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My Packers Offseason Wish List

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My Packers Offseason Wish List

As the start of the new league year approaches, January speculation is either proven to be true or proven to be false.  Over the past couple of months, rumors have been surfacing about the fate of certain players from last years team.  As the media and fans alike attempt to digest yet another losing season their hope is renewed by the start of a new era of Green Bay Packer football under first-year head coach Matt LaFleur.  

The hope in Green Bay is that the changing of the guard will signal a change in the way that the Packers do business this offseason.  Many are clamoring for a fresh new start, a cleansing from the players of years past and a new beginning with premium free agents and top-flight draft picks who will make an immediate impact in 2019.  

After years of watching the Packers do business, I have my doubts that we will see any monumental change, but that sure doesn't stop me from dreaming of a brand new day of Packer football.  

If change is really going to occur and the Packers are going to make a seismic shift from their typical rigid mindset, they are going to have to land a few free agents who will change the culture of their franchise and draft players who can play at a pro bowl level right from the start.  

That means no more projects, no more "let's give him a year to develop" type of draft picks.  Often times, the year to develop turns into two or three years and then you are stuck with a player like Datone Jones or Josh Jones who never reaches their full potential (Although the jury is still out on Josh Jones).  

Has Winter Finally Come?

The truth of the matter is that the Packers need players who are ready to make an impact on the field right away.  The Packers mindset needs to change from draft and develop to draft and perform.  Franchises with a draft and perform mantra as opposed to a draft and develop mantra have a better chance of staying at the top of the sport while going through a rebuild because their draft picks contribute immediately and help their franchise win football games, like the Seattle Seahawks.  

This offseason will prove whether or not the Packers can quickly turn the page on back to back losing seasons, or whether a stretch of desolate days is quickly approaching the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

My Packers Offseason Wish List:

As I fill out my Packers offseason wish list, it is important to remember that the Packers don't care what I want them to do, nor do they care what you want them to do.  Brian Gutekunst and the Packers will do whatever they think will help them win in 2019 and beyond even if we think their plan is completely asinine (which I'm sure at least half of us will). Disclaimer: my wish list does contain some revisionist history so please bear with me.

  • I wish the Packers would have cut Jimmy Graham.  All signs point to the Packers retaining Jimmy Graham for another season despite his $12.6 million cap hit and dreadful 2018 performance.  Hopefully, Graham can rebound and LaFleur can better integrate him into the Packers offense.
  • Please, please, please cut Nick Perry! Yes, I know that there are a select few of you out there that will cry bloody murder and that's fine, but there is no way on God's green earth that Nick Perry's production over the course of his career warrants him carrying a cap hit of over $14.4 million for this season.  Yes, I understand that parting ways with Perry does not save the Packers a whole lot of cap space this year, however, it will save them a lot of money in 2020 and 2021 as his dead cap money is much more manageable.  I don't really understand how Perry has any supporters, but I will give you all credit for being loyal to a guy that has had essentially one pro bowl caliber season during his career, which was a contract year nonetheless (Good for him).  
  • I hate to continue to rag on Nick Perry, but I've honestly had enough of the constant excuses made for this guy so I'm going to throw a few stats out there for the loyal Nick Perry supporters out there.  During his first four NFL seasons, Nick Perry had just 12.5 sacks and did not eclipse more than 4 sacks in a single season.  After his career season in 2016, he had a solid 2017 that was cut short by injury, and never fully recovered from his many ailments last season which caused him to make absolutely no impact in the limited amount of time that he was on the field.  The bottom line is Nick Perry has never played a full 16 game season in his career and his track record suggests that his injuries will only derail him more as time goes on.  It is simply just time to cut ties.
  • Bring back Bashaud Breeland on a one year deal.
  • Sign a premiere safety like Earl Thomas, Tyron Matthieu, or Landon Collins.
  • Take a chance on Eric Weddle on a team friendly contract.
  • Land one of the few premium edge rushers that does not get tagged.
  • Let Randall Cobb and Clay Matthews walk in free agency.
  • Pray really hard that Aaron Rodgers and Kevin King stay healthy for a full season.
  • Acquire an adequate backup quarterback.
  • Sign or draft a guard.
  • Draft an edge rusher with the (Packers) first pick in the draft.
  • Draft T.J Hockenson with the 30th pick.  It has been said that Hockenson profiles like a young Rob Gronkowski with an impressive blocking, pass-catching skill set combination. 
  • Infuse the 53 man roster with a ton of young talent that can make an immediate impact in 2019.  

Sound Off:

I'm sure that my wish list has either made you very happy or has set you off into a venomous rage; let me know why you agree or disagree with me.  I look forward to the discussion. 


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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scullyitsme's picture

Nick perry: Not sure why people are even worked up about Perry. He stays or he goes, no big deal either way. It’s like 3-4 million bucks either way. He doesn’t make or break this team, personally I think he’s a good 3-4 million back up until training camp, cut him then if we have better. But I really don’t care and you shouldn’t either for his price/ savings

Coldworld's picture

I think some people struggle to see past what he will be paid and miss the point you make every time.

In addition we would need quite an influx if we cut Perry since it seems Matthews will not be back and Fackrell is not a an every down type. Even with Perry, I still fear we may need two FAs or one and a high draft pick at minimum at OLB.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It's not just about the money in 2019 but in 2020 and 2021 too.

Old School's picture

Jeremyjj…..if you go to and look up Perry, you'll see that he has an "out" written into the deal after the 2019 season. This will almost certainly be Perry's last season in Green Bay, but I just think it's stupid to pay him $11 million to not play for us when for $3.4 million more, he'd actually play for us.

Addition. Right now we have Perry and Fackrell. Let's add to that instead of worrying about subtraction.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

If they can get out in 2019 without a cap escalation, I agree that it's not worth 3mil to cut him.

But sportrac says they'd still have 7.4 in dead money. So I'm not sure what kind of out that is.

Since '61's picture

The problem is that whether we keep Perry or chuck him we are still paying him $11 million not to play for us. There is no reason to believe that Perry will play any better in 2019 than he has in every other season except for his contract year. His is a bad football player and he has consistently hurt the team until he gets injured.

Perry will have a few meaningless sacks against weak teams when the games are essentially over. Then when we play a big game against a strong opponent he will disappear for those games and contribute nothing. Then he will get hurt and go on IR by week 7 or 8 and there goes our $11 million any way.

I say chuck him after June 1, take the cap hit and send Gute's message, "perform or be gone" to the rest of the team. Let the team know that we are serious about cleaning house and that we are serious about performance. Thanks, Since '61

Minniman's picture

Nick Perry is a tweener.

He's better than lower quality or rotational players, but can't match it against high caliber opposition on an every down situation (as he was paid).

His "breakout" year came on the back of Matthews and Peppers doing the heavy lift (in the good old days before al jazeera exposes) - I firmly believe that he should shout them a drink every time that he lays eyes on them for the rest of his life - perhaps his children should too.

This is one deal that Ted and Russ would want back.

I'm on the fence as to whether he is retained or let go - it depends on who's drafted and acquired in FA - I'm mainly calling out here that "blind freddy" could see his breakout year was piggy-backed.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I am going to sell my junk car for scrap in July but first I am going to pay a ton to put in a new transmission, then I will scrap it. Nobody would do that, so I don't understand why Scully wants to.

GB can't wait until July to decide to cut (or keep) Perry. Cutting Perry in July doesn't mean GB still gets a $3.337M cap savings: it means taking a negative $1.436M cap loss.

If Perry isn't cut or restructured by March 15, GB has to pay him a $4.8M bonus, which is new money, and increases the potential dead money amount. Once paid, it cannot be removed from the cap. Ever.

Mike Wendlandt's picture

Calling him a bad football player is a reach at best. He doesn't get the flashiest numbers but when he's out there (except for last year), he's been one of the best run-defending OLBs in the NFL and has a great knack for getting into passing lanes and deflecting passes. If they move on after this year, then go for it. But to call him a "bad football player," is just a straight up wrong take.

Minniman's picture

I think that most are calling him not worth the money that he's been paid than a total bust of a player (that's my position anyway).

He's possibly been ill-suited to Green Bays previous style of play (coming as a 4-3 DE in college).

It's not his fault if GB's management threw cash at him believing he'd transmute into something else.

PeteK's picture

It will be a big deal if we keep him and have to pay him next year. I'll take that 3.5 and sign Allison and put the rest on Breeland.

Coldworld's picture

Keeping him this year doesn’t mean we have to keep him next year. The question is do we get better by cutting him and saving $ 3 million in cap space.

What’s paid is paid and the contract sets the cap hits. What this boils down to is the $10 odd million cap hit is done whether you pay him or not unless you throw him $5 million and keep him till summer to designate. As noted above, while that may make cap sense it doesn’t make financial sense.

Given that the contract exists, the question could in practical terms be framed as would you take Perry at $ 3 million this year? If you answer no, look at his availability and stats and tell me how you expect to replace him for that cost partivularly given the need to restock. That is a darn good price.

We may not see the contract as wise in retrospect but we are handcuffed by it. The reality is that given the discretionary cost, keeping Perry is a no brainer at this point, whether we would do so otherwise or not. Another golden legacy we have to live with.

Dzehren's picture

GB should be setting the foundation toward 2020.
The Pack have to start hitting on draft picks.
Perry & Graham can be cut next year with there replacements drafted in 2019 as edge & TE are strong with less cap & dead money implications. Bulaga & Daniels contracts will be up & both will be 30 & can be replaced as DL & OL is also strong in the draft. This scenario gives GB younger players at key positions with low cap numbers with huge upside.

ShanghaiKid's picture

Bulaga is a top 5-10 RT in the league. It's going to be more difficult to replace him than a lot of people realize.

Pack4life2000's picture

Daniels is also very good and has also been very durable.

Minniman's picture

Yes and Yes to your comment and Shanghai Kid's.

If help/long-term-replacements were drafted for these guys then there's no reason (other than ego) that they can't still have productive careers in Green Bay for the next 3 years.

Be smart, reduce their snap counts but retain them, they'll be great depth pieces (they'd be that if they walked, so why shouldn't GB be the benefactor of that).

Someone posted yesterday that if available, get Jeffery Simmons at #30. Hell yes! He's a way better talent than that. Inside pressure is the same as outside pressure.

MikeS's picture

Cut Perry. Sign Breeland, Sign a FS not Collins who is a SS. Draft Sweat or Burns at 12, Sign a 2nd tier edge FA, Irv Smith Jr at 30, a FA guard, Safety at 44, Isabella at 75, OL rd 4 2x, RB in RD 5.

mrtundra's picture

If Matthews and Perry are gone, we have to draft an Edge rusher at #12. Nasir Adderley, Chauncey Gardner-Thompson, Juan Thornhill and Taylor Rapp should all be available at #44, if we want a Safety there. I'd rather draft one or two Safeties rather than taking Collins in FA and keeping Brice. I think Breeland will get re-signed. I'd look for Isaac Nauta, TE in the late 4th or in the 5th round even if Gute decides to draft a TE at #30.

Ferrari Driver's picture

David, I don't expect much success this coming season and I would sooner suffer through this one without Graham, Mathews, Cobb, or Perry on the team. See if potential longer term replacements can be found that can spend this year learning the system so they can contribute towards a winning season and playoffs in 2020. Without a doubt there is no upside in any of the four and the likelihood of any of them being on the team next year is remote.

Bert's picture

Ferrari. I like your reasoning and I agree. We gotta look beyond 2019 and keeping roster spots for guys who won't contribute beyond 2019 is a waste. Better to give some young players experience and use 2019 for player evaluation moving forward. If we can make the playoffs in 2019 Great! But in reality our focus should be improvement this year with a contender for years to come.

scullyitsme's picture

Your giving up on 2019? I can’t understand this. No, I don’t want you to explain it to me, I won’t understand that either. You sir, are dead to me. ( flourishing cape and and walking away)

WinUSA's picture

Scully...THAT was hilarious!!!!!!! I'd give you 4 thumbs up for your unwavering loyalty and wit! Keep looking at that half filled glass lol

Jonathan Spader's picture

Adding a rookie EDGE player won't make or break the Packers season in 2019. As long as the Packers have Rodgers they have a chance.

Minniman's picture

Correct - this off season is gifted to the Packers by the "football gods".

If they have the pills to fill safety and o-line in FA (and Breeland and maybe Wilko) then the draft is their oyster. Thank you Saints. Thank you!

Bert's picture

Scully. Props to your optimism. We can all use more optimism these days.

PeteK's picture

I just got a vision on a frigid day of Hockenson, our rookie G , and Bulaga with well executed blocks and Jones (or Sanders please) breaking one for a very long gain. This scenario will be duplicated many times next season as we will ground and pound defenses and then the dagger through the air. Ahhhhh

hhsbaseball's picture

Sign a free agent veteran safety that can come in and help provide leadership to the defense right away. Sign Breeland and Allison as your top 2 in house free agents. Draft Sweat number 12 and hope Hockenson is available at number 30 but i doubt it. Draft a day 1 starter at Guard with #44. Cut Mathews, Perry and Cobb.

Tundraboy's picture

Sound reasoning. Perhaps you should change your name to something more football oriented.

4zone's picture

Hockenson won't be available at #30, sorry but it just won't fall the way we'd like. Sweat won't make it past Detroit. He'll be chasing AR until he retires.

Burns is our best shot at #12. If we really want Hockenson bad enough, we are gonna have to jump back up inside the top 15-20 to get him. With all our other needs, I just don't see it.

At #30 we may have to get Bulaga's future replacement who can take over at RG until then.

I love Isabella in Rd 2 if he's there. Beyond that, it's anybody's guess who is left when we pick in later rounds.

Minniman's picture

Really, if all the "desirable" Edge guys are off the boards before #12 then why not pull the trigger on The Hoc @ #12 and Simmons @30?

Couple that with a top notch FA FS and O-lineman.... why not?? That would allow the Packers to take a speculator on Edge in the second and "world is their oyster" BPA in the 3rd and 4th.

pooch's picture

Excellent article my feelings to a T

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I hate screaming for players to be cut, but I really think it's time to cut Perry and get a real OLB.

Coldworld's picture

I disagree on the cut Perry aspect because of where we are with his contract as I explained above, but I wholeheartedly agree with getting a real OLB as well, preferably 2 plus a draft pick. Depending on the draft pick level, you adjust the second FA.

FA, Perry, FA, Fackrell and a draftee with Donnerson as a prospect plus whatever else they bring in would make me feel a whole lot better about our D than Fackrell Gilbert and nothing. In addition, rotating to keep fresh will help rushers and having rushers will help our central linemen considerably.

Packer Fan's picture

My wish list.
- Let Cobb go. Release Perry. Article is absolutely right.
- Sign a $10-$12 mil edge FA. Then sign Matthews to a $5 mil. Find a place where he can excel at older age. He has good longevity genes.
- Sign a $6 - $8 mil mid FA S. Thomas would be really great but too expensive. The free agent list is growing. Should be able to pick a good one up. Keep Williams. Develop Jackson or Brown to become a safety.
- Sign a $6 - $8 mil OL to fill in at guard. Keep Bulaga. Release Spriggs. Save a couple mil.
- Sign Breeland to a $6 mil contract.
- Sign Wilkerson to a $3 mil contract.
- Note, the above salaries need to be about $30 mil total. $33 mil is available money with the new cap. Save about $6 mil more with releasing Perry and Spriggs. And if there is any rollover money, BG might be able to make some bigger splashes.
- Sign Allison
- Keep Graham and Tanyon.

- Draft:
12 Edge - Burns
30 TE - Hockenson or Fant
44 OL need a capable backup and replacement for Bulaga.
75 WR - Isabella
114 ILB
118 Safety
Then one more edge, OL and RB to develop.

mamasboy's picture

Fant is an athlete, Hockenson is a FOOTBALL PLAYER.

Tundraboy's picture

I'll take the football player,that's one thing we need more of.

packerbackerjim's picture

Excellent distinction l!

porupack's picture

Packer Fan. You nailed my wish list. Only thing I can possibly improve it is a gift homegame ticket to check off my bucket list for Lambeau game.

Coldworld's picture

Where would you play Matthews? He is no longer a threat on the outside consistently and I doubt he is a better ILB at this point than Martinez. He is not a run stopper. He is not a cover ILB so .,,,

I think someone will pay him decently and I just can’t see a place for him, that he would agree to a one year contract or be willing to be a back up in the middle.

Matthews has been a joy to watch. I think his stats were damaged by poor rules and officiating last year. Despite that, I don’t see him making sense in 2019 sadly.

Tundraboy's picture

That's a gold standard of a wishlist if I've ever heard one.
Great checklist.

Pack4life2000's picture

Great list! I would also re-sign to your Wilkerson to another one year deal. If Clay will take a little less money, re-sign him and have him play inside LB. Has everybody forgot how great he played a couple of years ago when forced to play inside? This is a deep year for O & D line so I would continue to add them later in the draft. Also need to have at least one more running back either a later round draft pick or FA (preferably a big bruiser back for short yardage/red zone situations). Be sure Breelanf is locked up long-term I don’t trust King’s ability to stay on the field.

crayzpackfan's picture

Isabella Would be amazing on PR and KR until he understands the offense. Seeing him at the slot position would be like Hill for KC. A coaches wet dream scheming him into wide open matchups.

stockholder's picture

Sign their replacements first. (Smiths) You want Graham cut just so we can draft Hoek. That doesn't work for me or the packers. Breeland can go too. He's not worth 6 mil, like some project. Safety- Too pricey. I believe your next Free safeties are already on the roster. Wilkerson is not what is needed. Mathews still has merit. To bad your Article doesn't.

Jonathan Spader's picture


stockholder's picture

All things can be solved! Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyways. Picking the best player on your board can really screw with the experts. It can also cost you your job. I wondered over the years , if some teams used a Quiga board. And TT in the end used his Kareem board. Regardless what we think of board games. This draft should produce starters for the next 5 years. Power and the success, equals Free Agents. The Smiths have it. Combine these two, and this team will have it's Power rushers. Green Bays success will no longer have to depend on Rodgers. We won't have to worry about blunders. Or getting Rodgers Tes. We haven't seen a great defense since the 60s. And it's tIme to return to the glory years.

Since '61's picture

Stockholder - TT used a dart board. The other methods that you mentioned were too sophisticated for him especially after the 2010 SB. Thanks, Since '61

Jonathan Spader's picture

Since 61' it's fans like you using TT as a dart board.

Pack4life2000's picture

Breeland is a very good CB who just signed big FA contract last year (it was voided be a non football injury). Someone has to play opposite Alexander for the 6 - 10 games King will miss again next year!

jannes bjornson's picture

Breeland should be kept onboard. Less disruption for Pettine. The offense will be learning a New scheme. The idea of trading for Zeitler is appealing.

Coldworld's picture

You get a thumbs up for the reality check at TE. Obviously that’s not a popular statement to the underwear besotted. It does appear that is the way the team is heading though.

Breeland I am not so sure about at $6 million I think i’d be open to that, but I hear other teams are interested, so he may be priced out. We have rushers, a guard and safeties that need to be signed before a CB. Only do much to go around.

Tundraboy's picture

1. Sign a starting free agent FS.
2. Sign a starting FA LB. Outside or Interior who can cover
3. Sign a veteran OL backup
4. #12 Draft a defensive impact player.
5. #30 TE or OL
6. OLB and a RB the rest of draft.

Hope Madison comes back and wait for camp.

Jonathan Spader's picture

For #2 I'm hoping a healthy Oren Burks can fill that role.
Preston Smith can rush and cover which also covers #2.

#3 It's tough to find a Jahri Evan's type of OL signing Bell came as advertised... terrible

As for the draft we know Gute likes high Sparq # players regardless of position. Really tough to know how he'll draft for 2019. Also tough to know how he'll handle FA he was super aggressive in 2018 with a lot less cap space than he has in 2019.

Coldworld's picture

It seems to me that the signs are pointing strongly towards the outcome that Madison will not play football. At this point we need to assume he will not and draft etc accordingly sadly.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

3 unrealisms in here.

1 Hock won't be there at 30.
2 a "Team Friendly" deal.
3 a 1-year deal

Those players, Weddle & Breeland, won't have to sign team friendly bargain contracts.

I do love Isabella tho.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It is a wish list, after all. But yes, I noted those three things. The most likely of the three to actually happen is for Hock to be on the board at #30 (in my opinion: there is almost a zero chance of Breeland signing a one year deal).

Jliska1505's picture

Cut Perry after June he is only a 4 mill cap hit this year and 7 next if you do it then. It will free up more money this year to get agggressive with this much talent out for grabs. Mathews and cobb walk. Get rid of graham. Antonio brown dee ford and veteran ball hawk safety. Draft olb tightend speed mlb and offensive line depth. Ourdefense surprisingly played way better then last year with our putrid offense. Offense needs a jump start and cant be neglected. Rodgers needs to go back to staying patient in pocket and trusting timing routes. He is fleeing too early and will help him stay healthy.No one better then AB running routes and timing. His footwork and rodgers accuracy will create masterpieces.

Tundraboy's picture

That's a dream, one I wouldn't mind seeing though.

Jonathan Spader's picture

DVOA had the Packer's defense ranked 28th. I wouldn't call that good. Hope to see some health and playmakers added on defense.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Hock and Isabella all the way !!
Packers need to draft these guys for their outstanding athletic ability and undeniable love for the game of football !!!

dfarmer's picture

Basically agree. BUT it will take more than 1-2 yrs to make up for TT. coming from a ex-TT backer..

jww061356's picture

My Wishlist: Grab Collins in FA for a SS. Move Jackson to FS and draft Nasir Adderley @ #44. Grab Burns or Sweat @ 12, Fant, Hockenson or Irv Smith @ 30. Go after Isabella in the 3rd round. Grab Zadarius Smith and Shaqulle barrett @ Edge. Starting Guard in the 4th round.

Coldworld's picture

Collins is not a cover safety. We have s number on the roster who can’t cover (at least at this stage) and only a 36 year old convert from CB who can.

Even if we move a CB to safety they won’t be ready this year. Why sign a FS when we need coverage. I’d rather spend FA dollars elsewhere than Collins.

Handsback's picture

Fans need to work backwards. Who can't be let go? Rodger brothers, Adams, killer B OTs, Alexander,King, Clark, Martinez, Daniel's, and whoever else you believe can't be let go.

So everyone else is expendable. Their impact on the cap has consideration, but replace with cheaper and younger players asap!

This year is very pivotal in the Packer's return to the SB.

Pack4life2000's picture

Keep King primarily because he’s on a cheap rookie contract. If he doesn’t start playing more games definitely don’t re-sign him. Lock up Breeland long-term. In today’s football you need three quality starting CBs anyways.

gary g's picture

One factor not being talked about is how much did our offense struggle because of MM and his system of no creativity. Hopefully with a more innovative scheme Rodgers with flourish. With alot of talent in free agency at positions of need for us, as well as the draft setup the pack has, I expect a nice turn around .

albert999's picture

1 more factor not being talked about
what are we going to do about a backup QB with an injury prone superstar QB

Coldworld's picture

I think injuries also dramatically elevated the inexperience on O. The silver lining is that a lot of rookies last year got real playing experience that should help them going forward.

I am a big believer that the scheme and philosophy became a massive millstone round our necks. Hopefully better design and using player strengths as well as misdirection will help considerably both at the individual level and as an overall offense.

LeotisHarris's picture

David your wish list contains nothing new. It didn't make me very happy or send me into a venomous rage. It made me sad. Sad that I'd wasted time reading the cliches and bloated fluff of the first 7 paragraphs only to find a tired regurgitation of more cliches and stale talking points in your wish list.

I give up on your use of "that." Final plea, David. Attempt to write clean, crisp sentences and avoid cliches. Read your work aloud. Or, in Michalskiese; I think that you should attempt to write sentences that are clean and crisp and that avoid cliches. I think that it would help if you read that work aloud to yourself.

BoCallahan's picture

I knew you were going to jump in with an “anti-that” attack. I was surprised it took you so long. Please tell me, do you, or did you teach Grammar, Creative Writing, or Journalism at any point in your career?
Keep up the patrol!

elisbona's picture

I think THAT your behavior emulates your ignorance toward an article THAT promotes factual and open conversation. If THAT is an issue for you, maybe consider providing your self-righteous opinions on a blog THAT is more suited to your maturity, and perhaps masterful level of writing.

Was four too many? Do you have a personal quota I could adhere to? Let me know. THAT would be great.

sam1's picture

I justhope this Gute doesn't strike out in FA again like we have before him and with him again!

albert999's picture

Spend all cap money and draft smart

crayzpackfan's picture

Just a question for everyone. Do you guys think that our extreme need at edge outweighs the quality we would get at 12? In other words, is it a desperate reach and wishful thinking once the top 2-3 edge guys are picked ahead of us to take an edge guy anyway? I’m not sure. Just wondering what you all think.

stockholder's picture

I think any edge player will be a bust @12. Datone Jones was a bust, Perry made his living on the IR, And peppers left. Etc. AJ Hawk ILB never lived up to his pick. So with two Edge /OLB you make up two. (Smiths) That leaves the ILB and DE. These are the two spots to draft per Draft Board. If you get a ILB (Target White ,Bush) or De (Target Oliver or Wilkins. )@12 You take 1 more away. Doubt Gute can bring in three starters per Cap. The Safeties are falling. Should be able to get a prize.

Coldworld's picture

Peppers left? Hawk was a rusher? Jones was a conversion that shouldn’t have been attempted on a pick that high in my view.

Not sure what you are really saying. If it is that reaching is a trap. Yes, if it is a clear reach you are settling for less quality. That said, it’s often noted that somewhere between 5 and 10 players stand out in a draft, usually nearer 5 (though not all prove to be the player expected)

So no, don’t reach. If that is how the board runs try to trade back or up to change that and balance need and BPA. If that fails at 12, then you better start planning how to use it move from 30 or even trade for a player to address your need, what’s still around in FA, and take the clear BPA.

Often, however, It is clear that BPA is really a small cluster of players, rather than a single standout. I do not see that there will necessarily be no rusher available. This draft does not seem to be that clear.

albert999's picture

i think you go Sweat or White at 12 no matter what if they are there!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Draft T.J Hockenson with the 30th pick. It has been said that Hockenson profiles like a young Rob Gronkowski with an impressive blocking, pass-catching skill set combination.

Mock Draft. ..I Know...

Says Patriots will trade up at #32 to #21 to get Hockenson. Rob Gronkowski's replacement and boy the Packers will wish they would have taken him at #12 when he wreaks havoc in the NFL.

Coldworld's picture

If the Patriots would trade up to 21, why on earth would the Packers take him at 12? That would be the definition of reach and worse at a position which is not one of greatest need

Deep breath people! If he is seen as that good, he will be gone in the top 5. Then again, at least someone from the industry thinks all players picked early in round one will be blue chip, or they wouldn’t take them.

stockholder's picture

You need to give Hoek a rest. He goes @12 for you. Now 30. We've also seen Polite now mocked later. Thompson and Adderley dropped. The holes are at RG. Safety , and edge, if Mathews and Perry go. The Rg can be fixed. But Wilkerson isn't signed yet. Brown is not the answer. It's patching and back-ups for the defense. That won't win. You want Hoek! When Fants is the weapon! You want isbella because he could be a weapon. The packers like their Wrs big now. Isbella does not have the body the packers want. But lets say they take offense. It surly will put fans in the seats. But it won't win a super-bowl. You'll have to get defensive cast -offs. And that is not the way to a dynasty. The packers glory years were when their defense ruled. You will get the Dickey years. And the packers won't be great or good enough for a decade again.

BoCallahan's picture

I believe all teams carry the “draft & perform” mantra as well as the “draft and develop.” You anticipate your 1st & 2nd rounders to perform and you look to develop the rest.

shinglesmcfanny's picture

Honestly, pick 12 I could see Burns but not overly excited by it. Devin White might be seem as a luxury but he would be hard to pass up. If both are gone... Convince the raiders to trade their 24th and 27th pick for the packers 12.

Pick up Jaylon Ferguson , Hockenson and Erik McCoy.

albert999's picture

Love the 24 and 27 for 12!

fthisJack's picture

i thought the same thing but the Pack would probably have to throw in a 3rd or 4th unless Gruden was desperate to move up.

stockholder's picture

I like your trade. But no to Ferguson ,Hoek, and McCoy. If that trade is made you take the 24 and a 3rd and go back up for Bush.( Bush will go to Pitts.otherwise. ) Like Gute did with Alexander. [email protected] you take Lawrence NT and move Clark over like Raji. @30 is Thompson because he's falling. I would take Fant more then Hoek. Hoek is last years Jackson.

A Pickled Packer's picture

To toss or not to toss that is the question. Although I'm on board with deep sixing Nick Perry the concern I have is who is left if we do. When all we have is Fackrell and Reggie Gilbert I shudder at the thought of that.
I want to believe that Perry's poor performance has been due to injury limiting his explosiveness and that they put him on IR early to heal up. I think next year is the year they let him go. Who wants to pay a guy millions to not play. He's is coming into this season free of any surgeries so in managements eyes may have a turn around year. Nobody wants to look the fool.
I think whether he gets released or not this year will depend on who we pick up in the draft or get in FA to replace him and Matthews if he goes too.

Coldworld's picture

By then he will have got his $ 5 million roster payment. I’d agree were the contract structured differently but I think he stays or goes well before the draft as things stand.

While obviously the team hoped for more, it seems Perry’s negotiators trounced Ball on this one. Despite his injuries prior to that, it looks like the team was desperate to agree to this structure. Ball really doesn’t come out of this well.

fthisJack's picture

i still believe the best way to approach Perry is to tell him that either we renegotiate the contract or you're a FA and see what kind of deal you get on the open market. with the available FA edge rushers on the market and the influx of good rookies....he wouldn't command much IMO. offer him a contract loaded with incentives and put the ball in his court.

Donster's picture

Gute and this years draft will be determined by what he can do in FA. If he can hit on a safety, an edge rusher, an offensive guard or slot receiver, that is going to allow him to grab Hockenson at 12. He won't be there at 30. He is an all around offensive weapon. There are edge guys or LBs that will be available at 30. Yes, they won't be the guys that all the so called experts say are the best, but look how many of those guys that are super hyped don't work out? The Packers need bodies. Good football players. They don't have to be the best of the best. Good above average players can turn into great players in a few years.

I'd love to see Perry out the door. I don't think it will happen, just because of lack of depth and paying him $11 million not to play.

Matthews and Cobb say goodbye. Has to be done.

DD's picture

Agree very much with article on every point. Get players who can start and play. Dependability key. New attitude and swag needed.

LambeauPlain's picture

Gtaham’s dreadful 2018 season:

2nd most productive receiver on the Pack.

Did this playing with a broken thumb for a good part of the season.

Played every game and even improved his blocking.

His second year in Seattle was far better than his first year.

MM did not utilize the TEs very well with his 40% play calls going deep perimeter.

I fully expect Jimmy G will have a great 2019. way Hock lasts to #30. Fant or Smith may...but Hock is a top 20.

David Michalski's picture

Honestly, I think that says more about the lack of big play makers after Davante. The Packers didn't sign Jimmy Graham to catch 2 touchdowns, they signed him to help the team complete trips to the redzone with a greater efficiency. With a $12.6 million cap hit he had better have a rebound season but that could be tough going into his age 33 season. Hope your optimism is proven right!

Duneslick's picture

Packer Greg says we have to pay Perry over 10 million whether he says or goes. You could draft burns who is only a pass rusher at this stage of his career and play perry on the early downs and burns on passing downs

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Packer Greg is simply wrong.

Jliska1505's picture

I still say ditching Perry after June is the play. You split the 11 million you owe to 2019 and 2020. Our defense still was ranked terrible but there were alot of 3 and outs early in games. Something 3 years ago when our offense was rolling our defense could never produce. You grab an offensive weapon like AB and get the offense rolling again it helps when calling your defense playing ahead or comfortable with offense getting points. First time in forever i love our dbs. Except tramon he is too slow. Cut him. Grab AB and a free agent ballhawk safety and not collins who is a safety/lb.Theres an edge rusher out there with our first pick. Our o line will need some additions. Our line, adams brown aaron jones and rodgers can make a deep run. A couple additions to the defense and im more optimistic about it then last 6 years. Antonio brown just killed the bills trade this morning. He dictates where he will or will not go. The price will be better then people think if we got into the mix.

Holecrap's picture

Had to check to make sure I didn't write this article. For sure I'm in lockstep with a lot of this, Perry should be cut, Mathews too, grahm is an embarassment, let's get some free agents who can contribute now and let's draft quality guts who can play on day one. Amen brother

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