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Luke Getsy's return unconventional, but significant for Aaron Rodgers, Packers

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Luke Getsy's return unconventional, but significant for Aaron Rodgers, Packers

-- A year after ties were presumably severed between Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers with the removal of his quarterbacks coach, Alex Van Pelt, the Green Bay Packers have -- for now -- found a way to create a strong foundation with the quarterback's new head coach.

Rob Demovsky of ESPN reported Monday night that the Packers are once again bringing aboard Luke Getsy, the former wide receivers coach, to work with Rodgers in Van Pelt's old role.

The Packers had a keen eye on Getsy, but they needed to find a way to lure him away from Mississippi State where he served as the Bulldogs' offensive coordinator in 2018. It was believed that Getsy would've remained with the program for the foreseeable future, however, an opportunity to work with Rodgers may have been too good to pass up.

Almost a year to the day, the Packers opted not to renew Van Pelt's contract, leading him to become a quarterbacks coach for the Cincinnati Bengals. He formed a substantial bond with Rodgers after the two had worked together exclusively for four seasons.

Getsy previously served as the Packers' offensive quality control coach for two seasons before coaching the team's wide receivers coach in 2016. He was instrumental in the early development of Davante Adams, whose career has been on a well-documented upswing ever since that season, which was his third in the league.

Above all else, Rodgers and Getsy get along. The two are familiar with each other and have shared mutual success during Getsy's initial tenure. He replaces Frank Cignetti Jr., who never cemented himself as a vital part of the coaching staff by any stretch of the imagination in his lone 2018 campaign.

The Packers' hiring of Getsy is somewhat unconventional given their recent decisions to part ways with former assistants from the McCarthy era. Rather than straying away from someone with ties to McCarthy, they chose to venture backward and do the opposite.

It isn't unconventional, though, that they elected for a young, offensive-oriented coach. Getsy is only 34 years old, falling under the youth movement set forth by new head coach Matt LaFleur.

The relationship between Getsy and Rodgers will not only keep Rodgers' happy, but he likely had a part in swaying Getsy to return to Green Bay. A sociable influence with a track record of meshing well with Rodgers -- both have spoken highly of each other in the past -- is an essential hire for LaFleur's staff.

"Fortunately, I got to be there first as a quality control, and got to, what I would think, establish myself and let people believe in me," Getsy told The Clarion-Ledger last year. "When you have a guy like Aaron Rodgers who believes in you, I think that helps. That, for sure, was a big step to overcome when I first got there. Aaron and I are the same age, and I mean, I'm in the quarterback room every day. So that part of it was big."

While the falling out between McCarthy and Rodgers may have stemmed from the incident involving Van Pelt well before the 2018 season even began, 2019 -- the first under LaFleur -- is off to a promising start with some of the additional hires that have been made to this point.

Getsy's may have been the most significant.

"I really enjoyed my time with [Rodgers]. I was truly lucky and truly blessed to have an open dialogue with him," Getsy said. "We grew close and it truly was a blessing to be where I was. He's a great teammate, a great friend and he is a really good man. He truly is.

"I think he is reserved enough that people may think he kind of turns people off, but, no, he's energetic, he's enthusiastic, he's charismatic, he's hilarious. He's got a lot going for him."


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Fantastic news! The Pack is on an upwards swing and I am optimistic!

Lare's picture

I agree, in his previous time as a position coach in Green Bay Getsy proved he was very effective at getting the WR's to improve, something that was sorely lacking this season with the younger WRs.

That said, this article seems to suggest that Getsy was hired solely to cater to Aaron Rodgers. While that plays well with a certain crowd, I think it's more accurate to say that every Packers QB will need all the coaching help they can get this year to learn a new offensive system as quickly as possible. And Getsy has shown he has the ability to do that. Would also be nice to see some improved play from the Packers backup QB's, that's something we haven't seen in quite a while.

porupack's picture

Excellent comment Lare

LeotisHarris's picture

"That said, this article seems to suggest that Getsy was hired solely to cater to Aaron Rodgers."

That's true, Lare, but it's just Zach stringing together a collection of his assumptions to suggest that point. I think your comments are level-headed and spot on. I think this was a good hire.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I bet Rodgers likes him and BG and MLF think Rodgers will listen to him.

Rak47's picture

This was actually a great hire. I called it back on the 17th when they first reported the Pack was interested in Getsy. I had a strong feeling at that time it was for the QB coach position and not WR coach. Being a former record setting QB himself is only going to help Getsy and Rodgers in the film room and on the field.

LeotisHarris's picture

Rak, that's really only a 5-day window on the call. Even a blind squirrel finds an nut once in a while.

Can you reach out further with your powers of prediction? What kind of success to you foresee for Tim Boyle?

Rak47's picture

Sorry Leotis, I actually have to wait for it to be actually reported there's interest, Like it was first reported about Getsy on the 17th. I don't have a Crystal ball and cannot see into the future. However it was thought during the first reports that he was being brought in as a WR coach. I posted on the thread on the 17th, I didn't think so but thought it would be QB coach instead, I just happened to be correct. Maybe a blind squirrel will find a nut at times but when he's the only one finding it, it's not luck. Don't hate appreciate!

The TKstinator's picture

Where do you predict interest rates are headed, oh Great Seer? Share your gift!!

LeotisHarris's picture

I feel you, Rak. And certainly no hate intended, friend. I'll dial back my expectations for your prognostications knowing there's only heightened sense of reality involved, not true clairvoyance.

But please remember, going forward, punctuation can kill! Let's eat grandma, and let's eat, grandma proves that point time and again. Don't hate, appreciate!

Rak47's picture

Lol, I posted without my glasses on and without them commas and periods look the same to me. But yeah, I gotcha Leotis. :-}

OldPacker's picture

Smart Move !

Skip greenBayless's picture

I honestly do not know what to think of this latest hire. Is Getsy playing the enabler role, the cool substitute teacher who gives the student an "easy day" or is he the type of coach who is going to actually coach Rodgers when he screws up or purposely defies orders like we all know he did under McCarthy. Unfortunately this looks like to me they hired the cool substitute teacher that Rodgers really really likes. Nothing has changed my mind with the head coach hiring or any of these assistants. This is all about catering to Aaron Rodgers just as I hoped they wouldn't do. Rodgers still controls this team. He's actually gained more power since the MM firing.

Dash -

Packer_Pete's picture

Couldn't agree more Dash...

TheVOR's picture

I've kind of always thought similar things, Aaron has been so good in so many areas, it's almost like nobody seems to have to coach him. But think about stuff like ball handling, hiding the football on drop backs, small stuff that buys a minute edge in this game of fractions of a second is a big deal. Old footage of Steve Deberg, and the way he handled the football was astounding. He never had the talent Aaron has overall, but man Deberg had no equal in ball handling skills.

DeBerg: "In my mind I was trying to imagine that I was trying to make the ball disappear right in front of the defense's eyes. That's really kind of magic."

DeBerg mastered the arcane art of the play-action pass and that skill helped him stay in the NFL for 18 seasons -- until the age of 45.

Demon's picture

The only one even on the same planet with DeBerge for play action ball handling was Boomer Esiason. Too bad everything else Esiason did sucked.

TheBigCheeze's picture

hey Dash....not sure why you get all those're one of the few commenters who actually makes sense.....

kevgk's picture

Because its jumping to tremendous conclusions. I don't know how you look at bringing a good friend of the QB to fill a needed position since last year as some kind of conspiracy for Rodgers to control the team and appease him like some kind of tyrant. People want to see the worst, nd I don't like being a fan when its both pessimistic and unrealistic.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Hey TheBigCheeze, the fact I make sense is the reason for the dislikes. Taryn called it drinking the Kool-Aid years ago. There's about 3/4 of the people here that would prefer someone lie to them with a smile like someone I won't mention vs someone telling them the truth in a straight forward way like someone I won't mention. It's all about feelings with all these kids on here and we have lots of them believe me. I could come here every day and say the Packers are great and the new head coach is going to take us to the super bowl and "wait and see" and "hope and change" blah blah blah but I have to be true to myself and what I see. Dislikes are the new likes. They are a sign of popularity and respect. More dislikes are actually a good thing. Only the smart ones have caught on to it.


kevgk's picture

What does it matter? Youre just purposely pessimistic in an attemp to sound smart or know something other people dont, but none of us have any power over anything the packers do, regardless of our stock certificates. If you want to hope they crash and burn just for the sake of saying "i told you so!" then I rather drink the cool aid and hope my team does well without getting upset when they dont.

zeke's picture

"Dislikes are the new likes. They are a sign of popularity and respect."

The incel battle cry.

Swigganz's picture

Happy we added someone Rodgers trusts to work with him this season and beyond. Hopefully we can now look to add a quality WR coach, DB coach and ST Coordinator!

Packer_Pete's picture

"Above all else, Rodgers and Getsy get along." - after seeing all the recent coaching staff hires, I am getting a little weary. I really wasn't the biggest fan of Winston Moss, but I think he was spot on - the Packers don't need an offensive guru, but someone who will hold Rodgers accountable. HC, OC, or position coaches. If the Packers are just looking to fill coaching positions with guys "Rodgers is getting along with" - aka "someone who won't stand up to him or even try to reign him in" then this will be the same season as the past one - calling his own plays, holding on to the ball for 10 seconds just for someone to get open 50 yards downfield instead of the easy completion that just moves the chains... I hope I am wrong, but it looks to me there are a bunch of enablers on the staff now. I actually found it ludicrous when MLF said that he got a call from Rodgers, hung up, and a couple minutes later got another call offering him the position - made it pretty clear who is calling the shots at 1265 Lombardi Ave now...

Skip greenBayless's picture

Amen brother.


Tarynfor12's picture

I'm still in wait and see mode until Aug but, I can't wait to see Rodgers change in play style...especially the lining up as a WR and coming off the field all together to run plays like the Saints did with Hill.

Would be hard pressed to think Rodgers didn't have a say in dumping Hill because of that possibility, although, I'd find it hard to think MM would have used those plays. as many here dare you take the ball out of his hands.

NitschkeFan's picture

That gadget play doesn't impress me much. How often does Tom Brady line up as a WR? How often does a very mobile Patrick Mahomes line up at WR? Matt Ryan, Phil Rivers, Russell Wilson? Other than Brees, if the other top QB's line up as a WR on less than 0.1% of the plays, how great a play call is it?

And yes, taking the ball out of Drew Brees' hand (QBR 115 this year, 74% completion rate, 8.2 yds/attempt) to give it to Hill is stupid.

Ezra's Hotdog's picture

When I watched the eagles run the "Philly Special" in the Super bowl my first thought was, there is no way Mike McCarthy would have ever drawn up a play like that.

Oppy's picture

Nobody in the world, including Aaron Rodgers, was thinking that Taysom Hill was going to have any chance of taking snaps away from Aaron Rodgers. You're being ridiculous.

splitpea1's picture

Good news here. A happy quarterback will make for a productive, motivated, and winning quarterback.

Tarynfor12's picture

Brady never seems happy during games and....look what he gets done.

Skip greenBayless's picture

That's because Josh McDaniels is not a Brady enabler and probably the reason Aaron Rodgers didn't want him as the head coach. It's all about making Aaron Rodgers as happy as can be. The Packers are going all out on the Make Aaron Rodgers Happy Again tour and they have succeeded in that regard it seems with all these young enabling coaching hires. Will it translate into super bowls like Tom Brady? No, but who cares. We all should just want to do everything to MAKE AARON RODGERS HAPPY AGAIN!!


Tarynfor12's picture

Brady has as many Super Bowl appearances as Rodgers has playoff wins...9.
Making Rodgers happy certainly is fruitful.

Skip greenBayless's picture

it is fruitful Taryn I agree. I can only speak for myself but I personally would prefer seeing Aaron Rodgers smile and laughing on the field in a loss than him winning a game and having a big shovel on his face. This is why I like what the front office is doing with all these hires trying to MAKE AARON RODGERS HAPPY AGAIN!!


porupack's picture

Dash, on this site, it's more relevant to comment or critique the coaches than speculate on soap opera like drama and intentions. How about making a valid critique of Getsy, what weakness if any; would add a lot of value to your comments. Otherwise, just making conclusions on a few comments and appearances doesn't really get much respect on this site, nor thumbs up.

I will let all new coaches prove their approach and judge on results at multiple levels.

Skip greenBayless's picture

porupack, you do realize the ones who are most respected here like the late John T. Kirk, Taryn and myself are the ones with the most thumbs down right? It's called being honest. People today prefer to be lied too that's why when you hear someone like Kirk, Taryn or myself speak it makes you uncomfortable. You don't know how to deal with it so you simply "dislike" it. It's a sign of respect so the more dislikes I get the more I know people care what I have to say. They look forward to reading what I have to say. Does that make sense to you porupack?

Taryn to me is a legend and I have the most respect for her out of anyone. Kirk was 2nd. He was here only a short time but wow, did he have the impact. Kirk was like Jim Morrison.. I am in awe of both for their accomplishments and contributions at pissing off the herd with truth and straight talk. Nobody does it better than those two. Nobody!!


porupack's picture

Well, no. It doesn't make sense.
1) saying an opinion based on a mere comment Rodgers made how he likes Getsy, and then making this speculated opinion that the organization is all about making Rodgers happy is for you somehow the truth. No, it is not rational.
You may be right. You may be wrong. But you have no way to claim truth yet with no rational evidence to support your claim. But, we certainly hear your opinion, as you have made your speculation quite clear. Jim Morrison was cool though.

2) that thing about thumbs down is your confirmation. Well, that's just bizarre...but it's irrelevant to me how you take feedback. Whatever.

splitpea1's picture

At only $10/month, an Internet music subscription is a great way to expand and improve your musical tastes.

Ezra's Hotdog's picture

So Aaron signs a new deal, the head coach gets fired, many of the assistants are let go, Danica loves him, so that only leaves Trump?

kevgk's picture

Are you literally implying Rodgers didnt want McDaniels as HC? Youre literally making shit up now. You have no idea how these guys coach. For example, MLF gave Mariota hard coaching and he is the Titans' golden boy. MLF is quoted saying Rodgers requested being "coached hard".

Tarynfor12's picture

The word ' probably ' would imply opinion. What exactly is this hard plays, watch more tape, play in the preseason, ask him hard questions etc. How does one know that Rodgers hasn't set that comment up as his excuse...' Well the HC didn't coach me hard enough.' We won't know until we see how the team and especially Rodgers looks come Aug.

Skip greenBayless's picture

"MLF is quoted saying Rodgers requested being "coached hard"."

Well I think JohnnyBlood's ex was heard screaming the same thing as Johnny walked up to the bedroom one day after getting off of work early.

As Taryn said, what does being "coached hard" mean? It could mean "literally" anything.

Literally Dash

Johnblood27's picture

I am Legend...

she said it heading out the door, not as I walked into my own BR...

I would have done time for manslaughter under your scenario...

Skip greenBayless's picture

lol... I hear ya Johnblood. Thanks for having a sense of humor here.


Curt's picture

The goal is to win games and another super bowl before AR hangs it up (and beyond) ---- I'm for whatever makes that happen.

Tarynfor12's picture

We all want to see that but let's not look at 2019 as a wide open window in achieving it. The window is open but I wouldn't bet my fingers resting on the sill that it doesn't slam shut either.

New culture talk is fine but you got to have all the ingredients to make it the first year...we're a tad short there and unless the draft and FA give us those hole fills....' ouch ' maybe the word come again next Jan.

Community Guy's picture

this is a move that i think the Packers got right. having Getsy can add communication between QB, OC and new Head Coach. that may be invaluable. additionally, Getsy will know the MS State guys in the April draft.. i would think that that insider perspective could be very helpful to Mr. Gutekunst's team when evaluating the 2019 Bulldog prospects.

Tundraboy's picture

You betcha.

EricinGB's picture

Lots of speculation and theories posted, but the fact remains, every offensive hire speaks and understands the same offensive language...Matt L. looks to have created a leadership team fully capable of implementing change according to his vision and desired direction. Is this not what the Packers hired Matt to do? Go Pack.

Oppy's picture

I don't understand how so many people who love to spout off about how Vince Lombardi would have run things... are often the same many people who seem to think the Packers should make coaching decisions based on what makes one player happy.

Simply put.. it's THIS type of mindset that would make Lombardi roll over in his grave.

Tarynfor12's picture

I personally couldn't care less how Lombardi would coach the Packers is this era because nobody knows and the constant referencing to it is near moronic. What he did back then is legendary but it has no bearing on today.s game. mentioning him does not give this team a win. If it gives you comfort in your fantasy or blind optimism, knock yourself out. I'll leave it in the memory file where it's only value resides.

Johnblood27's picture

Every move Lombardi made back then might not fly today, but character, integrity and truthful love for your fellow man never fail.

You might learn those lessons some day.


Tarynfor12's picture

Because of my comment about Lombardi you assume I have no character,integrity or truthful love of mankind ....that's pretty lacking of those traits on your part which would justify me saying same about you but I won't. I 'll just take it as an internet insult speak simply because you can but has no merit.

Houndog's picture

"What he (Lombardi) did back then is legendary but it has no bearing on today.s game. mentioning him does not give this team a win. I'll leave it in the memory file where it's only value resides".

I'd have to agree with you Tarynfor12,
But I'm curious about your memory file, how many games did you actually see Lombardi coach?

Tarynfor12's picture

Not many and it doesn't matter...I read many books by people whom I never met nor would be able to meet but I still understand and learned and remember those things as lessons. Most here didn't see live games of Lombardi weekly either,though the make them sound as they do, but most aren't old enough to have or have even really lived through the 70's. There are a couple but most just toss the " What the hell is going on out there" because it's the phrase they know. Besides also, most of what people believe they know of Lombardi is from what they read, they really never became friends or knew the man so personally to say they knew who he was first hand.

Oppy's picture

Taryn, for the record,
I've never once said a damn thing about how Lombardi would do anything, because I agree- it's moronic and pointless. he coached in a completely different era with entirely different forces acting upon the product on the field, and there's more than one way to skin a cat.

PAPackerbacker's picture

If Getsy and Rodgers get along then that's a positive step in the right direction of improving the performance of both Rodgers and the Packers. There must be a lot of confidence in Getsy, bringing him back to Green Bay. Especially since he was once a coach under MM. This should prove to be a good decision by MLF. A good relationship between coaches and players can only lead to better performance.

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