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Key Matchups: Packers vs. Lions- The Final Act

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Key Matchups: Packers vs. Lions- The Final Act

The Packers head into Sunday trying to end a very disappointing season on a positive note by avenging an early season loss to the Lions in the season finale at Lambeau Field.  Sunday's game has a feel to it that it could certainly be the end of an era for many Packer players and coaches.  All eyes will be on Packers interim head coach Joe Philbin as he will look to go 3-1 during his ongoing interview and trial run as head coach and leave a lasting impression on his team as well as the organization heading into the offseason.  

It is clear that the Packers will not mail it in and play for draft picks as the team came back from 15 points down to beat the Jets in overtime last week.  If one thing is for certain in this season of uncertainty, it is that the Packers will give it everything that they have and try to send off their coach as well as their veteran leaders with a win in what could be their final game as Packers.  

Because this is the final game of the season and both teams are eliminated from playoff contention, I've decided to make this final version of key matchups completely about our guys wearing the Green and Gold.   Here are some of the key Packer matchups that I will be watching in the season finale this Sunday against the Lions.  

1. Davante Adams vs. The Packers Record Books and Injury Report

If this was a normal meaningless December game, I think Davante Adams would have zero chance of playing in this contest.  However, I believe that this game against the Lions just does not have the feel of a meaningless game.  I think that the Packers are intent on blowing the Lions doors off and etching Davante Adams's name into the Packers record books.

Davante enters Sunday's contest just two receptions short of breaking Sterling Sharpe's record and 134 yards away from breaking Jordy Nelson's record of 1,519 yards.  Adams could also become the first Packers receiver ever with 100+ catches 1,500+ receiving yards and 15+ touchdowns if he is able to duplicate his 140-yard performance (and score two touchdowns) from earlier in the season against Detroit.

I believe the Packers will wait as long as they can to make a decision on Davante's status, but I believe that he will play long enough to at least break Sterling Sharpe's reception record.

2. Aaron Rodgers vs. Whether he can reach the 30 Touchdown Pass Plateau

Going into Sunday's matchup against the Lions, Aaron Rodgers finds himself in need of a career performance to eclipse the 30 touchdown pass plateau for the 2018 season.  If Aaron were to hit the personal milestones of 5,000 yards and 30 touchdowns for this season, he would need a Matt Flynn like performance against the Lions from years back, and throw for 584 yards and 5 touchdowns, which probably has about a 1% chance of happening; but then again it's Aaron Rodgers.  

What is more likely to happen, will be that Aaron Rodgers eclipses the 4,500-yard mark by force-feeding Davante Adams in an attempt to have him break the Packers reception record as well as the franchise's record for receiving yards.  It would certainly be nice to see Aaron start to return to form, and end the 2018 season with an Aaron like performance that will give the franchise hope going into 2019.

3. Will Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb Give us One More Moment?

Sunday's matchup against the Lions could prove to be an emotional day for Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb who will both be entering free agency after this season and could realistically be donning the Packer uniform for the final time at Lambeau Field this Sunday.  I believe that both Randall and Clay will rise to the occasion and provide the Lambeau Faithful with one final moment to remember them by if indeed this is their final game as Packers.  

For Clay, I see him rushing through the A gap one more time and wrapping up Stafford in his arms, and then bull rushing and ducking under the left tackle one more time for a strip sack in typical Clay fashion.  For Randall, I see a slant over the middle in the red zone for a touchdown which would be indicative of the reliable red zone target that he has been for Aaron Rodgers over the years.

As Clay and Randall provide the Lambeau Faithful with one final moment, I believe that the Lambeau Faithful, in turn, will give both players a proper send-off with a thunderous ovation for their many great seasons in Green Bay.


  • Davante Adams plays and breaks Sterling Sharpe's reception record as well as Jordy Nelson's record for receiving yards and becomes the first Packers receiver with at least 100 receptions 1,500 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns.  I think that he will have 7 receptions for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  • Clay Matthews gets 3 sacks and a forced fumble.
  • Randall Cobb gets 75 yards and a red zone score.
  • Aaron Rodgers throws for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns.
  • Tyler Lancaster and Dean Lowry will stifle the Lions running game.
  • Matt Stafford will throw 2 picks.
  • Mason Crosby goes 2 for 2 kicking field goals.
  • The Packers absolutely blow the Lions off of Lambeau Field by a score of 41-17.    



David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Samson's picture

Your predictions are over the top --- especially CM3. -- CM3 may not get 3 more sacks in his career.

Packers0808's picture

And he may stay a Packer and get 15 or more over est of career as a situational player and different positions more often!

TheBigCheeze's picture

"Sunday's matchup against the Lions could prove to be an emotional day for Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb who will both be entering free agency after this season and could realistically be DAWNING the Packer uniform for the final time at Lambeau Field this Sunday."'s "DONNING", not "DAWNING".......

Packers0808's picture

"DONNING" is CORRECT as to how the writer is using it, unless you think you are being cute with DAWNING which is really quite remarkably stupid on your part! If you trying to be a comedian, just stand up and peple will laugh at you as a stand up comedian!

Johnblood27's picture

I predict I will win the lottery then give it all to charities and my ex-in-laws.

Same chance of happening.

Bert's picture

I predict the Packers will pad some stats against another really bad team.

ricky's picture

Thankd for the upbeat predictions. I hope they all come true. Except for losing both Cobb and CMIII. Especially the latter. He isn't what he was, but he's not washed up by a long shot. Expect him to land with the Patriots if the Packers don't re-sign him.

Lare's picture

I think Cobb will end up with the Colts and Mathews will end up with the Jets.

Kb999's picture

Records are great, but I don't want to see anyone get creamed in a meaningless game. If possible get a lead and replace the key players. Like Rodgers. I hope we get an early lead and not dig a deep hole like the last time.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I have changed my mind on this the more I think about it. You play to win the game. If you are healthy you play and you play hard regardless of opponent or draft position. There is no meaningless games in the NFL. The psyche of the locker room is at stake. Momentum and carry over into next season is critical for all the young guys. Rodgers needs to be out there all game so the fans can enjoy watching him and the young receivers get their timing down plus break some records. If he tears his ACL and is out all of next year, hell that's football, It's part of the game. He can get hurt walking to his car. The main thing is you play to win and you respect the game. Anyone who wants them to lose is not really a fan at all.

fastmoving's picture

Never thought that possible but you are 100% right with that post. Not easy, but I have to admit that.

And if you are still able to change your opinion after you thinking about something, its in general a pretty good thing too. But not easy at all.....

Rufus's picture

Dash, you sound like Herm Edwards. Maybe they should interview him for the HC job!!

BoCallahan's picture

Dash, Someone has hijacked your handle and is posting statements that are in complete opposition to what you so dogmatically believe!

LeotisHarris's picture

This is truly a watershed moment, Dash. I know how you love quotes, and have little doubt your reversal was inspired by one of our finest Vice Presidents. Kudos to you!

"What a terrible thing to have lost one's mind. Or not to have a mind at all. How true that is." -- Dan Quayle

Coldworld's picture

Last week was carry over. The value this year is in blooding youth and not getting a major injury.

henry113's picture

DashR, I think you will be changing your mind again after the game. thanx. Happy Holidays

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I have not been here at CHTV long but Dash whether I agree with all your posts or not you certainly are entertaining and worth reading.

I am waiting for your next post stating "I didn't really mean it and just wanted to mess with the fans wearing green and gold glasses".

A Pickled Packer's picture

Your being sarcastic, right? but in case you've seen the light, I would like to include this as gift to reinforce what you just posted. It's a link to a
PBS documentary in "83 I found researching if Eddie Lee Ivory fumbled on the one yard line against the LA Rams, it was in '82 and'83 you answered it was Brent Fullwood. The fumbled 4 and 3 times that year but didn't fing out who fumbled the balls, but I found this gem on you tube it has some great interviews of the real old timers and is why we don't rollover and have winning culture in Green Bay.

jlc1's picture

Who did the Pack sign to play defense that holds Detroit, or anybody, to 17 points? Only way that happens is if the Lions turn the ball over on half their possessions. And don't forget Zook and his special teams are always there to give points and field position to the opposition. 27 points for the Lions is more like it.

henry113's picture

Good point. the Packers defense has been less than stellar and always hurt. I think the Lions hold the Lions to 17 points. They may have mailed it in. I hope the Packers finish strong at home.

bears suck forever's picture

The only key match up I see is me fighting for a drink and some wings with a lame waitress at some sports bar just to see a meaningless game. I think I will pass on the last game. p.s. The bears still suck

Kb999's picture

The Bears don't suck anymore. If we would have won the K Mack sweepstakes, we would have sucked a lot less.

Dontworrygopackers's picture

i wonder if we can interview harbaugh after that game today? bring in him and earl thomas; with arod. look out

PatrickGB's picture

I would like to see Dave Toub interviewed for HC. If only for an improvement on special teams.

Otherwise I will root for the Packers to win. But I don’t see it happening this week. Sure, records will be broken but at the end of the day we lose. Besides, every time I predict a loss we win. Reverse mojo or something.

Rufus's picture

I would like to see Zook walked off the field at halftime. How he wasn't let go after last week is a mystery. I got no faith in upper management.

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