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Mark Murphy: Packers, Aaron Rodgers Have Made Progress Towards New Contract

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Mark Murphy: Packers, Aaron Rodgers Have Made Progress Towards New Contract

-- Despite being signed through the 2019 season, the Green Bay Packers have made their intentions clear: they want to get an extension with quarterback Aaron Rodgers inked in the coming months.

In a market for quarterbacks that continues to ascend, team president Mark Murphy said on Tuesday that both parties -- Rodgers' agent and the Packers' negotiating crew spearheaded by Russ Ball -- have made progress towards an inevitable deal, according to Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

"We've had discussions with his representative," Murphy said. "I have a lot of confidence in [Brian] Gutekunst and Russ and Aaron as well. We want to create a win-win."

Murphy and other members of the Packers' contingent sans senior advisor to football operations, Ted Thompson, are at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. G.M. Brian Gutekunst and coach Mike McCarthy are both scheduled to speak on Wednesday.

The Packers signed Rodgers to a five-year, $110 million dollar extension in the spring of 2013 that made him the highest-paid player in the league. His per-season salary was also the highest in NFL history at the time, however, now ranks him as the eighth highest-paid quarterback in the league.

Rodgers' figures set him at $22 million per year, but he earns $20.5 million in 2018 and $21.1 million in 2019 under his current deal, according to Spotrac.

Ball has his work cut out for him this offseason. The Packers have $16.4 million in cap space at the moment, and that will likely be the figure they carry into the new league year which begins on March 14. That's also when free agency commences, and the Packers are expected to be more active on the market.

"That stuff usually takes care of itself," Rodgers said in June of last year at OTAs, foreshadowing his future deal. "When it comes to setting the market values, I let that stuff take care of itself. I know my value in this league and I know the team appreciates me. I'm going to continue to make myself an indispensable part of this roster. When you do that, when your time comes up to get a contract, you usually get a contract extension."

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo recently signed a five-year, $137.5 million contract that made him the highest-paid player in the league. His salary only eclipsed $48.7 million guaranteed, whereas Rodgers' certainly has the capacity to surpass $100 million in guaranteed cash.

There's a good chance the Packers wait until they're able to see the deals Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins strike in free agency, as both are expected to cash in. 


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Hematite's picture

The amount of money being handed out to these quarterbacks is truly mind boggling.
The greed is sickening.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Although universally reported as $22M AAV, it should be noted that AR has not and will not earn that much. Through 2017, AR's AAV so far has been $17.65M. If he plays 2018 under the current deal, that would increase to about $18.3M AAV. Just check with OTC or Sportrac and you will find that AR never hits more than a $21M cap hit.

I don't believe there is a way to find a "win-win" if the AAV is in the area of $30M to $32M, at least not using a conventional huge signing bonus structure. Perhaps in a later post I'll write about why that is so and suggest one or two different structures that the cap wizard, Russ Ball, might use.

4thand1's picture

Maybe Philly has paved the way for the future. A team can sign a shitload of FA's and stay under the cap if it doesn't have to pay a QB 25 to 30 mil a year. Look at teams with great success over the last several years, in the playoffs without a QB taking a big cap hit. AR is going to get a huge deal and it will affect how this team goes forward. NE is the exception and nobody knows how they do it.

The TKstinator's picture

I think a supermodel spouse is one factor.

(That’s why my wife is so lucky to have ME.)

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Wow, done laughing and choking. Your wife is lucky to have you even if you're butt-ugly.

The TKstinator's picture

Heh heh
Now we’re getting closer to the truth.

billybobton's picture

? seriously? they sign free agents including big name splash players
they cut flawed but high round draft choices
they trade players before they tank

green bay not only does not do any of that they resign players teddie drafted to contracts far beyond need or talent....excluding AROD

Cubbygold's picture

Not saying Rodgers needs to do this. He's welcome to treat this as his job and the league as a business. If he does I won't fault him.

However. Who are the teams that have been consistently good in recent history? The ones who have good QBs who aren't paid above average for the position. Seattle, Pitt, NE.

There will about 20 QBs paid more than Brady this year.

12 can do what he feels is best for him and his family, I get that. But if he wants championships he has to take a team friendly deal. If not, GB has to treat this like a business move and look at all the available options.

stockholder's picture

The guy is single. No family. Child support is one thing. Being greedy is another. The commercials just add more frosting to the cake. The goal is the super-bowl and ring. I don't expect him to be a charity case. But there are other needs on this team! You know the money is not coming back to the packers if he can't keep the star on the door. He's got this team depending on HIM! WE depend on him. I sure don't like paying for a Name. I want a trophy and winning. A-rod has got paid. He has performed with greatness. But the guys that come back to the packers want to win. Lets not lose sight of that.

John Kirk's picture

Dak Prescott makes less than 700k a year. Elliott also on rookie deal.

Eagles have Wentz on rookie deal.

Hard to compete when you're 30 mil heavier on a single player.

Next CBA has to address the QB to cap ratio. It's ruining the quality of the sport. It's such an issue that it makes the idea of trading Aaron not so crazy where it should be.

BTW, I hate that Mark Murphy is speaking to this issue. He's truly becoming our Jerry Jones. Loved it when he was absentee landlord.

stockholder's picture

Fans are in denial. You may be right. Favre ending up with the Vikings; ripped fans and management apart. The media would be all over this if A-Rod ended up playing for the Vikings too. Murphy would lose his job this time. And with no future STARTER ready to take over. They must pay him, and his agent knows it. They were willing to pay Favre 20 million to retire a Packer. Chicken Feed is cheap in greenBay, and so are the CHICKENS.

Handsback's picture

One issue that doesn't seem to be on the table is the rehab for Rodger's shoulder. One source (Ask Vic), one opinion, viewers should read and come to your own conclusions.

"Question from Giuseppe from Byron, WI
Can you kindly go back and answer Aaron from Indiana with the wise insight he requested, instead of a wise-you-know-what answer? That is, if Packers were to franchise Rodgers, what are the pitfalls and benefits, in your opinion, of going down this route?
You really need this spelled out, huh? My answer didn't give you a strong idea of where I stand on this? OK, here it is: The Packers have two more years before they have to do anything. The last information they had on Aaron Rodgers' recovery is not good. What's the rush? I don't regard hard feelings to be a pitfall. Football is not a feel-good game. It's a rugged business, and that's it's charm. I see no pitfall, only the benefit of taking their time to make sure they get it right."

Reading that his recovery is not good makes me think that that maybe Green Bay needs to think QB much sooner than later and any long term contracts should only be considered with marked improvement in his rehab.

John Kirk's picture

My read on this is first, and I hate having to do this because I'm not a Vic fan, is he's right. Packers have to do...nothing. Waiting two years is the best possible road short of Aaron giving them a Brady hometown discount.

As for the "alarming" comment on Aaron's shoulder... No way the team has seen him since the end of the season, so it's not like his shoulder didn't get better in the 2 months since. I'm guessing the last time they looked at it was after the Carolina game when the decision was made to IR him again. Sure, at that time, it probably didn't look very good. We all saw him playing at about 75% in the Panthers game. Arm strength was nothing like usual.

There's no way this regime doesn't sign him to a long term deal regardless of shoulder issues or anything else.

I'm all about drafting a QB in this draft, even at 14. Our guy is not indestructible and he isn't going to get less injury prone as he ages. Plus, we have nothing behind him, so it's time to get something.

dobber's picture

"I'm all about drafting a QB in this draft, even at 14. "

For a long time, I thought this was a bad idea...but over the last month or so, I've started to shift in this direction. It would truly be a BPA pick (as you have said yourself, John). This is in part why I would like to see the Packers wait until after the draft to finish their dealings with ARod: if a QB they really like makes it to #14 (or maybe close enough that a trade-up is realistic) and the Packers pull the trigger, it could completely change how they approach QB1. Is it possible that ARod could become sullen or contentious if they took a QB that high? Yes. But he has that reputation for rising to his best when he's angry and/or feels slighted.

The question then becomes: which QB could make it to #14 that would cause the Packers to pull the trigger?

Colin_C's picture

Which QB indeed? It honestly wouldn't surprise me if Gute does go with one early, if nothing else than to have a injury contingent plan in place for Rodgers that isn't named Brett. I haven't watched much QB film, but I'm a big fan of both Mayfield and Allen. I love Baker's competitive toughness and leadership, plus he's been arguably the most consistent QB on the field in the draft. Allen though is something else! I watched him take a direct shot from a LB, and throw off the would-be tackler like nothing happened. He also has the strongest arm I've ever seen. Not always super accurate, but he also wasn't throwing to a talented WR group than could separate much. If Allen could sit behind 12 for a few years, watch out.

stockholder's picture

CC: I can't believe they take a QB @14. Yes the need is there. ( Need equals FA. ) Cleveland is not impressed by any yet. That says a lot. Mayfield should be gone, and won't sit behind A-Rod well. Allen is the best chance @14. BUT= Look at the Game against Iowa. (UTUBE.) To much work! Thats why he's dropping. My favorite is Rudolph. pocket passer, better arm on downfield throws. His targets are at the top of everyones draft board. Mocked to to Buffalo now. I believe Rudolph will go before Allen. THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING. WILL THE PACKERS TRADE DOWN HERE. TAKE RUDOLPH. OR ALLEN @14. MY FEELING IS ALLEN MAYBE IN FOR A A-ROD FALL.

dobber's picture

"Cleveland is not impressed by any yet. That says a lot. "

Cleveland is sitting at #1 and #4 which raises the bar by a long shot over #14...

worztik's picture

I just rewatched a replay of the Senior Bowl and there were a couple QBs that could wing it!!! The dude from WKU, White I believe, threw a really nice ball... hard and accurate!!! Then there’s Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State... and I’m not even mentioning the top 5-6 as the “EXPERTS” view them!!! Josh Allen will probably be gone at #14 but, I really like his size and arm strength, while his accuracy may be a question mark. (Didn’t appear that way to me!) I was all on the CB train as our first pick but, I’ve changed my mind!!! I think we need to draft AROD’s “successor” high this year, even if it means trading up to get our GUY!!! AROD can’t be “replaced” but, he can and should have a really good SUCCESSOR!!! We need to rethink our priorities and see what all of our current #1 picks on D can do with some great coaching that probably wasn’t there prior to this coming season! Many here won’t like my idea that I’ve just proposed; why should they? But, keep in mind what happened last year... it could happen again sooner than anyone thinks!!!

dobber's picture

When was this posted? I have a hard time believing that unless he re-injured the shoulder against Carolina that he's having any meaningful problems except maybe Danic-itis.

John Kirk's picture

It was posted 6 days ago. 2/22

Here's the original question and answer from 2/19:

Aaron from Indiana

Q: Vic, you recently mentioned one route for the Packers would be to franchise Rodgers. I had also thought that would be an interesting possibility. If they did this, however, it would probably sour relations between Rodgers and the Packers. What are the pitfalls and benefits, in your opinion, of going down this route?

A: Wait a minute, I'll get my violin.

dobber's picture

"A: Wait a minute, I'll get my violin."

Hah! Love it...

dobber's picture

I, for one, want this to go past the draft. I would rather see the majority of their player procurement for 2018 happen before the Packers make their future commitment to #12...if they choose to do so.

Tundraboy's picture

Exactly, And why did Murphy even say anything at all. I fail to see any point in divulging this now.

Cubbygold's picture

probably to project that all is good in packer world and that 12 is being taken care of. The media got really excited when Rodgers commented that he wasn't consulted about the QB coach getting replaced (or whoever that was) and I bet this was just a response to that.

What would suck is if they're putting all of their efforts into this contract and aren't going to take any action until this is finalized. Would explain why they didn't even consider a trade for Marcus Peters

Tundraboy's picture

Exactly my fear, Also strategically telegraphs to the league that we may up his salary now and as a result have little left for FA.

dobber's picture

Probably because a reporter stuck a recorder in his face and asked him the status of #12s negotiations. No answer or no comment would mean that he's either completely uninvolved (which would look bad for the guy who has installed himself at the top of the food chain). that they weren't going well, or that they aren't happening at all.

Saying that they've had communication and that they were progressing seems the lesser evil non-answer to me. Even with this non-answer there's no real information here.

Since '61's picture

Dobber - your comment is spot on as usual. If anything the Packers have probably had very preliminary discussions with Rodger's agent. The Packers have no reason to rush into anything until after FA and the draft at the earliest. I suspect that Rodger's next contract won't be finalized until we're into the 2018.

As for Rodgers recovery we are still 5 months from training camp. Unless we hear different from a creditable source we can expect Rodgers to have a full recovery. Thanks, Since '61

worztik's picture

Good point... I agree wholeheartedly!!!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I've always assumed that the extension would wait until mini-camp so the team can at least see him throw, and probably not until some time during training camp. But then, I got derided for wanting Davante to clear concussion protocol before shipping $18M to him. That's all good, I suppose since he indeed did clear protocol.

TXCHEESE's picture

He didn't hurt his shoulder, he broke his collar bone. Any strength lost would be a matter of some atrophy due to lack of activity. I broke my collar bone twice within a year and didn't have a shred of shoulder problems.

They can afford to pay Rodgers, they just need to renegotiate the high dollar ones they have, or convert some of his salary to bonus once Jordy's, Cobb's and Matthew's contracts have expired. As far a drafting a QB, I can't see drafting one at #14. There is too much of an opportunity to get a player that can contribute immediately, hopefully on the defensive side of the ball.

John Kirk's picture

The extension for Rodgers, if Brian has his way... It's coming this off-season:

flackcatcher's picture

Frankly, I wish Murphy would shut up and let Gut do his job. Dealing with Ball and McCarthy's egos can put a strain on anyone. They need to work this out, for this year for the front office to work. Besides, until the new roster is set, the Packers will not have a path on which Rodgers contracts talks can start. Next off season is the correct route.

dobber's picture

I think we need to get used to it. Prior to the 'reorganization' of management, he was a non-factor for football information. He had next to nothing to share with the media on that front so they didn't to to him for football info. Now he's injected himself into the football side of things and established himself with the media. They won't leave him alone until he proves that he's got nothing for them.

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