. IF I disagree, I'll come right out and say exactly why.

Since '61's picture

Old School - I appreciate that and I’m the same way. I’d rather have someone comment on why they don’t like my comment or why they disagree then the anonymous voting we have here. But for many posters it may just be a matter of not having the time to reply. Thanks, Since ‘61

Old School's picture

A downvote can mean "I don't like or agree with this idea", or "I don't like this argument", or "I don't like the author". It doesn't require any kind of explanation.

I think we'd have a better, more positive board, without the downvote. That's JMO.

Since '61's picture

I agree on the downvoting process

As for AR and going 32-30-1 since 2014, look at the roster around him, which was often injury plagued. Think of the position needs that were never addressed at DB, RB, OLB, ILB, TE and more recently WR. Look at how often the Packers had 3rd and even 4th string players on defense at 2-3 levels of the defense.

How many games did the Packers have a 4th quarter lead that was given away late in the game.

Yes, other teams overcame adversity and went on to the playoffs and the SB, but how many of those teams depended almost entirely on their QB to carry them as far as they went. Rodgers single handedly carried the Packers to the NFCCG in 2016 and nearly won another MVP award in the process. 2017 we were 4-1 when he was injured. 2018 he was injured in game one and played with his injuries for the entire season with one WR.

Instead of 32-30-1 think of what the Packers record would be without Aaron Rodgers. 3-7 in 2017 and 0-1 in 2018. What does that tell you about the rest of the roster? Thanks, Since ‘61

Demon's picture

But, but but TT was the executive of the year once 61. And all 32? Of his last 32 draft picks are still in the nfl.

Old School's picture should take the advice of your alter ego, Samson, and stop living in the past.

Demon's picture

This from the guy that has contracted carpel tunnel syndrome from his posts telling everyone about the 8 straight playoff seasons.

Heres a suggestion, follow your own advice and stop launching personal attacks against other posters that have nothing to do with the Packers.

Old School's picture

What does it tell me about our roster? Not much. What does it tell me about our backup QB? That we don't have a very good one.

Old School's picture

It tells me the rest of the roster doesn't include a QB we can win with. I think there are very few rosters in the NFL that are good enough to win with bad play by the QB, and that's exactly what we got with Hundley and Kizer.

Samson's picture

I always upvote my posts... Maybe because I agree with myself.

John30856's picture

what have you been smoking? look back the previous entry with Rodgers stats last year..
Trubisky head and shoulders above Rodgers? Ryan, Newton, Goff, or even Wilson? No way

MikeS's picture

They split with Chicago and win at SF 11-5.

egbertsouse's picture

I was thinking 8-8 but 9-7 is in the realm of reality. I’ve been seeing all these predictions in the fan blogs of 11-5 and 12-4, and even a 13-3, and I just shake my head.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Why? Things change fast and even last year, they could easily have won at Rams, at Seahawks, at Patriots, at the Bears at the end in week 16. And we sucked. You don't think this D will be better?
Rodgers will play harder?

Rak47's picture

Packers blew at least 3 games on special teams alone. You had Crosby's 5 misses at Detroit, the Montgomery botched kick return against L.A., and I'm sure I'm missing one or two more. Just replacing Zook alone is good for regaining two of those wins at least if not 3. Add the extra talent through FA, and the draft and I don't see why GB can't win 10 games at least since they should've won seven but the refs blew the call on CM3 and killed Jaire's int.

fthisJack's picture

good point Rak....ST has been a big problem for many years and really can only get better.

dobber's picture

Let's be fair: those ST issues only blew chances to win. They didn't give away leads. It's presumptive to say that Crosby's misses or Monty's fumble lost those games.

Old School's picture

That's a good point Dobber.

I've said it before and now I'm saying it again: There is too much reliance on special teams. We pay fortunes to the QB and some star players on offense and defense, and then we depend on the guys on the bottom of the roster to win games?

I think the Packers would be smart to de-emphasize special teams. Punt less and go for it more. Kick fewer field goals and go for it more. Go for the 2 point conversion. Fair catch punts and prevent the fakes from working.

Special teams are comprised mostly of rookies, UDFAs, and guys who got called up from the practice squad. I think we should take the game out of their hands and put it in the hands of our big dollar veterans.

sam1's picture

Does it rattle?

Holecrap's picture

I'm optimistic at 8-8. You got five guys in key positions on d that haven't played one down yet. This is a tough schedule.

4thand1's picture

Who the hell are the 5 guys? They Picked up 3 in FA who will start that played a lot of football.

Old School's picture

Both safeties. Both OLBs. One interior LB. They've played a lot of football, but not for us and not together. I don't think it's illogical to assume there might be some bumps along the road.

fthisJack's picture


John30856's picture

I think and certainly hope you will be wrong Huge improvements in our talent pool

Coach JV's picture

"The derailment in his development has been largely due to his frail and brittle body."... I love this comment about King. It is point blank and honest...

Lare's picture

Unfortunately I don't think we'll ever see anything different from Jones & King than we've already seen.

Some people can handle the physical and mental aspects of the NFL and some people can't. At some point teams just have to stop wasting resources on them and move on.

Freezn's picture

I believe the corner we drafted will give King a run for his money and is not injury prone he is a lot faster

fthisJack's picture

there is also Tony Brown who showed a lot in limited playing time.

dobber's picture

King timed an electronic 4.43 at the combine and Hollman a hand-timed 4.37 at a pro day. There's no meaningful difference between those times.

Demon's picture

Surely youre not suggesting King is injury prone. King said himself that he is not. "Ive had some soft tissue stuff but, everyone has those"

See, he's Walter Payton playing corner, just ask him.

PJS6680's picture

Don’t see losses to San Fran or San Diego. Losing at home to the Eagles. I don’t know.

jannes bjornson's picture

There will be MORE Pack fans in the stands for both California games.

Since '61's picture


PeteK's picture

No, we're not losing to our two main rivals to end the season. There would have to be major injuries for that to happen. We will own the 4th quarter because offensive lines will be worn down with all the fresh defensive linemen that they will face.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I can only see this team 8-8 or 9-7. If this years draft picks turn out, we try and stay healthy and have another good draft in 2020 then I say the Pack is truly in the hunt, but the looming needs of QB are getting closer and closer.

Go Pack!
Go Bucks!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

David Michalski !!! I like this guy. FINALLY someone who can set this organization straight. And, Jason Spriggs is GONE before season starts.

Old School's picture

Spriggs will be snatched up before the ink is dry on his release. He's a young, veteran OT with game experience. They don't grow on trees.

We're not going to release Spriggs unless we have two backup OTs who are clearly better. At this point, we do not.

dobber's picture

Agree wholeheartedly.

TheBigCheeze's picture

David Michalski is way the Pack lose twice to the bears.....and the Pack will beat the Queens twice.....12-4......BOOK IT!!!!!!!!

David Michalski's picture

I'm a realist and you're being foolish to just haphazardly say the Packers will go 12-4, that's completely unrealistic. The Pack hasn't even won at US Bank Stadium yet. Teams are probably counting their matchups against the Packers as a win. Until they prove otherwise (which they can do), the Packers are still a bad football team. I will give you that their schedule is favorable enough to have a winning record.

4thand1's picture

David the odds makers disagree with you.

David Michalski's picture

Nope, Westgate agrees with me and has the Packers at 9 wins as of April 29th. Btw, I did my projections totally blind from oddsmakers.

stockholder's picture

And I agree with you. The packers will start slow. I see them Chasing a rainbow.( Injuries, and change.) To many question marks yet.

John30856's picture

no, you are a pessimist

Only way your forecast comes true is if Rodgers has injuries

David Michalski's picture

I guess the oddsmakers are as well.

John Galt's picture

Losing season.
The management is hopeless.
Rodgers will get injured and no decent back-up

4thand1's picture

Pot stirrer. If you're trying for massive dislikes, congrats, success.

Old School's picture

IF he really wants to get dislikes, he's going to have to point out that Rodgers isn't the best QB in the league, conference, or division anymore.

John30856's picture

management is hopeless?????

SwissCheeze's picture

Who is San Diego?

GLM's picture

Someone named Carmen, I think.

Gort's picture

Where in the world did that comment come from?

SwissCheeze's picture

There is no team in San Diego anymore Mr Bright.

4thand1's picture

They have a great zoo.

David Michalski's picture

Wow sorry guys, it was almost like a Freudian slip. They may as well be in Van Nuys with that 30,000 seat soccer stadium. lol

Bert's picture

Actually I can see anything from 8-8 to 12-4. The possibilities one way or the other are too numerous to mention. But at least we have some reason for optimism this year.

John30856's picture

Bert now that is the best comment I have read in here today

Holecrap's picture

Like the article. King was a terrible pick by ted the genuis He was a train wreck of injuries in college.
Daniels will play big it's a contract year.
Rodgers will be ok maybe better but the mvp years has passed him buy.
Very tough schedule. All our comp is better. San fran, raiders better, Panthers better, giants?. If this team goes 8-8 I will consider that a good year. I think the pack is over rated right now due to too many unknowns.

holmesmd's picture

You’re smoking dude. Pass the blunt

Rak47's picture

Yet again more bullshit on King in college. The guy started and finished 39 of 42 games over his last 3 years at Washington and did not miss a game his Senior year starting and finishing all 14 games. TJ Watt on the other hand did not see the field from October 2012 til September 2015 due to multiple injuries. That's 3 full years of missing time with injury if you can't count.

4thand1's picture

Rak, why must you bore us with facts? Thank you.

Old School's picture

Facts don't mean very much here.

dobber's picture

The fit between narrative and data is a tenuous one...

John30856's picture

and underrated by people like yourself

David Michalski's picture

To be clear, my gripe is solely with King's injury history at the pro level. Waat has been on the field longer and has had more production at the pro level. Waat did only play in 2015 and 2016 at UW, he only played in 8 games in 2015 and was drafted in the first round due to his 11.5 sack season in 2016.

Coming out of college, I liked Waat over King purely because I thought Clay was going to need a running mate in the front seven and I subscribe to the fact that a dynamic front seven naturally makes the secondary look better.

Anyway, the bottom line is that King has to stay healthy because he does bring value to the defense when he is on the field.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

I’ve looked at the schedule and all of the off-season moves for the Pack and all opponents. My conclusion: 19-0, zero points allowed by the defense, MVP season by AR, tie for rookie of the year between Gary and Savage. Bite me ‘72 Dolphins.

4thand1's picture

The zero points by the defense is a bit of a stretch.

Since '61's picture

Not if we only give up TDs on our Special Teams and/or Safeties by the offense. Thanks, Since ‘61

John30856's picture

LMAO, now you may be a bit optimistic

Qoojo's picture

I prefer to wait and see them run a couple of plays before making any predictions. See how the draft picks look and what the offense looks like. Until then, I suggest putting these sorts predictions with the draft grades.

John30856's picture

Total agreement Qoojo

porupack's picture

>>>>the type of person who would never say anything inflammatory to stir the pot;<<<<

Well, David you certainly made this literal in your predictions today, though I appreciate your usual more bold play at stirring the pot

You were conservative all predictions this day. Could quibble a game or two, but I would expect at least 9-7 and wildcard.

I actually don't think any of your predicted (L) games as definite (L). In my opinion, GB has favorable odds in all but LA chargers, Eagles, Bears....maybe Chiefs, but I wouldn't fear Chiefs this year now with some novelty swagger and element of surprise gone. GB is poised to beat them....not that they will, but GB doesn't have to go into that or any game checking their underpants.

Of any teams, those with exceptional Defenses are the only teams I think are to be worried about. I think GB's new D should give more cause to worry for the above 14 teams, to offset any cause we have to worry about their Defenses. Only Chargers/Bears/Chiefs have probability to put up more points than GB.

The x factor really is LaFleur and Pettine more so than Rodgers or the roster at this point.

so, your 9-7 is probably right, knowing there are games, which we would/should have had in the bag. Wanna be more inflammatory, well....7-9 or 11-5 will get a 100+ comments and some good side swipes and cat hissn goin again.

Good prediction:)

David Michalski's picture

The inflammatory comment came from last weeks article, just making a little joke with the cheesehead villagers. Still hit the 100+ plateau though.

BradHTX's picture


1. Anthony Barr’s hit that injured Rodgers was unfortunate, but not a “cheap shot.” Get over it. Stuff happens to 35yo bodies that doesn’t happen to 25yo bodies.

2. Not all of us who have questioned whether Rodgers is still good for the Packers are Johnny-come-latelies after this last injury-plagued season. Before the 2018 draft I raised the question, if Cleveland called and offered their #1 and #4 picks for Rodgers, whether the Packers should pull the trigger. I was loudly derided on this site for suggesting it was even a possibility worth considering.

The call never came so it’s a moot point, but after a brand new $134M contract to start a season in which Rodgers was unquestionably part of the offense’s problems even when healthy, I do still wonder: would the Packers be better with Baker Mayfield on a rookie contract and Denzel Ward, or 35yo Rodgers at $33.5M AAV and Jaire Alexander. It was a legit question then, and it still is now.

albert999's picture

I believe you have a very good point on Rodgers but they never would of traded him nor would any team have, but it’s got a guy thinking to trade UP and move on from Rodgers in 2 years for the Clemson QB?

4thand10's picture

I’ll reply with is yet again as it is worthy. Rodgers was injured, had 3 flunkies to work with after Adams.

Baker Mayfield
We would have been 3-11 with Mayfiled, better off? Ah, no. Rodgers was 6th in yards injured. That means, 35 and injured he was still better than 26 other nfl QBs With Pettine running defense, an improving unit even before the draft. Improved Oline...I say 10-6 or 11-5. We beat the bears once, tied the Vikings and manhandled the rams all the up until a special teams blunder. I would rank us higher , but it doesn’t seem like the did a lot to fix special teams, mainly on PR/KR.

And they didn’t do much to help the WR position. I know they helped the TE positions, but I still feel like you need a legit #2 WR in the NFL and a very good #3. I have not seen enough out of Allison to tell me he is a #2. I know first 3 games before injury yada yada yada, but I have yet to see a full season out of him to be a #2.

jannes bjornson's picture

A pile drive by Barr that breaks his collarbone, after a whiff by Bulaga, while Rodgers is on a roll to the right looking at Bennett to turn around to catch the damn ball and the guy is in decline because of age? Last year he plays with a broken bone after another sieve performance upfront. Gutekunst saw what most fans did w/out black-painted glasses. Two new guys in to push for the guard spots, a younger TE to at least play in the passing game; a new HC who actually will run the WCO w/out the half-ring circus. A defense to turn field position is also on the agenda. 11-5 for the Pack. Get to work.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

GB would have Mayfield, Ward and Jaire, no? The trade would be #1 and #4 for AR. GB wouldn't send AR and #14 to Cleveland. If GB did, I assume GB would get a second and a third/fourth as well.

dobber's picture

Agreed. I would still argue that #1 and #4 would be underpaying for ARod.

Old School's picture cannot criticize Rodgers. You cannot point out that he's one of the older QBs in the league, or that he's had an injury history, or that he's 20-18-1 over the last two seasons. You WILL GET DOWNVOTED by people who don't like what you say but can't come up with a coherent argument so they just downvote you.

I'm actually at the point of being amused by this now. He's 36, has an injury history, and statistically is becoming just another starting QB. Good, occasional bursts of excellence, very good at taking care of the ball, but his best football is behind him, IMO. I think it's stupid to the point of malpractice that the GM hasn't put any kind of a viable alternative on the roster.

Since &#039;61's picture

Old School - how can Rodgers be 20-18 - 1 over the last 2 seasons when he only played in 21 games over the last 2 seasons? He was 4-2 in 2017 and 6-8-1 in 2018. That is a combined record of 10-10-1. Not great obviously but at least it’s accurate. Are we blaming Rodgers for losses in games he didn’t even play in? Seems unfair to me.

FYI, I’m not counting the Viking game in 2017 when he went out in the 1st quarter or the 2018 Lions game when he also left early in the game with a concussion. I know the NFL counts every game started by a QB against their record but that’s a bit stupid IMO, especially if the QB only plays less than half the game. But that is a topic for another thread. Thanks, Since ‘61

David Michalski's picture

Rodgers wasn't healthy all season and posing that question after 2017 was definitely jumping the gun, to say the least. When healthy in 17 AR made clutch play after clutch play.

And yes, a pile driver is a cheap shot.

John30856's picture

to ridiculous to comment on

Old School's picture cannot think or speculate such things here. The groupthink here is that we shouldn't even consider alternatives to Rodgers at QB.

4thand1's picture

You're finally getting it oldschool.

albert999's picture

I say we beat Philly
Lose to Dallas
beat San Fran
beat bears at Lambeau
and move on from king before reg. season starts

albert999's picture

Let king go and get a WR

GLM's picture

There's still the lack of depth at the two kicking positions, and long snapper. Dealing Rodgers now, while he has trade value, could shore up those positions....

4thand1's picture

Gute would be fired in 2 seconds if he traded AR for a punter............maybe shot.

sam1's picture

Are your brains warm from sitting on them?

bodei1newbie1's picture

i have a better predition let's wait and see lol

bodei1newbie1's picture

i have a better predition let's wait and see lol

croatpackfan's picture

All I will say: Your too Early 2019 Packers Predictions!

Donster's picture

My worry is how this team starts the season. How fast does the offense pick up LaFleur's new offense? And being his first head coaching job, how many early season mistakes will he make? Very legitimate concerns IMHO.

Under McPuffy, they had a number of slow season starts. I don't see them blasting out of the starting gate. I am not predicting this, but if they start slow, they could easily be 0-5 to begin the season. Lord I hope not, but it is possible.

And I suspect Special Teams could cost the team too. The Zook is gone. Thank goodness. New ST coordinator Shawn Mennenga has never held the position in the NFL. Just in college. He had a 100 kids to pick out to put on the field. And he was just an assistant at Cleveland. And we better hope that the old Crosby returns, not the one that played last season.

We concentrate on the players, especially the new players to put this team into the playoffs. An influx of new players don't really make a big impact except for FA's. One to three drafted players will have any kind of impact. But this almost all new coaching staff has a lot on it's plate to achieve, and quickly.

dobber's picture

"Under McPuffy, they had a number of slow season starts."

First 6 games over the last 5 seasons...
2018: 3-2-1
2017: 4-2
2016: 4-2
2015: 6-0
2014: 4-2

Old School's picture

Why do you insist on ruining a perfectly good narrative with facts?

4thand1's picture

2018 should have been 4-2, the CMIII BS call vs the queens cost a win.

Guam's picture

My green and golf heart says 11-5 and the playoffs. My brain says this is a very young team with a first year head coach that could suffer some growing pains. I suspect DM's 9-7 prediction is closer to the truth than I would like.

Since &#039;61's picture

With a new HC and multiple additions to the coaching staff plus numerous questions about several position groups, I will wait until the end of the preseason before trying to predict how 2019 will go.

First, I need to see if the team starts the season intact. I will say that if AR remains healthy and gets even decent protection he will have a good season. He is still one of the best players in the league and still one of the best if not still the best QB in the league. For those who think he wasn’t good last season just look at his numbers. No not his passing numbers, he absorbed 49 sacks and over 100 hits.

My point is that you can’t play QB effectively without solid OL play. He didn’t have it and he still threw for over 4400 yards and 25 TDS with only 2 picks off the receivers hands. This is with one NFL quality WR, a poor OL and virtually no running game based on the number of rush attempts.

As I have posted for several seasons, if the 52 players on our roster played their positions as well as Aaron Rodgers plays QB, even in 2018 we would be undefeated SB champions. Case closed. Thanks, Since ‘61

ILPackerBacker's picture

talk about not seeing the forest for the trees!!!!

How about not seeing the trees for the gump forest?

Rodgers record of the time and games mentioned is a fact. You know what is also a fact? That GB was competitive in nearly all the games lost. That Rodgers did not lose those game but that is not the same as failing to win them.

You know another Stat that is vitally important but ignored by those wanting to seem 'smart' or 'real' but in fact define themselves by their ignorance?

In the last 7 games without Rodgers the putrid coaching and worse talent levels was shut out 3 times. HELLO. 3 times in 7 games. SHUTOUT! Not against power houses. Not against champions.

Instead of routinely repeating the ignorant Rodgers knocking try looking for context. A TEAM IS SHUT OUT IN NEARLY HALF IT'S GAMES WITHOUT RODGERS. And the problem is Rodgers "ONLY" being over 500 with the same team/coaches? What is the scoring with Rodgers v without him?

What is the record WITHOUT Rodgers over the prior two years?

3 wins and 8 losses.
So what is Rodgers value? Over 500 to nearly all time bad. the three teams they beat? 10 wins and 38 losses. The largest margin of victory? 7 points.
The average loss by 16.5 points.

Yet idiots point the finger at Rodgers.

And still lazy and un packer educated people believe knocking Rodgers indicates anything other than being a truly ignorant and lazy person. Worse, they seem almost proud of themselves.

How many shut outs of Rodgers?

Start doing some research and stop trolling and wasting people's time. You are worse than a bear fan.

John30856's picture

Harsh but reasonably accurate

Old School's picture

The 3-8 record minus Rodgers, and the three shutout losses, are more about the people we had backing him up than it is about the Rodgers or the team around him. Hundley and Kizer are not NFL quality QBs.

If we had a legitimate QB backing up Rodgers, I'd be willing to say we'd have been better than 3-8. It's very difficult to win in this league with bad play at the QB position.

Since the playoff loss to Seattle, we're a .500 team with Rodgers at QB and 3-8 when we don't have a legitimate QB on the field.

NYNeal's picture

I am a Packers fan for over 57 years and I disagree with one comment made in this article. The hit on Aaron Rodgers by Anthony Barr was not a cheap shot any more than the hits Clay Matthews put on Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith were cheap shots. It's football for crying out loud!!!

NYNeal's picture

I had the predictions a little different than you did, but I came up with a 9 and 7 record just like you. I think the Packers will be a much better team than the last two years, but the schedule is brutal and our division is tougher and that is why the record will not improve a whole lot.

David Michalski's picture

Plus a heavy away schedule late and getting their feet underneath them early in a new system.

PackfanNY's picture

I get it, really nothing to talk about as we are about 100 days from opening day. With that I need to state the obvious. Predictions for September at this point are meaningless. Predictions for games in December is less than meaningless. One big injury to a QB, teams unexpectedly struggle and fold up by November etc. Just a pointless exercise. Then I actually see people arguing over this stuff. Ok, that's my soap box but feel free to carry on.

John30856's picture

waste of electrons commenting on records at this point as if you what you are talking about. Just relax and enjoy the season as it unfolds

Facts4u2's picture

It’s funny how you have Week 17 @Detroit as A WIN for The Packers.... lmao.

Keep in mind the lions swept the packers back to back years. Yes Rodgers wasn’t playing but they were BLOWOUTS. And The Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears. STRUGGLED and even dropped one game against Brent Huntley. ...

Anyway blowouts: 30-10 At Green Bay. Then 11-35 @Detroit. 24-0 Halftime gap @Detroit and 31-14 4th Q 9:00 min left. (Lions played conservative in 4th and plenty of missed opportunists like 2 Potential touchdowns and a missed kicked by Matt prater. So can’t just say mason crosby makes those kicks. Automatic win for Green Bay).

And 31-0 @Green Bay (ending with a Win on packers 100th Anniversary.. @Green Bay). Rodgers didn’t play the whole game. But would it have mattered? When he left the Game the Lions were already up 14-0. Btw. Matthew Stafford had a broken back. NO RECEIVERS. NO RUNNING BACK. NO KENNY GOLLDAY. And NO weapons. And still wiped the floor with the Packers week 17 in Lambeau after Green Bay played so great @jets just the previous week. But lays an egg against a very very poor Lions squad.

Now Detroit will be even tougher this Year. Trey Flowers. James. Danny Amendola. Tj Hockenson. Kerryon Johnson back. Who averaged 5.6 yards per carry before he got injured week 6. Harrison Snacks who vastly improved Lions run defense towards the end of the season shortly after he got traded to the Lions. Come on.. Oh and Matthew Stanfords plays really well in Green Bay

Then suddenly you Have Detroit as a sweep like many packers fans want to believe. Even after back to back Thrashing from the Lions. And now the packers get a new head coach. And people act like there won’t be a transitioning period.. goodness gracious. You are more worried about being swept by the Bears and Having the Lions as a sweep when in reality they will most likely be the ones sweeping the Packers.

After getting beat up in Minnesota Week 16. Suddenly packers can Do back to back divisional road games just fine with their Final coming @Detroit. Who will most Likely adding the nail in the final coffin for Green Bay.

Continue living in Dreamland Fellow packer fans. It won’t get any better.

Facts4u2's picture

I should add. RODGERS played a full game at Detroit. Still a very bad loss. Playing catch up in the 4th Quarter. Untimely still losing by 2 scores. With a feel good Mason Crosby kick to end the game.

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