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Lions 30 Packers 17: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Lions 30 Packers 17: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers had two weeks to prepare for this game.  A home game against a team that hasn't played well lately in the Detroit Lions.  None of that mattered as the Packers were pushed up and down their own field all night to the tune of a 30-17 loss.

It was a lackluster showing by a team that seems to know, or are at least acting like their best chance to win isn't returning this season.  And that includes players and coaches alike.

Game Balls


This isn't a joke.  There was nothing praise-worthy on the Packers side of things in this game.  Maybe Dean Lowry and Randall Cobb but I'm going with "None".

I don't see this team beating anyone the way they're playing right now and yes, that's including THAT game.  

Lame Calls

Mike Daniels/Clay Matthews

Before the game got out of hand, two third-and-long situations, two foolish penalties.  If this team can point to guys they can trust and lean on right now, both of these guys are at the top of that list.  They both let their team down.  Daniels' penalty prolonged a drive that resulted in the Lions' first touchdown of the night.

Derek Hart

Welcome back to the Packers, Derek!  Oh, and don't forget to get the ball to the holder.  Since Brett Goode was lost, the long snapping has been spotty and it is clearly a problem, even for 11-year veteran kicker Mason Crosby.  Hart is not off to a good. . .start.

Mike McCarthy/Dom Capers/Coaching Staff

Pick your poison here, friends.  Coming off a bye week, this team came out as flat as it gets and made more mistakes than I can recall in a long time.  To see this team as uninspired as it was leaves me with more questions than answers.  

Untimely penalties.  No pass rush.  Constantly befuddled by slants and crossing routes.  Stuff a flea flicker only to allow a long catch and run on the next play.  Call a predictable gimmick play on fourth down instead of doing what you do best to pick up the yardage.  Score a touchdown (finally) and then give up a long run and catch via the screen that sets up a quick score by Detroit.

A year ago at this time, we were debating how potent the Packers were while in the midst of a four-game losing streak.  Here we are again but with the Rodgers caveat the biggest and most obvious difference.

There is a clear lack of talent on some areas of this Packers team and there was certainly instances of players not making or finishing plays.  But when all is said and done, the top of the flow chart is responsible for the product on the field.  In this game, that product was some pretty hot garbage and it's not what we're used to seeing.

I picked the Packers to win this game.  We're officially in "fool me once..." territory.


Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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GBPDAN1's picture

You posted this article twice. Oh well....Lame call - the entire game!!

jasonperone's picture

I saw that. Odd. I took down the dupe so sorry to any commenters who posted there. That was a site glitch

Jersey Al's picture

The site gets pounded after a Packers debacle, much more so than after a great victory. Wierd things can happen.

Spud Rapids's picture

Yeah I've noticed that... hundreds of comments when they are losing, probably half when they are winning. Same posters that come out of the fray when they are sucking

Tarynfor12's picture

It's reality vs fantasy. ..fantasy usually dictates here and reality takes what it gets.....reality wins and fantasy cries in its excuses.

Savage57's picture

Game Balls:

I've sat here for ten minutes, trying desperately to come up with one. Thank you for tackling, Blake Martinez.

Lame Calls:

The horrible blitz designs
Allowing about 200 YAC yards
Mike "Toy Tiger" Daniels

Screw it, the whole damn defense.

Yooper's picture

I thought the defensive backs played well considering Stafford had all day to throw the ball with pin point accuracy and he seemed to call a great game against our ineffective blitzes. On offense I thought our receivers were not creating any separation from the defenders........Oh well!!!!!!:^(

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It's time for big changes starting at the top. They've been carried by Rodgers for too long.

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls:
Martinez, Montgomery,

Lame Calls:
Capers - Time to go. How many times in the game did we hear the Lions ran the perfect play at the right time. Why is that? Most likely because Capers and the players were telegraphing what was going to happen. Stafford basically said he knew what was coming.

I think its time to see what they have in a younger coach. Players seem to really like Whitt, and many in the media have said that he will be a head coach some day. Well lets see how he can do as defensive Coordinator for the remaining 8 games.

Tundraboy's picture

Great idea. Anyone but Capers.

TommyG's picture


HankScorpio's picture

Squinting hard to see a positive development, I thought Vince Biegel looked good for a rook in his first game action.

It's too bad he's just another player for Capers to use poorly. I know opinions are very mixed about the talent level of the defense but put me squarely in the camp that there is way more talent than the level of production suggests.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree Hank.

I thought Biegel looked pretty good overall.

But I agree that I really question if Capers will use him the right way.

I was watching Biegel a quite a bit later in the game, and I saw he was standing flat footed. He was basically standing like a CB to try and defend the TE. The way he was standing he had no chance of any type of pass rush. That is by design. Essentially they were rushing 3. The 2 DL basically stood up on that play to which was basically to defend the run. So essentially they had 1 pass rusher on the play. Well no wonder they have no pass rush.

Leo Van Groll's picture

IMO they should dump Capers & his gimmicky 3-4. Before Ftitz Schumer was hired by Holmgren the Pack was running a 3-4 & guess what? Their D sucked. I have never been a fan of the 3-4

RCPackerFan's picture

The 3-4 is fine. I think around 1/2 the teams in the league run a 3-4 defense. Honestly they don't even run the 3-4 anymore though.

When they won the Super Bowl they were running a 3-4 defense. Its not the scheme that is the problem. Its the guy running the scheme. Offenses have figure out his scheme.

dobber's picture

No, it's more than just the guy running the scheme. There's just something wrong on the field. Last night, there were a couple guys who looked like they were playing hard, but too many guys just running around. There need to be significant changes made to both personnel and to coaching. Period.

BTW...many of us were concerned going into the season that the OLB position was just way too thin, but who thought that they would've missed Julius Peppers THIS much? He's the key piece missing from this defense at the moment. If, and I mean IF, Brooks comes back, I think it will get a little better (I mean, it takes snaps away from Kyler Fackrell, so it can't get worse, right?), but this defense is just plain lost.

RCPackerFan's picture

They need more OLB's for sure. Sorry but Fackrell is terrible. Please explain to me how he is on the roster and Elliott is not?

I was concerned about the OLB's, but thought it would be good when Brooks was signed. Unfortunately he hasn't played.

I think the defense all starts with the guy who is running it. When the offense knows whats coming, its pretty easy to go against.

IMO, if they make a change at Coordinator the new voice could make a huge difference.

Duke Divine's picture

"Please explain to me how he is on the roster and Elliott is not?"


Doug Niemczynski's picture

Fackerall is AWFUL..he will not get better . Cut him...

Nick Perry's picture

Ummm....Ted Thompson my friend. It ALL starts and ends with Thompson.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Doesn't matter anymore season is over...and every season ends early because we keep on resigning don capers. .if capers is not fired now or by the end of the season. The mcarthy has to be fired as well....i am so so so sick of dumb crappers.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Doesn't matter anymore season is over...and every season ends early because we keep on resigning don capers. .if capers is not fired now or by the end of the season. The mcarthy has to be fired as well....i am so so so sick of dumb crappers.

dobber's picture

I felt bad for Biegel. Here the guy has NEVER played a snap in live preseason, no garbage time snaps, nothing. And he's got to work out the kinks on a defense that doesn't have anything going for it at the moment.

BPEARSON21's picture

Can we just promise each other that next year, after we add a few defensive draft picks but bring the exact same defense back (and bring Capers back) that people won’t be fooled and say things like “this could be a top 10 D” or “this defense will be drastically improved”? Please..?

I’m not sure why anyone is shocked. I said all off season that the defense is largely the same personnel as last season so why would anyone expect a different outcome..?

Where my Randall/Rollins turnaround season people at..?

PACKERNICK's picture

You are 100% right. Apparently the Packers organization were the only ones who didn't know the defense was bad and getting worse. It was obvious.

Three and Out's picture

Simply put, it's hilarious how bad this team is without one. Yes, it's one of the best players in the league, so a drop-off is expected, but this is hilarious. It's the same thing every week, McCarthy and Capers are old, stale and predictable in everything they do, so they have to go. This team is going to be 6-10 at the end of the season if they keep this up.'s picture

And where do they get those two wins? Seriously, I'm asking.

Three and Out's picture

Solid two game winning streak with the Bucs and Browns...maybe...? Honestly though, probably not. This team is a joke.

Houndog's picture

Game Balls: To the entire Detroit coaching staff, they brought a well prepared team to GB and made fools of McPuffy and Capers all night. There is more talent on this GB team than those two are bringing out.

Lame Calls: McPuffy's half time comments; "I think Brett Hundley is playing well, doing what we're asking him to do".
Jeez Mike, isn't moving the ball and scoring points a part of that?

Its time to start at the top with TT's buddy Papa Murphy and clean house, bring in people that want to win football games.

Jersey Al's picture

McPuffy? lol. Hadn't heard that one before.

Duke Divine's picture

"McPuffy" meh .... It's no "Mashed Potato Mike."

dobber's picture

Detroit played an ultra conservative game plan last night. They ran as many times as they threw, averaged less than 3 ypc, and still were converting 3rd and long pretty much every time except in the red zone. They had to show NOTHING to win that game last night, and they did little offensively except let Stafford check run/pass.

I'm sorry, but Mark Murphy is not the problem. He's about as far from the problem as it gets.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Murphy's job is developing properties and drawing revenue. I agree he's far from Blame Central with the Packers' collapse.

I do have one complaint about Murphy, however: He absolutely should have forced Ted into retirement. That would have started the dominos falling.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

dobber, Sorry, but Murphy belongs in the middle of this Cluster F#@K, If for no other Reason than his lack of leadership at GB, & his Hallmark Past at Northwestern. It Rivals the GB Packers from 68 - 88. His Football knowledge is right up there with the "Head Guy", Dom Capers, & you all won me over, I'm including MM, who I backed until last night.

I'm still willing to pay for the limousine that I got 16 Dislikes for 2 weeks ago. Put the Entire Defense in it, except for Burnett. He actually knows how to tackle & is willing to do so. Take the entire Offense, except for Jordy. He can still catch a ball if it gets near him. Shove the whole bunch in, but make sure Bulaga is 1st. I'm tired of paying him, & make sure your Great, Clutch, kicker Mason (Cross Bar) Crosby is 2ond. Put the "Head Guy", repeat the "Head Guy" behind the Wheel. Let Capers ride Shot Gun. Give MM the map & point it towards Minnesota. I'll Pay For It. Get whatever you can get for the whole Damn bunch. A 6th rounder would be a plus. Game Ball to the Refs. They were responsible for the OVER!! None of you know that, but they were. THANK YOU!!

PREDICTION: I don't see AR coming back to this team. WHY WOULD HE?? Just pray that Brady doesn't decide to retire. You've seen the last of AR if he does. Those of you who think that Draft Choices next year are going to help this team, Need to Start Drinking. Get it through your heads. As I've been saying for 4 years now, You cannot Draft your way into the Next SB, Especially with this Group of Idiots. 10 1st Rounders might help, but it won't be with AR.

I feel Bad for those of you who don't know what a 20 yr's of not making the Playoffs feels like. You just might be in year 1.

Now all of you 16 guy's that gave me the 16 Dislikes for my Limousine Offer 2 weeks ago, can do it again. My offer still stands!!

Finwiz's picture

Damn I'm glad you're here! I was entertained, and today that's all that matters.

The only thing I disagree with is the part about Burnett - you can throw him in the trunk if there's any room with all the suitcases and other assorted ben-gay smelling uni's.

Glad there's something to laugh about today.
And I KNOW exactly what you mean about the refs being responsible for the over. That was so blatant it was ridiculous, but it hardly mattered which is WHY they held onto those flags like their daughters virtue.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Finwiz, THANKS!! I'm glad someone knows what's going on. I won't argue on Burnett, but I respect guy's that can tackle. I'm having a glass of Champagne. "A Toast To You"

Houndog's picture

OK dobber,
So Detroit played an ultra conservative game plan, so what, they made fools of McPuffy and Capers with that game plan.

And as for Murphy being as far away from the problem as it gets? Get real,
Murphy is TT's boss, TT is McPuffy's boss, McPuffy is Capers boss, do I need to go further? Bob Harlan would have cleaned house by now, and rightfully so! Murphy doesn't have the (foot)balls!

Packer Fan's picture

A terrible game. What was it? Hundley started 7 for 8 and 27 yards. Most of the throws were behind the line. Lions got smart and Packers did nothing until offensive until just before half. And the drives at the end were the Lions letting up. This game is on MM too.

And the defense suck. The only punt opportunity was changed by a stupid penalty by Daniels. Then another when Matthews went offside. That is leadership for you. Capers is losing his players. They are pushing too much.

Who ever thought that the CB's would be good this year? I had some doubts because of Randall and Rollins. But it is bad.

This is TT's team talent. Very little without Rodgers. And what there is, is being mismanaged.'s picture

Well, technically the whole game was "offensive," but I get what you're saying.

dobber's picture

The offense played better when they put Hundley in the gun, spread the field, and let him see what was coming. If they ever put him back under center except to kill the clock, it's a serious coaching mistake.

I don't think the offense is going to be much above average. Hundley's got to learn to handle pressure because everyone is going to blitz the pants off him, but if they spread the field, he's at least Colin Kaepernick at this point. I think this team, given the schedule and poor play across the league this year, should be able to score in the 20s most weeks...unfortunately, they might have to be pushing 40 to win.

billybobton's picture

"the offense is not going to be much above average" seriously?

this reminds me of the cardinals with OJ Anderson and the owner said "Without OJ Anderson we are just an average team"

but a reporter with guts (something not found in the packer suck ups) said "who is going to tell him that with OJ they are 4-10'?

this is not above average
this is not average
this is not just below average

this is bad, really bad

Leo Van Groll's picture

I am worried that this could turn into a NY Giants type meltdown. The coaches keep saying "We have to play better" when it's obvious they are getting out-coached.IMO Randall's blowup on the sidelines a few weeks ago was a symptom of this.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

All us honest critics have been right on virtually everything this season.

We wanted Ted to resign. He didn't. We begged for McCapers to leave. They stayed. We insisted this team had no pass rush, overrated receivers, an unfocused distraction in Bennett, an average-at-best CB in House, and a solid player but no savior in Burnett.

But the team homers and groupies kept insisting our honesty made us bad fans.

No my friends, our honesty makes us...honest.

JDK52's picture

I am now certain you get more satisfaction out of seeing this team lose. Because when they lose you get to come in here and trumpet to everyone how you were "right on virtually everything."

Why? Why do you insist on constantly being negative about the Packers? Has it ever occurred to you that many of us, perhaps even most, prefer to watch football for enjoyment and entertainment?

Finwiz's picture

Please just sit down and SHUT UP!

What is inaccurate about his comments?

JDK52's picture

That's your response?

Nice to know you flamethrowers get all the air time you want, but somebody dares to disagree and is told to shut up.

JohnnyLogan's picture

They guys who've been told to shut up were the ones seeing clearly, and told by guys like you who only wanted to hear what was music to your ears. If there were less Packer fans who blindly defended the indefensible there might have been enough pressure to ship Chauncy Gardner, I mean Capers, out of town on a rail years ago. Your dander is up because you've been wrong. Want to be a real Packer fan?... demand improvement! We don't have an owner, WE have to shout loud and clear. We critics have seen this mess for seven years. Now join us in shouting for the FO to clean this mess up!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Fin, JDK52 just proved EVERYTHING I wrote in yesterday's "Hope I'm wrong" post. Every last word.


Morons like this really think we critics WANT the team to be bad, which is why we often attach the obligatory "Hope I'm wrong" at the end of honest posts predicting bad results for a bad team.

Earth to morons: We aren't critics because we WANT to be. We're critics because this is a horribly run team that has been carried by a demi-god at QB for years.

In the end, we're really not critics at all. WE'RE REALISTS.

Finwiz's picture

Being a REALIST, is the ONLY way to be!!!
The operative wording in your last post.

The VP of Marketing said good morning to me, and normally he's very stoic. I couldn't even respond, even though it's in my best interests to politically do so, I'm still so pissed. Pissed off look on my face. Oh well - I only have 19.75 months left to work, but who's counting.

splitpea1's picture

I'm not entertained by losing and mismanagement. The air went out of this team by the end of the first quarter.

Duke Divine's picture

I sure called the score and Marvin Jones stat line...

packerbackerjim's picture

No excuses, no game ball. Defense was intact, not
Hobbled by injuries. Same for the OL till Bulaga went down. What we saw was Your 2017 Packers sans Rodgers. Guess he really is the MVP!

cpabandit's picture

Bleacher Report: Maybe everyone will finally see what I've been saying about the Green Bay Packers for the last three years. This team is nothing special. It's been the Aaron Rodgers show, plain and simple.

The Packers defense is just a middle-of-the-road unit, as we saw against the Detroit Lions. Offensively, Green Bay simply isn't creative enough. If they want to compete with Brett Hundley under center, the Packers need to change what they're trying to do on offense drastically.

There's no other way to put it. The Packers are in trouble.

JDK52's picture

The Aaron Rodgers show is one hell of thriller. I'd watch that every Sunday for a decade! Oh...wait. I actually have, and loved it the whole time.

dobber's picture

"The Packers defense is just a middle-of-the-road unit, as we saw against the Detroit Lions."

Wow...just how narrow is that road?

HankScorpio's picture

Maybe he meant middle of the road in the Mr. Miyagi sense. And they just got squished like a grape.

dobber's picture

Sometimes they do play like they're trying to catch flies with chopsticks...

fthisJack's picture

Been calling for Capers head for 5 years. and since the powers that be have allowed this defense to stagnate, they should ride the lightning also. Murphy, TT, MM all should be replaced. this is a business and when loyalty gets in the way, that is a huge problem. at the very least, Capers should have been pink slipped after that Seattle debacle. but here we are with the same horrible defensive scheme. when will someone admit that it isn't working?

Lphill's picture

Can we start a go fund for the fence across from Lambeau and paint on it " FIRE CAPERS" for the rest of the season?

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I like it.

dobber's picture

Not another "build that wall" scenario...Oy!

4thand1's picture

Bennett announces his retirement soon after AR got hurt. HMMMM, after coming from a team that knows how to win. With no significant changes, Rodgers may decide to sign somewhere else, IMHO it's a real possibility. We've had 2 players leave this team over the last 2 years only to lead the league in ints. Chucky said it several times last night how bad this defense really is. He didn't come out and say it, but fans who know football know what he was saying.

EdsLaces's picture

Yeah he wasn't exactly shy about it lol. We need a pass yesterday. Watching this team without 12 is so depressing.

Since '61's picture

GAME BALLS: None, like the Packers pass rush and defense overall.

LAME CALLS: Mike Daniels, STUPID. He was the Lions MVP. Maybe they gave him a game ball.

Continually throwing passes behind the LOS even after it was clear that the Lions were ready to stop them.
Nick Perry, for doing nothing to help the team and earn his salary
Capers for not designing a plan to stop the Lions 2 weapons, Golden Tate and the TE Ebron. They caught passes all night and everyone knows they are the only weapons Stafford, who played brilliantly, has.
No pass rush against a non-mobile QB.
MM for rarely getting Jordy, Adams, and Monty involved in the offense.

Does anyone know what happened to Aaron Jones, he just seemed to disappear from the game? Was he hurt?

Jamaal Williams made a nice catch and run after the game was over.

Thanks, Since '61

RCPackerFan's picture

I'd like to know if the passes that Hundley was throwing at or behind the LOS was designed that way or if it was Hundley checking down?

Later in the game he was throwing down field and was actually doing well.

In all honesty. Capers is done. The defense he designed was terrible.

The screen passes seemed to always come when there was an all out blitz. Why is that? Could it be that the offense knew what was coming so they changed to the screen to take advantage of it? Or did the OC know by down and distance what Capers typically does and called it perfectly?

Its time to make a change at DC.

Finwiz's picture

What was REALLY behind that 3 POINT Lion prediction, and how do you feel about that one now?

I'm assuming you're going to say you were just trying to be a "homer", and weren't serious?

Since '61's picture

My version of Fantasy Football. Thanks, Since '61

Pack204's picture

LAME CALL GOES OUT TO THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION INVOLVED IN PUTTING THIS TEAM TOGETHER MARK MURPHY, TED THOMPSON, DOM CAPERS, MIKE MCCARTHY. They have rode Rodgers coattails for long enough. The players wear this blame as well. where is the leadership on this team? No fire whatsoever. The entire defense looks like its playing in quick sand. It feels the only way there MIGHT be change if we ride out the painful ending to this year and maybe the light at the end of tunnel is high draft picks (assuming TT doesnt screw that up) and some change at a minimum on the defensive side (capers gone). Ideally I would like to see a clean sweep of everyone from TT and below. But nobody in the organization has any BALLS to do that.'s picture

I totally agree with your thoughts. When the loss of one player exposes the entire organization for the poor draft classes, schemes and player development, then major changes are called for. These need start from the top with Murphy's support of Thompson's poor player evaluation and retention, McCarthy's unimaginative play calling and unwavering support of coordinator's, to the coaches tasked with player development. Maintaining a large salary cap is not a reasonable standard to retain a management team in a business evaluated by wins and losses. One has to only look at recent draft classes and look who was selected after the Packers picked to see the results of a flawed scouting group too. As always, hindsight is best but a policy of poor drafts and lack of development have and will always catch up with the organization.'s picture

I totally agree with your thoughts. When the loss of one player exposes the entire organization for the poor draft classes, schemes and player development, then major changes are called for. These need start from the top with Murphy's support of Thompson's poor player evaluation and retention, McCarthy's unimaginative play calling and unwavering support of coordinator's, to the coaches tasked with player development. Maintaining a large salary cap is not a reasonable standard to retain a management team in a business evaluated by wins and losses. One has to only look at recent draft classes and look who was selected after the Packers picked to see the results of a flawed scouting group too. As always, hindsight is best but a policy of poor drafts and lack of development have and will always catch up with the organization.'s picture

I totally agree with your thoughts. When the loss of one player exposes the entire organization for the poor draft classes, schemes and player development, then major changes are called for. These need start from the top with Murphy's support of Thompson's poor player evaluation and retention, McCarthy's unimaginative play calling and unwavering support of coordinator's, to the coaches tasked with player development. Maintaining a large salary cap is not a reasonable standard to retain a management team in a business evaluated by wins and losses. One has to only look at recent draft classes and look who was selected after the Packers picked to see the results of a flawed scouting group too. As always, hindsight is best but a policy of poor drafts and lack of development have and will always catch up with the organization.

4thand1's picture

you really, really, really agreed.

4thand1's picture

What were we thinking? I was optimistic at the start of the season thinking we had enough weapons on offense to out score most teams. Was hopeful the defense could get a stop or two in crunch time. What was I thinking with a Capers run defense. This D has been regressing year after year with no end in site. The system is broke, teams know they can pass at will, over the middle again as usual. Well over the middle, up the seam, down the sideline with no pass rush in site. The Lions were worried Stafford was taking to many hits. If they played a Capers D every week, he could play until he was 50.

al bundy's picture

I dont want to harp on what is already said but rather what the analyst said last night that I agree with.

1. "No pass rush what so ever. You cannot win without pressure on the QB. "
I hear the words3-4 or 4-3 this is neither.No one uses this defense, it doesnt work and the question should be why are we using this?
King Matinez Burnett played decent IMO. 3 guys

2. "offense is not even trying to go down field. This short passing game will not work once the defense learns to stop it. They must go downfield more"

This is on the confidence of MM in Hundley and the lack of confidence in the O line protection. Hell Rogers would have gotten killed last night. Anyone back there would have.

I dont see the Packers doing anything against the Bears. Their D is better than the Lions.

Finwiz's picture

Well I think I'm going to do something I NEVER ever thought I'd do.....
commit to not watching Packers play the next two weekends. The following weekend is deer season so I'll have an excuse, but the game on 11/12, there's no excuse other than my sanity, blood pressure, and changing my focus in life to something more productive like going to the movies. (and I never go to the movies, but I'd make the wife happy)

Screw it - until they start caring about the product and the fans and start making changes, I'm going to extend my NFL boycott to include the Packers. Sad it actually comes to this after all these years, but even in the 70's and 80's the Packers at least appeared to try hard, but were outclassed in terms of talent. Now they don't even appear to by trying anymore.

jfb429's picture

The loss of Rodgers has finally exposed MM for what he is. I believe he’s a decent coach but his “fame” and self-accreditation as a great coach comes solely from the coattails of Rodgers. Rodgers is Rodgers but remember the year Brady went out? Cassel stepped in and the offense hardly skipped a beat. He claims to be confident in Hundley yet he averaged 4 yards a pass (?) in the first half. Completely telegraphing when it’s a run play by loading up the line of scrimmage. He’s not helping this guy at all. And what is wrong with the screen game?!

Only thing I can hope for is this is the year Capers finally goes. I saw a comment about Kevin Greene and idk about his accolades but I would love to have a coach with some grit and toughness. I’m tired of seeing safeties blitz from 10-12 yards out getting nowhere near the QB and players in zone with no one within 20 yards. The lone bright spot has been Blake Martinez for sure. Even if Rodgers was playing, it’d be another year trying to beat 40 in every playoff game.

Finwiz's picture

I've never seen such ineffective blitz packages where DB's and safety blitzes get swallowed up by the pass protectors. It's a pretty big joke.

dobber's picture

I don't get the punch line...

Donster's picture

Rod Serling voice on:

It is three years ago. Imagine if you will a Green Bay Packer defensive unit that will remain in the top five defenses for years to come. This Packer shut down defense allows the high scoring offense led by future Hall of Fame QB Aaron Rodgers to be in the lead in most games by 28 points or more at halftime. A young, relatively unknown back up QB named Hundley plays in almost every game, sometimes the entire second half, or at least the fourth quarter. He gains valuable experience since being drafted. In the fifth game of the 2017 season, Rodgers breaks his collarbone, and is put on IR. Hundley replaces him, and through his two years of actual game experience, is able to keep the Packers offense running almost as well as with Rodgers at the helm. Is this just fantasy? Or would it have been possible, if Don Capers would have been fired five years previously, and the new coordinator that is hired turns the defense into a well oiled machine, would that have given the young Hundley the chance to grow and become comfortable with the Packers offense, in case of a Rodgers injury? These are the questions that Packer fans ask themselves, and results that could have come true, but this only plays out in another dimension. A dimension without a Ted Thompson. A Don Capers. And without a Mike McCarthy. Now, in the reality of this lost 2017 season, the these two questions are being asked by Packer fans, "Will this defense be able to stop a fat kid on a tricycle without wheels? And how many times the rest of this season will the offense be able to reach The End Zone?"

Rod Serling voice off.

Tundraboy's picture

4 - 12 and the draft here we come! Just need to jettison a lot of people,totally silent and absent GM, stale inept coaches and some bust players. That's my new optimism. So how do we get there.

Curry Rambeau's picture

Why so butt hurt kiddies? We have the most fabled franchise in all of the NFL. Grow up! I blame Hillary for this debacle!

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one of the problems is how many people claim the packers are NOW "EXPOSED"

the packers have been adequately described here many times, there was no secret there was just bad and irresponsible reporting by bad reporters trying to keep access instead of doing their jobs, instead of being accurate

there have been no surprises in packerland this year

if AROD were playing we would be 6-2 worst case and I think we beat MN too and are 7-1 and all the snowflakes whining about "EXPOSED" are still drinking the cool aid and driving for a playoff humiliation

Point Packer's picture

Great offensive game plan. Lets throw short. Throw short again. and then pretend Detroit won't figure that out. Love the two consecutive plays where Hundley dumped it off and we gained -8 yards. Ridiculous. Mike McCarthy is as smart as I always thought he was, which is REALLY REALLY not that smart.

flackcatcher's picture

I love overreaction Tuesday.

Tundraboy's picture

And optimistic Saturday.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Short passes when they were loading up the line against just that. They were daring Hundley and MM to throw downfield and they were too afraid or incapable. Hundley has to be taught to stay in the pocket, move up in the pocket, keep his eyes downfield, and learn to take the hits, even if it means 10 sacks. BTW, he's not that great a running QB. For all his scrambling he looked lost in space.

JohnnyLogan's picture

And please stop that incessant gum chomping!

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