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My Mock Draft 3.0

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My Mock Draft 3.0

With the NFL Draft finally upon us, and everyone's final draft boards ready to go, it is time to release my final mock draft for public record.  With ten draft picks at the Packers disposal and rumors circulating about certain teams looking to move up and grab their quarterback of the future, I see a lot of opportunities for the Packers to trade down in the early rounds.  

My latest mock draft sees the Packers making two trades which will give them a total of six picks in the top 100. With these premium round picks, I have the Packers addressing the inside linebacker, right tackle/guard, safety, defensive tackle, tight end, and edge positions.  The hope is that most of, if not all of these players will be able to make significant contributions in year 1.  

Without further ado, here is my final mock of the 2019 draft season.

My 2019 Packers Mock Draft Version 3.0: 


1. Green Bay trades the 30th pick to Washington for the 46th and 76th picks.  Washington selects QB Drew Lock with the 30th pick overall.

2. Green Bay trades the 114th, 150th, and 185th picks to New England for the 97th selection.

The 2019 Green Bay Packers Draft Class:

1. Round 1 Pick 12: Devin Bush LB, Michigan

2. Round 1 Pick 30: Trade!!!

3. Round 2 Pick 44: Dalton Risner OT, Kansas St.

4. Round 2 Pick 46 (From Washington): Juan Thornhill S, Virginia

5. Round 3 Pick 75: Dre'Mont Jones DT, Ohio St. 

6. Round 3 Pick 76 (From Washington): Jace Sternberger TE, Texas A&M

7. Round 3 Pick 97 (From New England): Oshane Ximines Edge, Old Dominion

8. Round 4 Pick 118: Darrell Henderson RB, Memphis

9. Round 6 Pick 194: Dillon Mitchell WR, Oregon

10. Round 7 Pick 226: Tony Pollard RB, Memphis

In the final version of my mock draft, I will leave all of the highlights and takes to you the fans; so sound off and let me know your opinion of these prospects and what your 2019 Packers Mock Draft would look like.  As always, I look forward to the discussion and debate. 


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Alberta Packer's picture

I like the trade and collection of talent - especially at the top half - covering all the major food groups; LB, OL and Safety.

Hawg Hanner's picture

7 Top 100 picks but Bush scares the hell out of me.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Bush is solid as a rock.
You're probably just scared because you've never seen an ILB as fast & quick as he is

David Michalski's picture

Yea, a lot of scouts are comping him to Jaylen Smith on Dallas, a solid day 1 starter and an explosive versatile playmaker.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Great job...I'd be thrilled if it shook out in this manner, though I 'd like one more OL. Let's face it, the depth is poor,

David Michalski's picture

I think the Pack only have room for one more O-lineman. If you draft Risner, he will either start at guard or tackle depending on what they do with Bulaga and don't forget they added Turner for the short term plus they have Patrick and McCray as backups and a battle between Madison and Spriggs to make the team.

Old School's picture

5 starters......Bakhtiari, Taylor, Linsley, Turner, Bulaga.

3 gameday active backups. Currently, that'd be Spriggs, Patrick, and McCray. Or anybody we drafted, which would push somebody down to

1 gameday inactive, but on the 53.

Then perhaps one on the practice squad. I think Madison is still eligible for that.

So you are correct about only having a certain amount of 'room' for an OL. But I wouldn't shed any tears if we picked up somebody in the draft who could beat out Spriggs, McCray, or Patrick.

jannes bjornson's picture

Four locks, the rest up for grabs. Need an OT with a high pick to solidify the flanks. Most of the sacks, not to mention the high number of pressures were on the line, not Rodgers. Improve the talent. Some of these backups should be in the AAF or RAF or CFL.

Somedumbname's picture

Don't think Thornhill is the best safety for us to select. We need more of a center field safety with range. Adderley or chauncey-gardner would be better selections imo.

Old School's picture

Thornhill is in the Top 100 on virtually every draft board I see. You also see Adderley from late first to middle of second in a lot of cases. The guy I like the best is Abrams, because I think he's the best tackler and I think that defense is about tackling. The guy from the West Coast, Rapp, is going to be a solid pro. Chauncey-Gardner is up in the Top 50 in most drafts. And of course, the Alabama safety, what's his name.??

I think we can get a good one in the second round and don't need to use 30, but if we do use 30, we can get the one we think is best. My only biases regarding Adderley are that I thought his Uncle Herb was awesome and I wonder about the small-school competition and how he'll look as a pro.

But the other ones.....Thornhill, Abrams, Chancey-Gardner.....Rapp.....I think any of them would improve the team if we took them in the second round.

jannes bjornson's picture

They didn't ask Abram to play deep a lot at M State. Thornhill is the best FS as he plays the ball as well as a CB. Savage is another playmaker.

MikeS's picture

Dalton Risner won't last until pick 44. Sternberger is just another Richard Rogers--no speed.

Turophile's picture

Sternberger has 4.75 speed, which doesn't sound special...............BUT, he is such a smooth mover and so agile, he carries his speed through his cuts and he effectively plays faster than his timed speed and faster than many with 4.6 40's.

A guy with that agility and those soft hands........He'd be a nice pickup.

Agree Risner might be gone before #44.

jannes bjornson's picture

Josh Oliver at 4.63 and played TE the last three years not a WR conversion.

Old School's picture


Old School's picture

Whenever the conversation turns to speedy receivers, I am reminded of Fred Biletnikoff, who couldn't outrun a 3 legged possum. He was slow. He wasn't strong. He wasn't big.

But somehow, this slow small guy always seemed to be open. Somehow. Magic, I guess. And he could catch. Yes, definitely a good catcher. Max McGee was no burner either.

Speed is useful in a receiver. So are other qualities.

mrtundra's picture

I also feel Risner won't last until our 2nd round pick at #44.

David Michalski's picture

Risner could be gone, however, his stock has fallen a bit and he is now ranked between 35-45 on multiple top 100 prospect boards so it is much more realistic that he could last until pick 44. If not the Packers have the draft capital to move up a few spots to get him. I'd look for him or McGary from Washington to get drafted by the Pack.

Old School's picture

He was fast enough to catch over 50 balls his second season. I think people overvalue speed sometimes. Intelligence, good hands, durability....all of those things are at least as important as how fast somebody runs.

I like Sternberger in the 3rd, particularly if we pick up some extra picks by trading down. But barring injuries, Graham and Lewis are going to get the hog's share of snaps at TE so I don't see us getting a TE in the first round like many others do.

blondy45's picture

I do not like the 2nd trade with New England. Why give up 3 draft picks for one Late 3rd round pick? I love the Washington trade idea though. Trades are fun on paper, but when the draft counts, you need a trading partner. I hope we can find that partner, but if not we should be fine with our picks where they are at. I bet we trade the #12 pick if QB's are still available.

jannes bjornson's picture

New England is loaded with three two pick and three # 3 picks. He doesn't want to pay all of them and Brady's Cap increases as he endures.

sonomaca's picture

If you’re trading with Belichick, he’s getting the better end of the deal. It’s automatic.

Turophile's picture

For all the things Belichick is very good at, drafting isn't one of them.

He isn't bad at it, by any means, but it isn't his strongest card either. I'd call him an average drafter, which is plenty considering how good he is at other facets of the game.

marpag1's picture

"If you’re trading with Belichick, he’s getting the better end of the deal. It’s automatic."

2006: Packers traded D2-36 (Chad Jackson) to the Patriots in exchange for D2-52 (Greg Jennings) and D3-75 (Jason Spitz). Chad Jackson finished his career with 14 catches for 171 yards.

I won't get into all the details - they're complicated - but Green Bay also fleeced the Pats in 2009 (Clay Matthews) and again in 2012 (Casey Hayward).

Yeah, Bellichick is pretty good, but Ted Thompson flat-out punked him on draft day trades.

sonomaca's picture

Good point. I guess Ted was really on it at one point.

zeroluv's picture

Ted was good but as he got older and the league changed and the players got faster and stronger...his draft style fell apart because the windows to win got smaller. Gutey is a hybrid of Teds vision which is the key to success.

MarkinMadison's picture

They traded picks, not players. What they did with the picks is a separate process. TT in his prime was a beast after round 1.

marpag1's picture

Of course they traded picks. But it is not a separate thing from draft evaluation. If teams had evaluated players better, they would never have traded away the picks that could have been used to acquire those players.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Ummm....we got Clay Matthews because of a trade with NE & got Greg Jennings via a different trade with NE.

David Michalski's picture

Precisely, couple that with the fact that the Packers are looking for as many top 100 prospects as possible and that is the rationale behind the trade up to 97 with New England. It is a proven fact that you get relatively the same amount of starters from the 2nd and 3rd rounds as you do from the first round. Premium draft picks are very valuable and moving up those 17 spots with a team with draft capital in the third round makes a lot of sense.

Rak47's picture

Absolutely hate the trades, especially Washington. Why give up a 1st rounder to move back 18 slots and pick up a third, ugh no! A trade with Washington would nice if they were packaging 15 & 76 to move up to 12 and grab Jones, Haskins, or Lock in front of Miami. Better yet if Miami and Washington want the same QB and he's on board at 12. Gute might be able to squeeze and extra second out of that situation.

David Michalski's picture

From your comment history, it looks like I could make a trade to get you LT and you'd still find a way to hate it. Also with trades, there is a value chart with points that accompanies each pick so 15 and 76 would give Washington 60 draft points less whereas my proposed trade would only give them 30 draft points less.

Alberta Packer's picture

Same concern about Hockenson - a 4.7 TE - fast enough for college but not the NFL

Tundraboy's picture

Agree. Just have this feeling that in the NFL,it will be a different story. Fant looks more like an NFL athlete.

dblbogey's picture

Hockenson was clearly the better football player at Iowa. He's fast enough, very good hands, a great blocker and goes 100%. Fant is a physical specimen but I'll take Hock every time.

MarkinMadison's picture

I've been an Iowa football fan since age 10. I need you to explain that one to me. Fant drew a lot of double-teams in coverage in 2018. He was by far the Hawkeyes best receiver and defenses knew. Despite that, his production wasn't much behind Hock's, and he had more TDs. Yes, Hock blocks better than Fant. Hock probably blocked better than any college TE last year. But how do you make the case that he was "clearly the better football player at Iowa"? To me they're about equal, with different strenghts.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Sign me some Fant!

I think he may become a GBP!

Titletown tremor's picture

Zack ertz ran a 4.76 at his combine. Jordan reed was a 4.71. Nuff said

Nick Perry's picture

I heard a stat the other day that convinced me I'd much rather have Hockenson over Fant. Other than the ENORMOUS edge in blocking Hockenson has much better hands.

Last season Fant had 13 dropped balls IIRC or something very close to 13. Hockenson had 2 dropped balls...His ENTIRE career.

Everybody talks about Finley around here but Finley dropped the ball a lot. The reason we hear "We haven't had a TE like that since Finley was here" is everyone of them after him were so bad, not because Finley was so great.

Besides he's sure turned out to be a REAL horses ass since he was here too. Give me Hockenson all day.

MarkinMadison's picture

So Finley hands = Fant hands

and therefore

Finley jerk = Fant jerk

therefore pick Hockenson?

Tundraboy's picture

"We haven't had a TE like that since Finley was here" is everyone of them after him were so bad, not because Finley was so great."

No denying that. We are all so desperate to have a TE who can get open and can catch the ball , especially in the biggest moments.

I think you've convinced me NP.

Bert's picture

I guess we'll know soon enough. At this point I won't be unhappy with about anybody as long as they can play.

Turophile's picture

In Muppet Ernie's voice:
"Ummm, ok Bert"

Bryan Chisholm's picture

I guess it sounds okay.. I really don't like waiting until #44 to pick again after picking at #12 if we have a shot in between there.. but depending on how the board falls, having #46 and #76 following right behind our original picks in the 2nd and 3rd is also enticing.. at the cost of a late 1st rounder, that's a tough choice.. I think I'd rather stay at #30 though.

Boneman's picture

If this turns out to be the draft I'm running around the room giving high fives! Risner may be tough to get at 44 but it is possible. Bush & Thornhill takes D to next level! Another draft without premium pick on weapon for Rogers is only downer...

Jonathan Spader's picture

The biggest premium weapon you can give Rodgers is keeping the opposition's offense off the field and the ball in Rodger's hands.

Old School's picture

Yes. I've come to the same conclusion. Our big advantage is that we rarely turn the ball over. Rodgers is the best in the business at protecting the rock, Jamaal Williams has never turned it over in two years, and Aaron Jones has lost one fumble in two years.

I'd say grind the clock, move the chains, deny possessions to the other team and keep their offense off the field. That's going to require some patience on offense by us, and we need a defense that helps us win the turnover battle or just gets a bunch of 3 and outs.

And when I say grind the clock, that means kicking fewer field goals and punts from midfield, and going for it more often. Sometimes that'll put our defense on a short field, but I think that denying them a possession will offset that over the course of a season.

Bert's picture

I'd hold off on the high fives for a few months. I know lots of folks would've been "giving high fives" last year if Gute had picked Harold Landry in RD 1.

mrtundra's picture

Deebo Samuel might be available at our pick #44. There's a Rodgers weapon for you!

dobber's picture

Love Henderson at RB. I think he's a great fit for the zone reads LaF is talking about running, and he takes some pressure off Jones right away.

ottscay's picture

I could live with your mock draft for sure. For my daily picks (no trading) on NFL Mock Draft Machine I got similar results:

1:12 Devin Bush
1:30 Dalton Risner
2:44 Juan Thornhill
3:75 Jachai Polite (I know, but worth a shot here IMO)
4:114 Tristen Hill
4:118 Miles Boykin

I always stop after 4 rounds, as I don't know enough to pretend to make picks after that.

RickInCali's picture

This is pretty excellent. I would trade down out of 12 to get another pick if we went ILB, but I could get onboard with this. I have this feeling there will be no ILB until after round 4, and it is gonna make people crazy.

ottscay's picture

I could see that for sure - and if they don't take one of the Bush's I don't see why they would take an ILB until a later round. Moreover, obviously the mock draft machines are not going to be how the real draft goes, I was just trying to maximize the options given where trades weren't available.

David Michalski's picture

The only thing with Polite is he has a terrible RAS score which Gutekunst has typically shied away from. Other than that it looks pretty good and realistic.

jannes bjornson's picture

He just turns 21. Film doesn't lie. Has the best bend off the edge. He was playing all over at different weights. He's best at his 245lbs to 248 and build up his strength. He will have to be guided and Montgomery will him aligned. If he drops out of the second it will be a steal.

Bure9620's picture

Enjoy the draft everyone

Round 1 Pick 15 (WASH): Devin Bush, OLB/ILB, Michigan (A)
Round 1 Pick 30: Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame (B)
Round 2 Pick 12: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, FS, Florida (A)
Round 2 Pick 14 (WASH): Dalton Risner, OT/OG, Kansas St. (A)
Round 3 Pick 14 (MIA): Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M (A+)
Round 3 Pick 32 (WASH): Andy Isabella, WR, Massachusetts (A+)
Round 4 Pick 16: Trayveon Williams, RB, Texas A&M (A)
Round 5 Pick 12: Maxx Crosby, DE, E. Michigan (B+)
Round 6 Pick 19 (PITT): Stanley Morgan Jr, WR, Nebraska (A+)
Round 6 Pick 38 (CINN): Lukas Denis, FS, Boston College (A+)
Round 6 Pick 40 (CINN): Cameron Smith, ILB, USC (A+)

Nononsense's picture

I except this mock because it has two of my favorite players in it. Isabella and Gardner-Johnson. Also like Tray William's, Tillery and Bush.

Good effort.

Bure9620's picture

Yeah Tillery is so underrated, he's my 2nd rated DT behind Ed Oliver.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Tillery has shoulder concerns.

Bure9620's picture

Me too

EdsLaces's picture

Except I dont think CGJ lasts that long

mrtundra's picture

I'd take Irv Smith Jr. over Sternberger where you picked Sternberger at. Kahale Warring might be a better pick than Sternberger, too.

Bure9620's picture

Smith was off the board

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Funny that you give yourself the grades based on who you like.

Bure9620's picture

No, the website does,

Old School's picture

Bure....I like this. It has some flexibility.

If Bush isn't available at #15, some other good player is. Same story at #30 with Tillery. Same with the safety, same with Risner because we could just take Little with that pick if Risner doesn't fall that far.

I think it gets us a starter at ILB and S, it gets us a quality backup at OT, it gets a good 3rd TE in Sternberger and a good RB to help carry the load and keep Jones healthy until late in the season.

I would pass on Tillery, or any DL at that spot. I think we have our five DL for the gameday active roster....Daniels, Clark, Lowry, Adams, Lancaster, and Simon/Looney/Cotton/Brown for the inactive 53 or practice squad. I think next year is the year to rebuild the defensive line. Daniels-Clark-Lowry- and Blake Martinez all are in their contract years. Who are we going to bring back and what are we going to need?

But that's a 2020 problem. We're pretty good for 2019.

Holecrap's picture

Let's hope your dead wrong or this the wurst, draft conceivable.. you've named people on no ones charts. There is no playmakers or day one starters to a team in serious need. This is a fn mess.
What are we let's just get bodies who cares if they can play football.

Bure9620's picture

As in bratWurst??

David Michalski's picture

Are you under the influence??? lol, Your comments shouldn't be allowed to post without taking a breathalyzer. Cheers!

David Michalski's picture

Also, why don't you look at some prospect rankings, the picks in the top 100 have good value and all have a chance of contributing day 1. Like right off the bat Devin Bush is a playmaker. His player comp...Jaylen Smith from Dallas. Dalton Risner...could end up starting on the o-line week 1. Juan Thornhill could start opposite Amos or get significant playing time in a rotation with Tramon as well as in Pettine's 6 defensive back formations. I could keep going but don't really feel like wasting any more time on you.

Littlejim51's picture

I like the early picks. Getting Risner at 44, hope so
In reference to Hardy, I too would have been high fives all around. Yet it looks like Brian G was looking ahead as there are no CB with taking in 1 or 2nd round this year.

RickInCali's picture

I would not take the ILB at 12. Rather move down if there is no Burns or Oliver ( in that order ).

I would be fine with Tillery at 30 if we miss the DE or Edge at 12. 44 is the right spot for the Safety. I prefer Adderley and Savage but wouldn’t cry over Thornhill.

Risner is fine value at 30. If we miss him there, then take Adderley and then Lindstrom at 44. Miss him? Deiters at 75.

I like Henderson fine where you took him.

Anyone on this Dillard at 12 bandwagon has NOT watched tape. He gets to the 2nd level in the run game, but he NEVER finds anyone to block. HARD PASS. He is a crazy good pass blocker, but he will have to play out of position on the opposite side and that is no surefire adjustment. He wouldn’t start over Bulaga and he’s no Guard prospect. Pray we don’t do this.

We play dime so much that the ILB at 12 is soooo out of the question value-wise. No way.

I wouldn’t mind taking any TWO of Savage, Thornhill, Adderley or Hooker. We could press man at every position if we did that. They can all fly.

I also would be thrilled if we got any two of Bradbury, Risner, Lindstrom, Deiters. Why not build a fortress in front of Rodgers? Want to keep him alive and in the pocket? This should happen.

sonomaca's picture

What an excellent take. I’ve seen more than one final mock with Dillard going to Pack at #12. Would the idea be to have him play RT, and move Bulaga to RG. That would solve RG problem, I think.

They could then draft a safety or corner at #30, and a LG in 2nd or 3rd round to replace Taylor, who would be the weak link.

I know Dillard may not fit LaFleur’s scheme, exactly, but if he helps keep Rodgers healthy, that’s a price worth paying.

sonomaca's picture

Savage seems to be the guy. Will he really get to first round? Rock Ya Sin is corner #1, now? Chase Winovich is a solid 1st rounder? 4 QB’s in top 15, which would be great news for Pack.

The buzz is that Burns isn’t going to be hard for offensive linemen to handle at next level. He could develop, but it’s a risk. Pack passing on him?

dobber's picture

I think that until Burns puts on some NFL mass, he's just a chess piece. They'll have to scheme his looks to get him to the QB early on because he's going to struggle taking on NFL OL.

It might be that with the Smiths on the edge, that's exactly what Pettine would do with him: move him inside, put him outside with Z. Smith's hand on the ground...but he's light in the pants, which really makes him a blitzer until he puts on weight. Leonard Floyd, Danielle Hunter both played under their list weights in college (bulked up for the Combine) and had to add. Floyd really hasn't.

Old School's picture

Who is going to play ILB alongside Martinez in the base for you? If Martinez is injured, who's going to make up those tackles for you?

We don't have a starting ILB to put next to Martinez. Ryan is gone, Burks is more of a passing down linebacker, and nobody else is in the picture. We don't have a starting ILB to start the season.

RickInCali's picture

I meant to say too that the writer did a GREAT job on this. It is realistic that this could happen and I have a lot of the same thoughts. Great work.....most of these are so far-fetched you wonder what people are smoking....

ILPackerBacker's picture

Yes a slow TE, just like the chumps in NE got stuck with that guy who just retired.

It is not so tough to find facts. easier than posting drivel.

Pre-draft measurables
Ht Wt Arm length Hand size 40-yard dash 10-yd split 20-yd split 20-ss 3-cone Vert jump Broad BP Wonderlic
6 ft 6 1⁄4 in
(1.99 m) 258 lb
(117 kg) 34 1⁄4 in
(0.87 m) 10 3⁄4 in
(0.27 m) 4.68 s 1.58 s 2.68 s 4.47 s 7.18 s 33 1⁄2 in
(0.85 m) 9 ft 11 in
(3.02 m) 23 reps 32[33]
All values from Arizona Pro Day,[34] except measurements and BP (from the NFL Combine).[35] Did not participate in most combine events due to a back injury.[34]
External video
2010 NFL Draft: Rob Gronkowski
2010 NFL Draft Vignette: Rob Gronkowski

ShooterMcGee's picture

I question the value of trading up to pick 97 by giving up 3 picks, a 4th, 5th, and a 6th. 3 picks to move up 17 spots is way too expensive. A 4th and a 5th should suffice. Many writers on this site discount the value of picks after the 4th round. Some never run their drafts for the full 7 rounds, an indication of their disdain. I think the more picks the better and teams always find gems in late rounds. Our top running back was picked at #182.

RCPackerFan's picture

Here is my latest playing around with the mock draft simulator on the draft

12 - Montez Sweat, EDGE Mississippi State
30 - Dalton Risner, OT Kansas State
44 - Nasir Adderley, S Delaware
75 - Jace Sternberger, TE Texas A&M
114 - Devin Singletary, RB FAU
118 - Trysten Hill, IDL UCF
150 - Will Harris, S Boston College
185 - Gary Johnson, LB Texas
194 - Jazz Ferguson, WR Northwestern State
226 - Alec Ingold, RB Wisconsin

I really like the idea of getting Risner at 30 and then a Safety at 44. The first pick I think it should come down to Oliver, Hockenson, White/Bush, Burns/Sweat. One of those 6. I could be wrong and they could go OL with the first pick, I just like the combination of best player and Risner then any other combination that I have done.

bartstarrfan's picture

I'd take that draft all day, and twice on Sunday.

Codywaligursky's picture

Dream Draft
1 Tillery DL
1 Hockensen TE
2 Lawrence NT
3 Adderley S
4 Cashman LB
4 Savage S
5 Sharping OL
6 Edward's LB
7 Ingold FB

Codywaligursky's picture

We took a shotgun approach last year at WR, we got 2. We did the same two years ago at RB, we got 2. We need to do the same at Saftey this year. Adderly and Savage. We need a saftey that can play single high with man to man skills to contrast Amos.

12 is a little rich for Hockensen, but if he plays well, we will look back and say it was well worth it. Hes clearly the best TE, plus we need a blocking TE in Lafleurs system to run outside zone. Oliver from San Jose is a poor man's Hock.

Dexter Lawrence is a true NT, that would be huge for LBs and the other DLman. He will always eat up multiple blockers. Even if hes a 2 down player, hes worth it, hes a STUD.

We can't afford to bust in the 1st round. We need the 5th year option. We can't give away players like Hayward and Hyde. They deserved a 2nd contract. We played in a championship game with Gunter at CB1. He over performed but that is never a place we should allow ourselves to get in.

The only players I'd move up from 12 for are Bosa and William's.

sonomaca's picture

The multiple bites strategy worked great for RB’s and WR’s. I’d argue the strategy was similar with respect to pass rushers in FA, ie Smith boys.

I think they can do this with offensive guards and TE’s in, say, rounds 3-6.

The reason that the focus is in Dillard at #12 is that this kind of cat can’t be found later in draft. Bakhtiari was a one-off.

IceBowl's picture

How many "final" mock drafts come out by tomorrow?

I think by now all the experts will have definitive projections. Don't you?

David Michalski's picture

I feel like there are so many different variables that could change "hard projections" especially with trades that can and most likely will happen. I think a lot of those projections could be altered considerably.

Old School's picture

I think that the top 5 defensive players are Bosa, Williams, Allen, and White and Oliver. I expect all of them to be gone by the time #12 rolls along.

I also think that 4 offensive players will be off the board by #12: Murray, the Top OL (Taylor), a top TE (Hock or Fant), and then either Haskins (QB) or the other Iowa TE or an OL (Dillard?)

So by #12, I'm seeing these options:

On offense, we could choose the #2 TE, the #1 WR, the #1 RB, the #3 OL, or the #3 QB.

On defense, we'd have some pretty good choices: The best CB. The best S. The #2 ILB (Bush). The #3 DL (Wilkins?)
The 4th best Edge rusher?

For me it would come down to Bush or Wilkins. I truly think I could trade down a little and still get a stellar S/CB like Chauncy or Greedy plus another Day Two pick.

dobber's picture

In some ways, it would be fun to trade down to 17 just ahead of the Vikes and take the best remaining OL off the board ahead of them...just to piss them off.

IceBowl's picture


Sounds like fun, but Pack first.

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

Bush at 12 and Fant at 30 would be awfully special. Like Arcia and Cain for the Brewers...strong up the middle

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Would love this draft! Seems unlikely but would be about best first round possible IMO! Bush or Burns along with Fant!

sonomaca's picture

Deal #30 for a bad team’s 2020 1st rounder: Miami, Oakland, Jets, Giants, etc...

ScaryGary's picture

every mock draft i see the most underrated player seems to be Ferrell.

David Michalski's picture

Ferrell could be a diamond in the rough late in the first round, however, I don't see the Packers going edge rusher in the first two rounds because of the Smith's acquisition in free agency.

dobber's picture

I like him a lot at 30 if he slides that far. My concern is that he doesn't bring much different from Z. Smith. I'd like to see a speedy edge added to complement them.

David Michalski's picture

Right, there's no sense in drafting him after just signing ZaDarius Smith.

Old School's picture

I'm blue in the face from reiterating what you just said. We signed the Smiths, and we return Fackrell and Gilbert. We might get some Day Two guy, like Jalen Jenks, or somebody who we thought would be gone on the second day but who fell.

We finished 8th in the league last year in sacks, and that's without much of a contribution from our two starting OLBs. We've upgraded that situation and there's no reason to believe we'll be lower than 8th again this year.

albert999's picture

one of the best mocks i’ve seen so far

albert999's picture

y’all need to quit drinking

marpag1's picture

I don’t like Bush at 12, and Risner is probably gone by 44. I’ll pass on this.

David Michalski's picture

Risner's stock has fallen a bit, Daniel Jeremiah has him ranked 41st on his big board. So he's definitely still a possibility at 44, either him or Kaleb McGary.

marpag1's picture

Yeah, I've seen that too, so I can't argue with what you say. I guess my main point is that, personally, I feel that the mocks are underrating Risner and also overrating Bush (though not by much, in either case). I think Risner projects better as a guard, but tackle is not out of the question. Probably has to be right tackle, though. I love his 'nasty,' which I think the O-line could really use. Bush is a good player, too, but with the 'positional value' of ILB and my opinion that he's a touch overrated, I just don't like him much at 12. But I won't kill myself if he's the pick.

David Michalski's picture

Would you feel better about Bush if they hypothetically traded down a few spots to 15 or 17? I mean I feel like Bush is such a safe player, like his basement, is he is a tackling machine that flies all over the field, his ceiling is he is dynamic in stopping the run and going after the quarterback.

Old School's picture

David, I would also opine that if you're making several million dollars a year at the most fantastic job and you're helping to steer a 1/2 Billion $$/ year organization, an awful lot of your thought process has to involved "Don't drive this into the ditch".

Whether we take Bush at 12, or 17, is less about Bush and more about how big of a risk do we want to take. If he's a good player, then 12 or 17 doesn't matter to me. If he's sucks, or gets hurt, then at least we have whoever the other draft pick was that we gained. So we're kind of protecting our six, so to speak.

Who is the safest possible guy you can get at 12, who is most likely to stay healthy and play well...some place where we need a relation to the expectatons.? 12 or 17, they're still going to be high.

When I factor in all the factors I've been able to put together, I think it's going to come down to Bush or Wilkins for us. I hope White or Oliver falls to us but I don't think that'll happen.

albert999's picture

Guess what boyzz
y’all are so full of shit
It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be

bodei1newbie1's picture

I think you hit the nail on the head i like the way you think i agree with you 100%

Handsback's picture

Unless he's exceptional, no ILB at 12. OT/DT/Edge, OK but if Hock makes it to 12...let it be him.

McFly's picture

Bush IS exceptional.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I wish there was a thread for each fan's Big Board. Seeing none, here is my final PEO's Packers BB; I recommend each of you post a similar one, as this is far more meaningful than a mock draft:
Quinnen Williams DT
Josh Allen OLB
Nick Bosa DE
Devin White LB
Ed Oliver DL
Brian Burns OLB
Clelin Ferrel DL
TJ Hockenson TE
Montez Sweat OLB
Jonah Williams OL
Jawaan Taylor OL
Christian Wilkins DL
Juan Thornhill S
Nasir Adderley S
Devin Bush ILB
DK Metcalf WR
Hakeem Butler WR
Noah Fant TE
Dalton Risner OL
Chris Lindstrom OL
Cody Ford OL
Andy Dillard LOT
Jerry Tillery DL
Dexter Lawrence DT
Kyler Murray QB
Greedy Williams CB
Josh Jacobs RB
Zach Allen DL
Jeffrey Simmons DL
Chase Winovich LB
Darnell Savage S
Chauncy Gardener-Smith S
Rasham Gary DL
Deebo Samuel WR
Irv Smith TE
Aj Brown WR
NKeal Harry WR
Parris Campbell WR
JJ Arcega-Whiteside WR
Dwayne Haskins QB
Jachai Polite OLB
Deionte Thompson S
Yodny Cajuste OL
Deandre Baker CB
Byron Murphy CB
Garrett Bradbury C
Andy Isabella WR/R
Daniel Jones QB
Greg Little OL
David Montgomery RB
Miles Sanders RB
Amani Hooker S
Oshane Ximines ED
Kelvin Harmon WR
Jace Sternberger TE
Darrell Henderson RB
Devin Singletary RB

CJ Bauckham's picture

My wish/mock. I'd love Oliver, Burns, Williams, Taylor, or Dillard at 12

*12) Jawaan Taylor/OT/Florida
*30) AJ Brown/WR/Ole Miss
44) Juan Thornhill/S/Uva
75) David Long/CB/Mich
114) Dexter Williams/RB/ND
118) Kahale Warring/TE/SDSt
150) Daylon Mack/DT/Tex A&M
185) Maxx Crosby/Edge/EMU
194) Cody Barton/MLB/Utah
226) Gardner Minschew/QB/Was St

*I think we will trade one or both first rders for other picks

dobber's picture

Only one mock from me. No trades, 5 rounds, and based on what seems like player availability (not a mock site).

1(12)--Ed Oliver, DE, Houston. As projections sneak more QB and OL ahead of #12, his availability becomes more likely. Too good to let pass.
1(30)--Irv Smith, TE, Alabama. Not the physically imposing player Hock or Fant are, but my bet is will have the best career of the 3.
2(44)--Parris Campbell, WR, OSU. Hate OSU. Love this kid's potential. Plays fast. Dynamic athlete and returner, can fill the slot immediately and injects juice into the offense.
3(75)--Max Scharpring, OT, NIU. The heir apparent to Bulaga, could push him off the roster in 2019. Some ability to play on the left side in case of an injury to #69. Some rank him higher than this.
4(114)--Joe Jackson, DE/Edge, The U. If you could get another ZaDarius Smith in the 4th round, you'd do it. Here he is.
4(118)--Marquise Blair, S, Utah. Rangy, fluid, fast and has a 'tude. Can learn behind TWill and take over FS in 2020. Brice, but can cover.
5(150)--Bobby Evans, G, Oklahoma. Played both T spots in college and could as a pro, but projects inside. Typical Packer conversion pick. A nasty finisher.

stockholder's picture

If it's to good to be true. It more than likely is to good to be true. Oliver won't be there. Hock is to good to be True. PASS!! I will take Wilkins! (12) @30 Simmons! @44 Best safety on the board!! @75 Max Scharping we agree! @114 Blake Cashman ILB @118 Justin Hollins OLB @150 Ty Johnson RB Evans is a Bust! @186 Tracy PK @196 Pierschbach C @228 Haynes G

dobber's picture

So much talk about Simmons lasting into Rd 2 and people saying GMs are turned off by his background, but I don't buy it. I have a feeling he goes just ahead of the Packers in round 1.

In Edit: Ahead of the Packers #30 pick.

CJ Bauckham's picture

Solid mock dobber, I'm a fan of Scharping and Blair as well

stockholder's picture

I had Blair in my first mock. He is a good choice if they go Risner @44.

dobber's picture

That's the kicker: if they don't go S at 30 or 44, it's a long way to 75 with no trade-ups and most of the FS candidates go away.

dobber's picture

There were 2 or 3 OT candidates I liked at the Scharpring point, but gave him the nod. A lot has been made of Blair and his targeting calls in college. It's a point of concern, but I think it's something that can be fixed without reining him in too much.

RWood832's picture

I have had Tony Pollard as the second pick in round 6 or the pick in round 7 in a bunch of mock drafts. He is a Swiss Army knife type of player and will be a Special Teams demon. He is the return man that GB is looking for and he can be a gunner on the coverage units.

sam1's picture

My prediction is the Packers draft someone tonight without any input from any writers or you and I!

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