Mike McCarthy on Davon House: He'll Be Hard Pressed to Play This Week

The Packers cornerback is dealing with a shoulder injury sustained in the Week 14 game against the Falcons.

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy held his typical day-after-game press conference on Monday following a 21-13 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The following are select comments from his his meeting with the media:

  • On Sunday's performance: Our whole football team I think is pretty consistent all the way through. We had way too may mental errors. We haven't had this many mental errors since the first quarter of the season. … Run blocking I thought that was clearly a strength.
  • On pass/run balance: I thought we had a good balance running and throwing it. … I thought the particularly personnel groups that we had success in, they overplayed them. …. Play-calling is a little different today than it was three years ago.
  • On his thoughts early in the game: I thought he way the game started, I thought we were going to win decisively. I thought the punt return changed it. … Cleary our performance, we haven't had a performance like that for four quarters. … It was not a good day for us.
  • On the back-shoulder throws: We look at the throws that are good throws. … Clearly a strength of Aaron's is his fundamentals and physical gifts. … We were not in synch there to start the game.
  • On the special teams breakdowns: It's definitely a focus not only of ours, but it's a focus of our opponent. If you get down to Week 15, your performance has been evaluated … our special teams are going to be stressed down the stretch. … Our field-goal protection unit has been an issue. This is our last week of padded practice. We'll take advantage.
  • On whether Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang will play on kick protection units: We'll see how Wednesday is. Wednesday is kind of a big day for us. … It's risk assessment. … It's a unique skill and unique physical capabilities too. … If you look at Josh and T.J.'s body types, there's a reason they're excellent in there.
  • On roster spots being used for special teams contributors: The way we do the inactive each and every week is based on the people we think are going to be available to play. … You want players to compete. I think that's why you see our 46 is sometimes adjusted.
  • On the lack of running plays: If you want to go by the stat sheet, go for it. I'm very comfortable with the way things are called. … I think we have a very comfortable game plan. … I thought we created some very good scenarios and Aaron deserves a lot of credit for that. … I think it's important to runt he football. I think when we wanted to run the football, we ran it very well.
  • On Davon House's injury: Davon's shoulder, he's progressing very well. … It's a different kind of injury. I think he'll be hard pressed this week, but I'm told he's making a lot of progress.
  • On Bryan Bulaga's concussion: I didn't get an update on Bryan Bulaga today, and I have not seen Bryan. But I thought J.C. did some good things. … I thought J.C. did a good job.
  • On his analysis of the game: I think you have to be in touch with your approach, your analysis of every game. … No one felt very good coming off the field. … There's a lot of things that go on through the course of the game, you need to talk about with your quarterback, your offensive line.
  • On Fuzzy Thurston passing away: Fuzzy Thurston, you talk about a man that exemplifies Green Bay Packers. His enthusiasm is infectious.
  • On his opinion of the referees: Officiating is a variable, it's a part of the game. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn't. We don't ever ... we don't use it as an excuse.  We pay close attention to our own. We had five pre-snap penalties of our own. … Whether they're going to let you play, or not let you play, they're kind of in the middle of the pack.
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Allan Murphy's picture

December 15, 2014 at 10:30 pm


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HankScorpio's picture

December 16, 2014 at 07:42 am

I like getting a clunker out of the way late in the regular season one heck of a lot more than getting that clunker in the post season. The longer things have gone right, the more likely the next game will be the one where everything goes wrong, IMO.

This loss broke a 5 game win steak. If they can manage another 5 game win streak from here, it will mean another Lombardi in the trophy case.

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Icebowler's picture

December 16, 2014 at 09:58 pm

RIP Fuzzy. As far as I know, he was the only successful pro to come out of that great institute of higher learning, Valparaiso University. I also went to "Valpo" so I'm somewhat biased. He'll always be remembered as part of the great Lombardi "Packer sweep", which every team knew was coming but still couldn't stop.

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