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Meet Your Green Bay Packers 2017 Draft Picks

Meet Your Green Bay Packers 2017 Draft Picks

The 2017 NFL Draft has come and gone, with the Packers selecting ten players to bring to camp. Our team here at has provided excellent coverage and breakdowns of each pick, so be sure to check it all out.

Let’s meet all of this year’s picks:


33rd Overall – Kevin King, CB, Washington

Ted Thompson flipped the Packers first-round selection to move back four spots and snag an extra pick in the fourth, and Green Bay still ended up with a first-round talent. King is long, physical and fast – all attributes the Packers could use in their secondary. He likely will challenge for a starting role and absolutely should motivate the rest of the group to improve their game.

Read about King here.

61st Overall – Josh Jones, S, NC State

Another pick to bolster the secondary. Jones possess great speed for a safety – he ran a 4.41 at the combine – and has shown a propensity for an aggressive tackling style. He can be effective as a blitzer and his speed allows him to cover well enough to make him a viable option as a hybrid linebacker type in sub packages.

Read about Jones here.


93rd Overall – Montravius Adams, DT, Auburn

Adams showed flashes of brilliance during his time at Auburn with his ability to move his 300-pound body with more agility than anybody of that size should be able. Negative marks on his scouting report mostly point to inconsistency, and he’ll have a lot to prove playing alongside the likes of Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark, but he should provide a nice layer of depth to the position initially.

Read about Adams here.


108th Overall – Vince Biegel, EDGE, Wisconsin

The Packers first attempt at addressing the defensive edge via the draft. Biegel has dealt with injuries throughout his career but has shown great potential when healthy. He should compete for snaps with the Packers’ current second-unit edge players, and his reputation has a high-effort guy should serve him well in Green Bay.

Read about Biegel here.

134th Overall – Jamaal Williams, RB, BYU

Another first at a position of need for the Packers. Williams doesn’t bring incredible speed to the offensive backfield, but his decision making abilities in the zone running scheme have received praise. He will add competition to a group that doesn’t have a clear leader.

Read about Williams here.


175th Overall – DeAngelo Yancey, WR, Purdue

The Packers added some speed to their receiving corps by drafting Yancey, possesses great straight-line burst as evidenced by his 4.48 40-yard dash. He’ll no doubt be a bit of a project for Green Bay, and his hands and get-off ability will have to get better in order to break into an already crowded group of Packers receivers.

Read about Yancey here.

182nd Overall – Aaron Jones, RB, UTEP

A more reliable pass-catcher than Jamaal Williams, Jones brings a versatile game with him to the NFL. He is a tough runner who doesn’t go down with soft contact and is no stranger to big plays, as he broke off runs of 40 or more yards in eight different games last year for UTEP. Jones will be an interesting name to keep an eye on in the running back competition.

Read about Jones here.


212th Overall – Kofi Amichia, OL, South Florida

The lone offensive line pick of the Draft for the Packers, Amichia is slotted as an interior lineman despite having played tackle in college. Green Bay had him in for a visit prior to the Draft, and they’ll likely look to experiment with him along the interior.

Read about Amichia here.


238th Overall – Devante Mays, RB, Utah State

The third running back of the Draft for Green Bay. Mays got off to a promising start in 2016 before injuring his knee, after which his game never really recovered. Despite his propensity for actively seeking out extra yardage, he’ll have a heck of a lot to prove if he wants to stick.

Read about Mays here.

247th Overall – Malachi Dupre, WR, LSU

A mid-rounder on most boards, Dupre dropped all the way to the Packers’ final selection. He’s tall (6’2”) but skinny (196 lbs.). He led the Tigers in receiving each of the last two years and has enough speed to be a big play threat when coupled with his favorable height. He’ll likely need to bulk up just a bit, but he’s a great value for the seventh round.

Read about Dupre here.

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Lphill's picture

King , Adams , Biegel and Williams are going to be big contributors this season, Adams is a larger Mike Daniels one scout said he might be one of the best D lineman in the draft . I think TT did a nice job filling needs.

chugwater's picture

I look at the roster holes back in March: TE, OL, RB, CB, EDGE

Between free agency and the draft TT has given MM enough chess pieces to compete for a Super Bowl. That's all you can ask from a GM.

Bottom Line: There are some areas where we are thin, but overall there are no glaring holes. The ball is in MM court.

HankScorpio's picture

Agreed that there are thin spots but no glaring holes--of course depending on the newcomers (vet and rook) panning out to some degree.

I'd like to see a bit more competition in the OL and LB rooms but I think they have enough to get by for this year.

GB Jacker's picture

15 new bodies in between free agency and the draft (plus the 1-3 UDFAs who will no doubt make an impact). That's a big deal.

I think we learned from the Atlanta defeat - we needed help in the back end and RB (Freeman and Coleman were huge for ATL). Now we hopefully have a backfield committee and a deeper/stronger DB room.

Looking forward to seeing who does well at camp, hope to hear rave reviews about King and Jones. Always nice to track the UDFAs too. Who will be this years Brice/Allison?

al bundy's picture

I give the draft a C. 3 running backs with a huge need at linebacker and pass rushers. Wow they really do over rate Mathew's pass rushing skills.

al bundy's picture

Changed my mind. Pack got an A Plus rating. On second thought We may end up with the best running game this team has had in a long time versatility wise with power and speed backs. I don't like Michael s, just not talented. Our third guy probably will be cut too.
I could see Monty going to slot more, less or no running?

Dzehren's picture

Yes. All RB's are gone except #88. 88 can play WR/ RB? 3rd down back
#88 can't carry the load with recent injury history. missed 10 games in 15 and almost half of 16'

Scott Francois's picture

Thompson really had not much to do with this draft. He is just a figurehead now. Too many good decisions being made these days with the team.

chugwater's picture

How in the world did it get 5 likes?

marpag1's picture

And you are basing this judgment on what, exactly?

Somedumbname's picture

I believe it was sarcasm.

HankScorpio's picture

The Day 3 skill position players would be doing themselves a big favor to introduce themselves to Ron Zook early and inquire about getting a shot at returns.

Micah Hyde is gone. The Packers would probably prefer not to use Cobb. That may extend to Montgomery, too, depending on how snaps at RB shake out. Having the confidence of the coaching staff to return punts/kicks is a nice checkmark on the "pros" side of debates for final roster spots.

hodge555's picture

I expect they'll give Davis another shot at returns, or maybe Michael. I think it'll be their best shot at remaining on the roster.

marpag1's picture

I suspect that Michael may be returning kicks for some other team.

dobber's picture

One of these guys isn't going to make it out of camp healthy. That's just the way it is with RB, so it might save Michael's skin. Michael is like Lazarus...he's washed out a couple times, but keeps popping back up. I would have been fine going into the season with Monty, Michael, Williams, Jones and Rip...and don't forget Joe Kerridge is on the roster at FB, too.

ottscay's picture

"The 2017 NFL Draft has come and gone, with the Packers selecting nine players to bring to camp."

10 players. ;)

Chris Wanless's picture

Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out, oversight on my part!

alvinator's picture

Draft and free agency definitely helped needs in defensive backfield and got some RB's. How about signing some UFDAs to help at linebacker like Boulware out of Clemson.

zekester's picture

As a longtime Ted Basher I have to admit the Packers 2017 draft looks very the fact the defensive problems were addressed with the first 4 premium if Dom Capers can get it together and use the talent provided to its potential and produce a top 10 defense this could be a very fun/exciting Super Bowl winning year...GO PACK!!

al bundy's picture

Ya I'm anti Ted too but the analyst gave him an a plus so I'm going with this is a good group and pass rushers in free agency. I have to admit this is a better team right now then last year.

Since '61's picture

6 offensive picks after 4 defensive picks. I would have thought the Packers would have picked up another pass rusher in round 5 or 6. My guess is that TT will focus on defense with this year's crop of UDFAs. Overall a good off-season for the Packers so far. 2 starting caliber TEs, a starting guard, and probably a starting CB from FAs. Two possible starting DBs, a rotational DL and a rotational edge player, plus at least one rotational RB and depth at WR. Not a bad haul so far for the Packers. Too soon to tell how it all works out but I think it's a very good job by TT and his staff. We'll see what the UDFAs bring. Thanks, Since '61

al bundy's picture

I'll eat crow. I was thinking C grade due to not seeing more pass rush but one analyst gave the pack an A plus. Running backs are excellent and the two d backs may be best in the draft. They liked the DT as well.
Ted can probably find some pass rush in free agency. Not sure of the receiver though but we got receivers. Ya could be a pretty solid group. I see Michael and Jackson being cut.

Dzehren's picture

michael jackson and crockett are gone. #88 may fo back to WR after week 4

chugwater's picture

There's no shame in sticking with your C assessment if it's based on sound information and reason. Just because one analyst gave it an A+ doesn't mean this class won't ultimately end up being a bust.

Drafts on paper can humble even the best GMs after a few years.

marpag1's picture

With the draft not even one day over, I've already seen "grades" ranging from A-plus to C-minus. It just goes to show how little attention we really ought to give to grades.... really, none at all.

Bring on the games. Then we'll see.

dobber's picture

I think the key point is that there are 4-5 guys in this draft group that are going to play significant snaps pretty early on. Hopefully they play well. Right now, draft grades are mostly a function of "did you pick players I liked?"...and "did you address what I thought your needs were?" More self-aggrandizing media/draftnik stuff.

slit's picture

Would have preferred Jaleel Johnson in the 3rd, over Adams, and Mack or McNichols in the 4th, over Williams. I actually like Aaron Jones to be starting by midseason. Other than that, this is the happiest I've been about a draft in many years.

Bearmeat's Phantom Downvoter's picture

Best offseason in a long time. Not that that's saying much as a Packers fan under TT/MM. But hey, I'll take whatever I can take. Judicious use of FA: Bennett, Kendricks, Evans. And, at first blush, an excellent draft.

Now the secondary, OL, RBs, WRs and DL are in excellent shape talent and depth-wise. I'm still concerned about the LB core. Especially pass rush once CM3 and Perry get hang nails and are out for a month each again.

Other than that, the roster looks set to rock. Game on. Ball is in your court, MM. Take Titletown to #14!

chugwater's picture

I'm excited to see Nelson, Cobb, Adams, Allison, Bennett, and Kendricks just go to town on some of these defenses.

End of draft to second weekend in September is sooooo long.

RCPackerFan's picture

Overall I really like this draft. I think they have players that will be key role players very early. And players that could get bigger roles as the season goes on.

Players that I think will contribute very early will be King, J Jones, Biegel, and Williams. I think as the season goes on A Jones will get more playing time as will Adams and perhaps a surprise player like Yancey.

One thing I know for sure is the preseason will be fun to watch. That will be true especially with the battle at RB.

Bearmeat's Phantom Downvoter's picture

Yeah. There's no doubt the team got a LOT deeper at pretty much every position of weakness. This is a better team (on paper) than the ones that went into 2015 and 2016.

RCPackerFan's picture

With the depth they also created a lot of competition. For example, drafting 2 WRs really is going to force Janis, Davis and even Allison to step up their play.

What I like about this year the most is they did go into free agency before the draft and it allowed them add a lot of depth just about everywhere.

packrulz's picture

I liked the trading down, I thought this draft had more value in the mid rounds. I also liked the emphasis on speed, the Pack was exposed as slow on both sides of the ball last year. I was puzzled why TT selected 3 running backs, (since they pass 75% of the time), in round 7 I was hoping for another edge rusher or ILB, but it's not a big deal. Williams should be a good power back on the Tundra in Dec.

Nick Perry's picture

I'm not sure what happened after the 4th round, I was totally expecting Thompson to draft at least another OLB and a Guard earlier than they did. I also thought they'd taken a swing at one of the TE in this draft in the later rounds like Hodges who went in the 6th to the Vikings. The Yancy pick had me totally scratching my head since the kid could have been had as a UDFA IMO due to his hands. Dupre in the bottom of 7th made up for Yancy though. The QB position at LSU was absolutely putrid so I think they scored big time with him that late.

All in all a pretty damn good draft though. The secondary is going to be MUCH better in week one and even better by week 17 with experience. As much as I wanted TJ Watt, I like King AND Beigel better. Adams is going to be a stud inside for the Packers. One publication had him as the #1 one tech and #4 three tech player in the draft. Daniels will help with any questions about his motor. Bottom line is if I need to go to the 5th or 6th round to knit pick a draft choice, Ted did his job. The WHOLE offseason addressed the Packers needs.

Thanks to ALL the CHTV writers who do a remarkable job ALL the time, before AND after a draft. Just looking at the amount of work done leading up to and after the draft is unbelieveable! Hopefully people can see that before opening their mouths to criticize! Thank you!!

stockholder's picture

I would have taken a shot at Butts. A top 50 player before injury. He was great for mi. And when you look at the contracts expiring. Forget the Wrs. We've carried 4 Te's before. I just figure TTs math didn't add up here.

Nick Perry's picture

Me too, and they could have had him if they used the Williams pick on him. The Packers needed a RB (or 3) and I imagine Ted figured he's fine at TE for at least the next 2 years. Next season it becomes a much bigger need, so will OLB.

Mojo's picture

NP, I like the Adam's pick too. Thought the d-line needed some juice as they say. The big question on Adam's though is his motor. And this is where having a no nonsense on excuse leader like Daniels comes in.

Hopefully it won't come to it, but if Adams takes plays off watch out for words in the locker room. This is Daniels d-line and he won't take playing next to a scofflaw

stockholder's picture

I think Aron Jones will be his best pick late. Guy does look like Harris before he got hurt.

Rossonero's picture

I haven't felt this good about a draft class since 2009.

Although I wanted Derek Rivers (DE who went to New England) and Samaje Perine (RB who went to Washington), I'm very pleased with Vince Biegel and Jamaal Williams.

I think one thing that's being forgotten is that we drafted Dean Lowry and Kyler Fackrell last year. Ted saw the departures of Datone Jones and Julius Peppers coming. It's really up to those guys and Jayrone Elliott to step up.

marpag1's picture

The two that "got away" in my opinion are Dorian Johnson (guard, PIT) and Carl Lawson (edge, AUB). They just happened to go back-to-back at 115 and 116. I know Lawson's medical might be bad, but I think I might have taken either of those guys over Biegel (although I can't really complain about Biegel, I guess).

Overall, though, I agree. I like the draft.

dobber's picture

I just don't think Lawson is a good fit for the 3-4. He's played in space some, but he's more of a natural "hand in the dirt" guy. Add his injury issues and athletic limitations...

marpag1's picture

I'd probably see him as an "elephant" type guy. I'll admit he's all hot or cold against the run, though, and not really consistent at anything.

dobber's picture

True, but at what point did the value make him worth the chance?

Nick Perry's picture

One thing is for sure, this is the 6th straight season TT has gone defense with his first pick. In the last 3 seasons alone the Packers have spent 3 first round, 2 second round, and 3 third round picks in the last 3 years. That's 8 picks of the possible 9 picks used on defense. Throw in 4 more forth round choices this defense needs to make a turnaround and NOW!

There's no more excuses. We'll find early if it was the injuries were the reason for Randalls and Rollins poor play or the first 6 weeks of last year BEFORE the injuries was just a sign of things to come. Does Ryan improve this year just like he did last? Do Martinez, Lowry, and Frackrell make the jumps everybody hopes and even expect? Does Clark continue to grow like he did at the end of last season?

The Packers have spent a S*** load of resources on defense. Whatever happens SOMEONE needs to take responsibility. Whether that's Thompson or Capers remains to be seen, but one needs to be accountable. More time and resources isn't a option anymore.

NitschkeFan's picture

Totally agree. Defense has been mediocre year after year after year. With so much of the team's draft capital spent on D, they must perform better.

It is long overdue that someone be held accountable for the lousy defenses the team keeps producing. I am not demanding miracles and a top 5 defense. But Dom or TT (or preferably both) should be held accountable if the defense doesn't at least enter the top third of the league. Is it too much to expect defense playing as a top 10-12 range combined with a usually top 5 offense?

Nick Perry's picture

My thinking exactly. My biggest concern is if Matthews and Perry can stay healthy ALL year. Another would be if Frackrell can take a jump, any jump (I think he will) which allows Matthews to roam. If either of those two get hurt, have to play with a club, the Packers are really thin at OLB.

With the the limited number at OLB I wonder if Thompson doesn't bring in another Veteran or two after some cuts are made. I think this offense can be one of the best under McCarthy.

4zone's picture

I just love the size and physicality of the two new DBs. I'm so sick of playing 10 yards off the line on third and five. We could have the best Safety group out there and if King and House trigger some job security panic in Randall and Rollins we should be much better at CB by the end of the regular season.

If we can't come away with two solid starters and another solid backup out of all these RBs, ouch. Like the potential, now let's see some realization of that potential.

The WRs are a side bar this year. I doubt either makes the team unless Janis AND Davis both get cut. Probably hope to get one or both to PS to develop.

The big guys are both in positions where they don't need to be starters right away. Good depth picks.

Biegel, I think this guy will be a great pick as long as he stays healthy.

Overall Jones and Biegel bring versatility to the roster, especially Jones. We got some hitters in the secondary now. Looks like we gained valuable ground this off season. Maybe TTs best since drafting AR.

Mojo's picture

My favorite pick in this years draft is Josh Jones. He can play in the secondary and with his size and speed fill in as a box safety. Apparently he likes to hit too.

He has moneybacker written all over him. He compares fairly well with Ryan Shazier, just smaller. Obviously not a LB like Shazier, but he can come in on nickle and dime and play the hybrid LB roll, cover TE's and RB's and come down on the run,

There may be a couple of established safeties in front of him but my guess he will play a lot just like Hyde did. The only question does he he have Hyde's acuity.

So you get a great athlete who can cover and play in the box and has size. Love this pick.

As for the rest of the draft, it appears the Pack went with both size and athleticism. For a team lacking both, it works for me,


Mojo's picture

It's only been a day since the draft but here's some of my first impressions:

First pick King: Fast wiry tall CB. Can he get out of breaks on the double-moves quick enough? Can he lay a shoulder in on open field tackles? Those are the things that concern me. Else, his size and speed are intriguing. Certainly will be tough for anyone to go over in tight spaces. Question is will he be able to shadow receivers well enough to make those spaces. If he can, he's a shut-down corner.

Second pick Jones: Athletic upgrade to secondary and box. Great pick.

Third pick Adams: Underachieving d-lineman. Can the Pack light his fire? If so, can help at position without a lot of depth. I'm on board with the gamble.

Fourth pick Biegel: The question on him is whether he has the ability to fend off blockers or be stonewalled at the line. Got a feeling his high motor will be useful on extended plays and chasing plays from behind. Saw a lot of him at Wisconsin and liked what I saw, but NFL is so much tougher. Can he get around blockers in the NFL? If not it won't be for a lack of trying.

Fifth pick Williams: saw him as high as the fifth rated RB to like 20th. Supposedly a between the tackles upright pounder. Came back from knee injuries and performed well. Does better with a lot of carries, which I don't see him getting in GB with their style of offense. Decent but not break away speed. Probably makes the roster as the number two, but I don't see him having much impact unless Ty goes down.

Sixth pick Yancy: Nice size, OK speed. Boundry prospect, which is needed if Jordy plays more in the spot. Should have gone after later cause he would have been there I believe.

Seventh pick Jones: Packers got the football Jones in this draft. Short-quick twitch low to the ground with balance RB, the kind I like. Has a chance to make the roster as a change of pace back, like DuJuan Harris.
Can he block though. We'll see.

Eighth pick Amichia: Seems smart, has the size and played with knee-cap issues last year. Another good athlete type. Prospect they probably could have has as a FA, but you can have only so many people in camp anyway.

Ninth pick Mays: Toss as many in the barrel and see what comes out. RB with potential and looks built like a brick $hithouse. Injuries derailed his last season. Could be one of the surprise RB talents the NFL churns out in late rounds.

Tenth pick Malachi: I'll use his first name in homage to Children of the Corn (slightly different spelling). So how did he slip to nearly FA territory? He was projected as high as the third? Don't know, just take him and ask questions later. Good sized, decent speed, almost 40 inch vertical, nice long-jump and like Yancey another boundry prospect which GB needs. I think he was a five star recruit. No brainer, get a guy with talent and chip on his shoulder with nearly the last pick in the draft,

All in all a lot of athletes. with the money picks on D, where they need it. We'll see if GB can add players in what's left in free agency.

PatrickGB's picture

I think that we are pretty much done picking players for the year. Maybe a cheap FA but that's it. Ted is going to (again) need some cap money for our own FA's next year. Barnett, Adams and Haha and more are coming due. And who knows, maybe even Aarons contract may get looked at?

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