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Lions vs. Packers: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Lions vs. Packers: Game Balls & Lame Calls

Another week, another easy "Game Balls/Lame Calls" piece.  This is officially painful.  

The Green Bay Packers put together their most embarrassing performance since Mike McCarthy became head coach nearly 10 years ago, losing their third-straight game, this time to the previously 1-7 Detriot Lions.  Losing to the Lions in Green Bay after nearly 24 years isn't as shameful as the effort on the field by most of this Packers team after two-straight losses in which they looked lethargic and uninterested in playing football.  When they finally did decide to start playing, there was too much ground to make up and this team is not built nor has the character to play from behind.  This team is lost, folks.  We can cease with the excuses, rationales, the "they just need to".  Right now, the Packers are a bad football team.  That's no hyperbole and that's not anger speaking.  Let the realtiy sink in.  B-A-D football team.  How bad is it?  Everything Skip Bayless is probably saying about this team (I don't follow him nor read his stuff) is probably true.

It all starts with McCarthy and funnels on down to the coaching staff and players.  Over the last three weeks, this team has failed, failed and failed again to rise to the challenge and prove they they're worth fans giving up three hours of their Sunday to watch.  Let's get into the good and the bad.

Game Balls

Justin Perillo

When called upon, Perillo made some big catches and showed up when no one else was making plays on offense.  Perillo caught the late touchdown pass to give the Packers a chance to tie the game with a two-point conversion.  The moment called for someone to rise to the occasion, Perillo answered.  He also made a few other big catches along the way late.  If there is anything, ANYTHING good that came out of today's game, it might be that the Packers have another or a better option at tight end.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Followed up a bad game last week and an appearance on the Lame Calls list with some big tackles today and an interception that, of course, the offense did nothing with.  He's still young and we have to take the good with the bad with HHCD, but at least he made a big play today and led the team in tackles.  He does, however, need a ton of work on his blitzing.  He's awful in that role.

Lame Calls

Everyone else

Sound familiar?  Disagree?  Get on it down in the comments section.  And just so you all know that I'm not just bitter and mailing this one in, here are a few who I'll single out.  I'll be writing to them directly, as I'm sure many of them read this regularity;)

Aaron Rodgers - Son, it's time to get your head on straight and play the game you're good at.  What on earth is going on with you?  Missing wide open receiver after wide open receiver.  You're entering Tiger Woods post 2009 territory, dude.  Fix it fast.

Davante Adams - Nice first half but an unsportsmanlike penalty late and a drop on a play that might have helped turn your season around have earned you a spot in the corner with a dunce cap.  You had a drop in the New England game last year that would have sealed the victory well before it was.  You're a key part of this offense and you need to start stepping up and acting the part.

Mike McCarthy - You're losing this team quickly.  This is supposed to be your team, Michael J, it all falls squarely on your shoulders.  There is no resolve, no fight, no toughness and no fire on this squad.  A squad that had a chance to compete for the ultimate prize.  After today, we can forget about that but the rumblings are coming.  The media and fans are starting to wonder if you have a clue what's going on at 1265 Lombardi Ave.  Worse, other teams no longer fear your team, home or away.  Pretty soon, the respect will be gone as well.

Mason Crosby/Tim Masthay - Abbott & Costello, because what I saw on Sunday was a straight-up joke.  Masthay is a lost cause.  Finish the season and bring someone else in.  Some said Crosby's field goal try was muffed because of a bad hold by Masthay.  If it was, we can single out the red head here.  Otherwise, they both get "L's" on their foreheads.

Pass Rush - There's an Amber alert out on every one of you.  Three games, no sacks.  You can't get it done unless there's a bad snap or the offense does it for you.  Pathetic, weak and L-A-M-E.  I guess the name of this portion of the piece just got a huge bit of validation.

The list doesn't stop there, but I don't have all night to amp up my blood pressure.  Plain and simple, this Packers team is in bad shape.  I'll leave you with an oldie but goodie that sums up my take on this season and this current Packers team.  



Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Cheesehead TV Live, Pulse of the Pack and Pack A Day podcasts.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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Hematite's picture

Watch McCarthy on the sideline.
Look at his face.
Check out his emotion.
Watch the "Mike McCarthy Show" and hear his tired cliche's.
This team is a reflection of Mike McCarthy!

WKUPackFan's picture

And you would prefer a more animated coach? That's working well for Seattle right now. It's highly doubtful that MMs facial expressions or your perception of his emotions on the sideline have any effect on the play on the field.

egbertsouse's picture

Right. But it's his failure to hold anybody accountable for anything, from his drinking buddy asst. coaches to his golden-boy favorite players, that has turned this team to the non-producing travesty it has become.

Dan Stodola's picture

He benched Lacy last week. I would say that's accountability!

Duke Divine's picture

McCarthy has created in Rodgers what Sherman created in Favre. Entitled QB and the rest of you above the team culture. That culture needs to change. He is losing the team. At this rate I see them ruining Favre's retirement the way they are playing. 8-8 or 9-7 seems more likely than 11-5. Can somebody step up and make a play! Why are Linsley, Sitton, and Lang all of a sudden terrible. Two weeks in a row in crunch time Rodgers gets instant pressure up the middle in his face and whooped by a free rush so he can't step into the game changing throw... THe middle of the line blew it in crunch time again. Sure Adams has to attack that ball but if they at least get a hand on that rusher its tied. It starts up front and the Oline is terrible

Razor's picture

Agree, agree, agree!

elisabettabarilla's picture

I've watched the Mike McCarthy show since it first aired, and I agree with you. McCarthy just seems different this year, like he doesn't really even want to be there. I wonder if the death of his younger brother last year has dampened his competitive spirit. Before the season started he said that this year's theme was "Living." He said he meant that life, family life especially, was the most important thing. That's understandable considering the tragedy of his brother's early demise, but it's not exactly inspirational in terms of motivating a professional football team to do battle each and every week.

I wonder if perhaps the McCarthy era has run its course in Green Bay. Maybe the job of head coach should go to a younger, hungrier guy.

WKUPackFan's picture

This falls under the category of pure speculation (which most of you know I abhor) but since it's been brought up I've wondered the same thing. The death of someone close can change a person, at least temporarily.

zoellner25's picture

Perfectly written. No comments necessary.

RCPackerFan's picture

Trying to stay positive...
Desperately trying to...
Man, its hard to stay positive after that game.

Game Balls,
Perillo, Clinton Dix, Jared Abbrederis, Damarious Randall.

You touched on Perillo and Clinton Dix.
I would like to add Abbrederis and Randall to the list. Abbrederis made some big catches all game long. None bigger then his last one down the sideline.

Randall played great most of the game, even after getting hurt during the game. He also came up with the onside kick, which gave them life.

croatpackfan's picture

I agree completely. Abby was the only WR that was able to separate constantly and get open not for foot or half a step, but by wide margin... I hope his ribs will heal quickly (nothing broken!)...
I hope Ha-Ha concussion is not severe, so he will be ready to play next week. We need him a lot! He is the best tackler in this team!

RCPackerFan's picture

What I don't get is why did it take this long to get Abbrederis involved in the offense?

I am just listening to McCarthy's press conference after the game.
His quote "Abby's practiced extremely well, and frankly has been ready to play these last couple of weeks. Just like Justin your excited when a young guy works his way up and works for his opportunity's and goes in a game and makes plays. Makes some big plays in the game. 2 big plays."

Even during the game it took a while for Rodgers to find him.

So if he has practiced well, why has it taken this long to get him involved? And why has it taken Rodgers so long to target him?

I just don't get it.

Razor's picture

McCarthy consistently slow to change. Soon it may be too late.

packersbrewers's picture

He makes some head scratching decisions during the game too. Like I think it was last week or the week before when Starks was the hot hand and instead of continuing to feed him the ball he'd give it to Lacy over and over. It's like WHY??? Or yesterday when Perillo was like the only one to figure out a way to catch consistently he'd take him out and put in Richard Rodgers. WHY????? When your offense is struggling as mightily as they are at least ride the wave of what IS going well until it isn't. Just because a player is labeled the starter does not mean anything when they are doing nothing and someone else is doing something.

I also don't understand why they aren't doing something to help receivers get open. We had this problem last year too and while I could understand not making major adjustments last year since at least our offense wasn't in stall mode, this year I don't get it. They are so stubborn and refuse to make changes and it's like why not do something with your plays or design some new stuff to accommodate the talents of the receivers you do have because what you are doing is clearly not working. At all.

Sometimes he makes so little sense it's hard to understand his thought process. I know he's paid to coach and not be a crazed fan like I am, but sometimes certain things are just obvious. There is being level headed and non over reactive and there is just pure stubborn bone headiness. He is crossing over into the later more often then not.

kerrieques's picture

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ollie418's picture

Lame Calls:



Special Teams

Clock Management

Stop Wasting Time Outs Rogers

Razor's picture

Yes, too slow at the line to get the play off - I think the defense is playing with Rodgers.

lennysmalls's picture

Waking up this morning, it honestly feels no better. You could say, well, we'll fix it, get things cleaned up. Nope. It really feels like the end of an era. The entire system appears broken. From the players -- their lackluster effort, their lack of talent -- to the coaches -- their inability to adjust -- to the front office -- the draft and develop method yielding few superstars. Major changes obviously needed because right now they can't beat ANYONE. About the only silver lining this 2015 season appears to be the rookie Randall. Won't be paying attention next weak, or the following, until major changes are made. I have better things to do than watching a dumpster fire.

Razor's picture

Very well said. I couldn't agree more. Would like to summarize your points and add one:

End of an era
Entire system broken
Lack of talent - players
Lackluster effort - players
Inability to adjust - coaches
Draft & develop yielding too few star players - general manager
No improvement since 2010 - president & ceo

zoellner25's picture

The league has figured out MM and #12.

Tundraboy's picture

Sad part is they have made it easier for them to do that.

Razor's picture


Tundraboy's picture

Sickenly true.

gbpackerowner's picture

It's time for a change. After 10 years and the same coach and GM. The game has passed them by. Clearly the game has passed The great magician Dom "deluision" Capers by.
Time to fire the lot of them after the season ends. Hire Elliott Wolf before the Lions do!

croatpackfan's picture

I suggest we can hire Ryan for DC when he will be fired by Saints! Or, maybe we should hire Jim Schwartz. He must be the best DC. We knew his defense was always top one... Or lets fire TT who got only this draft rookies Randall, Rollins, Ty Montgomery, Jack Ryan, Aaron Ripkowski, find Justin Perillo, brought us Eddie Lacy, Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews, Mike Daniels, Sam Shields, Sitton, Lang, Bulaga, Bakhtiari, Lindsley, Ha-Ha, Nick Collins, Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb etc...
Yea really, all those players sucks. There is no talent among them. Busts one after another... It is miracle that this team came 4 minutes to attend SB last season... Must be some astrological influence.... Those players sucks...

murphy's picture

Clearly El Niño is the cause of the offensive cooling.

I know you're joking, but I can't say I'd be unhappy if they took a look at Schwartz next year. I get the feeling he's waiting for a head coaching job, though.

Jimmy Ryan's picture


ollie418's picture

I said it before and I'll say it again. Stop wasting time outs. As bad as they played yesterday they still had a chance to win the game with 31 seconds to go. Calling a time out before the two-point conversion with the clock stopped is unacceptable. If they had that one time out the outcome may have been different.

At the end of the New England game, because they had three timeouts, they came back and won. Stop wasting time outs.

MarkinMadison's picture

Yeah, we heard you. I've never before seen it so often in a 24 hour period, or seen someone spend three paragraphs on it. Got it. Thanks. Got anything else?

ollie418's picture

Yes, I am a broken record. It is just so frustrating watching it.

I will stop now.

Thanks for the wakeup call.

MarkinMadison's picture

No problem. Feel free to return the favor. We all do it.

BradHTX's picture

Missing: Professional football team. If found, please return to 1265 Lombardi Ave.

First thing I'd start with is asking, "What is the biggest thing that changed since last year?" Two answers: A) McCarthy giving the play calling to Tom Clements, and B) losing Jordy Nelson.

While I don't discount the importance of the latter, we can't do anything about it. So I would start by getting Joe Philbin back to GB now that Miami fired him. Demote Clements and put Philbin back in charge. It might not solve all the problems on this team, but at this point can anyone see how it could possibly hurt?

White92's picture

Interesting idea, but I don't know the last time they made an in season switch like that. For some reason I don't think TT would do it.

Razor's picture

One of the BIGGEST packer problems - slow to adjust / slow to change.

Where are you Mark Murphy? Is this the legacy you want?

DrealynWilliams's picture

I just don't see how someone different calling the plays will make the players perform better.

I could get on board if we couldn't do anything offensively and teams were just beating us down. But we've beaten ourselves these last two games.

If that were to happen and players all of a sudden played better I would absolutely think the offense flopped just to get a certain coach demoted or fired - and that would be sickening.

BradHTX's picture

"But we've beaten ourselves these last two games."

But that's exactly my point. All the things that we have been grousing about in these commentaries — the lack of a game plan to scheme the WRs open through motion or bunch formations, the insistence on continuing to try to force to deep drop back and long throw rather than short passes and screens — have to be on either the person calling in the plays or on Rodgers changing them at the line. Well, then let's change the person calling the plays, and put the guy who seemed effective in coaching Rodgers when things were working well back in charge of coaching Rodgers.

I commented once before, earlier in the season or maybe after the debacle in Seattle, the Packers offense was never of the same potency after Philbin left. It's hard to imagine it being more impotent than it is now, so seriously, what could be lost by getting Philbin back here. Savior? Probably not, but might it help reset the machine that is clearly out of sync? Maybe.

Portland Mark's picture

In 2013 Matt Flynn came back and bailed out the offense. Perhaps in 2015 Joe Philbin will come back and the offense figured out in time for a run at the post season.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I listened to some fellas on a podcast rant about the over-reaction of fans. I think this is an overreaction. Sadly, I acknowledge that I could be wrong.

IMO, there is plenty of talent on the offensive line. I am assuming that Bulaga's knee will improve as the season progresses. I don't know what Bakh's injury situation is, nor do I know what is up with Linsley. Might have to flip Bulaga to LT and play Walker at RT. There is plenty of talent at QB & RB. I have thought for a while now that Abby could contribute if the idiot coaches would play him. Time will tell on that. I believe a healthy Montgomery can contribute as well. James Jones should be a red zone target only. TE, Perillo notwithstanding, has a dearth of talent, but they can contribute.

The Defense should be adequate. I know, no rush, but they only gave up 11 points, despite the offensive miseries of GB. Randall will grow; Hayward will move to the slot; HHCD and Ryan will grow.

Coaches need to do a self scout, but this time they should look at themselves, not the players. I wrote that the only evidence of Clement's ability to call the plays was negative, from Buffalo when they demoted him in October. Of course, in GB, it will take until November, or the end of the season, because that is the way things are in GB. I mentioned that GB is on a pace before this game to give up 96 big plays, up from 78 last year. This has been a problem this year.

RCPackerFan's picture

There is plenty of talent on the team.

The problem that I see is that they haven't figured out how to use the talent and that talent isn't playing to their ability's right now.

For me yesterdays game is on the players. Cobb had a huge drop which would have been a huge play. Adams had a huge drop that would have put them inside the 10. That doesn't include other drops throughout the game. those are just 2 big drops that would have netted big plays.

Rodgers is just off. missing wide open WR's. throwing it into the dirt. Not running when he has no one in front of him with a blocker, to throw the ball 40 yards down field to no one. Something is wrong with him.
Also, he needs to get over the trust thing and start throwing it to whoever is on the field and whoever is open. It took way to long to get Abbrederis involved in the game. And guess what happened when he did. He makes big plays. Same with Perillo. Maybe, just maybe Janis would do the same thing.

They need to realize that this isn't the 2011 offense anymore. They don't have Driver, Jennings, Jones, Nelson, Finley all in their primes or right around their primes. What they have this year is a lot of young players. They are going to make mistakes, but if your going to have a young roster, that's what your going to have. Its time for Rodgers to use every player that is on the field.
Its time for the coaches to start using every possible option they have available. That means, using various personnel, formations, and plays. Running the same offense over and over again is not doing anything for them.

EdsLaces's picture

HHCD Randall Abby and Perillo you guys did great. HHCD proved that he can come back from a bad game and be a difference maker. Lame call....Me having to go to work today with a bunch of steeler fans. Even more lame and this is the big one ....having to think about the Vikings all week. Does anyone really think we have a chance ? I do not .

porupack's picture

I'm so convinced that the team problems are a spiraling effect from stale schemes, lack of preparation....and well, bad coaching this year. The good news, is that if the coaches finally blow-up their approach whack their own skulls a good hard one and get inventive....they can turn this around in one week. That is the great thing about great leadership. So, yeah. I'm actually very optimistic.....if excuses aren't tolerated. They could whip the Vikes by 30 this week. All the potential is there. Its all up to coach MM.

EdsLaces's picture

Have you seen qb1 play?

porupack's picture

yes. Including game 1, things weren't good. I saw it then. Its was poor preparation and inventive scheming each and every game. No variation. Can't adjust for opponents. Can't re-scheme and mitigate their issues each game, and so it spirals until Rogers starts playing by his own admission "afraid". So what is so hard to understand? People think its Olivia? Duh.

porupack's picture

Thanks. I most appreciated your line about the small excuses and "we just need to....." and all the excuses about injuries, etc. The individual underperformances are so widespread across the team, that it is clearly a problem of ineffective coaching leadership and preparation, failure to cover all the schemes-communications, time management and other attention to detail. The scores in games 1-6 often masked fundamentally bad performance. This team was poor even when we were winning, so posters can just forget imagining that the critics are just bad weather critics. We been pointing out the fundamental errors and disturbing trends all year. We questioned the D-line as fakes since game 2. Questioned the leadership/coaching, lack of having team prepared, lack of 4-quarter effort since game 1. Not good enough to say MM succeeded last year. He is cocooned himself, and the rest of the NFL has nearly passed him by.
His trademark weaknesses have been discussed going on for at least 5 years; (tackling, weak ILB play, soft coverage, predictable run, run, pass, SP coverage gaffes, DB communication gaffes).
Clearly leadership matters, MM has totally failed, and he is the beginning if any solutions will be found.
I think he lost the team, to be honest. But I'm glad the final field goal was missed, if it finally wakes up the coaching staff.

WKUPackFan's picture

When did cow become a organizational consultant?

porupack's picture

Good one WKUPack. Cow drove me nuts with pessimism, and I'm not pessimistic actually, and coach MM could turn this around in a week. I used to watch football from perspective of athletics and collisions. Then I watched all through the lens of a chess match - strategy and counter-strategy. Now, as you noted, I see it from organizational leadership lens. Its interesting...but guess I over-state it. I'll chill.
Am for hire though.

WKUPackFan's picture

Thanks for being light hearted about it. I find your position fascinating, having worked with several turn around/crisis management firms over the years, particularly Alix Partners Chicago office. What is your area of concentration?

porupack's picture

I live/work in Africa with small entrepreneurs/enterprises. Mostly in agriculture some in ICT. You're in a level way above me though. If I can get a family run entrepreneur to get a non-family CFO and open to an equity investment, that's a big change.

Nick Perry's picture

The Lions gave the Packers every chance to stay in this game and win, 2 missed extra points, a blown onside kick, and the Packers still managed to lose. Adams had 18 or 19 passes thown to him and manages 70 yards in an offense that depends on YAC. ZERO Sacks in the last 3 games, all against teams that were said to have "Bad" O-Lines.

The offense was leading the NFL in 3 and outs going into yesterdays game and I'm sure only increased their lead with all of them yesterday.

The Special Teams were back to killing this team. Masthey has got to go, Ginger is kicking like the "Gilligans Island Ginger".

I hate the Bears but look at what a Great Coaching staff can do. The Bears are supposed to be a talented team but they've got a great coaching staff AND he's doing it in spite of Jay Cutler. Hey McCarthy, you better not lose on Thanksgiving with Brett Favre Number Retirement. Now that would suck!!!!

RCPackerFan's picture

'The Lions gave the Packers every chance to stay in this game and win, 2 missed extra points, a blown onside kick, and the Packers still managed to lose.'

Simply put. Packers beat themselves.

croatpackfan's picture

I agree with you, let cut that Mashtey and keep Mashtay. He is better...

zoellner25's picture

Face it, fans. MM's attitude that "our system works" and "we'll make the corrections this week" doesn't work anymore. Nothing is working. Vince Lombardi couldn't save this team. We look old and slow.

MarkinMadison's picture

There is a lack of speed. It's not just the skill positions, which was much discussed this week. The defense also has a distinct lack of speed. The contrast with the Broncos was strong. Not valuing speed is a personnel selection problem.

The OL appears to be all knicked up, except maybe Linsley, who is just getting killed this year. I love Bulaga, but he has probably had one too many injuries and will likely never have a pro bowl caliber season again. His salary is going to be too high for his production.

Let's see how the season plays out before calling for a complete house cleaning, but come January that may very well be the conversation. Just remember, we had to go through a Ray Rhodes and a Mike Sherman to get to what we have now. Cleaning house is a long painful process.

KenEllis's picture

Well it has finally happened. It only took a home loss to the woeful Detroit Lions, for The cheerleaders in the Wisconsin press to finally, finally take a good hard look at this team.

A decade of back-to-back Hall of Fame QBs and Mike McCarthy has as many Super Bowl appearances as Lovie Smith and Ken Whisenhunt during this same time period. He is in now way a special coach.

With ARod's play deteriorating to match the always mediocre to bad defense, The Packer way Is being exposed as nothing more than relying on one great player to make up for a whole lot of meh. No wonder ARod looks checked out.

porupack's picture

I have one more comment Jason. Packers are hardly alone. What is wrong with this year for the NFL? It is the weirdest year ever?
Collapsing stalworths:
Seattle, NO, Dallas, Philly, Balt,

Up and down, but mostly down, and can't figure:
Pitts, KC, NYJ, NYG, Philly, StL, Atl

Down, and well, maybe zombies risin to spook everyone;
Oak, Mia, Wash,

What the heck? Only 4 teams showed up to play consistently good ball so far;

NE, Carolina, Az and Cincy
If playoffs were to start next week, I'd vote we just eliminate the 28 teams who disgraced the game this year, and just go with these four.

Weirdest year I can remember.

RCPackerFan's picture

This season is definitely weird.

That is the one hope the Packers have. They have looked bad 3 weeks in a row, and who knows. Maybe next week turn it around and win out the season. I mean its just that type of weird season.

murphy's picture

Agreed, and that's probably the most frustrating thing about this season. This team could stumble into the playoffs simply because there aren't 6 consistently good teams in the conference.

I haven't seen Rodgers look so bad since he was playing in relief of Favre in 2005. Does anyone have a count of how many catch-able passes hit the dirt or were thrown behind a receiver?

TommyG's picture

Nothing to add. You nailed it Jason.

Handsback's picture

Green Bay just lost at home to the worst team in the NFL.....what does that make Green Bay?
I figured at least 3-4 losses, but not like this. Maybe the monkey's off their back. They are a bad team and need to see who can step-up and play and get rid of those who can't.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Porupack has been right on with his posts today. Also include Denver in the list who just lost horribly to a bad KC team at home. With only a few teams consistently playing anything resembling good football, we still can fix things, and maybe get on a roll when it is crunch time. But crunch time starts now because of our pathetic effort.

Need a players only meeting, some major coaching improvements, and a season saving win this week. Not saying it will happen, but it could.

I still believe that this team can get to above average (probably not to elite) and that move is completely up to the coaching staff. I'm not as down on the talent level as many of the posters here. A change in attitude which comes from the coaches is needed. Hope they're up to it.

egbertsouse's picture

While it may not be the worst thing for this team to lose every game and do some rebuilding from top to bottom, we all know what's going to happen because we've all been through "Groundhog Day" before. They'll scratch out enough wins to get a wild card then go one-and-done in the playoffs. Bill Murray must be around here somewhere....

Packer_Pete's picture

you are probably right. 4 wins will get them in I am convinced of that, considering that most other contenders already have 5 losses. 3 wins may get them in. A scary thought. Now, they could beat Chicago and the Lions, and win against Dallas. They also might win at least one of the Raiders or Vikings (home game). That would be 4 wins already then.

Since &#039;61's picture

I agree on the game balls and I would add a game ball for Demarius Randall. As for the lame calls pass rush, Masthay, and Crosby for sure. I also agree on Aaron Rodgers, but for a different reason. I think that A. Rodgers is playing hurt. He has not been the same since he took that shot in Denver, early in the game, where he got up wincing and in obvious pain. I have been trying to watch his throwing motion both before and since that hit and for whatever reason his release point is not consistent. It's like an MLB pitcher whose mechanics are off and he can't find the strike zone. Now, if it is an actual injury or all the recent hits that he has taken have got into his head I don't know, but he is not the same player since that play in Denver. I have to believe that if it was a matter of mechanics it would be corrected by now, he is too good of a player not to make the necessary correction. This leads me to believe that it is an injury situation which would also explain his reluctance to run when he had an open field yesterday. He can still make some good throws as we saw yesterday but he can't do it consistently which is another indication of a possible injury. I wish I could overlay his current throwing motion over previous motions or lay them out side by side. I think we would see the difference before the Denver game and now. Or maybe I've been a fan too long and I'm grasping for a better explanation than Rodgers and this team have or have been a bad team all season. An injury is a much more rational explanation than a knee jerk, this team is terrible or it's time to replace AR with Tolzien. It may be necessary to sit Rodgers if he is hurt but he is still making good decisions with the football and his running game has completely disappeared. Maybe Rodgers is trying to play through his injury or work out his mechanics. None of this explains the poor OL play, the dropped passes, or the total lack of a pass rush, but if Rodgers doesn't get better none of the other factors will matter. Go Pack! Thanks, Since '61

croatpackfan's picture

You might be right, because I know you have good eye and knowledge about football. But what do you think, would it better to start Scott against Lions and let Aaron heals his injury?

Since &#039;61's picture

Croat - the answer to your question depends on Aaron.
1. He may not have told anyone he is hurt, believing that he can play through it.
2. Assuming the team knows he's hurt it may not be a significant injury but yet be enough to affect his accuracy. He may be compensating for an injury to his ribs or chest, I'm not sure.

If his problems are injury related, at least he is not throwing interceptions, therefore, unless there is a major change, I would keep Aaron playing since he is the leader of the team. To me, Aaron Rodgers at 70-80% is better than Scott or anyone else at 100%. Thanks, Since '61

Spud Rapids's picture

Really? You don't think a 70% Rodgers would be more effective than a 100% Tolzien?

Since &#039;61's picture

Spuds if you read my post correctly I did say that Rodgers at 70% is better than Tolzien at 100%. Thanks, Since '61

Packer_Pete's picture

The good: As incredible as it sounds, the Packers would still be in the playoffs if the season ended today. And not only that, but they basically have a 3 game lead on Rams and Seahawks, as they beat both. Taking into consideration that the NFC East will probably not have a playoff contender other than the winner, there is reason for hope.

The bad: The thought of having to watch this team in the playoffs.

The ugly: Imagining the view of Packers coaches and players on the sideline during a playoff game...

This team right now shouldn't think about playoffs, but the remaining schedule is not that hard actually. Problem is, there is no fight in this team, no heart. Only in a few individuals. But to win in the NFL, one needs talent (they have that), luck (they had that in a few of the first 6 games but none lately), and desire (they definitely do not have that as a team). So I don't foresee that playoffs are a possibility realistically, but there still is time and if the OL starts playing to their talent level they still have a shot...

johngalt's picture

Perone- this smug assessment reeks of a spoiled fan with conditional support. You obviously follow Bayless or else you wouldn't reference him. It's a tough sport for big boys. You probably never played.

jasonperone's picture

Thanks Galt! Gave you a thumbs up!

lou's picture

As bad as it was they still could have won the game had not Crosby "chocked", his making that kick could have jump started this team into the 2nd half of the season. Crosby did a remarkable job to turn his future around 2 years ago, he deserved that chance because he had the ability to do onside kicks as good as anyone and was a fearless tackler as the last line of defense on kickoffs. and without pressure was a consistent field goal kicker. However, his history shows he has been terrible in pressure situations (tie or win games). This may turn out to be his biggest miss, the timing from a team stand point was CRITICAL.

White92's picture

Not sure about that..his kick in the NFC championship to send it to OT was pretty clutch

D Ernesto's picture

AR is a serious introvert. He has no leadership skills no does he want any. He cares deeply about how many passes get caught and he goes into a mental tank when he tosses an interception. He has the ability to destroy his own ego.
His arm looked girly girl yesterday. He is so worried about throwing picks his mind is center focused: everyone covered, I need to run or eat the ball rather than try and make a pin point pass.
Can't hardly wait for the Vikes to take him to the woodshed next week. If you think this last game looked bad, wow you ain't seen anything yet.

Spud Rapids's picture

This must be taken from your personal experience with Aaron Rodgers rigth?

Pack204's picture

EVERY SINGLE HALL OF FAME athlete in any sport has gone through poor stretches in there career. It is how you bounce back from the outhouse to the penthouse that shows where you stand among the elite.

AR has played at such a high level over the last 6 years of his career including a Super Bowl WIN that at some point it is only inevitable you face some sort of drop in production.

Sure he has his flaws as he is only human but people questioning his leadership are FULL OF DOG SH!T. He came out and took accountability after the Carolina loss and same as yesterday he took the blame for missing some throws. I am sure guys in that locker would not want any other guy behind centre other than #12.

Mebrooks5291's picture

everyone on the roster needs to be palce on the IR designated for the trash dump. Makes my ass red just watching them

4thand1's picture

LAME. The whole dam team. They should put mirrors up every where starting in the coaches offices. It should have been gut check time after the 1st loss, but instead its snowballed , hit rock bottom after losing at home to a 1-7 team like the lolions. I was pissed and then I had to go to work today, I work with almost all lolions fans. I will not watch any lame ass Packer shows, because I'll kick in my tv if I hear, "we're just not making plays", or "not executing" , or "we'll fix what needs fixing". If I was coaching, I'd have them running laps till they all puked.

AgrippaLII's picture

The Packers have fifteen (15) players on the injury report list...the nagging affects of each player's injury is an unknown to us. That every opponent the Packers face bring their "A" game or risk the likelihood of total embarrassment "is" known to us. So a badly beaten up and undermanned Packers team faced a highly motivated division rival...I was surprised they actually had a chance to win this game. I'm not ready to abandon ship just yet.

PittPackers's picture

This is all just a part of the "Hero's Journey". Headlong into the Abyss!

GRB1531's picture

Long time packer fan and the last time I was at at game when the fans Booed was in Milwaukee. I don't feel right booing the team because I remember just how frustrating many of the games were in the70's and 80's. The players are not slacking but you have to wonder with some of the coaches decisions. Why would you keep the leading tackler (Ryan) the week before on the bench? With Rodgers always in the shotgun there is no play action, no one in motion, making it easier to defend. Does anyone feel that Janis could get more separation than James Jones from the defensive backs. What do you think??

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