Matthew Bergeron NFL Draft Prospect Profile and Scouting Report

Syracuse Offensive Tackle Matthew Bergeron Scouting Report for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Name: Matthew Bergeron

School: Syracuse

Year: Sr

Position: Offensive Tackle

Measurables: 6’4 7/8 323

General Info:

Born 02/26/00 in Montreal, Quebec, Matthew Bergeron was rated the #2 overall high school prospect in Canada. For his freshman season at Syracuse he played all 12 games with five starts at right tackle, allowing 3 sacks and 17 pressures on the season. In his sophomore season the Syracuse Orangeman started 11 games with three coming at right tackle and the last eight at left tackle where he gave up four sacks and 15 pressures on the season. In the 2021 season Bergeron started every game at left tackle and had his best season to date with just one sack given up and 11 pressures. In the Canadian natives’ final season in New York, Bergeron was a team captain and gave up 5 sacks on 12 pressure while being named second team All-ACC and being invited to the Senior Bowl. The Montreal native was named to the Syracuse Athletic Director’s Honor roll from 2019-2021.

Positional Skills:


The first thing that stands out about Bergeron is his excellent size for a tackle, and his arms pass the minimum threshold at 33 5/8”. He is a sufficient enough athlete to play tackle at the NFL level. He plays with good hand positioning in pass protection, he doesn’t drop his hands. The native of Canada shows solid grip strength - when he latches on to his defender, he is hard to get off. The former Orangeman shows solid footwork on film, that helps in mirroring his man in pass protection. Bergeron is very patient in pass protection, he does not over extend himself or get his shoulders in front of his feet. Bergeron definitely plays to the whistle, keeping his legs driving and usually ends up giving a little extra shove at the end of plays. Bergeron does have some versatility in that he has experience at both left tackle and right tackle, and he even saw some reps at guard at the senior bowl practices. The native of Montreal does a good job on film of keeping his head on a swivel and looking for work. He isn’t asked to pull very often, but when he does, he's effective blocking second level defenders. The versatile tackle also does well on picking up T\E and E\T stunts.


Bergeron’s arms can get a little wide at times and result in holding calls. He needs to learn to keep his arms/hands inside instead of grabbing the outside shoulder pads. The 23-year old does not have the quickest feet and it sometimes shows against more agile pass rushers as he can be beat with fakes. Bergeron does need to do a better job of sinking his hips, and bending at the knees when pass blocking.  He tends to get too high in his stance and he can get pushed back by defenders that can get low and under his pads. The two-year starter at left tackle is not a dynamic athlete. Bergeron can also open the gate a little too soon at times, allowing his defender to get an edge on him.


Fit with the Packers:

Matthew Bergeron would be a good fit for Green Bay if the Packers wanted to go a certain way with their offensive line. While he started for about two and a half years at left tackle, playing in the Packers zone blocking scheme Bergeron would be a better fit at right tackle since he lacks some foot quickness. So, if Brian Gutekunst felt like Zach Tom was his left tackle of the future and that they could upgrade from Nijman, I could see him drafting Bergeron and letting him sit for a season behind Yosh while he ironed out some of his technical issues. The 23-year old Bergeron has the potential to be a better Nijman if he cleans up his arm placement and anchor. He is already a good run blocker and he has the size, strength, and demeanor to be a very good right tackle/swing tackle. He could learn to play some guard as well.


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Leatherhead's picture

February 27, 2023 at 06:36 pm

Thank you for this. In simulation after simulation, Bergeron comes up as a Day 2 tackle. Consensus puts him at 62, late in the second round. If we're picking at 78, and he's still on the board, and we haven't built up the line yet, he'd be on a short list, IMO.

I'd be skeptical of the Syracuse connection; I don't believe they have much of a history of offensive linemen in the pros.

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jannes bjornson's picture

February 28, 2023 at 06:21 am

Syracuse had a good squad the past few years. Bergeron may slip to the upper third rd. Fills the RT profile. The Syracuse running game connection goes back to Jim Brown and Ernie Davis; Moose Johnston, Joe Morris, Larry Csonka, Jim Nance ...Sean Tucker is the RB this year. A 4.35 guy and he knows the passing game. Somebody had to Block for them. He will square up the bull rush guy. Bergeron is another guy supposedly falling to the third. He is the guy who faced the Clemson edge guys. If they just select a Football Player, they won't blow another pick in rd 3.

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PackyCheese500's picture

February 27, 2023 at 07:28 pm

Why do we need another Tackle when we have Tom and Nijman, and behind them Walker and Jones (and also Jenkins if necessary)? If anything, we need to upgrade the IOL, particularly C.

Personally, I would give Myers at least one more year, though, because last year was basically his rookie season. That doesn't mean we can't draft another C.

3 points
jannes bjornson's picture

February 28, 2023 at 06:23 am

There is too much projection with those guys. Get a blue chip to hold the position. Get better.

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UdderApocowlipse's picture

February 28, 2023 at 07:36 am

I always thought Harrison Bergeron would be a good NFL Left Tackle.

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PeteK's picture

February 28, 2023 at 09:47 am

He needs to take his cap off for that to happen. :)

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