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Most Satisfying Packers Victory of 2016?

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Most Satisfying Packers Victory of 2016?

Packers fans, let’s put the painful NFC Championship loss to the Atlanta Falcons aside for a moment and consider our fortune. This season alone brought more ‘Wow!’ moments than some franchises have had in the previous five. Of course there are big questions heading into the offseason which have only begun to be answered. And undoubtedly, Weeks 8-11 were incredibly frustrating.

However, in my view, all the struggles and obstacles made the stretch run that much sweeter. It got me wondering to myself which games or moments from the 2016 Packers season were most satisfying for me. How about for you? Here are just a few of my favorites.

Some may most remember Week 7 against the Chicago Bears for the NFL’s horrendous overreach of power in which the Packers were forced to submit to the flashy (all white…) and untraditional color rush uniforms (sarcasm intended). I think the game should also be remembered as a masterful offensive coaching job by Mike McCarthy.

Eddie Lacy had just gone down for what would end up being the rest of the season with an ankle injury. James Starks did not play either. The Packers had a short week to get ready for a Thursday Night Football showdown and they decided to prep Ty Montgomery, a wide receiver, to be the featured running back. For all intents and purposes, the Packers had to evolve into a completely new offense in less than a week in the absence of all three running backs that started the season on the 53-man roster (Wonder how Brandon Burks is doing).

Through Week 6, Eddie Lacy had 71 carries to Ty Montgomery’s 5. It was apparent that Montgomery could line up for a handful of plays in the backfield per game, in the likeness of Randall Cobb, to receive a handoff or two and mix up the look for the defense. The Bears game demonstrated Montgomery might be more than a decoy in the backfield. The Packers won the game and I can’t remember exactly, but I think Twitter-verse had less to say about McCarthy’s offensive creativity (sarcasm intended here as well).

After the Week 8 loss to Atlanta, and even after falling to the Colts the following week, it did not feel that this team was about to go on a downward spiral for a month. However, that’s where the Packers were around Thanksgiving. The game against the Philadelphia Eagles breathed new life into the team and the fan base.

In particular, I’ll always remember the dime touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams in the back of the end zone which was placed so perfectly it grazed the defensive back’s arm hair without touching the skin (or shirt sleeve, but you get the analogy). It made one feel that, alas, Rodgers could still be Rodgers, and perhaps his “Preseason MVP” praise of Adams back in 2015 was approaching justification.  

I’ll end with what was personally my most satisfying Packers victory this year. Following our fearless quarterback’s “Run The Table” comment, I have to be honest and say I’m not sure I shared his confidence. I was cautiously optimistic after the Eagles win, but the convincing Week 11 win over the Seahawks sold me, and I think a lot of others, on the idea that Aaron Rodgers might know more about his team than all the spectators and commentators.

The Packers poured it on against a contender. Again, it was a big touchdown pass to Davante Adams that stands out as my top memory of the game. In addition, the defense stepped up in this game and Damarious Randall provided a fabulous highlight reel interception of Russell Wilson.

I know I’ve skipped over some big moments, but these are my most satisfying memories of the Packers’ 2016 season. What are yours?  

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Bearmeat's picture

1. Divisional round win against the Cowgurls.
2. Wild Card playoff revenge against NY. Especially the Hail Mary right before halftime.
3. Sweeping the Bears and FINALLY tying the all time series.
4. The dominating win against the Seahags.
5. The Eagles domination when I thought our goose was cooked.

Even though it didn't result in a super bowl win, it was a good season.

Need some pass rush and veteran CB talent.

kevinmooney's picture

Good call on the all time series with the Bears - that's huge!

mrtundra's picture


Since '61's picture

Seattle and Dallas for me. Also, see Aaron Rodgers be Aaron Rodgers again during the 8-0 run. Thanks, Since '61

MarkinMadison's picture

Ditto. Maybe Dallas a little more because I think a lot of folks expected the Cowboys to roll.

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

Same 2 games I was going to highlight. I was giddy after the Seattle beat-down, and so relieved they pulled out the victory in Dallas. Felt like getting a pair of monkeys off our backs.

So many good plays and memories from this season, though, even if they didn't quite make it all the way to the ultimate goal.

And yes, it was an awesome feeling when #12 got fully dialed back in!

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

Yeah I am a Packer nut I have them DVR and watch a few minutes each night. All are good wins but love the win against the Cowbells and Giants was just sweet revenge and since both son in laws are Cowbells and also Seablucks fans even sweeter wins.

yooperman's picture

1- Going into Dallas and beating the cowboy's, and ruining Skip Brainless year.
2-Giving Seattle a thorough beating in Green Bay.
3-Beating the NY Giants at home in the playoffs, breaking the Giants jynx for playoffs wins in GB.
4-Last game of the regular season, going into Detroit and beating the Lions to win the division.

Jersey Al's picture

For me it was definitely Seattle. A thorough thrashing of the arrogant, annoying and self-aggrandizing Seahawks. Seeing them yelling at each other on the sidelines and a frown on the smug Pete Carroll's face was quite sweet.

Tundraboy's picture

Still savoring that!

GVPacker's picture

Al I was leaning towards the Cowboy's game but you brought me to my senses! Bitch Slapping the Sea Chickens was like a B-12 shot for me.

Point Packer's picture

Amen to that. The fall of the Seattle empire is most satisfying to watch. GB dismantling of them felt oh so good.

Turophile's picture

Thought Pete Carroll was going to chew a hole in his face at that game. Very satisfying.

dobber's picture

In terms of 'satisfying', it's hard to argue with getting the better of Seattle...but it's always good to handle the Vikings.

Lphill's picture

Beating Dallas on the road In the Playoffs , their fans are still in disbelief. And after that is the Giants playoff game.

croatpackfan's picture

Dismantling Seahawks at home. For me, the most complete game from Packers in 2 years...
That was the best.
Sweetest? I can not decide between Cowboys at Dallas and NYG at home...

Tundraboy's picture

Three way tie. Pete Carroll, Giants and Skips's Cowboys in Dallas!!!

ironman3169's picture

Abso f-ing lutely.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

My 3 buddies are big Seahawks, Bears and Vikings fans respectively so the stretch from Dec.11-24 was totally sweet...especially the Seachickens win. I own those guys for a full year now.

Hematite's picture

Trashing the Seahawks and their despicable coach and beating the boys in Dallas.Beating the Giants in the playoffs, of course!

4thand1's picture

Seachickens for me, hands down. After "I think we can run the table", I became a believer that they could after the beat down. Then it was Dallas, almost even. I haven't paced the floor like that in a long time.

Pack88's picture

The Seasucks game was my favorite but a close second was watching GB kill the Vikings and shut up MIke Zimmer. I used to respect the guy but the week 2 win showed me what a classless POS he is and I really enjoyed watching Rodgers earhole the DB's with his passing. The two playoff games were also priceless especially listening to Bayless afterwards!! The Hail 12 pass at the half still raises my mood level 10% but the Adams pass over Lane against the Seasucks is my ultimate 2017 mood brightener

Tarynfor12's picture

My two favorite games in any season have not come to fruition.....the one getting into the SB and the SB itself. Other than those, all others are equal in some were wins an some losses against who becomes irrelevant based on the 2 that didn't become relevant. : )

MITM's picture

Definately for me pounding the Giants in the playoffs and getting that monkey off of our backs. What made it even sweeter was the boat trip prior to that and then watching the Giants receivers drop everything. The backbreaking hail mary right before the half, Clay Matthews embarrassing Paul Perkins on that fumble recovery. Top to bottom that game will always be a great memory.

4zone's picture

The Run. With what we had to work with, may have been the most impressive display in memory. Signature game, the Chickenhawk beat down. Grittiest, Dallas. The Atlanta game only emphisizes how rockin The Run was. To be able to do what they did with who they had, that was the high moment of this year.

GLM's picture

By far, the win in Dallas. Also agree #2, was the win over the Giants....both times!

Donster's picture

Number 1: Cowdungs. Anytime you beat Dallas, especially in Dallas, is sweet. Especially when it is in the playoffs, in Jerry's house, when they are the number 1 seed, and GB wasn't supposed to have much of a chance.

Seattle win would be my second choice.

Giants in the playoffs third.

Duke Divine's picture

So hard to choose! Dallas in the playoffs has to be tops. Throttling the Seahawks was great but having been transplanted to Minnesota my Christmas eve was the ultimate in holiday satisfaction!

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