Mike McCarthy: Packers Players and Coaches Will Get Christmas Off

The Packers head coach said the team will not practice on Thursday.

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met with the media on Monday, a day after beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-3.

The following are select comments from his press conference:

  • On the schedule this week: It's our Christmas week schedule and obviously a very important game for us against Detroit. Monday was really a Tuesday for us with meetings. … We met with the players to do an introduction to the Detroit Lions gameplan. … The players and coaches will be off for Christmas. … We'll be on our regular schedule for Friday.
  • On the challenge of creating a gameplan this week: Personally, I haven't even watched the Tampa Bay game yet. … We started on the Lions on the way home. … We started our game plans this morning.
  • On Aaron Rogers' health: Aaron worked today. I know he's sore and frankly, I'm worried about the whole team. ... Tomorrow's practice will be similar to one coming off a Monday night game.
  • On trying to clinch a bye in the playoffs: Byes are valuable and that's why you fight like crazy to be a No. 1 seed or a No. 2 seed. Anytime you have a chance to get that week off, it's important. … It gives you a better chance to get your team ready and at the end of the day, the best preparation leads to a better performance.
  • On the big gap between meetings with the Lions: Different year. If you look at playing division games early, new staff, playing the Vikings early, new staff. Things change. … It's for more film study, and we've always worked ahead as a staff. … It isn't like we haven't seen them play.
  • On the difference between the Lions now and the first meeting in September: I think everybody's offense is different today than it was in September. Going back to the first game, playing in the dome, we didn't run it as well as we would have liked. … It was clearly not a very good day for us offensively.
  • On facing the Lions last year: I haven't even though about last year. Last year is like any year, it's so different. … There's always carry over in your past experiences. I've always felt that knowledge is shared two ways. … I don't know how much it will help us win the game, but it can help us on an individual basis.
  • On the team's motivation: I think its' a great thing. I think it's an excellent point. I think this is how you want to go into a bye week. … You have things happen in the last game that are so different from the last four games before that. … I think it's great that we're playing for the title. … I know it's the way I'd prefer it.
  • On Eddie Lacy's health: Every indication is he's fine. Eddie was smiling, jumping around this morning. Strength and conditioning, he probably had one of his best workouts.
  • On Lacy's performance: The playcaller is giving him the damn ball, is that what I'm supposed to say? Eddie's been playing well for a long time, two months. … The most important thing is for your playmakers to touch the football. … The run blocking unit is in synch much better today than it was four, five weeks ago.
  • On the Packers' adversity defense: It's been great. … It definitely helps you from an offensive perspective. You can be more aggressive. … Really, the growth of the players and the cohesiveness, we've really come together.
  • On the captains' speech for the game: First off, it was a team meeting and team meetings are kind of like Las Vegas, what happens in there should stay in there. … At the three-minute point, I excused everybody except the players. … Being a playoff captain is a big deal. … I thought it was very important to give them a platform to speak to their teammates. … When coaches are not in the room, conversations are different.
  • On Clay Matthews not being a postseason captain: I think he understands the big picture. … Morgan Burnett is a young guy that's ascending. … I don't think Clay is taken back. It's not a contest. Clay Matthews is a leader. We have more than six leaders. What he's done going to play inside linebacker and not having a lot of reps, speaks volumes. … I think he's been an excellent teammate. This is the most we've used him as far as the targeting for him.
  • On Davante Adams' performance and the so-called "roookie wall": Every individual is evaluated with all the information you have. ... I would think with the CBA and the new schedule we're on, it doesn't exist. … When you break it down, it's remarkable what a rookie goes through. … He goes through the combine and he's training for the draft. … We all dropped the ball two weeks ago. I don't think that part of it pertains just to him. … I think the other one just got on him really quick. …. In my opinion, Davante is still a very confident young man.
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Amanofthenorth's picture

December 23, 2014 at 02:52 am

no mention if the Packers will beat Carolina in their next game. Apparently this is an important question as it's been in the sidebar for two weeks.

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

December 23, 2014 at 09:07 am

Enjoy your families Players and Coaches!

And Merry Christmas Cheeseheadtv crew.

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